Friday, December 2, 2022

"So Many People in The Upper Registers of Fat City are Up To No Good and... are About To Get Called Out on It."

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Remember how in the movies... and in TV shows... a few decades ago? The big Mafia bosses always used to show up in the courtroom with those portable oxygen containers... in wheelchairs... dressed in their pajamas; probably had their own makeup people?

Remember how Amber Heard went and had a baby to work the sympathy angle from yet another direction? Remember how Elizabeth Holmes has been having babies, so as to stay out of prison? These are all scams that are perpetrated on the continuously... dumbed-down public.

Now along comes Samuel make-Bankman- Fried to claim that he didn't intentionally do anything wrong. Gee... Gosh... and Shucks, I shudda been paying more attention. Now... incompetence and stupidity are the new oxygen tanks and wheelchairs, AND... because everything is increasingly virtual so... is... the... wheelchair.

He gave this speech, and... I think it was also a virtual appearance. He gave this speech to a pretty large front-man group of people in charge of a whole lot of automated cash registers, AND? They gave him a resounding applause.

Mr. Apocalypse has turned up the dial in a big way. Look what Kanye got turned into. There is no way anyone, with his level of fame, goes on a show like Alex Jones or any show, for... that... matter... that has any extensive reach, and says what they are saying he said. This is TOO OBVIOUSLY a set-up of some kind BECAUSE... a certain group of people have expert lookouts who can tell when the jig is up, and are responsible for sending word back up the chain... so that they can rev up the smoke machines... and arrange the mirrors; maybe bring in some dancing girls for distraction, so... that... you... know... “it was just business, nothing personal.”

Hmm... am I giving away too much? See... I have some inklings of what is coming up, in the near-field and... around the corner from across the street. It's like a book that is everywhere you look, and invisible hands are turning the pages, and it turns into a movie inside your head. You want beautiful green meadows and widespread trees... by flowing streams of clear water? Dream... it... into... being!

You want Prince Charming before he became a princess or... The Princess before The Dark Knight got his hands on her down at The Hellfire Club? Dream... him... or... her... into... being! You want riches and glory, and power to command? Dream... it... into... being. There is a catch. You do have to live with it when it gets here.

You have to remember that power puts you up against other powers, AND... biological imperatives as they appear with time passing... will wear you away regardless. You have to remember that riches mean you have to protect them, AND a whole lot of people want to take them from you or... envy you or... hate you. If you want glory, well... same thing again... and someone is going to write your history. What will they say? If you want that prince or princess, you have to remember they can easily (and often do) turn into a frog or a wounded and resentful beast.

So, as... it... so... happens, all the strange... stupid... bizarre... and cringe-worthy events that pass before our eyes each day... these are all part of a wind-up. There is a script; sometimes it is written on the fly, and there is a director. You may think it's all random, and the people-who-make-shit-up tell you it's random, which is why THEY have experts to predict everything... and... like the proverbial weatherman, are almost always wrong.

The people who know what is going on are not in the public thoroughfares or doing their form of twerking in other people's faces... like this is all you've been waiting for your whole life. The people who know what is going on are staying out of the way of all the things that are going wrong, and that they don't want any part of. There are all kinds of fame. It's one thing to be walking on a beach and have a movie producer see you, which has happened. It's another thing to be walking through The World and to get God's attention, cause that is what you went looking for.

Certain things about certain people are coming to the wider attention of the world-at-large. It's an element of an apocalypse... when that which has been hidden is revealed to the eyes of The World. This can be a good thing (and sometimes it is), and this can be a bad thing, as it usually is... because so many people in The Upper Registers of Fat City are up to no good and are about to get called out on it.

They're still flush with their successes, post-9/11. It's given them that added hubris one needs to force their way to a truly epic fall. On the big stage, every drama has its day. Kings appear, and kings lose their heads. The rich who once hunted for sport are now hunted for sport. Can you imagine what it takes... to keep your shit together... in a place like LA; what it's like there now?

The degrees of corruption and excess that are the common fare... in The Upper Registers... these days, have drawn the attention of those who keep the balance... and the score. This is a purely mechanical thing, just business, nothing personal. It is exacting and impartial... and could be considered ruthless, but... it's an automatic process. They have called down upon themselves The Hounds of Heaven; metaphorically speaking.

This has resulted in two things. AND these... things... were... already... on... the... schedule... ANYWAY. It has resulted in the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse, and his consort, The Awakening. Mr. Apocalypse is starting to move into the area of gale-force winds. The Awakening has only just begun, but... they are dancing now. I think it is kind of a square dance (because each of them is looking in the mirror and it creates a four-part dynamic) on its way to becoming a tango, (when the mirrors dissolve) and from there it is going to become a Flamenco. You might say they are going to blow right through town.

A lot of experiments have been made in nature with hive... nest... and burrow-dwelling creatures. What is interesting is how history mirrors these experiences; most especially in the case of city dwellers or any large congregation of lifeforms. They ebb and flow. They rage and they are still. They are here, and... then... they... are... gone. Civilizations rise and fall. We come out, and then we disappear. These are constants.

Let the record speak! What records there are. Let's see, we've got that collection of broken pottery, and here somebody wrote on a wall. There's statues and papyrus, pyramids and symbols of similar intent. What do we actually know? We know very little. This is not what we think, but it is so. We can't control many of our primary body functions, and as time passes... in... many... cases... that is literally true, to our dismay. We can't control our aging... diseases come and go as they please unless you've got invisible friends.

What you know is what you are allowed to know. There are guardians of the mysteries right inside your mind. You don't get through the portals unless the door opens to you. Howl and scream in vain, and The World is full of pretenders who will tell you they know these things. They do not. They would never claim to... otherwise. The Wise are VERY MINDFUL of the penalties for running your mouth, and... in certain theaters of operation... you must especially be mindful of writing checks your ass can't cash. I'm not just talking about The Street.

What do you make of this mini-series soap opera about the murders in Moscow, Idaho? I'd say you're looking at a manipulated trend, just up the street from Sandy Hook. Maybe the same people are handling it. The choreography of the separate dimensions of Carnal and Spiritual perspectives are handled by the representatives of those mindsets, which is why you should mind how you go, AND mind where you go. Some things are domesticated and some things are not. Once you take command of yourself, the whole world comes under control.

People are programming themselves all the time. They are ALSO being programmed all the time, if... they... allow... it... to... happen. Cannon-fodder is a real thing. All sorts of accidents can happen on the playground. Pay attention.

If you don't get in anyone's way. They often will not get in your way. If you are paying attention, you can see most things coming, and... if you have invisible friends, they will warn you when need be. Sometimes it is a person's destiny to call attention to certain conditions. One should confirm whether or not this is the case before embarking on that course. Some are meant to do this... and some are meant to do that... everyone is meant to do something.

End Transmission.......

Yes... I know that sometimes I am more than a tad obscure, but that's the best I can do at the time. USUALLY... it gets explained in more detail as blog postings follow.

We'll talk more about these invisible friends at the next Origami.

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Anonymous said...

Much Love Mr Vis

Visible said...

I am indeed.

Thank you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Excellent post, and nostrils to the sky.

No clue on if it's gonna happen or if it's just a rumour but there's been posts on us gettin' a monetary reset in a couple of weeks. Goin' from dollar to digital, but we shall see. If it happens, it could be complete chaos; dependin' on how it's implimented. Well not long to wait. Boy, am I glad to be one of Schrodinger's noses.

Kazz said...

Vis ~ 'The Wise are VERY MINDFUL of the penalties for running your mouth…'

'Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple’ (1 Corinthians 3:16-17).

'Of all festivals celebrated all over the known world, that held in honor of Santa Claus ranks as first in the hearts of all humanity, old as well as young. This in itself is a most significant fact. It is time that the truth in regard to this age long custom be made known to the world, time that its real and true significance be understood. Then will it be truly celebrated, for it will have become an inward process, as well as an outward observation.’ (p.107)

THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS, IT IS A PHYSIOLOGICAL FACT, and IT does "SECRETE" the most holy and wonderful gift" or substance in the body of every individual. Those who understand it who receive it in the right spirit have "Become as little children.” (Microcosm-man)

"As above, so below." As in the Macrocosm the universe, so in the microcosm-man.' (p.108) ~ thx Bellerian1

'Many popular images associated with Christmas are actually rooted in inner spiritual realities. But over time the deeper meaning becomes lost, and the symbol becomes an end unto itself. Perhaps the most iconic symbols are the Christmas tree and Santa Claus…’

'The Christmas tree is an outer symbol of the astral spine and the chakras.’

'The origins of Santa Claus go back to Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century Christian bishop in Greece famous for giving gifts to the poor…. The modern image of Santa... comes from the illustrator Thomas Nast, ...which was later adapted by others for use in advertising…’ (Macrocosm-Universe)

‘...outer symbols lose their deeper meaning unless we balance them with inner realisation...By honoring both inner and outer realities, we find a lovely sense of integration in our lives.’

'Paramhansa Yogananda expressed this beautifully: “Exchange gifts with the thought of Christ and the thought of giving Him the gift of your heart and receiving the gift of Himself on the Christmas Tree of your calm consciousness, richly decorated and glistening with the Soul-qualities of all those you have met and loved. Through the portal of your meditation, let your imprisoned joy escape to, and rest in, the heart of Christ, which is in everything. Let your joy dance in the farthest planets, over the vastness of the blue, and in the nearest waves of your love. Then you will behold Christ cradled in every manifest thing.”'

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

My apologies, that last link should be

Luv Kazz

G-Zeus said...

The Kanye-Joo thing is about Scaring Joos so that they move to Isra-hell, and justifying the existence of the ADL.
The Zionists even admitted to such shenanigans in the 1950's.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"This Game-of-the-Moment Smells Like a Dead Cat in a Dumpster that Did Not Get a Dead Cat Bounce. It Is What It Is."

Strider said...

I know that I'm an asshole as the great antihero Snake Plissken said.
Here in Lucifer's realm you can figure out what is coming because evil can be stupid.
It ties in with the Visibilism of evil always eating itself as depicted with Ouroborous the snake.
Visions are always cryptic and could be years ahead of time with some like a Mad Hatter microdot wild rabbit hole ride.
Some from many years ago are coming to pass now and no more can be said.
Those memorable ones are for a reason and I speak into the wind because I know you'll hear it.



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