Monday, December 12, 2022

"People are Confused by Religion Because The Priest-Class uses CONTRIVED Doctrine and Dogma to Control Them."

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A Wokester journo went down at The World Cup from The Killer Vaccine and they are trying to paint it as an act of homophobic murder by the nation of Qatar. This is especially off the wall considering how gracious the Qataris have been given their strict Muslim culture. I've been watching this BS show; not the soccer games. I mean The LGBigotry Express. The journo's wife was one of Biden's COVID advisors.

I am not a fan of soccer, though I am sure it is a wonderful sport. I just don't get it. I've tried to watch it hundreds of times and still don't get it, but I understand American football from the perspective of a coordinator. In other words, I know what's going on in that game.

Wherever I have an abiding interest in something, no... matter... what... it... is, I get into it passionately with my whole heart until I know the whole of it, as... much... as... I... am... able... to. I'm not the smartest airwalker in space, but I do alright... these days. (grin)

The Sudden Adult Death Syndrome going round is now impossible to ignore. A lineman at the Carolina Panthers just had a stroke caused by a blood clot. This is mass-murder at an epic scale and we know who is responsible. They really think they are going to keep getting away with it. God has taken their arrogance and pumped it up to zeppelin level for The Purpose of Demonstration. Contrary to there being no appearances of it... yet, it's right around the corner. The wheels grind slow but... they grind exceedingly small.

Pro-Killer-Vaccine entertainer, Rod Stewart just lost two brothers within a small window of time. He was hot and heavy breathing over The Killer Vaccines like the dead journo (links at GAB). Now his 11-year-old son had an event on the soccer pitch and had to be taken to Emergency for myocardial problems.

It's starting to hit at every level, and when it FINALLY dawns on the mental defectives that make up the majority of the human race- dumbed-down by materialism- that The Killer Vaccines are responsible for their missing loved ones, the people responsible for The Killer Vaccines are going to be in really... big... trouble.

A revolution of conscious awakening is going to hit like a wave at a sports stadium and not only is everyone going to see who was duping who... the dupers are also going to be awakened out of the poisonous cloud that has been bewitching them, and Whistleblower Fever is going to rage across the landscape like a prairie-fire, just... you... wait... and... see.

All power... all sustenance... all life and every breath is a gift from God. This is why you must be thankful if you wish for it to continue outside of The Penalty Box. Even if you are grateful because you are aware of the conditions that come from not being grateful... at least it's a start. Over time and experience, you will come to see how great your gratitude should be to match the value of the gifts you are given... many of which you are unaware of.

God is your father... your originator. Whether you see God as Father or Mother is irrelevant. They are both eternal aspects of what lies beyond the dvaita-definers in The Impersonal. You can love The Impersonal too, BUT... most of us have a preference. This only lasts until certain revelations... that you could never properly describe... take place in you. I try to love God in everything all the time, knowing that everything passing before me is a temporary affirmation of God,.. whether it shows God's Presence OR... God's Absence... it is still proof... of... God.

I don't concern myself about The Killer Vaccines... social breakdown and disintegration... bad shit of any particular vintage; these are not concerns of mine. I have ONLY one concern and that is to love God with all my heart... all my soul... all my will... and all my mind. I am not able to do this 24/7; which is how we measure life in The Land of Time Passing, but I will be. That is where This Road leads.

People are much confused by religion because the priest-class uses CONTRIVED doctrine and dogma to control them, and Mystery (Babylon) and Confusion are byproducts of this. They have a vague and cartoon-like perspective on The Father and The Mother. You are living in The Mother. The Mother is everything you see and whatever exists in The Realm of the Senses. She contains The Mind and The Intellect as well. She's pretty comprehensive. You might be hard-pressed to find The Father in all this. She is The Whirling Dynamic. He is The Stillness, whose ceaseless meditation upon the whole is what keeps everything in place.

Yes... hard times are coming. They won't be hard except for convenience-junkies... the utterly dependent on form... the prisoners of Lust and Anger, which has been made more and more powerful by exposure to numerous... possibilities... for... engagement. Life has been turned into a supermarket with people on the shelves, as well as in the aisles... so... shortages of unnecessary things are also round the corner. We are not permitted to sink into comfort as a permanent way station. It... doesn't... work... like... that.

I know I throw out a lot of seemingly dissimilar snapshots... subjective... objective... and neither. The World of Form... The World yet forming... The World that one day will form...

Let's talk about Agartha. This is the place where those surviving the destruction of Atlantis went to sit out the long stretch of time between back then... and everything that has occurred to bring us to this point where Agartha can be a refuge for a new wave of pilgrims.

Legend has it that there are entrances to Agartha in Tibet... Mongolia... South America... The North and South Poles... The Pyrenees. I'm pretty sure there's one in Mexico and... other locations.

Though Sedona probably has something more than just beautiful cliff faces and strange frequencies, it is more the kind of place where rich people go to convince themselves and each other that they are in a sacred place... not... necessarily... generated... by... them.

You might want to read Ossendowski's, “Beasts, Men and Gods”, as well as the Marquis Saint-Yves d'Alveydre's “The Mission of India in Europe.” This is the location where the wisdom of The Initiates is stored. It is a very advanced culture that exists within The Earth. Shambhala might be another name for Agartha. There is a great deal going on that is not apparent in the muddy... scuffling worlds of people... painfully and fruitlessly... contending with one another; “there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophies.”

You don't wind up in Agartha by accident but you can wind up there on purpose. You have to make the cut. It's like becoming a SEAL or Delta Force. There are requirements for entry. You have to meet the standards. Purity and Humility are extremely important.

There is sanctuary and refuge to be had but reaching it has to start within before the externals will appear. By devotion... and persistence... across a specific reach of time, YOU CAN GET ANYWHERE. You are in the process of doing that at this very moment. You WILL wind up where you have been headed. That is The Good News AND The Bad News.

I'm not trying to drum up Agartha Fever. I won't be getting bumper stickers or ball caps. There are MANY options, BUT... they ALL connect. My intention is that it bears thinking about The World... NOT... BEING... what pedestrian and opportunistic mindsets say it is. There are all manner of worlds, above and below. You have to meet the entry requirements AND... THAT... supposedly... is... why... we... are... here.

In these times... portals are opening within us and external to us. They lead almost anywhere, depending on your intentions and aspirations. Doors will open for brief periods OR... perhaps eyes will open for longer yet. There are MANY kingdoms of being... SET... YOUR... GPS... NOW! There are things you need to be awake for... and aware of... and focused on. Calls are being sent out like homing beacons. You never know who may show up, and if your ears are full of noise you may not hear them. I'm just saying... broaden your horizons, AND... narrow your focus. The time is coming. The time is coming for all of us... individually AND collectively.

God be with you!

AND... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very good Vis as I left right in the middle of the written word to places I only remember in my youth.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Greeting viz
Thank you again!
merry Christmas to you ; ]
your friend..
and with the grace of God we will have the wings to accompany it.

Letgoist said...

Thank you for your wonderful gift. Merry Christmas Vis!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This one blew me outta the water due to various synchronicities with other readings, podcasts and videos. Wow! NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"You Have Heard that Sunlight is The Best Disinfectant? The Sun Will Spiritually Purify You, IF... You... Let... It."

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and many thanks for your wonderful work, Visible. God bless us every one.



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