Thursday, December 15, 2022

"No Matter How You Shape It, Sexual Perversity is The Death Trend of The Culture and Results in Spoilage and Rot."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I mentioned a few times that I am a student of Trends and Patterns; not in the same way as those who follow the shifting appearances of The World, through Fashion and trendy behavior patterns... modified... in order to appear to be “with it” or “in with the In Crowd.” I watch more from a metaphysical perspective to see what comes out of The Invisible and how The Invisible is understood in the contemporary awareness of what is passing before the eyes of The Hive Mind.

In other words... there are those who are fascinated by The Magician and yet they do not understand how the trick is done, even while they are looking right at him. I don't care how the trick is done. That is not the important feature for me. I want to know WHY the trick is being done, and what it results in. It is what Christ meant (in my mind) when he said, “by their works, ye shall know them.”

People talk about Cause and Effect all the time. Why then... is there such a disconnect in so many people not being able to see a connection... between them... even while they are talking about connections between them. It is similar to, missing the point. They keep doing the same things Out There. Should it have not occurred to them... by now... that they are not only going the wrong way but doing it in a half-assed fashion?

People look right at something and still... can't... see... it. You can point it out. Like the sailboat hidden in the painting, and they... still... can't... see... it. It can make them angry at you, too. We've been over this ground here for some time. Sooner or later, neither you nor they will be here. Where will you be? Does it not seem prudent to make arrangements beforehand? How does one do that? Ah... yeah... about that.

What is it that keeps people from seeing The Inevitable? Why do they behave as if it doesn't matter? The World is under a spell. If you are not under that spell, it is hard to understand why anyone would be. It's Lucy and the Football again and Charlie Brown falls for it every time.

The World is like a perfume display in a department store. You squeeze the balloon atop the atomizer. You unscrew the top, and an atmosphere escapes from the bottle, and you are entranced. It seems to me that the only way to explain what is happening to people is to assume they are possessed. The perfumed genii escape and disappear inside their heads, and... off they go on another magical mystery tour that does not lead anywhere worth going to.

The World is filled with magnetic touchstones that shut down your objective and detached mind. You are in a dream of separation from some object of desire... while you are the object of desire... to begin with. Resident within each one of us is a particle of The Divine Being. However much intensity you put into the things of The World, and however much intensity you brought to the search for The Indwelling... wind up defining where you wind up at.

Some say, “it's the journey, not the destination.” It depends on how you understand that statement. In a way, the journey is the destination because the destination is the result of what you set out to find. Look for power... money... fame... or sex. You will find some form of them, depending on how The Purpose of Demonstration turns out for you. Look for God and you will find God. God's not hiding. If you can't find God, you are looking in the wrong places.

There is this incredible light of internal splendor that banishes The Darkness forever more, and it is resident within us. The means of arriving there are various. Some systems work for some people and don't work for others. One has to be in love with The Process or else one will not arrive at the destination, but... be still wandering around looking for something that works. I've looked into all these methodologies. Of course, I am certain there are some I am unaware of... and for which one needs certain credentials, BUT... the ones I have seen, I've looked into them, taken them for test-drives.

Some of the systems are very complex, and one's room for error is not great. I suspect there are very few who can SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY negotiate them... and they involve magic. They involve powers that show up simply by passing through certain stages. ALL of the legitimate systems include these.

Somehow... I suspect... The Divine prefers those of simpler nature, where Love is the driving force, and Union is the objective. God prefers playmates to people with heavy book-bags and cynical perspectives that are the result of the heavy book-bags and too much knowledge of The World. Knowledge of The World will make you very weary and you can feel old... with time passing... because you know too much. That is why you hear, “I don't know” here so often.

It's very simple. If I know, then... by extension... God does not know. If I don't know, then... by extension, God does know. This means that The Intuition works or does not work depending on one's relationship to knowing.

Materialism has gotten to such a point that now... most people... are either quite crazy or very afraid... or both. Some are just very angry. It is as if ordinary life has gone somewhere and Abnormal is staying in its room. Observe the rise of Satanic Trans-Humanism, and remember... that is what Elon Musk is very much into. He's up to something just like all the rest of them.

No matter how you shape it, sexual perversity is The Death Trend of The Culture and leads to spoilage and rot. The Transgender Trend is going to lead to violent insanity... and epidemic suicide. There will be waves of this sort of thing. When people do not know who they are and lose all sense of self, they have no idea where they are going and begin to individually and collectively walk off The Cliff. They will be like someone 'pulling a train' that runs over them.

Modern culture and the state of technology have made most people incapable of survival for more than a short while or... until they run out of things. You want to see what a thin veneer is the mask of civilization? Wait until they start to run out of things. One SHOULD NEVER STRAY FAR FROM LADY NATURE! When one retreats from her into sexual ambiguity and pathological promiscuity, death and worse are directly ahead.

When conspicuous consumption is a perpetuating pattern, the trend is toward death and worse. When... it… is... celebrated... so that Poppin Fresh and The Michelin Man are role models... when airheads are the new trendsetters... when the depravity of men replacing women... without possessing any of the critical features and virtues that make them one... then those will be the faces that launched a thousand-fold of John Wayne Gacy and Ed Gein upon The World, and WILL SURELY burn the topless towers of Babylon.

It is Grand Guignol on bad acid. It is a living theater of freaks and absurdities, wallowing in their own wastes, and seeking a four-legged future. It's not getting better. It is becoming The Law of The Land, especially in The Crown Colonies.

Everyone should write that man while he is his own hostage to fortune; (Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland)

What is the mysterious force that is turning The Worldwide into a carnival sideshow? How is this happening? The magician winks and waves his hands and the people stand transfixed. He is turning sunlight into shit and The World applauds him. Surely there is a reason for all this?

Who is it that is behind all of the sexual push to make tiny minorities rule The Mainstream? Some few years ago there were only tiny pockets of alt-sex practitioners. Some few years ago there were no cellphones. Some few years ago, gender dysphoria and tranniphilia were a rare appearance. Is there some collective behind all of these things, including The Killer Vaccines?

They are coming for The Children because it swells their ranks. They are coming for The Children because the despoliation of innocence is the supreme gift that one can lay at the altar of Mammon and Moloch. They are programming the generations because they are then easier to control.

It would be one thing and Game Over were it not for a small detail that The Materialist-Atheist-Satanists-Great Upset People seem either ignorant of or indifferent to, AND that is... God is REAL. God is The Power in all life to be living... and NO ONE... Good or Evil can escape the fact that they are existing on borrowed power that God can turn on and off simply by thinking about it. He's entertaining himself. You may not like this or approve of it, BUT... it is so.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Materialism is Cosmically immature. I got over it a long time ago, but it's programmed into us from birth by the fluffin' git idiots before us, media, peers, and everything else. Now I want nothin' to do with this place, but here I am until my stupid contract is up.

Man, watcha gotta do to get fired here? Or would that be parole from the sentence of life? I dunno, but I'm tryin' to be as dead to the world as I can be. Assuming this is the realm of the demi-urge, he can kiss my arse.

Nostrils up! To the sky, even.

rickslagle said...

Great to hear from you Les... you still got the magic touch to the keypad of letters numbers and signs... This cat in my house is in heat catwaulering like all get out... Will like to travel a bit hopefully in Feb... don't forget I mostly use the email address STOP IT CAT... YOU DRIVING ME NUTS

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The Proximity to Hellfire. Hell is A State of Being that Generates Its Own Locations and Weather Patterns."

Honky the Clown said...

Morale was sagging and then a round of the Clown Pepe had me laughing until my sides hurt!
The clown Depape (spell?) honks with his hammer in the morning. (honk, honk!)
Woke up with a vision of Devo-Girl You Want featuring Rachel Levine and Sam Brinton with the bearded lady cheerleaders.
The gigantor Berlin aquarium bursting was a side story but the acrylics used have a tendency to do that over time.
Eventually everything will be rated by 1 to 5 honks of a bicycle horn.
You ain't seen the Full Measure of evil yet, not by a longshot.
All for the Purpose of Demonstration in this corrupted simulation.
Honk it like Jericho and enjoy!



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