Tuesday, December 20, 2022

"BECAUSE... Just as Sure as Misery Loves Company... You are Going to Find Yourself in a Crowd of Kindred Spirits."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Two days ago... early... I saw chem-trails everywhere across the sky. The next two days brought a sun-blocking haze with chilled air. It has not been like this here before. This is my 6th or 7th year in this location. Everything is different now as The Stormtroopers of The Apocalypse fan out through sea and air... through mountain and valley. Each of these... coiling lunar systems of polarized negativity generate their own weather. ALL... THEY... NEED is something human to vibrate like a sympathetic string; not a difficult find in these times.

Their designs may leave me cold but it is of no matter. I can get around the clouds.

The people pushing The Killer Vaccines... to reduce population and compromise world health... are the same people agitating and financing The 3rd World to migrate across the borders in order to replace those terminated by The Killer Vaccines with a dumber... more obedient... slave class.

The negative fallout from Good Karma; just seemed to be one of the things I wanted to talk about today (grin)... so I thought I'd do a potpourri-paisley-pour out on... to... this... new and improved... tabla rasa... white lambskin carpet of this exact moment for me, but... now – from here...it is in the past for you. Still... it can be a good memory. What I am trying to say is that good things can have bad side-effects so you might not want to eat the whole brownie.

I got some bad news earlier about being extremely rich at some further point in the coming attractions. It's the outcome-result of my not holding on to anything and just giving it away; not worrying about storing it up because I will (do) have a... limitless... supply. It's about the unavoidable positive side of doing good works or... that most valuable of currencies... giving-yourself-away; doing... what... The... Sun... does...

It will be a mercy for me... if God's Angel Lawyers can find a loophole BECAUSE... I don't like being rich. It's like being a coal stoker (grin)... if I can put a negative light on it. There you are in the bowels of the biggest ship ever to sail the endless seas of Space, AND... an endless stream of anthracite (we hope it is anthracite and not bituminous.) keeps pouring into the hopper, so... you have to keep shoveling or you are going to have shit-tons of coal, and you will be overwhelmed by blessings of a high order.

You have no choice but to give it away. You don't want it backing up on you. You don't want to wear that kind of face moving through life BECAUSE... just as sure as Misery loves company... you are going to find yourself in a crowd of kindred spirits.

My point, my friends, is that it is a labor. It may be a joyous labor... but the return can be unbearable at times BECAUSE... such an intensity of love can be unnerving. It can be overwhelming. It can knock you off your feet. It's where 'head-over-heels' comes from. Romantic love is one thing... and it operates on a bandwidth. When you can tune up your love to include every living thing it is a whole other kind of bandwidth.

When there is no time, you are no longer serving time, and that is what makes giving-yourself-away a joyous labor. You can't be lazy, but... why would you want to be? Down in that dark footlocker of The Subconscious are so many unpleasant ways to be; selfish... bitter... angry... dark lusts and evil dreams. One is cautioned not to explore The Pit, once you have managed (with help) to crawl out of it. “Do not go down into The Dark Splendor.”

This is why we pray to God to remove our shortcomings. What a labor that is! Heh heh... the labor is in trying to get rid of them yourself. You are likely not to do a comprehensive job on your own because... though you may know what some of your failings are, you don't know all of them. This is what Heaven does. It shows us what is and is not worth keeping.

Good luck getting out of here without being exposed to countless dark and depraved actualities that some people call home. I usually knew what I was walking through and that I didn't want to be there. Hard as you may try... you don't get free until... someone... cuts... you... loose or you let go.

I was talking about the negative side of Good Karma, BUT... it is only negative when you are attracted to it... otherwise, it is like something you see through a train window... as you are passing through whatever you are passing through. You can't be lazy and that is why a serious number of people can't get with the program. Also... there is The Time of Material Darkness we are presently passing through.

“Success is speedy for the energetic” can be understood from many perspectives.

Think of The Sun. He is blazing away every single moment. He's still blazing while we spin into the night that exists in his absence... under his reflection upon The Moon, which... changes the atmosphere. So... he is shining without respite but even The Sun is only a channel OR a repository through which The Impersonal Light shines through countless other suns.

Shining is part of The Great Work... something occult... or formerly hidden... that is going to be a part of this awakening already... in... progress...

There is work and there is the effortless and eternal engagement of holding still while The Sun shines through you. Everyone is running in all directions away from this. You might say it is a principle of the ever-expanding universe that contains all the systems and worlds that God generated for every single dream that anyone ever had. People know so very little about the extent of God's generosity... his measureless love and grace. We make God out to be a bigger version of ourselves; that... is... not... the... way... to... go.

If you turn around and start running toward it... you have to let go of whatever you ran off with, so it doesn't hold you back.

Once again let us visit that phrase about becoming like a little child. If you try to go... in... there... all grown up and adult... like you know this and that... and that too... you will not get far with these postures. Some of these postures are inflexible and one has no capacity to bend, AND... unless you can bend you cannot enter. Unless you can bend, you cannot enter.

I very much believe in Jesus the Christ... even though there is no historical record. I do not believe in Christianity or any number of misrepresented truths; not to mention the CRITICAL omissions. Christ is either alive or he is dead. What? He's still on the cross? Religions worship a dead God. It worships all the paraphernalia that the priest class put together to take your money. People don't believe anymore. Look back at those cathedrals. Wow! Those people believed. Now we have different cathedrals.

It was another time and another mindset. Controlling the mindset is KEY.

If you are not controlling your mindset, someone or something else is controlling it, just as it is controlling the wider world you are passing through on that train. The Powers that Thought They Were are getting desperate. The jig is up. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are taking care of them... and they are getting increasingly police-state-minded... draconian... passing one law after another to insulate themselves from the wrath of The People. They might want to give a little thought to The Wrath of God as well, AND... sometimes The People are The Wrath of God.

There is one place that people cannot protect themselves from. The one enemy that lurks in wait for everyone... is not outside you somewhere. It is inside you. You can be high and mighty... have your own army of bodyguards... buy and sell mere millionaires. You can hold forth at the high tables of temporal power... Lights! Camera! Action!

Yeah... but where did the light come from? Who is operating the camera? Who is controlling and scripting the action? Who are you going to call for The Night Terrors? Who are you going to call about The Melting Face in The Mirror? You might can get in and out of everywhere down here... for a time... until the meter runs out... until the curtain goes down... and the light comes back on. Were you in the audience? Were you on stage? Where were you, AND more importantly, who... are... you?

So... you can have it all in a relative sense, but what... has... you? What did you exchange for the experience you had? Where will you go next?

You see? I have a problem with processing all this Good Karma; kind of the reverse of what I was just talking about with The Other Guys. So... this is why I aspire to The Sun. It is why The Sun is my hero. He knows what to do with all the Good Karma. He is showing me how to manage my affairs without having to turn into Tony Robbins... you become anonymous and live forever. It's having that static persona that makes you mortal. Let The Personality die so that the everlasting individuality can shine through.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......

Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

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Wes Revill said...

Hello Vis , I am a long time reader of your blog . Your ability to create different phrase's is very entertaining and your content has educated me on certain things that astounded me when i investigated them . Notably the usual suspects . As a follower of Jesus I had given them a carte blanche in my early life , now viewing them as a tragedy of epic proportions , whose destiny has been self thwarted . At the last I think they will rediscover it .
What keeps me coming back besides the writing is your love for God . I also seek to love him with all my heart . Madame Jeanne Guyon being a great influence in this . So although my adherence to standard Christian doctrine is not in doubt I have hope that you will arrive at the preferred destination .
Also , like you , I have an interest in almost anything I can read and have not to much hesitated to explore most subjects as long as they were not giving off an evil vibe .
So it is with love and respect I would like to toss a pebble into your pond , so to speak. It is in the form of three book titles : Forbidden Archeology be Thompson and Creamo , Genetic Entropy by John Sanford , and Traced by Nathaniel T Jeanson . I've read and reread the first two until I understood them , Traced I've only looked at through a youtube presentation , but it reinforces Sanfords work . I'll leave it at that with the encouragement to look into these things . God bless you in your desire to love Him and the rest of us . wesleynrevill@gmail.com

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

More obedient slave class? Tell it to MS-13, the cartels, the lowest of the low disrupters of society that's coming across the border. I don't theenk so. No pienso así, even. Dumber? Some yes, some no. Some will be as sharp as a Damascus blade or a Katana that's been 'folded' 200 times, or what ever.

Time. A most precious commodity, and I do not appreciate so much of it is obligated to be nondiscretionary, though now I have more discretionary time than ever before when I was intent on bein' the best corporate 'ho I could be so I could support my expensive pets. Pet college students cost a small fortune even in the 1980s. Not that I'm not highly valued at the restaurant I work at, and there's a justified reason for it. And my back is currently killin' me for it at the moment. (It'll be fine in a day or two.)

Ayuh, bein' rich is a liability. Especially in calipornia, though other states are just as bad. All you need is enough. I'm quite happy with that. Why should I trade my precious TIME for money I don't NEED?

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Please read what Tacitus had to say about,, Jesus' title "Christus"
nothing good, as said in year AD64. No proof you say? Written proof not enough?

Anonymous said...

Just saying...

Visible said...

Thank you, I have more important things to do, and I have read all 6 books of Tacitus except for the parts that went missing. Usually... when someone stormtroops me they are anonymous and I take that into careful consideration. I'm sorry for your loss. Please spray someone else's windshield. I am curious as to how many people you have assaulted with The Bible and whether anyone had to show them places on The Doll where... you know

Wow! that wasn't very spiritual of me OR you. Find someone who likes this sort of thing and engage them. I'm not interested.

Visible said...

Oh yeah... food for thought. https://historyforatheists.com/2017/09/jesus-mythicism-1-the-tacitus-reference-to-jesus/ I've got reams of this stuff from both sides. Apparently, you missed the part where I said I believe in Jesus the Christ regardless of the historical record? Oh... that didn't suit you. You want an argument. I have other points of reference that I am not going to share. You believe what you want to believe. I will believe what I want, and... we can both go our way.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Today is The Christmas that We Celebrate on The 25th. It is The Birth of The Sun King... into Another Year of Seasons."



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