Friday, December 23, 2022

"The World is Glamour + Fascination, Trending Toward Possession, in Patterns of Addiction... to... Form."

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So... this is the last time we will be together before Christmas has been and gone. All of my life... I have enjoyed the spirit of giving... that is shown to us by Lady Nature's artful arrangement of all the necessary things and conditions for life to flourish here... on... this... planet; if only misguided fools did not work counter to unity and harmony for... profit.

The origin of everything you see around you is from The Sun... by Adaptation. Everything is sunlight frozen in form; sunlight... in... material extension.

One of the meanings of The Garden of Eden is to be found in the salutary living conditions we can see there, in The Mind's Eye, once our vision clears. That is the template for everything being in a state of Unity. The stages of human evolution sometimes indicate an attraction and appreciation for the true and actual... finer things of life. Just as often it showcases a brutishness hard to imagine by any right-thinking soul.

Some few years ago, Ukraine had a duly elected president. Then... the AshkeNAZI forces drove the man from office and installed the clown that was celebrated this week at that greatest clown assembly on the planet; The U.S. Congress. He's kind of a little Satan. Big Satan got much more applause. Bibi could do worse things to the clowns in congress than Z-Slinky could; that's his rap-persona.

These days... our feckless leaders bow their heads to the temporal rulers of Hell on Earth. They are either intimidated by the fruit of The Honey Pot they got caught in OR.. driven by the hunger for gain.

The Season of Giving was inspired by the message of Jesus the Christ in the ultimate sacrifice that keeps on giving through the whole of The Age. That age has come to an end, but... as with all Big Clock Items; if something lasts for 2,200 years... you can expect a transition phase of about 200 years in which the radiating archetypes shift their personalities into the teaching moments the new and coming age is designed to present.

Human existence moves on a slow... slow spiral of life... toward the refinement of consciousness. In some cases... it appears to be circling through the carnal rituals on its way down the drain. Still... despite its worst efforts, human existence does evolve. Some... of... us... understand that one's evolution can be hot-housed, in a “success is speedy for the energetic” kind of a way.

This very time we are in... a time of transition... brings a force from The Divine that makes possible a quantum leap in consciousness. Life itself... what we all call life... is a single force expressing itself in consciousness according to that persona.

TO... THE... EXTENT... that a persona can sublimate itself to Higher Authority... one can transition into that higher authority.

If you like it here... fine. So long as you know that ups turn into downs... smiles into frowns... pleasure into pain... gain into loss. You come with nothing but what came with you, and you leave with nothing you can take with you except what you became upon the way... just like the last time... and the time before that... and the time before that... and the time before that.

It is 60 degrees here with partly cloudy skies. A few hundred miles north it will be between -30 and -70 in places running to and from The Great Lakes Region. It's global warming at its finest. I could swear I saw weather manipulations taking place in recent weeks. We know they can do this, and we know they've been getting into whatever they please, with the excuse that it is to counter Global Warming. A whole lot of people do not understand The Science of Cyclicity.

Do you know what constitutes an expert... these days? It is someone who will say whatever the people paying them want them to say. It's like expert witnesses for the defense and the prosecution, who completely disagree on all points with each other because they are being paid to say it. One of the reasons I neither trust... nor depend on Logic... is that you can use it to justify ANYTHING.

Today is the 2nd day after Real Christmas and the 2nd day before Ceremonial Christmas. Since it is The Holiday Season, it's not a single-day affair. It includes two major holidays a week apart. It is... by far... the prevailing tradition among more than 3 quarters of the population; squeaky wheels... in search of currency grease... make it seem otherwise.

A real and dangerous culture war is in progress at this time, and one might well fear for revolution and upheaval, given appearances. However... it is like the toxins in a body... that force their way to the skin's surface and become pustules... and boils... acne and inflammation of all sorts. Once the body is cleansed... these symptoms no longer express. Once the ship has righted itself the passage becomes easier.

All the twisted sexuality, and trans-inhumanist gender benders. All the celebrations of obese and ugly, perverted and criminal, under the umbrella that we are all beautiful.. are doomed to failure because... not even the people promoting it believe it is true. Certain truths are self-evident. We live in an age of profiteering and piracy... in an age of insatiable soul-sucking greed. We live in an age of lies and distortions, on... their... way... to a better world.

It is true that we are all beautiful and this is what the spiritual eye sees. Few eyes... in Times of Material Darkness have been opened under the channeled force of The Serpent.

Kansas City signed a quarterback to a half-a-billion-dollar contract. Then he developed Peyton Manning Disease. The symptoms are... dressing up like a NASCAR driver in a jumpsuit, covered... wall to wall... with trademark advertisements... and a pathological need to appear in as many commercials as possible.

I try to understand why those already filthy rich... and in possession of international fame... should need even more of the same. Why is it that when you already have too much, you have a burning need to stockpile even more? There is a good reason for this. It is because wealth... fame... personal power... position and influence, are not what they are made out to be. They are not blessings, except in the rare instances when the possessor knows they are only stewards and proxies. These are all curses... mostly.

Imagine the rage and despair experienced by those who acquire these things and find out that the fascination rubs away the moment they drive it off the showroom floor, where it then turns into a chronic hassle. Like a car with some mysterious and unfixable problem.

Back to that Spirit of Giving in the Season of Giving, which SHOULD BE every single day of the year. Why is it that when you are swept up in that spirit... as I am sure that all of us have been... at one time or another OR... even on a regular basis... it makes you feel so generous... and giving... sharing your love as you come and go? Why did I notice that people were... generally... across the board... happier in poorer countries than they are in prosperous lands?

In the south of Italy, I would hear laughter interspersed with the machine-gun delivery of the language at all times. You don't understand Italian? Doesn't matter. They go right on as if you did. Then... I would be in Basel, Switzerland... one of the richest cities in Europe, and boy! People were cold and mean, and... mercantile. It's a lot like the Orson Welles speech in The Third Man.

I noticed the same thing in Mexico, by comparison with Kalifornia. I'd much rather be in Mexico. Well... I'm not in Kalifornia anyway. It's just far enough away that I might be on the beach soon after The Big One hits. I've already got the sand.

I've been around good people who were worth a whole lot of money. Usually... they were the rare exceptions. It fascinated me for years to meet people who were completely controlled... imprisoned by their wealth. I've never had any use for that sort of thing. I'm into another kind of money... but... my God! This world is a cesspool of carnal and acquisitive hungers. The more free of it you get... the more clearly you see this.

The World is Glamour and Fascination... trending toward Possession... in predictable patterns of addiction... to... form. You are either burdened by luggage or it's zipitty-do-dah with your hands swinging free. The most important thought I take from Jesus the Christ is FREEDOM... Jesus comes from Joshua which means Liberty. He was the son of Nun... which is Death.

When they say that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bend. It means that everyone shows fealty to the idea of their own FREEDOM.

There is literal meaning. There is occult meaning. There are surface truths and deeper truths. There is one teaching for The Crowd and another for disciples, depending on whether you are an occasional follower (when it suits you) or a full-time devotee. If you are determined to find it (whatever it may be) you must only keep looking. You WILL find what you seek.


End Transmission.......

Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

I was just informed earlier that I may or may not be posting anything more until the new year. I was religious (grin) about the consistency of posting. It has been somewhere around a year since this trend came into being. It may go on the same for another year OR something else might happen. Just so you know.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Comfy weather where I'm at. Not spending one cent or giving one thought to Saturnalia renamed, though the restaurant will be miserably high stress for the next couple of weeks. My day was Yule. I did a ritual asking for the wrong side of history to be wiped, as did my psychic twin.

As for those living it up at the expense of everyone else, when it's over; you gotta ask, "Was it worth it?" After all, there's a price to pay.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you Mr. Visible and to all who come here. I hope you do not disappear altogether.
Meanwhile I decided to read the links first and then read your post. That way it keep the ‘’hopeful feeling lasting longer.
The links get more bizarre with each passing day. Surely cannot go on like this forever.
So on that note. I’ll say it again Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to all.

marina said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Les Visible, and to your readers here. Thank you, yes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what the hell, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody, God bless you one and all.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Les. It has gotten to the point where yours is the only post I read on RumorMill. Always surprised at the low number of views you receive there. We are living in amazing times, and your elegant writing always keeps me focused on what truly matters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and clarity. May God continue to bless you in the coming days and new year. Much love being sent to you this beautiful cold Day.

Visible said...

My numbers are manipulated and have been for some time. Once Patrick Willis did a video of the post, Black Swan Rising. It had over 125,000 visits in a very short time. A week later it was down to four thousand and something. I don't know what it is now. They have limiters that they put on different people and whatever gets posted operates within enforced limits.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas visible. Thanks for another year of posts and as as always my gratitude for my introduction to the universe proper in the first place. Have a good one. Paul.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

A very Happy Christmas, Mr. Visible

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It actually is Christmas as I write this, so Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. I don't, but hey! It's a good ancient message when you ignore the commercialism. . .by any other name:

Anonymous said...

Well, it's still Christmas where I am and before I hit my last eggnog
I wanted to share a quote from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov who also
is my go to guy when I'm not reading Les Visible. I believe it is apropos
to this post:

"Truth is the currency with which the spirit buys freedom. Neither
wisdom nor love but only truth can set the spirit free."


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Les, Thank you for doing what you do. Always enjoy your posts. Nira

Visible said...

My friends! I won't be back this week. I'm out until I get moved to return again.

Keep your spirits high... whatever The World might say, and... follow The Sun. Emulate and imitate The Sun.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep checking back in case you feel the move to post. Always enjoy your wisdom in such an insane world. sandy

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
From the moment I read your last post and the comments, I thought to myself that you will not be posting for a while and I kind of wished it wasnt true, but also knew that it was probably true and that I should be prepared to not having access to your life breething words for my soul five times a week as has been the case for so long now, and I want to thank you once again for all you have selflessly done for me during this most trying times. The funny thing is that every day I come to your sites I remember a story told by Rumi that was impinted in me from many years ago. So I thought that I should share this little story with you because I feel like you are invisibly feeding my soul with your love of god even though you do not speak like you used to, my soul is filling with the love of god anyway! I send you back my love of god to you and all of your readers, and a happy new year!

When Uthman became caliph, he stepped up into the pulpit. The people waited to see what he would say. He was silent and said nothing. He looked steadily at the people, and a state of ecstasy descended upon them so that they were unable to move, and could not tell where they were. Not by a hundred preachings and sermons could such an excellent state have been shown to them. Precious lessons were imparted and secrets revealed. Until the very end, he only looked at them like this, not saying a word. Then, just before leaving the pulpit, he said, “It is better for you to have a working Imam than a speaking Imam.”

What he said was the truth. If the purpose of speaking is to communicate instruction delicately to uplift the people, that had been accomplished many times better without words. So what Uthman said was perfectly correct. During the time he was in the pulpit he did no external work visible to the people; he did not pray, he did not go on the pilgrimage, he did not give alms, he did not commemorate God, he did not even speak the caliph’s address. Therefore, know that work and action are not limited to the outer form only, rather these visible forms of work are merely a shadow of that true work of Soul.
A friend from Greece

Visible said...

There's more to come in the short term, which is why we are waiting it out.

Han Velsing said...

They say that in a world of mirrors, the man with no reflection rules.

Strider said...

Happy 2023 Sun Son LV!
Visited my ace boon honky Wednesday and there were some great trailcam captures including a bobcat on Christmas night.
He told the story of a retired co-worker in the next state over winning one million dollars on a scratch off and I immediately thought of your there are some good rich people out there.
He plans to use it for good and it won't be squandered down to nothing this time next year.
The Purpose of Demonstration is so beautiful and so is learning from it.
Later a poorly dressed man at the Git-N-Go asked for a dollar and although I only had several it was time to give back.
Working on betterment and trying to get back on the righteous path.

Anonymous said...

Henny Penny here. The sky is falling for real
Hope you’re back soon

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Does Your Altar Shine and Radiate upon You whenever You Sit or Stand Before It, AND When You Don't? Mine Does."



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