Tuesday, January 10, 2023

"Once You Get to The Top of Holy Mountain, You... Can... See... All... The... Other... Paths... That Also Led There."

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Can anyone tell me the difference between a person of color and a colored person? Is it like the difference between The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duke of Earl or... Duke Nukem? (if you don't know who the first two are) I just found out that BIPOC is not a bisexual person of color but something else. Just imagine what it would be like... if the time came, and you had to know what all these manufactured mind-fucks were.

We are fortunate that there is a God and that we know there is a God; fortunately NOT the one from religion, which is a subway turnstile for the Money Priests... who are descended from The Judas Priest; the offspring of sex between a man and a goat.

Religions run by a pederast priest class are responsible for turning millions of people into non-thinking chuckleheads who think they are saved... yet treat all others unlike them as doomed heretics certain to burn in Hell Fire. Hellfire mostly exists in the minds of chuckleheads, except where people were really asking for it. You get whatever you are asking for. Be careful what you badger The Invisible about. I think that includes imaginary Heavens that bore you to death cause you got caught up in a masquerade.

HEAVEN... IS... A... STATE... OF... MIND, and... it begins where your feet touch the Earth. Heaven is not the end result for autocratic materialists... who are the religious offspring of Oliver Cromwell. You earn Heaven by the OBVIOUS routes and also by ways other than you might imagine. Once you get to the top of Holy Mountain, you... can... see... all... the... other... paths... that... led... there.

I've been wondering. Since they don't tell us what the reason is, BUT... they do tell us it was intentional; I... was... wondering... if the 6-year-old kid who shot the teacher... did it because someone told it she was a white supremist. USUALLY... when they don't tell you certain things it is because it goes counter to the official policy... or the misleading image they are trying to imprint on The Hive Mind.

I love Jesus Christ... who also precipitated into being via The Sun in Tiphereth, just like the next version is going to, but... I find ortho-dox, cinderblock Christians hard to take. Most of the time they can't enjoy life and don't want anyone else to either; it being that dog-in-the-manger thing.

I can well understand him hanging out with publicans and sinners, rather than those purse-mouthed disapprovers of fun who spend all their time judging everyone else... and... as has happened to me plenty of times, providing threats of Hell Fire as well. I don't know where these people are going on departure. What I do know is that it is not the same destination as my own.

For those wishing and hoping I get Hellfire, allow me to confirm your Torquemada-dreams. I am going to The Sun when I depart from here. That's been confirmed as... at least... a preliminary way-stop. I am sure that The Sun will prove to be hotter than Hellfire, so... perhaps... that will please you. The fire of The Sun and Hellfire create two very different conditions, depending... on... your... relationship... to... them... which, I think... determines the conditions you encounter.

God weighs the quality of a person's heart, followed by... the record of their deeds; what motivated them... what their intentions were. I am perfectly okay about not going to a fundamentalist happy hunting ground. As Christ said; “In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true... I would not have told you so.” There are many Heavens. It is a really big area, much bigger than Earth. One can find the one that is the proper adaptation for their needs.

The God that atheists do not believe in does not exist. I am in full agreement with atheists about the ridiculous nonsense of fundie-Christianity that... makes... no... sense... whatsoever. I am NOT in agreement with atheists about much else. Their perspective is easily as ridiculous.

An awakened heart can hear God speaking through Nature; can understand the language of animals and plants... is in a cosmic... harmonic... resonance with all life... lives without fear... comes and goes with a freedom unknown in this shackling world. He/she is that smiling inmate that no cage can hold. That person may seem to be bound like any other, BUT... THEY... ARE... NOT. They are Jivanmukti. I'm guessing they have another name for it in The West.

Much of what I speak of... I know it to be true through direct experience. Otherwise... I will state that I don't know. The angel of God walks and talks with me just as it does with ANYONE who has taken the trouble to cultivate the relationship. One must pay the dues for membership... and there is zero possibility of getting around that... EVER. The Witness sees everything, and the door-wardens know who you are; Cave Deus Videt.

If I were to say that The Sun is a living... conscious... being, I speak from direct experience of this. Where once my experience of this was sporadic, now it is constant. Cynical minds might say, “people can't talk to The Sun! The Sun is not a person, and if it could be done I would be the one doing it.” Heh heh... it doesn't work like that. The Sun is my friend because I have taken the time to cultivate the relationship.

Relationships of this kind ARE available to ANYONE who pays the dues of membership. One cultivates a friendship and sees it flower most in times of stress and danger. Time is a factor. Everyone reading this has friends. Anyone reading this can have the same friends as I do... if they wanted to. It does not happen overnight, BUT... “success is speedy for the energetic.”

These are times of great change and upheaval. This is a time of apocalypse. Events happen in times like these that do not normally occur or... you might be under the burden like a pack-horse, whipped along unknown roads. You might be in blessed company though you seem to be alone in the eyes of The World. Real Magic does not occur or present itself in front of the disbelieving hearts and lying eyes of jaded and cynical adults.

You don't become like a child. You become child-like. It is Regenerated Innocence; one of the hallmarks of The Great Work. Jacob Boehme could tell you a bit about this. In coming times, you are going to need stalwart and dependable friends. False friends... friends of The World... will be no help. They will vanish like the shadows that they are. Money won't help... the appearance of power and high position WILL NOT HELP. These will... in fact... make you a target. ♫ shake it up baby ♫ will be playing non-stop. The Kalifornia rains are the result of Heaven weeping; Montecito mon amour.

What happens when all that rain hits the lava and generates steam? What! Heh heh; never mind.

In the meantime... they are filling the sky here with unnatural cloud cover. Once The Science -with- the- means- to- do- so- (for The Purpose of Demonstration) pushes Lady Nature over The Brink... she is coming back... and riding 6 fire-breathing dragons when she comes. The mountain she is coming around will no longer be there. What does she care? She doesn't need roads, AND... she is as much inside you as she is outside you. A Cancer Comet is following in the footsteps of The Killer Vaccines.

Step by step... incrementally... The World awakens and sees what has been going on while it was sleeping. The reactions are going to be monumental.

All is not lost and there is no reason for despair. The comfort and convenience-oriented might encounter cause for dismay. Those with too much to lose and who are too... fat... to... dare... to... die, might... might be discomfited and inconvenienced... a tad... here and there... now and again. It's all part of the process; down goes the old and degenerate, and... up comes the new... green... life.

It happens again, and again, and again... over, and over, and over again, and people pay no attention. Rarely does one get a text message in advance of calamity. Calamity just shows up uninvited. They will say that Calamity was uninvited, BUT... who left all those dishes in the sink, and the paint rags in the basement? Who let the dogs in?

It has all become a bridge too far. It has become a case of reach exceeding grasp. It has become... untenable; “things fall apart... the center cannot hold... mere anarchy is loosed upon The World.” Is this not visibly evident? There is a rumbling in the nether regions and a call for the cleansing fire. The bowels of The World are in an uproar.

“Now I lay me down to sleep...” Hark!!! What sound is that? It is like the rushing wind. It is the crying and the clamor of awakening. It is the trumpet of Judgment happening in The Mind. How will you fare? A single feather falls upon the scale.

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Excerpts from Cold Mountain

If you're looking for a place to rest,
Cold Mountain is good for a long stay.
The breeze blowing through the dark pines
Sounds better the closer you come.
And under the trees a white-haired man
Mumbles over his Taoist texts.
Ten years now he hasn't gone home;
He's even forgotten the road he came by.

Cold cliffs, more beautiful the deeper you enter
Yet no one travels this road.
White clouds idle about the tall crags;
On the green peak a single monkey wails.
What other companions do I need?
I grow old doing as I please.
Though face and form alter with the years,
I hold fast to the pearl of the mind.

The peach blossoms would like to stay through the summer
But winds and moons hurry them on and will not wait.
Though you look for the men of the Han Dynasty
Not a one will you find alive.
Morning after morning flowers fade and fall;
Year after year men pass away.
Here, where the dust whirls up today,
In times gone by was a sprawling sea.

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M - said...

We are grateful for the rains here in CA. The farmers of our small and family-owned farms are rejoicing, as well. It's been too many years since we've had significant rainfall. Flooding is inevitable - especially in the areas that were ravaged by the fires of two years ago. However, the days between these rainstorms allow the ground to soak up the precious and life-giving liquid.

These storms feel cleansing to me. On December 31st, I wrote "Mother Nature is readying the start of 2023 with a torrent of cleansing rain. I sense the purity of it. She is clearing away the bad juju."

"You have to believe in happiness,
Or happiness never comes.
I know that a bird chirps none the less
When all that he finds is crumbs.

You have to believe the buds will blow,
Believe in the grass in the days of snow.
Ah, that's the reason a bird can sing,
On his darkest day he believes in Spring.

You have to believe in happiness -
It isn't an outward thing.
The Spring never makes the song, I guess,
As much as the song the Spring.

Aye, many a heart could find content
If it saw the joy on the road it went.
The joy ahead when it had to grieve,
For the joy is there - but you have to believe."
- Douglas Malloch ("You have to believe in happiness")

Blessings everyone.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Asil said...

That was wonder-filled . . . and thank you for introducing me to the poetry of the hermit Hanshan.
Love you

Yukon Cornelius said...

I second what nostrils said, DP. Welcome back man.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Personality is The Separated Mind. It is The Combustion Engine of Fallen Angels. It is A Mask with No Eyeholes."



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