Monday, January 23, 2023

"There is A Mysterious Force in The World that Attracts People Who Think They Know to The Epiphany that Awaits Them."

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Always remind yourself, what you see on the ground-floor... you would also see Uptown if they let you behind closed doors. The craziness that is jack-in-the-boxing the sensory bandwidth... is a product of that ancient maxim, “shit flows downhill.” So does Crazy.

For evidence and immediate reference, you have Smokin' Joe Biden... the military chief of staff... the head of Homeland Security, the CDC, and... many others. Take a look at who's in The House and in The Senate;

Mr. Apocalypse is a real living entity. I have spoken with him. It was only for a brief period and he has only come a few times since, but... the experiences were memorable. The Awakening is an actual event. You can see its negative side in Woke. The people who created Woke are well aware of The Awakening. They're trying to get ahead of its interpretation; not going to happen.

Now... Mr. Apocalypse may go by other names, but that's what he was calling himself when I ran into him. Awakening is an eternal aspect of Life... but sometimes it happens over wider reaches of The Collective Mind. That's going on now and it's absolutely going to get worse in various locations, depending on whether it is Woke or Awakened that is running The Show. In... other... places... that sort of nonsense can't get through the gates; location... location... location.

There is a powerful secret, which is not a secret... because it's in plain sight; people just walk right past the comprehension of it. Anywhere you want to get to, you have to get there in your mind first. How do people get where they wind up at? The Slipstreams of Karma travel round The World like The Jet Stream. It's like a wind... filled with magnetic particles, and we are each attracted to that which defines our level of awareness, and that... determines our rate-of-spin.

A car whipping down the road... an explosion... a hurricane... a revolution... a plague; how you stand with the situation is determined by the particular influence acting on you from The Slipstreams of Karma. If you can go Full Neutral, how would that affect what magnetizes and attracts you?

The way to get through and/or around anything is known... most perfectly... by The Mind of God. If you put yourself in The Mind of God... through harmonic resonance with The Mind of God... inimical forces that may be swirling anywhere at all... at any time... just flow around you. It all depends on who you are trusting to look out for you. If all of your concerns, and your whole being has been placed in harmony with The Mind of God... God IS going to take care of it.

If you are relying on yourself to get from point A to Point Z, it may... or it may not work out for you. That all depends on you knowing what you are doing. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don't. It's even worse when you think you do and you don't. There is a mysterious force in The World that attracts people who think they know... to the epiphany that awaits them. It awaits each and every one of us... as it so happens. Best to make it easy on yourself.

I was speaking with the ineffable recently, and at some point, he said, “You're going to want to let me take care of it from here on. I built all the ways there. I built the snares too. No one gets through it without me as the guide, although... sometimes I might even do that, just to see what happens. I can ALWAYS change my mind.”

He was telling me about the uncountable variables of Personality in the Dance of Karma, as it makes its way... tries to make its way through a web of sordid desires and complex lies... it is a world of artifice... some of it can be mesmerizing and... very attractive. A person has to know that it is God who both weakens and strengthens them... who carries them through or sets them to the side. Ultimately... EVERYTHING in your life is a part of your relationship with God. It could be said that there is ONLY you and God... you are a pinball between polarities both seen and unseen. Everything is in a state of unity depending on the perspective one is viewing it from. If you are a divider and a separator, that is what you see, and... you have that to look forward to. If you are a unifier, the same rule applies. Now to the wider world of the present. I wanted to list some events from Damar at the NFL playoff game this weekend... to people dropping dead all over the place... (and Damar being one of them) to all kinds of other curiosities. The list is too big to put in any post. The sheer scope of Insanity going on, all the way from the highest to the lowest levels of humanity; in the streets... and behind closed doors... in Canada... America... The UK... Asia... Australia. Everywhere... people are going mad. A few years ago, we started bringing up the real pandemic at these blogs; Bat-Shit-Crazy 1.0. Surely... you will note that this has been intensifying to levels undreamed of only... a... short... time... ago. Insanity has now outdistanced Obesity in ubiquity. The only thing Insanity has yet to outdistance is Stupidity. At the Clown World Twitter site, you get daily examples, and there are other sites too that are devoted singly to people acting crazy.


The crazy epidemic gets more pervasive and visible in the denser population zones. The bigger the city... the greater the spread and numbers of Crazy present.

I am not a mathematician, BUT... I am a friend of God and a student of occult and Hermetic studies; math figures heavily in the process so... it acts intuitively in me. The math that I am seeing tells me that Critical Mass is very soon to become a global dynamic... AND... if you are in these locations OR you have access to the internet, you are going to be a witness to the implosions and explosions of this Critical Mass becoming a critical mess.

Although there will be external events and conditions that graphically communicate this, The Critical Sector is IN... THE... MIND... Remember that biblical quote about Satan as a roaring lion? His presence IN... THE... MIND... will be equal to the focus on Materialism that is also present IN... THE... Mind... What I am saying is, if you are caught up in The World, you will be a part of the demonstrations being given. If you are not attached to it... or focused on it, IN... THE... MIND... it will bypass you... unless there is a specific Karmic reason otherwise, and... that's God's department.

My friends... be mindful. Keep your heart and mind fixed upon The Bright Invisible. It will keep you out of harm's way... unless there is a specific Karmic reason otherwise. It doesn't matter if it registers with you as Jesus Christ... Krishna... Buddha or any of the subsets of the same. If your faith is genuine, the... necessary... connection... will... exist.

I don't want to frighten anyone. We try to stay on The High Road here. The Aquarian Age is going through birth pangs. The World is in turmoil. A small collection of deluded fools, with temporary power and influence, have... once again... convinced themselves that they can take over The World and create 1984... Brave New World... or whatever Draconian fantasy they have percolating in their POSSESSED psyches. There will be... given the size of the population... serious disorder in nearly all urban landscapes.

There is no real crisis. They are all manufactured crises. It doesn't matter if Global Warming is real or not. There is NOTHING anyone can do about Global Warming anyway. It comes and goes at regular intervals... just like El Nino... in short-term circuits... and Ice Ages... in long-term circuits. Life adapts. Let me say that again; Life adapts.

The very strange and shrouded appearance of Damar at The Bills game... is just another chess move in the legacy of The Killer Vaccines. Now teachers are dropping dead in front of their students. People are having car wrecks... planes are falling. It is becoming so constant that it can no longer be concealed or obfuscated, no... matter... what... steps... are... taken. By now, everyone knows someone who knows someone who has been stricken by The Killer Vaccines.

Soon... specific steps are going to be taken to stop the people who talk about what THEY don't want you talking about. Psychopaths are culling the population, BUT it is only those who have a fixed focus on Materialism, IN... THE... MIND... that gets seduced into The Killer Vaccines. The exceptions are where people agreed so as not to lose their jobs or sources of income, and... that is Materialism yet again. It all involves a focus on Materialism, IN... THE... MIND.

We can only hope at this point that you are being consciously guided by The Indwelling. This is simply accomplished by an inner surrender and reliance on The Indwelling, who is... PRESENT IN EVERY ONE OF US... at all times... always.

We have enjoyed this time together. If God wills... it will continue. I am indifferent to any other input or influence. GOD RULES ALL. It is his ceaseless meditation that holds it all in place. If you are resonant with Heaven you will have no real concerns. It is only those who are out of sorts with Heaven that get the negative side of The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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I memorized this long ago=

"The First Meditation to The Way to The Kingdom"


Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally
into your own—that which you came here into
manifestation to express?

Then meditate earnestly and persistently day
after day on the below—ten minutes or more on
the first part, until you realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only
of wholeness, completion, and perfection.
In it there are no ideas of lack
or limitation of supply of any kind.

To every center of that Mind—and every human
mind is such a center—there flows naturally every
needed idea, even as air rushes into a vacuum,
or as the blood carries to every cell of the body everything
needed for their growth and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in You—Is YOUR MIND—
as there is only One Mind.
Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth,
and making it the dominant fact in your consciousness,
are you and your Father truly One.

For it unites your consciousness with His Consciousness,
He who is your REAL SELF, and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind
(of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness);
and therefore You ARE all that He is,
Once believe this—once KNOW it, and you will
be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER.
Then after trying to realize intensely the Truth
of the above by thus meditating and letting it soak
into your subconsciousness, let the following flood
your consciousness for ten minutes more:

Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your
Health, your Strength, your Understanding, your
Supply, your Power, your Love.

I am all these things—all these ideals you are
seeking to be and to have.

Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none
of these apart from Me—can get none without getting
Me,—can get them nowhere else but from Me,
your Real, your ONLY Self, who am all these things
Now—and therefore You also are these things Now,

SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your
Self. Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy
laden, and I will give you rest.

Can you not realize that this life in you, any
portion of health or strength or power or love or
understanding that you have, is not of yourself,
but is of ME, who am all these things IN you.

Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious
striving to be that which you are now, always were,
and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection?
Why not then let go completely and let Me,
your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway
in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.
Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this
My Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh
will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


0 said...

Dunno if you've bumped into Tom Luongo before but I tend to find his perspective refreshing.

Check it out here:

0 said...


"There is a powerful secret, which is not a secret... because it's in plain sight; people just walk right past the comprehension of it. Anywhere you want to get to, you have to get there in your mind first."

I remember my parents pushing me to go on a religious mission for the mormon church. I remember thinking to myself why would I foist on others something I myself didn't believe and trust is true. I remember thinking I cannot give something I do not have. I ended up going anyways but it was short lived as I've never been one to follow unreasonable Rules. Glad I didn't Convert anyone to the religious view, as it seems religion is a big avenue for getting the religious crowds to obey their "leaders" instead of their own understandings and conscience.

I suppose we'll see if we get nuked here in the next couple weeks. If it happens, I can just about guarantee it will be aimed at pre-selected places that both sides agreed to to eliminate the particular groupings that have cropped up here and there. That way the ones pretending to be in power can knock out each others thorns in their sides and move on to the next engineered event in this series of events.

Curious times. May the odds, if cultivated, be ever in ones favor huh. Be Prepared!


Anonymous said...

Were does One hide the most valuable treasure in all of the catacombs, nooks and cranny's on Mother Nature, no, they remain hidden within where few will ever seek.

Thank You God as Mr Vis.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"If You Want The Gifts of The Spirit... There are Angels Who Will Accommodate You... IF... You Accommodate Them."

Strider Shoes said...

“The real power in America is held by a fast-emerging new Oligarchy of pimps and preachers who see no need for Democracy or fairness or even trees, except maybe the ones in their own yards, and they don’t mind admitting it. They worship money and power and death. Their ideal solution to all the nation’s problems would be another 100 Year War.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Anonymous said...

The vaccine was meant to separate the people who are striving for spiritual evolution from the people who have chosen not to evolve and continued focusing blindly on materialism alone. The vaccine is basically God's tool to remove the spiritually dead people and thus usher in a golden new age.

Quite frankly, I'm thrilled about it. Thrilled that the end of this horrible modern society is coming and that a new age will finally dawn on this green earth paradise.



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