Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"Seek The Current of Love that Weaves thru Chaos, and Runs from Outer Darkness All The Way to The Inner Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

♫ Has anyone here seen my old friend Klaus? Can you tell me where he's gone? He killed a lot of people and he didn't die young. I just looked around... and thank God he's gone. Has anyone here seen the arch-demon Soros (Soros? Sauron?) can you tell me where he's gone? He killed a lot of people and he didn't die young. I just looked around... and hallelujah... he's gone. Has anyone here seen that bag of dicks, Gates? Please just tell me that he's gone. He killed so many people, frankly... I've lost count. I just looked around, thank God he's gone ♫

Ah well (grin). So... it's so... the man who puts on the WEF orc-and-balrog show won't be at his own Midnight Vampire Ball. Soros says (snicker... horse fart... bladder-slap) that he had a prior appointment. This is like missing your own wedding because it is children's night at the local s&m sauna. AND THEN? That hot-shot maestro... killer of thousands upon thousands in Africa... buyer of Monsanto... and... oh-my-God! The list is long... William The Child-killer Gates also had to be somewhere else.

What does this mean? Let's be logical. These are the people who make the rules for others... and act with impunity when they SHOULD Be swinging from The Gibbet in saner times. What could possibly keep them from Vanity Hour at Davos? They THINK or... they KNOW... someone is after them. Well, I coulda told them that. Something shining too bright to see is after them, BUT... they think it's... what? Vladimir Putin? One can only hope; is... oh please!!! Is... something wrong with them that trusting The Science can't fix???

What I mean is... did something already happen to them? Have they gotten The Word from some oracle? Can they hear the footsteps? Does the howling ever leave their minds, even when they sleep?

Right in the same time zone, Biden's handlers have turned on him. People! Something is up. I don't know what it is, BUT early indications are... good. As has been said, long ago, and often repeated since; “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only The Father."

I've been given The Shoulder Tap by an unimpeachable source, that... we are soon to be rafting... kayaking... or trying to swim... on a grade 6 river of change. However... as I have already had proven to me... time in Heaven is different on Earth. Heck... it's different everywhere. Time is subjective.

However... observing the Trends and Patterns... something massive and unpredictable is certainly not far off. It can't be. Heavy rains cause landslides; do... the... math. Now... I'm using 'heavy rains' as a metaphor for the degree and intensity of stress in human affairs.

Someone put a roll of quarters into the bed in the Honeymoon Suite where Morpheus has been sleeping it off. He's getting those gut-wrenching withdrawal symptoms that nothing human could survive. He's tangled in the sheets and they're tearing up the streets outside with jackhammers. I'm guessing he wakes up, pissed off, at any time now.

Is this any business of yours? It depends on who is handling your affairs. Do you have a fool for a lawyer? Is your accountant a crook? Are you knee-deep in ill-gotten gains? Is there a trail of bodies back the way you came? In... those.. cases, and others, you have better hope for the best and try to lose yourself in the uproar, like Johnny Favorite in “Angel Heart.” It didn't work for him. It won't work for you, but... hope springs eternal, just like the wishes do in one hand and whatever it is that accumulates in the other.

If EVER there were a time when you ought to prostrate yourself before The Throne of Forgiveness, I would say... by my calculations, (don't quote me on this) that time is now.

I don't think that would be a concern for the majority of the readers here, BUT... since they now monitor all sites that diverge from The Official Message, I know that compromised internet monitors come around here too. So... I'm talking to you.

Remember that spinning plate that looks more like a compressed scone? Like The Dial... The Trends and Patterns... and The Purpose of Demonstration, AND Mr. Apocalypse, AND Lady Awakening, these are a real thing, even when it has to do with passing phenomena, it's real enough at the time. If you are centered, you might not even know that the plate was spinning BECAUSE... there is a central circle within the circle that doesn't move at all. No matter how rapidly the plate might APPEAR to be spinning, the central core doesn't move. Things may move around it... and they do... everything does, but the core does not.

The World of material phenomena... all things external to you, this goes on and on like a river that circles The Earth. It keeps repeating... looping... coming back on itself and... everyone here is caught up in it, except for those sitting at the core... in the central cone of silence... in the midst of the spinning uproar. Christ sent fishers of men off to gather the spinning souls into their nets of gold. He still does this in timeless rituals... each of the seasons in a spinning year, contains reenactments of The Life of Christ, where... you... can... if you so wish it; seek for the current of love that weaves through the chaos, and runs from outer darkness all the way to The Inner Light. Light is what you MUST HAVE. Without light you have less than nothing and only the burning absence of light remains; if that makes any sense.

Love is warmth. Wisdom is light. Combine them and truth will reveal itself.

Now The American Khmer Rouge is afoot at every level of society. A hockey player in Philly refused to skate the rink with the others, draped in the rainbow insignia of the New Communism.

A handful of tweets from people I never heard of... have managed to get that on the front page of The Fake News Media; “Shame! Shame on you for not being forced and compelled to celebrate what you don't believe in!” The player, who comes from Russia and is a member of The Russian Orthodox Church claimed it went against his religion. You know what? It goes against my religion too and I don't even have a religion.

Trannies account for much less than 1% of the public. Gays count for around two percent, USUALLY. The numbers have swollen now due to badgering and threats... canceling and shunning... and early programming, along with depraved mothers who want to tie the child to them, in a death grip of psychological, apron-strings imprisonment. This is only one of the poisoned fruits of Materialism.

Fear not. These lifestyles destroy themselves. They always appear in the decline of a culture. They are not permitted in the earlier stages. I've nothing against people with same-sex attractions. They are a subculture and they should be free to evolve and work... their... way... through... to the inevitable end result. They ARE NOT a central factor of existence. They are signs of the times.

The Dark Side has put a lot of time and energy into realizing the present effort to take control of The World. The World is already under control, as any usurper will find. As The Cosmos says... to strategies like this... “fuck around and find out.” Oh... The Cosmos does not speak with venom. The Cosmos speaks with Love. It is Love that burns in every star. It is love that turns The Wheel and it is love that frees you from The Wheel.

It is Love that gives and love that takes, and all that is missing is the counterpart to Wisdom, and that is Understanding. It is only a lack of understanding that makes you hurt, that brings you pain. Let go of your torment to own and possess because that is what possesses you, and... burdens you, and... confines you as a prisoner in your Separated Mind.

Really... if you just let go... “let slip the bonds of Earth,” your balloon will rise into the rarefied realms. Most of us are hanging from a wall. Our hands have grown into the stone. We dare not look down into the fathomless depths, but one who releases in The Mind... also frees the grip, and finds The Earth was only inches beneath their feet. All their fears are based on rumors, atavistic fears, and bad imagining... and the guilt that whispers of coming retributions. Evict these Grima Wormtongues, and send... them... packing.

If fear is running your life then you are lacking in Love. Fear can find no place to stand where Love is present. Love can be intensified and amplified, simply by loving. Though appearances can make Love a difficult task, Impersonal Love is not affected by appearances.

Emulate The Sun. Everything you need... and lack... and truly desire is to be found in The Sun. The secret of Immortality is in The Sun. The Sun is the ever-shining face of Liberty and Truth, which I have been told, is what sets you free.

End Transmission.......

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Some final excerpts from Cold Mountain poems

Here is a tree older than the forest itself;
The years of its life defy reckoning.
Its roots have seen the upheavals of hill and valley
Its leaves have known the changes of wind and frost.
The world laughs at its shoddy exterior
And cares nothing for the fine grain of the wood inside.
Stripped free of flesh and hide,
All that remains is the core of truth."

All my life I have been lazy,
Hating anything solemn,
Finding light matters more congenial
Others may study how to make a profit,
I have my single roll of scripture.
I do not bother to fit it with roller or case,
Or trouble to carry it here and there.
Like a doctor prescribing a medicine for each disease,
I use what remedy is at hand to save the world.
Only when the mind is free of care
Can the light of understanding shine in every corner.

So Han-Shan writes you these words,
These words which no one will believe.
Honey is sweet; men love the taste.
Medicine is bitter and hard to swallow.
What soothes the feelings brings contentment,
What opposes the will calls forthanger.
Yet I ask you to look at the wooden puppets,
Worn out by their moment of play on stage!


Anonymous said...

Just keep knocking them out of the ballpark Vis.
I am getting hopeful things may actually turn around
In Heavens time of course but I sure hope its soon
In earth time. L

Strider said...

It's getting evil out there LV.
Saw a demon speaking through a person last week and it was a wild demonstration.
I don't care about profits and playing the muh materialism game and should be stuck in a drum according to this mediocre mind.
The bad vibes were overwhelming and later gave God thanks that nothing sinister happened.
I sold my cloak for a sword long ago and don't fear fierce reckless battle but didn't expect to have to potentially face it among so called friends.
Giving God much love and thanks in prayers for the world in this fallen time of the Rule Of Man.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


0 said...

Man that was a beautiful read!

"So Han-Shan writes you these words,

These words which no one will believe.

Honey is sweet; men love the taste.

Medicine is bitter and hard to swallow.

What soothes the feelings brings contentment,

What opposes the will calls forth anger.

Yet I ask you to look at the wooden puppets,

Worn out by their moment of play on stage!"

Han-Shans got some nicely put commentary too eh. Thanks for posting Cold Mountain recently too!


Visible said...

A new Petri is now up=

"You... No Doubt... are Wondering How... How Did It All Get Like This So Quickly? Has The World Really Lost its Mind?"

0 said...

Apt eh?

And then theres this from Q-tip, er Schwab...

Be Prepared!

Visible said...

Ty... I don't let people insult me or call me names at my blogs. I know that's probably a shortcoming on my part. I'm working through them.

You seem to lose your mind for periods of time on some kind of cycle. I don't know how often it happens. I just notice that it does when you start bombarding me with things like this. I didn't look at any of them cause the name-calling and malicious passive-aggressive stuff got to me before I was able to take it any further.

This is a quiet zone... off the beaten path... not concerned with traffic or money or conflict for that matter. I'm going to keep it that way. God is the centerpiece here.



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