Tuesday, January 31, 2023

"EVERYTHING that is Necessary for a Culture to Flourish is Being Systematically, Dishonored, Demeaned, and Destroyed."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Universities and colleges are big business in America. A number of them have over 40,000... 50,000... 60,000 students. There are 20 million students in American colleges and universities. The halls of higher learning are now propaganda mills... run by angry lesbians... and fruit flies with elbow patches. A large percentage are Communists parading as socialists. There was never a time they didn't have money so they would like all things to be equal from... a... safe.... distance.

Let's go behind the scenes to who the schools get their money from. This is who decides what kind of teachers are employed and what the curriculum will be. These are the people who were The Slave-traders back in the day... AND... according to the Karmic law; what goes around turns around. In order to promote every minority on Earth; most especially their own... they hire the incompetent and morally compromised because... they are easier to control.

No one who has any love of truth... is allowed anywhere near the minds being conditioned... to march in formation, and swill... and spill... The Party Line.

I remember 50 years ago... saying... that those marching under the banner of Liberty are marching toward Tyranny. I was often amazed at how stupid people were. I did not understand it; not having grown up in comfort and ease and... I had an insatiable hunger to know, fueled by the torments I had survived.

I honestly and earnestly believed in Peace and Love, but I tried to stay clean and apart from the lurid excesses I saw all around me.

There are two kinds of poets... or people who call themselves poets. There is one who wallows in filth and celebrates depravity. We'll use Alan Ginsberg as an example. Then there are the poets who aspire to The Elysian Fields of their times and wish to bring others along. They celebrate Higher Nature with Higher Love. I'll use Tagore, Rumi, and Omar Khayyam as examples. I've not the time, nor inclination, to go into complex dissertations of a scholarly kind. I had no desire to be a scholar. I have always preferred to live life rather than pontificate on it.

One is commissioned a poet. One does not become a poet. Poetry is inspired. It is not something one learns how to do, and the proof is in the putting. Until recently, with material life becoming a backed-up toilet, there was no money in poetry. Rod McKuen made more money in a few years than all the poets put together that preceded him, and he wrote the most execrable shit I've read outside of a Hallmark greeting card. This was one of the jokes played by The Invisible upon The Visible.

In ancient times, Poetry was considered the highest of the arts. They were the beneficiaries of a spiritual communion. Poets deal with prophecy; true poets anyway. We had a brief flurry of creative fire in the 60s before the times ran into Disco and Cocaine in the 70s. I watched the whole thing. I was right there.

Sex got wilder and more wicked... and the fever intensified. It led to ever more depraved expressions because The Thrill was gone and they had to look elsewhere... until that thrill was gone too.

Then the Cocaine went wide in the 80s. People became fixated on suicidal despair in the 90s. Then they have been actively suicidal since, and the bottom has dropped out of the culture. Inspired art has disappeared. It's all institutional and industrial garbage. Today's painters understand neither geometry nor the poetry of form. Today's music is commercial jingles and mating calls from The Bottomless Pit. Today's literature is a travesty on the name. You now come out of college stupider and more conditioned than you went in.

A ragtag army of people protesting things... that they don't even understand... is growing. Protesting is now a profession, and hired extras appear like magic, whenever Little Georgie Soros and his friends from The Darkside need them to. EVERYTHING that is necessary for a culture to flourish is being... systematically... dishonored... demeaned... and destroyed. None of what is needed to hold things up is present anymore. The underpinnings are being dismantled.

One who is uninformed... most likely... is deeply dismayed by what appearances seem to indicate, BUT... this is all in the natural order of things. The Old is coming down so that The New can go up. I know that a lot of you are counting on mass chaos and confusion around The World.

You'll be disappointed if it doesn't happen. You're invested in the whole order of things collapsing because that is the song of fear that appearances generate. Sorry to be a herald of your disappointment... worldwide disorder... like bugs... is not on the menu everywhere.

A wakeup is coming for people on every level of human existence, from the hovel-dwellers to the penthouse and yacht cotillion... who... imagine that nothing will ever touch them. The wake-up is coming inside your mind... where you can't hide or run away from it. As you can see... millions are being driven mad and losing control over their actions. This is a part of that awakening. It is what happens when you resist it... intending to live-your-own-truth... of which... there is no such thing.

When people cease to believe in God, Sex becomes the prevailing answer to The Meaning of Life. This is the case with The Usual Suspects and why they are so busy financing and promoting it.

There are a lot of people who think they are remarkably clever, and who play others off against each other. They are the ones who seduce you into debt and obligation, and what they can't get with promises, they will accomplish with threats... blackmail... and character assassination.

They've got new tech now that can make anyone sound and look like you when they commit crimes you would never dream of attempting. DNA is easy to harvest and plant. Meanwhile... WAR is on the horizon, and revolutions are in the air; courtesy of The Prince of The Air.

Greed and Selfish Nature are at an all-time high, inspiring crimes at every level of society... and CRAZY? CRAZY is the big gun that is fueling all of these. Given this, and so much I didn't mention about plague, famine, and their friends; how is it that I am so chipper and upbeat? It is The Sun King... The Coming of The Avatar that makes it so for me.

Now... mind... brutal and terrible events are certain to occur in the places designated for them. For the wayward masses, AND... for the few... and their hench-orcs who mislead them... The Whirlwind is coming.

Once again... it is not simply one thing. It is many... many things, moving like the steel cutters on a war chariot's wheels... like a threshing machine through the crowds, who mindlessly pummel one another in the approach. They no longer Stop... Look... and Listen, so... The Sword of The Spirit WILL inform Matter.

The Whispers in The Hive Mind are getting louder and more strident. People are holding their hands over their ears, BUT... the noise is coming from inside their heads; closing the barn door with the wolverines inside. You cannot avoid The Voice of God when he begins to speak. He speaks in the thunder with the force of lightning. Many great and profound changes are coming. Oh yeah.

Out with The Old and in with The New... which was already The Old from another time. It's new to you now.

Arrogance and Pride are two forces that banish Reason from The Mind. Carnal Desire does the same. One tosses caution to the wind. One oversteps themselves and the balance is lost. They go into a slow-mo tumble and become an example for The Purpose of Demonstration... like Cardinal Wolsey and... so many... many others.

No pursuit yields greater fruit than The Interior Search for Deeper Meaning. Someone is resident there, and... a relentless persistence furthers. You do find what you seek. You find what cannot be discovered external to yourself BECAUSE appearances are a lie... a concealment, and it is just such concealments that Mr. Apocalypse has to do with... in his revealing and uncovering of that which lies beneath appearances. That which is called... sometimes... The Truth of The Matter.

Yes... we'll all be together.
Yes... we'll all make a stand.
Yes... we'll all be rewarded
When The Shit hits The Fan.

That which you seek IS within you. It is elusive and hard to fix upon. HOWEVER... it is well informed of your presence and your actions, and... should you demonstrate the necessary measures of Sincerity, AND Humility... It... will find you.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Have you heard the phrase "A civilization hasn't served its purpose until its Collapsed"?

I will now go read todays blog. :) Hope this finds you doing well man!


Visible said...

As the post should indicate...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, as I wait for my appointment with my favourite psychopomp. Look up when you can see the comet in your area. Bay area, northwest at 6:30 PM.

Gondor Rangers said...

LV! Sol was out today and I said you look marvelous, amazing.
Almost slipped on some ice but used the airplane wing stabilizer technique learned from skateboarding youth, used to love those elbow patch button downshirts for the extra protection!
College has been worthless for 50 years and if they wanted smart people it would be free.
Stupid people stuck in muh genitals are easier to control.
Those who live in credential world and Idiocracy haulin' ass gettin' paid I like money will be crushed and demoralized when it all wipes out, we aren't Japan so it could happen fast and they want it to.
A big scuttlebutt about Nuttinyahoo expelling all Africans while some ask why are their borders closed while we have none.
Brandon just approved another $2.2 billion for the laundrokraine and both CPUSA Grand Old Politburo wings are in agreement.
Read that Russia has 20,000 documents regarding biolabs for weapons and they have found some evil shit going on over there regarding children and sex trafficking.
More will be revealed and Chiquitastan or FUSA burned up all its military might trying to take out those nations that don't have a central bank with Iran and Syria still standing and of course Afghanistan.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...



Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"I Am More Understanding of The Messages from Heaven, Since The Lullaby of Love has put The Demons to Sleep."

Visible said...


I don't usually respond to comments that speak well of me. I am intimately aware of the source of any good that may come through me. So I... usually... quietly accept in his name. In this case, I make an exception; no doubt cause I was prompted to (grin).

God's love be upon you and your husband!

As for your comment at Profiles of Evil... that's the first comment there in years.



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