Thursday, January 26, 2023

"The Sun is The Personality of God Expressed through The Instrument of Light... God has Many Personas."

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Possession leads to... exercise of a single pathology or disorder... causing an invasion of mind parasites... leading to variations of narcissism... trending toward sociopathy... progressing to psychopathy... caused by... Materialism... whose by-product is Insanity... as a spiritual application it is Satanism channeled through Mammon... the fruit of which is bondage in ever denser forms... attended by the heat of increasing temperature... due to pressure.

One direction leads into the caverns with Gollum. Another leads to The Sun.

Here are some interesting features of The Sun and a most ironic situation in the wider world. Many people associate The Sun with getting a tan... and some will go so far as to say it improves one's attitude. Those whose focus on The Sun is of a material perspective get wrinkles. Those who seek The Sun within The Sun get those wrinkles smoothed out on the inside.

I don't know what everyone thinks. I know there are larger collective mindsets. My observation of and experiences in life... tell me that those with a spiritual connection to The Sun are rare, BUT... those numbers are going to increase. This is part of The Aquarian Age, and those on The Dark Side know this and that is the real reason for all this Global Warming uproar. It is to make The Sun appear as an enemy, and also to confuse the meaning of The Sun later on; whenever they decide to have their own Council of Nicaea.

There is a basic reality that it is profitable to be aware of. In every age, there are good guys and bad guys. A lot of the time... although when it was last here was long ago... there is more light and more unity and harmony. We are in the tail end of a very dark and extended period of man's inhumanity to man. That is part of an even greater blessing that is coming to us. Due to the pervasive thrall of Materialism... very few are aware of it at this time.

So... I went off on a tangent there. Good guys and bad guys are necessary. Let us say they are essential to the drama... the tragicomedy of material existence. Your body is a combination of warring elements. Consider the implications of that. You have a say in the role you play... even if you set up for a bad pattern... you can ALWAYS change the pattern. It's not like you are forced to be a bad guy. However... here is where it gets a bit more complex. Sometimes the bad guys are the good guys. Some who fight against the tyranny of institutions, and the abuse of humanity by government and religion are good guys. This is how a lot of bad guys... who don't know they are bad guys... get lost. They assume the status quo should be upheld and maintained at all times. Yet change is the cornerstone of eternity.

The World can get very confusing. That is its job. You didn't have to go in there or... do that, etc. That's not The World's fault. If you are going to run around loose in the wilderness of The World, you have to know that there are creatures who live there, and when Materialism gets rampant on a field of blood, you should know there is a lot of possession going on.

Look at what some people are morphing into. Look at the emergence of entire subcultures of lunacy. Luna= Lunacy.

We went off on yet another tangent. So... a BIG part of the Global Warming Scam is to generate animosity toward The Sun. They have a priest-class of enforcers standing by. Every age is going to have its Jesuits.

Prior to all of this... like right now... and for a long time, The Sun has been seen through many filters, concerning how its presence in life is interpreted. I happen to know (one of the few things I am certain of) that The Sun is a living being. I communicate with The Sun on a daily basis. This does not make me some Big Casino. Anyone can speak to The Sun at any time. Of course, The Sun is not going to be getting right back to you... unless you have some kind of a track record. Passionate intensity can ALWAYS override time constraints and probationary periods. This is good to know; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

Heh heh... anyway. I took impressive doses of LSD and other psychedelics... often... for a very long time, with one driving intention, and that was to commune with The Divine Mother and all of the archetypes that dance in the manifest... AND to find a step-down transformer for God to talk to me through. You see, it takes The Sun and Moon, with the aid of Mercury (your mind) to get the complete picture.

“The Sun is its Father. The Moon its Mother. The Wind carries it in its belly, and The Earth is its nurse.”

There is one God surely. In an absolute sense that is inarguable. (except by fools) However, in the manifest... which is where you and I find each other, AT... THIS... MOMENT... and which is God's Playground where he cavorts with those of us who let him... we have (“I say... I say...”) the unity divided for the purpose of polarities for the purpose of material existence. We have God personified by The Sun and The Moon in endless interplay.

One can project all kinds of presumptuous Advaita exclusivity BUT... you are present in a Dvaita World. Sure... it's all one, BUT... are you? Are you?

There is a whole schematic for this in The Arcane Scriptures, BUT... that doesn't interest me. I prefer to be The Playmate... The Friend... so, of course, I would talk to The Sun, and... The Sun, being real, talks back to me. It took a little while... but I was speedy... by being passionately engaged. I don't want all the lingo and mumbo-jumbo. I just want the... living... presence... of... God. Everything else is there for whoever wants it, and... hopefully... it doesn't get them into trouble.

The Sun has all kinds of features, as I was about to say way earlier... but I got off on a tangent. The Sun can... LITERALLY... heal you of any malady. The Sun is Immortality itself. The Sun is an enormous community of beings who... create... the... light we see and feel from there. The Sun is self-generating. It processes the love-power of the universe... in mysterious ways. (grin)

If you make The Sun your friend, your troubles are over. The Sun is a multi-tasker and has MANY angels and other luminous beings in residence. Some of them are here. All of them speak for The Sun. The residents there are in a unitive mindset. This is a place where everyone is for each other. Unlike the place they shine on... here... where everyone is out for themselves. Well... not everyone, but... like I said... at the moment it's rare.

The Sun has a university. I attend classes there. It mostly works on The Sponge Principle. I absorb the teachings. They galvanize the particles of my being. They process them into light, which is The Purpose of The Operation of The Sun. This is what real religion does. It facilitates The Body of Glory. It does not operate as a cash register for the priesthood. The True Teachings are free. Your only cost is in the work experience and adherence to the lessons learned.

With knowledge comes responsibility. This is why so many people say; “I don't want to know.” They may not even be conscious of saying it, but their actions speak to their avoidance of The Truth.

The Sun is The Face of God that is shown to The World. In the actions of The Sun... upon The World... all we need to know about how to behave... is found there.

When the light of The Sun is reflected upon The Moon, then romance... poetry... and song are born. Yes... there is a dark side. Part of manifest existence is in spiritualizing our desires. Not everyone wants to do this. Some are chronically... carnally... inclined, AND... in Times of Material Darkness, the animal-appetite-syndrome becomes... pervasive.

The Moon is where you go to get another body with your dreams and debts woven into it.

The Sun is The Personality of God expressed through the instrument of light. God, of course... has many personas.

The citadels of darkness are crumbling. Light is breaking through the edifice, AND burning from the inside out. The darkness is compromised by the light and knows not what to do. How do they shut down The Sun? Or... better yet... how do they put a gimp-mask on The Sun and make it do their will? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Ooh yeah. There sometimes seems to be no limits to the ignorant ambitions of mortals. How they make the heavens laugh.

Okay... points to remember. No one is shutting down Mr. Apocalypse. No one is getting ahead of Lady Awakening and making her wear shoes designed by men who hate women. All present nonsense... and perversity are suicidal... a brief death dance beneath The Sun, and... then... there... were... none.

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Anonymous said...

Somedays your work reduces me to tears and I sit for a while and contemplate the beauty of the lesson.
It's sort of like a sun shiney day kinda thing...

Shine on, Visible!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty, as if you can do anything else. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!

G-Zeus said...

Magnetic field lines stream away from Sol in the same way as Hair. Samson, dreadlocks, Natives, etc.

Mork Loves Mindy said...

It is the best when the Sun comes out after a few days of clouds and gray!
Going to the local park is the best where there are no structures blocking the view...for now.
Gill Bates the eugenicist misanthrope posing as a philanthropist has a Sun dimming plan and Xhou Baiden or the Gig Buy is a Jesuit.
Speaking of bad guys. (wink)
No one said the disaster capitalism reset into biomedical security state CBDC control grid matrix would be easy but control freaks always end up controlling nothing.
The smoke and mirrors have reached the end as the greedy materialists are naked in their more for us less for you plans and they really intend to own us because the possessions only possess and there is no contentment in them.

Oba said...

Wow, you laid it all out.
Pretty soon you'll not need physical food, just pure sunlight the way plants do it.
Solar Buddha. The Christ of Light. Shine Brightly.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"They Pushed The River and... The River Will Not Be Pushed. When You Push The River... The River Pushes Back."

Asil said...

Pharaoh Akenaton dismissed all the Egyptian gods and replaced them with the one God . . . Aton, the Sun God. Each morning he rose to worship Aton. At the end of each ray he saw a small hand nourishing and loving upon all the earth and creatures. That has stayed in my mind since I was a child. At age of 72 soon to be 72 I still go in the morning to see the sun and say a prayer to God. - Intertwined in my mind always God and the Sun. Actually I am quite uncomfortable with the word God - a name? - never could parcel that out in my mind. In the seventh grade of Catholic school the nun wrote GOD in 2 foot letters on the blackboard. She said this is the "name" of God - what I noted and asked is why does it spell dog backwards.
Anyway, Visible, for so many years I have followed you and always delighted by all you write and most often amazed at your incredible mind and insight.
Love you

Asil said...

Dear Les Visible,
Just sent this to my husband to read - he was laughing so hard I was concerned he would pass out - totally agrees on the character insight but he loved the descriptive writing- comment about you - he is an off the chart genius - I agreed



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