Tuesday, February 15, 2022

"The Great Hall of Mirrors, Also Known as The World Reflecting Endlessly Back Upon Itself."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Kanye West... I remember him showing up a while back. I remember him being heralded as a genius. He reminded me of an inarticulate Rod Mckuen huffing glue on PCP... but with less talent. The banality of the lyrics, which are also coarse and generally meaningless commentaries on meaningless things, took him off my radar. He kept popping up with endless acclaim from the media, and for which there was zero justification, so... I knew he had cut some kind of a deal with The Ruler of This World

Then he hooked up with The Queen of Vinyl Floor Coverings and Monsanto Desert Toppings (in the aerosol container)... the Formica Fatale of Cheap Perfume and Empty Succubi Couplings, like an animatronic Barbie that keeps shorting out... or a Klaus Barbie that keeps marching into a wall until he falls down and then goes round and round on the horizontal marching leg till the batteries die; something like that.

He kept making more and more money. It seems he went from 250 million to almost 5 billion in a very short time. Meanwhile, he went and mainlined Satan's First Family of Reality TV, where they do endless auditions for their upcoming Season in Hell; which is a little like a stint at Vegas, without the hookers and the drugs. Then he had offspring. Then he wanted to be president. Then he embraced Trump. Then he got the revival Jesus Bug without any Jesus. Then his wife started divorcing him, and ran off with an offspring from the union of Carrot Top and an unidentified female from Goon-Land; at least that is what the Genetic-Read tells me. Now The Yeester has lost what little mental faculties he ever possessed and is doing reality TV in real life... acting out on The Big Stage for the whole world to see.

Now... some cosmic irony. The Tweedledum of the Clinton Tandem... decided it was time to reemerge into public view. The chatter all around was that she was winding up for her next presidential run. Only a few days later, on the heels of her media-manufactured celebrity putsch... The Rip Van Winkle of federal investigations, John Durham... appears in his Bishop Pike/Baron Samedi moment to announce that The Rabbit hole runs all the way to where The Sun don't shine. That is about to transform this media circus into a clown convention. Two days have passed and The Lying Media of The Usual Suspects is as quiet as a mouse. NOBODY is saying anything... except for everyone else who won't shut up.

If you need any further proof of Mr. Apocalypse going hog wild in a slaughterhouse, this should open your nose to the smell of that rose by any other name. “It smells like Victory!” You can see it... can't you? You can see the intensification of this force we call, Mr. Apocalypse? In the Land of Metaphors, they also have their own weather. If you can feel the ground trembling, you should know that it also happens at the bottom of the sea, and that gives rise to massive waves of incredible force, which head toward land at hundreds of miles an hour. This is another of the many events that occur at the changing of an age. It is a radical form of “out with The Old and In with The New.” Book it!

Most of us smell bad to the angels and other luminous entities, because of our diet, our thoughts... speech, and actions. We must reach a particular level of purity for them to come near us in palpable fashion. Impersonal Love accomplishes this quicker than anything else that I know about. Pure Bhakti is considered to be the fast track to union with Heaven. The thing is... you are guaranteed success if you just don't quit. If I might ask... what else are you doing that seems to you to be more important? Why would I mention the effect we have on angels? It is extremely relevant to your present state.

If you are odorless and tasteless. If you can't see it, whatever that might be, you are like the aether. It SEEMS to me that Aether is the very composition of Space. Let me rephrase that; it is what Space is composed of. It is what all form appears out of via The Adaptations of Vibrations. It's that something out of nothing thing, only... it is not... nothing. It only APPEARS that way.

However... if you have (and you do) an aura and a physical form, that has been shaped by your thoughts, words, and deeds, over the course of years and years (not to mention the Karmic transfers from life to life), you EMANATE subtle sensory information and it causes you to smell, to look, to taste ...and so forth... in a particular fashion, at a particular level of vibration, which is sent over the mediums that transmit it to the attention of those it attracts and repels. If you aren't attracting angels, and you are giving off sensory data... who and what are you attracting? You're not attracting the Aether. The Aether isn't directly involved in this. You are operating on the relative plane of Good and Evil; a further extension into The Manifest.

Yes... Evil doesn't actually exist (except in a relative sense) because it is Temporary. This does not mean it is not present during its temporary coming and going. Let's not trouble our pretty little heads about that at the moment. The Good is represented, on the invisible plane, by The Heavenly Hierarchy. The Evil is represented by the Infernal Hierarchy. Why is it called Infernal? That has to do with Fire right? What else has the quality of Fire? Desire does. Do you have a burning desire? So... Hell... seems like it would be a land of endlessly unrequited desire... endless hunger and thirst= Hungry Ghosts. Yes? It seems it would also mean The Absence of Love. The Fire of Desire is what the burning is all about, and The Lake of Fire as well. It's all in your mind... if you think about it (pun intended).

Evil is also often misunderstood. If you understand how something works, it shouldn't frighten you because you know what you are dealing with. If you don't understand it, then it is understandable... for you to be frightened. You live in a world of Fear, due to misreading so many things BECAUSE you THINK you KNOW. You are a prisoner of your own bad information and faulty reasoning. Job One is to find the one who DOES KNOW, then you can be informed when need be.

The trick is not to see Evil. Everything is part of a process anyway; isn't it? It's always changing; isn't it? Nothing is the same as it was before, nor will it be later on. We identify Evil according to our attractions and aversions. These are Subjective impressions. What about Pure Objectivity? What about Impersonal Love? It is a love that shines on all without regard for whatever differences there APPEAR to be. The thing about Impersonal Love... not only does it pacify the environment (should it be in need of that) by radiating Unity and Harmony with All Creatures and Things, BUT... it changes the one through whom it passes. It transforms the host mechanism.

These changes RARELY take place at great speed, although, “success is speedy for the energetic.” Look at the slow, flowing uphill in January, pace of Evolution. It is over long periods of time that our habitual natures impress certain undesirable qualities on us. These attract the invisible entities that resonate with whatever it may be, and you can be sure of this happening, the same way a dirty kitchen attracts vermin. Rein in your Appetites and Desires. As Lao Tzu said, “cut down on senseless craving.”

Until you are able to quiet the mind, it can be hard to tell who it is that is whispering in your ear. Most human minds are a disorganized junkyard of useless stuff. There are valuable items there, but they can't be seen for all of the junk. You HAVE TO empty your mind so that only the essential remains. How do you accomplish this? It is done through Prayer, Austerities, Mantras, Meditation, Contemplation, and Discipline... BUT... mostly it is done with Love, which is needed to inspire all of those in the first place.

If there is no oomph in your Giddy-Up... then you need to be inspired. NOTHING is as inspirational as Love, and no Love cuts deeper to The Quick and Everlasting than does Impersonal Love. Pedestrian and Personal Love RARELY lasts very long and often results in something very unlike Love. Impersonal Love NEVER stops growing, and since it opens you up... expands and integrates you, always assimilating you into a larger and more comprehensive expression of Impersonal Love, and since it NEVER ends... well, you do the math.

As The Apocalypse AND The Awakening grow stronger and ever more pervasive, these celebrities... these noted personalities, the movers and shakers, the rich and powerful... come to look ever more and more ridiculous, AND... since they are waking up too, like it or not, this is going to be revealed to them as well. Look at what is happening to Trudeau in Canada... and ALL of the birds of a feather. Look at the Hypocrisy that is CONSTANTLY on display. The Emperor's New Clothes are about to be revealed to the eyes of The World in The Great Hall of Mirrors, also known as The World reflecting back on itself without end.

Grow your Love; hothouse it. Feed it with attention and water it with Love. Pour ever more love out upon your love, drive it to a feeding, and copulating frenzy of an Interior Jihad, that goes scorched Earth on that junkyard in your head. Be fruitful and multiply, as the scripture says, only be selective and mindful about the children you have. The thought-born children of Impersonal Love will circle your being and follow you everywhere. The angels will see this. They have a deep... deep love for the thought-born children of Impersonal Love.

End Transmission.......

I've been watching the 8 hour documentary on The Beatles called “Get Back." Read a few of the comments. If you are a fan you are going to love the intimate viewing of the creative process. The subtleties of the infighting, initiated by Yoko can be intuited... there are some strange camera catches that reveal a great deal. I've only watched the first episode so... I'll just shut up for now.

And some links-=

I didn't put in any Kanye links (I don't think) and that is because you can find this stuff everywhere. I never go looking for news on this guy because I consider him a total fraud, WAAAAAAAAAY out of his depth. Suffice to say he is on the verge of a giant meltdown... ALL of the entertainment world is on the lip of this same verge (grin).

And just when she thought it was safe to come out and play again, THIS happens (heh heh)= (Mr. Apocalypse!!!)=


This is what happens when Religion migrates to the Land of the Stupids=


This is what puts the 'usual' in The Usual Suspects=


God is clearly at work=


I do not see from the same perspective as this writer on several fronts, BUT... he makes compelling and entertaining reading. I always learn something new. I do not know if everything I learn is true, but it does make me think=


Well here he comes... dum dum da dum dum here comes Mr. Apocalypse. For years this guy has been in the woodwork. I just assumed it was some fix is in with Bill Barr. Then Shillery hits the public eye in a big way talking about running for president again AND... two days later, this hits... Whammo!!!=


They never go away, they just keep resurfacing and hoping for the right conditions=


The Satanic agenda creeps, and creeps and creeps=


Ah... no... you really hate to hear things like this. I don't, but... maybe you do. Then again, where is that smell really coming from?=



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, as I wait on the sidelines a'watchin' de world go by.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Klaus Barbie reference.From what I remember (admittedly a long time ago) Barbie was another victim of the usual suspects in a "trial" conducted under Judicial Notice aka "Prove you're innocent of these charges, you Nazi etc".


Visible said...

Klaus just popped into my head simply for the Barbie association and because he was a soldier; nothing more than that. I am afraid there is no escape from humor no matter who we are.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now+

"Except for Your Carnal Nature... They Can't Get their Hooks Into You... IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!"



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