Friday, June 15, 2012

Brazillions and Kingdoms and what about me?

Dog poet transmitting

There are good men and bad men ...and there are, low to the ground, weasel creatures, who do what creatures like that do to the rest of you. They went into Libya and murdered the waters of the desert, like it was midnight up in your anus; put your camel to bed. They killed a man who could have been better... (You could have done better?) but there had been peace among the tribes ...and the miracle of water ...and learning for the children without rival around. Oh yeah, uh huh... oh yeah... they put the motherfucker in the ground. Listen up son, don't you go messing with that Rothschild banking cartel... oh no, my brutha... they will put you down. They will put you down.

They did the same thing In Afghanistan cause... cause.... well, let me see, yeah, the Taliban shut down the dope river. When needs be... that you just have to have every goddamned thing in sight, cause your belly still ain't tight. Oh no, you could swallow the world. Big money there. Black money there. Brazillians of dollas there. So who do I have to kill to get my piece or real sss-esstate? Oh... it's the same thing in The Congo too. What's that? I'm sorry, could you speak a little louder? No worries baby, we will get around to you to, if you got anything we want. We are the monster, just like a dinosaur. You can call me T-Rex. I'm just going to eat you up. I gots to have my Brazillions and I gots to have them now.

So let's fast forward to the present cause I got a serious Syrian jones. I got to get me some Assad head before I get into my sprawling nod. I like to lay in the blood afterward...drank enough of it for the moment and I'll just expand. All that blood I couldn't even drink, will be swallowed by the sands. The seeping, trickle down Xanadu... nah, those caverns weren't measured by man. Course, you got to be as measureless as you can, when all it is that you do is, expand and consume and hold onto with all that Silas Marner might. There is no end to my appetite, or what I will do and, yes, I will get around to you.

The river is deep and the river is wide and if you get in my way there is no other side. I'm the banker baby. Darling, I am the bank. Just like the banks of the river. ♫Moon niggas, whiter than the Nile, I'll be crossing you in style today. We're after the same bend over when, ...I say.... MY Moon Niggards and me.

Yeah, too be true, the bear does shit in the woods; specially those Russian bears they can shit fire. Deep thinkers and drinkers... uh huh... but hard and cold ...and intelligence works best when it is cold. ♫I've got bloody rivers to cross and I still can't find my... crimson clover♫. It has been said that the devil is in the details. Well here it is before your eyes, coming up in the windshield and don't be surprised. I know, I know, I shed a tear. I was walking with the walrus and the carpenter and thinking about how you might have oyster shells for eyes, since that would be the psychopathic accoutrement; probably what you like about yourself. Well hey there isn't anyone else anyway.. is there? Not according to you. You're the banker. You're the bank. I know they were real disappointed in Tel Aviv when that Stuxnet virus did it's capoeira all over their sushi needs, of course that was compounded and clusterfucked by by Lady Nature who got tired of being treated like your bitch. Still, life is filled with disappointments and loss and there are so many of us that just wanted to do the right thing; good people trying to have a life but.. that's the big disappearing act; exit stage DOWN for the middle class, detune the musicians and shitshop the artists, the circus is coming to town.

Don't go on the radio, forget the TV, you can't talk about truth here, that's easy to see and harder to hear, harder and harder to hear, white noise interference and blue screens all around. Pressure is building and buildings will fall, that's what happens when people are balls to the wall. Doesn't matter which Armageddon, they're always the same. Empires over extend, when they've already won. Then they turn on their own people just to stay alive, while the banks steal them blind, working on the inside. And then comes the big war when everyone's desperate, some lose their homes or their jobs. The next thing is their life. Pleasant dinners, sweet dreams when murder's your wife. The byways of bankers are the highways of war. That's where the money is. That's how it gets done. Like in those cities with big shoulders that the Zio-thugs run.

Maybe you call that living but that's not for me. Like mad dogs and Englishmen they sit down for tea. The queens got a pussy cloaxa maximus style. It's a river of shit on a ship in the dark. You can look out your window but you got to stay in. There are bad things in the park. It's just sooner or later. That's all that it is, cause the system is broken from despicable greed. They got plans for the southlands. That's where they're headed to soon, to sit on their islands of money, to wallow in Krugerrand gold, to fuck all the children they kidnapped; keep them warm when they start to get old. Everywhere else is everywhere else, you know, that's where you are... for the moment... for the moment.

I don't incite violence. I don't get hard from abuse, except for the abuse I suffered; that hardened me up. I'm not too fat to die. I'm not too precious to lose but you, my flush friends... um hum, what about you?What about you?... townhouses, high rises, skyscrapers to nowhere. All those beautiful beaches, all those poisonous seas, oh yeah that's what's happening your castle's in siege. You can't drink the water cause you shit where you ate. Your frame is collapsing, both of those frames, like the eyes in sunglasses that nobody sees, so you can do as you please. You can do as you please. So, Mister archbishop with the boys on their knees, all rise and salute the darkness, all rise and salute the darkness, all drown in dismembered bodies, there in the sunken, underground kingdoms of your fare the well. The light is coming, be afraid, be afraid.

For too long we have all been afraid of you, the power you had and what you could do but now you fucked your system and it can't be fixed and the world's eyes are opening, that's just how it is. It came slowly forever, now it's faster than light. It's the eye of the moment. It's on you. That's right. You couldn't stay in the shadows. You might have gotten away... for thousands of years it's been coming. It's been coming and you publicized yourselves. You lived it up in pictures and film. They wrote stories about you, the places you live and there are millions of eyes in the forest. The forest is coming for you. Cut down one tree and two new ones get legs. You made all those poisons and toxic vaccines. You're the getaway junkie too addicted to leave. That is the gotcha.... monkey with the mango in the vase. Monkey with the avocado in the vase. It's a kind of karmic killing jar and, it is where you are.

All your subterranean cities must be staffed by someone, all those someone's whose families you killed. You got crawling drone spiders and tiny flying machines but your attention is in the wrong direction when it's not in your jeans, scuzze.. you don't wear jeans you like that mufti crapola with the tie round the neck. You know that's a hangman's nose huh? Oh you don't get that? Sure you can hang by the doorknobs in au-to-e-ro-tik-fix but the invisible clothesline is what really snaps your neck. The one where your dirty laundry hangs, hang together, hang separately, it don't make no dif, no if's ands or but about it. It's a question of when. Here comes your fate, from beginning to end.

Doesn't matter if you believe this, or believe as I do, in invisible things that see right through you. What matters is, is it? Well fuck! Wait and see..There's a God? There's no God? It don't change a thing, cah-ching cah-ching... hear the cash register ring. Time will tell. We will find out tomorrow what tomorrow will bring. Like they say, “ain't no thing” cah-ching... cah-ching. Karma still happens... oh wait, maybe not... cause you don't think so... heh heh... heh heh

All those dreamtimes in the future, all those launchpads in the past, all that 'enjoy the moment', joie de vive! Will it last? Twenty six thousand years and a whole lot got said and you just went by, now the moment approaches and you don't even know why? I'm astonished. It's touching, the degree of neglect is so great in your person that nothing reflects. It's vampire city and cannibal town. It's dark and it's dirty...going down? Going down? Oh well not my ticket, enjoy the show.

There's a hunger in Bangkok ( Bang Cock?) . There's a fear in Rangoon. There are mountains gone missing. There\s a plague on the tides and the river of shit? On and on, on and on she just rides. This playtime is over. You fuckheads had fun, while there's judgment in your court, we got work to get done. These are strange times now coming, not seen since where or when. It's a whole different ballgame coming up on the rim.

For the good men and ladies, don't you trouble your mind. Death ain't no big thing on this endless incline. For the stupid and brain dead, Who's talking to you? For the rest, God have mercy, or maybe there's none... no god... and no mercy... In some cases that's true. You got to factor the outcome is completely on you.

End Transmission......

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ Prevail ♫
'Prevail' is track no. 6 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
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God in Country by Les Visible


brokenbeat said...

Powerful piece.

I hear cymbals swelling, trumpets blaring... a crescendo building. And now there's a slit of a horizon visible -- that dreaded sunless sea.

May the protection of the Divine be with us,


Doug Pearson said...

The thing I'll miss seeing is their faces when their account balances come up zero.

Denny said...


A very entertaining read. Not too sure about the advert "Russian Girls Looking For You" right in the middle of the Syrian psyop article, but maybe that's because once say 200 000 000 Russian soldiers are on the move there really is going to be a surplus of females in Russia..

You also made a mention of "karma" in your post, and I remembered how someone wrote a comment earlier, claiming that "as the Palestinian people are being pounded because of their previous karma, then surely it's all perfectly well and good..."

That may be so, but it doesn't mean to say that no one should go to the assistance of those being mistreated in any defenceless situation or that those DOING the pounding are gonna walk away scot free. By assisting as such we are surely being instrumental in the entire dynamic of positively affecting another person's "bad" karma. However, I'm not suggesting that karma is a form of "punishment", or that by assisting others we are accumulating "good" karma for ourselves. This is the usual "punishment and reward" idea in the human mind, whereby we are actually being "manipulated" into doing "good deeds" with the thought of a "reward" as a result. This is not the reason I'd ever go around "doing good deeds" for others.

Ash said...

Wildpotato said....

The Divine surrounds you, Visible, your words, books, songs, and radio programs...all are the perfume, the scent I smell reminding me to live from the heart, a compassionate heart...Love to you always.


Anonymous said...

Ah, thank you, good Viz. I needed that. I cried and cried this morning, but then I stopped crying. I'm going to go reward myself with a lovely package of cigarettes. We write the script ourselves. And you are the best writer of all.



missingarib said...

Vis,---it's the introduction sound of the train in bowie's station to station song-
It's too late
- to be grateful
It's too late
- to be late again
It's too late
- to be hateful

The intro to the first cut of the Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon album(the choirs of the girls lament-ahaaa aha ah ahh oohhho ) that tension building wait and so it is with our time -asking oneself the question how much time is left?

I thank you for your tireless observations and your ability to describe the zeitgeist --live long

Anaughty Mouser said...

Wonderful writing!

All the Rothschilds, and their minions, and their minions' minions, are going in the wood chipper.

Nothing can stop an idea when its time has come.

The end of the money changers is upon us.

Gaia will recover, our children, and our children's children. will survive.


Craig said...

Do not feel bad Les. I could not get a ticket either. Looks like we will just have to tailgate outside the venue. Sure feels like the shit show is warming up. Much thanks always for your spot on analysis and one of a kind style and grace. Have a great weekend!!
Craig out

Visible said...

Denny, those points should be understood about me to begin with. Many dogs were human before, it's why I treat them as I do.

Anonymous said...

All you speak of is true.
And it will go on and on and on.
The sands may shift here and there but it will go on and on and on.
Don't any of you good folk hold your breath waiting for the on and on and on to end.
It can get worse but never better.
If it hasn't so far why should it now?

Clarity said...


If there is any hope for me, It is in large part thanks to you, Visible, and to everyone here.

Love, peace...

Clarity said...


If I'm not mistaken, you've changed a bit recently. In a good way... :)

I am in agreement with your comment about assisting others. This is something I've been thinking about lately. If everybody going through a difficult time was working off karma, then why should we ever care about anything or anyone else? People in situations like this may not be the ones who were the perpetrators in a past life. Some souls volunteer to play these roles so that others can learn their lessons. It's very easy to accept that everything is under control, and I don't doubt that. I'm not sure that means it's a free pass for the rest of humanity to sit back and be concerned with only themselves. Maybe they are going through this for us - and that 'us' may be all or some of the remainder of the people, to engage in compassion, speaking out, doing what's right, caring about others, unconditional love for all living things and/or the earth, etc., etc., and any combination of these or other things. I sometimes wonder of this is our chance, our ultimate chance, before something big occurs - our opportunity to affect what happens to each of us on the other side of the Apocalypse. Maybe this is our final exam. Pass or fail?

Denny, I'm writing this not to counter anything you said, but to add my thoughts to yours.

"This is the usual "punishment and reward" idea in the human mind, whereby we are actually being "manipulated" into doing "good deeds" with the thought of a "reward" as a result."

I was very influenced by Alfie Kohn (Punished by Rewards) and studied and practice positive discipline. I do not ascribe to bribes, threats, rewards, and punishments. I never used them with my children, and I do everything I can to avoid it with my students (which is not easy because most are not raised that way).

This is not the reason I'd ever go around "doing good deeds" for others.

Amen to that!


gretchen said...

Some powerful words today Les, thank you and I needed to read this. I don't know why I'm writing this but it came to mind after reading the comments section here today. I've been going through a very powerful transition in my life in recent years and what stands out is the number of people who lack compassion and who will focus on what to do next to fuck with you. Looking back on my journey thus far I have innately been kind, helpful and stand up for what is right and in turn, I've been told by those that fuck with you this is a sign of weakness. I guess we'll see when the time comes, not wishing anything on anyone but I cannot imagine karma stepping in and dishing out a good dose to straighten things out.

the gardener said...

Yes, may we all be divinely guided and protected.

I've been seriously trippin' on Venus since it went retrograde May 15, then the New Moon at Sun/Moon @ 0 Gemini- then the Full Moon in Gemini/Sag then the Venus transits... whoa!

I am confident to the degree of saying I KNOW that the 8 years between these two Venus in Gemini transiting the Sun is when it all has come down on us-micro and macro... so much two faced, double crossing, betrayals from all sides and sorts.

Think, really think about 2004... how's it gone for you since then?

I feel and have been advised by loving experts that 'feelings are not truth because 'feelings' change'... feelings can change.

But with me, feelings are always the start-the key to the start of connecting life dots.

And with this closing of the Venus gate with the transit across the Sun of that 8 year cycle-it means a new one has started. I could and will totally get into the numbers astro and date wise with what this cycle represents or how it presents and affects.

But I know that is when I started noticing and experiencing the betrayals that have gotten us all where we are at today.

Many have literally given up the ghost -rather die than deal and that is always one of our human options. Pat yourself on the back if you've survived the games so far. Temptation is great to 'give up the ghost' Give up to the ghost-the Holy Spirit-who I had a great epiphany about... this 'holy spirit' always unspecified. It is the Holy Death... the holy spirit who comes and releases us when we are ready to go whether we think or know we are. :)

It isn't always about the blatant victims-everyone has their roles to play and old souls have just about played them all from all sides. It is TO SHOW WHO AND WHAT YOU REALLY ARE times.

It is getting too sickening and too boring for me now to have them show their shit to ME... or use me as their vehicle to show who and what they really are. I think they've all shown it many times to many vehicles with many events.

Maybe ultimate push comes to shove times require such extreme circumstances to 'show'... maybe we made pacts this time that we 'won't...blah blah' but haven't had the abilities to show that we 'won't' or that we 'will' yet.

Back to the garden with me-I've got some sanctuary to provide!

the gardener

I love you Vis, I'll keep pumping it out to you like always.

Anonymous said...

♫Daaaah, daaaah, daaaaaah. Dah, da!♫

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yep, they did it in Libya and they did it in Afghanistan - and they do it everywhere they decide to do it next...I love the term "war criminal" - as if someone can be engaged in fighting, funding or fomenting a war on any level and NOT be a criminal. War is primarily about genocide. Always has been, always will be. And that makes it the ultimate crime.

Sure, there are side benefits to be had, but its central thrust is the culling of the herd. You can lie to yourself about it in a thousand different can say "they fight for our freedoms" or "we must kill the terrorists" or - my personal favorite - "freedom isn't free". Or you can say "it's all about oil" or "it's about the usurpation of material wealth" or "it's about the centralization of power", and yeah those things are all fucking true, but they're just side benefits, and that's the same as putting lipstick on a pig, anyway, and when you break it all down, war is about genocide and the soldiers dance to the elitists' tune and that tune is definitely a dirge.

Which only goes to show you that most parents aren't fit to be parents - cue the proud mother and father whose son just became a Marine (aka a professional herd culler), or the proud mother and father whose son just became a doctor (aka, a lab-coated serial killer) or the proud mother and father whose daughter just became a lawyer (aka, a bag lady for the corporate psychopaths). If ANY parents are proud of these children - and 99% of them generally are - well, something is definitely fucked up here and it all starts with whether or not you weigh all the evidence about everything, first, prior to making up your own mind - or you just say "fuck it" and go to school and have your mind made up for you.

It's pretty simple when you break it all down - but not too many people bother to do that. Some of them can break dance and all of them can break wind but breaking it down is for people with discernment and discernment is hard to muster when your face is constantly glued to a television set or a textbook or the menu of some nearby fast-food joint.

We've got smallpox on Indian blankets; we've got depleted uranium in tank shells and missiles; we've got nuclear radiation boiling in the seas and in the streams and in the sky. And all of that shit got there somehow and however it got there, it got there by design, and as I already mentioned war is about genocide.

It's time to wake the fuck up or go back to sleep and I could care less what you do - as long as what you believe and espouse isn't going to increase the rapidity at which my own personal freedoms are being taken away. If you doubt anything that I write here you haven't "broken it all down" and that's not my problem, it's yours and yours alone. You are responsible for every single thing you believe. You are responsible for every single thing you pass of as being the truth. And if you are misinformed, well, how's it feel to work (unwittingly) for the other side while you piss and moan about how "everybody else is asleep".

War is about genocide. And anybody who supports it or endorses it or sends their children off to fight in it is speeding up the herd-culling process in exponential ways and they are aiding and abetting the very same elitists who want to see 90% of us dead and the rest of us working in cages for Nike. And that makes them complicit in the whole deadly clusterfuck as well. That makes them criminals, too.

Anonymous said...

When yer balls are nearing the wall.
Who ya gonna call?
Have DAVIDS TOOLKIT in yer head.
Nuff sed.

Anonymous said...

-Stickman Sez...

Dude! What you on? I want some. Or is it simply a matter of clear channeling ~ and i'm not talking about the broadcasting monopoly which glommed onto that name but the real deal. Anyway, your rhyming and your timing and your chiming are fast to the point getting my head outta joint and waiting to anoint yet another round on the cosmic carousel.

Yeah Mon. They're exposing themselves and its not a pretty sight. Fat, flabby, flatulent after gorging on gorgonzola washed down with grenache. Bloodmeal for dessert. No exercise or even a decent excuse for living except for the role of parasitical predators which they play out so well in their extension of hell.

Nightcrawlers and lumpen larvae are pretty high on Big Mama's totem pole compared with these sorry excuses for ersatz humanity. Cheating, lying and full of deception, they somehow got the idea that they are the Chosen few of their own tribal Wargod and that His particular Sackashitness is the glorious Creator of all that is, ever was and ever shall be. Fuck that nonsense. They are channeling a whole nother notepad and it is written:

"Mene, mene tekel. Uparshim." (You have been weighed on the balance and found wanting). The Most High is thoroughly not amused and is quite certainly not confused.

"Turn, turn, turn". Coming soon to a plundered planet near you.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peaches said...

Visible said: Empires over extend, when they've already won. Then they turn on their own people......

Fascinating post Visible and terrific comments from posters here. Perhaps one day I won't have insomnia anymore and will rise to the occasion and have my mind back and post something meaningful and insightful, instead of just taking.

Much love, Peaches.

zepheri said...

Bravo DP. My first lawyer told me ignorance is never bliss. Several years before my need for a lawyer I walked upon the seen of his fathers death. He was a lineman that died of electrocution. His son volunteered his time as a public defender. That always stuck with me, the truth just is.

ElvisSweet said...

We all enjoy or suffer karma from our many incarnations. Actions reactions are all karmic. The idea is actions which don't incur karma but negate it, both good and bad; all spiritual endeavour is karmic free and des this.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (16th cent') - who is considered to be an Avatar for the purpose of Divine love said, chanting of the holy names of God is the most feasible means of salvation in this age of Kali, Hare Krishna Hare Rama. Krishna means all attractive, all blissful and eternal. God is present in His Name(s). This is not sectarian but universal! However whatever one believes or indeed knows then that’s good too. It is only by experience that we know anything and perhaps faith will be transcended with knowledge in the sense of gnosis!

siamsiam said...

so Stella Blue ....

With you having been a personal chef and covered hearings on the hill one must beg the question ...

Did/do your masters consume what they purvey?

NB i once read that the word God simply means 'that which is'. So simple if one cares to think about it.

siamsiam said...

Vis ...

So if some dogs were human before then some humans were dogs. Circle turns both ways?

Are dogs not closer to God (that which is). They seem to be more adept at living in the moment .......

Visible said...

Well Siam, you could always spell God Backwards; speaking of which, Siam backwards is mais, add oui after that to get Mais oui and I think you've answered your own question. God I'm good (grin).

moving right along,

oh, by the way, did anyone hear the radio show last night? It's still not up and I never got confirmation of its arrival either. It's kind of important in the context of things that are happening.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of Feet to the Fire for Friday June 15, 2012 is avaiable for listening. One just has to draw the cursor ahead to the one-third mark and press play to hear Visible's Dog Poet radio show.

John Rambo said...

About Elvis's comment regarding the Golden Avatara. I don't want to give away too much about myself but I am living in that location, the home of the Golden Avatara.

It's very sad because monsters and demons have taken over this divine land and they have cast their shadows of darkness over this land.

And now Alfred Ford is building a multi-million dollar Freemason-styled "Hindu" temple here. As if Ford isn't an Illuminati.

Maybe you could say this place is the spiritual heart of the planet, but my god, it needs to be cleaned up. All of the filthy pedophile satanic demons who have possessed this holy land need to be exterminated.

This land should be overflowing with love, but due to the satanic curses that these child-eating demons have cast, that love appears to be blocked, for now at least.

Sim said...

Friday's Radio Show is now up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob from MI, just kidding WI. Have you or others that have been troubled by the event on 11/22//63 ever pondered this possibility?

Best to all,

Sim said...

Clif High of Half Past Human, 16 June 2012:

now we know - disaster dates...

from Goebbles 1932 said...

We are nationalists because we see in nationalism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our cultural inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our American state.

Nationalism is the doctrine of liberation for the working and middle classes. It promotes the rise of the lower class and its incorporation in the political organism of our homeland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and regaining American freedom. Nationalism, therefore, is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the American people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy.

Work is not mankind’s curse, but his blessing. A man becomes a man through labor. It elevates him, makes him great and aware, raises him above all other creatures. It is in the deepest sense creative, productive, and culture-producing. Without labor, no food. Without food, no life.

The idea that the dirtier one’s hands get, the more degrading the work, is a Zionist, not a American, idea.

We call ourselves a worker's party because we want to rescue the word work from its current definition and give it back its original meaning. Anyone who creates value is a creator, that is, a worker. We refuse to distinguish kinds of work. Our only standard is whether the work serves the whole, or at least does not harm it, or if it is harmful. Work is service. If it works against the general welfare, then it is treason against the homeland.

We oppose the Zionists because we are defending the freedom of the American people. The Zionists are the cause and beneficiary of our slavery. They have misused the social misery of the broad masses to deepen the dreadful split between the right and left of our people, to divide America into two halves thereby concealing the true reason for the Great Wars and falsifying the nature of the revolution.

The Zionists have no interest in solving the American problem. They cannot have such an interest. They depend on it remaining unsolved. If the American people formed a united community and won back its freedom, there would be no place any longer for the Zionists. Their hand is strongest when a people lives in domestic and international slavery, not when it is free, industrious, self-aware and determined. The Zionists caused our problems, and lives from them.

con't said...


That is why we oppose the Zionists as nationalists. They have ruined our culture, corrupted our morals, hollowed out our customs and broken our strength. We owe it to them that we today are the Pariah of the world. They were the lepers among as long as we were American. When we forgot our American nature, they triumphed over us and our future.

The Zionists are the plastic demons of decomposition. Where they find filth and decay, they surface and begin their butcher’s work among the nations. They hide behind a mask and present themselves as a friends to their victims, and before one knows it they have broken one's neck.

The Zionists are uncreative. They produce nothing, they only haggle with products. With rags, clothing, pictures, jewels, grain, stocks, cures, peoples and states. They have stolen everything they deal in. When they attack a state they are revolutionaries. As soon as they hold power, they preach peace and order so that they can devour their conquests in comfort.

What does anti-Zionism have to do with nationalism? I would put the question this way: What do the Zionists have to do with nationalism? Nationalism has to do with labor. When did one ever see them working instead of plundering, stealing and living from the sweat of others? As nationalists we are opponents of the Zionists because we see in them the incarnation of vulture capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods. Nationalism has to do with culture. The Zionists are the enemy and destroyer of the purity of a nation, the conscious destroyer of our culture. As nationalists we oppose the Zionists because we see them as the eternal enemy of our national honor and of our national freedom.

But the Zionists, after all, are also a human beings. Certainly, none of us doubts that. We only doubt that they are decent human beings. They do not get along with us. They live by other laws than we do. The fact that they are human beings is not sufficient reason for us to allow them to subject us in inhumane ways. They may be human beings — but what kind of a human beings are they! If someone slaps your mother in the face, do you say: “Thank you! He is after all a human being!” That is not a human being, it is a monster. Yet how much worse has the Zionist done to our homeland America, and is still doing today!

neil said...

Bankster colonial tyranical Judaic death cult empirical pig monster,,,,,,,,,,leave Greece alone

Get back bankster
Best leave greece alone
Get your lies and your error
Back to swines home
With your heads down the toilet
Worn your tail as a mask
A casket for your deeds
A hatchet through your task
Leave the people alone
Your powerless unawares
Closed within your being
Destabilised upstairs
fed on fears and suffering
Chose a fatal cause
The destruction of yourself
Death to all your war


Crazy dog person take wee up leg of Illuminata death cult monster people,

neil said...

Concentrated lightning bolts
Perpetual dynamic motion
Intentively electrified
Leaving death cult frozen
Multiplying inner minions
faceless death of war
Smashes through the shackles
Rattles down the door
Strikes the very notion
Fills the death cult with pure dread
All those riches were worth nothing
In fear of where truth treds
To the house of all those tyrants
who lie and cheat and stole
To light the fire of destruction
And Blow the wind into its soul


Have another poem lord visible : )

Anonymous said...

Any presidential candidate that would make such a bold speech would be ushered in in a landslide.

Wise words. Balls before wisdom.

Kickass post, anon 7:13

Ray Zerwitt

Did Goebbels really say that to America?

Stella Blue said...
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Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

Germany really rocked the world, when they shook off the parasitic drag of the tribe's bankers. From what I've seen, thos German leaders wore their hearts on their sleeves.

I read one speech about why they closed down the clubs and it was because they didn't want the soldiers coming back, crippled and maimed, thinking that they defended such hedonistic decadence. They had nothing against those amusements, but in a time of such trouble, wholly inappropriate. If we had leaders like that...

Ray Zerwitt

neil said...

Cabal of warmongers
Diverted mind
Draw of the slaughter
Sweeping through lies
A Cabal of monsters
Parasites doom
Hum of the wilderness
Sun and the moon
A blow through the changes
The system is dust
By the light of awareness
Below and above


Visible said...

The funny thing is, I mentioned I was heading out, didn't know where, didn't know when and... the two radio shows, one you haven't heard yet... This morning I get an offer of an all expenses paid trip to exactly the location I would have picked anyway. The irony and what details are pertinent will find their way out as ♫as time goes by♫

Stella Blue said...
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Denny said...

siamsiam 1:56 00 PM

Strangely enough, being a dog (or any other type of animal consciousness) can never be a human experience, and vice versa. A human cannot become a dog and then still know what it is like to be a dog once becoming a human again, because this would imply a human consciousness having to remember what it was like being a dog, which of course would no longer be knowing what it's like being a dog. In other words, whether human or animal, we cannot possibly experience any type of consciousness other than that of our own, at any given moment.

Apparently, animals do not possess the uniquely human attribute of self-consciousness because their pineal glands have not been activated by sunlight through the aperture of the eyes (windows to the soul). When it is said that humans have dominion ovet the animals, this certainly doesn't apply to physical strength or adaption to the environment etc. It means that we as humans have attained self-consciousness, which is one step closer to God-Consciousness. Maybe dogs are closer to God insofar as they more "adept at living in the moment", but it should be remembered that we too would also be capable of living in the moment had it not been for the fact that something called the "future" was invented for us out of our fear of death. And of course that fear is based on the illusory idea of a personal identity that starts developing from the day we are born and are given a name ("...Lets call him Jason from 'Department S'.."... And Jason it is).

From what I understand, this unique situation of being a physical human being is the ONLY situation wherein it is possible to attain enlightenment or God-Consciousness, or in other words, right here in this world of falsehood wherein the truth can and will eventually be found.

Hey, at this rate I could put all the Eckhart Tolles out of business.. heheh! Nah, it's okay, I already know I don't know anything.

Vis, a friend of mine has just got herself an Australian Ridgeback, and that puppy is so happy running around her garden that at least in this case, that creature must be nearer to God than me, because I can't even remember the last time I was happy like that (cue Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings...)

Rob in WI said...

Hi Niijii,
Checked out the parascope website, but they were upgrading or something. Thanks for the thoughtfulness. I was a HS senior on that day; and remember it well. Was watching the boob tube when Rubenstein whacked Oswald. I knew, intuitively, that the whole thing was a staged propaganda stunt (we didn't have the term psy-ops then). Still interested in theories, and will check link again. Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

good to see good coming your way

onething said...

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure dome decree,
Where Alf, the sacred river, ran
through caverns measureless to man,
Down to a sunless sea.

So someone is suffering, and you figure they got it coming from a past life.
You may think that of yourself, but not someone else.

It isn't the point anyway.

The point is to realize that other people are real, which leads to compassion.
If you leave the suffering to their fate, you have judged them as deserving of their fate, which it is not your right to do.

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

No, the innocent deserve compassion, and what do we want? To remain on the hamster wheel? Acts of compassion and forgiveness break the wheel. Break it for us all.

siamsiam said...

Stella .. my petal,

Was that a yes or a no?

PS there is nothing cryptic about my name. I simply live in Siam and having once misspelled Siamsam as Siamsiam i decided i liked the latter better.

Sorry to disappoint :)

Anonymous said...

Hi back at ya Rob,
The link works for me, but if not give this one a try.

FWIW I was 3 years old and remember that day and the why, why,why still hasn't went away.

Have a good dads day,dads,

Anonymous said...

Interesting read here - "The Fight Against Usury" -

(I like the site - lots of great articles and interviews to be found there...)

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Total fraud, vote rigging in Greece to "stay with euro"

siamsiam said...

Denny ...

Sounds like you have been visiting the 'urban guru cafe'

If not then worth a visit :)


neal said...

siamsiam, not to argue whatever point was in those criss-crossed lines, but some remember, that is the point that gives life to multiple states of being, being in more places than the local machine rules normally tolerate.

I mean, that is obvious to the nations of life that make up what you think is you, on cellular levels, and such. It's just that it is only these days, here, that the mind does not see and is confused. I do not understand why for many this is not a living reality, with all this war, and loss, this is dumbing down the answers and the questions.

This web the machinery wars against is faithful to the One, and even trees have faces, and most anything will sit and kiss you, but you need to be born, and lost, to change most everything.

We need every willing soul, to remember the real world, now. If this were so, the jumpers would not be so high strung, even to the fifth.

This is crazy, but not stupid. There are others needing what is freely given, they will try to explain it, but that is just chitters and howls, to the last of the invited.

Or we could just knock. We are becoming something else, that is humanity's blowback, and there you go.

Or not. Maybe thinking with some other brains will clear some way, I hope so.

There is maybe all the time, and skill for jumps, but the machinery will make you pay, even for other departments.

Anonymous said...

I like your post, Les. I think you were buzzed in an acute way. Sometimes streaming is the only way to get it out. For what it's worth, this quote seems appropriate now:

"The Jew is the plastic demon of decomposition. Where he finds filth and decay, he surfaces and begins his butcher’s work among the nations. He hides behind a mask and presents himself as a friend to his victims, and before they know it he has broken their neck."

This is from Josef Goebbels' essay, "Those Damned Nazis" (1932).

And like you said in this post, Les, I can apply another quote from Herr Goebbels: "Revenge is a dish best eaten cold."

Take care, everyone.

Dave, on the East Toast

Smyrna said...

Hmmm, that's an interesting link to that remote viewing business. Thanks to Sim.

I had visions of that same scenario back in '99, just before I got put in the nut-house and told to STFU.

Coastal/city dwelling family and friends, television watchers and consensus reality adherents all, are perplexed by the fact we are living in a one-horse town 75 miles inland from the coast, with a mountain range in between and at 1000ft elevation with a cave system 5 minutes down the road.

They don't get it. "It's like 30 miles to the nearest McDonalds and 100 miles to the nearest Ikea." etc

I have been earning a bit of extra coin lately and will pop into your store soon, Vis. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Kali Yuga - isn't that like the guys who walk around downtown holding a sign that reads, "REPENT, sinners, the end is near"? You mean they were right all this time? Ironic...

Anonymous said...

I remember a 'The end is Nigh' guy back in the early sixtys. He must have been in his eighties and Every weekend without fail summer and winter he would stand on a small step stool outside our local village shop with a megaphone wearing a heavier than he was wooden sandwich board. The reverse side said 'No To Nuclear Power'..I was 11ish at the time and remember vividly my mum pulling my hand to move away from him..I always wanted to hear what he had to say..but my mum god rest her soul said "come on, he's just a nutter"..ouch! I often wonder about him and his life dedicated to something other than himself, thought then and still do, that he had something very important to say. best wishes Vis, Jean.

Rob in WI said...

Tried new link w/o success. Same E404. The Parascope homepage says they're up to something. Might be my dialup con., which is useless for video and most audio. Funny, I used to get great audio at 28k, and be able to surf at the same time. Many ISPs are phasing out service to dialup; gets worse all the time. Your interest in JFK, and remembering 11-22-63 at age 3, intrigues me. Will comment soon, (as in tonight). Later, Rob

Denny said...

"Woman ripped to pieces and killed by 'domesticated' wolves in Swedish wildlife park"..

Bloody hell! If you can't even trust "domesticated" wolves then that doesn't say much for the wild variety prowling around my neighbourhood...

I can only be left to assume that she was Jack the Ripper in her last life. Why otherwise..?



Aaaaargh! The urban guru cafe mentions Krishnamurti and he puts me to sleep.


"Pakistan threatens to stop buying 'polio vaccines' if the US continues sending drones into its airspace"...

No comment here because I don't know what's worse, drones or 'polio vaccines'.



Seriously, I agree that compassion has to be the key word and that we should never judge. However, I assume that if I caught say a jerk in a white coat putting poison into the teeth of any child of mine, this doesn't mean to say that I couldn't compassionately and without judgement break his jaw, right..?



Damn! Although English is my mother tongue, I'm still not that advanced to be able to understand you.

Rob in WI said...

Niijii (cont),
FWIW, here are my thoughts. I doubt we will ever know (in this reality), the who and how details. The why? is another story. JFK was the first potus since the predecessors to Wilson, who believed he was not a puppet, and his election meant the people were behind him. He was also backed by a powerful family. He took it upon himself to assume the Constitutional authority as potus. Very dangerous. With his assassination, that of Bobby, and the warning to Edward, things were made clear. Be a puppet, or you will not be potus, and if you make it, BANG. This was reinforced with the "attempts" on Ford and Reagan, and the warnings to Carter, who they played around with mercilessly. We're definitely back to puppets since 1981. Just my take.
Be well, Rob

siamsiam said...

Neal ....

Maybe it is just me or maybe it is the hangover i am currently enduring. But i cant understand a word you have written.

I will try again later

Patrick V1.2 said...

Hi Vis

It's Stupid Patrick here. As was written the meek shall inherit the earth. I love you brother very much. We need the bad guys. It's all justa ride. And we need to ride. The bad guys forgot they were given their reign to take care of the stupids until they got smart. Well looks like no one's gettin smart so it's gonna be a bitch. I got smart even though I'm stupid Patrick. I want us all to be braver than we've ever been. Courage and truth is all there is. Let's see. Lost Job (CHEK). Lost House (CHEK). Cheated on by my Girlfrend (CHEK !) Son decided he was a transvestite !! BAMM (CHECK) Ummm got sick (CHECK !!) Drink too Much( CHEK !!) feeling hopeful ( C H E C !!)

See fukashima and the chem trails are gonna help us !! YEP. It's like they're all heh heh and GOD's like LMAO that's perfect !! Now the earth responds to the sun witha pulse BAMMM! Just what we needed to activate the the junk bitches. !!!

Now I know I can forgive every one of you. It's not your fault. Just one of u prove that any thought you have is yours ? Go ahead

Love all of you soo much

Visible said...

A New Petri Dish is up-

Souls in Dog's Bodies and the Eternal Muse.

Anonymous said...

You aint stupid Patrick. We know it doesn't have to be this way. Can't prove this thought was mine.

Ride on,

onething said...


"Seriously, I agree that compassion has to be the key word and that we should never judge. However, I assume that if I caught say a jerk in a white coat putting poison into the teeth of any child of mine, this doesn't mean to say that I couldn't compassionately and without judgement break his jaw, right..?"

I was speaking of the innocent, but you also have to take into consideration ignorance, in the case of the dentist.

Visible said...

Then again, so much obsession with one's teeth. It happened to me and it's gone as it can be. I have to wear a prosthetic lower plate. It hurts when I eat sometimes but, life hurts anyway and, up up and away.

Anonymous said...

tThe drip can be increased or decreased at their will,it depends on the degree of wake up mode.Remember they hold all the aces,as well as being the dealer.So get out the game if ya don't want to play.Anyway we won't be around to see it.The truth movement is just another business for them,their laughing at ya whats ya gona do about it.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the gardener said...

re: Niijii

A friend of mine worked in County Mental health and the psyche team had to extricate a poor man whose family was worried-so they checked on him at his home.

This man was highly educated, an engineer of some sort... family goes to his house, no answer so they get in and find the walls of the house painted in wild swirls with shit ... then discover their man hiding naked in his own tub -covered in the paint of his own making... sitting there with a bar of soap in his mouth.

Mental health team gets him into the ward and when he is able to speak he says "I was three years old during the Tate/LaBianca killing and it has always profoundly bothered me".

Keep conscious everyone of those little pitchers with big ears lurking around us at crotch level with the big events going on around us/them. It does profoundly impact many just to be gone down the poop chutes of our memory banks.

the gardener

PS-I was eight so my Irish twin was seven when Kennedy was sniped... I remember him saying 'they killed my president' and that profoundly worried him.

By the time we were teens 'they' had killed off most of those who gave us a scintilla of hope for the future. Enough to get it that any expressions of 'love, anti-war and peace' is enough to warrant one a head shot, eh?

Anonymous said...

Re: Gardener

Had kin that came from Ireland with the same John Kennedy name, different middle one. Very common name I've found.

Worked in the dementia ward myself and saw a few of them paintings and met alot of veterans. Was a good learning experience, changed my perspective on life.

Best to all,



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