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The Meaningless Lives of Endless Compromise.

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I must admit I am routinely puzzled why people do what they do, as if there never was such thing as retribution, as if Karma was something that happens to other people. In some instances they consider themselves the Karma that happens to other people. Another thing that puzzles me, is the reluctance on the part of people to call things as they are. Somehow they think dancing around something means they can stay on good terms with both sides, or all sides; not recognizing that the intent of some sides is to enslave, loot and murder them, with no negotiation possible, except for, ...maybe tomorrow instead of today. In this way they cooperate with what happens to them.

From my perspective, you find out what is true and then you express it and live it to the degree that it is possible for you to do so. You inspect it from all sides. You put it between your teeth like a gold coin. You examine, you autopsy, you get forensic on its ass. You gather ancillary and any and all corroborative evidence, to support what seems to be what it is. You don't go into the thing seeking to prove what you want to be so; like dinosaurs were walking around six thousand years ago, or that Jesus Christ was some sort of spree killing neanderthal, just cause you are. You go where the truth leads you. You may not like what you discover. You may wish it were otherwise. You may be fearful of calling down the wrath of certain groups, who object to the production of truth and all supporting evidence, because it interferes with their ongoing efforts to enslave, loot and murder you. It offends them that you would object to something like that.

A good portion of people live meaningless lives of endless compromise. They cut deals with whatever elements of existence will permit them to acquire whatever shit sandwich they have developed a taste for and... you'd better not refer to it as a shit sandwich. A meaningful life, would logically be about meaningful things, right? Any student of history knows that pretty much the whole stretch of our most recent recorded history is one challenge and recurrent tragedy after another. The impetus for conquest and attendant destruction, is a primary motive for the general leadership of any time you care to cherry pick out of the mix. Violent acquisition of wealth, with utter disregard for the means employed and with the relative support of whatever corrupt regime is making the laws, is de riguer. The rampant excesses occur because the general population, is caught up in its own appetites and reflexively fearful of stepping out of the lines, drawn by those who want to enslave, loot and murder them.

A lot of people think truth is just an abstract concept. It doesn't have any real meaning. It's just something you carve into the granite of public buildings, in complete contradiction to what goes on inside those public buildings.

After an exhaustive routine of inquiry and analysis, some of us come up with a pretty good idea of what's going on; what the truth might be. We may lack certain details of performance but there is little question about who the performers are. It's not politically correct to point it out and, indeed, they make laws against this very thing. The real reason for those laws, is to allow them to enslave, loot and murder you with impunity. This has been under construction for quite some time and it moves by increments toward an end game that involves you being enslaved, looted and murdered, with some amount of gratuitous torture and extended pain scenarios because... Because? Because they enjoy it. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It gets them off. I'm not being whimsical or colorizing the affair. This is a literal truth. Maybe you're not made that way, so you don't find yourself in a position to acknowledge that but the truth is not dependent on your belief in it. The Earth rotates around The Sun, irrespective of whatever doctrine to the contrary is prevailing at any given time. Last time I said this, some yahoo came around to argue that there was no proof that the Earth rotated around The Sun and 'yadda, yadda, yadda'; argument for the sake of argument.

People see what can happen when you tell the truth and start to gather an audience. People see the indifference of their fellows to the truth. They hear Chomsky say that it doesn't matter who did 9/11 and he goes right on being an icon for something he is anything but. The media steamrolls vested interests into the public mind, like some jackhammer operative. Totally transparent lies are told to justify wars and they even tell the same lies for the next one, despite their being thoroughly discredited the last time they did it. These are weapons of mass disinformation. A small segment of the population speaks out about these things (growing stronger every day). The majority of the population knows that the official 911 story is bullshit and some of us know that Israel did 9/11 and even fewer of us say so. Heck, the weight of circumstantial evidence is so great, we can prove it effectively enough to convict. The ass media sings us siren lullabies, as a prelude to the long dirt nap, in the aftermath of the enslavement, looting and murder. This is all transparently obvious. Even the borderline intellects that make up most of the population can see it, should they choose, but saying something about it, proving it, regardless of specious arguments that it's really someone else; some sinister shadow entity of no definable shape and which can't be named, except for random snatch and grabs of familiar names used to muddy the waters... that can be problematic.

We can have little doubt that the upper echelon of nearly all organizations and fraternal orders are corrupt. It's Kali Yuga. What do you expect? Yeah, a lot of people are tired of hearing about it. They just want to get on with whatever personal pursuits occupy their days. They don't want to hear about things they think they can't do anything about and the result is that they wind up face-down because of them.

The truth is a hard course. It will surely turn its lens on the person seeking after it and that can provide no small measure of discomfort for a time. It can ruin any dreams of a career one might have, due to the effect it has on those who control the mediums they might seek to be employed in. You can say goodbye to your music and your books and whatever reputation might be true of you, as opposed to the one conferred on you. Why would anyone go that route? It's a good question. There has to be more to it somehow and I, for one, believe that is so. I have seen the far off state of the one who walks that rocky road. It's not for everyone, obviously. The thing is, the truth gets in the way of the comfortable performance of your lies. You can't have them both. In Kali Yuga, it's a no brainer what most people will opt for. Most people are like that angry, red-faced guy who gives you the finger through the windshield, when you try to tell him the bridge is out.

There are degrees of what you can say, relative to the level of exposure you can attain to. The greater the liberties you can take with the truth, the more pervasive your influence. The less compromising you are, the narrower is the window through which you can be viewed. That is the origin of the phrase, “a voice crying in the wilderness”. It's pretty clear what goes on in this world and what is required to be successful in it. The world is presently beset with giant John Deere soul harvesters; could be Caterpillar, I don’t' know. Someone asked me how come I can know so much and keep saying, “I don't know”. That's been explained but to ask such a question implies a lack of understanding the intent of the phrase. This is the thing. We fundamentally accept certain things to be true and the result is that nothing which follows can be true because of original premises. If you're wrong to begin with, you don't suddenly wind up right further down the road. You have to clear house. You have to toss out everything you think you know and take a closer look at the essential verities. You have to be willing to accept whatever the truth is. Most people don't want to do that. It interferes with their pursuit of what they are after, so they lie to themselves. It's no surprise, following that, when the oppressors of humanity deliver their own lies and they get swallowed whole because, once you've lied to yourself, the rest is easy and also a fait accompli. Truth is inconvenient. What most people don't get though is that the truth is only inconvenient for a period of time. There comes a point where it become convenient indeed. The 'difficulty in the beginning' that we experience, is only a prelude to something finer. It's like changing your diet. Your taste buds are accommodated, according to certain ingrained expectations. When you change your diet, your taste buds object. At that point, many people just revert to what they were eating before, without realizing that it takes about ten days for your taste buds to adjust. At that point what's good for you also now tastes great as well.

Alright, tell the stage hands to bring in another dead horse. This one had pretty much had it (grin). Everyone is welcome to what they are able to live with. Some of us just can't live with certain things. I couldn't be more grateful for that. Yes, the road can be hard and it might go on for decades but, sooner or later, that changes and an entirely new world appears like magic. It is the ideal world, as opposed to the unreal world. It's the difference between Lady Nature and Kim Kardashian. It's a matter of taste and there's no accounting for it. Another day, another post on the way...

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Chericher said...

One of your best, Les (but I often think that). Lots of brandy new quotables. Hit the spot for me today, as my nearest and dearest still believes politics and all is simply differences of opinion that need to be resolved through compromise, and rejects any notion of intentional predation. And the majority of people here where I live think politics and world affairs is all so none of their business that they are not even entitled to an opinion on it. They'll tell ya very proudly that they don't follow the news. I really wish they meant that literally. This piece soothed those rough spots for me a little, thanks -

Anaughty Mouser said...

Rock solid post Visible - thank you.

"Most people are like that angry, red-faced guy who gives you the finger through the windshield, when you try to tell him the bridge is out."

Ain't that the truth!

Someone once said, and i paraphrase:

'I never gave anyone hell. I just told the truth and for them it was hell.'

Well Mr. Visible, I believe that is a perfect desciption of exactly what you do on an ongoing basis.

More power to you.

Justice and peace,


tmcfall said...

refusing to compromise the truth has made my life a constant struggle,trying to relate to friends and family when i can't seem to and especially in my "relationship" with the IRS. I may be living in my car before long
but maybe that's what i need....
Thank You Visible for another soul strengthening post
Tom in Tempe Arizona

Anonymous said...

Lightbulb moment.

How does one get a 'brokered' republican convention where Jeb Bush is eventually declared the winner and becomes the next president?

Gay bash Obama. Ignore and completely marginalise Ron Paul. Assassinate Romney on his way to or from israel just prior to the gop convention. First blame rabid Paul supporters then in the mayhem broker in Jeb Bush.

I hope I am completely wrong.

neil said...

In Undertaking the truth,there is no room for lieing cheating stealing or any form of exploitation of your fellow humans either for reputation or financial gain,,

Anonymous said...

having traversed the ground Geronimo walked, let me add the mix..


*18 August 2001..

"A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet" — which in Hebrew means "truth"... Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.
{flashback Simon - Boy in the Bubble}
ain't that sumthin'..?

speaking of shekels..

Enslave - LOOT - & Murder, eh ?,7340,L-4230390,00.html

Shit storm alert !!

"What is most intriguing about this is that TWC can put the film into theaters in early fall, a move that would put it before the Kathryn Bigelow-directed Zero Dark Thirty. That film, which has an ensemble cast including Joel Edgerton and Jessica Chastain, won’t be released until December 19 after Sony Pictures decided not to put it in theaters during the presidential elections. Already it is clear that President Obama’s green light of the SEAL Team 6 mission will be a major issue in the upcoming presidential campaign, and Republicans have already railed against the notion that writer Mark Boal got inside information from the administration for his script."

and now for the piece de resistance

talk about your target rich environments...

self adjudication in REAL TIME



Anonymous said...

I don't KNOW anything anymore. I used to think I knew alot but it seems that it is not so. Everything I KNEW about my country, my religion, the medical field, the world itself has turned out to be false and untrue. That is all I do know.
It is a lonely place to be and I am very grateful for this site because I don't feel so islotated when I come here. However, I don't feel as though I am making much progress in the way of staying on the Divine's radar but maybe that is just one more thing I don't know and hopefully I am.
Thanks for your time and efforts in bringing so much light to a dark place.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Any student of history knows that pretty much the whole stretch of our most recent recorded history is one challenge and recurrent tragedy after another.

View from Garry Kasparov and Investigation of Historical Dating

Maybe history isn't history.

Couldn't resist said...

Worth pointing out is the nebulous "one" is in fact the alfa male zionist Rothschild. The same alfa male who has the blood of 3,000 civilians from 9/11 and 77 Nowegian youths on his hands.
All in the name of furthering global geo-political power.
A new world of disorder.

wiggins said...

'Like the red faced guy who gives you the finger when you tell him the bridge is out.'
Why do I have mental picture of this guy as Dick Cheney oozing snot and with little stubble horns?

Anonymous said...

I remember friends laughing at me when i said Chomsky was a gate keeper.
It felt like a betrayal when he said those things about 911 & JFK,(pissed me off at him as well).It's a helpless feeling to be aware of something like that & even the ones you love think your "nuts"

I once had an evil tribe friend,who would agitate me & my circle of friends into acts of cruelty & vandalism, until someone got caught-then he would deny the whole thing(I remember him in court with suit & tie, an expensive lawyer, almost sending an old friend to prison).His family seemed like a superficially friendly gang of tourists -totally oblivious to the behavior of their eldest son (little did I know)
after one particularly ridiculous incident,my friends & I managed to distance ourselves from him, & years later I ran into him in a bookstore & his hostility was no surprise,but the degree of dirty look from his dad was deeply creepy,I naively wondered if he even knew how evil his son was ….wasn't till after 911 that I realized he wasn't alone…in fact he was the norm…
There is no way to breech this subject without the predictable wall of outraged denial crashing down all around you.

The ones that don't believe in truth often seem to react the hardest (& believe every bit of Israeli propaganda like the sky is blue)….


Anonymous said...

Visible -
Looks like Karma is starting to make her appearance, alongside Mr. Apocalypse. Here in the first installment, we have the head moneychanger on the board of governors for the very organization facilitating said looting and enslavement, outsmarts himself:
Next, we have the lawyer for the Vampire Squid forgetting to redact the information that implicates his client in the very nefarious activities that were long denied and only whispered about:
Here’s an interesting look at how global opinion also seems to be shifting, especially here in AmeriKKKa:
Finally, I stumbled on this piece in the comments section of a zerohedge article, and I think that a number of the readers will find it fascinating, especially Mouser:
Haven’t commented in a while, but that’s been cause my internal hard drive crashed – I got a concussion and had my brain on low power for a couple weeks. Happened to coincide with the late, great Junior Seau blowing a hole in his chest from all of his (donated his brain to the concussion studies). Feeling very lucky and thankful (especially after reading the piece Ben posted about the Pleiades yesterday!) that I’ve come out of my fog. Also have a great deal of sympathy for those guys who’re suffering the consequences of all those blows to the head. I guarantee you they’d trade away the money to make the pain go away…
Take care –

Visible said...

They didn't notice he was dead.

the gardener said...

At least we're reaching a mass point of novelty where plenty are starting to SAY OUT LOUD TO THE UNIVERSE 'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL THESE SO CALLED PEOPLE?"

You want to bring a crowded room to a standstill just say that out loud 'what the hell is WRONG with YOU-Are you SOULLESS?" lol they really hate that. Especially if punctuated with a hearty loud laugh.

This is, as far as I can see, a true battle for our souls. If you have one it is one test after another to keep it.

It's already gotten to the point where your doctors kill you, your lawyers throw your case then sue you for more money, your insurance company throws you into foreclosure, you loan 'servicer' lies, cheats and steals to take your HOME... damn!

Where the only laws that are worked are ones that will fuck you up. All others are ignored or they'll even tell you 'this happens so much that there is nothing we can do about it'... hahahhaaha

Yeah-well these are end times-they are reset times. These are times where everyone gets to show who and what they really are.

I am kind of curious as to why the US seems determined to get as many good people literally out in the streets. Was Fukushima a set up to radiate us all and our children? Why the needs to steal so many homes that there are empty homes with entire families thrown literally out in the streets?

The pathologicals will always be totally out of control-hence their needs to control all others. Since they're trying to run this joint and since they CAN'T since they are soulless, it is just a matter of 'outliving your enemies'.

I had a strange encounter with a Pentecostal sociopath last summer-he was really full of all kinds of strangeness. During the Solstice he pops out with 'don't worry, soon enough most of these people will be gone'. I asked him 'where they going to go?" He said (of course) 'they're going to be going straight to hell'... which I found to be really an amusing and comforting thought. :) He said it so calmly and quietly... 'oh... they're going to go straight to hell'... of course he WAS a sociopath and 'going to hell' for what they commonly do is always on their minds hence their 'fights to live', 'their fierce battles against their colon cancers etc'... they're so afraid to die because they know they deserve to go 'straight to hell'.

Weird huh?

I know I'm not going to go 'straight to hell' I'm just concerned if I don't straighten my shit up and be ever so much kind that I'll be back HERE. Again.

Anonymous said...

excellent Visible,

Now if we could have that excellent message infussed into the minds of the cowardly masses there might be hope for them.

from a remote area of Oregon

the gardener said...

I am kind of hoping that the gigantic stresses I am feeling right now are due to astro influences out and about right now.

All kinds of mutable squares and oppositions and some of the fixed players are feeling kind of strict and sick of this Stockholm Syndrome kiss ass existence so many of us have got going on in our lives right now.

Sorry to hear of your head injury Eric-please everyone keep your wits about you double time right now and for the next two weeks or so as this astral storm passes through. Major protection guards up strong. I predict that there will be many obvious involvements with the ones who are always there when we need them. Ask and you will receive-might not be what you think you're after or needing but the force is strong right now for us.

robot code: abindu ocuitis HMMM

As long as you've got your physical health and wits about you or at least have a healthy one in your midst to tend and protect you we will be up for some serious rounds with the devil leds.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Les, you are saving my ass. In my 50's now I'm just waking up to the toxic matrix implanted in me starting in Kindergarten.

J.B. Campbell's latest post addresses your theme of today to a T:

I note the atomization of society and the destruction of public fora. Walk into a cafe or park. Everyone's face is buried in a screen. No one talks except to cop another foot of space for their laptop. Porn and credit scores rule the brainwaves. It's a dead end and the road is vile.

Carry on, my friend.


Visible said...

Gardener; I can see that you are getting similar to myself about the last third of May and leading up to June 6th.

Another thing I am expecting is a real uptick in outrageous unintended comic events of the 'caught with their pants down' variety. The divine has been telling me for sometime that this is one feature he intends to put some real time, trouble and ingenuity into.

The time of blessings is at hand so some of us are going to be getting Christmas in Spring and Summer. Then the window of forgiveness opens for them as shall advantage themselves of it. Then the window will close and judgment will come.

I know I've done a lot of judging in my time here but I would hope it is seen as more of a 'hate the sin not the sinner' variety because I don't actually hate anyone. I'm not capable of it. I bear no resentments. Who wants to carry that shit around? Meanwhile, tossing these things off might well lead to people tossing them off in respect of you.

I have a certain confidence about things coming clear in some people's minds who have had difficulties with me. I feel a certainty about those things being resolved in a most positive manner. There are laws that exist in this universe, which are real laws but which are unknown for the most part to most people.

It's like those laws of Nature. We have a few of them and we have adapted them for all sorts of applications but there are quite a few that remain unrecognized and dormant.

Anyway, these unknown laws in the universe tend to guarantee certain results based on intention and other things. Sometimes I have seen some of these laws and understood them. Then, mysteriously, my understanding fades and I forget what I knew. This is because one must be at a certain level to have possession of certain things. One can get there for short periods of time but not until one is resident there does one have such access.

These things are right around the corner; ♫oh happy day♫

brokenbeat said...

'Tis such challenge to be in this world but not of it. To live with integrity, not compromising. Seems so hard to get along at all without beastly transactions of one kind or another. Small white lies, one little cheat here or there, going against your better judgement to not lose that job, house, spouse. And to speak the truth? Instant wilderness indeed -- banished. A courageous path that calls for major cajones... And total reliance on the ineffable. Kudos to those that are truly living. May we all perservere til we acquire new taste buds.


Thanks for your comment addressed to me in one of the other blogs (I'm starting to carry discussions over to new posts when another thread is getting dated as we all seem to visit all three blogs). I didn't mean to pick an argument or call you out on the election matter and should have just referenced your comment rather than addressing it to you. I can understand why you vote out of homage to the time you spent with many sincere dedicated people in the institutions of governance. Voting with conscience is admirable; you felt not voting served no constructive purpose. I just simply cannot vote for an evil, lesser or not.

Speaking of your rock&roll legacy, I can appreciate how fun that decadent scene was. I was immersed in that a decade later mostly in production and engineering and had great times that I'll share snippets of at some time.

The punk and New Wave scene in LA in the eighties was a mixed bag, but mostly hilarious. Classic rock and disco were on their last legs and wierd variants (hair bands and such) were around and grunge was nascient.

My musical tastes were varied (and still are) but I enjoyed being an eye witness to (and peripheral participant in) emerging styles and the heady early days of MTV, back when music was actually played on that station -- and it wasn't all music videos either -- lots of documentaries and such.

I segued into film production for five years, then had enough of that. The novelty wore off, I had no real passion for it and countless others did, and it was such a political back-stabbing scene seething with mediocrity. Soured me on watching movies for sometime. I say I had no passion, but that was for the production as it was going down in Hollywood. The process is rewarding with the right crowd.

I can see myself revisiting music and film anew despite having walked away from a sucessful career ('paid my dues') and switching over to design engineering. Oddly, I found it more rewarding to be creative in a technical field than technical in a creative field.

Now I yearn to be creative in a creative field and have rediscovered a passion for drumming in which I have a real bonafide talent. If I followed my joy, I'd drop all and do that, but I do enjoy inventing and designing and can generate a decent income with that -- though in not compromising (as discussed above), I have drastically reduced the kinds of projects I will engage in.

OK, enough about me -- I just thought I'd share some to shade in my character somewhat. Not sure if anyone really cares to read that kind of thing, but I do about others here, so it's only fitting that I return the 'favor'. (-_-)


John V.

Allison said...

Your last two posts have blown me away. Bravo ! Your last origami was perfect and this sm. mirrors is sublime.

the gardener said...

yes Vis, energies all over the place for me lately-but always with a backbeat of 'new moon/venus' and still trying to place what happened in June 2004 at the first 'Venus eclipsing Sun-one of two event', which in hind sight seems to have been a really momentous time for pushing us to where we are now.

Not common for me to get really fixated on aspects or transits-it is all good to me. Even kind of frightening ones can be worked as beneficial in some way-but this is like the mists of Avalon are going to be blown away so we can see our ways back home. Wouldn't that be so good? :)

All I can remember is taking a great trip to the great NW scouting properties for a relocation-which did occur 2 years later in 2006... why I dropped that ball in 2004 I do not know, it must have been for my SOUL GROWTH as it has been really sordid and painful to my meat world view.

the gardener

feeling very tense out there but I know that it is due to the very quick storm energies rolling in here. We had hurricane like gusts and multiple Thor bolts flying around-thunders like long rolling earthquakes too that moved through as fast as they arrived. Little rain though.

missingarib said...

Vis, painful as it is to watch the parade of drums and symbols leading the parade while the packed crowd is busy hosting the children on to their shoulders so they should not miss the spoils of compromise.
Old skins are shuttling around in wheelchairs taking delivery of chateau Rothschild's latest inspiration-
"The rampant excesses occur because the general population, is caught up in its own appetites and reflexively fearful of stepping out of the lines, drawn by those who want to enslave, loot and murder them."

The noose is tightening and stealth mode is recommended - thank you vis for refreshing the line in the sand live long

Clarity said...

Another winner, Visible!

A crash course in Truth 101 (or Truth for Dummies, perhaps?) for anyone late to the show. If they don't get it with this - clear, thorough, step-by-step instructions - they never will. I've been thinking about truth a lot lately, wondering how people can so easily disregard it. You can ignore, pretend, deny, live in your fantasy world, but regardless of how you look at it, what you call it, the degree to which you twist it, it is what it is. Pretending the truth is anything but does not make it so, and you're pretty much guaranteed to run smack into it eventually. In that case, the consequences are bound to be of much greater significance. Getting to truth on your own terms gives you some power and control over it, and "The truth shall set you free," while not one of my favorites, is accurate nonetheless. Along the path you may encounter discomfort or fear, but at least you have a modicum of influence: you can set your own pace, you can prepare, and you can be thorough in your investigating of the facts. I felt at peace when I knew the truth, and the fear went away. I feel for the many who will be blindsided. That will be a rough ride, and they may have to deal with a shitload of regret. It's one thing to have had no idea, and yet another to have been warned and choose to blow it off. I used to fear death, but that has changed... I'd much rather die fighting against evil, for what is right, than to be a victim. That, and certitude, have changed my feelings.

"This has been under construction for quite some time and it moves by increments toward an end game that involves you being enslaved, looted and murdered, with some amount of gratuitous torture and extended pain scenarios because... Because? Because they enjoy it. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It gets them off. I'm not being whimsical or colorizing the affair. This is a literal truth."

(There's that word again: enslavement.)
This is a truth I came to know once I learned about the Bolsheviks and the Russian Revolution. When you kill 66 million or so people, you'd think efficiency would be a consideration. But when you read the descriptions of the torture that was done - this took time and effort and planning. Did they gather and brainstorm the most sadistic and heinous ways of inflicting the worst possible death? Add to that the level of evil involved, and the only conclusion you can draw from this is that it was done for sport and that they enjoyed it. There is no other "truth" that can be manufactured from the details of this time.

"If you're wrong to begin with, you don't suddenly wind up right further down the road. You have to clear house. You have to toss out everything you think you know and take a closer look at the essential verities. You have to be willing to accept whatever the truth is. Most people don't want to do that. It interferes with their pursuit of what they are after, so they lie to themselves"

This is pure, Grade A, 100% right on the mark.

Some interesting thoughts on karma and Kali Yuga:
Who really runs the world … at the end of Kali Yuga?

Elle - thanks for the good words. I'm glad CWG was helpful for you, as it was for me.

Tom, I am SO right there with you on the friends, and especially the family, thing. You are not alone. Let me know if you want to talk.
You too, Linda...

Great comments this morning!

Love, peace, and truth to all,

mike m said...

Has anybody noticed the newest piece of art that is meant to incite the next "taking so long to get there i am going to shit my pants" invasion of our Muslim brothers?

Leaked graphic suggests active Iranian nuclear arms program

UN official claims drawing is accurate and proves Iran’s weaponization attempts; Israel wants to verify evidence before commenting

From Deep Shit South

Richie (Dana) said...

I can attest to some very wild energies myself that have ramped up incrementally over the last 6 months.

Following Mr Visibles advice in attributing all to the Divine, I have worked on acceptance to the best of my ability. (Not so easy sometimes, especially in regards to my “real” life job).

After reading Ben’s link yesterday I am hopeful and excited by the possibilities.
This makes me think of the wheat and the tares spoken of in the Bible. This threshing business is a mechanical process on this plane and it would make some sense that we could have some physical manifestation begin to take place here in that regard.

Stay hopeful friends, eyes on the Divine.
I am ready for a cosmic upgrade anytime.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible said...
"They didn't notice he was dead."

Before reading the link, I thought you were talking about Seal Team Six and bin Ladin. So Hollywood is coming out with a movie about the raid that didn't happen. Just like the crash of Flight 93 that didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get off saying people argue just for the sake of arguing?

You don't have any proof of that.

You just say that because you are anti-semetic!

No, seriously, good observation,
Andy M.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented for some time, now, as you, Vis, and your readers seem to say it all for me. In many ways, visiting your various sites is my refuge in this realm of insanity. In my immediate surroundings there is much beauty, lots of trees in bloom, all the spring finery showing up in miraculous display. There is such dissonance between this environment and what I read about on the various websites. The people I come into contact with, although limited in number, are very kind and generous. We don't discuss world events or even talk too much about local events...just saying hello, how are you, what's new and catching up with each other's lives seems to be enough. Maybe we are so saturated with the bad news out there that it's pointless to discuss it...I don't know. But there does seem to be a concerted effort by all these beings in my life to be pleasant, to be helpful and to look for the best qualities in each other. Is this all a fantasy? Probably. But, to engage in handwringing and the lamenting of the sordid affairs of this planet just seems to be a waste of energy. We know what's going on and do whatever we can to alleviate the suffering of others but, some time ago, I began to believe this planet is hopeless. Once that belief permeated my thinking I have found it easier to be here. Like many of your readers, I do not wish to remain on this earth nor do I wish to ever return. So, in order to be of the greatest benefit to all other sentient beings my greatest contribution is to work on my own faults, to achieve a degree of wisdom and compassion that will be put to good use. The other aspect of learning in this time,for me anyway, is that each person's perception of this realm of existence is uniquely his own...we are all progressing towards the same goal and eventually we will all get there. Some acutely aware/awake beings got there a long time ago and they haven't given up on us yet.
Thanks for all you do, Vis. Your efforts to explain the accessibility of the ineffible on this planet today are profoundly effective for those individuals who are seeking.
Love to you all

Stella Blue said...

Linda 5/17@3:02pm - total ditto to that!

Eric--nice to see ya! '-) take care of that head AND hard drive! Glad you are feeling better; glad you are here! I'm new still, but I've noticed your absence!

Ray B.--thanks so much for your recent posts, and for sharing your own impressive credentials, and about Puma Punku in Bolivia.

Visible--so much driving it home repeatedly on "their ongoing efforts to enslave, loot, and murder you" (with impunity)--SO, SO mind-blowingly true, it hurts; it hurts so bad; needed you to repeat it 4x--to remind me, remind me, 'cause I continue to try to forget, even though I know, even though I remember, even though I continue to feel it, watch it, hate it. "It can ruin any dreams of a career one might have, due to the effect it has on those who control the mediums they might seek to be employed in."--can we talk "entire life" here?! But then I had my labyrinth experience in 2005 where I was told the greater Truth and felt cradled in those everlasting arms, and I knew it was all OKAY! and was all (a lifetime) "for the purpose of demonstration" (a phrase you have taught me to coin regularly now, also by driving it home!--WHO did 9/11????--heh heh).

So, Tom in Tempe--been there. When the 20-year old Cadillac beckons it's back seat, it all works out! You will be cared for and rescued! And the IRS goes away--(sometimes)
Sometimes the "gift of desperation" calls us home and we are set miraculously free. Hang in there, as optimistically as is possible! Love & blessings to you!

gardener--your sharing over the last week has been very deep and profound, yet always your cheerful self shines thru. Thanks for it. I, too, had a large and wonderful resident owl in a big old oak tree on the property (home) they took away from me in 2001. I moved NW also and live right above you :)

Miabellezza--Happy belated birthday! I think your Taurus placement will have good fortune for you actually (hope so!). Robt. Phoenix on his posts (Vis.sidebar link) did counsel that "we're being challenged by the squares"! Neptune (that bugger causes so much debauch), he says, is being challenged in the squares--it's squared w/Moon, Sun, & Jupiter and is opposing Mars.

John V. (brokenbeat)--as always '->) delighted you shared! Very nice to get to know you and hear about some of your life, too. We share the owls also. To me they are far from grey alien whatevers; they are one of my major "totems" (are "totems" still "in"?? :)

I felt like Richie(Dana) and wanted to exclaim "Avast Ye Scum!" haha--
a version of "Out Demons Out!"--with you in pirate imagery, Vis, crunching the gold coin between your teeth with that blue velvet bandana on your head. And btw--the music you engineer yourself is quite fantastic and lovely; you have mastered, I think, pretty well with your own devices. Sounds great! Even Keith Richards created his own studio in the cellars of that chateau in France for Exile on Main St. (cue "Tumbling Dice" :)

You have visitors just now from Barbados, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia...millions of people worldwide have read your blogs. OMG, Visible. You ARE a Voice in the Wilderness for us afloat on a restless sea. Thank you so much. (am I brown-nosing? oh "kiss my ass and call me Cupid" haha)

"Alright, Stagehands--bring in another dead horse!" (hahahahaha) for "those who have their heads up their asses, snorting Eau de Myself" -- I am getting laughs out loud from a few old friends long distance when I quote your quips. When I told my girlfriend in D.C. yesterday that I was stuck on the corner of Shit and Go Blind, she laughed so hard I thought she'd drop the phone.

So, carry on, Mateys! Avast the helm! or whatever the jargon is :)
Blessings to all--Stella

small deformed penis said...

*cue piano music* Like sand in the hourglass these are the days of our lives. Has humanity ever really been free? Will they ever be? (rhetorical)

Denny said...

neil 2:53: 00 PM

"In undertaking the truth, there is no room for lying, cheating, stealing or any form of exploitation of your fellow humans, either for reputation or financial gain"...

Firstly, I wouldn't hesitate to lie my head off in order to get myself out of any difficult or dangerous situation (as I've done so many times before).

Secondly, I wouldn't hesitate to cheat inside any of this world's casinos if there was a foolproof way of doing so.

Thirdly, If I got my hands on any large amount of "illegal" money that was made through drugs (including cigarettes) or anything else that destroys people's lives, I wouldn't hesitate in stealing it from those who made it (and have a bloody good time with it into the bargain).

Fourthly, if there was any way I could exploit the present global banking system out of any large sum of money through pressing a few buttons on this computer I wouldn't hesitate to do so if there was no way it could be discovered.

Does this mean I'm never gonna find the truth..?

Anonymous said...

Well said Visible. The red-faced guy who flips you the bird through his fogged-up windshield, while you are trying to get his attention in order to tell him that the bridge is out (wow, that pictorial allegory really put a punctuation mark on what I have been thinking about the past few days, Vis), well, the red-faced guy will do the same thing if you try to tell him that vaccinating his kids might not be such a good idea, or that feeding them GMO foods or fluoride-laced tap water is not such a good idea, of that encouraging them to sign up for the military so they can kill defenseless Third World people on behalf of the bankers is not such a good idea, or any other number of truths.

And when you step back and drink in the entire picture, you realize that people unwittingly (and very willingly) raise their children in such fashion as to poison them, dumb them down, shorten their life spans, and warp their ability to discern the truth for themselves. And they do it, because, well, "Everybody does it, that's just how it is, don't ask questions, or I'll give you something to cry about."

So the question becomes this one: How does one stop being a machine, unless they first realize they are a machine. Aye, there's the rub. You can't stop being a puppet until you notice the strings dangling from your appendages. And most people simply refuse to believe they are puppets.

Hell, even when a person has awakened to a certain degree, they are still a puppet. Myself included. I like to think I have a certain level of awareness about what is really going on in the world, as well as the identities of the people who are enslaving us, and the various ways that we might escape from the prison, in order to keep finding out more. And then I'll get visual stimuli from the real world about any number of things that unfold in my day-to-day life, and I will realize that I am still filtering pretty much everything I see and experience through the eyes of a 10-year-old child who wanted to get an A in His-Story, without ever realizing that he was a rat in a cage getting electro-shocks each time he pushed a lever that dispensed rat cookies...and I will then realize that I continually make correlations that I have been maliciously conditioned to make - most of which are flat-out wrong. For example, I will think that certain things are good or bad, in a knee-jerk fashion, based almost entirely on the conditioning I have received over the years. Or I will laugh sarcastically at things I think are "funny" - not realizing that the joke's still on me. And then I will realize that we're all in the same boat (or in the same car, the one with the fogged-up windshield), here on the earth plane.

And so, I guess it's just a continually accelerating or decelerating process - this process involving the accumulation of awareness. And it never stops, no matter what. You either keep going and you keep becoming more, or you stand in quicksand and let it suck you down.

But you can't take that first step out of the quicksand if your windshield is foggy and you are on The Road That Leads to Nowhere Fast...and the bridge is out...and someone is screaming at you from a higher vantage point.

Keep pointing it out to me, whenever you see a bridge out up ahead, and I will try to do the same.

For now, perhaps that's all we can do.

Thomas said...

Truth is one of the names of the Divine, in my world. One of the Great Wonders of Babylon, then, that people care about as much for it as they do for losing their IPhones (this is akin to death of a loved one, almost).

Cheers Les, & to you All, Love :D

Stella Blue said...

SDP @9:44pm--
Go play some Greensleeves and stick it up your ass. Oh...that's's just too eentsy tiny to fit! Shit. Rambo gerbil goes in to get the rest out.

Apologies to all for feeling the need to address this s.o.b. I was so hoping we were over all this.

Visible said...

Huh, I was thinking, what? Did I miss something again? Now I'm just confused because the comment seemed fine to me. I must be missing something.

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero has really been backing off of your work lately even when you don't mention God. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

and to all - there's good all over this blog!

respects to all beings, may the truth be found within all souls!


the gardener said...

John V. "Now I yearn to be creative in a creative field and have rediscovered a passion for drumming in which I have a real bonafide talent. If I followed my joy, I'd drop all and do that, but I do enjoy inventing and designing and can generate a decent income with that -- though in not compromising (as discussed above), I have drastically reduced the kinds of projects I will engage in."

go for it dude! This is one thing the world just can not have enough of... drummers! yes!

the gardener

With the passing of Donna Summer I remember the regret I have that I did not move with my incredible drummer husband to '79... he wouldn't do it, afraid to make the commitments to music, his self and to me...really really really regret that I didn't just move on myself. Stayed for him. Stupid. But I know one cannot live in the 'negative space' world where it didn't happen. *grins*

Anonymous said...

I accept Les Visible as my Guru!

Om Namo Les Visible NAMAHA!

I bow down to him!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assertion that those of us that are awake, cannot mix well in compromising jobs. All of my life (42 years) I have continually came up against one roadblock after another when trying to choose a profession. With sad eyes I tell you that selling insurance was one of those compromising positions that I should have never engaged in. The car accident that I dreamed of months before, and that occurred on my first day on the job; should have been a huge red flag, but it wasn't. Six years later....knee deep in the sludge of compromise; I thankfully, got laid off. In my ten months off I was sick more often than not. I contracted mumps and was completely ill. Then I decided to do what I had done all the rest of my life: be a waitress! I have freedom to talk to people of all walks of life, it is an honorable job, and I make just as much as selling insurance! But, I live a simple life and only want what I need. I have been awake since 98, and suffered many years of ridicule before many things became self evident and common knowledge.

Everyone must remember not to take on professions that will certainly end them up being part of the oppressors.

Sadly, though, they will always be able to hire poor people and middle class people to goad the rest of society into internment camps....welcome to Kali Yuga! I am pretty sure that this is just the shadow before the dawn. But, then again, the Dark ages did last 500

Kevenj said...

June 6th? Can you make that a month or so later? I need to make a little money before the end. Beer supplies are running low. Thanks, Les.

Richie (Dana) said...

It is with some trepidation that I present the following to the only real friends I have ever encountered on this plane. The reason is that what I did a few days ago caused a bit of stir and since my focus is positive, that can be stressful as leading others astray is not something to be wished for.

I would only ask you to consider the concept of duality before making judgment. What is more beneficial to learn in the long view? Darkness or Light, Love or Fear?

I here present Love and Light for your judgment. As I only came across this today, please do not construe this as a religion. It is only tinkling bells. Even if we do not believe, just a hope is preferable to fear, and has the added benefit of making you feel better.

A message of hope from the “Aliens” who are actually our “Family From The Stars”

Something useful to focus on during the 20th of May.

I did use some dreaded “cut and paste” so please forgive me for the following.

“And what they almost pulled off, by appealing to our weaker side, our selfish side, our unchallenged talent for arrogance, was having us embrace our own self-destruction. But because the few, who saw the inherent greatness within, rallied us to the call of compassion, and love, and Oneness, the veils of forgetfulness are falling away. And what more and more of us are finally seeing is the inherent wonder that lies hidden within our DNA.”
“Not only are we the only race to carry angelic DNA, we also are the only race capable of co-creating quantum realities without technology. It rests inherently within us like the secret Seed of Light created by the Barbelo in our very beginning. Like the ancient stories in the Bhagavad Gita, “I am the destroyer of worlds,” and, “I am the maker of new ones.” This trans-stellar morphing of DNA across worlds is not a Frankensteinian experiment made tender by star-crossed lovers. It is a sowing of divine seeding that will change all the star nations, not just ours.The divine seeding of the cosmos will be borne by the coming hybrids. Kioma herself is the harbinger of worlds to come. She stands as a great triumph of creation at the hands of the Elohim, the Priestly Orions, and humanity. She is the embodiment of the secret key — how humanity, considered so lowly by advanced civilizations, is the DNA chariot that leads all in the third dimensional worlds back to the Creator. In the Book of Psalms, we find the perfect metaphor for this: “The stone that the builders have rejected has become the cornerstone.” (Ps 118:22)”

The full article is here and can be fascinating.


ChewyBees said...

I have a bit of my own truth...The government called Federal has no sanction or prescription to have an ounce of authority or power over anything other than its own pathetic employees. But then again, that is the M.O. of all governments. The rest is simple presumption, which the general public votes for, and pays for without question because it's a heck of a lot easier than actually thinking and living for one's self.

Name one rule of law in existence on Federal books that is sanctioned constitutionally. The word 'federal' appears in the constitution, but not as a government sanctioned by the document, or the people. It was contrived and instituted through subversion by the same rich people that have always owned everything, including (in their estimation) the life and soul of all men.

As soon as there was a constitution, the rich jags in charge decided to make a whole other government that would secure their interests in generational equity and control over everything. They weren't doing anything except what has been done for all known history (i.e. the history they feed us) and following a basic and powerful formula that relies on the fact that the general populace are dupes. Govern, regulate and educate them as dupes and you will always have dupes to provide the labor energy necessary to keep a few privileged in palaces and the rest in whatever the privileged deem acceptable at that time. It is those dupes that provide the life force energy to make their governments work in the first place. And obviously, despite a constant flow of complete incompetence and intent to destroy and harm, government is the champion of such dupes.

This is the build up to the end of both dupe and user of dupe. I see so many things reaching a critical breaking point at rapid pace that it is dizzying. Economy, Ecology, Astronomy, Environment, Society, Spirituality, Agriculture, Archeology, you name it. There is a turning point of awareness and information for those seeking it, and if aware, it is going to make the transition a bit more possible and palatable. This is contrary to those that are quite certain that supporting an impotent elephant or a jackass will make the change they wish for come true. You've got a better chance voting for Jiminy Cricket, and wishing upon that star. Instead there is a mad dash for the wishes of Jimmy Iovine.

All of Vis' are great blogs because they cover the fear factor and still give an out. That out doesn't include a government tying your shoes and changing your diaper. It involves self, in realization and in implementation. It is the starting point for any and all action toward improvement of condition. If anyone reading this holds a truth that government is going to make things better through some bail out, statute, or program, then I advise stocking up on the Prozac and Valium, because you are going to need it.

Either way, the way of life we have been lulled into seeing as truth might be gone in an instant, and at that point we have either freedom, or instantaneous slavery. We make the call, and death cannot be a bargaining chip, or it will be the final outcome.

neil said...

I don't no Denny you tell me,,,And don't worry people ,I won't come round here no more....bad vibe,nasty atmosphere,,,,,

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Just back from the PSU Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) meeting, where the topic of discussion was "Anti-Jewish Oppression and the Misuse of Anti-Semitism" (although the emphasis was on "Anti-Jewish Oppression"). My friend X (who has already experienced major harassment from the Zios) and I were there to introduce some of our dissenting views into a session that was, as we expected, an attempt to present Jewish victimhood as a counter-narrative to Palestinian victimhood.

A half-hour into the discussion, I stated that, while I recognized that there has been historic anti-Jewish oppression in many countries, I did not think that Jews were currently oppressed in the USA. I said that high numbers of Jews employed as professionals, high Jewish enrollment in higher education, and high Jewish representation in Presidential administrations was evidence of Jewish integration and success. A Jewish woman said that my comment made her "afraid to be in the room with me" and that she needed to be assured of having a "safe space."

At that point, I thought that I might get kicked out of the meeting, but that didn't happen. My friend X and I managed to stay for three hours, to the end of the meeting, although there were several more times I thought we might get kicked out. The (black coed) moderator and the Jewish lady kept reminding us that the meeting was about "Anti-Jewish Oppression," with no further mention of "the Misuse of Anti-Semitism." We were told that we should not discuss Palestinian issues during the meeting. Near the end of the meeting, the Jewish lady (there were only seven people in the room, and two were Jews) said that she didn't think that everyone present believed that Israel has a right to exist. While X and I were muttering our agreement, the lone Palestinian in the room (who had been mostly silent) started crying, and she said that Israel could never compensate her family for the losses they had suffered.

Anonymous said...


If you are willing to lie to others how would I ever know when you are lying to me? How could I ever trust you?

Groucho Marx: 'It doesn't matter what manners you have, as long as you use the same manners for everyone.'

Lying even to our enemies or those we hate is wrong.

Why would you want monetary wealth it you are trying to find a way out of this temporal plane and get back to God? What is the world would you do with criminal begotten wealth from zionist banking or tobacco sales? Would you feed the poor? Would you start a university of holistic medicine free from Big Pharma and medical poisoning of the patients seeking help?

Lying is a sin. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Lying to and stealing from the monsters makes us one too.

Go in peace and seek those riches, all forms of real love, which have nothing to do with pussy, power or gold.

I'm not saying I have accomplished this, but I truly believe the greatest blessings as those we can take with us when we leave this temporal material plane i.e. love.

The greatest people who have ever lived are not the financial wealthiest - they are those who freed themselves of worldly chains and ascended into an understanding of themselves with respect to universal love.

When we grasp this I believe love, peace and harmony shines out of us in our relationships with all others, both friends and foes.

Though no man is sinless one such example of a man like the one descibed is Gandhi.

Interestingly Gandhi has the same atitudes to the zionists as Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins and Les Visible.

Though I give myself away in my syntax and content - it is the message not me which is important in this comment Denny.


Denny said...


Please bear in mind what Vis describes as my "tongue-in-cheek" attitude towards various comments here. I consider you to be one of the most genuine guys around here and would be proud to have you as a friend. The one reason I reply the way I do is to observe people's response, which in turn then helps me to assimilate any overall truth in what is actually being said. I have always found fault with all of the "Ten Commandments", and there's no way I could ever have gotten through this life without having having "transgressed" a number of them. Please understand that there are no ill feelings behind anything I write here.


Anonymous 9:33: 00 AM

To refer to Gandhi as a "saint" has no meaning to me, simply because the word "saint" is just another label that has been attached to certain people by those who project such titles upon them.

Lying is a "sin".. What's a "sin"..?

"The love of money is the root of all evil".. It's not money that I love but more the things that you can buy with it - ie expensive organic food and being able to travel around to see a bit of this amazing world.

I consider what you've written to be be very sincere but somehow too naive and simplistic. I really do wish that life was that easy to get through without having to "transgress" those absurd "Ten Commandments" at times.

Regarding "lying", who CAN we trust ultimately other than close friends wherein mutual love exists...?

mike m said...

@Friday, May 18, 2012 5:58:00 AM

This would apply to the cretins who parrot these two particular phrases:

"The only certain things in life are death and taxes"


" You can't fight city hall".

Stupid fucks who believe whatever they are told.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It's not so curious that the man who was an inspiration, a teacher, a hero to Gandhi, Tolstoy, MLK and many more has been sentenced by the foolish Devilish professional users, abusers and manipulators to an eternal sentence of one solitary life on Walden Pond.

Perhaps Thoreau doesn't mind but I sure do.

the gardener said...

Thank you Hannah Elizabeth Cyprus - I was on my way, literally, to slit my own throat/soul this morning with a job application delivery to a place so bad in every way.

I was mesmerized into applying in my desperation for an outside job with a referral from a friend of mine who is outside the theocratic loop here.

Like I'd ever be able to perform anything of good in a county facility when I KNOW the county, courts, lawyers etc are more crooked than a dog's hind legs.

Stockholm Syndrome behaviors presenting to me again. Whew! that was close!

Like I'd ever be hired into anything like that anyway. Except as a vehicle to sell my soul for a part time JOB. But that is how they get to us. When there is nothing else available.

Unbelievable-I almost did such a thing-that huge packet will just have to be filed in the round file.

I had the 'opportunity' to work there a while back but a dear one cautioned me with 'they will be doing bad things there and you will do them too!'

He had worked for a county mental health hospital and was 'doing bad things' and knew it was time for him to leave as he didn't want to be a part of bad behaviors going on. He lingered because that's what we do... and ended up with a head injury caused by a violent patient. He was taken out of that job...kind of how the planet Pluto works-you can clear your own decks or Pluto will clear them for you.

Also a good in my face reminder to not judge so harshly all those in places where 'they will do bad things' also.

I was telling myself 'this is only an admin data job-you can do this. Work with those people. EEK! Rationalizing to myself!!!

I have got a few different $$$ options availed to me. I will implore the universe to guide me, keep me strong!

Thank you,

the gardener

brokenbeat said...

The gardener,

Thanks for the encouragement -- I do truly enjoy drumming (as a late practice session last night reminded me yet again!).

At first I thought you might have been being sarcastic, but I quickly saw otherwise. Most (myself included at times) consider pursuing an unestablished career in drumming over a relatively sure thing in product design and engineering to be foolhardy and impractical. And the notion that the world needs more drummers sounds laughable at first, but music can bring great joy and more when performed with good intent.

As far as the world's need for more products, that is certainly debatable as well -- more useless consumer crap, certainly not. And any truly transformative invention would (and has been) supressed or usurped for nefarious purposes. That leaves only less impactful, but nonetheless useful tools resulting from invention, refined design or innovation (innovation is appropriate technology deployed in an appropriate business model).

Again, with proper intent there can be something of use to others in this arena as well. To some extent it depends on how physical our existence remains in the coming times, but that might apply to drumming as well. As I mentioned, I do enjoy inventing and designing as well, so I am going to continue with that course of action (with a conscience) and develop my drumming (and writing!) on the side but with significant attention paid to these activities and take note of synchronicity, serendipity, inner guidance and prevailing joy.

Trying to ascertain what may be of maximum service to others is not immediately clear and it may lay outside of those vocations entirely or rest alongside them (such as counseling or teaching). Discovering and expressing my authentic self may be the manner in which I can be of most service to others and be most personally rewarding as well (and physical rewards are the least of my concerns).

Thanks again for your feedback and I hope not to bore folks with my further elaboration.


John V.

Anaughty Mouser said...


Thank you for the link.

Sincerely, Mouser

Sargent Hulka said...

Note to Stella Blue-Lighten up Francis you might blow a gasket.

Anonymous said...

For all you protesters, this weekend is a test of the emergency broadcast system sung to Rockwell,hum a few bars if you know the tune. If it's just the same old tired routine they will never take you seriously again. Then it's on to the Olympics and so on and so forth. But sadly many who thought they were players really aren't. As the Sarge once said "You're shit is weak troop". It doesn't matter anyway because the game has already been decided and the Real Players are on the field and the clean up crew is standing by. Exiting times, exciting times.

david griffith said...

thanks Visable.

Your comment about unresolvd difficulties being cleared up hits home.

A lot of very bright people comment here and in your other blogs.So far I haven't been one of them.

Anyway - offered with an open heart.


Visible said...

Now there is an odd assemblage of commentary.

David...although I cannot recall whatever the reference was, or anything else connected, except in a vague way, I'd have to say that you are pretty bright. The thing with cars these days is that they have all kinds of lights, like those fog lights and other things...somewhere in this inferential soup lies the solution to wider comprehension. Of course, it all depends on who turns on the lights in the first place. That's my primary area of focus. That's the one who made the road, the car, the driver and everything else. I couldn't imagine going anywhere without my invisible friends.

Anonymous said...

via Kathy
so much to say, i read at work but comment from home hence a disjointedness. please forgive. today i sit with an abandoned 1week old kitten in my hand so dispence with grammar and caps. i am in the chorus of grear post vis better every time.
this idea of exacting honesty and lack of compromise keeps me up at night. i have a generous boss w a family business who pays living wage and understands the need to leave when a teen gets suspended from kiddy jail. the work is interesting etc but i don't like being associated w the product. what to do? many mouths to feed hence internal compromise. if the boss was a prick it would be easier to leave. gardener's comment is so easy to identify with.
i was asked about solar flares by a coworker, and told her what i've read about them in general and the eclipe too. she texted me last night and said her husband wanted to if i was wearing a tin foil hat when i spoke to her.
"history" has removed us so far from what we knew that there is no way for most pp to know what is true. i don't think it is laziness or fear or apathy. i just think it is too far a reach. and i feel a great sadness for their loss and also for those of us shoveling shit against the tide.
i don't feel intuition so i move on common sense only. i wish at this time i could rely on inner knowing rather than outer watching.
thanks for letting me share.
peace to all

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

one of my favorite quotes from you a couple of years back, "everyone says what goes around comes around, but no-one thinks it will come around to them". well, almost no one.

thanks again for your good works. I'm sure you got that RSVP in on time.

the gardener said...

Operation Earnest Voice (OEV) which, of course, is Orwellian for a spy program where US military has sock puppets involved in forums etc where there is a Pro-American voice needed... only used outside the US, because it would be illegal to use here in this country. hahahahahah

Interesting-for all old time forum experts-these sock puppets are noticed right from their get go.

Moon Goddess said...

Some very insightful and well thought out comments on this site. I just recently found this site and this article hedged in on me.

Hannah - I know of what you speak. I do. Been there and out of the matrix for now.

My new husband was in a soul sucking job that was killing him. He left a good paying job a couple of months ago and is now puttering around, happier than ever.

It's taken quite an adjustment for him to get used not being in a spasmodic state of mind. He was either working long hours, thinking of work or getting a call about work. It was all consuming.

I was the victim of the 2007 depression start. I really became depressed and sad for most of the time.

Once I was out of the matrix, my eyes opened. Once your mind is opened you cannot go back to your old way of living.

For now, I'm thinking of abundance, love and light. There is so much gloom and doom and economic chaos, it's easy to get overwhelmed. I try to strike some sort of balance.

So for now, I'm dumpster diving, scrapping metal and other ways to make a living and it's working fine for me.



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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