Friday, May 13, 2016

Those Precious Tender Skinned Prima Donna's of the Material Plane!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Holocaust!!! Holocaust!!! Bwak Bwak!!! This did not happen. The other ones that THEY DID, did happen. Gas Chambers!!! Bwak!!! Bwak!!! Gas Chambers!!! Welcome to Lying Sack of Shit Radio-24/7 Nitrogen rich radio....keep in mind that the bullshit flows like the Mississippi, except that it is wider.

One of the most powerful weapons for social change and blows against The Empire is satire. This might be due to the fact that the devil cannot abide scorn and The Devil is the principle force behind repression of human liberty and the thousands of ills that assail humanity, every time Satan and Mammon get together with their minions, to foment chaos and disorder in a runaway dream world of Materialism, where harmony and true order go out the window.

People can and have been arguing until Doomsday's Break about the how and why of the matter. It is what it is and it is obvious that it has something to do with the cosmic will being involved in setting the scenery for a particular series of events as teaching instruments. When we think of Karma, we usually think of something personal as it applies to each of us but... there is a great deal more to it. There is group Karma and national Karma and race Karma and religious Karma. There is planetary Karma and solar system Karma. Even the universe has Karma. Some of this is temporary and time sensitive and some of it stretches beyond any possibility of measurement. The best posture for any mind that wishes to comprehend to the extent that comprehension is possible, is to recognize that there are things beyond the reach of their mind and that furthermore, there is only one mind and nothing positive or lasting can be achieved until one understands this and accepts it for what it is.

The separated mind that we all believe ourselves to be in possession of and in some cases are possessed by, is an illusion that is counterpointed by the greater illusion that it operates within. One will remain in this greater illusion as the puppet of circumstance for as long as they believe themselves to be a part apart from the whole. The one mind is the mind of the cosmic consciousness and we can share in that to the extent that we do share in it. We can become a living expression of it, as it demonstrates in the singularity of our individual aspect. The idea of being swallowed up in something so much greater than ourselves scares the Charles Dickens out of us but that is not what happens. We lose ourselves only to find ourselves. We discover that we are not what we thought we are but rather more a projection of what ineffably thinks we are.

Much of what takes place in this world is not what it appears to be. In these times, much of what takes place is an artificial construct that is created to set an unnatural tone... under the guise of an actual social concern and as you read this piece of pandering propaganda, you'll note that the big concern is that something like this would impact on LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ individuals and our endless victim industry moguls, the Jews. No one apparently gives a shit if anyone else finds themselves south of this condition. It's those precious and tender skinned prima donnas of the material plane that demand and deserve all our concern. Everyone else better take a number and sit in the dark somewhere. You want to always be safe and never alone? Be an island of safety and love being alone ...and you will always be safe and never alone, even when, as seen from outside, you appear to be alone. Invisible space is more populated than visible space.

George Carlin has a remarkable way of presenting his thoughts...

... and nails certain social issues in a direct and irrefutable manner.

He comes across as a virulent atheist but it's the church he has a problem with. It is always the manifest church that forces those with a mind to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Nothing is more real than god and there is no possibility of the perception of the real or the unreal without god. We are all god to some degree, consciously or unconsciously because it is only the force of what we cannot comprehend or define that makes it possible for us to be here in the first place.

This is a world of bad magicians and clumsy dancers, giving a poor demonstration of the possible by our inability to get out of the way of what is attempting to express itself through us. The whole point of existence is to allow a free passage of the divine through us and... the bottom line is that something is going to come through you regardless. You WILL BE expressing something, across the bandwidth of what seems to exist as potential in all of us and it will be defined by the intention of it. It's force and you get to determine the line of the flashlight, which determines what it illuminates. Yadda yadda, right visible? Uh... yeah...

As you know, we screen films here; sometimes for entertainment and sometimes for something deeper and sometimes... just to see what is out there. Presently we are screening, “How to Be Single”. I don't think I have seen a film this bad in a long long time. It is excruciating. The writing is so bad that it should be considered a capital crime. This is how The Tribe sees existence and it is filled with those Freudian associations that exist only for The Tribe because everything he came up with was self reflective of that demon-graphic. It doesn't make any sense to me. Scatology has its place now and again and so I am guessing that coprophagia does as well. This is a buffet of the latter. This is one of the clearest expressions of the level of sickness in this culture that I have yet seen. I'm turning it off. Whew! Thank God. Where was I?

My feeling is that I'm not going to screen anything else for the rest of this posting. They are really doing a number on us. For myself it has zero impact but I am thinking about all the people I have to pass by every day for whom this is the standard of what they understand about how it is supposed to work out here and... it doesn't work. Oh... it works for the purpose of it, which is not good news for the people that buy into it. There are all kinds of emptiness in this life. Some things, like space, are important and necessary. Some emptiness is created as a result of an ever widening gulf between what we are and what we seem to be. I'm supposing that is what made it possible for existentialists to gain a foothold in reality manipulation. Maybe Dada really is some kid looking for their father.

I'm not here to make a judgment call on what anyone should be doing with their lives. I am here to determine who and what I seek to have express itself through and upon me. The alternative options in this time are dreadful. If what I saw in that film is any indication, dreadful is a fairly tame way of putting it. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Step by step and moment by moment, the aggregate of deceived humanity comes closer and closer to the abyss and that is the intent of the herders of the common mind. I've seen it said many times in many different ways by various oracles who have said, something like, “you must walk in all ways contrary to the world”, or implied that if everyone is swimming downstream, you must swim upstream. It goes without saying that this makes you look crazy to everyone else. Does that matter? That is for everyone to decide on their own.

In the end you have to come to terms with yourself because, as Omar Khayyam said, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and... by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.”

It looks like people are some form of weaver or macrame artist and they are spinning their own versions of a following existence out of the fabric of their thoughts words and deeds ...but who taught them how to work the spinning wheel? Who taught them design? Who manifested the focus of their passions and desires? Was it some internal and intuitive drive, or was it impressed upon them from some dark locus of the lower astral? How many ever bother to ask these questions?

Sooner or later, every living thing has to come to terms with the conditions of its existence. Rocks and trees and animals have a certain linear potential. Sometimes they are not rocks or trees or animals but only dreaming in that guise for a time as the result of circumstances earned upon the back of previous circumstances. However, when you are human or more, it's no longer linear, except when it is. It doesn't have to swirl down the toilet and wave goodbye, once your contribution has been presented in the moment of its passing. There are so many possibilities that 'limitless' comes to mind.

Don't settle for the inevitable because nothing is until it is.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I think that if we added up the number of articles, books, and documentaries that have been made about the Holocaust it would be greater than the 6 million figure that is thrown out there. They need to find a new subject to talk about.


torus said...

Greetings. The notion of swimming against the current trends is yet another reason I'll be leaving the "net". We're almost at the six month mark already, incredible how fast it's flying.

Anonymous said...

once six million "Jews" actually go into
the ovens of truth
the remaining so-called "Jews" will cease to exist...!

Truth is,
... no one on Earth HAS to be "Jewish",
but that is in and of itself not a cure-all
for the braindeadgoy "Jew" worshippers who
will remain braindead until they STOP with
the deification of the stool sculpture
called Mammon, or what you call


which brings "us" back to why so-called
"Jews" are so "Jewish",

{Zephaniah 3:9}

they are proselytes to a ....
neighbor hating religion
{greed/avarice = truth hating}




Anonymous said...

"...The whole point of existence is to allow a free passage of the divine through us..."

If that was the only thing ever written on the subject, by anyone, in any tradition, in any time, it would more than suffice. A superlative economy of expression.


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...there is only one mind and nothing positive or lasting can be achieved until one understands this and accepts it for what it is."

This is also the only path to deep Peace, regardless of whether one grinds one's teeth to dust in the pursuit of comprehension of it...
Vis: "The one mind is the mind of the cosmic consciousness and we can share in that to the extent that we do share in it."

Hence, all the expressions of ESP - telepathy, teleportation, clairvoyance, etc. - as one moves from self-consciousness to Self-consciousness. (grin)
Vis: "Invisible space is more populated than visible space."

Yep. It's great, isn't it? Once you get used to it, your 'second sight' snaps-on every time an invisible 'person' shows up. For newbies to this, it is greatly rewarding to simply 'allow' that this situation might be true. This 'posture' begins to dismantle the self-inflicted 'screens' that we have placed on ourselves to become socially-acceptable...
Vis: "The whole point of existence is to allow a free passage of the divine through us and... the bottom line is that something is going to come through you regardless. You WILL BE expressing something, across the bandwidth of what seems to exist as potential in all of us and it will be defined by the intention of it. It's force and you get to determine the line of the flashlight, which determines what it illuminates."

Excellent! This gets to the bottom-line, for those who are fence-sitters. There are no non-players. To state the metaphor slightly differently, you only get to determine the thickness of the 'filters' on your flashlight...
Vis: "Rocks and trees and animals have a certain linear potential."

I remember during my first trip to Stonehenge of rushing up to one particular (huge) upright stone and embracing it. (Not my normal behavior. *grin*) I began telling it that I was so glad it had survived. (Also, implying that I was 'there' in some other lifetime.) A communion. Somehow, this stone had a very-much-increased consciousness over 'normal' stones. And, this 'behavior' of mine came from a very-deep 'soul impulse', not from the intellect...

I have also had this sense of increased-presence/consciousness in old-growth forests (Sequoia and Redwood). There is simply something 'there' which is not present in ordinary forests. You can even 'share' with certain trees, if you are sensitive enough. A great world...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. By the way, in your phrase, "The idea of being swallowed up in something so much greater than ourselves scares the Charles Dickens out of us," did you really mean Charles Darwin? If not, the latter would make a great joke, anyway! (grin)

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

"Invisible space is more populated than visible space"
(Clintonesque) it's the ether, stupid

cop·ro·phil·i·a (kŏp′rə-fĭl′ē-ə)
A paraphilia in which feces causes sexual arousal.
cop·ro·la·li·a (kŏp′rə-lā′lē-ə)
The involuntary, often obsessive use of obscene or scatological language that may accompany certain mental disorders, such as Tourette's syndrome.
(that would be like "shit lalala" or "hi lili hi lili how low")
Noun 1. coprophagia - eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity

so all good shit, you can eat it, you can get off on it, you can throw it around. still most of us grew out of that stage long ago. Freudian psychology and Einstien physics come with strings.

the koala book I recently read has the monotreme pups , in the pouch on milk, eating not so much mumma's poo but the colestrum that comes from that general direction, that is like macrobiotics and gets the pup ready for the good stuff, gum leaves.

Visible said...

Pierre; you are hilarious.

Visible said...

No.. I meant Dickens but I must say Ray, we make a Hell of a tag team. I will be in the BIG Sequoia forest in about a month and I am really looking forward to it. I've been in other redwood forests but not the national park. I can't wait... well, I can but I said that for emphasis.

torus said...

"We" are such a tiny and relatively insignificant minority in regard to historical revisionism. Pardon my past error in suggesting rodoh . com. It's For a public who by and large "fell" for 9/11 almost sixteen years ago, sixty years of the holocaust bludgeoning the mass mind is not to be overcome with websites and forums. rodoh IS more open than its predecessor "codoh". The internet is NO match for television. That's why they brought 9/11 to us "live", from the jet propulsion laboratory. My Internet contract is up at the end of the year. It's goodbye Web, goodbye smartphone.

Anonymous said...

I've learned from Builders of the Adytum that the supreme Life Power doesn't move, but is responsible for all movement. This power comes down through creation and when it gets here in our dimension, it shows up as opposites.... but is really the all one. The opposite stuff is just appearance, but if we can rise above that and make the opposites harmonize... well, then we've got something there!!!

If anyone knows how to actually do that, I'm all ears. :)

I suspect, we listen to that still inner voice, intuition (Key 5 Hierophant) (or key 10 Wheel of Fortune where Hermanubis' ears rise above the diameter of the wheel... listening to that inner voice which will help us rise above the mere conscious state) which truly guides us if we can really hear... so goes the lesson.

Making a left turn... I've read there, that karma can be adjusted. If you throw a tennis ball against a wall, it will hit that wall and rebound with an almost equal and opposite reaction and be airborne for a bit, then hit the ground and bounce a few times then roll slowly back to you.

An Adept, after throwing the ball, will run up to the wall and catch the ball before it even hits the ground... thus adjusting the karma.....

This is key 10 Wheel of Fortune stuff and Pat Sajak has nothing to do with it, at least that I know of, which is little. :)

I'll spin..... ok, some interesting things are hitting me right now after writing that. Rotation is apparently a huge part of creation, but I'm not your go to guy on that, clearly.

Anyway, not trying to be a heretic, though, ha ha, It's been a theme in this life for me, it seems that there are those in this world who are Adepts (for good) who change their enviornments to fit their will (who's will?).

The underlying thing is.... our will is God acting through us.... Or so I've read. There is NO duality. It's all God, all the time (apologies for using the manmade term...:) The Fools belt anyone? :)

The fog may be thinning here between beers (or not). My next Key to color is 14 Temperance. Great timing. After coloring Key 13 Death, I ended something with a rather violent verbal outburst that made something die. Energy was released. And maybe some good will come out of something so hard, I don't know. It's looking that way, though.

Oh God I'm so blabbering here. :(

Ray B, please invoke the Gray Lensman to use his space axe to end this post. :)

Incredibly Anonymous coward.

Visible said...

You have really gotten the salient points. Having read those lessons many times I remember them and where you got those points from. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oi vey! The jewish daily forward wants to shut this video down.

Anonymous said...

Most visited alt right site

says it all

Visible said...

A new radio broadcast is up now for download-

The streaming player is not working so download is the only option. We'll get that fixed shortly.

There for download only.

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
Nice to see you back in your old form again especially good to see you having fun at the casino.
I was searching for some reference you made to the Heirophant, couldn't find the appropriate page so will post this here.
I had a spirit guide for a while, my family just shut up when I mentioned him one day. They thought I was looney. Anything not provable in the material realm was nutty to them. They really were, dad especially, a rather stupid prejudiced lot not imaginative in any way.
He was sort of like an invisible friend only he wasn't invisible. My sister Elizabeth had an invisible friend when she was young but then she was a Gemini.
I could see him sort of like a shadow but made of light, or ghost. He was dressed like an Indian prince, turban and pointy curled back slippers but very indistinct and no color. He didn't speak but I could tell what he thought about any thoughts in my head. I used to sit out in the back yard and he would be beside me. He didn't approve of my smoking.
That was the at time, late 80's, when the planets Jupiter Mars and Venus were in an alignment. I could see them in the night sky over the golf course all three in a straight line. I was feeling a spiritual high and began chanting the Hari Krisna mantra a lot. I was too high on bliss to hold a job and there was no work anyway so I moved out of mom's basement into the Hari Krisna temple and wore the robes. Living as a Bhakti yogi.
One day I came home for a visit. My brother's wife was there in a panic, she had opened the back door and Gillian's pet cockatiel had flown out the door, flying around up in the trees in the back garden. Instinctual I knew what to do, told her to put the bird cage out in the garden with the door open and then I willed the bird to fly into the cage. It worked.
like I said I was very high under that planetary conjunction in those days.
One afternoon while walking over the footbridge in the Humber river valley my mind opened to the spiritual sky. Vivid visions in color. In the sky I was fishing from a small boat. My fishing rod hooked onto something and I reeled in a golden crown. I put it on my head and became a spiritual king. The crown was like the tarot heirophant. Immediately I became understanding about many things.
Months later, still in bliss on that spiritual high, I was walking in the same park and the spiritual sky opened again.Again vivid vision with colors. A golden fish person came from the waters, looked alot like a golden catfish. He leaned on the boat rail, and claimed that it was his crown my fishhook had pulled of his head. He took back his crown and jumped back into the water in the spiritual sky.
I immediately came crashing down like I was coming off some drug. These spiritual experiences come to me from time to time out of my control.
With love
Ray H

Visible said...

One could never accuse you of lacking in imagination or being ordinary. I have, of course, used drugs to facilitate certain experiences but there were a lot of times when no drugs were employed, these were always more capable of being disconcerting than the actually chemically induced.

Ray B. said...

Ray H., your cockatiel story reminded me of a more-earthly story:

I was visiting a lady's house for the first time. She had a chain-link fence around it, with a gate. There was a pair of mixed-breed wolf/husky 'pets' back by the house. So, I exited my car, quickly opened the gate, and moved the car inside. In that interval, one of the pair scooted out the gate. And, the lady turned-out not to be home. And, there was a busy road not far off. Damn.

Well, a neighbor came out to help me corral the 'wolf'. The wolf had a good time letting us get close and then scooting away. A great game...

Finally, I had an idea. I went back to the house and started loving on the remaining wolf. Soon, the other wolf came up for his 'share'. Click, the gate was shut. (And, that wolf also got loved.) A moral in there, somewhere...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray Hilchey said...

Yes Ray B that wolf is the sort of thing I am talking about. Tantric Buddhists have techniques for such powers, I understand at higher levels they can turn away dangerous animals.
Thanks Les but for me I make a distinction between imagination and visions. Imagination is like making a picture in your mind, say a carving you are planing, and moving around the lines and images consciously in my mind's eye. Acid helps this.
Visions come uncalled for, preformed and orchestrated by some other consciousness.
The only reference to that fish is something I since found in Herodotus c.450 BC quoting some even then ancient text that was quoting an even earlier creation myth that "god came like a fish from the sea to teach mankind agriculture and animal husbandry". The beginning of our present Samsara? Puts it into Sumarian bronze age.
make sense?
With love
Ray H

Anonymous said...
Clock is moving ;)
Aggressive truth

torus said...

Huffington Post is "aggressive truth"?
WTF does that even mean? America needs to more concerned with all the aggressive "hot spots" it has its appendages in, $10 million per day to Israel for example. But we all know that ain't gonna' be happenin' none to soon. Despite snow in May, you think April was hot? Just get ready for November when that steamy cunt is selected President. And no, I don't mean Trump.

torus said...

Not having cable TV is a blessing. I was just at a friend's apt. viewing "pure" evil in the form of American crime drama. "CSI" in particular. An episode dealing with "transgenders", or, "people like us".
Slashing, hacking, brutalizing, and murder, all masquerading as insightful entertainment. One character under investigation for a brutal murder uttered a line that has most likely already been spoken in the White House already, how many administrations is anybody's guess;
"I was giving my wife fellatio! IS THAT A CRIME!?"

Congratulations Hollywood, for playing your part in single-handedly removing banality and vulgarity from modern culture by making it the norm.

Ray B. said...

Ray H., thanks for the reply.

On "Visions come uncalled for, preformed and orchestrated by some other consciousness," I have just finished reading a book on left/right brain and their various strengths & weaknesses. It turns out that one of the characteristics of right-brain-originating material is "Visions come uncalled for, preformed and orchestrated by some other consciousness."

I am of the persuasion that all-God is in the airwaves, not in the TV (so to speak). However, you may have a particularly-clear pathway for all-God to activate your right brain...

On "an even earlier creation myth that 'god came like a fish from the sea to teach mankind agriculture and animal husbandry'," that is a near-quote about an Anunnaki leader named Enki (or EA) whose party splashed-down into the Persian Gulf around half a million years ago. Since 'he' came from the sea at first, that moniker was hung on him. And, his group eventually did teach modified-humanity the basics (as good laborers). These tales are from the original Sumerian cuneiform tablets found in the 19th century in Mesopotamia, if you want further info.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Huffington Post is a collection of the sleaziest bottom feeders on the planet, bar not; not since Al Goldstein was at work has there been worse. Did I mention they lie no matter what? I don't guess I have to.

Ray Hilchey said...

Ray B
Thanks for that. While mulling over what I had posted I stubbed my toe, ouch. I am a strong believer that whenever you think a wrong thought the body hurts itself. Is that the the left intuitive/feminine telling the right logical/masculine it is wrong? Or can I just not walk while thinking.
So your idea of the Anunnaki is likely right. Any links to more information?
I know I have to increase my Shakti awareness. The male mind can be insufferable.
Ray H

Anonymous said...

Aggressivetruth said
Read it! Each of you, just as I is Homosapiens, intelligent man.
Satan conference.
Satan has convened a global meeting of demons. At the outset, he said:
" We can not distract Christians from going to church. We can not stop them from reading the Bible and know the truth. We can not even stop their close relationship with the Savior. Since when they know a relationship with Jesus, our dominion over them is refracted.
So let them go to church, let them take part in the feasts of love, but Steal them time. Transform their relationship with Jesus Christ. I want this from you. Scatter their attention so as not maintained during the day life contact with the Savior"- said Satan
His demons had already begun to scream:
"How we do it?!"
The Devil replied:
" Persuade them that they were busy with unimportant matters of life and invent all sorts of combinations. To wrap up their minds, persuade them to spend money and borrow it. Persuade their wives went to work for long hours and the husbands to work 6-7 days a week, 12 hours a day. To take their empty lifestyles. Stop them from spending time with their children. When their families will be divided, their houses quickly cease to be an escape from work. Persuade them to associate the radio whenever their go by car. To TVs, DVDs and computers were turned on all the time. This will disturb their minds and break that union with Christ. Fill tables with newspapers. Fill their minds 24/7 news. Show them billboards with advertising during the drive. Descend their mailboxes and e-mail with various directories, lotteries, advertising and offers. Free products, services and false hopes. Show them beautiful appearance of models in newspapers and on television. It will make men going to believe that the most important is the appearance, by what they are unhappy about their wives. Make that wives were too tired in the evenings, to love their husbands. Give them a headache! If they will not give husband the love that he need, they will begin to look elsewhere. It will destroy their families very quickly! Give them Santa Claus to distract them from teaching their children about the true meaning of Christmas. Give them the Easter Bunny, not to speak of the resurrection of Jesus and His win over sin and death. Even in their recreation let them be too busy. Let him come back tired. And let them be too busy to go out into nature to think about God's creation. Send them to amusement parks, at sports matches, concerts and films to the cinema. Let them be BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! And when they meet in churches, urged them to gossip. It will make will have poisoned conscience. Load up their lives a lot of good reasons not to be able to draw power from Jesus. They will soon begin to live on their own, risking their health and family for the purpose chosen by themselves.
Remember God and Jesus! They love you and want you to be free from sin. There is only one rule. Do not do to your neighbor what you would not that nice.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

(aka) give them what they want..

Ray B. said...

Ray Hilchey, the left/right brain book that I was referencing is by Tony Wright & Graham Gyn, "Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness" (2014). Vis might like it, too, because it talks about all kinds of ways to balance the brain (including ketamine). Recommended, although the questions posed will keep you up at night, thinking about the possibilities...

In the Anunnaki area, there are a zillion authors and books. You can get a taste from the man who brought the area to public attention, Zecharia Sitchin. I should mention that it is important to separate-out the known references regarding the Anunnaki being on Earth (Sumerian cuneiform tablets and such) from Sitchin's '12th Planet' nonsense. As someone who took an astrophysics course in college, I can tell you his planetary work is mostly garbage; concentrate on the Anunnaki on Earth.

One of Sitchin's protégés, Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., has put together a site on him here.

Wes Penre has put together an interesting blend of Sitchin and more-probable history, here and here. His 'Level 1' stuff feels close to the mark, but Level 2 felt 'so wrong' that I just abandoned it.

You can find books that portray the Anunnaki as everything from pure evil to positive benefactors. I would recommend reading a few authors to round-out that aspect. Christopher O'Brien's "The Shining Ones" is in the positive camp. Michael Tellinger's "Slave Species of the Gods" is in the negative camp. Each author has his own 'twist' or 'emphasis' and may know of different source material, so I recommend reading several different authors...

That should keep you busy for a while! (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth said

There are only two solutions: first

Apocalypse - Disclosure of something that was so far hidden secret disclosure of truth or knowledge. We change the system. Because this is satanic and corrupt.

second. gathered together at the place of Armageddon.

Rev 16:16
And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon

torus said...

Keep in mind that one of the artifacts that forms the core of Sitchin's thesis is Cylinder Seal VA243 in Berlin. Notice the hexagram? Despite the recent appropriation of this symbol by Israel; that a "hex" has been issued seems beyond dispute.

When exploring historical narratives, seek out its naysayers as well. ie, Michael, as well as "Sitchin is wrong".

Like time, so much of our "knowledge" is "second hand". And time is never primary,
that's we measure it in "seconds".

torus said...

typo above; "that's why we measure it in seconds".

Of what worth are Satan's torture chambers without God's finely tuned nervous system?

What God of "Love" compels the slow agonizing death of his son? Those fables are only meaningful to a culture already steeped in blood sacrifice.

torus said...

For God so despised his miscreants that he fashioned them a world. He gave them billiard balls and karma, reincarnation and dharma. He tailored them a world and allowed his miscreants to forsake and torture those who would not bow to a doctrine that has no meaning. Like a cancer cell he fashioned Jew, Christian, Muslim, a Buddha, a Pagan,a Krishna, and the atheist too. "Go forth and multiply in thy confused vanity, for an Apocalypse is coming. Suffer diseases beyond thy reckoning encased within a creeping death. For the future is certain but the end is never near. Let it roll, baby roll..." For you can now witness the centuries of progress and puzzle no longer over evil's perpetual triumph. I punish thee for a crime thou remembereth not.Praise your sunny days in a sky of liquid blue, whose centerpiece is the eternal fire. Lake and locked.

Just speculatin' :)
It's one of those days

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

A Potpourri of Reptile Jambalaya.

Anonymous said...

Your fish god is Dagon

Samson destroyed his temple. The god of the Philistines and the dogons of Africa. The Dogons had maps of the Sirius star system before NASA did. It's he natural home of the black people and the Dogons are waiting to go back. They came with Lucifer's host as axmen and swordsmen. Michael crashed the dragon and his host here after a battle in space. Ask the Chinese. Evil has been isolated and quarantined on Earth to be surgically neutralized by the Elohim. It's reached a stalemate. The Elohim don't recycle, they resurrect. The Sadducees and Canaanites recycle.

Beelzebub didn't want Yahshua killed. That allowed Yahshua into the underworld to free the captive Elohim. On that day, a hole was blown through the top of the King's chamber of the great pyramid and Adam left his tomb. The prophets Yahshua met with on the Mount of Transfiguration never died, including Moses.

It's against Yahweh's law to sacrifice your sons and daughters. It isn't against His laws to sacrifice yourself. Better get a clue. It's going down by the book. It won'tbe hugs and lollipops He brings.

torus said...

Oh my dear anonymous, your tale reads like any other fiction. It's as presumptuous as my vain foray into "hell". Just admit it, none of us know.

Time is never primary, that's why we measure it in "seconds".

Ray Hilchey said...

To Ray B Followed through on Tony Wright, he has a really good YouTube interview.
I find him very close to Laurens Van der Post and other Jungian thought I have been following.
There was a 19th century Pathologist -whose name I forget- published a paper that he could tell the gender of a cadaver by the Hypothalamus which I gather joins the two sides of the Thalmus. In homosexuals and women it was much larger, in men it was vestigial. His book was not published in English because it was about S-E-X don't you know and this was in Victorian England where homosexuality was being criminalized.
Since much of the English upper class was bisexual this could have been a political coup but equally the moralistic Christians fundamentalists were involved. Even into the 1960's in Britain respectable and accomplished scientists etc. were locked up for homosexuality.
Homosexuality had been outlawed under the Hasmonean dynasty following the Maccabees revolt against the Hellenizing jews and the Greek Gymnasium hegemon. Homosexuality although not promiscuous homosexuality was a part of Greek culture. To them circumcision along with child sacrifice were barbaric customs.
Ray H

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you DO know.

Torus aren't you the one leaving the internet out of disgust for the vapid confusion of it? I felt the same way. It's the biggest wankatorium there ever was. By that, you should know too. You're brainwashed by fictions. Juxtaposed against it, Yahweh's word sparkles. So that must be what the internet is for. The next time you're fed up with the false bill of goods the internet is selling, close your eyes, open your bible to a random book and page and put your finger somewhere on that page. See if it doesn't apply. That might take some thought. Lucifer is smarter than you are.

Things start out good and then get fucked up. Everytime you see a tweener, don't you think just that? How ya gonna get home with endless recycles? To be an earthling is to lie down with dogs and get fleas. Do you think Yahweh doesn't consider these mitigating circumstances? Who can cleanse you? Why does He go to so much trouble and why does He let everybody suffer so much trouble they cause, when he could just perish the offenders right now? He hasn't perished a single one, yet. Will that 'yet' ever come? I don't think so. He will lose NOTHING.

You, and every wanker on the internet paint short arms on Yahweh. I know that program.

Anonymous said...

So, Ray H has been comin atcha from a bisexual point of view. Whoda thunk????

What's with this 'verify' crap? Why don't you just allow them all? Something to hide?

WTF??? Is it a river or a lake??? Do you get a stipend when you link to all these bogus sites?

Visible said...

I'm not going to argue with your points but I will say this; Yahweh is a controller term that is used to deceive humanity. Yahweh is a gematria code word with no mellifluous poetry to it. I'm guessing that here it is either Yahweh or the highway. I'm taking a different route. You, of course are welcome to your own.

torus said...

Rejoice in your knowing, nobody can take that away from you. I must admit that Yahwist fundamentalists make my departure from the internet even more appealing. Just as fundamentalist Christians and milquetoast Christian entertainment centers masquerading as "churches" hastened my departure from their buildings and ideology. Yahwist fundamentalists on youtube have tried to convince me that the earth is flat and that there are no such things as planets because the book of Genesis makes their assertion plain. ie, they KNOW this. According to them heliocentricism is Satan's device; "we" are the center of the universe, and earth is not a planeT,it's a "plane". Is this your Yahwehism too, or are there schisms within Yahwehism?
You asked me to open the Bible at random and "divine" some sparkling truth through randomness. Even if I owned a Bible, I couldn't be bothered. Besides, some Christian evangelicals regard the book of Revelation as past tense. And I'm sure you already know that the Pentateuch contains no vowelization, so when Jews read Torah, they're reading something quite different from the watered down English narratives.

Ray Hilchey said...

Les, you really get some anonymous arseholes here, don't you? I admire your restraint, like they say you can fix a watch and you can fix a race but can't fix stupid.
Actually where I am coming from is a place beyond gender. In former lives we have all been each other's father or mother or sister in those incarnations. The divine feminine is the creative force.
With love
Ray H

torus said...

@anonymous37. Lucifer is smarter than me? I would hope so. But at least I never killed the Czar and his ministers, while Anastasia screamed in vain. The credit for that goes to the "people of the book". Accusations of me being brainwashed by fictions only serve to reveal your own confusion and contradictions. Assuming that you're the same anonymous poster babbling fictions about a hole being blown through the capstone of the Great Pyramid. For such a monumental achievement of architecture, the Pentateuch is disturbingly quiet about it. Are you "Enoch Soros" or "T Stew" of youtube fame by any chance?

torus said...

Deception, flattering, lying, deluding, talking behind the back, putting up a false front, living in borrowed splendor, wearing a mask, hiding behind convention, playing a role for others and for oneself — in short, a continuous fluttering around the solitary flame of vanity — is so much the rule and the law among men that there is almost nothing which is less comprehensible than how an honest and pure drive for truth could have arisen among them." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Guilty as charged, Fred. Definitely not on all counts, but on some of them. Perhaps it's my vanity that compels the disgust I feel regarding 9/11's triumph.
Poor torus just isn't getting his way.
That solitary "flame" of vanity known as TV just keeps the burning dream alive. While I'm grateful to encounter others who share and articulate the pain and absurdity much better than myself, ala Les Visible, the internet simply can't compete with the prime arbiter of filth, the television. Nietzsche went mad in his day. HA! Wake up little snoozy. I also have to face and address my internet "addiction". I mistakenly hoped for things that this medium cannot provide.
I knew happiness once, ages ago it seems.

Anonymous said...

Torus, it's no wonder you're confused. It's like you read something and it's translated to Japanese by a bad translator ad then translate back by a different bad translator. The problem is with YOU. Yahweh is always right. That's what omniscience means. It's not that you're a fry brain relic of the 60's, it's that you never had any courage. There is one who is omniscient and your first duty to everybody and everything, including yourself, is to find out who that is. As much as I hate to bust up your fanciful nostrums and intellectualized palliatives; That person's name is Yahweh. I don't paint short arms on the Omniscient. Balls before wisdom. Grow some or don't claim that you will submit to the truth when that means abandoning the happy lies that comfort you. Jews don't know and they can't know. You "know" when Yahweh puts an exclamation point on it. You can know.

Visible said...

I'm not going to let you disinfo around here and I am sure that is what it is. No one who has any real relationship with the real ineffable calls it Yahweh. Hang around with Jehovah's Witlessnesses much?

Also... anyone with any real relationship with God doesn't spend their time being antagonistic and confrontational. End of story.

torus said...

Rejoice in your knowing, anonymous. You've really got the hots for me. Your mundane projections can help you to self-reflect. I'm too young to be a fry-brain relic from the 60's. Courage isn't defined through your myopic lens. You haven't "busted" anything. And if you're seeking converts, you're failing miserably.



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