Thursday, December 28, 2023

"It Is in Emulation of The Great Mind that Brought into Being The Many Splintered Phenomena of The Separated Minds."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every year has a certain quality to it. I don't know why this is. There must be some kind of law that governs this. I keep thinking of the works... the gears inside a watch. Somewhere there is the first gear that turns the next gear that sets all the other gears turning.

This year is an election year in America and all bets are off on how far THEY will go to stay in power.

There is a painting or... is it a woodblock carving? It's from a few hundred years ago. It shows a man breaking through The World of Appearances into The World of Forces behind it. There you see the machinery... the gears, and that's what it's really like too. It was in black and white for a long time and then someone colorized it. (grin)

In the realm(s) of The Invisible, there are forces that move like ocean currents. They include rip tides and undertows. I know this is the case when one has a propensity toward lower passions, and they encounter one of these invisible forces passing by on its appointed route. People get sucked away... swept away. Sometimes they get pushed away. Sometimes they get stopped in their tracks.

There are door wardens who sit between The Worlds... where the portals are... that lead from one to the next. For most people... this world of appearances is the only one they know. They are at a terrific disadvantage trying to negotiate their way because... what you see is not what you get.

In Times of Material Darkness, the press of the forces is toward the lower regions. People drop through trap doors all the time, It might seem like they have simply fallen into bad habits when... actually... they have fallen onto a lower plane of being. You can still see them on the common plane, but... they are not really there in the same way anymore.

Any number of times we have tried to describe this world as being like one of those complex intersections of multiple cloverleafs going in all directions... round and round... over and under, and higher and lower still. I've seen some impressive engineering feats in this direction. I don't know how you can find your way to certain places unless you live there. Many people can't find their way out either.

Some people say that feeling trapped is one of the worst experiences. I think claustrophobia and similar pathologies come out of this feeling of being trapped. People freak out over their sense of confinement, and... the more they struggle... the more they are caught in the tangles. You can't fight a barbed wire fence. You have to finesse it. If you don't have a system... you are a prisoner of The System.

Of course. Karma answers for most of it. People who build the systems... that confine other people... USUALLY wind up a long-term guests of these very systems at a future point. It is one of the reasons that you often see no Justice here, even though you are looking directly at it. You don't know how someone got themselves into whatever fix it is. However... I assure you... they had something to do with it.

Life looks terribly unfair... often... doesn't it? This is because we only see the present situation. We do not see what led us... them... there. We don't see. With our eyes wide open, we do not see.

Whenever we do injury to anyone else, At the same time that we make a mark on them; be it mental... emotional... or physical or... a combination of them all, which is what it usually is... we make a similar mark on our aura... on our etheric being, AND... when we are reborn, we are born with a weakness in that same area where the injury occurred in another. Then... at some point, an object driven by similar force will hit us there accordingly.

If you have no such marks on you, you are in no danger of it happening. I have directly experienced this a number of times. I know that others have too. There are all sorts of seeming miracles that appear. History is littered with such tales that are ascribed to luck, (which doesn't exist) good fortune... serendipity... whathaveyou. There is no such thing as luck.

There is no good luck. There is no bad luck. There is only whatever you have dialed up for yourself on The Big Switchboard; “Hello? Can I talk to so-and-so?” “Just a minute,” or... “So-and-so is not here,” or... “there is no one named So-and-so living here. You must have the wrong number.” The Big Switchboard never has a wrong number, but you might.

I'm going to tell you a little something. Some of you probably already know this. The inheritors of The Kalergi Plan... The Frankfort School... the people who were behind The Weimar Republic... are the people directly behind the invading migrant hordes. Their agents are roaming through countries around The World and arranging passage and sustenance for them to arrive here for the purpose of the destruction of the American financial system, and the American way of life, such... as... it... is.

A cursory look at the individuals who are heading up the various agencies and departments of The United States government are... SURPRISINGLY... in the majority... all dual-nationals of the same country that is exterminating The Palestinians in Gaza. These two events are connected events... on the same timeline... with an overall eye toward world domination. They... and The Chi-Com government are in a relationship with similar objectives.

They are in consort with The EU... The WEF and an assortment of billionaires desiring to put a stranglehold on The World. Their objectives are clear. We have it right from The Gorgon's mouth.

This has been going on for some time... more than your present lifetime, certainly. Seen from another perspective, it is no more than a wave upon the ocean of time. It will complete itself on the shore, and be followed by another. Usually, they come in sets of 7, and that is no accident. Everything is based on numbers. Certain things are being figured out by certain groups of people... people of both good and bad intentions.

This is that time... in the cycles of human advancement when a flood... an asteroid... something or other comes to counter the latest Tower of Babel... soon to be known as The Lightning-Struck Tower. You can count on something happening. What that might be... few know. That it... will... be... some larger number are privy to.

Everything good and bad comes out of The Invisible. Everything is a product of Mind... in emulation of The Great Mind... that brought into being The Many Splintered Thing of The Separated Minds. The Separated Minds... continue in separation... for the purpose of demonstration and the exercise of The Cosmic Lila.

It rises and falls endlessly... like a breathing in and out. The Life Force animates the temporary forms that are occupied by The Separated Minds until The Life Breath leaves. Twas ever thus.

The first thing that comes into any separated mind... when confronted by a challenge... in the appearance of danger or critical choice is... 'What should I do?” The Mind that is not separated is not troubled by the need to take some kind of action. I recommend that you seek a unity within. It will be all that can protect you from having to make a choice based on incomplete data.

Some may see this as a cop-out because they... damn... well... know... what... they... would... do... right up until the moment arrives, and all thought of their former plans are wiped from their separated minds.

This has all been coming for a long time, and you are not here by accident. The government is controlled by The Bankers... who also control the mediums and infrastructure... across and upon which... all information flows along The Information Highway. They control the shape... the warp and the woof... of the information, and... it is all lies.

If only the majority of us would turn away from this... stop contributing to it... stop buying into it... just stop. Then all of that would stop too, except for the whirring machinery and those who chose to get caught in it, and then... that would stop too. There are laws that control the continuance of circumstances and events. You can't have a baseball game if the players don't show up, and they aren't going to play if the crowd doesn't show up.

I'm trying to say something that can't be said, but which Common Sense should tell you if you are the sort to employ Common Sense in the first place. The end result is that many will not heed what Common Sense tells them. However... everything you can see and hear outside of you has a counterpart within you, and if you can't hear what is being communicated to you from within, it is because you have too much of your attention invested in outer things. This is something you can correct... if you want to.

It's going to get hot and heavy... one way or the other... soon. Fortunately... very fortunately... Evil destroys itself. You can count on this, and one of the things I can say... is that you should not be standing too close to Evil when it starts to come down. That is a good place to start. Stand far away from the toppling colossus, both inside, and outside.

End Transmission.......

Links await at GAB=

All kinds of things like this are coming to my attention, and a whole new wave of gifted artists is appearing as well.

"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."

~ Blackfoot Proverb


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you so freely share.
The Gab links you shared with today's post are just incredible.
Your energy to source all this, and to create your own solid and positive work is amazing.
Especially at this time, you are a genuine source of comfort.
Thank you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Personally, I think life. . .the way the world is run is very inconvenient and beyond stupid. Yet I've been here a gazillion times, and it took that to figure this out? The fact that we are so limited in knowledge and abilities, and cursed with bladders, intestines, and all the rest? I resent this to the max. Oh, and not to mention social programming that does the individual no good whatsoever; with some cultures and sub-cultures really being manoeuvred into being total bottom feeders, like in the ghettoes? It can be done, but it takes a lot of insight and determination, not to mention no desire to fit in with the loser mentality crowd who give up all hope at a very young age due to circumstances, and that destructive programming. The gubment programmes make it worse. (Am currently almost done with Stateway's Garden by Jasmon Drain. Great book.)

I can't wait for life as we know it to fall apart. For the most part, it's not very user friendly, and all the cultures that had it down were destroyed.

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"All of These Pitiful Marionettes have Appointments in Samara. All of Them are Being Guided to Their Fitting Ends."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said... not sure if not in any links here.. but speaking of Lightning and Towers.... 1 min Surfers Paradise (Satans Playground) . never seen it that bad before. Wonder if all the tall building's security is tribe or mason and they go and disconnect the lightning rod the day before, as those sorts of cohencidences go.
By the way, Google Analytics comes with this platform here... " The plaintiffs alleged Google's analytics, cookies and apps let it track the activity of users in private browsers or incognito mode."... still that is all trivia.

Convenient Truth said...

"They... and The Chi-Com government are in a relationship with similar objectives."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Chinese and the Jews are polar opposites of eachother.

There is no greater opposition to the Federal Reserve note, IMF, and world bank than China... hence we have BRICS.

Visible said...

I know you are Elmer Fud also so... I only posted one of the comments. You must think we are stupid around here, but your intentions are revealed by your anonymity. You show up every time China is mentioned and there is a reason for that. As far as outward actions go IN THE REALM OF APPEARANCES... BRICS and the like; appearances are deceiving. All of the nations of The World are corrupt and any fool knows this. What do you do in your free time when you are not on the payroll? Work for The Flat Earth Society? Oh right! That's a paid position as well.



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