Monday, December 4, 2023

"Fentanyl Barbie Sways from Side to Side... in That Place Where Reason Must Once Have Lived or... Am I Dreaming?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

Like a broken curtain rod... waving... where the fabric distends, and billows inward from the wind... blowing through a shattered window... the figure of Fentanyl Barbie hunches forward, swaying to and fro. She has replaced The Statue of Liberty in the imaginations of the doomed and deluded. Next to her hunkers Hooker Barbie... on desiccated pins... wrapped in torn... black... fishnet stockings... waiting for Christmas dinner to be delivered to a sidewalk in Kensington... in a syringe by an Amazon drone.

Everything is automated now, including the diseases and their cures; if my sons did not want a plague there would be no plague... if my sons did not want the ruin of civilization there would be no ruined civilization... and so on.

They are destructive children... divorced in their minds from the havoc they cause. They crucify grasshoppers on Popsicle sticks. They are incapable of objective thought. Possession will do that to you. They kill without thinking. The video of their crimes plays round The World and... nothing is done. They are the offspring of Infernus.

Not since Rwanda have we seen anything like this. Rwanda was mass hysteria-possession; no doubt an early mind-weather control op. One of those persistent climates that one finds in The Dark Continent. This is different. It is a legion of cats torturing mice for their own amusement... destroying the people they are pretending to be. Once they have been eliminated, they can tinker with the history just like they did following World War 2.

When you control The World's money supply you can do as you please. When the winds of change shift, you no longer have that ability, and you have no friends or allies either.

The demons they serve are thirsty for the blood of innocents. What is being asked of the demons is a tall order. You don't get that kind of carnage at a discount. Volume doesn't enter into the haggle. Put up or shut up and go away. Fentanyl Barbie dips and lists from side to side in that place where rational thought must once have lived or... am I dreaming?

Satanyahu killed his predecessor so that he might... decades later... fulfill his blood contract with Hell. The interest payments for 9/11 alone are staggering. This is cosmic irony for the spawn of moneylenders who live large in castles of air... built on fractional lending.

These bloated ticks drain the living until Abaddon himself calls... Hold! Enough! An entire nation transplanted on the corpses of their victims screams for blood. There will be no mercy. There will be no peace... until every last one of these former residents is dead.

It is time for everyone moved to anger and rage by this genocide to realize that the whole of it is scripted to a specific end. The commonly understood world that we know... is generated by The Hive Mind... as an externalization of its collective inner mentation.

The outer is ALWAYS born of the inner, so... this anger... this rage... is presently precipitating... into manifestation... for the purpose of settling accounts. Judgment is coming. It cannot be hindered or bypassed. It WILL be done upon those who have called it down upon themselves.

Existence is a constant balancing act. The scales are never stilled. They are always in motion. Everything is determined and decided by the density and presence... or absence of light. If there is more light we are more conscious and harmonious. If there is less light, we are less conscious and more inharmonious.

Whether it be a time of greater light or a time of greater darkness does not affect The Higher Mind or that which is directed by The Higher Mind. It dances through the vicissitudes like sunlight refracting through raindrops.

The lesser density is not affected by the greater density. Whatever magnetizes you determines your plane of being. Can you pull people out of the prisons they have built for themselves? Would they not be a fish out of water? Karma is the determinant of weight. The heavy sinks the lighter rises. Warm air sits on top of cold air. Love is ascendant. Whatever the absence of Love is... it is descendant. Of course... as warm air rises to space it turns into cold air and sinks back to Earth... so... truth at one point is no longer truth at another point on the relative plane.

Talking is noise. It is a conundrum whether to say anything or to say nothing. I suppose it depends on the time and place... who is speaking and who is listening OR... not listening, OR... hearing and not understanding. Trying to figure out The Thing Entire leads to a baffling complexity that is useful only when you are attempting to deceive someone.

The fact remains that what you do WILL come back on you. What you think and what you say will return on you... in that place where thoughts and feelings are things. We ascend or we descend. We are permitted to rise or we are forbidden to do so, and must remain on the plane where our actions have formed the playing fields we have earned for ourselves.

Those who butcher women and children... knowing full well that is what they do... and fully knowing that was their intention all along... are building future environments... that even now... are precipitating into form. When God does something it becomes a reality immediately... even if we cannot see it yet. When man does something it depends on the mechanics of his thought.

Concentration is a narrowing of force. For some, this might mean a flashlight beam. For others, it might mean a laser of varying degrees of intensity. Those who imagine they are presently controlling the flow of existence are working diligently to scatter the common focus... to make concentration difficult. It accounts for the present mental states of many children born into factory-farmed mindsets.

Enslavement is the objective of those who tell governments what to do. On the manifest level of operations... the controllers want your body. On the invisible plane of operations... where the controllers get their orders from... they want your soul. The Soul is an energy field. Think about it.

Of course... this is all levels of obfuscation. There is what THEY can actually accomplish, and then... there is what they can convince you of. These are not the same. Things that happen are brought about by conditions that make their appearance possible. If you have contributed to this, you have an investment in the process and the outcome. If you are just passing through, you need to behave as one whose attention is... elsewhere.

The whole dance of mortality is to get you coming and going, and then leaving with the dark promise of endless returning. It's The Purpose of Demonstration... performed for an invisible audience, and those few that are visible... who might happen to be paying attention. Perhaps you would like to help those caught in the machinery? Be careful not to get caught yourself or it might take your arm off.

We like to use the image of a drowning person. Their fear and panic can make them very strong. They can pull you down with them. Is that rational when someone is trying to save you? It is not. What lack of proper thinking got them in that situation to begin with? If you want to save them, you have to sneak up behind them. This might be a clue to save anyone who is drowning in anything that they might be drowning in... because there are so many possibilities for that.

One of the main concerns of those doing the wrong thing is to inhibit the efforts of those doing the right thing, especially if they happen to be in power. Everything that is happening in The World at this time is to expose the players for what they are doing and not doing. These are no ordinary times. In ordinary times it is just math acting out according to programming. This is an apocalypse. It's still math acting out, but it is acting out in a very public way... for all The World to see, AND... Judgment will follow.

The next Scamdemic is manifesting. The problem is convincing people to buy into it. I see clusters of people with masks... now appearing on the internet. Thankfully they are at a distance from me. Fentanyl Barbie and Transgender Ken are replicating by chemical invasion and... The Usual Suspects are conspiring with China which has what they envision for the rest of us, already in operation.

The invisible forces of Push and Shove are everywhere in evidence. The misguided.... falling down drunk in the fear of cow farts and... living evidence of rising stupidity levels... inundating the coastal plains... goes on apace. There is so much cannon fodder for The Information Wars. God help those who have been cut adrift from their common sense.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. Peace, am

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


It's insane how stupid some are. The wait staff still is wearing masks at my restaurant even though the mandate has been long gone, though for how long? I was required to wear one when we had customers and I was dishwashing because some Karen complained about me, but I never wore it right.

Gods, I am beyond fed up with this place.

Anonymous said...

The new pneumonia pandemic, "white lung disease" is real. It was even listed as one of the adverse reactions to the covid vaccine on the vaccine documents by Pfizer.

Basically, the vaxxed have destroyed their immune system with the vaccine and so now they are dying of pneumonia and other easily treatable diseases that a healthy person with an immune system could easily fight off.

Visible said...

Indeed. I am writing about it tomorrow. Boy! Evil really does destroy itself, though there is a little more to it; all good!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"As The World Awakens...There Will Come a Chorus of Voices so Loud... that It Drowns Out... Every Other Sound."

John Jeremiah said...

Hey visible, did you write the intro to this?



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