Sunday, February 3, 2008

There's Something Wicked in the Wind.

There’s a lot of hysteria jumping off of the internet right now; what portion of the internet is still operating. Let’s face it, previous severance of communications links have proven to be a prelude to war. There are all manner of theories chasing this event. Some of them are dark and dreadful if true.

I’ve been given some credible alternatives to the cutting of major communication cables in recent days. One of them is because gold is soaring. Markets in India, Hong Kong and Tokyo were all geared for major trading which would have precipitated a huge flight from the dollar.

Another story I’ve been given is that it’s connected to the opening of the Iranian oil bourse with much the same intention of forestalling economic free fall.

A disturbing question comes into my mind. Wouldn’t these same factors be present once the cables were restored? I’m not an economist so you will have to pardon my ignorance in such matters. It could be that enough time exists in the period before connectivity is back to make changes that can offset what is happening. Still... to me it seems like the situation is still there, just delayed.

The Super Bowl comes on in a few hours. This is a major focus of world attention. This particular Super Bowl has features to it seen only once before and this time it’s even bigger.

We know that 9/11 was an inside job. What this tells us is that there is no limit to what these people would do. There is no moral limiter in their world view. They’d as soon blow up a stadium full of people as they would pour themselves a drink. It’s not a matter of if. It’s only a matter of when.

Let me set the stage for you. For some years now there has been a noticeable transformation in the behavior of the domestic police forces. There have been radical alterations to the constitution and to presidential powers. Thugs control airport security against a threat they have no power to catch or halt. There has been an insidious change in the way domestic policing agencies are operating in present time. People are routinely violated, tazered and abused in various ways. The right of assembly is all but gone and the election process is rigged and manipulated.

Even though they know what is going on there is no real opposition of any kind in either house of congress. Fema camps have been built in various locations in America. We’ve been given various reasons for this, none of them credible.

The Bush administration used a self-created domestic tragedy to justify invasion of two different countries and is revving their engines outside the borders of another.

It was Israeli neo-cons in the administration that engineered the assaults and now lobbies the loudest for the one pending. Israel has the world record for most false flag operations.

They launched a murderous attack on Lebanon and issue new threats against Iran daily.

British soldiers were apprehended with a car packed with explosives while dressed as Arabs. It is well known that Israeli trainers and special ops teams are all over Iraq. Israeli soldiers were photographed inside Abu Ghraib during the period before the scandal broke.

These three countries are the major players in most of the heavy violence taking place now and in recent times. No country that any of them have attacked has attacked them. They have all been caught lying over and over again.

There has never been an American president more out of favor with his ‘subjects’ than is George W. Bush. There is no way he is going to gain any greater favor than he has now. Because of the internet and their own lying eyes, a great number of Americans and people across the globe know what a lying psychopath George W. Bush is as well as the men behind the curtain who use him.

To orchestrate a terror attack and blame it on someone else all that you need is to be in charge. When you are in charge you can send men with identification anywhere. These men can be investigating a terror threat at the same time that they set the charges. If you control the media then you can report what happens any way you want to.

This coming terror attack serves a great many useful purposes. It makes George W. Bush and his repressive acts heroic and perspicacious. It justifies everything that has been done so far. It allows for a heavily increased clampdown on dissidents who become enemy combatants. It justifies the most extreme measures against the countries blamed and in the cross-hairs. It takes the attention off of the domestic crisis. It takes all attention away from the genocide in Gaza and justifies any action Israel wishes to take there.

How do you stop official personnel from going anywhere they want to go and doing anything they want to do when they have the papers and the guns and the ID?

This is an election year and meanwhile the Taliban cannot be stopped. Iraq is out of control. Hamas and Hizbollah are still present and these freedom fighters are not going away. Every day more information appears that convicts the major players in the previous seven years of fascist enterprise.

Since the creation of The Project for the New American Century everything has followed according to plan. Enormous planning and effort has gone into all of it. Millions of lives have been lost and displaced. Horrible tactics have been employed. Mountains of proven lies have been dispensed. The juggernaut moves relentlessly forward without any official opposition. Do you think they just walk away from all of this? They murdered over 3,000 of their own citizens. These are serious people. These are very serious people.

I am not in any way suggesting that something is going to happen at the Super Bowl. It’s been brought up so I’m including it. I’m not suggesting that something’s going to happen today or tomorrow. Something is going to happen though. You have only to look at what has happened and what the voice of legion keeps hammering into the people’s minds.

When pressure builds it must find an outlet. Many technologies harness this feature when they apply force against containment for the movement of machinery. In human circumstance pressure must find a way out too. When pressure is intentionally generated by individuals of selfish intent it usually expresses itself upon the population.

We are dealing with a collection of dark and devious souls who have joined together in an enterprise of great misfortune to us all. Sooner or later they’re going to take that next step.

I am an optimist. I believe that the collective power in the hearts of humanity is always greater than its oppressors and I believe that evil always shoots itself in the foot eventually. It could be they get caught in the act. It could be the wind shifts for reasons we might never understand. Somehow I am certain that we prevail. I would rather that I could write about other things and I do but whatever appears on any day is always drawn from the conditions of the day and needs be said.

Our vigilance and our voices are a powerful weapon and they must be used to their fullest capacity. An informed population is a powerful thing. With every passing day more people discover what has been going on. This in itself is dangerous but critical mass will be reached. I only wish it did not have to come at such a cost.

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Anonymous said...

There's a story entitled "Internet Access to Iran Severed: Experts fear a Super Bowl attack" attributes one Sio Bibble as the author of part of the essay.

Sio Bibble is a Star Wars character.

Star Wars: Databank | Bibble, Sio
Sio Bibble was the outspoken governor of Naboo. When the Trade Federation brazenly blockaded the trade routes to the small pastoral world, Bibble was among ... - 96k

However, with that being said, there is something in the air and it feels like the fit is going to hit the san soon.

Anonymous said...

this story scares me very much

a few moths ago a bomber carrying 6 nukes left a us air base it landed in another but it only had 5

the us has yet to say where the last nuke went if they do use this at the super bowl........

NA said...

When we see a pattern of events similar to those preceding past false-flag attacks, it is our duty to shout it out so that everyone can hear, even though we may be wrong.

One day we'll be right. And on that day, and if we're very lucky, we'll be able to preempt the bullshit put out by the complicit news media, and replace it with the truth.

And then perhaps finally we will be able to see this tool known as the false-flag attack be rendered impotent.

Anonymous said...

Sunrise, Sunset. Swiftly go the days.

Anonymous said...

Good article for the most part, but I have to disagree in one respect.

I don't think that any coming "terrorist" event is going to vindicate Bush at all. You mean to tell me that after shit-canning the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, habeas corpus and posse comitatus, after spying on every single phone call made in this country, after spying on people's internet activity, after hiring tens of thousands of Nazis to grope old women at airports, after militarizing the domestic police, after launching two illegal wars based on lies, after bankrupting the treasury, etc., etc., ad nauseam, that he's going to be viewed as some kind of hero if an attack occurs after all of these so-called "protective" measures?

I think that people would figure that he's basically destroyed the country for NOTHING, and it just might finally wake up the millions of stupid assholes out there that still believe these murderous 9/11 liars. Of course, just like Keith Olbermann said in his recent destruction of Bush and his FISA idiocy, I'm holding my breath on that one.

Anonymous said...

If someone blew up the Super Bowl, wouldn't we be 40k less idiots that probably voted for Bush, anyway? It sounds like a favor, to me.

sockmonkey said...

cable cuts ?

usambeenforgotten, alhabeblowenbubblesoutmyass and alkiduh V-H2O

Anonymous said...

Yes this is a scaring story but its all REAL and will become more scary.
People You see the signs forget the super bowl okay? its better off not to go... But my friends if the behind the scenes leaders see us talking about this they won't blow up the super bowl won't they?
Who knows maybe am just messing with you?(am not ) trust your judgement Fellas, Cya in the after life or WE CAN UNITE AND TAKE THIS SYSTEM DOWN, Its EASIER THAN IT SOUNDS!. WE JUST NEED TO UNITE! (they aint going to nuke us all they need the planet... DANG we are being ruled by evil please CHANGE THE LEADERS NOW! )


Man what a crazy world we live in i never expected to see true evil but its real.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you remember that film, back in the 1970s, when the lone-nut, with his telescopic-sited rifle, climbs a tower at the Superbowl, and starts taking people out?

Dick Cheney with his hunting rifle!

Visible said...

Two people have already aluded to something and I've got to comment because it was on my mind when I wrote this. I was thinking, if we make a lot of noise about this then maybe they'll move on to something else. It's foolish to think that one small blog would make any difference but if enough of us are talking about it, well...

In any case, the same thoughts were running through my mind.

Jody Paulson said...

One thing that's been bothering me lately is how many Republican congressmen won't be seeking election next year ... According to this site [ ], 28 Republican reps compared to only 6 Democrats are calling it quits. Do they just smell the political winds changing and want big fat lobbying jobs, or do they know something we don't?

Anonymous said...

I have a very, very bad premonition. I am writing this as a record if I am right. I hope I'm wrong, as I've been wrong often
before. My feeling is really more intellectual than emotional.
I think this may be it, the false flag start of WW3.

Consider the following facts:

*Several communication cables were just cut isolating the mideast
(except for Israel and Iraq). They won't be fixed for several
days, up to a week (say not before 5 Feb).

*The meme for muslim terrorism at the Superbowl has long been
sited in the American psyche (movie Black Sunday, 1976).

*The Superbowl is in Phoenix, today.

*Phoenix was one of the cities chosen last fall for the dirty
nuke simulation/response.

*There may be a missing nuke from the errant B-52 flight. I
believe those nukes have adjustable yield from 10 to 150 KT.

*Cheney said we will attack Iran if there is any WMD attack on

*The economy is going into severe recession/depression.

*Iran has announced it will open its oil bourse no later than 11
Feb., thereby further trashing the dollar.

*World war is the only way out of the economic mess (e.g., as in
WWII finally getting us out of the Great Depression).

*The mechanisms for martial law are in place.

I really hope I'm wrong, but for the psychopaths running the
planet starting WW3 is the logical option. Superbowl Sunday is
the place to hit the emotions of Americans.

PS. Isn't this Superbowl 42? Adam's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" says 42 is the answer to everything. :)

(This last is just a bit of humor. Maybe gallows humor, but humor nonetheless. Laughter at them is the one thing psychopaths can't stand).

I hope I'm wrong.

A. Peasant said...

I have been thinking along the same lines re: the cable cuts. It's like the old horror movies when the killer snips the phone line outside the house before going in to kill.

Iran is the place suffering info blackout, and Iran is the least favored nation to the PTB.

Also, think of Tuesday being Super Tuesday in the US. Who would benefit from a terrorist attack then? Certain candidates surely would get a big boost.

I hope we are all wrong, but it strains credulity, to say the least, that all these cable cuts were for nothing or simply for financial gain or surveillance. Those goals seems easy enough to obtain already.

Anonymous said...

As you know Les, I agree with your thoughts on the state of our world. I differ with you on a number of thoughts, however:

* Does a government that controls both the electoral process and the media need a faux terrorist attack to justify any of its actions? It would seem to me that 9/11 achieved what it was meant to achieve--the sucker punch that put all of us who believe to see clarly--on our heels for just enough time to allow for military action in Iraq, for the elimination of unalienable American rights, for the establishment of good squads also known as "police".

Why is another terrorist attack necessary when the Reichstag bombing of 2001 accomplished what it was supposed to?

It would seem to me that such an attack could be used to invoke a draft--something Ron Paul seems sure of--and something which perhaps would get the masses finally into the streets. But here again, after all we've seen, after the incredible, outrageous events of the past 7 years...there are those who support this administration. There are those who would vote for a McCain rather than a woman, rather than a black man...heck, rather than any democrat. And that's scary.These are the people who would gladly send their kids to die in a bogus war, and these are the people who would approve thug tactics that would haul protesters off to the internment camps set up around the nation

I try hard to remember if I felt this way about my government during the Clinton years. Were things always this way? Weren't politicians always out for their own best interests?

Les, I am in agreement with your comments. I just tend to believe the cat is out of the proverbial bag and that the brazen way Bush and Cheney have conducted themselves speaks volumes as to their beliefs regarding the collective ability of the US to do anything, to anyone, anywhere and at any time...without asking permission.

9/11 set the wheels in motion. As you stated so well, we have a complete government in collusion, one that owns elections and media. I'm just unsure as to why any other catastrophic event is needed.

59 million people voted for the maniac in charge in 2004. If 1% of that number would march on Washington, what a message we could send. But the monsters in charge know they have the populace right where they want them.

annemarie said...

before i read any of the comments;

Love/life will prevail. AS always.

It's always darkest before dawn. too. This is important to keep in mind. Keep your head (mind and heart, especially your heart light ;) clear while others about are "losing" theirs.

Defer to nature. Bask in nature. Re-cognize nature. True nature. And the full/whole truth of nature. Nature which is our best evidence of love and life, and of the immeasureable abundance of love, generosity, variety, in life and of life itself. Nature will prevail.

We are decent and loving and giving and cooperative and kind. That is our true human nature. All else is lies, corruption and diversions.

The gluttons do not appreciate anything or anyone, including but not limited to even their own gifts, talents and skills. They don't know (yet) how to appreciate, how to feel appreciation because they're busy, busy, busy trying to fill the void, the holes within themselves with artificial or stolen things. They can never be satisfied because they don't desire love, they want revenge. They truly don't want love, they only want revenge.

IF ONLY they could re-member, re-cognize who they (we, she, he, etc) really are. sigh.

yes, I repeated that bit about them only wanting revenge instead of love, because I have found it to be true. Throughout time.

Re-member too that we are not alone. In fact, we have never been alone. No matter how many times, ways or days we have felt or may yet feel like that.

A prison planet or a school/learning planet? Either way it comes down to the same thing. And again going back to or reflecting on nature, nature has always provided us glimpses (which is evidence btw) of both heaven and hell. It's up to each of us to choose what it's going to be, for each (and ultimately) for all of us.

Apologies, if I sound rambling...

Make care ever'one :)

annemarie said...

There's something wicked in the wind. With that I don't disagree. But it is only half of the story. The other half is that there is love in the air.

Make care, make love ever'one :)

Uncharted Thoughts said...

It will never happen.
The framework for the police state is in place, they don't need anymore false flag attacks. Bush essentially tells everyone to go fuck themselves on national TV all the time.

I think the cables are being cut on purpose, to piss off Iran, sort of twanging there noses, trying to start a fight.

I mean seriously, nuking the Super Bowl? Thats so over the top its laughable.

They want us scared. I'm not worried at all. Bush and his group of pedophiles don't have the rocks to try that.

Anonymous said...

Visible, despite all this and all that. I know exactly what you meant. You're a hero to me and like V you will set free millions of minds on the way. I can only hope I get to meet you one of these days. I have been a fan since there was nothing but Origami and I'll be damned if you have not finessed yourself much further than I would have guessed at the time. Nice work. You put the whole of the matter into the fewest words I have ever seen. Fuck them if they turn out to be the joke.

Visible said...

I never said they would do the Super Bowl; read my words carefully. And watch.

Ryan Parker said...

I think you should create a blog yourself annemarie. Just as much as i enjoy les' writings, i look forward to reading more of yours.....just an idea....

Peace,Love,and Unity.


Anonymous said...

There is something in the air.
I felt it on Sep 10 2001, and said as much to my bank manager
while we were discussing the three-week free-fall of the Dow Average.

Other current events which mirror that day include:

1) A completed massive military build-up in the Middle East.
2) The media obsession with disfunctional celebrities -
Michael Jackson then and Britney now.
3) Frantic media speculation about finding the body of
a murdered American girl -
Chandra Levy then and Natalie Holloway now.

As "Anonymous" said - any false flag attack will go badly for Bush,
as the much of the country is now wise to what is going on -
even if you haven't had the pleasure of going through airport security lately.

This, however, is all part and parcel of the plan.

As Henry Kissinger once said at a Bilderberg meeting in 1992 -
"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops
entered Los Angeles to restore order;
tomorrow they will be grateful!
This is especially true if they were told there was an
outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated,
that threatened our very existence.
It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with
world leaders to deliver them from this evil.

The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented
with this scenario, individual rights will willingly be
relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted
to them by their world government."

(in an address to the Bilderberger organization meeting at
Evian, France, on May 21, 1991.
As transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the
Swiss delegates.)

The signifance of this is easily understood if you take
it from a false-flag attack to an armed insurrection
in the USA.

Article 51 of the NATO Charter provides that its troops
will be used to put down any civil unrest or uprising in
ANY member country. NATO Chief Lord Robertson brought
this to our attention in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.

Any armed uprising will give them the excuse to do what
Henry Kissinger predicted.

Having set the BushCo Administration in place with two
blatantly fraudulent elections, and then subjecting the
US population to the spectacle of police state and arrogant
displays of fascism, the elites are most likely scratching
their heads wondering what else they have to do before the
general population breaks out into full scale revolt.

This goes a good way to explaining their arrogance and
heavy handed tactics, trashing the Constitution, Bill of
Rights, obvious electoral fraud, obvious MSM bias,
and an almost careless disregard for the events
of 9-11 and whether or not anything adds up to a logical
explaination of the events.

It's almost like the school-yard bully who stares in your
face from a distance of five inches and says,
"Yeah .... I took your lunch.
So ..... what are you gonna do about it?"

So - if you are itching to break out the AR-15 and other
assorted weapons to right the wrongs of the government,
consider all of the above.

No revolution succeeds without the backing of the Military,
as the CIA found to it's cost in Venezuela in 2002 when
they tried to remove Chavez, and right now the most patriotic
elements in the military (the various National Guard units)
are outside the country - many of them being killed or
seriously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Think this through VERY carefully.

Anonymous said...

Who's kidding whom here, they wouldn't dare hit the superbowl? They hit 3 WTC's so blatantly and got off. They'd love another mass sacrifice to their god satan, as a prelude to another super-sacrifice in Iran, and it ain't looney Bush pulling the strings. Cui bono? Who gained from 911, more than the neo-cons= Zionist Israel, many of whom are running the country. Who were caught dressed up as Arabs, dancing and high-fiving on a roof, filming 911 as, and I quote them from Israeli T.V. saying, " We're on your side. We were just documenting the event!". None other than Mossad's young finest, hundreds of whom were spirited out of the U.S. Most of them surveillance ops, some explosive experts. Who really gains from the entire Arab world being wiped out? Not America for certain, but...yeah, you guessed.

annemarie said...

It's like a chess game -- see. And *they* certainly are planning some god-awful things, they have learned enough about and from us, and they learn even more every day, via our posting our thoughts, emails, etc via this internet thingy...and they certainly know that they have do do something that we won't (likely)anticipate.

Which means that they have to "work" harder, "think" harder, in order to pull off an even more clever coup than 9/11 and all the false-flags before that one. Why? Because by now, too many people just don't swallow the official pack of lies. OTOH, many, many still do. They do. Just look around the net, and you'll find plenty of evidence of this too. sigh

Like a thief in the night, we won't see "it" coming, but we sure as hell will recognize it for what it really is and who really done it, post facto (after the fact). Meantime, they're always "setting the stage" for this and that nefarious bloody game. And even when not an ounce of blood is spilt, they're laffing their pathetic, gluttonous arses off at us, we who can see thru the multi-layers of multiple lies.

Methinks that events like the superbowl are too obvious to be real targets. Somehow, someway, if we can really imagine what (exactly) they would do, or what they're planning, then and only then could we ATTEMPT to get the word out in an attempt to expose their dastardly lies and deed or attempt to 'sabotage" their plans.

Every single thing they do is CALCULATED. Every thing. Make no mistake about this. They are cold-blooded killers. Psychopaths. Robotic. Lifeless. And half of their pleasure/fun is betting on/guessing how we'll react to their false "starts", the multiplicity of diversions they allow to be revealed to us, in order to watch us scramble like rats in a cage or like amateur sleuths, etc.

In one sense, we cannot fight this monstrosity. We can't. In another (the most real) sense, they cannot win. They can't. And they won't. Rather, make that ...they have already LOST, because life is not a game, life is not a dream. Too bad about their choices! ;) Too goddamned bad. And they are God-damned, if u get ma drift ;)

Remember too that another "force" or "energy" will also come like a thief in the night ;) That's our "back-up" so to speak. Never forget this. And it's above/below. Without/within. It's not an airy-fairy tale.

tick. tock. dusk. dawn. sunrise. sunset.......


a lonely wanderer,
Thank you for the compliment :) Though I sincerely have no desire to do any such thing. I know my strong suits, and blogging aint one of them ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought that there was gonna be another fake-terrorism in the superbowl football game, but i think zionist controllers of US Imperialism are too smart, they won't pull the plug on a bomb again, they know too much the 9-11 truth movement already and they know that americans are awake, i suspect that the next terror might be an economic terror, this kind of terror is less noticable by average americans who will blame higher prices of goods and services on recession instead of economic terrorism, bush just has to steal a couple of trillion dollars out of US central bank, which could plunge economy

Anonymous said...

Well we made it through the Super Bowl without incident. Let's face it, there were probably far too many big names in attendance for there to be an operation.
My son told me today that "they" were going to make Super Bowl weekend a three day weekend. Why not? Sports are some of the greatest distractions in an effort to make a dumbed down population forget the constant pressure of money, taxes and an ever-increasing police state.
I actually wonder if they'll need to stage another FF operation. The bankers and the government is in the process of bringing the country to its' financial knees, while giving the appearance that they are there to help us.
Yesterday I had dinner with two elderly relatives, they had no idea the Federal Reserve was a private corporation owned by private shareholders. They listened in amazement as I explained how our financial system is set-up. They asked who is responsible? When I told them this took place in 1913 at the hands of Woodrow Wilson they about fell out of their chairs.
The forces we face are very powerful indeed.
No doubt the horizon is very dark and a nasty storm is brewing. I hope we can all survive it.

Anonymous said...

The "Stupid Bowl" has come and gone and to my knowledge, no "smoking guns" have risen anywhere.

We have to look at ourselves and ask if we're letting a source of education, communication and inspiration, the Internet, be manipulated to make us sound like so many hens, standing behind the chicken coop wires, squawking and cackling hysterically, because each hen just KNOWS the sound they heard is the fox sneaking into the yard.

Don't get distracted by the 21st Century's version of "bread and circuses"... and disinformation.

We get distracted and meanwhile, ExxonMobills posts another record breaking quarter of profit.

i'm not saying to not be alert to what is going on, just to be more discreet in passing on info, like the rumor about a nuclear attack during the "Stupid Bowl" written by a Sibio Bibble. If the original poster had taken a few minutes to Google Bibble's name, he/she would have found that Bibble is a character from a "Star Wars" movie.

Be alert, but don't get so scared and frightened in the process that it makes us all stupid and ripe for plucking. Here's a link to that original story on Bibble:

nobody said...

On this, I can see both sides. A terror attack will work. And Bush will fall. Of course. He's just a glove puppet, what do they do care? I don't expect he'll be allowed to live much longer. He's all liability and no use.

Or the precipitating crisis might merely be the coming crash. It will be huge. Tidal waves ain't in it. Martial law can be declared on account of the unemployed starving masses who will hit the streets. A perfectly fine vehicle for bad ugliness.

Or is it? What will inspire the black armoured headcrackers? A terror attack might help there. There's nothing like fear to addle your brains. "Nuclear bomb! Um... we're under attack, um... fucking hippy!" - kind of thing. Or perhaps they don't need any. US uniform wearers seem to me, unbelieveably brutal. Perhaps the question is, What will inspire the headcrackers families, friends and neighbours to support the headcracking?

And the net must die. It cannot be allowed to live. It's crucial that public communication be shut down apart from the lies of those who would control us. Think of all those net-savvy relatives of headcrackers. What odds would you get on one of those English gambling sites for the demise of the net I wonder. And if the net was gone, would you be able to collect, ha ha?

The military is the other problem. Colonels particularly. Coups come from colonels. The ranks above are political and the colonels have the troops. How will they deal with this problem? Beats me, but I expect that some of the most spied upon people right now are US colonels. Perhaps it's not a problem. All the troops are overseas. And if all the ships were at the bottom of the Persian Gulf how would they come back under arms? I expect Blackwater will get all the planes.

Either way, attack or crash, something is coming. Otherwise, as my old man (an ex-colonel, ha ha) used to say, Hit 'em where they ain't. If anyone's interested in such things, Stan Goff's Full Spectrum Disorder, although badly written, is a work of genius.

New thought - What if the big attack was on the net? That'd work wouldn't it?Anyone noticed a lot of talk lately about that? Yeah, me too. Given that everything with these motherfuckers is a twofer and beyond that would work, I reckon. Think of the vicious terrorist network that could be rolled up. Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, tons of people. That's what I'd do if I was a motherfucker.

Oh! An Azure Kingfisher just landed near me! No really. He's gorgeous. You should see him. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I think this is more about squelching Iran's oil bourse that was set to open (yet again) this week. With lines severed, major communications between banks/financial institutions/market exchanges cannot happen so Iran is screwed financially because of it.

Once we understand that this Iran oil bourse/exchange will negatively impact the value of the US dollar, then it all makes more sense ...§ionid=351020103

Anonymous said...

Just found this article on Israelis being told to prepare for bombing fall out. WTF? yet the Israel and Iraq are the only two countries in the region not impacted by the cable cuts?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the fear mongering will stop; it’s all part of the sales pitch to the rest of the world. It's going to take the intervention of another world power at the invitation of the American people to do anything. Or if USA is silly enough to attack another world power; that would do the trick also. The only other possibility is for your armed forces to revolt.
I know that wtp do not have the resolve to do anything. Nothing significant. The ptb know this and are counting on wtp to do something half hearted so they can be interned, for an indefinite period of time as ec’s.
If you are honest and do know the cold hard facts you can do nothing but agree with the above, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

the next false flag will take out millions of people. the bildeburgers have alluded to this for years. they want to reduce the population of the world to under 500,000,000. kissenger wrote about it and the grorgia guidestones state it point blank. i think the next one is gonna be an international whopper God help us, if these people get their way. by the way, has anyone noticed that noone with power or money has died of cancer in a while?...oh , and clinton passed more executive orders than any president ever. all the fema laws,etc. i guided my daughter into the navy because of the nasty word all thru those laws...CIVILIAN. i fgigure that if you're a tree, you should hide in the forest.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading predictions of the next big one since 9-11. Sure, something will happen sooner or later, but I doubt anyone will peg it in advance.

If the Middle East is having communication lines cut then it seems more likely that the ME is the target.

Oh, by the way, the Super Bowl is not a "world focus", outside of the US there is little interest in your version of football. I think it's the silly padding and helmets.

Anonymous said...

`There has never been an American president more out of favor with his ‘subjects’ than is George W. Bush. There is no way he is going to gain any greater favor than he has now.`
- and-
`It makes George W. Bush and his repressive acts heroic and perspicacious.`

Seems to me those two sentences are at odds, Les, so i'll try to put my own construction on what might happen if W attacks America a 2nd time.

After 911 W got a boost in popularity, and on exploiting it for the wars of choice his star waned, as many began to realise that w/out 911 those wars were non starters.

Many of these people would have arrived at the conclusion that since the wars were non starters w/out 911, was it just possible that W needed a 911, and so maybe knew about 911 before it happened or . . perish the thought?

All that is more than 6yrs ago, and huge numbers of people by now, perhaps thru osmosis for many, sullenly know or believe that W did it, and the undecideds would also intuitively switch to also now knowing or believing should there be another attack on America.

I do not believe that masses would rally ardently to W's side in a renewed `war against terror`; rather, masses of people unable to contain their anger at the enormous betrayal a 2nd time, would spontaneously, and not in whispers, speak to total strangers not caring if they were overheard by govt spivs.

Once people's anger has overcome their fear come what may, they would realise that they are not alone, and it is then that a wordless resolve forms and everyone knows that it is time to move like a gathering tidal wave to Washington DC, or Crawford, for that Ceaucescu moment.

kikz said...

well.... thank the godz..
that went off w/o incident.

Visible said...

You know Michael you sure do like to nitpick (grin). On the positive side it gives me the opportunity to say a couple of things. First off, there is no contradiction there given that you understand the intent of the statement. Very often I find that certain people don't get what I'm trying to say or draw conclusions that weren't implied.

For instance, I had no feeling that the Super Bowl would be attacked and there are a lot of reasons why I was sure they wouldn't. I mentioned it because it was buzzing around the internet and because, call me superstitious, I thought mentioning would work against such a thing. That might sound stupid but I'm capable of that.

Although I write these things very rapidly I am careful to say what I mean. Still there's never going to be a time when it's perfectly clear to everyone.

I recognize my limitations as a writer. I also know if I were more careful there would be no errors of syntax or otherwise. The truth is that I don't care... heh heh.

I don't even like writing this blog. What I care about is over at Visible Origami or the poetry site but there's not as much of an audience for those things.

This world is a 24/7 mirage to me and I've finally situated my life to the point that I hardly ever see anyone except for my wife and my dogs. I get a bigger thrill walking around under my olive trees than just about anything I could imagine and I'd rather hang out in The Devic Realm than anywhere on the usual planet. It's a good thing the two worlds interpenetrate.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have such a strong sense of injustice and I could be more firmly in the idea that everything is under control and happens for a reason, which I know to be true... but I guess that's part of why I'm here. Either to have some small positive impact or to learn that I have no impact at all.

Anyway, I meant exactly what I said in that sentence. You may disagree with my reasoning but it's a product of my perceptions.

In any case; I don't know if it shows, I have become a lot more careful about what I say and how I say it due to the fact that so many more people read here than ever before. This isn't to say that I avoid certain subjects because that isn't going to happen.

I'm babbling, probably because I got very little sleep last night. It's time for me to shut up.

Anonymous said...

WRH linked to a Jerusalem Post article stating that the USS San Jacinto was docking at Haifa Port today with an anti-missile defense system in case Iran launches missiles at Israel. What's up?

Anonymous said...

The Super Bowl will be attacked, an attack on Iran is imminent for, what is it, a year now? When are you and your ilk going to stop trotting out this crap? The sky is not going to fall so give it a break for christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

Barak Obamah cannot save us, nor congrass, not any one of satans puppets in our goverment from the very top to the bottom.Has anyone with eyes to see that since God has been evicted from our courts, schools and the entire U.S.A. this country has been taken over by satonic powers. The only one who can save is the Lord Jesus Christ. This country has lost morals. our children are subject to free sex, mind control in schools, tv, music and pastors whos first love is money instead of preaching the truth behind the pulpits.This country has become the den of satan , the era of the laodicea church who follow the prosperity gospel.{rev.3:14-22. What is evil has become good and what was good has become evil. IN Matt.12:34 Jesus repuked the pharisees calling them a generation of vipers, Who are still in control today the people were blinded by them and most are blind to them now. Is it not a surprize to me that Mr. Bush a trust to be believer spoke the same words our Lord did in matt.12:30 he that is not with me is against me. Where are all the pastors gone that would have screamed this from the pulpits? I beleive there in the devils den blinded by the materialistic world that so many of people are today, they dont see what evil is in control of our country. All these things were created to distract the masses so these evil doers could sneak in all these new laws that take away our freedoms and have created this police state that we find ourselfs in. Please people wake up!!!! the four horsemen are begining to ride.

Anonymous said...

The only reason there was no major terror act in the summer as predicted by Chertoff and Bush, is because the economy could not take it - it would have just collapsed. Nothing has improved since then as far as the economy is concerned, therefore nothing will happen now

Anonymous said...

Thank God in the very near furture the eastern sky will split and our Saviour Jesus Christ will come, but not for Christ sake but four ours. No the sky is not falling Just the satantc rulers of this world. After nukes are released and mushroom clouds are above those who live through it, the Prince of peace will be on the earth that he created then and only then will there be peace and satan and his followers who think they rule this world will find out they were just puppets used by evil to deceive there followers.we can never let our guard down for they are waiting for people to think this will never happen, when you are lulled to sleep again then they will strike and those who are blind to this, there are nazi camps that are waiting right here in the USA. please open your eyes people befor you wake up inside one. May our Lord look over use and open the eyes of the blind.

Anonymous said...

Iran's Internet connection is just fine! Check out this link:

Anonymous said...

I think the attack has already begun..LOOK UP!!!

The air that you breathe is full of chemtrails...the slow poisoning of all people around the world.

I think there will soon be mass killer viruses released so that Martial Law will be installed.Bush will stay as President, don't think he is going to risk being arrested do you? People won't be able to vote as every household will be in isolation.

The big clue is that The Australian Government has issued 2 warnings recently about the real possibilty of a deadly outbreak similar to Spanish flu, that people will not be able to move about, and advises the population to stock up on dried foods, water etc.

Anonymous said...

I think the attack has already begun..LOOK UP!!!

The air that you breathe is full of chemtrails...the slow poisoning of all people around the world.

I think there will soon be mass killer viruses released so that Martial Law will be installed.Bush will stay as President, don't think he is going to risk being arrested do you? People won't be able to vote as every household will be in isolation.

The big clue is that The Australian Government has issued 2 warnings recently about the real possibilty of a deadly outbreak similar to Spanish flu, that people will not be able to move about, and advises the population to stock up on dried foods, water etc.

Anonymous said...

Must admit, cables being severed all at once, very suspect.

Reason I think is to install surveillance/control/Propaganda devices on repair.

They have to be fixed right?

Anyone know who's doing the repairs?

Good place to start to work out whether fowl play is afoot or not!

Anonymous said...

In the year 1918, towards the end of WW I, a deadly influenza virus appeared called Spanish Flu. This virus was the deadliest killer in world history claiming more lives that even the Bubonic Plague of the Dark Ages. We believe that the virus was created by the German military . . . but came to late to change the course of the war.

A sample of this deadly killer was preserved and now has been re-created in the laboratory. According to a Pentagon insider, they are preparing to use it on the American people soon. The logical way to introduce this virus to the population would by spraying from civilian aircraft. Nobody would suspect them of any complicity in the spraying. The constant spraying by the military is some kind of preliminary bombardment - or softening up - to weaken the immune system and make the human body more susceptible to this deadly FLU!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, wouldn't you know anyone who sees ulterior motives behind four cables getting cut has to be a Zundel supporter, a holocaust denier, a Coast to Coast UFO fan and doubtless a Ron Paul supporter!

TN said...

More at

Anonymous said...

Time to take a vacation. (I'd use old jokes about "tin-foil hats" and "time to get back on your meds," but I don't mean to be snarky.)

No, 9/11 wasn't an "inside job."

Agreed, it is NOT a coincidence that 3 (or is it now 4?) internet cables get "cut" in the space of a week or two. (It'd be fun to graph the number of times they have been cut before, maybe including phone and telex cables.)

Anonymous said...


You have olive trees you can walk under?!? Wow, that sounds nice. As you know, moments of quiet reflection like that are a powerful medicine that can break the fever of the manifest world. Breaking that fever, even for a moment, can open a space inside our minds that allows us to turn away from the oppressive ubiquitousness of current events and explore other possibilities for this life.

Among all the things we can do, I think the most important is to learn to achieve a quiet, clear mind and then teach as many other people as possible how to as well. If the word 'meditate' scares someone, just call it something else. It helps us maintain sanity through the daily grind, and it directly bears on the problems of the world; Goethe said something along the lines of "If we all swept our own front steps, the whole world would be clean." If we all calmed down, the whole world would be quiet. Every decibel counts, really.

Calm, quiet moments have sparked some interesting thoughts in my head over the years, like the one I shared awhile back in another comment on this or one of your other blogs. It was that I should encourage people to invest a few bucks in some shortwave radio equipment that can both transmit and receive, since for all its designed resiliency, our communications infrastructure operates at the whim of... Um, who has access to the Off switches for those essential routers, exactly?

Ah, whatever, I'm sure the basis of my modern lifestyle is in capable hands, right? The US is, like, totally different than Myanmar, where cell and net service were cut just when everybody wanted to use them the most. I mean, OMG!! No txt msg? Id rthr strve! (apologies if that was incorrect; I'm unfamiliar with text-messaging dialects).

To me, it doesn't matter why the cables were cut, or even that it was so obviously intentional. What matters is that they, like all modern logistical channels, are cuttable. It's the same for food, water, oil, medicine, even toilet paper and soap. Churchgoing folks think they have faith; hardly! Real faith is waddling down the supermarket aisles, not even wondering for an instant where all the so-called food and other crap at the Mal-Wart actually comes from. Real faith is blithely shifting huge and vital aspects of the economy online as fast possible without ever stopping to consider that for all it's "virtual" nature, the internet needs to sit in an actual building somewhere that someone owns. Where is my economy based, and who owns the building it's in? I have no idea, but I'm sure they're doing a heck of a job! (hmm, now where have I heard that phrase before??)

I've read the various Carlos Castaneda books, and I'm in the camp that believes them to be works of fiction, but inspired fiction if nothing else. He wrote of "inorganic beings" who lived in some kind of spirit-world "tunnels." They feed off our energy if we let them. In exchange, they let you live in their tunnels, which were full of incredible things and dazzling sights and yadda yadda yadda. I suppose that awesome list would include fiber optics, pharmaceuticals, diamond rings, cars, the internet, toilet paper, and corn dogs (among other things). The catch, of course, was that you exchange your freedom for the convenience and ease of tunnel life. When you're in the tunnels, it's very hard to get back out, since by their nature tunnels have restricted points of entry and exit.

That whole concept made me think of corporations (inorganic beings) and basic utilities (which arrive in pipes or wires, consistent with the tunnel metaphor). It's startling how well it fits. Office buildings are just a series of tunnels housing inorganic beings and the batteries that power them (people), and if you make a bargain with the inorganic beings, they will show you amazing things and seem to perform miracles, but you'll be locked in those tunnels. You're still in one on the drive home from the office; streets are just topless tunnels. Look at modern infrastructure with that in mind, and you will see these tunnels everywhere.

Once locked in, all you can do is hope you manage to enjoy the bright, shiny, dazzling rewards of tunnel life more than you miss the freedom you exchanged for such smooth, un-callused hands and those really clever and convenient individually wrapped slices of cheese. Oh, by the way, also hope and pray that whatever tunnel you're stuck in isn't slated for demolition, as that isn't up to you!

Because if it is, you'd better have already acquired that radio equipment and a few other things that might be handy to have on hand if the tunnels are blocked, closed, or collapse, since afterwards will be too late. Even if no one really intends to shut down a tunnel we depend on, there's always that whimsical, inscrutable God-energy that tends to come along and play havoc with everybody's Big Plans.

We will be free when the day our internet, electricity, water, gas, cellphone, and cable TV can be cut off and the grocery stores emptied, but we don't even notice because we're way too busy walking quietly under the olive trees, needing nothing.

All Good Medicine,

The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

In and of itself, it would appear to me that now more than ever, the best any of us on this great spinning planet of love can hope for is our own inner peace, our own personal love, our own personal faith and our own ability to make the world around us a better place. If one believes there is a greater justice in heaven, then it follows that this is the only place evil can be defeated. In human form, there is no hope that any of us can combat an entity that owns military might, economic power and the media.

It would seem to me that any entity that can pull off a conspiracy to the tune of 9/11 does not worry about one iota of truth reaching any of us. In fact, I would doubt that any morsel of truth from that day has seen the light of day. We have no truth--only a lot of conjecture and misinformation. The power of the perpetrator is so great and secure, that no truth is forthcoming. Conjecture is nice, but if coming to a conclusion which is based upon 2 plus 2 equaling 5, what good is conjecture?

There's no need for another staged terrorist attack. Why would it be needed, and what would it accomplish. 9/11 put the wheels in motion, and there's no turning back. The perps have staged a coup, and few of us appear to have realized it. We don't quite know how, and we'll never know why....although some of us think we can assign blame or piece it all together.

We don't live in a fascist state, but isn't it remarkable how analagous the Bush regime's rise is to Hitler's rise in Nazi Germany. Almost every step mirrors 70 years ago, right down to media ownership, the ultra nationalism that shouts down dissent, the moral decadence of leadership and the megalomaniac design on the world by those in charge.

"V for Vendetta", indeed. I just don't see much hope of American thugs dressed as police standing down if and when we all hit the streets to protest.

Anonymous said...

Attention: Anonymous Sure, Hizbollah are REAL Freedom Fighters (Read the article!) said...
Far too heart rending anonymous.
All nations have their monsters eg Manson etc.
The local authorities should be let do their job and the religious/political finger pointing of the trouble makers should not be reported upon.
This comment looks like a ‘job’ Les and should be treated as such.

kikz said...

found this 6A CDT, US.

i've not pinged the servers personally though....
but thought you'd want the update.

via blacklisted news, via cryptogon

Source: Cryptogon

I don�t expect people to know much about computers, but the story about Iran having no Internet access is complete nonsense.

It scares the living crap out of me that so many Cryptogon readers are propagating this nonsense without even trying to verify whether or not the story is true. (In fairness, one Cryptogon reader who submitted it later wrote that, by the same measure, Florida had no Internet services. HAHA)

The page that all of you are submitting monitors one router, which happens to be down, at the Iran University of Science and Technology. Somehow, through the magic bullshit amplification powers of the Intertubes, the fact that one router is down at an Iranian university has snowballed into �Iran is off the air.�

Oh really?

Why not check out the Iran University of Science and Technology�s homepage?
Machine Location: Tehran, Iran

How about the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
Machine Location: Tehran, Iran

How about the Central Bank of The Islamic Republic of Iran?
Machine Location: Tehran, Iran

Anonymous said...

re: The Murder of Jewish Toddlers!

There's Something Wicked in the Wind
And it's not just Les going to the Al Qaeda

Some statistics from B’Tselem


Anonymous said...

Village Idiot -

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment. Just wanted to mention that.


Anonymous said...

Why are we assuming that something was not planned for the Superbowl? I've come to believe that there is a faction of "good guys" (or at least less evil) that are in the know, that have financing, that have other agendas, that understand the current tech employed by the intel agencies, and that have some ability to thwart certain planned attacks for reasons known only to them.

Why are we assuming that the "forces of evil" are all united and working in harmony? They are not and this is obvious. To me, this is analogous to Hitler's regime also, as it was common practice within the Nazi Party to encourage factions to battle one another (like wolves) so that the victor became that much more ruthless. The powers that be who controlled Hitler encouraged this and enjoyed the outcomes financially, morally, and in other ways. Bush et al is merely one faction among many who is competing to get their scraps.

Logically, we may think that those who might have prevented something at the Superbowl are "heroes" then, but it would serve all us innocents very well indeed to remember that it is always US against THEM as we are always puppets on a string. And avoiding some disaster at a Superbowl does not dimiss the facts of Chemtrail spraying, Morgellons's disease, directed EM & microwave weaponry, embedded subliminal programming, and a number of other plots continuing on minute by minute, day by day. We are at war, and have been for many decades, and we should not judge progress by the outcomes of minor battles.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is a really great read and I think you have connected all the dots. I agree with you about almost everything almost to the point of thinking you must be reading my mind somehow. From Jimmy Carter to Ron Paul to the fake terrorists and to the Zionists and their stooge sitting in the White House, all of it.

I have some information that might interest you and provide you some insight into the 9-11 hoax and related skullduggery. I lived in the Philippines for several years, most of it in Mindanao, the big southern island that is home to most of the Filipino Muslims. The Philippines, and especially Mindanao has been a playground for spooks of all types and the place for a great deal of international monkey business for a long time.

And I am sure you know that the Philippines had their own local chapter of “Al Qaeda” operating there going by the name of “Abu Sayyaf”. Now, I can tell you with great certainty that these Abu’s are as phony as the rest of the Al Qaeda hoax. This is not to say that some of these Abu’s are not real bloodthirsty killers and hellions of the worst sort, they are of course. But in that part of the world there is surely nothing exceptional about that and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to have a bunch of these barrio outlaws come together and form an outlaw band. The hills are full of such gangs and kidnapping syndicates operate everywhere and have for a long time.

To understand the Abu Sayyaf phenomena and much else that has transpired there in recent years is not that difficult for a person who lived there in Mindanao during their rampage and before. But for a person from outside the island, even for a Filipino from some other part of the country, the story can get very confusing, as I am sure this is the intent of the handlers of these Abu’s.

I think I understand what happened there and would be glad to piece it together for you in the hope that this might help you connect some other parts of the puzzle that you know about from your investigations. If you want me try to provide you some background, just let me know by e-mail.

The Abu phenomena is also connected to a bunch of other monkey business of a similar character: There is a definite connection to the 1993 WTC bombing. There is, via Terry Nichols, a likely connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. And you have the “Bojinka Plot”, which was supposed to be a sort of “practice run” for 9-11. All of this, including the Abu’s, operated along a Manila - Cebu City - Zamboanga City – Basilian Island - Sabha axis.

BTW, some of the important elements of the Bojinka Plot that have been revealed in the US are very mistaken, or at least in great variance to what was reported in the Philippine press at the time and also at variance with what would have been possible.

Back in the 1990’s, during the rise of the Abu’s Mindanao was just working alive with spooks, I should know, I worked for one of them for a while. Another one, I never met him but know somebody who did, managed to get one of his legs blown off by an explosion in his Davao City hotel room when a box full of detonators he had under his bed exploded and wrecked the place. A very interesting escape was arranged for him, where he was illegally (he was under arrest for the bombing) whisked out of his Davao City hospital bed by an FBI team from the US embassy and shipped out of the country in a hurry.

Bombings in East Asia have been just a regular feature of life there for nearly two generations. In the Philippines during the last fifty or so years there have been untold thousands of bombings and almost none of them ever reported here. There is a reason for this and a few local features that have made this possible that very few folks outside the region understand. A bit of a complicated story but very interesting and probably a feature in the rise of bombings elsewhere in the world.

Anyway Les, If you are interested in any of this let me know and I will try to put it together in an e-mail for you.

Keep up the good work.

I'll send more when i get it ordered and composed

sockmonkey said...









Anonymous said...

So.... more of the same old same old.
About as much "choice" in the political "process" here as in the old Soviet politburo. A Bible thumping republican populist who believes the world began 6k years ago wins five states. McInsane the rest. Diebold favors Hellary. More wars, more authoritarianism, less jobs, less freedom, destitution.

"Ma & Pa Clinton's 3rd Inaugural Ball":

(Note: The child sacrifices to Moloch are not shown.)



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