Friday, February 8, 2008

When the Law makes you an Outlaw.

We’ve got a lot of things in the windshield these days; the 2008 ‘funny money’ election, the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Palestinian genocide, the Washington/Tel Aviv fife and drum clubs rendition of “Bomb Iran”, each day’s avalanche of the same old lies collapsing downhill like one of the flaming dumps giving way outside of Manila, ...the endless spatter of revelations raining down which are ignored by everyone with any power to do anything about them. The information and events bleed through the side vents of the ride to nowhere. The gas gauge reads empty but the porcine clowns jammed into the vehicle are passing around the whiskey bottle and giving the nation the finger ...and the crowd? The crowd loves it.

The news of every day could be the news of any day. What’s happening and what gets reported are on separate planets. It’s as if we are looking at a simulated ocean and watching the waves of collective emotion rise and fall according to the whim of whoever is controlling the oscillations; as in the present electoral circus. The ocean isn’t real, the feelings aren’t real. It’s just another distraction to pass the time as the real world gets shaped by unseen hands behind the fabricated scenery. At some point the curtains part and you finally see what all the mis-direction was about but you can’t do anything now.

It makes me think about the advice you get from your parents and your teachers and how that corresponds to your parent’s actual behavior and what you actually encountered on the streets in real time. It’s no wonder everyone is schizophrenic. It’s no wonder ambivalence is the norm or that not knowing whether to shit or go blind has resulted in both. It’s no wonder everyone is guilty and impotent and looking for a dark place to hide. Is this how it ends... with everyone disappearing up their own assholes?

One thing makes your world sane and safe; if we look at it in a strictly temporal way. One thing sets order and continuity and provides for common themes of understanding and well being. One thing is responsible for whether you can pursue your dreams or live in fear of them never coming true. That thing is your laws. Unless you are living in the wilderness with the rare capacity for self sufficiency, you are living in a society among your fellows and subject to the patterns that regulate the flow of manifest existence.

At the highest point of metaphysical awareness there are laws. In the operation of the forces of nature there are laws. All religions have their purported laws of the divine that are set forth to regulate human conduct with the intention of enforcing and maintaining harmony among those who are the living representations of their time.

What made America a fantastic experiment was her laws. It wasn’t just the laws themselves but also the ideas that the laws were constructed to protect. Individual rights were of paramount concern and within the parameters of what the laws permit it was possible for the individual to have the opportunity to enjoy and express freely, to achieve whatever the imagination could envision ...and thereby was a nation made great.

They had a good system. It was supposed to provide ‘checks and balances’ ...that was the idea. If those entrusted with the administration of this system had been honest men and women then all would have been and still would be, well. Alas... human nature is a fickle thing and that is why there are laws to circumscribe its weaknesses and excesses. Round and round it goes... a good system... flawed administrators... lawyers... lobbyists... corporations and banks.

The Founding Fathers were a wise group insofar as their admonitions and efforts show at the birth of the nation. One has only to read Jefferson and Adams and Franklin among others to see that they were aware of the scams past, present and pending. Their commentaries on a central banking system; the potential for tyranny, corruption, the annotation of laws to the advantage of the predators tell us much of what was in their minds. They knew all about it and they warned the citizenry in many ways. They saw to the protection of individual rights and the system itself. They saw to the process of perpetuation and reminded us of the necessity for eternal vigilance.

The idea of the Federal Reserve is anathema to any true patriot or anyone desiring to live in a free nation. What happens when private banks- masquerading by title as a federal agency- are given the right to print money out of thin air and then lend it out at their whim for interest? Do I have to detail the obvious here? I don’t think so.

What happens when the laws which are the cornerstone of your freedom and security are treated like Leggo blocks by those empowered to do so through the machinations of lawyers? Why were there anti-trust laws; laws about monopolies and a free press? These laws ‘were’ in place to protect against the dark side of human nature. Without the power of inflexible law representative of basic ideals you are a victim and a food source.

The power to force a nation’s people into debt is tantamount to legalizing slavery. We have seen this at work in Third World debt which is the medium by which resources are stolen and always by the agency of corrupt leaders who bypass their own laws.

This is why this present administration has been so busy in the area of changing the laws. The law is your protection until... until it becomes your persecutor and slave master. Round and round it goes. It is one of life’s ironies that whatever something is founded on it will eventually turn into it’s opposite unless militated against; freedom into tyranny.

Debt compels those in debt to turn the wheel of industry which fills the coffers of those who put you into debt by lending you money that they created like a product placed on a shelf which you purchase at further profit to them. There are other methods applied as well but this is the heart of it. Debt has the power to still one’s conscience and one’s tongue. No one wants to be living beneath a highway underpass.

The tactics used are not new tactics. The most certain way to enslave a nation's people is to convince them they are in danger of a fabricated external threat and that their laws must be changed to grant the government the power to protect them from something that doesn't exist. It's the government that they need protection from. The banking games, the control of news and information, the trivialization of human dignity are all ancient devices. There’s nothing new here and there is nothing new in what happens to you when you go along with the program.

Bad things have been happening in America for a long time. Yet, always there was the constitution and the laws which could be used to correct the nation’s course. You may not want to see what is and has been happening. You may think it’s all just going to fix itself when the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there. You may wish in one hand and shit in the other. The result is a product of simple math.

You must resist by stepping away from the smoke machine and ceasing to contribute to the process that keeps the goblins in power. Without your participation there is no product. Until the people realize what is happening it will go on happening. Sooner or later conditions will become so bad that you will have no choice. It is far better to act before that time.

Everything that happens is due to what the laws permit. Corporations must be restrained. It is their nature to evolve into huge devouring beasts. Foreign interests, lobbyists and lawyers must all be restrained by the force of law. They will not restrain themselves. When a handful of people want control over the whole world and an even greater percentage of wealth than they have already, who do you think that control is over and from whom is that wealth to be taken? Think about it.

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sockmonkey said...

"padded with power here they come international loansharks backed by the guns
of market hungry military profiteers
whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeard
with the blood of the poor

who rob life of its quality
who render rage a necessity
by turning countries into labour camps
modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

sinister cynical instrument
who makes the gun into a sacrament the only responce to the dification
of tryanny by so-called developed nations
idolatry of ideology

north south east west
kill the best and buy the rest
it's just spend a buck to make a buck
you don't really give a flying fuck about the people in the misery

IMF dirty MF
takes away everything it can get
always making certain that thers one thing left
keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

see the paid off local bottom feeders
passing them selfs off as leaders kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows and it's open for business like a cheap bordello
and they call it DEMCOCRACY

see the loaded eyes of the childern too
trying to make the best of it the way kids do

one day your going to rise from your habitual feast
to find your self staring down the throat of the beast
they call the revolution

IMF dirty MF
takes away everything it can get
always making certain that theres one thing left
keep them on the hook with insupportable DEBT"

Bruce Cockburn 1985


Anonymous said...

Brilliant writing - Please keep it up! Same can also be said for what I remember Australia was like when I was a

Anonymous said...

Wtp are a feed lot; battery hens in place for the consumption and excesses of the few.
Welcome to the New World Order.
Just recently, you have excelled yourself Les.

Anonymous said...

What Tony said. You have always been brilliant but lately you are outside what was formerly possible. I'd say you rank with the best of any age my friend and I'm happy to be chiming in again.

No, I did not have to go back to jail. That was unfortunate. Next time I won't get caught.

Eugene said...

Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Hierolysome Est Perdita!

Guy Faux is burned each year to shepherd those to their freedom

Guy Faux a hero to each who mouth "look at our freedom"

Guy Faux is strawman, a contract, a corporation, an illusion of law

Guy Faux is snake on a stick, it has drawn all into the woodpile

Guy Faux is a hollowman, all fluff and no stuff, a boy in a bubble

Guy Faux is a trap, created desire for called "pursuit of happiness"

Guy Faux is a girl with red shoes,
she becomes what she hates

Guy Faux and her fractured companions travel river of ounces

Roadside Bacon stop. Get your alchemical gunpowder here!

Bacon is pig is sows ear is purse is Isis Veil, pudenda

One must steal the wisdom from the purse, one must be the dagger

Guy Faux is layer upon layer, qillipot on qillipot, Peter

Peters not the dagger, hes the assrobber paedophile priest

Johnnie Laws laws all have one thing to frame, the women

Taboo is menstruual blood and pigs, of Jews who are not Juwes

Guy Faux, the enemies within, the enemies without, pudendas door

Vanity is a boy in a bubble, a shepherds litany of empty words

Hevel is vanity, Abel is hevel,
Cains presence pops hevel, always

The light of the seed is a bang, the womb receives with a whimper

kikz said...

"Yet, always there was the constitution and the laws which could be used to correct the nation’s course."

the last i've seen of it.......was
superbowl sunday. didn't even have skin in the game, i watched the opening ceremonies, and the last qtr.

hoping against hope that the trigger wouldn't be pulled. even if it were, and the only thing i saw was static from a dead feed... i still had to see it.. had some need to see it.
guess that follows my need to see an impending tornado bearing down on me. face it head on. turn and face the strain... as is were.


distracted, attending to domesticities... i recall....
carried here in dallas by rupert's fux vox... his presentation of who americans are as a nation..... soundtracked by stirring music.......rupert traced our great beginnings to a signing of the constitution by 4 signers.....
actors, self-congratulatory and smug at their penned "thumb to the nose" in king george's general direction. ha ha.. aren't we smart.
i was half surprised that they didn't pass round "sam adams' beer". cuz ya know.... pledging your fortune and life for posterity to an endeavor of such scale, that will cost you both if you fail...... is such a lighthearted thing.. in no way serious or dangerous..... or to be taken on in sobriety of thought, manner or deed.

the passion play was followed w/cuts of various players &, owners all of whom intoned "i'm an american" while wistfully looking stage left and above the camera. this was followed by an announcer informing us.. that this all was brought to us by the nfl, who champion our american way of life, and support the troops who fight for our freedom. cuts of waving flags/soldiers....

feeling the bile rise in my throat, i never the less resisted the urge to hurl all over my kitchen floor.

this.... this is what our constitution is now used for. all the thought and reason and trepidation and guts that represented the higher ideals of the founders.....which saw fruition in that parchment and its spirit...

now the entire episode reduced to and used as backdrop for the opening ceremony for our modern coliseum, our circus maximus, a mock war interspersed w/beer, texas truck and cocacola ads.

what else can i say.................

our national soul is dying, and like you said les.... they eat it up, cheer it on.

Anonymous said...

When the Law makes you an Outlaw
My take on theft from supermarkets has been that if someone is caught, the supermarket should be fined as well.
My reasoning is that the supermarkets (corporations) use our human nature to entice us to take items that are on offer - OK (not OK but to continue the argument).
So they know our nature and it is their marketing that entices us to 'pick things up' so...
This thinking (not necessarily wrong thinking) can be applied to banks that give us money, that isn't ours and that we didn't ask for, to spend.
Knowing full well that most of us will not send it back or say no I don't want that - we will just go and spend it.
When we can't make repayments? - fine us, put us through the courts, jail us, (or send us to the colonies to fight their wars – yet to come?).
Blame can very easily be dispersed.

Anonymous said...

Again, the system stinks!
Believe a lie, participate in the (false) promise, disillusionment, death.
from WRH - This is an excellent news piece

Anonymous said...

What would someone Visibly mentally disturbed say:
Thornton: Something has to explain the obsession with Israel for the last 60 years. If it were just on principle––e.g., occupying someone else’s land is wrong––then on that principle there are many other nations more guilty and supposedly murderous than Israel has been. Yet those numerous other offenders are not given a fraction of the condemnation Israel suffers––and Israel has been attacked three times! Survey all the presumed reasons for hating Israel, and you can come up with 20 other countries that have been infinitely worse, most without Israel’s legitimate motive of self-defense, and all without the global hatred directed against Israel. Eliminate rational reasons and you’re left with irrational––anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

I can sense the time is coming
Because our species starts running
Hiding in front of T.v.'s
"Maybe we can just wait it out, or something"
But no
We're all controlled by unseen forces
Boarding up our mental doors
And truth is
We're all just walking corpses
Due to the abolishment of habeus corpus
Legalized torture
Creating massive world wars
This isn't what our Anscestors fought for
Liquor stores, and quick-e-marts
McDonald's, and pathmark
Titty bars, and nail salons
Casino's and coupons
Cameras on the street corner
Troops drawn
All pawns
America's living wrong
Destroying what we're standing on
So I got some words of change
Although it may be strange
I feel i should shout it
We need a fucking answer
And i do believe that i have found it

Get off your ass
Learn your brain
Let go of the TV
Feel REAL pain
Bottle up that anger
Get real rowdy


Saw some poems, felt it appropriate.

And I must admit Les, you have kicked up your "game".

Anonymous said...

Dear Israeli anonymous.

Everything you say is bullshit and easily disproved but no one likes arguing with zealots who approve of mass murder. Lets just say this. Israel wasn't attacked any of those times. They did the attacking just like the did in Lebanon recently. Furthermore why don't you look into Marxist Russia and who it was that sent those tens of millions to indescribable suffering and death. Take a good look and rub your face in it. They probably deserved it didn't they? Just like the sub humans in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You redid all your blogs. Very cool work and that song is freaking beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Child Support Recovery Unit is a prime example. Did you know your state is incentived to collect unaccountable (in their expenditure by the custodial parent) funds by the federal government?

Anonymous said...

'Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.'
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was brilliant writing but for one correction. The Founding Fathers were NOT the men you think, you have ALL been hoodwinked, even in school.
Ben Franklin was the ONLY person in those days described as a man of letters. When Franklin, Jefferson, John Jay, Henry Clay etc, etc, were doing the drafts, they had no idea that good ol' Ben Franklin was a French Attorney, working as a Triple Agent for the Crown, to capture America for ALL time, on paper for the British. The Declaration of Independence, and your Constitution (Con being the operative word) are nothing more than International Bankruptcy Agreements due to the fact that "America" could not pay back the $1.6 million francs borrowed from the French to fight the "War of Independence".
Problem is, Americans can NEVER handle the Truth on this subject, no matter how many times the facts are shown. Your International Bankruptcy ended Sept.17 1999.
To make matters worse, both of those documents were written in Fiction....there are no NOUNS at all, except for the signatures on the backs of each document. George Washington and all the rest signed their names using punctuation, or prepositional-phrases, making them Nouns..... AMERICA eh? A = No, MERI = Mercy, CA = Sheep. Same as Canada, good ol' Ben, did it again.
Canadian money has no distinction between the AN and the DA, making the word CANADA = C, long dash, long dash, A, therefore CA = Sheep.
Benjamin your ol' pal, designed the money for America and Canada, funny about that huh? In fact, good ol' Ben designed and corrected ALL documentation of anything to do with America in it's beginnings!
Have a nice day waking up America.
When you figure out why it takes so long to have an election in America, and why it's always 45 days after 17 September....EVERY FOUR may just want to do some research like I did...WOW! the facts are unbelievable, but TRUE!! You may want to watch the movie "Last of the Mohicans" for a clue.

Anonymous said...

The day will come and very soon when Americans turn on Israel and all of Israel's agents here with a vengeance and fury so terrible that the earth will shake.

Anonymous said...

"The compulsion to see undesirable events as having human instigators is an expression of the desire for control. Some folks find the idea that there isn't someone behind these events, that there's nothing that can be done to prevent these random horrors, too frightening for words. They grimly cling to the notion that someone, somewhere is in control of things, making bad stuff happen. Someone who, if the conspiracy were only exposed, could be made to stop these terrible events."

sockmonkey said...

a good place to start may be for people to refuse to move out when the banks forclose. what are they going to do? have hundreds of mini wacos and ruby ridge standoffs all over the country. local cops tasering their neighbors out of their homes. blackwater? wake the fuck up. THE BANKS ARE BANKRUPT. ALL THE BULLSHIT WEALTH IS GONE.

houses sitting empty while people are homeless. WTF

how gutless and brainwashed our we? a bunch of criminals spill ink on paper and charge us interest for the privliage of useing it and then demand real property as collaterial. this scam doesn't work without our coopertation.

welcome to your amish paradise

Anonymous said...

Спасибо Les для вашего эссе

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if democracy is meant to fail. Too many low life politicians always selling us out for the almighty dollar. It's all about money.

nobody said...

Brilliant, the front page and the back. Except for the troll. Mate, you're way out your depth here. Take your shit elsewhere.

And Paul Craig Roberts over at counterpunch has morphed into Les' suit-wearing alter ego -

"All this work, the neocon Project for a New American Century, the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the demonization of Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, the ghettoization of the West Bank and Gaza, the police state measures that Bush has succeeded in putting on the books, the concentration of power in the executive branch, these are successes from which the Brownshirts will not walk away."

The progression of whatever's coming describes a curve that accelerates into a steeper and steeper incline. Eventually it crosses a point and is as good as vertical. And then everything happens all at once. It ain't far off

Anonymous said...

more great work les, thanks.

Charlie, you're right, the world and its communities and societies that we lived in only 20 years ago have been almost entirely destroyed

To the bleating israeli anonymous- you people never answer for your crimes except to say "look what others do, what we do is no worse than what others do, go and complain about what others do before you complain to us"

A) that's a confession.
B) No others have done what you have done.

And C) - You're accusers are not anti-semitic. They're anti-jewish. In the same way that I am anti-american, although many of the best people I have met have been american, many of the best anti-NWO (for a convenient over-label) sites are
american. Americans are in the vanguard of opposition to what is going on Compare that to the deafening silence from the world-wide jewish community, they know there's profit for them in what's going on. The only semites we see are the victims of the racist jewish holocaust against the arab peoples

And as it seems to be a bit of a poet's corner this week -

The moving finger writes
and having writ, moves on.

Not all thy piety, nor all thy wit,
can lure it back to cancel half a line.

Nor all thy tears wash away a single word.


sockmonkey said...


Anonymous said...

Empires typically last for approximately two centuries. As such, the way I see it, the U.S. is just following a natural bell curve where the society is on its decline. Like all empires before it, the U.S. is sadly collapsing under the weight of its own mass.
There is an excellent book of science fiction, "A Canticle for Liebowitz", whose premise is that where humanity is capable of physical evolution, we are eternally in stasis when it comes to ethical evolution, and as such, continuously engineer our own self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

Those who believe themselves to be good and possibly religious but don't understand the laws for their human existence go into captivity in Babylon. What are the laws for human existence. The real ones, I mean, from the Mind that brings the universe into existence all the time.

Remember, Israel broke the laws of God and went into captivity. It was banished from its home and only got it back through theft. Now who is in captivity to the new Babylon, the people who have denied God and are in direct opposition to the spiritual laws?

This is Babylon and you are its captive. The Israelites decided to disobey their Babylonian captors and were roundly beaten into submission by those captors. I'm not saying that Babylonian rulers are right about more than one thing: We are their captives. As for their murder, theft, rape, pedophilia and the rest of it...they have a pay day coming and you won't be giving it to them but come it will.

Anonymous said...

USA Brownshirts
‘InfraGard’ is a US Citizen organization that works to lessen the burdens of government and to increase the security of the United States national infrastructure. InfraGard is a United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program.

sockmonkey said...

the easiest way to raise livestock? convince it that it's in charge, hell give it the keys

i could never figure out the enforcement side.

infragard - staring the blackwater prince

the most important part of of any infrastructure? THE MAN HOUR UNIT
if you aint got it you aint got it

this aint gonna be pretty

annemarie said...

Hallo Les et All :)

Les, I hope you won't find this off topic, the first part specifically, because a comment here by Anonymous @ 11:17 got me thinking (more).

I was thinking about your essay and then the Super Bowl and certain comments and signs, et voila:

NFL = Nefilim*
Giants also Nefilim (Genesis, biblical ref)
Patriots = ordinary wo/men
How the Giants defeated the Patriots last Sunday. haha it's just a game. Sure it is. But the "ball's in play". Isn't it. And it's not ONLY a game, is it.
Super Bowl= "football", including the arrogance/ignorance of calling it football; nuclear references; warlike games (utterly warlike in multiple ways). And Giants need a SUPER bowl in/at which to feast/gorge. Don't they.

And the U.S. being the world's biggest and "baddest" militarist mother-fuckers; ergo U.S. aka the "New World" having been designed the way it is precisely for war, warring, and war games. heheh even when it's not just a game! Mother fuckers!

And clearly, what is the SuperBowl (and the U.S. itself too) if not modern-day Bread and Circuses. For the hoi polloi. ? ! Welcome to the new world, and welcome to the forum. too. ;)

Then I looked up those dates:
Sept 17
1787 – The U.S. constitution is signed in Philadelphia, PA
1814 – Francis Scott Key finishes his poem, the Star Spangled Banner
1862 – American Civil War: single-day Battle of Antietam; the Bloodiest day in American History with 23,100 killed, wounded or captured.
1920 – National Football League (NFL) is organized in Canton, Ohio.
1947 – James V. Forrestal is sworn in as the First Secretary of Defense of the U.S.
1976 – The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise was unveiled by NASA
2001 – The NYSE opened for the first time after the Sept. 11 attacks.

What's the pattern here? Constitution. In other words, LAW. [The original law of the land? haha. another grand joke on us! Sick really. Really sick.]
War poem/national anthem [not incidentally, words written by a Lawyer and amateur poet!]
War. Football.
NASA (star/space wars? nazis in space? heheh. just joking. ;)
Money. The economy. Fed Reserve dollars. Who they reserving it for, eh?

As far as 45 days after, Nov 1 aka Elect a Prez (commander in chef [sic] wonder what he's cooking up next,eh) day? Well, lookee here:

1993 – The Maastricht Treaty formally establishes the European Union.
1998 – The European Court of Human Rights is instituted

See that? I've known from time that the Nazis were not defeated. They did not lose. More lies...They re-grouped. The America(n)s welcomed them with open arms. ;) They're baaack. If y'all don't get this yet, try harder!

Big hint: race wars. And big mo'fo space wars too, if you please ;)

Seriously, please wake up every one. Please don't take the bait. Please.

I want to ask Anonymous @11:17 what's the significance of "every 4 years"? I don't get that part. Maybe s/he will answer ? Maybe someone else will? I'd like to know what that means. But, I don't want to waste time going in circles. Thanks.

*I'm not referring to space aliens here, btw. You can refer to them as that if you like. But imo, it's the same difference! Meaning no difference. Because We are all a hybrid. Of what exactly, I don't know, can't say. And it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. No time to waste anymore on quibbling over nonsense. Really. Never really was...anyhow...

I know this much. We are stars. We come from there. Here and there. Heavenly "bodies" in human/animal outfits. Out-fits? Exactly! That is what we are. All of us. Including the fucked-up, bloodthirsty ones among us. They too are stars, like us. But they're the most lost, the most confused, and the most dangerous among us. They are all a part of us, and we are a part of them. This ties in exactly with the holy (wholly) or royal bloodlines that some are so obsessed about. -- Obsessions make us sick. I rest my case, your honour. btw, why should I call you "your honour", or worse "my lord"? wtf. who died and made you God, a judge, a god over me? I call bullshit!] It's also why racism exists when in fact, there's only ONE HUMAN RACE. It's all part of the confusion, the grand deception. The biggest of lies. Sexism. And racism. Hey, if one doesn't work, try the other. Right? grrr
Anyhow, I'm not trying to write a book. Besides, it's all been said and sung before in countless ways.

Other thoughts on Les' essay...the Law? Whose law exactly. Yeah, the law turns many/most of us into outlaws. All by fucked-up design, by fucked-up people. Get it yet why they're called *mother-fuckers*? Think bout it! And being an outlaw can be an honourable thing ...precisely when the Law/s are immoral, reprehensible, and downright ILLEGAL. Any law is illegal if it goes against respect for any one life! Respect life.

And some want us all to revere the Law, eh? Paul Revere,eh? hahaaha what a fucking joke, eh! That's a fucking made-up name if ever I heard one. Just like the story surrounding him! Fake, made-up, just like a fairy tale, but with an ugly ending.

Land of the free? Home of the brave? ahahaaha. NOT!

"The holy land?". ahahaa NOT!

Canada, such a nice, peaceful country? ahahaa NOT. See, I could go on, everywhere. But the lies, lies, lies are in the way.

layers and layers of lies and laws (based on lies). All designed to keep us ***Divided*** internally and externally. To keep us from seeing/sensing and seeking truth. Whole truth, and nothing but.

The love of ownership/money is the ROOT of all that is evil.

When a law is warped, corrupted, then we are not supposed to follow or respect it. I know which law I follow, it's simple really. There's only one. Respect All. That's it. I'm a simple person and I have only one law. Simple.
And I'll not ever respect any "law" which does not respect EVERY ONE.

Resistance is the "secret" of joy. Meaning resistance to the lies, to the illusion, to the delusions. Resistance to the lying law/s. Resist.

Resistance is NOT futile. That's another lie. Big fucking lie!

Remember this, it's important: that 'divide and conquer' has been the fuckers MOST EFFECTIVE TACTIC for ages. Reject it. Now would be a good time.

Methinks that these truly ARE the times we've been waiting for. Keep the faith. Keep the grace. Make care. Make love. With every one, BUT don't make love with lies or liars. I trust that's clear?

We are powerful beyond measure. We are cooperative, giving, loving, NATURE. Anything contrary to that is a lie.

Psychopaths suffer from an absence of love. And make no mistake, they suffer. Also they, in turn, cause others to suffer. All we need is love. Turn it around. Blast 'em with love. When they're not receptive to it, blast them with good humour. If that doesn't work, get out the way. Ignoring them works wonders too. Like vampires they need to be "fed". Don't feed the vampires.

Listen to the music.
Tune out the noise. Don't dance to any war drums.

Love. It's amazing grace.

Thank you dear Les :)
Thank you and Make care ever'one. Tender, loving care ;)

Once upon a time...
what's it gonna be, how is this going to go?

Every story is the same know.

Once upon a time...
and they ALL lived happily ever after

**It's not a fairy-tale ;)

kikz said...

sidebar on paul revere... as i understand it.....
his father changed the name somewhat, when he came over w/the huguenot (persecuted prot french) to the colonies.

ran across that tidbit, doin research on my huguenot ancestors...

while i agree w/the bankruptcy post revolution... i seriously doubt franklin was a triple agent... paine would've nailed him on it..
as he did washington, when left to rot in a french prison. franklin finally got him released. paine would've called bullshit on franklin even though he owed him his life.

words vs deeds.
washington was a traitor in my book, following his deeds inre the whisky rebellion.

no, the founders were not saints..but products of their environs and their time.....

but in retrospect.. they were some of the finest minds of their day. and if they are to be eclipsed by those of us more enlightened... i have yet to witness it - evidenced by any superior documentation that so effects the rule of law of what's left of this country.

kikz said...

oh and sockmonkey..

infraguard, wackenhut, et al..

i "know" wackenhut.. havin worked nuclear construction...
goon squad..
we're not talkin cream o da crop here... low iq thugz.

Anonymous said...

I feel the time is so upon us friend I really dig your mind set truly we surely have need of more like you and I eh..Take care and Peace Be with you.

my name "skully" cause of my motorcycle..

Anonymous said...

"When freedom is outlawed,only outlaws will be free...."
an old pruism

"If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve"
fifth spoken-word album by Jello Biafra.

"When Donuts are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Donuts"
Seniors Protesting Donut Ban


There's a well upon the hill
From our ancient past
Where an age is standing
Still holding strong and fast
And there's those that try to tame it
And to carve it into stone
Ah but words cannot extinguish it
However hard they're thrown

In darkness we do what we can
In daylight we're oblivion
Our hearts so raw and clear
Are turning away, turning away from here

Dougie Maclean

Wonderful post Les!


annemarie said...

Wonderful poem Dougie Maclean :)

sockmonkey said...

wakenhut blackwater

in the end i don't think it will matter.

blackwater has been lobbying for the fema work and infragard seems like a convenient back door without any public scrutiny

hell they will probably merge



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