Thursday, February 28, 2008

President Obama's Inaugural Address.

Something unusual has happened. A black man has been elected president against all odds. He won the nomination of his party largely through the efforts of a media that was disposed to his candidacy. It was believed that the Republicans would have a much easier time defeating him and so the spin cycle was set on full to make the percentages appear that Candidate Obama would have an easier time defeating Candidate McCain. No effort or expense was spared.

Candidate Clinton was made to appear vile and duplicitous. Candidate Clinton was discussed and photographed in bad light. In the years preceding the primaries, Candidate Clinton was advised to vote in favor of the Iraq War. She was advised to support fascist legislation. She was convinced that she must take a hard line and show a hawkish persona. All of these efforts became immense liabilities in the runoff against Candidate Obama.

Candidate Clinton had long been owned by the elite forces that had ruled the country for so many years. She was never more than a pawn in the process, just as her husband had been before her. Candidate Obama was perfect for the intentions of the shadow government. His name rhymed with that of histories most legendary terrorist. He had connections to a Black Muslim leader. He had levers that could be used and wheels that could be turned. In the end Candidate McCain would win.

Candidate McCain was unimportant. It was McCain’s vice presidential running mate who was to be the front man for the final stage of the New World Order. President McCain was to die shortly after taking office. Years of elaborate planning; of double blinds and never ending Chinese Boxes made in the USA and The City in London all assured that there was no possibility of mistake. Somehow, for reasons unknown to anyone who should have known; against all odds, America was watching the swearing in of her first black president. America was watching the people’s choice, which had been set up to lose, come down the stretch a winner. Time stopped.

We are watching Barack Obama being sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. There is an air of awe and expectancy over the land. Everyone is watching, or listening and wondering. Is this the new Camelot? Does America finally turn the corner? Is hope real? Is change a possibility? Do dreams come true? Here in another moment of great national trial, with enormous challenges at home and abroad... do dreams come true? Is change a possibility? Is hope real?

Do not concern yourself with why McCain lost. Use your imagination. This is the least important feature of this portrait. Assume that it is so. We will now join the new President Obama as he steps toward the microphone to deliver his inaugural address. This is what President Obama should say. If President Obama sincerely dreams of a better world and possesses the integrity to attempt such a thing, this is how it should go.

We see him now. He looks far too young for the weight of this new office. He is as impossibly young as our hopes and dreams. There is a force in his eyes as the camera catches him placing his hands upon the lectern. There is a pause like captured breath, held tight against a sea of emotions, which cannot be recalled once they are loosed. President Obama draws a sheaf of papers from his suit coat. He opens them and studies the first page. He looks up at the crowd and exhales. He shakes his head and returns the papers to his pocket. He looks up. He looks down. He looks out upon the sea of faces and he says...

“My fellow citizens and citizens of every country in the world, I had a speech prepared for me today. It was filled with all of the rhetoric that I have been compelled to utter in these many months until this moment. I did not know until I looked at it in my hands that I could not in good conscience deliver it. Change and the presence of realized hope cannot depend on words for their accomplishment. Change and hope that are not real will never come to pass. We achieve instead... only some new variation on a theme. We merely paint the existing structure with a different face and nothing changes but the appearance.

We cannot find unity. We cannot bring healing. We can accomplish nothing transformative until we have seen and named and touched the evil in our midst. In these last eight years many terrible events have occurred and we are left with the same tired excuses and explanations that are always attached to terrible things interpreted by the reasonable men who made them happen. They say, that we had no choice. It was our duty. It is complicated. Yes... it is always this way.

Those who caused the events and led us astray into the wilderness of painful and unnecessary destiny are now all patriots again as they have ever been. They are elder statesmen now and they will be called upon for charitable endeavor and on to corporate convention floors and university auditoriums and television screens and history will be reworked before our eyes as it has always been. It is not enough for me to continue in this charade. It is certainly not enough for you; you the people.

On September 11th of 2001 this country was attacked and everything changed in that moment. That event became a blank check for oppression at home and reckless adventurism abroad. As time passed it has become increasingly clear that so much of what we have been told is untrue. A commission to investigate this event was created against the wishes of the previous administration and it proved to be a corrupt engine in which the truth was abused and left bleeding. Many Americans bled and died as well. Many more citizens of foreign lands were killed and tormented. Millions now reside in dangerous camps with no recourse in sight.

Until this country addresses what actually happened; what really happened on September 11th, 2001 we can never move on. We can never be healed. We can never expect real change and we shall see no fulfillment of that hope that has brought me before you today. In my first act as your new president I have empowered a select commission to powerfully and impartially investigate what occurred on that day. This is the first business of my term of office.

We live in fear. We are burdened with a struggling economy. We are viewed with suspicion and outright hatred around the globe. With a campaign born of hope and the promise of change, I have been advised to fill your ears with the words you want to hear and to assure you that everything is now OK. Our nation, our people, our reputation will never be OK until we know finally and conclusively what happened on that day.

I realize that there is great danger for me in this action that I take. However, the danger to this nation, which I have been elected to serve and protect, is far, far greater if I disregard my duty to the truth. Whatever the truth may be we shall all be improved with a greater possession of it. We have had too little truth for far too long. Let the chips fall where they may. We as a nation are gifted and capable enough to pick up those pieces in the aftermath and weave together a finer land than we have ever known before. You have trusted me with your votes. Let me now trust in your support.

There will be a hue and cry concerning this venture from various sources. There will be outrage and indignation. There will difficulty in the process but I promise you. I swear to you. We shall know the truth and the truth will make us free as it has always intended to do. My beloved brothers and sisters of this, the greatest nation on Earth, let us become that. Let us join together and set our house in order that our house may no longer be divided but joined in a common understanding that never again shall truth and the common good become a casualty of darker agendas. I ask you to step into the light with me. Let us live in that light and let us be that light which we have always promised to be; a beacon of light and freedom for all nations and peoples of the Earth.

Thank you for your belief and your support. Now let us make our hope and our dreams become real. Now let us seek the new horizon of a nation reborn. God Bless and guide us all.”

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Anonymous said...

THe msm will stop broadcasting the speech after the first few words and say that there is a technical glitch.His sound system will malfunction and he will have to stop and come back once everything is working. When he comes back a few hrs later he will give the prepared speech if he knows whats good for him.(according to the powers that be)

Anonymous said...

Nice writing Les, now let's see if that dream can become reality?

But will Mr. Obama really go against Israel like that, since a lot of evidence suggests Mossad involvement in 9/11?

Anonymous said...

He's cousins with Dick Cheney. He's supported by Zbigniew Brzeziński. He's a NWO shill and has no more color in his soul than Condoleezza. But we can hope.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea, but Obama in Tuesdays's recent debate said:

'I have news for John McCain,'' he told the crowd. 'There was no such thing as al-Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush invaded the country. I've got some news for John McCain….We took our eye off the people who were responsible for 9-11. That would be al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

'I've been paying attention, John McCain…,'' he said. 'John McCain wants to follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell, but all he's done is follow George Bush.'

He's been paying attention. To what the establishment tells him to.

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment at Smoking Mirrors. This is unique and powerful in what it says and what it suggests. Most beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

Well, pigs will fly before this happens.
Nice thought.
Obama is business as usual with a new twist: a NWO plant hand picked and trained who will do exactly what he is told - under the control of just another tentacle of the same octopus which has been strangling this nation just about forever.....
The shadow Israeli based power and its minions in the Pentagon where responsible for 9/11. They are going to be running things for the forseeeable future .....

buskeron said...

Boy, that coffee sure smells good....hey warden, can I have another smell after my daily torture for being a patriot truth-seeker?

Anonymous said...

Nice one - as always. Now if ONLY someone can get Pres Obama to read this blog entry..

Please someone somwhere do Australia is always not far behind whatever the US tells it to do - we NEED urgent re-direction & purpose!

As a last note - Les - would you be at all interested in doing a story or at least some research on the massacre at Port Arthur, Tasmania in what turns out to be yet another gov inspired mass murder of its own citizens..please take a look!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama is in the Chicago chapter of the Council of Foreign Relations. Look how frickin polished the dude is. He's got a chip in his neck like Tiger, programed to fool you instead of golf.

Sorry, these people have all the bases covered. Stay under the radar.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, maybe even idealistic. But I like the guy. He's something different (hopefully in more than just the superficial ways). We need something different. Maybe it's wishful thinking but it seems to me that he is too young and too new to be corrupted beyond all recognition and owned by corporate interests. He still actually seems like a human being. He certainly inspires alot of people with his words. It may be naive of him or any of us to think that he can live up to those words but I always prefer to err on the side of optimism. I'm convinced that his intentions are sincere. Maybe I'm just pre-disposed to a fellow basketball player. But imagine...America with a young, black president. We're ready for it.


Eugene said...

The Jolly Fat King once said these kinds of things...

Bubbling exuberance from young dreaming minds frothed from sea to shining sea...

He was different this Jolly Fat King. Young, like the dreamers. Charming and well spoken, the youth and women swooned. The first from the Universal Church to break into ranks of past line of protesting kings, a real beacon to dreaming minds...

Its a phoenix bird, its a higher plane, its a super Uberman...

From afar, the 11 came. The magic eleven sent from heaven on high. Dark powers ensconced in towers had different plans for Caput Mortum...

Bubbling hope petrafied. Promise of living mind calcified. Soft hearts grew galvanized. Words of change became marginalized. Thoughts became criminalized.

"A head with one face or two faces, sometimes bearded and sometimes not, made of silver or of wood, a picture of a man or of a woman, an embalmed head that glowed in the dark or a demon."

Or two faces! Light, dark. Shaven, bearded. Man or Woman. The 11 comes in twos. The new Jolly Fat King will surely meet the 11 if he speaks these words of power to the powers on high.

Once again the alluring promise of Camelot becomes a shadow of such proportion as to blind the twinkle of hope in young eyes. To bind them to the one with the bullet in the head. Murder Ink Redux.

Heres another wink from the dead head of one President who was shot by none other than a Vice President...

The hopeful Jolly Fat King may be related to the present VP but this is no safety. The VP does have practice at shooting politicians and getting away with it. The lesson there was Arlington...

"Ya standin' in line
Believin' the lies
Ya bowin' down to the flag
Ya gotta bullet in ya head"

Old men scheme. Young men dream. A seed, not your seed, enters your field of dreams. Presto 11 alchemically transmutes the crop to a corp of corpses. Hail the dollar signs of Arlington.

The LORD said to him, "Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations which are being committed in its midst." But to the others He said in my hearing, "Go through the city after him and strike; do not let your eye have pity and do not spare. Utterly slay old men, young men, maidens, little children, and women, but do not touch any man on whom is the mark; and you shall start from My sanctuary." So they started with the elders who were before the temple. Ezek. 9:4-6

Oh to have the mark of the dreamer! What is the unquenchable dream?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Why don't you read the piece and then maybe you won't come across as such a moron?

There's no promotion or defense of Obama in this piece.

It just shows to go that you can pick up lint anywhere, even on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my voice from across the Pacific to those singing your praises, Les. This is powerful stuff, and every effort needs to be made to bring this to the attention of the man himself. The Truth Movement desperately needs a focus, and a plan of action. Hillary is likely to be cut loose any day now, if she hasn't been already. Once Obama's candidacy is assured, I suggest inundating him with this address. Give it a name, something easy to remember, make it a catch-cry for action. The world is waiting...

Anonymous said...

Nice reading LES,In fact it inspires a hope in many that the truth will be told about the 9/11 set up.It may be only a dream for some,but to me that has now become the American Dream.Thanks

PK1 said...

If President Obama ever does this type of speech, the powers that run the show will start setting him up to end like they did with Kennedy. The people need to stand up to Israeli zionist and say get the hell out of our lives!!!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Les,

Your colorful rants are among the finest ever published in the blogosphere. But lately it looks like you're grasping at straws for some kind of hope -- just as you were with Ron Paul, who's already fading in the rear-view mirror.

Hope is what you need when there's no rational cause for optimism. But I've learned to live without hope. Whoever gets in the Oval Office is merely going to preside over a sinking Titanic. Most of us won't make it into the lifeboats. Under the circumstances, it's better to accept reality.

Everything that begins must also end. There will be species after us, on this planet and many others. For me, that is optimism.

Mucho blessings,

Visible said...

It's starting to make me sad people. From the comments it looks like no one is getting the point of this essay. I'm told that Whatreallyhappened hasn't posted me for the second straight time. Maybe I'm losing my edge.

I hardly expect Obama to suddenly become what he says he is and that is the point. if he is who he says he is then this is what he would do. If he doesn't do it then he is not who he says he is. This is along the lines of the 9/11 Litmus Test posting. For that I got lectures on how Litmus paper works and strange Popular mechanics rants from unemployed boilsuckers.

I try to paint pictures. My intentions are more mystical and literary than they are political or journalistic. Look for the spirit of the thing.

I'm wondering if I lost something recently and don't know what it is because now that it's gone it's gone and can't be remembered. Someone even accused me of going over to the enemy in this essay. I think I'll go bang my head against the wall and see if that helps any.

Be well friends.

dzinto said...

Why not to send him link to this article at

I did. If there's a number of such emails, maybe he will even read it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Les, I sent this comment to Michael Rivero earlier this month, maybe he is jealous of you...."Les Visible has replaced you as my new thought guru". I hadn't noticed you not being posted there since I check you out every couple days or so to see what you have to say. Don't worry, you haven't lost it. I get you. It was a very powerful thought provoking piece. Well done.

Anonymous said...

No, I am sure the Mic would give out after the beginning of the speech, or he would get shot right then and there.
Any honest politician who says anything outside of the pre-programed party line, or does something he wasn't told to do will end up in a dark box, six feet under muy pronto.
scary but true.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are losing your edge: the pictures you paint are worth standing before.

It's not difficult to discern the "spirit of the thing" in your work.

Please keep on keeping on.

A Kiwi

Anonymous said...

Although it's been 7 interminably long years since 9-11, the mainstream media has managed to keep a lid on the widespread skepticism simmering in the "underlying" population. The lid is wobbling though, and threatens to blow. If we keep turning up the heat -- using every type of media available to us in this age of electronica -- breakthroughs are inevitable. The internet hasn't been turned off (yet); the world is waiting to see if we have the cojones to clean our own house on this one.

GodSend said...

They glide so smooth - but have no answer!

Les has no answer - even though he is smooth and understands part of the problem.

There is only ONE Answer! (it's not Obama or any other human being - or religion)

Come to the source of living water - and the Truth will make you free!

sockmonkey said...



kf said...

Suberb stuff, as always.

Ditto on the never a dull moment!

Anonymous said...

What we are witness to is the beginnings of the collapse of the US as an energy glutten. World energy demand/supply imbalances grow wider as time progresses. An economic slowdown is only a temporary repreave from the pain of resource depletion.

In a practical vein, self-sustainability with regard to energy, food and water will be the new measure of wealth in the not too distant future.

The federal government has no comprehensive answer to deal with the effects of ever increasing energy costs on a suicidal over-consumption dependent economic system.

Good Luck, Obama....

buskeron said...

IDIOTS!!!...USELESS IDIOTS!!! YOU JUST DON'T WANNA GET IT. I said smell the coffee you feeble brained fools. It's all in the black book from Gen. to Rev. Jeremiah 25:31-33....especially Psalm 83:18 in the King James version. You don't have much time left to hook into poets and would be philosophers like these above. This whole blog is an ego trip for matrix watching losers or shills. For pity's sake, for God's sake, for your sake...smell the bloody coffee!!!

Anonymous said...

DodgyOne says :
I've seen this circus act before, it was boring the first time, get out of the tent yo demon stratably certified fools. No change for the good will ever come from those who worship the evil of selfish greed. Even if a changeling did a trick on the slime the slime would rip out his spine and shove an arm into his head or just pull another jfk. No good thing comes from the top when the top is now the lowest form of life, slime.

Anonymous said...

Hi les

another fine piece of writing. And uplifting in its spirit of hope.

But Erin was wrong. It is a promotion of Obama, in hope.

I grasp the spirit of the piece and feed from it. but as to whether Obama would actually turn out to represent the people and democracy and truth should he get elected, rather than THEM, I've got to side with the cynics. But then I've been wrong before. Lots and lots and lots of times

Don't stop.

Anonymous said...

ps. Who's Michael Rivero

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero is the webmaster of

annemarie said...

Hallo Les :)

I think (though I could be wrong) that I got the spirit of your essay. I didn't comment before since (not necessarily in order)
a) I'm not American and don't get to vote. b) I don't vote anymore, in any case, since I regard all elections as rigged and therefore pointless. d) I feel that no matter who gets placed in the oval office, that things are going to get a whole lot worse for a whole lot of people (including me and mine) and I feel that this is somehow, albeit sadly, necessary. Karma or destiny or learning/growth or somesuch thing.

btw, I was talking with a youngun' the other day, 20-something friend of my son, who said that 'politics is really about relationships'. I said not really. Every interaction between or among people is a relationship. But politics at it's core/essence is really about power. Then I went on to explain what I meant by that, emphasizing that it's important to get to the root of a thing, root meanings, even and especially of words themselves. btw, most people aren't aware that the word *radical* means to get to the root. Anyhow...

Politics (quite similar in ways but not identical to religion) is an endless abyss. And imo if you're going to venture into either territory too deeply you're either committed or you ought to be (pun intended).

As far as Rivero/wrh not linking to you for the second time, it could be for several reasons or for none at all. Bottom line on this is that unless you hear from the horse's mouth the reason for the non-linking or non-interest in those two essays, and even if you asked and received word from him, and unless you believed that any reason offered or explanation thereof was sincere, then all you are left with is guessing or wondering or confusion.

And, it could even be as simple as that some people don't get what you're saying, no matter how clearly you say it. This happens all the time, as you and others well know. Though I must say, it NEVER happens to me since I'm perfect, and therefore a perfect communicator... perfect in every way. haha

In any case I feel that wondering "why" is often waste of time. Though I am having a grin imagining you banging yer head agin' a wall you traitorous bastard! haha

Besides, why oh why are any of us questioning, wondering about anything when it's evident that godsend and buskeron have THE ANSWER to EVERYTHING, and it's there just for the asking. Duuh.


You ain't lost nuttin' my man. Not as far as I can see. And if it's any consolation, you still have me :)

Rock on, write on, right on. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and read something else you wrote, over at v origami, which I may or may not comment on.

Hasta luego amigo,

GodSend said...

Michael Rivero is a raving atheist who goes out of his way to find and publish news items on WRH which put Christians and/or Christianity in a bad light. He thinks they prove his point - the Fool! Other than that, he gets most things right. Kind of a low-brow Les without the Buddha brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

We could easily hear such a speech. Whatever we hear and whomever delivers it will be as ephemeral as 9/11.
In fact, we should expect it to be even more so.
They are always working on something new, always, yet when its presented its something mildewey from the back of the fridge nobody would touch in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Obama 08

U Got Change

Yes We Can

He will be ready on day one As your president vote Obama

Anonymous said...

To begin with I want to say that you, Godsend are a moron but you are more than that. You are an agent of intolerance and a mischief maker. For you to infer that Les Visible is engaged in Buddhist brainwashing is not only a lie but a slur.

First off, Les is not a Buddhist. he has said many times that his perspective is Hindu. It's true that they are connected but they are not the same. Anyone who knows what Buddhism and Hinduism are knows this.

Next up. Les, I know you're concern about Michael Rivero not linking you is based on the respect you have for him. You've made it clear how much you rely on his information and how much you appreciate what he does. I don't know how you came to be on his site but I do know that is how I found you the first time. Wait and see. I'll start sending your work into him myself and maybe others here will take the cue and do so too and Michael, I am sure, will come around.

Since one person already mentioned saying something to Michael that he might not have liked I think it is possible that something else might have happened too. There are a lot of bad efforts going on all the time in these days. In the meanwhile you have a lot of readers and even though this work is not linked there you have a big response. Your success does not depend on Michael Rivero. I suspect that you know that.

People read here and they tell their friends and they tell their friends. One day it's going to break into something larger than it is now and it will be because of the things you said and how you said them and not because so and so decided anything about you. You are in an enviable position for having come so far without having made any deals with the PTB.

I've run out of things to say except that I love your work. Many blessings my friend.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bradley.
We ask Godsend, what is a raving athiest anyway?
If you name yourself sent from God does it mean all nonGodish online identities are athiestic and posting comments is raving? He's not actually smearing, since to really slap down his perceived competition he needs to back it up with links and credible sources proving his statements. This sent from God persona is merely sideswiping, dispensing unfounded judgement, and displays nothing that credits him to sit in judgement, ie; a yakking set of wind-up dental jaws from the sidelines, a nervous gnat buzzing around your sunglasses.
I support your statement about the increase in visitors to Smoking Mirrors. Once you find your way here, there is no going back, whatever path led you here, whatever time is spent elsewhere and however you interpret the material. Nobody comes here to be judged. Everybody who gets here gets what they ask for. Godsend want spotlights. You'll note Bradley, we've accomodated him nicely.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Obama is another CFR guy, so I would expect much more realistic scenario:
It would be just about when dollar would crash because the FED guys would print whole tanker ships of it, and there would be a unrest and chaos and people killing each other for a botle of water like after Katrina and then the Obama with his psychopathic speech style would rush in "unite" the people to "the change" - to want the Amero, to abolish the Constitution and wave the flags of the NAU (or at least the MSM would put it up like that with the rigged polls) and the army and ADL trained police would use the tasers and put the "insurgents" (the couple of people who would know what's going on) to the FEMA concentration camps and the rest of gurus being chiped with RFID would continue to write the ridiculous blog entries, not knowing nothing as usual...

GodSend said...

Ooops - make that stark-raving mad atheist. And light will be sufficient, Nina! You get to keep the Spot. ;)

Om...,bradley - Buddha, Krishna or the assortment of thousands of other Hindu gods - they're all just different reincarnations and shades of brainwashing and self-delusion. Have another sniff of incense.

Anonymous said...

i agree with godsend that news articles about priests fondling the parish children while advising their parents on God's laws about sexual and family matters do put christianity in a bad light. And articles about the church's worldwide systematic program for preventing any of that nastiness from becoming public -- those articles do put christianity in an even worse light. And articles pointing out that the former coordinator of the coverup program is now the pope! Those put christianity in an REALLY ATROCIOUS light! Yet after all that enlightenment some people still insist there's no way to God except through a sewer pipe.


Visible said...

Alright Godsend; the Christian fascist thing has gone round the bend again so you can just kick back and relax out of sight for awhile. Maybe in the meantime God will strike us all dead and then burn us in Hell forever which will give you the sort of satisfaction you're looking for.

I let the most recent snarky commentary from an anonymous who didn't get the point of the post to slip in. I won't again. It's okay to be a knowitall posturing dick. We get them here now and again. But if you're going to do that you have to tell us who you are. You'd think you'd be proud of your contribution. If you aren't and you're just slinging shit from behind a screen then my recommendation is you just go back to abusing your family and associates and stay away from what you don't understand. It will just make your head hurt.

This isn't you Ellis. You left your name and made sense at the same time.

robwalkerpoet said...

I've already written Obama's speech. He commissioned it weeks ago:

Anonymous said...

Maybe his Inaugural will be longer than William Henry Harrisons. And provide the same result!

Anonymous said...

Hello sir

Here's my own gift for Obama inauguration, I'm giving free all obama books. So download yours free:

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Obama will be the change that America needs.Even if Man is a social animal some of the great events and changes have been orchestrated by individuals.

I dont know what GODSEND beef is about but bashing up other religions is not going to put you in the front of the pearly gates queue.

Jesus if He were alive today would have been apalled at the opulence and arrogance His followers are exhibiting.

Anonymous said...

It has come to be.

Anonymous said...

Change is all that matters. His Inaugural Speech was masterfully executed, and after acknowledging the problems that have occurred, he spoke of moving on. As much as our thirst for answers may parch our throats, we're near the edge of the desert. Let us avoid wandering around and dying in a vast mirage and first get supplies and move forward before glancing backwards.

Anonymous said...

Is this really a site? I literally LOL'd

Anonymous said...

I think you ar completely misguided.If Obama did that he WOULDNT be being who he says he is.The man isn't there to start a revolution but to change things where he can from the inside or at the very least stand for that.

America has enough problems without dragging up old stuff that is largely irrelevent with all that now needs to be faced.You are talking about stuff you clearly know nothing about.Yes theres fear,yes the systems wrong,yes people hate America and that is it in a nutshell -this guy restores faith and hope internally and around the globe and thats what America needs.Whether or not he can do anything or does do anything is pretty mcuh irrelevent but that hope is powerful and can make a difference in itself.

His conciliatory approach and focus on relevent issues such as energy,the environment,bridging gaps,rebuilding relationships with other countries based on an acknowledgment that you need them to like you.

These are all good things to stand for.That hope that he gives and these people that believe it - that alone makes a difference.Its the changing of the guard, a step in the right direction but you with your ridiculous idealism want to start saying that 'he's not who he says he is' because he doesn't do somehing completely irresponsible like this.I believe he's the real deal - that doesnt mean he will necessarily be able to do much but he's a million miles away from the Bush regime.His background is genuine and is more of a child of the world.He's the right guy at the right time.Please if you don't have the intelligence or education to write about this stuff just dont bother.The world we live in is the world we live in - its corrupt,built on flawed human nature,violence and a load of BS but within that we've got to do the best we can.If 9-11 was an inside job then be happy you've got a new government - a guy that says hope not fear.You should grow up and try going to university and learning how to analyse information properly...and all your wannabe hippi followers should get some life experience and a reality check.Either that or actually conduct a revolution that will bring the country to its needs as you find out that things are actually pretty complicated.Yeah stuff is wrong but the only way to change things is internally - hopefully Obama can lay a template.

Anonymous said...

All of you motherfucking jerks against Obama better shutup. or I'll hunt you down and kill you!!

Anonymous said...

Obama has spoken some of the greatest words I have ever heard.

Visible said...

anonymous trolls who threaten are generally cowards. You would qualify as one. I will speak the truth. You will run into it one day and we'll see how it goes for you then.

Visible said...

9/11 was done by the CIA, Mossad and British intelligence. I've studied the matter. All you are capable of is superficial Pollyanna talk. You're the one who doesn't know anything and ignorance suits you just as history will instruct you as you go through it. I'll speak as I wish and you are powerless to halt it.

Anonymous said...

That was brilliantly said. The American people are asleep. Now they expect positive results from a man whose congress is hopelessly corrupt and controlled by Israel. The same country that caused the 9/11 attack and then blamed it on the Arabs. The same country that lied America into two wars and the loss and destruction of millions of lives. The same country seeking a war with Iran. The same country that is practicing genocide on the Palestinians after stealing their land. I salute you sir.

Albert Thompson
I am not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone here forgot to take their meds.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think we should all stop posting crap like this on the web and maybe try and get outside and help our community. But I aggree with William Jackson, you people really need to get some help. A little to paranoid me thinks.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say...thank you for doing your "human" responsibility, and voicing the unpleasant truth. not just this blog but in general.
i think we are at the cusp of either enlightenment and revolution or (probably) a police/orwellian state.
it sucks bizzals

Anonymous said...

I hear you ... but really what gives you the right to be so negative. We all know that this position has become a figure head and as long as the media does its thing that's all it will ever be. Maybe the guy can set things right, maybe he can't. Maybe we should give this a try because I don't see anyone else doing anything.

Anonymous said...

What a load of Bollocks!! 9/11 is something we TOTALLY CAN move on from! Grow up! Build a bridge and get over yourselves!! Obama is a big boy to notice that although he's president of the US of A- it's actually not ALL about America- it's actually about your role as Americans in the Global world- an arrangement you benefit from immensely (where exactly do you think you sell all that manufactured stuff the blue collars make, eh?) And it IS a time to take responsibility- it's also a time to recognize that US irresponsibility world-wide contributed to the cultural rage that precipitated 9/11. 'Your' foreign policy was oppressing the middle east long before 9/11. 'Rampant adventurism' was there long before and was wreaking havoc with local culture- did you as a society really think that it would never bite you in the ass? Did you even know what your government was up to? If it were you on the receiving end- what would you do? Well, i can answer that- the war of Independence- you would rise up against the 'occupying forces'- in your history, it was the English, and show them where to shove it... you did... but then when you were the occupying forces and they tried to shove you... well, it's not as nice, is it? But really, was it really that different? A little broader perspective and understanding of how things got as bad as they did would help the world find a solution...

C'mon guys- let's not get stuck in rhetoric that causes further problems for us and for future generations. If we look for what we have in common and work to that... while putting measures in place to protect when others don't play by the rules... we'll have a better chance at creating or re-creating a better world than if we demand our pound of flesh... an eye for an eye til the whole world is blind doesn't seem like brilliant thinking to me! Let's move on!

sorry if i stepped on your frog!!

Sara R

Visible said...

Sara and the Schmoos;

It's difficult to know what to say to people like yourself. You're completely uninformed besides what your television tells you. You pontificate wildly without knowing what you are talking about or who you are talking to. Your present commentary here is a classic example. You wander around like a blind man in a forest of unconnected thoughts filled with platitudes and soundbites.

I have no idea who this 'you' is that you are talking about. it can't be me because I left America a long time ago and I am also an enemy of the state. I've no choice in that matter because I am a friend of truth.

You don't know Jack Shit about 9/11 any more than you know who you are or even what goes on in your head. So... dialoguing with you is trying to interface with a retard about physics. it isn't going to happen. You even fucked up the thing about the frogs which is ironic since, species wise and intelligence wise, you are closer to them than you are to me.

I generally have a very intelligent readership. Now, however- due to Google and other search engines sending large traffic to this article, I'm getting visits from quite a number of borderline intellects and TV junkies with no imagination, using hackneyed comments about 'taking meds'and indicating a complete lack of imagination or psycho nut jobs threatening to hunt people down and kill them or someone asking where I get the right to be negative (which the article wasn't negative at all) and... I need a right to have a position?

This is the population of delusion that makes possible all of what has happened and 'will happen' in America. You are soon to get a very unpleasant surprise to go along with your complete financial collapse and attendant miseries. It is a given that when a people have become as uniformly stupid as you here present yourself to be that... things are going to happen to shock your cottage cheese asses up out of the plether of your television, porn surfing chairs.

I am sorry for all of you but this is what you have asked the universe for and it is what you are going to get. Wait and see.

Visible said...

Our most recent offering on Barack Obama,

Barack Obama; Hollywood President in the White House.

ISAAC N. KIME said...


Anonymous said...

Visible: In response to your comment about lacking imagination; simply because my imagination tells me that little green men are hiding in my microwave doesn't mean it's true.

Sara: Define "rampant adventurism."

Visible said...

Proof that you have no imagination is once again evident in your manner of argument. the only person to mention little green men is you and it doesn't relate to what I have presented which has enormous and cross referencing evidence behind it.

In any case, your opinion here isn't likely to impact on me or any of the many readers who come here with regularity and who are well informed on the issues at hand. It is impossible for you to be informed since your choice is not to study, investigate or consider... you've got your blinders on and if you don't see it (by choosing not to look) then it's not there. that argument didn't work with The Sun when The Pope made Galileo recant. Truth is and can be discovered by anyone who retains an objective reasoning capacity and is prepared to sacrifice what they have assumed in the face of what they discover. My participation in this exchange is at an end.

Anonymous said...

Visible: Where is this evidence you claim? You remind me of another person from 70-80 years ago who studied an issue deeply and came to a conclusion which had "enormous and cross referencing evidence behind it." His method of study (as he admitted himself in his most famous work) was to look and find evidence that already supported his preconceived view. Any "evidence" he found, no matter its source or lack of real validity, was accepted as long as it fit his own theory. Anything that contradicted this world view was discarded. This person, for those who haven't figured it out already, was Adolf Hitler. However, judging from your comments you sound like you would be right there beside him sending people to their deaths by the trainloads because of their beliefs.

"Most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do." -James Harvey Robinson

Anonymous said...


veritas6464 said...

The circus is in town, who left the gate open? Al these side-show freaks from the Mainstream Media Glee Club! Hope? Desire for change? Whatha? Are you kidding me? Keep on chuggin' down the Kool-Aid Yanks. The Blogger has offered you a rare and entertaining satire of contemporary US politics, and all the patsys and Boosters of "Same Ol' Same Ol' for president!" Can muster in response is to start swinging pitch-forks in the air and lighting torches. Yanks make me piss! You are so much like the Yids in Israel - never won a war, can't fight an army of men, excel at slaughtering women and children and are always looking for another fucking Messiah! You fucking morons are the bane of spiritual development. You can't study while the kid next door is playing his drums. Ya can't get fucking zen when The yanks and the Yids are murdering women and children - cut out your shit, or the Blowback which is fomenting will FUCK YOU UP! Empires of greed and brutality are no more than shambling Mammoths raging as they struggle deeper into the mire. I wish you all would hurry up and splutter your last 'patriotic' cliche, and disappear into the tar pit. That muslim guys' speech was generic liberal horseshit.
We can 'change' the World and inspire justifiable hope, however, we can't change anything by doing it all to save our Vacation House or the RV. The population of the USA is for the most part, a grave dissappointment to the rest of the world. How does that make you feel?

Oh, say can you see
by the dawns early light,
the rockets red glare,
as they bursting in air..

The revolution of 1776 was all about questioning the ruling authority and it's choice of Leaders and it's abuses of the public record. The Founding-Fathers, rich slave-owners that wanted to avoid paying their taxes, demanded more than just self-determination, they wanted all the money to.

Imagine a world without the US and Israel, mmm, ah yes, all the wealth would still be in Europe. IT'S CYCLIC, Sayonara Empire USA! Dozvidanya Mr. Putin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments:"never won a war, can't fight an army of men." Judging from the use of the word "Yanks," you must be British (or trying to sound that way). Who pulled the British and French out of the fire in WWI & WWII? Who kicked the British out of the US? Also, you display an ignorance of basic American history. The majority of the founding fathers were willing to stay as part of the British Empire if they were allowed more of a say in how the tax monies collected from the colonies was spent. Seems to me that that's a reasonable enough request.
As to being a disappointment to the rest of the world, so what. Considering what goes on in the rest of the world I'm glad they see us as a "disappointment."
Once again ignorance and hatred are substituted for reason.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Les, When 'they' start getting personal, you must be writing the truth, or pulling back the veil, or waking up some sleepers, or going where no meta-info-history-sage-blogger poet has gone before....

A regular,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, your tolerance of these recent "accidental" visitors' comments is both impressive and instructive. Having the opportunity to get a taste of the wider mindset is a blessing but one that has a certain bad taste that remains after it is sampled. There is much work to be done and it is evident that those of us who are familiar with your work and who share a common belief in seeking out (rather than being fed) truth still stand in sharp contrast to many, many who are either too lazy, too scared, or too into the status quo to go down the path of inquiry. Some folks are truly happy about the way things are (i hold no hope for them to come around), and the rest have yet to be challenged in a manner that might open their eyes a bit. I fear that time is coming, and by not reacting in a hostile, degrading fashion the message has a chance of getting through.

For the rest that want to just sling mud, there is a new season of American Idol starting, the Super Bowl is right around the corner, and Circuit City probably has some sweet deals on the latest shiny crap you don't really need. Go for it!

Or pay attention and open your brain to something else that might be tapping ever so gently - for now.


Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe that the people here actually mean everything they say. In a world where no single person can carry out their daily lives perfectly, how can anyone believe that such a vast conspiracy as is implied here could truly exist? How can you claim that Obama's address is obfuscating tripe handed down from on high when he was involved in the writing himself? How can anybody go on believing that 9/11 was an "inside job" when rigging the Towers to blow would have given thousands of victims dozens of chances each to notice the major construction going on on each floor of each building? Surely there's someone in the tin-hat community here who knows a thing or two about actual demolitions, or engineering, or at least physical science or architecture.

I notice that this site seems to be one of those places where a group of people with the same marginal mindset gather around for a big circle jerk because that's the only way they can find any sense of validity in their theorization. Any dissenting opinions are passed off, without any consideration, as automatically being "what They want you to think," the bleating of the herd or the mooing of the flock, yes? You tell people that they need to think for themselves, but you'll never find an original thought here: Illuminati, Elders of Zion, Vast X-Wing Conspiracy, ad nauseum. Now, you're free to believe what you want. But could you at least learn to be civil?

Anonymous said...

Amen, Confanity

JorgeIvan said...

love everything!

diggersstory said...

It's easy to see why Palin and others fear and hate bloggers. What are you thinking? *heh*
Scattering the pixie dust of spin makers is not for the faint of heart. ChugAlug on the vitimins!
The madness of people depending on one person fixing all our problems is fascinating (when the critical mass doesn't get involved.) It takes all of us to change and make a difference... not just one man, one administration, one government. I hope that Obama's words can penetrate the desperate admirers who have little time but to survive day to day. Maybe Bush's words exposed some of the smoke behind the mirrors when he told a woman "That's great" after complaining about having 3 jobs and no time for her son.
Trash the system to keep em busy ...watta yob, W! one will notice > will we?

Apree and Kudos to you > Always open to new perspectives for a better view of the bigger picture in the stadium of life. Keep up the great work and watch your back.
All kids want in a president/world leader is a future.
Increase the Peace > AmAze yOUR world.



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