Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heartless in Gaza; Break-dancing Among the Dead.

The first thing to look at and the last thing to look at in the apartheid, ‘genocide-active’ Gaza situation is the Israeli mindset toward Palestinians.

First off, here is an example of how the rank and file IDF sees the Palestinian -just the way that a dog will roll in a roadside carcass and call it perfume, the Israeli soldiers bathe in the blood of a defenseless people and revel in the experience. They are joined in this by the police and the settlers -the police and soldiers stand by while the settlers beat and murder the Palestinians. Many of the radical and graphic depictions are removed very quickly from Youtube by Zionist organizations that use small armies of the willing to complain about the videos. Pressure also comes from above through various channels. I picked this last video because it might stay up. Often a video is gone by the time I’ve linked it or sent it to someone.

In the same way, all of the news items that showed the Israeli soldiers were captured on Lebanese soil have also been removed from the internet.

Israel claims that they have to ruthlessly suppress the people of Gaza because of some small amount of large firecrackers disguised as missiles that keep landing in Siderot in abandoned lots and wasteland. Hardly ever is an Israeli settler hit by anything; even rarer that there is a fatality. Given Israel’s proven track record of manufacturing events that they can use to justify aggressive action, it is extremely likely that they are firing these missiles or arranging for it. No other country in the world has so many proven instances of engagement in such activity. “By deception ye shall wage war.”

The idea that starving and abusing the 1.5 million residents of an area because it is being alleged that some small number is attacking illegal settlements is absurdity piled on to absurdity. How is tormenting an entire population supposed to influence a small handful of guerrilla operatives? Especially, how is it to be effective if it is actually being carried out by Israel?

Here are the facts; Israelis drove the Palestinians off of their lands. They poisoned their wells and murdered entire families to drive them away. The facts of the matter and all matters I will mention are very easily accessed. It is beyond absurd to demand that Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist when Israel does not recognize Palestine’s right to exist.

So much of this seems to tie into the holocaust industry. A massive effort has been afoot for decades to set into stone a specific amount of Jewish deaths and to remove from public attention the much greater amount of deaths suffered by others. This has led to over 250 McMuseums of holocaustia paraphernalia scattered around the globe. You ought to be able to get a t-shirt and a cup of coffee there too with a ceremonial mug.

This major industry is an enormous cash cow that provides for the blackmailing of nations and legitimizing all manner of terror attacks and the genocide of the Palestinians. It is beyond odd that these former victims of particular outrage can now engage in the same outrages against another set of people.

It is a crime in many nations to dispute the official story concerning this holocaust. It’s apparently against the law even for a lawyer to defend an individual accused of this. It is even more absurd that the numbers keep changing and are never the same numbers depending on who does the counting. A certain mass grave site has been proven forensically not to have existed. So it is that you are told the ground beneath your feet is not the ground beneath your feet and if you say that it is you can go to jail.

The fact is that those who brought you the state of Israel as a source of terrorism and war and a vehicle of oppression against the Palestinians and the whole world... NEED for certain things to be believed. This is the primary reason that no one can challenge officially stated facts that are proven not to be facts but are in flux and often shaped for the benefit of whoever is twisting whoever’s arm over whatever needs to be believed so that more money and power can flow to the source of such great outrage against humanity that continues from day to day.

So it is that even asking a question as to whether it might not be okay to ask certain questions is punishable by being called anti-Semitic, loss of income and reputation and imprisonment. How can this be? HOW CAN THIS BE???

I have no opinion about this holocaust, either to dispute or defend it. My attention is on presently active holocausts, not old holocausts and certainly not cash cow holocausts that are nothing more than a business. I can imagine that Israel is very nervous about the numbers in The Congo, now reading at 5.4 million dead. What are they going to do when the number goes past 6 million? Now that is going to be interesting to see. That is going to be very interesting.

Here’s what it comes down to. You can’t question numbers and events about something- and ONLY THAT SOMETHING, because if you do it takes away the force presently being employed to destroy the Palestinian people and to engineer wars by proxy countries against anyone you don’t like or whose lands you desire; Iraq, Iran, Lebanon. Etc. It takes away the flow of free and endless guilt money to finance all the false flags and gratuitous wars. It de-legitimizes the excuse for bombing the U.S.S. Liberty and trying to blame it on Egypt. It de-legitimizes the attack on the King David Hotel. It de-legitimizes the rights of neo-con heavyweights to orchestrate 9/11 as a launching pad for all of the darkness of the last seven years and darkness planned to come.

You can’t question the basis for all of this aggression and paranoia because the aggression and paranoia would no longer have a world wide imprimatur to act however it damn well wants to act. That is why you can’t question something because it robs the juggernaut of fuel oil. I neither affirm nor deny anything because I personally don’t know. But what I do know is there is a disparity between the truth and what is presented in its place. I also know that this event is being used to justify much terrible and unnecessary violence against the peoples of the world.

I suggest you read some of these links and if one or two videos aren’t enough I suggest you look in the menu at the pages I gave in the beginning. You’ll also note how many have been removed.

There is something very, very bad festering in the state of Israel and it is plaguing the whole world in one way or another. Possibly the summing up of our entire civilization is tied in with whether the world finds the courage to force Israel behind its original borders and to compel her to remain there. The governments of the world have to root this influence out of their official activities and unless they do then sooner or later the whole of the world’s population will become Palestinian. If you can’t see this then you don’t want to see it. However, pretending that something is not so does not make it so.

The murder has to stop. The blackmailing and the honey-traps and the arm-twisting have to stop. The apartheid and the genocide have to stop. This year will give us much evidence of just how dangerous it is to let one nation force the hand of the world and continue to break dance in the blood and carnage.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

What I advise you to read is Howard Zinn "A Power governments cannot suppress",where he talks about the Holocaust as a mean to enlarge our consciousness toward other past and present Holocaust andall the horrorsthat are withinour power to end.Amy

Anonymous said...

And please do not mention the "God " word: what god are you talking about?,yours, the jewish, themuslim, the hindu? Do not you understand that god word is one of the way we discriminate and kill people?Ciao,Amy

Anonymous said...

The whole world knows of this "absurdity"! To the "Nazionists" you are already "les(s) visible" than the lowly Palestinians! Speak too loudly and you also will be forcibly silenced! You know talk is cheap,WE NEED TO ACT !! Me personally,I have been slapped down for my ACTIONS and will continue to be - I'm used to that!! Get off the fence, Les - go one way or the other!! BTW - do you always reply to emails Les??

Anonymous said...

These are obviously dark days for Palestinians. However, they will prevail in the end. In the end, when the oil has gone or is replaced with something else, and the empire loses interest in the region, the land will return to its Palestinian owners. Their right of return is established in law and will continue until it is honoured. The Zionist occupiers will never know peace.

Anonymous said...


You might want to learn to use the language a little better and to pay more attention. I don't see God used in this article.

Anonymous said...

to Erin:my mistake .I thought that the last sentence: LISTEN TO GOD IN THE MORNING, was part of the article. I apologize.Ciao,Amy

kikz said...

the wall has been breached, today on an egyptian portion, supplies are flowing. this is good.

sidebar on the king david hotel bombing - well known fact: rahm emmanuel's father was a member of Irgun at that time. you know rahm, head of the dem's....... rahm, who served his mandatory military stint in the IDF.........

Anonymous said...

Your analysis is dead-on. I was astounded to learn that the 50,000 Kassam rockets that have been launched have only killed 5 people. LOL. My kid brother could do better with a model rocket kit. (NOT that he would, you spooks and sayannim who read this blog.)

Palestinians need better PR. Remember that bombed-out bus that the Zionists shamlessly drug around the U.S., showing the "evils" of the Palestinians? They need to do something like that. Americans are visual, visceral people.

Anonymous said...

I too liked the article which bravely battered down some stuborn tabboos, none more so that the connection, ney The Holy Alliance between the politically correct thought-police and the most vicious and opressive racist apartheid, terrorist state which would make erstwhile South Africa blush in shame.

Thus we have bleeding heart Liberals and reform-Communists in Academia, the mass-media, and in the art in the West, who indirectly support the atrocities in 'The State of Splendid Exception' by their thought supppressing Ortodoxy.

Question: How many Holocaust movies, articles and co-memorations the controllers and 'social engineers' need to shove down in our throats, to make the present genocide in Gaza palatable?

The funny thing is that they think that their deception is not noted and de-coded by many of us.

dilbertgeg said...

re: AMY:
... Howard Zinn "A Power governments cannot suppress",where he talks about the Holocaust as a mean to enlarge our consciousness

Screw "enlarging our consciousness", unless that means waking up a bunch of people to see what's happening in front of their eyes. I don't mean to sound anti-Jewish -- I am Jewish -- and I'm not talking about Jews taking over the world, but there is definitely some nasty stuff happening. Zionists HAVE seized a certain degree of key chokepoints in US power -- read the bio of Doug Feith on wikipedia -- and the Holocaust has been hijacked to justify anything Israel does. Many more non-racist people agree now. Some are Jews like Finkelstein, some are even Israelis, disgusted with the immorality of their own country.

I am vehemently opposed to answering racism and violence with opposite racism and violence. I don't support that false paradigm of identifying large masses of people as if they all "belong" to some monolithic group, unless it can be shown that they all agree. (AIPAC is one single group. Jews are not. Arabs are not.)

I generally LIKE Howard Zinn. He's made more people aware of many important things, but sometimes his delivery and analysis is milk-toast, or milquetoast I think it is. Soggy bread.

True enough, the holocaust we refer to as THE Holocaust could be a lesson to us all about "man's inhumanity", about racism, and about better solutions.

However, what the Jewish Holocaust is used for now is to perpetuate the "right" of the Zionist State to imitate some of the tactics of the Nazis (even in their own words) (ethnic cleansing, blood purity doctrines), using Nazi tactics in the Palestinian ghettos like the Jewish ghettos in Poland, and the use of crying "victim" to sustain support and deflect criticism (like Hitler said of Czechoslovakia).

Hint: They really do not care about saving Jewish lives, and certainly are opposed to peace. Jeff Halper is a witness. More like "managed conflict".

The Zionists in govt have even openly described Palestinians as subhuman and cockroaches, much like Nazi propaganda (or American propaganda vis-a-vis the native "Injuns" and other "enemies").

In the age of "democracy" and post overt-imperialism and global media, it is vitally important for aggressor States to create/exaggerate the figleaf of justification and victimhood, hence then greater need for deception.

This is nothing totally new, but this is 2008. We are PAST the Nuremburg Trials. The civilized nations have AGREED to what constitutes illegal aggression and war crimes. The State of Israel has rejected membership in the civilized world.

annemarie said...


Before I even read the comments, I want to comment on your essay.

Thank you for it.

As for this:

"I can imagine that Israel is very nervous about the numbers in The Congo, now reading at 5.4 million dead. What are they going to do when the number goes past 6 million?"

Well I don't think that Israel is even concerned about this. If the number of dead Congolese reaches or surpasses 6 million, it still wouldn't matter. Because they are "only" Africans, black people, and Lord knows that they're all inferior and savages, aka unter-menschen, and certainly deserve to die because they just won't civilize themselves. You know the way good people (white people) have done. ! Fuuuuuck!

But, there's a possibility too, that were it to come to pass that the numbers match or surpass the Sacred and Untouchable 6 million why then those Congolese people might just have to be declared as having been Jews. Post mortem, of course.

And wouldn't a "revelation" like that go a long, long, longer way to add further to the "fact" of the rest of the world's perpetual, unceasing anti-semitism !!! aka the persecution of Jews.

Honestly, I wouldn't put anything past liars, especially professional liars!

Just as America is a most loathesome bully, a lying, hypocritical monstrosity, Israel is Goliath. Palestine is David. But like you said, only truly honest, truly objective, logical and rational people will ever see or admit to this.

sockmonkey said...

mr. olmert, tear down that wall !

Anonymous said...

Hey annemarie, you seem mighty concerned about the Congolese and what nasty white people might have done to them, even though the vast majority of the killing in Africa is done by Africans. Are you equally concerned about the forty or so million white people who were murdered by the Bolshevik jews in Russia and eastern Europe? Strange how there were never any Nuremberg type trials for the communist killers while elderly German and east eurpoeans are hunted to the edge of the grave because they might have killed one of God's precious pets. Lazar Kaganovitch, Stalin's brother in law, oversaw the deliberate starvation of eight million Ukranians and the shooting of hundreds of thousands more and the murder of three million Kazakhs in the 1930s. He died in his bed in Moscow aged 98 still getting his generous state pension. How many even know his name or the names of hell holes like Magadan, Kolima or Vorkuta? Who today remembers the millions of Germans starved, raped and murdered after the great jewish victory in 1945? Communism is responsible for at least a hundred million deaths and the destruction of the lives of many hundreds of millions more. What is undoubted about it is that is was jewish in its essence from the beginning, just as so many of the other poisonous 'isms' fostered by this monstrous race of vicious parasites. Yet they have never been held to account for any of it because of their strangle hold on most of the media and their corruption of the historical record. Their 'holocaust' is a despicable HOAX and a vile slander against a great people. The jew enjoys destroying his enemy, first spiritually then physically, but it is especially satisfying if he can make a profit at the same time. What's not to like!
Look at the 9/11 demolition. Three thousand dead Americans, none of them jews, Larry Silverstein makes a huge profit, Israel gets billions more and the jew gets away with again. It would be 'anti-semitic' to point out what these scum have done and are doing so no one does. Good jews? Where are they?

Visible said...

There is a new essay here

including a song I would very much like you to hear. I've been remiss at my other blogs but that's going to change now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but it's a telling interview of Bush on Israel televised news regarding Iran. As a person capable of discernment I believe you'll find a lot to read between the lines on this one. The man's really not a good liar. Watch him stammer at 2:14 and watch his eyes at 3:11. The interviewer in her own way betrays herself as well. They're really quite insane enough to start WW3, and this interview is really good evidence that it will happen.


"There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures." ~~ W.S.

Robert Scheidler said...

Right on Dilbergeg -- very much what I have been attempting to say -- just not as well as you have done.

Visible said...

Hey Thomas;

I know you caught some initial flack here. that generally never happens here but lately a combination of the subject matter and the world situation has created a more volatile atmosphere. I hope you'll stick around. It's good to have questions asked and positions held. After all, the truth is at right angles to everything else.

Anonymous said...

Yo Amy.

Don't tell people what to do, especially the moment you show up. It's poor form and no one is going to listen to you anyway. I come here so I can say what I want and because I can say what I want. It's what makes the place special along with the intelligence of the commentators.

I don't guess I have to mention you do I Vis?

nobody said...

I must have missed something.

"I am vehemently opposed to answering racism and violence with opposite racism and violence."

This admirable line is bullshit. No one is calling for racism and violence. What we're doing is calling them on it. Can you dig it? Saying a racist is a racist is not conflatable with being a racist, as much as the racist would like to portray it that way.

Again I know that lots of really nice people would rather we didn't discuss lots of things, or discussed them in a touchy-feely 'let's not point fingers' fashion, but I have a hard time telling this from what we'd get from clever zionist shills.

Me, all I want is the broad light of day. That will do the job just dandy. If Jewish people copped even half the analysis that Muslims cop the whole thing would fall in a screaming heap.

annemarie said...

brian boru said...

Hey annemarie, you seem mighty concerned about the Congolese and what nasty white people might have done to them, even though the vast majority of the killing in Africa is done by Africans. Are you equally concerned about the forty or so million white people who were murdered by the Bolshevik jews in Russia and eastern Europe?
Hey Brian Boru!

YOU seem mighty concerned that I responded to something which Les Visible originally brought up. All the while ignoring, or attempting to discredit, or diminish my point. My point being that of racism, specifically that some people are (falsely) regarded as better/superior and therefore more valuable than others!

Since you brought it up, are YOU equally concerned about ALL victims? Or are you in some sort of godDAMNED competition? A godDAMNED race to the bottom? Do YOU think that some lives are worth more than others? I don't! So what's your point exactly?

In response to the rest of what you posted, I have heard (by a college professor btw) that,
"Stalin made Hitler look like a boy scout."

That's a direct quote from her, spoken in a classroom of about 40 students, one morning about 13 years ago.

So, beyond a worthwhile attempt at trying to make people aware of the vast number of horrific Holocausts and genocides perpetrated on tens-to-hundreds of millions of people (within the last century), what exactly is your point To Me?

I was just speaking to a friend about this discussion and he suggested that I re-view the movie 'The Princess Bride'. There's a scene in it where the giant and two others are attempting to break into the castle.

Here, copied from other sites:

Scene 14: Inigo, Fezzik and the (still dead) Man in Black approach the castle, preparing their assault. All it will take is a wheelbarrow, a Holocaust cloak, and some trickery...

Westley: [planning a strategy] Oh, what I wouldn't give for a holocaust cloak.
Inigo Montoya: There, we cannot help you.
Fezzik: [produces a holocaust cloak] Will this do?
Inigo Montoya: Where did you get that?
Fezzik: At Miracle Max's. It fits so nice, he said I could keep it.


And this on the origin of the phrase:

Cloak of Terror (Holocaust Cloak) (rare, 10 - 30+ POW)

History: Holocaust Cloaks have been known for many centuries. The first was created by a young boy, the last survivor of a small tribe which was exterminated by their enemies. The boy created the Holocaust clock from his father's best robe, grew up as a wild shaman, and won a terrible revenge before…

Description: Vary, but Holocaust Cloaks are always a deep, midnight black.

Powers: Variable. All have the power to radiate fear (Demoralize effect on all w/in 30m), Protection (at least 2) and darkness (add 90% to Hide skill). Other powers can include Flame Shield (2d6 damage to all w/in 3m), Silence, and Strength.

Imbued: Demoralize (2), Darkwall (2), Protection 2+, others as needed


Maybe we could all use a wheelbarrow, a Holocaust cloak, and some trickery.... Seems that's all that is required to take the "castle". ! wtf

annemarie said...

Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Segregation is the adultery of an illicit intercourse between injustice and immorality.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
all quotes compliments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

I love this little niche of intellectual thought here on the world wide web. I watch the conversations/debates here as if my mind is being painted out on this webpage before my eyes in times new roman. I normally stay out of any of these arguments regarding the right of violence, or the right of land. Maybe im unrealistically idealistic when it comes to this subject matter. I firmly believe in the teachings of all those contriversal profits, to love thy neighbor/enemy/self. I hold a very firm belief that only through unconditional love for all that is, because ALL IS, will we be able to make significant progress in all areas of true science and art.

One day we, as a world wide community, will accept our differences and embrace the Oneness of reality that embodies us all, and begin to live NOW.

Sorry to detract from the focal point, but i think these ideas permeate all causal relationships.

Brilliant piece bro.
Peace, Love, and Unity,
A Lonely Wanderer

Eugene said...

Hierolysoma Est Perdita!
Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Two daggers. One is violent resistance to visible PTB = you become what you hate. Other is inward resistance to invisible IHVH = you become what you hate. These are the only two things going on and always has been, and regardless the outcome is the same, "God will be all in all". Nothing is broken, nothing gets left behind, there is only one thing going one. Winter fights summer, spring renounces fall, the wheel goes round.

Is the auric egg and the control of oneself inwardly, ie to step above the stream of time just a delusional myth? If is the day to kill somebody since this would be the 'right' reaction to defend ones skin sack. If its not, and the promise of being IHVH, once he has been 'overcome', is true, allowing it to happen...whatever it may to claim "no one may take my life, I lay it down and pick it back up again".

Is it a good day to die? Is death birth? The stars and the void fight fight fight and love it. Since this is black vs white does it surprise you that the house of Shem hates to dwell in the house of Japheth? And will commit any act no matter how despicable to destroy the house of Japheth. The juwes who are not juwes at all deserve to be undone for usurping what they are not. Who will do this thing? What will make this synagogue of Satan dissapear?

With the infestation of the house of Japheth with Shemish cockroaches...burn it to the ground.

Hierolysome Est Perdita looms. Who will be the Guy, not the Faux fella...but the real guy to do this? Whose hand has the power to destroy utterly these cockroaches? Is this the riddle of letting Choronzon in? To destroy the universe to save it? To hand the morsel to the messenger and say go, he does, the Peterfied are left wondering. Once in the darkness this messenger accomplishes what all the shells couldnt. It sets fire to the house, its too infected to fix. Do we trust the egg to hold? "Tear this house down and in three days I will rebuild it."

Is it a good day to die?

Anonymous said...

wow......excuse my spelling, "profits" haha, kinda eerie.

nobody said...


You know, I never noticed that line. I feel an urge to review that movie coming on...

annemarie said...


See this

The West's Orwellian Monopoly on Morality
by Paul Craig Roberts


anybody besides the "choir" listening? :(

nobody said...


You just went and got all interesting.

And the last words on my lips will be -

It's a good day to die.



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