Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to the Grand Guignol

The only question to be asked is, “Are the American people as stupid as they have shown themselves to be in recent times?” What have we here? Five little motorboats appear- or so we’ve been told- to have threatened 3 United States Navy warships. I’m waiting to hear about another related but under-reported event which involved a handful of Iranian schoolboys throwing rocks at a Navy submarine. This event seems to have resulted in the submarine coming within minutes of launching a Tomahawk missile at the boys. The ship’s commander, who remains anonymous as does everyone reporting on everything concerning all of these incidents, said that the crew of the submarine felt gravely threatened by the boys and that several of them had to receive onboard counseling.

I’ve seen a lot of transparent bullshit these last few years but now it’s gotten to the point of their saying anything, no matter how comical, ridiculous or absurd. I guess the Edmond’s thing is rattling a lot of cages.

I’m going to state unequivocally that no Iranian motorboats threatened any U.S. Navy ships. It’s possible that the main shit stirrers in the Middle East (Israel), with the cooperation of the U.S. Navy, staged a kindergarten stunt in preparation for a coming false flag operation.

Israel is hopping mad about the NIE report which stated that Iran stopped their nuclear weapon program in 2003. They are seething, foaming at the mouth and, with no other outlet available at present, have increased their genocidal assault on the Palestinians in Gaza to let off steam. They want blood and they are determined to get it. Israel is like a petulant child that has never been denied anything from the senile Sugar Daddy whose ass she owns.

It’s no accident that President Dipshit is crawling on his belly to Israel to plot out how it’s all going to go down. Last time Dipshit headed that way bad things happened and we can expect more of the same this time.

I was told by someone that The U.S. would never bomb Iran, not with the recent geo-political shift. I wouldn’t bank on that or anything. We’re dealing with driven psychopaths here. Keep in mind that they planned to go after Iraq before Bush even entered the Oval Office. Keep in mind that Iran has been the target all along and that Afghanistan and Iraq were mere precursors. Do you really think the sort of reptiles presently running American policy are going to settle for coming so close to their goal and just fade away? One way or another... pilgrim.

I realize it is hard to imagine the kind of thinking that would go after Iran with Russia as their ally but, once again, we are dealing with madmen. The neo-cons in power in Israel and its military arm, The United States, are clinically insane. They bear no resemblance to normal human beings and they don’t consider you to even be one.

You have to understand that this is their last shot. This year is all they got; for awhile. They have to readjust their tactics after ‘the new boss’, comes in. You have to remember too that an enormous amount of work has gone into all of the legal changes such as the suspension of Posse Comitatus and the other legal tactics designed for crowd control at home. This isn’t all an accident. Don’t you ever wonder to yourself why so much of this has happened with no clear justification? There has to be a reason.

This administration with the assistance (and possibly at the behest of) Israel with 'a tip of the hat' to London launched an attack against their own country. Let the reality of that sink in. Did you think there was nothing more to it than just to snatch a portion of the world’s oil? Keep in mind that things like this are happening all the time and that we are on the verge of tremendous breakthroughs in technology that will reshape the world in coming years. There’s more to it than oil.

How big of a moron do you have to be to believe that Iran, which just had a major PR boost from the NIE report, would harass Navy warships with small motor craft? When dealing with psychopathic lying sacks of shit always look for the point of the action.

Have you heard anything from Iran? Shouldn’t someone have asked Iran what was going on? Why isn’t there any word from Iran? A person of a certain amount of intelligence would see this as a news blackout. It’s a frame job and Israel is behind it as they have been behind so many dark things in recent times. It is very interesting to find that Sibel Edmonds says that Turkey has been deep into the same dung heap of activity as Israel. When you add to this the fact that Ashkenazi’s originate out of Turkey it suddenly makes certain things clear. I suggest that everyone read what Sibel Edmond’s has to say - read this Counterpunch article

A major crime organization is operating throughout the world and using a manufactured threat of terrorism to steal your freedom and security. Meanwhile they are trafficking in every illegal and immoral activity that there is. This is a fact. You don’t want to recognize this, that’s your problem.

The real problem is that it’s not over. The real problem is that they are not done. I wonder how many of you actually read the PNAC paper.

This just in as I said... bullshit. Trust in Michael Rivero to get the details ASAP.

As I have been saying for some time, this year is going to be one of the most interesting periods of time you have ever seen. Many things could still go either way. I don’t believe in a fixed fate. There are a lot of things that are in our hands. One of the most important duties that the citizens of any Democratic country have it to speak up when wrong is being done in their name.

Judgment when it comes comes within our conscience. We are our own judge and jury for what we did and did not do. It’s built into the dynamics of life itself. Sins of omission are not necessarily less egregious than sins of commission.

I am heartened to see some of the things that are happening right now. I really do think some portion of the world is waking up. For some, their sleep is too deep to be affected by anything less than death itself. That may not even be enough. For some, their motivations are so wrong that no amount of reasoning is going to influence them.

It’s time for the right people to stand before the court. It’s time for the right people to find themselves behind bars. I have no hope that they will come to any epiphany over it. These people extinguished the small light of their humanity long ago. The purgation necessary to bring them to realization would mean the end of everything that they are. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Keep your eyes open.

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Anonymous said...

That's a very thorough and insightful analysis of what is happening and what will happen shortly. The critical aspect of all this is the role of the Zionist-controlled MSM (MainStreamMedia). They fabricate a false reality and try to shove it down the throat of Americans and the world. For how much longer will they succeed? - or do they really care any more? The Halliburton-built gulags are ready for American patriots.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Iranians borrowed a couple of stealth PT boats from the Vietnamese left over from that last war to spead democracy to the heathen hoards of SE Asia. Yeah,that's the ticket

Joy said...

Alternatively this bogus threat may have been invented to give Israel's favourite candidates (JulieAnnie and the Hildebeast) a boost.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough. I can get the news on my own but it's the way you tell it that makes it come alive.

Adam said...

Thanks for another fantastic read. Spot on once again.

Anonymous said...

Don't piss-off the zionist media moguls. When they say "jump" you better jump. And when they say "Be angry at who we want", brother be angry. I'm a Jewish baker who knows that we ordinary Jews are in for tough times if we don't stop trying to play America and the rest of the thinking masses for fools. The joke will end up being on us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! Your get'n my jagon hard!


Anonymous said...

I guess the only questions I would have after reading this piece would be, just what positive signs do you see that would indicate people are waking up? And, in a country whose elections and media are virtually controlled, wouldn't the "waking up" be akin to the Carpenter movie, They Live??? It would seem that the masses have been desensitized to the activity going on right under their noses. Since protest--peaceful or violent--would no doubt be met with martial law, what is the recourse?
Are things really this bleak?

Anonymous said...

Not so funny for the US Navy when you consider those PT boats had SunBurns mounted on them...

5 PT boats = 10 or more SunBurns = US navy ships obliterated...

Lets remember that the SunBurn cannot be stopped, jammed, diverted or decoyed, its a "set and forget" missile and has with conventional warhead payload the capability of one missile turning a full sized CVH carrier into dust and the ol' Iranians have a big basketful of navy versions and land/air based versions, their ex-Soviet subs also have them and the USN is sitting ducks if a shooting war started.

America is showing itself to be less and less capable of handling any kind of military threat, a Chinese sub pulls up in the middle of the fleet, 5 PT boats taunt and evade what is supposedly the "most powerful" naval force on the planet, a ragtag militia has pinned down the majority of the armed forces in two small countries and is winning against it.

Make of it what you will but this is the twilight of the US empire, when it cannot defend itself from the small fry it is time to pack it in.

jae said...

My first time reading here in a while....I don't think there is a better and more candid synopsis of the current frightening situation anywhere else. Thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to put my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye.

Anonymous said...

The US Navy didn't worry about shooting down an Iranian civilian airliner, do you really think that they would hold their fire against threatening Iranian speedboats?

annemarie said...


Good point. Those fuckers have so many balls in play that it's impossible to understand (all of the motives behind) all of the moves without assistance and insights from others. Ta lady :)


Spot on analysis far as I can see. And like Bradley said, you make it come alive, make it vibrate so that it resonates far and wide. Helps me become clearer and more focussed in me head and me arguments too.

Also ever' one, keep in mind the map/plan for Eretz (Greater) Israel. As Les and others have noted, this year some major "interesting" shit's coming down the pike.

Make care All,
annemarie :)

nobody said...

Good stuff Les,

Apropos your conclusion - you're right of course.

But I shall continue to voice redemption not because I think it's likely. It ain't - any man arguing with thousands of years of successfully continuous delusion would be a fool. But casting an argument in these terms still serves to deny the fuckers the choice of the battlefield, if you know what I mean.

I met a man recently who seemed to be in the right ballpark until I discovered that for him the main battle was over the preservation of the white race, whatever that is. I told him that both the National Socialists and the Zionists admired each other's call for racial purity. And who won that battle? I told him if he wants to fight Zionists and International banking on the basis of racial purity he will lose. It's their battle. They've been at it for thousands of years and are second to none. If he was Giap he'd have fought the Americans with big set-piece showdowns. I failed to ask him what his idea of victory would have looked like. Whatever it is, I don't want it.

I'm not suggesting this is where you're coming from. Nor that you're on the wrong track. Far from it. Lead on. I just find that this language suits me. I'm less likely to find myself wrong-footed if I use this as the ground under my feet. Sorry, I haven't quite nailed this in concrete terms and am wrestling with unfocused metaphors - is 'delusion v waking up' a lens or an operating system? Hat, brooch, terradactyl? Ha ha ha. Like I said, I'm struggling. Meanwhile I'm running on instinct. Am I making sense?

-Having arrived at the cafe I've had another thought - the fact that calling a liar a liar will not change his nature, or fix anything, doesn't mean it oughtn't to be done. I'm given to thinking it still serves a purpose in alerting people to the nature of him and his crime, which, naturally enough he is very good at obscuring. Regards.

Anonymous said...

"The supramental Truth that is now imminently pressing for it's unveiled manifestation in the earth's physical consciousness and material life demands the willing consent and collaboration of humanity to receive it in it's life and allow it to transform it. But if that collaboration is not given, if instead there is opposition and resistance to its advent, then it will no longer tolerate that opposition. The result may be catastrpohic destruction, for what humanity would not receive willingly, the supramental Truth would compel it to receive by breaking down the obstruction by the power of crashing circumstance..."


Presentiment anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yes, no doubt Bush and Condi are slouching toward Jerusalem to pay obeisance and plot some new event. Got to get the repuke base energized again for Ghouliani and McInsane.
Was refreshing though, Jay Leno having Ron Paul on (again) Mon. nite so he could "explain why he thought Faux Noise had banned him from their "debate." They were both great. Touche, Jay.... in America an honest pol can only get a fair and balanced interview from a comedian, that says something!

Anonymous said...

Long gone are well crafted and executed plots of intrigue and subterfuge. We must be so fucking dumb as the Ziopigs efforts lately are about as sophisticated as a 10 year old boy with a whoopee cushion.
Pull my finger.......

vlad said...

Long gone are well crafted plots of intrigue and subterfuge, we are now subjected to Ziopig pranks equivalent to a 10 year old boy with a whoopee cushion!
Are we that fucking stupid!??
Hang on....wait.....pull my finger...

vlad said...

Long gone are well crafted plots of intrigue and subterfuge, we are now subjected to Ziopig pranks equivalent to a 10 year old boy with a whoopee cushion!
Are we that fucking stupid!??
Hang on....wait.....pull my finger...

Anonymous said...

The world of today is a jewish world. Read the history of the last century, examine the origin of every destructive and degenerate social and political condition and you will find a jew behind it. War, communism, financial corruption, homosexuality, feminism, abortion, ruined education, drugs and virtually any other festering horror in our dying civilization have all either been caused or exacerbated by the jews through their financial and media control.
Does that seem an extreme assessment? On the face of it, yes. However, a detailed examination of the people behind all of these crimes against the planet brings one to the inescapable conclusion that this vampire race are always the source, either directly or indirectly.
Jewish manipulation of events were directly responsible for the catastrophes of the two world wars. The vast crimes committed against the slavic and east european peoples by Bolshevism were almost entirely kosher. The demonic cruelty of those jews is reflected in Israeli treatment of the Palestinians and other semites in the Middle East. It is only on the internet that one can pull aside the mask which their media uses to protect them from being exposed to see the monsters they really are, far more terrifying monsters than the aliens in the film 'They Live'.
I don't doubt that they are willing to start a war which could be a world-wide calamity. As you state, they are insane. It is because they have total control of America and its military might that they have become a threat to all life on the planet. The jewess Sontag called the white race a cancer of the planet, but it is really her race which is the cancer killing us all. Unless we all act to deal with the threat posed by the jew we will all suffer the consequences.
Americans have no excuse for not realising that the 9/11 crime against their country was a kosher affair assisted by the administration of the smirking psychopath. They murdered three thousand Americans in cold blood and managed to make a handsome profit in the bargain, as well a billions more for the gangster state in occupied Palestine. You were lied into war (again) in which hundreds of thousands of young Americans have been killed, maimed or poisoned and their reputation utterly destroyed. Iraq has been permanently poisoned by depleted uranium and millions of Iraqi lives destroyed. The people responsible for all of this did it with malice aforethought. They revel in it and expect to get away with it. Will they?

Anonymous said...

Great post Les! Been reading (via for about 2 years.

Anonymous said...

In addition to everything mentioned above, have you ever seen more presidential candidates lining up to suck Israel's dick? I thought the US was a super power, but Israel brings us to our knees every time!

They will not be happy until the US has wiped out the majority of the Arabic people surrounding Israel and replaced the mosque on top of the remnants of Solomon's temple. In addition, the so-called "Zionist Christians" are supporting this bullshit in hopes of speeding up Jesus' arrival.

What will they do when the alleged savior doesn't show and it is too late to turn back? Kiss your ass good-bye now or start digging a very deep hole we may not have more than 4 years left!!!

Anonymous said...

If this kind of mob crap wasn't at the root, why gambling cruises to nowhere and the Mafioso fringe littering the back pages? Why CIA drug planes and the greatest crop ever in Afghani poppyfields, why Bernie Kerick, why Blackwater boys in Kurdistan caught selling secrets, why Perle connected to Adnan Kashoggi connected to Harrod's, why blackmail and honeytraps, why are some allowed to walk and some are Wellstoned, why recall Bhutto and take her out under bizarre circumstances impossibly explained, why designate Pak a symbolic Honorary Non-NATO Ally (because it has been reported the designation merely allows weapons purchases) unless, UNLESS you need a disclaimer sometime in the future when radiation is raining down upon the planet?

Anonymous said...

Rocks versus a submarine. The fact that the issue is presented that way shows how many people are still very much asleep. The fever pitch to war with Iran never stopped, even after the NIE report. Instead they just continued their game of masking the truth, by that I mean they don't always blantantly lie but they truth is clearly misdirected in their statements.

I was watching the Animatrix a few days ago and the story of that is so applicable today. It doesn't take one million people to start a change for the better, it can be done by one person. Maybe even that change won't be seen in our lifetime but we can make it better for the future.

However first thing is first, we have to not allow this war with Iran to happen. Russia, and Putin, are crazy and I think he views the world like our insane government. In the zero sum game, neither will lose and they could just seek to destroy the world. There will be no future if we do not stop that.

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the televangelists staunch support of the land of Israel, one would find it intriguing and somewhat ironic how they and other faith movements constantly claim the anti-christ shall arise from the Jewish Holy Land.

So in essence, they are feeding the beast.

Anonymous said...

Lol Mr annonymous about the sunburns is full of it rofl.

Great article I enjoyed reading it and seeing that not all Americans are duped by the smoke and mirrors.

Back to annonymous, why whould the iranians risk any of thier soldiers just to threaten 3 us warships? Makes no sense when the sunburn and onyx missliles bought from Russia are more than capable of locking on from land and delivering a blow with no risk to their personell. If the Iranins did whish to harass the warships they have thier own warships, subs and warplanes which would have set a message, litle dingis don't have the same impact.

As for the world waking up I too see the signs of it, more and more are seeing through the smoke screen and begining to question, the powers that be are realising this which is why many of the anti-terrorism laws which have come in for the UK and USA over the past years has nothing to do with terrorism and more to do with controlling the people to he point of submission.

Just imagine them locking you up indefinately for protesting against the prospect of nukes being used on Iran? Questioning the government in a way they don't like? etc etc, as mentioned above the Haliburton detention centres being built why? Does America expect a heap load of fanatics to invade the country or some time soon? of course not, but the populace may rebel to the policies of the government, so they need to have a place in advance to hold them.

Keep up the great reporting and hopefully it won't be to late to stop the nutjobs in power.

kikz said...

on a darker note... possibly it's more truly and covertly deadly, as ann rice's Theatre Des Vampires........

Anonymous said...

Its no coincidence why the Sopranos was so popular, and now Dexter, forensic blood analyst and secret, but principled, serial killer, has the sheeps' attentions. No one wants to out with it, exactly, but everybody wants to watch it. What drives such obsessions other than it being "on the air" which is the same as "in the air"... You can feel it, taste it, hear it, you can even wear it, you can own it (purchase Dexter's shirtjac or Lila's camisole at the website), although a hooded black cape with 100 lb deadweight shoulderpads does it best.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's gonna be another crappy year to look forward too.

Anonymous said...

Is it time for Bush to become the sacrificial lamb? That would give the agenda a jumpstart.

Anonymous said...

Some of the things I read here it looks like people don't read the article they are commenting on. Besides that some of them think a pack of boys actually threw stones at a submarine. I know you were joking. That's how fucked up things are.

Anonymous said...

its like in the great stories, the ones that really mattered,
full of darkness and danger they were.
and sometimes you didn't want to know the end,
cause how could the end be happy.
how could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened.
but in the end its only a passing thing.
this shadow, even darkness must pass, a new day will come.
and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.
those are the stories that stayed with you,
that meant something,
even if your were too small to understand why.
but i think i do understand,
i know now.
the folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn't,
they kept going cause they were holding on to something.
what are we holding on to?
that there's some good in this world and its worth fighting for.

LOTR- The Two Towers

Anonymous said...

I am an American woman, not stupid and dismayed that anyone would believe that the mass media represents the average American. Having written those words, let me amplify...I know more about the MSM than most as I am a freelancer and unfortunately, do get to observe the cynicism and sloppy habits that many of my colleagues now live by. Despite the despair that the former group engenders in me, I take hope from those who no one pays attention to--the poor.

Since I fell from the middle class to poverty, I have discovered a much better group of people exist in the United States. Regardless of what television shows and the news communicate, most poor people are hardworking, conscientious, cynical about politicians and aware that the news and reality diverged long ago. They have another characteristic that I find positively exhiliarating: compassion. They are too busy trying to survive to care too much about who has the latest anything. They know that they won't be getting whatever it is anytime soon and they aren't necessarily impressed by those who have the wherewithal to waste money on gadgets. Well, the older poor aren't that envious as far as I can tell. Their children are a different matter. They suffer from envy greatly, but that is another posting. The poor know who is running the show, who thinks that they have power and what happens if you buck the system. They are just waiting for this group of idiots to step on their parts and trip themselves up. I find some comfort in their conviction that this is just the latest crew of world-beaters to endure, but I am not as sanguine as they.

I am very disturbed by the fact that our world is being taken over by the umpteenth generation of Rockefeller stooges and nobody has yet noticed that NONE OF JOHN D's GRAND PLANS WORK. They have all had horrendous unplanned and unmitigated consequences for the world, the environment and living beings. Most of the government's energy at present is vested in finding ways to keep these disasters concealed from all of us as they (Rockefellers, Warburgs, Bushes and our government) plan their escape strategy. They only need to keep us distracted long enough to plan our enslavement, demise or "disposition."

Frankly, if we want the world to be a better place, we need to stop buying things from the people trying to enslave us. I strongly recommend that everybody read: Wallstreet Funded Nazism by Sutton or Smedley's book-- The Plot to Steal the White House (both are free online) and read the Rockefeller files. Read Ida Tarbell's book on Standard Oil. If you do your homework, you will discover that the Bushes are "ambitious" Rockefeller stooges and that they learned all their tricks from David and John D.

I find the notion of the world being controlled by such people to be an absolute anathema. These are people who cannot even fry their own eggs, cut their lawns or who have no idea what a "burden" really is...when have they had time to learn wisdom? When have they suffered enough to learn empathy? When have they had to work enough to value labor? Without these activities, they cannot anticipate problems, create real solutions or be real leaders. Leaders are wise, kind and understand that enduring solutions and grand societies only come from enormous care, broad horizons and endless humanity. Only those who care about everyone's interests can create a world that is sustainable and nurturing.

Anonymous said...

I used to believe that Americans were normal people and just the same as everyone else until, during the 80s I backpacked through Europe for two years, meeting (and travelling with) many Americans along the way. What I found was that their opinions coincided exactly with the American MSM, which led me to much prefer Canadians as travelling companions.

I haven't met many Americans since, but the few I have met relatively recently don't indicate that there has been a shift.

Anyone who thinks the very small proportion of Americans who use the Internet to penetrate beyond the MSM veil is fooling themselves. The reach of the MSM is only accelerating due to the Internet. (The counter-trend, represented by this blog, is doing nothing except perhaps slow down this process a little.) As a result, everyone else is now as dumb as, back in the 80s, only the Americans were.

annemarie said...

Anonymous said...

I am an American woman, not stupid and dismayed that anyone would believe that the mass media represents the average American. Having written those words, let me amplify...
To Anonymous who wrote that post. Thank you, for all of it.


Anonymous said...

You say that this is their last shot for a while. Not so sez I. Both HillyNilly and Obamanation are awash in AIPAC money. Neither of them proposes to radically alter the course set by Beelzebush. The Zion world domination machine is plugging along at a fine pace.
A quick riddle: when is a two party system not a two party system? Answer: When both parties get their cash from the same place!!

Visible said...

New essay here-

Anonymous said...

To the 1:20AM Nice try.

The internet is slowly destroying the media's monopoly grip on Where and When. (Check the ratings for the MSM franchises / paper and TV viewing is at the lowest it's ever been) You almost had them there for a second, so what are you? Mossad? From the David Frum book club? They couldn't shutdown the information highway, so now they are claiming (such as you are doing) it, as they're own. The MSM knows the majority of thinking people don't even pay attention to the TV news or paper, there are those who should be treated as idiots and those are the ones tuning in. (not like they or even the government cares what the people think at all now. They just carry on as the always have and now most people know why they smirk all the time).

Hundreds of millions more people every year (thanks to REAL information sites) realize that the system is beyond broken/corrupt and has more moles and laughable mites trying in vain to brainwash people that the internet is dying.

The only one fooling him/herself is you. (Nice combo of words and images you used there/ damn right Canadians are better than shit head American's and their jewish slave masters . Note: a judge faxed a friend of father in the early 1990's to let him know FREETRADE was a shame and would in essence hand Canada's industry / minerals / oil and lumber [all of which goes to you] and soon water/ and if Canadians are in short supply, tough, America get's first pick)You are no friend of Canada. And Canadians know who controls you. I'm sure jewish agents will be working overtime to convince people the fight for the truth is nearing the end.

Years back, I spent a couple of weeks in a bar in Greece and a local lady I met in a cafe could point out every American from all others. You know how?

Because (now, I learned this too from her) American's, whether they are street thugs / middle class/ poor or well-off or even those who have the I.Q. of a rat turd, it is driven into them their heads that they are the best in the world with a my sh*t don't stink attitude that is a dead giveaway. Let's be honest here, most American's hide behind an I.Q. that a person could count and add up on a few fingers, so I can see why the jews can't stop laughing at how easy it must be for them to get America do do whatever they want. They know that if America realizes they've been had, look out. So they have to make damn sure they keep the charade flowing.

Even America's christians think ordinary jews are god-like. Americans are stupid children and should be treated as such.

It's near the 2nd day so not too many people will be reading this , as most move on to fresh lachesis.

-Billy / Canada

LanceThruster said...

The "Big Lie" has shown itself to be exceedingly effective with a population largely asleep. They want this war with Iran so bad they can taste it.

Anonymous said...

So, who's your enemy?


Anonymous said...

'The internet is slowly destroying the media's monopoly grip on Where and When. (Check the ratings for the MSM franchises / paper and TV viewing is at the lowest it's ever been)'

The idea is ludicrous and is nothing but a conceit of the latest breed of pseudo-political activist who thinks they can change the world by bashing Bush and Blair on their blogs but can't get it together to, say, attend a political demonstration. The use of the Internet for political purposes is nothing but a blip that will make not the least difference to the way history unfolds.

The Ron Paul candicacy is a classic example. Discontented Republicans believe in Paul the way discontened Democrats believed in Dean. Look what happened to Dean. Where is all that Dean-focused Democratic rage now? This time it's the Republicans' turn to get hoaxed. Paul is just the Howard Dean of the 2008 election. He'll be nowhere in a few months' time.

Anonymous said...

you people will elect your conquerers.....

you can hate America all you want, but the truth nation will be the bad ass of the nation will be the ultimate power....

which one will you choose??...

the one now.....or the one behind door number 2??...

whats behind door #2??.....oh, you dont know.....maybe you dont want to know....

dilbertgeg said...

According to former Mossad Ari Ben Menashe, Israel actually helped Iran get weapons during the so-called hostage crisis. Later, so did Republicans.

Neocons supported Al-Qaeda. So did the Christian Coalition. Anyone not supporting Al-Qaeda was considered unpatriotic. (so they were not yet named "Al-Qaeda" I'm using it generically)

Clinton personally signed off on an Iranian Arms Pipeline to Al-Qaeda in Bosnia and Kosovo, which NATO helped import from Afghanistan.

Bush sent $43M to the Taliban govt of Al-Qaeda-ville, and Al-Qaeda forces were still reported fighting on the ground in NATO-controlled Macedonian war zone in October 2001. google Osamagate.

Hipocrites, all.

One thing I will say, Zionist leaders have figured out how to play this, because it's vital for the survival and completion of their "project", Eretz Yisroel.

Anonymous said...

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One common cause is using narrow rims in wide tires. If your headline is crisp, concise and targeted to the right target group, you can ensure that you have found a lot of prospects. Hard covers offer superior protection but at a higher price. Read carefully, different online auction listings for Garbage pail kids stickers and the proof is undeniable. For a high volume of goods to be shipped and purchased by the credit rich consumer, loose regulations and increased truck capacity allowed. How does a company ascertain that the brochure serves its purpose? There is one simple way to this. [url=]Jeremy Scott Pas Cher[/url] Presently there exists a substantial amount of funds being spent in research and development in the transportation community.
Pickup trucks are used by lots if construction industries and they are very popular in trucking industry.
Next rub the polish over the edges of the repair to blend in with the original lacquer.
This process should be repeated every three to four months for maximum effect.

If the sound is happening only at the extreme ends of the wheel turns, and the belt seems okay, then you may not have any potential issues. Therefore, internet advertising is a smart way to boost business if you are smart about how you use it. On the other hand, those people who need to run their vehicle smoothly and faster, they always use sober and simple rims for their vehicle. It should have toll free no. [url=]2013 Femmes Adidas Jeremy Scott[/url] Therefore used car parts in fl tend to be chosen that will complement your help to make along with brand of the particular car.
Drivers often neglect to look into the history of Chevy trucks, as they assume that truck wear and damage would be noticeable.
How to Lower Your Car Maintenance Costs?



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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