Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Thoughts are too Dangerous to Speak

Let me see if I have got this right, somebody fired a lot of rockets into empty lots in Siderot and Olmert (he whose face looks like a grinning skull) ordered some murders. Oh they blame these things on Hizbollah and they blame them on Hamas but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s the IDF that likes to launch rockets into empty lots.

It’s difficult to understand how .05 percent of the population can have such a locked down control on the banking industry, the American government, many European governments, most of the international media, the entertainment industry and god knows what else, all while making anyone who points it out a pariah dog bitch regardless of the fact that it is demonstrably fact.

It’s difficult to understand how a fat slug of a presently comatose mass murderer could storm the Temple Mount creating an Intifada and then make it the fault of a wretched, huddled mass of displaced peoples who can hardly feed themselves. It’s hard to imagine how these same wretched people now have their food, water and power shut off to starve them into submission with the intention of driving them off somewhere far away.

It’s hard to imagine how the lawyer (Stolz) defending the man (Zundel) hijacked from one country to another merely for questioning an event and finally imprisoned, can also be imprisoned for defending the man. It’s even harder to imagine when the Red Cross figures of this event are at odds with the declared numbers and when detailed forensic investigation of Treblinka has irrefutably shown that there were NO mass graves there.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would ever be imprisoned for questioning something... unless... UNLESS... someone doesn’t want any questions asked because of what the results might be. After all... what could investigators find that would contradict official published stories? Is there something to find? Why would impressive legal machinery be set into place to silence those who ask questions? After all... the death count listed outside Auschwitz continues to be lowered by the same people imprisoning the people questioning the event.

It’s hard to imagine a people who daily practice the same tactics practiced against them against a people that they displaced off of the land upon which they were living before they displaced them. It’s hard to imagine that a company from a certain country was controlling security at all of the 9/11 airports, the London tube and the Madrid train station and that members of their security forces were caught video-taping the 9/11 attacks and dancing around and one wonders... one wonders indeed how they knew about this in advance.

It’s hard to imagine that dual nationals from America and this country are responsible for all of the wars following. It’s hard to imagine and difficult to understand how this country could launch a horrible attack on Lebanon or that there would be such questions remaining about assassinations the world over that benefit no one but this country and the countries they control.

It’s not surprising to now find that Entebbe was orchestrated by the Israelis.

As I go back in time and watch the progression of events as they move to the moment in which I write these words I have to say that there is an overwhelming weight of evidence that indicates that the drive toward the creation of Israel and the activities of Israel since have resulted in the lion’s share of death and suffering on this planet since. There is no other way to see it. Even if we don’t leave out Chairman Mao they get the Oscar.

It could be that there is some shadowy alien pod race that is making all of this happen just to blame it on the same victims that always get blamed- and who’ve made out like gangbusters since -but I find that difficult to imagine. No matter how you play it out they are working for them because they are in many of the positions of authority.

I find it odd that most of the so-called anti-Semitic offenses of recent years have all been revealed to have been perpetrated by Zionists jitterbugging through blood puddles with Herzl-rock on the headphones. Please see the actual police reports in France, the US and elsewhere for the slimy details.

I am starting to believe that the nation of Israel and those who created it for the purpose it serves today are guilty of worse crimes than even the most imaginative of us have suggested. I am starting to think that whenever this ‘chosen people’ thing got said it was The Devil himself saying it. I am starting to think things that I can never say but I will be goddamned if I don’t connect some dots and have at it with a will while I am still standing.

I have come to the point where I just can’t take it any longer. I just can’t take the ongoing impunity of emptying automatic weapons into nine year old girls. I can’t take the false flag outrages that are blamed on the people being eliminated. I can’t take these odious, blood-sucking swine going on and on and on while the world masturbates in front of its TV set. I just can’t take it.

I suspect that this is the source of the fog I was talking about. I suspect that this is the source of most of the evil that plagues humanity at this time. I realize that the smear machine will come after me. I realize that I’ll be labeled and branded and god knows what else but I don’t care. If I have to live in fear of these forces then I will have to count my life not worth having been lived.

I’m lucky that I’m not important enough to have a reputation wide enough to where anything said about me would make any difference. But I assure you that I would have long ago compromised such a reputation if I had had it. It’s as plain as plain can be. This doesn’t make Iran and Russia and China the good guys; not hardly. Every nation in this world is run by compromising me firsters. Lucky for some that they have laws and constitutions as yet uncompromised.

Israel and her lap dog America and her lapdog England and who knows who is sitting in whose lap; but we can be sure there is a circle jerk of canines with their noses up each others asses who only turn away long enough to gorge themselves on human flesh and blood and misery.

These are the people that did 9/11. These are the people who are running the killing fields of the moment. These are the ones who have revised history to their own purposes, who silence dissent, who fire university professors, who control the medium of the massage, who rape the children and who place the children in the hotel rooms for the politicians to fuck and who videotape it and then murder the children afterwards and who then control the politicians. These are the shits who control the banks and the arms industries and who are marching you as these words are written toward the grayscale destiny of your final hours. Connect the dots.

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Anonymous said...

It's the Jews Stupid!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts have drifted down the same paths... Thank you for having the courage - the resolve - to post your comments. This is a brave act and surely will not go un-noticed and un-rewarded...

Be safe as you go...

Anonymous said...

My thoughts have drifted down the same paths... Thank you for having the courage - the resolve - to post your comments. This is a brave act and surely will not go un-noticed and un-rewarded...

Be safe as you go...

Eugene said...

Your touching the sacred stones of this monster. Lets connect some dots...

The 33rd President of the United States was "Hairy Is Trueman". He was a 33rd degree Freemason.

He had a little day dream once while fishing (for men) in a Missouri Stream...wallah the United Nations Comes to pass.

He also had a letter to write one day and excathedra wallah all the United Nations he created must recognize the State of Israel.

He also set up a little Manhattan manger where the Christy Bomb was born called Trinity Site in the Land of Enchantment.

The 33rd is about building "the temple", you know taxes, power and sacrifice to top Dog. The temple had three components, a outer court of Gentiles, an inner court for Israel ie via Priests, and the Holy of Holies with its pillar of fire. Hmmmm? You say.

Outer court = United Nations, October 24 1945. The fools who must pay taxes, bow to power and of course be sacrificed.

Inner court = Israel, May 16 1948. The power mad priests who of course gather taxes, laud the power and of course make sacrifice.

Pillar of fire = Christy Bomb, July 16 1945. The open manifestation of power meant to make everyone afraid, so afraid. Trinity Site is 33 degree latitude.

The temple of Zion's doG constructed by Anglo Freemasonry in collusion with those who say they are Jews but are not, ie the Synagogue of Satan. AshkeNAZI.

I cannot wait and hope to yell 'Hierolysoma Est Perdita' being 'Jerusalem is destroyed'. The phrase that rang throughout the Roman Empire when Vepasian and Titus sacked Israel/Jerusalem in 68-70 ad. which is also Hep Hep Hooray.

Where is Titus when you need him? Where is the Jesus who being mad as hell lifted whip scourge and drove the priests/tax man out for being the murderous scum they are and will ever be?


Anonymous said...

The only way out is for all of us to stop being afraid and stop playing the game we cannot win.

Philip said...

As always, you are spot on, well done.

Anonymous said...

Grim article but true in every detail. God help us all. What can a person do other than say this stuff out loud.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

American and England aren't Israel's lapdogs. All three are someone else's lapdogs. I think we know who that someone is.

But what's the game plan?

The big two questions are WHY did they want to create the State of Israel and WHAT are they intending to do with it?

And second, HOW is the State of Israel the best way for them to achieve it?

Anonymous said...

Magnificent. I was weeping halfway through with outrage and agreement. You are a rare creature and even if oceans separate us we are one in our hearts. God bless you and thank you for your courage and fire.

Visible said...

My friends, I would like to add this as just one feature in a dreadful mosaic of despicable work. This from the redoubtable Mark Glenn's site.

This has to stop.

Anonymous said...

Live link to Mark Glen's site

Anonymous said...

You know, they own Google too and Google owns Blogspot and so on. I don't fancy your odds given that the pope just said that Galileo's punishment was fair. I will say this, everything you said is the truth and it's refreshing to hear it. You're probably going to have to find somewhere else to say it soon though. That is just how it is.

hacksoncode said...

Mostly your thoughts are just too stupid to speak, but whatever. If your facts are demonstrable, demonstrate them. Personally, I suspect they're bullshit pulled out of your ass.

But assuming everything you've said is true, at least have the courage to say what you think should be *done* about it.

A little genocide, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother. Condi wasn't kidding, "The devil is in the details" was no doubt more of a observation than just a casual comment. The contract demands blood, as the guy holding the papers for them to sign alwaysseems to know when the time is ripe.

The more God punishes these people the more anger they share with the guy in the red suit.

Anonymous said...

I pause before i type, this is dangerous "thought crime" territory....but maybe the time has passed for such concerns. Ever wondered why the flag of Israel carries two equilateral triangles (internal angles 60, 60, 60)= "as above, so below"? Blood sacrifice...
This is possibly the most dangerous area that can be addressed in our current directly taps into root causes, and so requires the utmost care.

You make a commment about alien pod races, have you considered the similarity between aliens and demons? Every description of aliens i've read, has an equivalent in demonology (tall and beautiful, hairy and squat, grey with slits for eyes and mouths etc.). I'm more than willing to dismis this thinking as crazy talk though...

Anonymous said...

While the Israeli government has turned the Gaza strip and West Bank regions of Palestine into virtual prison camps, there is one section of the Palestinian community that appears to enjoy unhindered freedom of movement

Anonymous said...

Very eloquently put, repost blogger - spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Ok enough Jew talk from that last guy. I have jew friends that are great. It's not about religion...or any of this zionist, ect ect bull. The people in power are fearful, the planet is running out of resources and things don't look very promising. But the planet can, and is, sustaining the massive amount of people we have. I'm a zero-population growther myself.

But really, just be positive and use your actions as arsenal, peaceful hopefully, but if necessary than you know what. Actions are loud, words are shit, though I enjoy blogs. The only thing we have are our actions, and we should be happy, not grim about this, and try to lead god lives.

Anonymous said...

They created the state of Israel to serve many purposes but the main one is it being in the heart of the muslim nations, see they have this Devil cult plan to rule the world, only people standing in thier way is those who belive in god, Christians and Muslims, they have managed to weaken the christians to the point many ppl who say they are Christian are nothing more than sunday church goers, but the muslims have been a harder nut to crack, from a region where conspiracies have been galor over the centuries many muslims see through the plan and see that the Devil is behind it all, so they need a platform to try and turn the muslims aginst each other, to attack them outright if the above fails and to be able to deliver nukes as a last resort to the nations, that platform is Israel.

But despair not brothers for they wil never win, the devil knows this all to well, yet he will still try to take as many gullible people with him to hell.

The prophet of islam (saw) once said in a hadith that a time will come when every last jew will be hunted down and they will hide, but every animal, rock, plant etc will call out "o muslim there is a jew hiding behind me" all but one plant which is being grown in abundance in Israel will tell the locations of jews.

And as for the Devil his time will come when the great prophet Jesus is sent back to earth, he will lead the armies against those the devil has built and he will be the one who finally slays the devil.

So fear not they will never win but may god be with us all untill that time comes. Respect for haveing the balls to speak out and may god be with you brother.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you imagined these topics now Les, as I feel you may not be able to imagine such things in the very near future without prosecution.

Anonymous said...

My that was inflammatory
Tsk! Tsk!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to post this (along with some other words) over at SM.
‘Re: The Ugly Truth: The only use for guns is to kill or maim, soldiers are taught to use guns.
There is no place in my world for either.’
Then I thought, I can't do that, I'll be thought an idealistic idiot, completely impractical - so I didn't.
Then I came here, read your post (thank you for that btw) and had a think about Patty Hurst, violence, psychology, the psychology of violence etc. etc.
It has to do with how each of us perceives the world, mainly our immediate world, our street, our town, state, country; as the circle gets wider the concern lessens. Unless as it is now intruding into our living rooms.
So, as you say from the perspective of ‘standard occupier’ your villain-victim was fine until his capture whereupon it was prudent for him to view things from a different perspective.
It’s prudent for the USA citizenry to do as they are doing now because NO ONE is on their side. Ron Paul, fine. How old is he? Do the people who support him have any real power? Look who his detractors are or even who the people who ignore him are. There is no real administrative support for what he espouses beyond him.
What happens if ‘we the people’ do start to make waves – ridiculed, beaten, arrested, and worse (to come)?
They know the answer; they are just not prepared to apply the solution… yet.
It’ll come.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Les, again

This is so true, and has been so obvious for so long It enrages me and fills me with violence and anger. I sometime think that those feelings and thoughts in us are partly the point of much of the shit that's going on (too much to list or detail).

But it is the truth and necessary to speak it.

The feelings of violence and anger we must learn to use. And use to promote a re-broadcast of our thoughts and emotions. Those of love and respect for all, courage and encouragement to stand against the 'apparently' overwhelming odds, and reason & intelligence to thwart the lies and conspiricies that wrack and wreck our planet.

In short, don't be angry, violent and predictably reactive - be Good, Strong and Clever.

I think our way must be a disorganised one of non-violent dissent, boycott and communication.

that 100th monkey? He's coming. Could be the next person you talk to.


nobody said...


The trolls come out to play!

I'll tell you what I reckon mate. Any people who considers themselves superior, chosen, or any other bullshit, delusional, self-serving nonsense should wake up to the fact that they're racists. They should admit the wrongness of their racist behaviour. Really admit it. Not lie and go back to doing what they were before.

We seem think it's fair enough that perfectly harmless Muslims who aren't racist and have nothing to do with any terrorism bogeyman should do more to condemn their phantom-menace fellows. If it's alright for them, it's alright for real racists and real terrorists, and their holier-than-thou supporters like yourself, to do the same.

You up for that bra? Tell us now how people who imagine they are chosen are racists. Or is that asking too much? Because that's the gig, mate, and if you ain't up for it you can fuck off.

Anonymous said...

History = commonly accepted stories of events.

Conspiracy Theories = uncommonly accepted stories of events.

Logic would suggest that if conspiracies are false then it is equally possible that supposed historical fact may also be false.

Facts are rarely objectively recorded as we are all so subjective by our nature.

Historically man has been cheap, petty, money driven, greedy and malevolent - in general that is.

The USA has a century of historical records re: coupes, war and political interference usually where there are natural resources for the taking and an underdeveloped political system - This cannot be argued against!
Smoking mirrors is not only easy to believe but is a good summation of the only possible way that can explain why these events like 911, Iraq war, FBI funding ($50 Billion) for biometric databases, GM research, media censorship, amalgam fillings, fluoridated and chlorinated water.
The list is endless and none of it looks good.

"I'm all right Jack" is the attitude.

ray - people need to be more pro-active - but I guess your probably "alright jack"

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Visible
I'm afraid I agree with Mister Ray - 'I suspect ...'
Now I'm not saying I’m sure Mister Visible but I suspect that what you are writing about is not 100% true.
Take 'a fat slug of a presently comatose mass murderer' for instance. You may mean my great friend Ari, but I prefer to believe you wouldn't write about my friend in those terms. Ari sends me telepathic messages saying he is doing fine by the way Mister Visible.
’I suspect’ you don’t know about my favourite sports pastime Mister Visible. It has to do with the high powered rifle in my closet and those terrible, terrible goyem occupying Gaza. Well not as many now as there was a while ago… ♫ They ran thru the briars and they ran thru the brambles and they ran thru the bushes where a rabbit wouldn’t go…♫ Oh! Sorry.
That reminds me Mister Visible, Hillary is doing well as your elections go, isn’t she? She and Bill are wonderful people aren’t they? They will make a wonderful couple when Hillary is President of your wonderful country. A seamless handover from your wonderful Mister Bush, no changes, our money is safe, you’re fighting our battles for us and she will extract more taxes from those wonderful American people for us. Mister Visible, all is right with the world.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. My good friend Rabbi Hashem said for me to wish you a belated Happy Hanukkah".

Anonymous said...

"I can’t take these odious, blood-sucking swine going on and on and on while the world masturbates in front of its TV set. I just can’t take it."
You are barking mad, but you sure have some literary talent. I'm amused mightily every time I read your ravings - keep up the good work! Your best work ever was "Gang raping Pollyanna" - that was a masterstroke. However your claims of a "factual" nature are on par with what's being published by that extraterrestrial mad cow Rense and the despicable spik Rivero - not worthy of even discussing. I have no doubt that when your relatives finaly put you into a psichiatric asylum for your own protection you will still be sreaming there, that the jewish inmates are controlling the place...

Visible said...

Hi Folks;

Just a few thoughts. Someone mentioned genocide... do you mean like what is happening in Palestine right now and in Iraq; both of which are the work of Israel, either directly or because they engineered it?

Here's a thread where this article is being discussed

Here's an answer to my comment about Treblinka

It's a Google search, something even a moron should be able to accomplish. If anyone wants to argue with forensic experts have at it.

Over at this forum the usual slurs are active. I'm accused of being a holocaust denier. When it is pointed out that I don't even mention the holocaust then the logic shifts until the term fits.

Let me clear things up again as I always am obliged to do. Anyone who wants to know my feelings on Jews and Israel and anything related only needs to scroll down the front page to the article, "Zionism for Compleat Dummies"

As far as the holocaust goes I'm not interested in either affirming or denying it. I'm merely saying that number fudging is rampant and that can be verified by other Google searches and one can see the Red Cross numbers and the numbers of other aid agencies and government agencies.

Personally I think the idea of the holocaust is being used to cover and justify similar crimes taking place right now at the hands of those who use the holocaust to justify what they do. I hope I made a nice circle there.

Personally, I'm tired of hearing about it. I have holocaust fatigue and it's meaningless to me now anyway because the survivors of this affair are now engaged in their own form of a holocaust. End of story on that.

I believe people should be allowed to discuss claims made by people profiteering off of this event; who use it to blackmail nations and individuals, who use it to stifle dissent and criticism.

This doesn't happen with any other event in history so why does it happen with this one? The amount of power and force behind this thing speaks volumes about whether a certain group of people have too much power over the lives of others.

Let the facts be what they are and let inquiring minds set the issue at rest once and for all. is that asking too much? If you can't question something then there must certainly be questions that exist.

I could care less if anyone calls me anti-Semitic or a denier or anything else. Since I am none of those things it doesn't matter. I will say that both of those terms are being used whenever convenient by the new Nazis of the hour. By their works you shall know them. Take a look.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon 959:
Why is he barking? Are you saying that your viscious, parasitic tribe of monsters didn't commit the crimes he accuses them of? How typically kike! Anyone who dares criticize these self-chosen scum must be insane. Perhaps he should be taken away and reeducated, just like your murderous cousins in Bolshevik Russia used to do to so many goyim who didn't express joy at being ruled by Yaweh's precious pets. You kikes like totalitarianism which is why you are turning the planet into a hellhole prison with you as the jailers. You had better not screw it up kikey because there are an awful lot of us who are itching to get our hands on your scrawny necks.

Anonymous said...

`fat slug of a presently comatose mass murderer`

It's been 2 yrs this month that he has been this way, or so they say. I think he died shortly after he became comatose, and they decided to park him in the basement freezer at -4 Centigrade.

The family went along with this for the `good of Israel` and the society being as closed as it is, no one can know other than the official truth.

So, before Bush carries out his instruction of last week from Messrs Olmert, Netanyahu and Peres to nuke Iran before his term is up, the announcement of Ariel Sharon's passing will have to occur so that all the world's dignitaries can arrive and pay their respects because when the nukes start obliterating Iran, Israel will not be a safe place to go to for any reason.

Anonymous said...

hey mate, wake up. if you think its all israel and the jews youve just not reached the end of the stick. yeah, israel play to the conspiracy like all the other nations of the world. and jews are just as much part of the conspiracy as non jews. i dont see how you connect the conspiracy to any religion state or people. the conspiracy is the work of the devil no matter who you are. and the truth is the domain of God no matter who you are. you, as a muslim jew christian athiest communist, whatever, can choose either. stop pointing fingers and start getting to the real root of the situation. email me with your reply

Anonymous said...

Thanks much. It's the Babylonian Talmudists with their 63 Volumes of "holy" books. PEACE BE WITH YOU.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I haven't read your blog long enough to know, but this is the first time that I felt anger with your words. I have not been able to take it for some time now and I am at least encouraged to see you state that explicitly, and to see the number of responses. We are with you Les so let them bring the smear campaign. Also I see people saying God help us but at this point our prayers are not going to be answer...WE HAVE TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!!!!

Side thought: why can't other people get this pissed off yet?

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

annemarie said...

It's counter-productive, counter-life to become polarized. That is the fuckers strategy, as well as their objective, to polarize us. To divide and then conquer us.

The fuckers --whomever they may be, whether Zionists, Xtians, fundys of all stripes -- are bound (by Life and by God) to fail.

Anonymous said...

The only way out is for all of us to stop being afraid and stop playing the game we cannot win.

11:58 PM


Thank you :)

Wish I'd written that!

Be not afraid. Who said that? Some wise guy? hehehee

We (each and all) have got to BE the change that we want to see in the world.

Those who play God (such vanity!) whether Jews, Muslims, Christians, or chickens, whomever...they are going to have to pay the piper Big Time! We all reap what we sow.

Here's another fact for All of us:

What's broken cannot be fixed. What's real cannot be broken.

Put that in yer pipes and try inhaling it ;)


Hey that was simple ;) Great post. Thanks too.

Peace ever'one.
Make care, annemarie :)

Anonymous said...

Albert Pike and Mazzini planned the creation of this monster 140 years ago. Hold on to your seats folks WWIII has begun. Good old USA is one of the targets for destruction.
Don't be deceived, the bolsheviks have been in control of Washington D.C. for over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

World finance/economics: Bank for International Settlements (BIS) their logo “one world trust”

Now, most folks do not understand the meaning of high finance and how it is that a trust is the highest level of finance. Acknowledging this, one comes to understand the matter of this Bank of Banks, one world trust as being the core of the problem in finance/economics in the world today. Central Banks/National Banks/Federal Reserve Banks… are in every Nation but 2.

The monetary system of the world is based on this BIS decisions and the only way to change the course of where we are headed “financial ruin for most” is to dismantle the beast! Each Nation must be prepared to impute an independent treasury; if this beast is going to crash and if your economy would like to survive with little fallout.

An applied audit to the National/Central...banks as well as the BIS must follow the preparedness of the independent treasury implementations of world governments. Know your physics and be prepared to apply signaling as well as electromagnetic scrambling…

My best advice at this point is to understand the mistakes the USA has made, which has brought us to the brink of total slavery to this beast. Read and comprehend this: Martin Van Buren:

With technology in the world and where it stands across the board today "masses are not pervious; nature of such is extreme complexity to the average person, thus the elite maintain control, the analysis is done at levels above most folks understanding ‘logarithms…

Secondary to social multiplicity’ thus leading to sub atomic physics being applied to world finance 'stuff like chip implants i.e. regulating the systems complexities' are on the horizon… There must be logic if things are to balance i.e. synonymous with control by default. In other words, someone or something has to keep the books in some sort of logical disposition. This Bank of banks happens to have done its due diligence for many years and thus brings them the advantage of leading the world (unfortunately, the fallout will be severe as well as painful on a worldwide level.

Anonymous said...

"Side thought: why can't other people get this pissed off yet?"

Either they're jews, or think Judge Judy is real. Case in point, my ex-wife (the latter).

Anonymous said...

Too dangerous or too true? Try watching a movie without a Jewish person in it. Try watching television without every expert being Jewish. Try looking in the U.s Govt.especially but not limited to any portion of the gov't that has to do with money, security or war. Not just us, I hear Canada's minister of finance is ex - Goldman Sachs.
Despite all this I can't help but think that avg. God fearing Jews are being set up to take the fall yet again. explains this perfectly.
These folks have to be stopped, alot of us know now, soon it will be time for action and some of us will likely die but if we don't our children will serve these masters forever.

annemarie said...

We are One. And the same. We are equal to each other. No one is better than me And I am not better than anyone else.

How in the name of everything did Les' essay on Zionist fuckery turn into a hate fest against Jews? And a hatefest against Les? And back and forth? Huh? What the fuck did I miss? !!!

Don't you ALL realize that we are ALL being had? That we are all being played for suckers, slaves, serfs, fools!

And that the warlords are themselves being had too. They are fucking themselves. They don't know it yet. But they will. And plenty of us are gonna' thank our lucky stars that we didn't play like them, or with them either.

It's medieval times babies. Warlords, caesars and emperors and ass-kissers aplenty. Want change? Want better? Wanna' evolve? How about now? When, then? Ever? pfft!

It's a fools game, and you're only a fool if you play the game. Stop playing. And you stop being a fool. It's that simple. There are many constructive things we can do. But saying "It's the Jews stupid." isn't constructive or fruitful. It's just cheap, insulting and stoopid.

Why? Because that's only part of the truth. Which makes it misleading, makes it dangerous, makes it ... a lie!

And now here's the paradox:
Sure, it's the Jews. BUT it's every one else too. It is. Go ahead and prove me wrong on this. I quadruple-triple dare you. Because I know that you can't. I'm betting Life on it!

Does it truly, madly, deeply matter what the Talmud or the Torah say? How about the Bible or the Koran? Hmmm? Wake up people! It matters what each and everyONE of us says and does now. Today, and tomorrow, if we're lucky (or unlucky depending on your pov) enough to get a tomorrow.

We are either part of the solution OR part of the problem. Get it yet? Doesn't look like it's sunk in for a whole lot of us, and yet I know that people have been parroting that line for decades (maybe even centuries or millennia too) and they use it sooo cavalierly, so superficially, never truly applying it to themselves!

It's so easy to blame Jews. Isn't it. It's just as easy to call someone an anti-semite. And so on and so on.

Well I've got news for some of you --- Jews are being had as much as Arabs are, and so on and so on...

It's been this way for a verrrrrrrry long time. Didn't you get the memo? Well I did. And it was a fucking earth-shattering eye-opener. Well now you've got this internet thingy. Look it up for yourself. I did. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but is just waiting for you to seek it. What's your excuse now, huh?

Long before the internet, there was a mountain of books and other signs and clues and such. Still there. Look for it.

I personally know good Jews and not so good ones and some mother-fuckin' ones too. Ditto for all "types" of people. For all people who can be categorized beyond the most essential category, that of human being. For chrissakes!

Sorry Les. For this venting of my spleen here and now. I just need to say this. Needs to be said? It's up to you, as usual, to publish or toss it.

We are ALL being had, and will ALL continue being had until we ALL wake/grow up! Enlightenment 101, anyone? You're welcome ;)

It's true what yoni714 said. We need to get to the ROOT of this bloody stick. All else is distraction, diversion or scapegoating.

Or maybe it's just goddamned baby steps that you're still making? Well you're not a baby anymmore. Yet there's plenty of "babies" popping in here to take a shit at someone else's expense. Especially any time that anything contentious or controversial gets discussed.

I will not be mislead. I will not be fooled. I will not be taught to hate other people. I have resisted this line of corrupted thinking my entire life. I will continue to resist it. Because it's a fetid, fatal pile of dirt.

I (think that I truly) understand what Les is saying, what he's written. And it's important political, socio-political commentary. But the line is thin, almost but not quite transparent. Unfortunately, it tends to attract many (on various sides of the coin) who are simply hatefull!

btw, I really cringed when I read comments by Ray, for example. Though I think I can understand his (reactive) anger. I also cringed when I read Brian Boru write "kike". And that person who referred to Mike Rivero as a "spik". WTF is wrong with you people!?

And I have to suppress a gag each time I read that sarcastic, childish drivel from "Sollie Leberwitcz", a semi-regular commenter here. What a fuckin' putz you are. Think you're fooling everyone with that lame schtick? You're not. And you're not even funny, so fuck off!

Furthermore, clever is wayyyy over-rated. Wisdom is far, far better. I've met illiterate people with way more wisdom and sense than what I often encounter on these here internets! pfft

But childish adults love to practice being clever. Don't they. They only dream of having wisdom and wit and common sense. Do yourselves and the rest of us a favour, and grow up! Please?

I'll take the high road. Thanks. The deeper, wider, longer, higher road. The view's infinitely better. Thanks. And each and every time we play into the fuckers hands, we become fuckers too. And that's just the way it is.

As someone in a thread above so poignantly wondered--- a HUGE aspect of this fucking game (maybe THE ACTUAL POINT) is that fuckers want us to fuck. Each. Other. They want y/our energy. Life force. Body, mind, and Spirit. Gonna' let 'em have it?

Divide and conquer. It's a losers game. You play. You lose.

Ah, I've said enough. Wayyyy more than enough.

Peace, if you


Peace, if WE can make it! annemarie

Anonymous said...

The word Jew means Faithful. The Faithful are the chosen ones.. Being Jewish is about loving God, that is why Jesus is the King of the Jews. Most of the people who call themselves Jewish today are not actually Jews. And most of today's real Jews don't actually know that they are Jewish.

Numbers 16:4 So when Moses heard it, he fell on his face; 5 and he spoke to Korah and all his company, saying, “Tomorrow morning the LORD will show who is His and who is holy, and will cause him to come near to Him. That one whom He chooses He will cause to come near to Him.

Isaiah 44:5 One will say, ‘I am the LORD’s; Another will call himself by the name of Jacob; Another will write with his hand, ‘The LORD’s, And name himself by the name of Israel.

Romans 2:28 For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh; 29 but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God.

annemarie said...

Must add this to my last comment since I just re-read "Ray's" post (instead of skimming over, as I earlier did) and nope I can't jive with that turd. Seems he pulled all of his words out of his ass.

Sorry about that Les. My mistake.


nobody said...

hey mate? You mean me? I'm nobody actually. I'll assume it's me. No need for a quiet little tete-a-tete. I'm perfectly happy in the broad glare of daylight and have the skin cancers to prove it - and a blog you can pile in on, after I take up some of Les' space.

If you're looking for a word for me, I'll help you out. Apart from being that helpful fellow, I'm a buddhist and an anti-racist. And your neat little, albeit unintelligible, side-step aside, I was talking about racists - the racists we may not speak of. I condemn all racism sure, but we hardly need me for that. We have saturation discussion of all racists except the minority who just happen to run the discussion about who the racists are. Finger pointing? Ha ha ha ha. Millions of fingers pointing in millions of directions except one. And you're doing your bit too. Bravo. You and a million other self-impressed, hard-done-by racist gits who refuse to acknowledge their own racism. I choose to address those people. Ain't no one else doing it. If that puts a grain of sand in your oystery brain, spit it out if you want. God forbid anyone should screw with whatever it is you think you are.

And yeah, the devil. Never seen him myself. I just have to take other people's word that he exists. But geez, he's handy isn't he? Everybody! Pay no attention to the people who control the Fed, the Media, the Congress and who are plunging the Middle East into an ethnically-cleansed hell on earth. It's the devil! Everyone should listen to the people who define themselves by their separation from the rest of humanity. After all, they have humanity's best interests at heart. It stands to reason. Doubt them not. Question them not. Point no fingers. And yeah, spend your lives fighting the devil, whatever that means. If you're confused as to how to go about this, just sit tight and sure enough those chosen by their DNA-savvy God, will tell us what to do and how to think.

Otherwise mate, feel free to drop by the above link and read hard. I have your best interests at heart. No really!

Anonymous said...

The Jewish bloodline became mixed with the gypsies long before they were slaves in Egypt. The gypsy blood turns them against God the moment they donot get that which they demand from God (even after Moses had freed them from slavery, they went right back to worshipping sex organs and making golden idols), today they are no different.

Anonymous said...

"It's counter-productive, counter-life to become polarized. That is the fuckers strategy, as well as their objective, to polarize us. To divide and then conquer us."

Quoted from annemarie

I don't usually like to criticize people but I feel I have to. How are people still so stupid to argue over some little details? Instead lets look at the unifying factors amongst us: a desire for peace, world unity, freedom, and liberty.

I see people arguing over such small details, and that is why my post starts with annemarie's quote. I for one have not always agreed with every interpretation by Les but that is because we are both human; by nature we will have differences. However what I am truly great that Les has the courage to express his opinions to us, in the hope that we can make our own decisions but at least be aware of the real facts.

United we stand but divided we fall. This is the classic example of the power elite using "Balkanization" just this time it is being used within a society. I know that we are smart enough to see this but for some reason not smart enough to avoid it. Why?

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Anonymous said...

~Just read that pile o shite comeing out of that orophis you call a mouth nobody, kinda stank.

If you bothered to do your homework nobody who preaches religion is dictating to others how to think or speak, the torah, bible and quran have all been sent to us from god via the messengers (mousa, Isa and mohammed aka moses, jesus and mohammed) and is the word of god who has every right to dicate to us and tell us how to live since he created us ( too many people are too busy in the ignorant image of man is god to be bothered to think about the real god).

Man does tend to bend the words of god in thier own interpritations which is why judaism was suceeded by christianity then christianity by islam because the jews and christians bent the religions to the point of breaking them and adding to them and interprating as they pleased, which is why god sent the quran and guaranteed no one will taint the quran and it is the final true word of god in this world (sure some parts of the torah and bible are still gods word but too much of mans will has been added to make it distiguishable).

So for your ignorant comments on people being the chosen and will tell us the way, Umm no sorry get your head out your arse and you will see that god has shown us the way to fight the devil and the only way to do that is follow the words of god and you cannot be led astray into the hands of the devil.

Anyone who reads this is entitled to their opinion, some may take heed and begin to read up on thier creator, others will dismiss it as religious mad talk and a small few will try to attack it and twist the words etc but hey as god has stated;

Those whom I guided non can misguide and those who I misguided non can guide.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Bob Dylan. You rock! Everyday is a masterpiece.


hacksoncode said...

In response to someone saying that I pulled my post out of my ass, *of course* I did. That's most of what's happening in this comment thread, and I'm no exception.

However, I was careful to state my suspicions as no more than that, and restrict my questions to completely valid ones.

Perhaps blog entry isn't racist hate-mongering, and he really just wants to vent. Fine. Then so do I.

If not, I'd still like to know what he thinks should be *done* about this "horrible crime". It's a valid question, because in the past the popular "answers" to this had a tendency to be rather "final" for the targets of the hatred (and no, I'm not just talking about the holocaust... if you want to include Zionists in this condemnation, go right ahead).

Stirring up undirected hate and anger, barely veiled from being focused on a particular ethnic group, is dangerous shit. Calling him on it is the *very* least he deserves.

I'd still like to see some of these "truths" demonstrated, BTW. Sure, there are a lot of Jewish people (or Zionists, or whatever dodge you want to use) in high positions of power. That says nothing unless there's evidence showing that this is something especially unique to them, and there isn't.

Lots of different kinds of people are in power, and abuse that power, whether Christians, Jews, Muslims or any others. Carefully chosen statistics are the easiest way to lie.

Are there nasty Zionist Israelis attacking people out of fear and anger? Without a doubt! Are there nasty cowardly Palestinians attacking people out of anger and fear? Also without a doubt!

I added the word "cowardly" there advisedly. The one difference I can see is that even the "bad" Israelis appear to be at least nominally *trying* to attack the parties actually guilty of civilian attacks themselves (though way too carelessly for my tastes), in spite of having to *guess* who those people might be, whereas the "bad" Palestinians are intentionally targeting civilians who they have no reason to believe actually attacked them, in *spite* of knowing exactly who attacked them (the IDF and/or certain radical settlers from very specific areas).

Are you really blaming Israelis for being better at it? Is that all that's going on here? Just sour grapes?

How about trying a lot *less* hate rather than a lot more?

annemarie said...


I'm confused about your objection to my comment. Specifically, I'm confused as to why you think I'm nit-picking and arguing over little details, particularly since what you wrote is consistent with what I wrote. ???

I wrote:
"It's counter-productive, counter-life to become polarized. That is the fuckers strategy, as well as their objective, to polarize us. To divide and then conquer us."

And during your objection to that, you wrote:
"United we stand but divided we fall. This is the classic example of the power elite using "Balkanization" just this time it is being used within a society."

Hmmm? Isn't that pretty much the same thing, but in different words?

Furthermore, what I wrote was partly a free-flow of thoughts that arose after reading Les' essay. And it was partly a reaction to some of the shit-slinging that I saw in certain comments here.

I trust that now this is clear.

Visible said...

Hi Ray;

I choose my words carefully and if you read carefully then you will find the answers you need if you want them.

This post should be taken in the context of all my posts because that will lend a greater comprehension to the whole.

My rant was presented as an example of a struggle with circumstances set bold faced upon the theater of existence. It's there to be seen. I'm not your research assistant. You can find the evidence of everything I say by simply goggling the keywords. You will have pages far beyond what you or anyone can read that consistently reaffirm everything I've said.

You can take an adversarial position to these facts and some do. You can look for the truth in the mix and some do. It's up to you how much you want to discover and what you are willing to accept.

Personally I reject the last portion of your statement and all the evidence says otherwise too.

I have no beef with the Jews per se and the entry, "Zionism for Compleat Dummies" posted a couple of weeks ago and easy to find on the main page will show exactly where I'm coming from.

Certain nasty customers hide out among their fellows and bring shame and disgrace upon all. That there are dark sorts operating in all groups is without question. However, the lions share is being done by the Zionists and they also engineer the majority of the events they blame on those that they murder as a result of false flag ops and the like.

You can find many to argue these points with you. I don't argue the points because they are well known. Accept or discard as you like, that's your option.

Often times I will present things for the sheer purpose of debate. This does not mean I don't believe them. As suggested before, if you read what has been written here over time you will see a consistent picture of where I'm at.

Many Jews agree with what I say and they correspond with me. Furthermore, my personal life and the people who compose my friends and associates, my history, all put the lie to whether I am against any race or people. This is my assurance of anything that may come. What I have done and said and lived will clearly show what sort of a person I am far more than one provocative article.

I support and enjoy the views of The True Torah Jews. Furthermore, my studies in the metaphysical have for a long time been immersed in Jewish mystical texts and subjects. I would have to reject some of the basic realities on my self in order to hold the actual positions that you think I do.

It's been an entertaining thread as most of them are here. Later today when I write something new it will be on to something new.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

to annemarie

I apologize if you thought I was nit picking your post. I was using your quote as clarification of my point.
You stated there "game" was to separate and conquer us and I agree. I used your quote to solidify my point. You and I are in agreement. Sorry if that was unclear.

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

sockmonkey said...


annemarie said...


Hey, many thanks for that. It certainly clears up the confusion I had.

Words, eh! Times when we even speak the same language, times when we're even in agreement on a subject, misunderstandings still arise. No wonder I have a passionate love/hate relationship with words.

And some people tell me I should blog (no way, Jose. Life's just too short!), or tell me I'm a good writer. haha. I'm (technically) a good writer, at times. But, I know my limitations when it comes to writing. Still, I don't have an issue with it. Unless it becomes an *issue*. !

btw, that's the reason why I appreciate so much truly great writers.

Good thing there are other things I'm good at. Else I'd have little/no confidence. Whew!


Make care ever'one. :)

nobody said...


You are the problem. Your conflation of Palestinians and Israelis is bullshit. The Palestinians are occupied. The Israelis are the occupier. Do you get it? Of course not. But we get it and you can bleat all you like.

The Palestinians have every right to oppose those who took their land. The French resisted the Germans and we helped. We used to send them weapons, personnel and intelligence. Had they pulled off an attack on the German homeland we'd have cheered. Because occupation is a criminal act. It's enshrined in law that the occupied have a right to resist their oppressors. This is so commonsense I can't believe it needs saying.

Cowardly? Any Palestinian attacking the fourth biggest military in the world is a goddamn hero. F16s dropping 1000lb bombs on apartment blocks is cowardly. IDF troops hiding behind 13 year olds is cowardly. I could go on all day...

Feel free to answer this simple question - How should the Palestinians object to their fifty year occupation? Or if you prefer, How would the Israelis object to themselves being occupied?

And finally, the Israelis are just better at it and really it's just sour grapes. God spare me. You couldn't help yourself could you? Self-impressed as always.

Feel free to smugly defend the indefensible elsewhere mate.

hacksoncode said...

"The Palestinians have every right to oppose those who took their land."

This comment underlies all the problems with this region.

The way civilized people decide on "whose" land it is is by international deliberations and negotiation.

Did the British have the right to give the Israelis a chunk of what was then their empire? Maybe, maybe not, but it's a long settled issue.

If you don't want to accept this, the Native Americans are "occupied" by (now independent) British settlers, who themselves were/are occupied by Normans, who were occupied by Celts. The Picts fit in there somewhere too. Same for the Australian aborigines. Same for Israel, for that matter... historical evidence seems to indicate it was occupied by Jews long before the Palestinians, and that they were occupied and forced out by the Egyptians (later to become modern-day Palestinians).

The land currently labeled Israel belongs to the Israelis now, regardless of who might have owned it previously. The Arab nations seem to have a problem with accepting this internationally agreed fact, and have launched wars of aggression to take "back" the land, in violation of international treaties, *resulting* in the occupation of the Palestinians.

I will grant for the sake of argument that the area referred to now as "Palestine" belongs to the Palestinians, but it's unlikely that this part of the story will *ever* get settled unless both sides stop this stupid "eye for an eye" "we hate the Jews/Palestinians" crap. Stirring up that hatred, as done by this blog entry, just prolongs this problem.

Anyway, I stand by my assertion that attacking civilians intentionally is more cowardly than killing them accidentally in the process of attempting to police criminals. The lives lost aren't any less valuable, but the intent *does* count.

Still, that's a minor point. I'm not going to sit here and say that the Israelis have the right to kill innocent people, whatever the reason.

But neither do the Palestinians. They may have the right (however self-destructive and detrimental to any possible peace effort it might be) to fight their occupiers, but that doesn't give them any right whatsoever to target civilians.

nobody said...

Yup. Didn't answer the question. And pointed the finger at every other wicked piece of racism as if that makes the Israelis okay. Don't bother replying. Just take it elsewhere mate. I ain't bothering to come back here to see what self-serving shit you've got on offer.

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths - the 6% of the population that have no capability to feel empathy and have worked their way into positions of power in most organizations of this planet - such as governments and corporations. No race is to blame, no country is to blame, no political philosophy is to blame. All such things are simply used by psychopaths in order to achieve their goals - Israel and U.S. just happen to be at the forefront of such activity today.

But as you may know, historically many different countries, political ideologies, races, and philosophies (from religious to atheistic, from communist to democratic, and everything else) have been used to serve the psychopaths and to inflict immeasurable suffering and hardship on all of humanity.

I urge you to please read this book: "Political Ponerology: The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes" by Andrew M. Lobaczewski. It is available here:

The book addresses the real root of this issue instead of directing its focus on any particular "mask" that is used by psychopaths to hide themselves behind. Much of the study conducted by the author is from his experiences in Nazi Germany, and it goes in great depth to understand how the psychopathic mind works, why it is able to fool and manipulate "normal" people (non-psychopaths), and how they have always been able to do what they continue to do politically and in every other aspect of our lives.
Don't get me wrong, it is vital to observe how such masks are operating in the world in order to understand how the pathological mind functions. As such, understanding Israel's genocide of Palestinians, the lies, and everything else that occurs is very important. However, it is also important to understand the true root of the issue in order to be able to know what can be done about it. As with any disease, one must study the disease and NOT just the symptoms in order to be able to cure it. For all of history psychopaths hid behind those symptoms, and as humanity blamed one symptom or another, the root problem never went away - which is why the world is still firmly under their control.

As with anything else, in order to understand this one must research and study it thoroughly - collect all the data and make sure that your understanding fits all available data. Remember - knowledge protects, but ignorance endangers.

Visible said...

My copy of Political Ponerology sits within reach of my left hand as I write this

Piercing The Veil said...

that's how thye want it ... a deafening silence amidst atocities ... a world inhabited by robotics

good day ... nie read tnx

Anonymous said...

How much more proof do you need? THis has been going on for centuries. Read what holy man Rev. Martin Luther wrote about jews in the 16th century. Read the Protocols. Read what Viktor Ostorosky wrote in his book "By Way of DEception". The reason this is not out there is because that .05 to 2 percent of the population own all the media. since 9-11, there has only been one critical news story and it was done by FOX! ONly to be removed a month later! And ever notice how so many eyewitness videos taken by US, Canadien, Palestinian, and European eyewitnesses are constantly taken down from Google and YouTube? Start using Liveleak and post them there. Also, you can download trial software to download Google and YouTube videos for reposting. We must flood the internet. The Jews in the US congress have been trying to pass thought crime legislation just like they've done in France, Canada, Austria, Germany, etc. Led by Schumer and Tom Lantos of course.

Anonymous said...

Also, can you all support John Kaminski? He has written some great books and used to have an excellent blog. He got no support and had to whether constant threats and harrassment.
Also you did know that the last real terrorism conviction in the US was against Daniel Levin (who I just happened to see on the History Channel last month!) for planning to assassinate Lebanese-American California Congressman Darrell Issa and blow up a Culver City mosque. He and his fellow conspirator were both charged and sentenced and both mysteriously "died" in prison. I think they were silently released and fled to Israel. You'd be amazed at how many jews have committed major felonies and have been either deported, or allowed to flee to Israel. Even the Columbine duo were planning to flee to Israel. That's the other thing... the school shootings that have taken place in Port Arthur and Dunblane, which caused gun control laws to be passed, all had jewish or Israeli connections. IT just goes on and on and on.

Check out for the most straightforward no BS news about the daily crimes committed in this country that are censored. Peter Shank was great. He stopped podcasting a year ago, but Im sure if he received lots of emails, he'd begin again. He had some great shows you can still download on his site..

BTW, does a great job a keeping up on the school shootings. Check out the site...

Anonymous said...

Refreshing essay, an angry red ruby
of Truth. Would imagine you had to edit out several hundred troll responses tho.
Be careful tho and I'd avoid visiting Germany. France is probably not much safer when speaking the Truth about the Chosen Ones. Not first Amendment country exactly -- not that you wouldn't get kidnapped and sent elsewhere & locked away forever like Zuendel if you said it in the USSA!

Anonymous said...

A gift for the Grand Nagus for Holocaust Remembrance Day no doubt:

Faurisson arrested; home searched

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comments Ms Anne-Marie. We Israelis are very childish, don’t you know; as we tend to 'spit the dummy' at the slightest provocation and we drivel a mite too.
Ms Anne-Marie, if you think I was aiming for funny, laugh this one off (or gag as the case may be).

These things ARE happening

It looks as though my efforts are succeeding as I was aiming for nauseaous Ms Anne-Marie; my stupid thought was that it may help to wake some people up.

May the Lord bless your every waking moment
Sollie Leberwitcz
Ps. My good friend Rabbi Hashem says nausea is a good thing when reading of Israeli deeds in Palestine.

annemarie said...

Sollie Leberwitcz,

Thank you for clarifying your position. I did not understand it. I thought it was schaudenfreud, chutzpah, or mockery. And it pissed me off.

Sarcasm is very tricky. It's not always easy to understand in my experience. And as you now know, I can be quite dense.

I apologize for having attacked you unjustly.

I just watched the video you linked to. It is beyond appalling what those Israeli terrorists (including the Israeli government, their police, soldiers/IDF, and the settlers) are doing to the Palestinian people.

I don't know what else to say.

Anonymous said...

Please don't apologise Ms Anne-Marie it is absolutely unnecessary.
I love all of your work here and I know you are far from dense.
I am a doppelganger of one here of whom you do regard so I am pleased it is you who has given me the feedback I needed.
I will continue and try to improve my obnoxiousity (Les permitting).
However, as Rabbi Hashem's creator's grandmother has been quoted as saying elsewhere 'Sarcasm is the poorest form of wit'...
Thank you.



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