Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

If my name were Al... and it's not, I'd probably be tickled purple, if some cell phone app were named Anaconda Al and that was the name I went by as a, I don't know, Chippendale dancer with aforementioned snake ('private parties and public receptions as you like and tailored to your individual needs'), or the guy who had the line about the Alabama Black Snake in either Platoon or Full Metal Jacket. The thought of being plaster-casted and becoming the subject of a bidding war on EBAY well, that's a career enhancing thing. If you're a musician it puts a whole new light on touring. Ah well, however worthy a candidate I might be, I can't see turning something like this down. I mean, it's not like the “Here's Johnnnnny!” portable toilet thing that Johnny Carson sued over. It's got uh... uh... uh... (pun intended) cachet. However the man himself said, "The name 'Chubby Checker' is... used as a vulgar pun," Alsup wrote. Once again, yet another person who thinks sex is dirty at all points in time. Only if you head happens to be pointed too, at the time.

Let's move along to something uplifting, whaddya say? Given that it is summer and a young man's fancy, or a young ladies, turns to camping out; I guess we could throw in old people in an RV, well, this is the sort of thing that would just put the finishing touch on a fine dinner of those 'other dogs'. It's things like this that tell you there's hope for the human race and that maybe we might dodge a bullet but... not if we live in Rahmsville Chicago (♫a helluva town♫

We’re looking at an uptick of 'push coming to shove'. It's better late than never, hopefully. Obviously, there is something deeply wrong with The Late Great American States. Whether it's political correctness run riot, as seen in the previous link, or one more example of ubiquitous corruption, it's what it is. No! Seriously people, it's what it is. The rot is cultural as well, when it gets into the political 'theater'. It used to be just one of those sub cultures and it was no big deal in most urban landscapes. It's a multi pronged, (pun intended) pincher assault and it's not going to go away until it gets ridden out of town on a rail. Of course, the Tribe owned music biz, shoehorns the soundtrack into where the sun don't shine, so that most people can say, “I give it an 85 because it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.” The monsters even call themselves monsters and looking, for all the world, like Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest”. She was definitely made in a lab.

So... they didn't stay down long. I can think of quite a few fitting (or not fitting as the case may be) locations for an ear of some of that hot buttered corn, with a serious cayenne sprinkling. Critical mass is right around the corner. We've been hearing about the off the cliff scene for a very long time and yet, whatever it is now, just seems to be able to hang on by it's fingertips, even though the feet can find no purchase. So it is that eventually it must fall , atrophy into the cliff wall or implode. I'm not an economist and that means I don't have to be confused and bedazzled, by a plethora of figures that shout panic and alarm but don't actually go anywhere. I can look at that long term thing and, as I have exampled, according to the bards affirmation thereof; “all the world's a stage and we are merely players, each having their exits and entrances” God I hope I got that right. Anyway. As the bard (or Francis Bacon or a player to be named later) so aptly puts it, in confirmation of; everything is for the purpose of demonstration. That's the soul of Karma and the motive for life. It's all about what is eternal, being engaged on a long, long journey of self discovery; respond in your own time as counterpointed by your pain threshold and unfulfilled desires, with whatever the ignorance and denial factor might be factored in. Argue for, against, or whatever as you will, that's how it is, or so the principal tells me. ♫ain't no Karma like the one I got♫

All of this, all of these yugas, stage sets of varying degrees of light and shadow, are for the purpose of demonstration. It's hard to get your mind around it. It is especially hard to get your mind around it, if you don't want to get your mind to get around it, heh heh... well, then it just goes on and on and on, until you have no choice but to get your head around it. I don't care what you call it. I don't care what personal diagrams of limitation you have come up with, to contain the uncontainable; to give comprehension to the incomprehensible. I don't care if it has to make scientific sense. I don't care if it has to be by the book, even though the book passed through the hands of those who are working you, a long time ago. I don't care one way, or the other, how people go about it, except when their intransigence and ignorance, make this world far less hospitable and commodious than it might be; rather apportioning it as something intimidating and confining.

They say the world is what we make it but... if we are poor architects maybe that's our real problem and certainly the educational system is manipulated to produce a steady stream of bad and unimaginative architects. Life is magical but there is such an abundance of bad magicians. Bad magic will get you on stage because anything that demeans and dishonors human dignity and honor, is in high demand by those committed to the demeaning and dishonoring. See, if they can get you to hate yourself, that's more than half the battle. This is how they place themselves in the ascendant, while being seething and bubbling fleshbags of corruption, guided by toxic intellects and twisted libidos that get a hard on when they see a steaming pile of shit. It's why their whole dance is a scatological square dance.

This kind of thing doesn't happen overnight and this is why they have taken their time dumping you into that steaming pile of shit. When you do something like this, as part of a vast international conspiracy and you own the means and ways of the media and all of the arts, you can take your time setting the stage for mass murder and mayhem, if that happens to be your burning desire; a sort of foretaste of your guaranteed afterlife to come. What better playing field to demonstrate it on than the looted country of your so called best friend. Who looted that country? ...why you did, among other things, among a great deal of other horrifically tragic things; proving the moral of the tale about the frog and the scorpion. “I couldn't help it, it's my nature.” That pretty much says it all and that's how it is. That's how it is.

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Anonymous said...

Cletus Purcell wrecked his caddy in the front yard so I spray painted


on both sides..

Al on the other hand had a case of the sour puss after truncating loads of hooey....on why the value of gold should be recalibrated in something other than FRN's..


some people have a difficult time with the word SH*T...


" It's why their whole dance is a scatological square dance."

go figure...big mon


Anonymous said...

"Check point! Check point!"

Great vid, I love those guys!!! Frankly I'm amazed the nazi NY cops didn't find some bogus reason to arrest them. Then, of course, they would have charged THEM with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Happens everyday now in occupied amerika.

This vid also reminds me of how you know the end is near when the oppressors become ridiculed by their subjects...

Google (actually no, use Ixquick search, they don't keep a record of your searches) "Dekalb family attacked by police in their home." Forget it, I'll do it for you, here's the link:


This video is unfuckingbelievable!

A quick lesson here... if the cops had a search warrant in this vid they wouldn't have knocked on their door for half an hour, they would've just come right in.... Never, ever, ever voluntarily open your door to the police, once you do they can come right in and you can't stop them!

DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR!!! They'll bang on it for a loooong time, but they will eventually go away if you don't open it. Thats the mistake this poor family made in this video. It's hard to blame them, though, as the pressure to open the door is enormous. Ignore their threats AND DON"T OPEN THE DOOR!!!

Also, while I'm on it.... do not speak to them! You can identify yourself and thats it. Politely inform them that you are exercising your 5th Amendment Rights and you won't be speaking to them any further. They'll pressure the shit out of you and tell you you're going to jail for a very long time or your friend whom they're interrogating in the other room just confessed and named you as a co-conspirator.... it's all lies. They're allowed to use deception in order to get people to confess.

They're VERY GOOD at getting people to talk either with pressure or just making easy conversation. They may sound like they're even being nice to you and everything seems ok, "if you would just make a breif statement for us then you can go home."


Anytime a cop is talking to you, you're being interrogated and he's looking for any reason in the world to arrest you. If you speak, you open the door to this possibility.

If you find yourself being interrogated one day, do this..... Picture a sign on the wall behind your interrogator that says, "If I say one fucking word to this creep, I could go to jail for the rest of my life!"

And keep reading that sign the whole time.

Also, you can end any interrogation by stating that you would like to speak to your attorney now. They absolutely have to stop right there and allow that. If anyone in the room asks you a question after stating you want an attorney, you just hit the jackpot! Say to them, "Let the record show that it is (date and approximate time) and that I asked for an attorney and you then continued the interrogation." Ask the the person who asked you that "extra question" to identify themselves and remember their name or write it down.

Once the district attorney finds out that they continued the interrogation after you asked to speak to an attorney, it's likely that all charges brought against you will be dropped.

Sadly, I've been in this situation and didn't know any of what I just told you here. Someone I know did a really horrible thing and is rightfully paying the price for that now. I had absolutely nothing to do with any of it, but if you're phone number pops up on a suspects phone records look out... you will be investigated. My attorneys could not beleive the bullshit tactics the cops did to me. It all stopped, btw, once I retained them.

A public service message from a fellow reader.

Jim in FL

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Truly poetry in prose !!! worth re-re-reading. Gratitude arises spontaneously.
Time to get the battle half won from the un-accustomed side.

Be well, be Alert

JerseyCynic said...

About that cultural rot, LV.... I had the misfortune of hearing a tune on the radio yesterday whilst waiting for an oil change. I immediately started grooving to the familiar beat, as I couldn't hear the lyrics over all the garage noise. GREAT TUNE - gotta find out what it is - need to hear it again -- I'll google the radio station's last 10 played -- there it is!! BLURED LINES by Robin Thicke (who's robin thicke?)

well.... robin thicke - you're a ....

Here it is -- "this summer's smash hit by Robin Thicke"


I feel for his mother... I wonder if she's proud of her son's new hit. I wonder if she also thinks it's "just innocent and fun"

JerseyCynic said...

I forgot one more link (had to see if you had ever posted any links about this robin thicke dude). Here's what I got when I searched Les Visible - Robin Thicke


Visible said...

heh heh, that's funny! I remember writing that paragraph but where's my picture? Robin Thicke has crossed my radar but not so much that I've bothered to see what it is he does. I just immediately assumed he was Alan Thicke's son.

Anonymous said...

According to Kawther the 25 policemen in the Sinai were killed by Israel.

"Concurrently with this crime the zionist international media lunched a campaign in favour of Israel, emphasizing how the israeli diplomats around the world had “taken steps towards helping Egypt” and convincing the EU and other world leaders to “support the Egyptian army against the “devil” Muslims”.

The New York Times reported that israel is planning to “intensify its diplomatic campaign” urging Europe and the United States to support the military-backed government in Egypt. The paper said that Israeli ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and other capitals would lobby foreign ministers. At the same time, leaders here will press the case with diplomats from abroad that the military is the only hope to prevent further chaos in Cairo.
The link between the hysteric propaganda in the favour of israel in the international media and the bloody crime in the Sinai desert was established by the same media, as it was explained immediately that the murder of these 25 policemen had been perpetrated in revenge of the death of the Egyptian detainees, before waiting for the results of even the most cursory investigation by Egyptian authorities, The only possible conclusion of this gaffe is that Israel itself is behind this vile terrorist attack against Egyptian police, with the ultimate intention of inflaming the animosities between different factions of Egyptian society." - Kawther Salam

Visible said...

Look what that fine gentleman Arthur Topham did for one of my posts

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned in an earlier post on a different thread (Re: Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner's recent push to further reduce the freedoms of people everywhere, by calling for the enactment of tougher laws against "the paparrazi who photograph our children"; which is a euphemism for, "anybody who has a cell phone and takes photos of anything our masters don't like"), Lady Gaga is currently foaming at the mouth and is urging her fans and social media sites (i.e., Dark Side governments everywhere) to stop "Internet abuse" by accusing a fellow mind-controlled slave (Perez Hilton) of "stalking her online". Being a mind-controlled slave, Gag-Gag is simply doing what she has been programmed to do (just like Berry and Garner). The Puppet Masters use their mind-controlled celebrities to further the causes toward which they aspire. And the most common goal in these sideshows is always the eventual taking away of more and more of people's personal liberties. In this case, the Gagster, being adored by hundreds of millions of adolescent females, tweens, teens and fully grown-up robotoid slut-women (who are mostly in their 20's and 30's), automatically enlists those very same fans of hers, whenever she spouts off about any cause at all. Her robotoid fans (who are themselves mind-controlled, by default), will then rant and rave and mimic the Gagster, and say to anyone they know, "Something must be done about Internet abuse and online stalking!" This same pattern repeats itself over and over. You will often see big-name celebrities who preach love, light, tolerance and freedom as a rule - and then, suddenly, they will be pushing for UN aid to Darfur (i.e., genocide), or medical aid for the Haiti earthquake victims (more genocide), or gun control, or bullying, or Draconian controls over the Internet, or other Dark Side schemes, which should immediately open the eyes of anyone who has a pulse about what these "celebs" are truly all about - but rarely does. Which makes it all pretty brilliant, really.

Anonymous said...

Man, I "got lucky" (DaftPunk) that I "blurred the lines" (Thicke) with this MarvinGayish groove.
"Random access memories" - Daft Punk
is strongly recommended as well as a dance with yer favorite booty on the floor. Sorry , Mr Makow and the rest of the wind egg club, but groove ever was and will be about sex/fertility.
Party on and down

Anaughty Mouser said...

I can't stand the lies any more! The zionist controlled Reuters is now falsely claiming Assad has used chemical weapons against terrorists in Damascus killing 200 of them.

Reuters is telling a bold-faced LIE.

Assad is trying to rid his country of USrael NATO backed mercenaries using standard military weapons. He has not and will not resort to chemical weapons.

Reuters lying propaganda is to prepare the MSM believers for the Syrian invasion by USrael NATO forces coordinated from their base in Jorden.

We are being flat out lied to by the main stream media.

I can't stand it!

bee wrangler said...

the world is insane... I am glad to have this community of awake folks to learn from....because here in the states it is all gibberish talk...ugh.
bee well friend-jen

Anonymous said...


Reuters lies.

Visible said...

Hang in there Jen, I know what you're dealing with. I wish I had a place to bring all the special folk to but so far it hasn't materialized. My new place would make it possible for me to house a few people but only a few.

Brian Crossland said...

This confirms it ....


Anonymous said...

Reuters, a Rothschild enterprise, spewing lies? No surprise.

Racial supremacists and extremists' religious laws - of which even the promoters admit that certain portions should not be allowed to be published in public versions, but made available only to the co-extremists in private settings - undercover hate and racial-religious supremacism

"Jewish oligarchs themselves openly explained on an Israeli television program, (10.3.1996) about the sources of the revolution that they staged: "The degree of corruption in Russia entirely corresponds to the degree of transformation in Russia. I don't think that Israeli officials . . . have (previously) had such an
opportunity to redistribute wealth worth tens, hundreds millions and
billions . . . all this was ownerless, all this belonged to the state, all this belonged to everyone! A government official could decide with a stroke of a
pen whether or not this belongs to you or someone else . . . A good fight which produced the result we have today" statement by now dead, oligarch-thief, given asylum in Rothschildland (UK) B.Berezovsky)." this excerpt per 17 U.S.C. § 107

More HERE pages 1027-1047

Laura said...

Your consciousness shifts, you wake up and awareness is the "norm"....and you feel more alone in the world than ever, as you are no longer of like mind and heart with the masses. (Not complaining about that divine turn of events!!!) We live in different places, perhaps physically isolated from other humans, perhaps not, and the absence of true, tangibly experienced, soul and heart centered community, is very challenging. I hope that changes one day.

As I sit here looking out at the trees, I understand what you mean, Vis, as you have written and spoken about the health of them. I have become accustom to the trees as they are, but looking now, they are suffering, and seeming more lifeless than I ever observed before. That is very disheartening.


Anaughty Mouser said...


Ladies and gentlemen of the Les Visible truth caravan. A very timely and accurate "fictional" book was released for free a couple of days ago. Read it. Think about it. Come back here and say what you think in a couple of days.

The time is nigh.

Peace and love

P.S. Thank you Mr. Visible for this forum/emporium of truth.

Brian Crossland said...

This confirms it:


Brian Crossland said...

sorry didnt mean to post twice, strange things occurred during firstttempt to post, repeatedly told captcha not recognised. Gave up for a couple of hours.
Laura; your post strikes a real chord in me. I spend a lot of my life thinking "Is it Me?" then I come here thank god.
I have one particular tree I sit under that gives me great peace and have noticed the change this week, autumn is coming early to the leaves I hope thats all it is, and yes..i do hug it.
Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

All these NSA revelations, being posted at all the Truther sites lately. Everybody seems to be amazed and up in arms that the government has been SPYING on our every move lately. Hell, the Internet was invented by DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), way back in 1964. You know DARPA, right? Their slogan is "Total Information Awareness". Do the math there - lol. As for monitoring phone calls, that's been going on probably since the telephone became a prevalent device. Certainly since Project Echelon began, back in 1947. When I was a kid (back in the early 60's) I'd hear clicks and voices when I talked to people on the phone. Sometimes I'd hear weird buzzing or metallic sounds. I knew back then that my phone calls were monitored. Nothing has changed, really, every electronic communication has been logged and stored by one government agency or another for the last 60 years at least. What they are letting out here lately, once again, is a limited hangout. The tip of the iceberg. People scream about the tip - if they only knew what was underneath - lol.

For example, there is a method of infrared technology available to various intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the military, that allows people to see through walls and roofs. They can fly a helicopter or other aircraft directly over your house and literally see you walking naked across the floor of your bedroom. It can also be used remotely, to look through walls on the ground. If you think it's a sobering thought to realize that some of your intimate phone calls might have been monitored - heh - how about realizing that some perv in an aircraft (or in the hotel room next door) has seen you up close and personal. Here's an even more sobering thought - if you have a pulse, this is likely to have happened to you at least once.

I know for certain about the infrared devices in helicopters and aircraft, and the hand-held ones used on the ground. But I wouldn't be surprised if satellites utilize the same technology as well. Imagine that. They could aim a satellite at some hot chick's house and watch her 24/7. Nah, they wouldn't do that - they are too honorable (wink). And besides, it's science fiction stuff. Etc. Oh one more thing - drones can be rigged with the same equipment. Nice, huh?

Anaughty Mouser said...

Happy Birthday Les Visible!

All the very best to you and yours on your special day.

Peace and love,

Glenn Dormer

Copernicus Kidd said...

Frogs and Scorpions and Black Widow's of David.

"All arrogance will reap a harvest rich in tears. God calls men to a heavy reckoning for exorbitant pride."


Anonymous said...

IF YOU think therefore YOU are
(7M + M^7) + 7S = ∞
ELSE-IF YOU think therefore YOU are NOT
(7M + M^7) + 7S = “The Number YOU Know”
ELSE-IF YOU think therefore THEY are NOT
(7M + M^7) + 7S = “The Number THEY Know”
ELSE-IF YOU think Nobody IS
(7M + M^7) + 7S = “The Number Nobody Knows”
(7M + M^7) + 7S = “0 and ∞” ALL in ONE
UNTIL Armageddon


YOU lazy LION in the lonely lair
It’s too late to scare Panda Bear
The ONE “OWN NWO NOW”, who care
Line up to claim YOUR Lion’s share

May the Roses be the Sources of Wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lord visibles,,,,,,



Anonymous said...


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Rat Fink Nation; King of the Garbage Heap in the Great Unwashed World.

Visible said...

We tracked you down Mr. Paranoid Devil Boy in Arizona. This is just to say we know who you are. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha...that was funny, Visible. About tracking me down in Arizona. I appreciate your sense of humor...but...wait...who is at my door? OMFG

Visible said...


Visible said...

Payson actually, should I continue?

the gardener said...

Happy Birthday Dear Visible~!~

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Mr Visible, another fine piece of work.

And i hope you have had a lovely birthday, or one that is to come.

Your birthday has/will mark another year that a first class citizen of the world has been in operation

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anaughty Mouser,

Good recommend on that book.
It ties in with your comment,

"As Patrick (of Visible fame) recently stated on a recent video by Judeye; So you've woken up - now what?

We all have response ability or responsibility to cease our programming and ACT!"

in Petri dish.
Saturday, August 24, 2013 5:15:00 PM

I'm trying to do my part on my end, to help us.

Instead of being just Light Workers, we All have to step it up a couple notches and be a Fucking
"Light Warrior"

I'm here to help.

This is a kick ass place.
Thank You.

People, Don't let the Physical, Material World control you.

Step out of it and into the Spirit World and help co-create the world that We All want.

p.s. I miss you Neil.

walking hawk



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