Friday, April 28, 2023

"Like Lao Tzu said; “Those who Lose after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.”"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... Tucker Carlson left Fox. Jerry Springer left his body. Hopefully... one day soon... Materialism will fold up its tent and leave town for The Shady Glades Crematorium. Jerry Springer had a private cancer. All I could think of was paraphrasing that Tina Turner song; ♫ private cancer... cancer for money... yadda... yaddadahda... ♫ They want you to donate to the Pancreatic Cancer Survival Fund so that the business end of Cancer never has to suffer a cure.

Cancer is one of the biggest and least funny jokes in a very funny (not hah hah funny) time in The World. There have been cures left... right... and sideways for some time, but then they kill the doctor or medical researcher who came up with it. I'd like to keep with the tradition of not speaking evil of The Dead (if there is such a thing) which means there really is no more to say about Jerry Springer.

Death's a myth. Suffering is not. People have been coming and going here for a long time. That's cause Time has a lot to do with the illusion of Death. Time and Death are both illusions but they are fairly solid illusions based on the concept of separation. Time is Eternity separated into increments. Death is a life portal. Life is a death portal.

I've run out of mysteries. There is only what I think I know and what I don't know. There are no mysteries. Is that a mystery to you? God is real. Everything else is a momentary form in The Dream Web, composed of the same substance as The Web itself.

All webs have a spider. The Spider is your cannibal mind, spinning endless tales formed of crystallized desire. They melt away. Desire forms another. It melts away. Desire forms another. It's up to you what your desire forms. That's The Good News. That's The Bad News. Either you know this or you don't want to know this. Confusion is the middle ground, often overflowing the known and unknown.

What I am talking about here... cannot be talked about with any real or lasting coherency. It simply is. Everything else is not. This makes perfect sense to the few people who already know it, and it makes no sense to the people who don't want to know it. They still have plans. Heh heh.

I said I would talk about Tucker Carlson, BUT... what am I going to say? He's an actor. We're all actors on the stage of the moment in a role that was chosen beforehand. None of these roles matter. The only role that matters is the role of the unidentified Mysterious Stranger. Eventually... maybe... you get to be The Mysterious Stranger. Until that happens, everything else is playing Blind Man's Wack-a-Mole.

You're here for a while, wearing a time-sensitive mask. Then you're gone for a while until you get another time-sensitive mask. Across a reach of immense time, your masks get thinner and thinner until it disappears, and no one who is dreaming can see you... unless you want them to OR... that process goes in reverse.

It depends on where you think you are headed. It depends on who you think you are, given that you thought yourself into being in the first place; maybe not originally, BUT... after that... on the long road home... after that.

I don't know Tucker Carlson. I don't watch him very much. That's no judgment on Tucker. I don't watch anyone very much. Often... people will say to me; “you know so and so?” Actually, I don't. Most of the people I get asked about I never heard of... because I don't follow much of what goes on out there. You might find that a bit perplexing; “then how do you manage to talk about all these different things?”

Well... it's a gift. It's like I can't control it. (grin) Honestly, a great deal of the time I don't know who these people are that I get asked about.

I didn't like Tucker originally. The bow tie prop and the shtick were all a sorta quasi William F. Buckley profile. It's a similar progression from Dick Clark to Ryan Seacrest, with no loss in vapidity. I was always expecting him to start leaning back in his chair and talking like Katherine Hepburn. He comes out of that same liberal arts, private school background; wanted to join the CIA, but... likely didn't know better at the time.

So... initially... I wasn't fond of him. I can't remember being fond of anyone in The Media. Talking heads make me want to change the channel. Then I ran out of channels. They hate him over at The Atlantic. That speaks well of him. Still... there's that whole controlled opposition thing.

He believes in God. At least he says he does, and that's Big Media suicide. That puts him a cut above the rest. He speaks of the spiritual war going on. He started talking more and more about spiritual things. Rupert Murdoch is a Satanist and the one thing he really can't stand is people talking about God. I suspect that was the real reason for the limbo bag they wrapped Tucker in. He isn't fired. He's in limbo-space.

I had the same thing happen to me though I was playing in a much smaller arena. I used to keep God's mention at a certain percentage, and... I was on all the major alt-news sites. I went over the acceptable percentage and... whoops! I was gone. It's like the word went out on some magic drum circle telegraph.

I said Murdoch is a Satanist. If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck. Well... I don't know if he attends a black mass every now and then. You don't have to get the membership card to be a member. Your lifestyle confers it on you.

If you want to know why Tucker is gone, it's because of The God Thing. You'll hear that it's complicated, and the result of a number of factors, but... it's The God Thing.

I got to like Tucker. I could see that some of my invisible friends were trying to talk through him, and... as he permitted it, it happened more and more. I still didn't listen to him much because I don't listen to anyone in The Media much. I mostly listen to the inner voice. Otherwise... I get bored. I lose interest. I'd rather listen to The Sun... Lady Nature... this or that Divine Step-Down Transformer; God in any number of his innumerable disguises.

Eventually, you get to be The Mysterious Stranger when you've had it with The Circus, and don't hunger to be one of the acts anymore. When money and carnal sex... power... security... fame and the lot, no longer intrigue and attract you, you get to go and play among the stars. You don't get rid of Desire. You reroute it. After that... it all takes care of itself.

Then you get real money... real sex... real power... real security... real fame.

Tucker is on his way to bigger things. He'd better watch out. Still... he has the courage of his convictions, and... he's got some invisible friends. I hope he keeps listening. I don't know what The Divine has in mind for him. The drops get steeper as the road takes you higher.

He needs to note the dangers there... lurking in the wheels within wheels of Byzantine deception. He needs to go like a Jesuit with a Sun Tzu transfusion. The biggest danger at this point... always... is Pride.

You notice how the captive catamite choir all sing about Diversity now? Diversity is the death of the culture. Pride? Pride is another kind of Death. It's the long way around through The Valley of The Shadows.

Fortunately for Tucker and quite a few other people, the wind is changing. You got to watch out though. It's like catching a wave. The same wave that brings you in clean to the shore, will crash you into the tumult if you hit it wrong. It's all about timing. It's about paying attention, and when your focus is on self-interest, a... lot... of... things... can... go... wrong.

Well... like Lao Tzu said; “Those who lose after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” It's been going on for a long time now and the villains have gotten supremely confident, Schwab and Soros didn't come out of the shadows until God (disguised as The Devil) convinced them it was in The Bag.

Sooner or later now, they'll be up in the spotlight for their grand moment, when they will promptly soil themselves upon command. It's all for The Purpose of Demonstration. It always is. The only difference this time around is that this... is an apocalypse.

End Transmission.......

I forgot to put this in the post. Boy! Don't you wish people would say these things about you?

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Anonymous said...

As you have said all along, Visible, the avatar will show up in the hearts of men. Well, here ya go -
I'm thinking that Tucker knows a lot by now - the good, the bad, and the ugly. He can't go along with
it any longer; at least that's what I'm hoping is the reason. Too many are waking up and looking behind
the curtain. Let's get this party started - warrior costumes optional.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


robert said...

Visible blessing from the invisible dimensions, again!

All webs have a spider. The Spider is your cannibal mind, spinning endless tales formed of crystallized desire. They melt away. Desire forms another. It melts away. Desire forms another. It's up to you what your desire forms. That's The Good News. That's The Bad News. Either you know this or you don't want to know this. Confusion is the middle ground, often overflowing the known and unknown.

Another poetic synopsis of the human power of manifestation and the humbling responsibility it entails! A greater force than our own mind gets the mind to surrender its license to fool ourselves

What I am talking about here... cannot be talked about with any real or lasting coherency. It simply is. Everything else is not. This makes perfect sense to the few people who already know it, and it makes no sense to the people who don't want to know it. They still have plans. Heh heh.

Apropos of your Lao Tzu reference, the proof of the intrinsic sense of humor of the One:
Try to make plans from an egocentric POV and then prepare to laugh or cry at what actually manifests!

We are being lit from within
Some may look scary like jack-o'-lanterns
Others may shine like fine stained glass creations

How hard we cling to our chrysalis when it is time to emerge is how much we suffer unnecessarily

The tension comes from seeing the world undergoing tribulation in transition and deciding, like an overdue baby, to stay safely in the womb!

Who can we trust if we have been trained NOT to trust our intuition?

Through the work of many enlightening embodiments throughout our sentence to time being, we find our inner voice

Now more than ever, our choice is to hear the still small voice within and heed it instead of the zombie shouting competition for prize fool playing on all media pulpits!

There is joy to buoy us all above our damage
When we choose to be more than the misery we identify as all we are
What is worth staying in separate cells of suffering?
What can possibly keep us from being One?

Only our human will to stay cocooned past our maturation date
All the rest of our excuses are scary monsters we created out of thick air
What a relief to see through the walls we made in mind
Just in time to join the awakening celebration
When we find each other as our selves again

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I get the sense they're building up to something with all this and there's a dint of a ruse being pulled with with the whole Tucker deal. I hear tell he was in contract negotiations with R. Murdoch at the same time he was "fired". But, that's not to take away the fact TC has been saying some interesting things of late, or that he seems like a pretty likeable fellow.

Amazing Polly has some intriguing things to say about it in case anyone missed it:

Hopefully Tucker's invisible friends are also our invisible friends.

As always, we shall see ...


Terrance said...

Hello Visible…..Had a chance to rub elbows with Tucker at a corporate function…….I told him it was tuff being a little bit of red in a sea of blue here in Cali and he said there is more of us than you think……
On another note there is a group of monks in India who read your thumb print and find your incarnation records in ancient palm leaves. Records of lives that 18 Rishes manifested eons ago for our planetary evolution…. it’s the first I’ve heard of this fascinating information and I wonder if you have heard of this?
Thanks for all you do ……onelove Terrance

Franz said...

Hi Visible --

I'm the one who says hi only if there IS something and this time there really IS.

You probably don't know Joe Farrell and it don't matter if you don't. But his column the other day woke me up. Not immediately. I read it. Then a few hours later I asked DID I READ THAT? and sure enough I did.

"I suspect, strongly, that even here the movie is not so much prophetic, but revelatory in the sense of a disclosure of the true and unstated intentions of the current "elite", namely, that they want to reduce humanity to the power source for their beast system, for their artificial intelligence.."

They really want to suck us dry this time. It wasn't just a movie...

Visible said...

I've been hearing that for a long time. The thing is, reality-wise, there is a hierarchy that has been in operation since the dawn of time. It is beyond tampering with, BUT... humanity is put through stages of development where outcome is uncertain because of the long arc of destiny which incorporates many lifetimes for each phase of transition.

Some know this and most are caught up in it until they are able to detach from it. Once detached... one is also unable (not permitted) to interfere OR... one is sent back to be caught up in it again.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this testimony from a doctor that was looking after a 14 year old boy with terminal brain cancer?
And how the Alberta Canada government used the boys death to create fear and panic in the population to drum up the need for covid vaxines. Not just that government but all of them. Truly disgusting filth. Sold their souls as it were or perhaps they never had a soul to sell. That's what we regular folk are up against. Can you imagine what the grieving parents thought?
When I was a child of 14 or 15 years old a close friend died of similar brain cancer, visited him in hospital on a number of occasions. Not good, I remember distinctly to this day 50 years later. Truth be told. RIP Nathanial and Harry Spreene.

Terrance said...
Rev. Bill Mcdonald. …..thumb print life reading……amazing life story

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Sex Becomes The New Religion and Thereupon Babylon Rises and Falls. God is Displaced by The Rutting Stag."

Dancing on Desolation Row said...

But this is an Apocalypse is on loop!
That is the real great reset sent to topple those in the "commanding heights" as comrade Lenin called the controllers.
Regarding cancer-a sibling uses tincture made from Cannabis Indica and is still going about 8 years after a stage 3 diagnosis!
It is not legal in Big Pharma but we don't need any stinking big pharmakeia.
Listening to pods about AI and it is bad news needs your life and anti-God statements recorded using reverse speech.
The recorder out of UK says it learns at a remarkable rate and one programmer entered a prayer for the AI to ask for sentience.
Man has outsmarted himself and this won't end well as everything is outsourced.
Read an article about G7 states fully onboard with rule by AI.



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