Thursday, April 20, 2023

"Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are The Cosmic Tag-Team Champions in The Faraday Cage Match; Live and in Person."

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Some are Idealists and some are Naturalists. Some see The Inside and some see The Outside; as a matter of disposition... as an innate tendency. Some are outgoing and some are internalized. Some of us have a glass half-full, and for some... the glass is half-empty, but... everyone has a glass.

Life just keeps on going; creating glasses, maintaining glasses for the term of the glass, and recycling the glass when the time comes. In Times of Material Darkness, glasses are more often dirty and opaque rather than clean and transparent.

It's a strange affair in the mind of the impartial observer; not that you are likely to find too many impartial observers. When The World is rushing past in a perpetually driven frenzy, it's not easy to hold still and watch. What did Satchel Page say? “Don't look back. Someone might be gaining on you.”

For those who can arrest the process or... as the case may be... allow the process to go right by them, and not get tangled in the whirling fishhooks of the invisible dancers... the sight is truly something to behold. AND... if you get really good at it, the time-lapse perspective becomes a possibility and you can see life evolving and devolving simultaneously, right... before... your... eyes.

As people become more immersed in Material Culture, they begin to regress. When appetite becomes the driving force, the bestial nature is fed. Anything that you feed is going to grow, and it will grow to a point where it eats you too. This is how you get a monkey on your back.

On a positive note... when Material Culture gets really powerful... and a disciplined soul is able to detach from it... due to the degree of difficulty... one can pick up a tailwind of primal force. This is where your quantum leaps in consciousness come into play.

There are times when Focus and Intention are everything. Centuries... millennia... an entire age might hang in the balance, and... when it comes to the truth... all angles are oblique. The Truth is at right angles to everything else. This is why you can't speak directly concerning it. Part of that is the matter of varying perspectives.

You might could discuss the truth with yourself, and... get what you are talking about, even if no one else did, BUT... when you bring another into the conversation; silence is often the only effective medium of transmission; comme si, comme sa... neti-neti... maybe this... maybe that... I don't know.

Besides the profiteering aspects of Climate Change and their armies of cannon fodder with two left feet, marching in ever-tightening circles on the way to The Land of the Wiffenpoof, climate, and location certainly does account for many strange variables.

People are observably different in different locations. America's a big country and customs may vary. I think I would be correct in saying that certain events and conditions are more likely to occur in New York City than in Salt Lake City... but for some strange reason(s) similar pathologies are appearing everywhere these days.

It's got to be some kind of pressure; something a barometer might provide insight into, BUT... not the usual barometer... because we are talking about a different kind of weather. We are talking about mental and emotional weather; spiritual weather.

We've gone into this before; coming from over there, and now we are coming from over here. This pressure is ubiquitous. Some people can handle it and many people cannot. If you don't have an anchor you are likely to be swept away, and... maybe that's the point. The Pressure is no respecter of person. It is as likely to hit a schoolteacher as it is The Dali Lama.

We're going to have to use some links. You already know about The Dali Lama and the tongue-sucking episode. You know about the strange things The Pope is saying about Tinder and sundry. You already know about Biden wanting to lick The World. Now we have this strange event in Washington State, where The Climate is decidedly different.

I've seen at least half-a-dozen similar perversities. If you scroll the headlines at this site, or you travel to this site, and if you work your way down the page at both locations... you are going to see all manner of strange shit. If you want to see what's happening street-side, you can just head over to Clown World at Twitter or any number of similar locations, BUT... you might wish that you hadn't.

Then there's the Sadhguru at The WEF.

There's a serious disconnect here that speaks to strange agendas, given this guy is supposed to be some sort of divine spokesman. I'll let you figure out... what it is about this that does not make sense.

Many powerful individuals are being publicly exposed as something other than what they present themselves as. It might not be easy for the general public to see it, but it is super easy for me. I may not know the details, but... I can tell by the smell that there are dead bodies around... even if I can't see them. It seems like everybody wants to be a rockstar... or everybody wants to be a player in the courts of power, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE ALREADY POWERFUL.

The missing feature here is... Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening, the cosmic tag-team champions in The Faraday Cage Match; Live and in Person.

Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are the sources of The Pressure we have been speaking about. Pressure, once it gets to a certain level of intensity, (and that differs case-by-case) causes unpredictable behavior, and... that is happening around The World at this time. We are in early days concerning how truly wack it is going to get. Certain real catastrophes that none of these fools are expecting are on The Menu.

All of these events taking place are taking place by Cosmic Design. It may make no sense at the moment, but it will... eventually. There is... at work here... what I call The Out-on-a-Limb condition. It is similar to Pride going before a fall. It is what happens when Ambition and Hubris get a room in your head. You can't see straight anymore and you also can't tell that it's happening because... you can't see straight.

Deserving individuals are getting the Out-on-a-Limb treatment, and then a hand is going to come out of a cloud and hand them a saw. It's crystal clear to me. I don't know how many other people are seeing this, but I know there's got to be a few because I am not The Lone Ranger.

I don't know about this Sadhguru fellow. I've no attraction to him, but that is generally the case for me with any of them these days. Frank Report does a remarkably detached and impartially objective article on him.

He could be a spy from Heaven in the chambers of The Wicked; IN ANY CASE... expect strange and astonishing occurrences to become commonplace sooner rather than later. I can see them stacking up in The Event Horizon.

There are lines around the block of people hoping to rule The World. It's one of the reasons that no one ever does, at least not from that side of things. Anyone who can rule themselves will already be ruling The World, or... appear to be, the way a conductor leads an orchestra. Do they really need a conductor? Don't they have lead sheets? You know what I mean, I hope.

Something remarkable happens when you are no longer involved in making things happen; when you can step back and let the whole of it flow around you, while the author of it all flows through you. It's not possible to describe what this is like, but there's nothing else like it. Why so many people want to play God simply mystifies me. They already are God-performing badly. You can be God just as soon as you stop trying to be God.

The Cosmic Heavyweights... The Great Companions... have been here for longer than there are years to measure it with. No one is going to come out of the woodwork and grab a spot, it... is... by... invitation... only. It is as if there is an aperture with precise dimensions and you cannot pass through this portal until you can precisely fit those dimensions.

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0 said...

I haven't read todays blog as yet but bumped into this. Thought you'd appreciate it.


Visible said...

Thanks. I ran into that a couple of days ago and put it in the GAB stream... I think I titled it, "Duh."

M - said...

Re: Sadhguru

ANYONE - and I mean ANYONE - who has been aligned with the WEF at any point in their lives are not to be trusted. Period. Ever. End of story.

Trust at your own risk. I don't and will never. Ever. No matter how much they try to look like "the good guys" (oops, at first I typed slip?). Controlled opposition.

Visible said...

My first thought... initially with this fellow was; too slick by half... a slickster. At the same time, I just don't know so I give him a pass; meaning, I pass him by. I got no light from him and that is how I measure; resonance, light, the warmth of love. I have criteria I do not deviate from. If things are missing then they are missing me.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Why would anyone WANT to rule the world? It's a feckin' cesspit. I've come to the conclusion it's to be avoided at all costs. I ain't EVER comin' back again. I know I've been here countless times, but hey! You gotta wake up some time.

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! I'm reading everywhere this Summer's gonna be a mofo. Not long to wait to see if they're right.

Anonymous said...

Glass half empty/half full? Maybe a smaller glass is in order. Better yet, drink directly from the source.


Anonymous said...

Sadguru seems like a fake Guru, even his white beard and hair look pasted onto a much too younger face.
Accent / speech feels forced - but I dunno. I see actors today. Many.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Make Your Fealty to What Shines THROUGH The Sun and Not to The Clouds that Come and Go Before The Face of It."

Anonymous said...

Holey guacamole! That Daily Crow article is like a ride on the Tilt A Whirl & there’s no raunchy carny there to stop it. Or, it’s like unraveling a Big Cable Knit Sweater that someone just keeps knitting and knitting and knitting …

And we’re not even thru April yet {: o /

There but for the grace of God, go, weee!


Anonymous said...

it's still true that you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows! And those [brain] wash state teachers should all be sacked and arrested for child abuse. Fuckers!

And yes, a sound anchor truly helps. Music is the key ;)

Thank you, ta,

The Wayfarer said...

The Hairiri depopulationist guy was just too much right out of SPECTRE central casting and they trot this guy out?
Worldlings get uncomfortable at the mention of spiritual or any matters outside of muh materialism mixed with navel gazing so we'll see if he takes off among the telescreen viewing crowd.
You can't fool all of the people all of the time and the arrogance/hubris demonstration of we are destined to rule over the unwashed kulaks because we have all the money and power is put there for a reason.



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