Wednesday, April 12, 2023

"It Seems that All of Those Captured by Religion Must Reform The Truth to Harmonize with Their Perception of It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We've mentioned it several times, and... are moved to mention it again. There are verses... lines... statements in The New Testament that are folded... spindled... and mutilated beyond recognition for the purpose of altering the meaning so that it suits the agendas of those... whose agenda is to confuse... and thereby manipulate you.

Primary among them is this one, “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” The intention is to tell you that The Devil can masquerade as an angel of light. If that is the case, then why do they twist the presentation every which way? Why are there so many different versions of it?

It seems that all of those captured in Religion must reform The Truth to harmonize with their presentation of it. In the end, it all comes down to Power... Control... and Money. The Truth... itself... cannot be spoken. This is why even those in possession of it, as Jesus The Christ surely was, were compelled to speak in parables.

Not all of us are capable of receiving The Truth, and... even those who are, seem to need to understand it in their own way.

There are seven rays, and seven different types of humanity... stream forth on each of them. Those of us on any ray have a definite commonality with everyone else on that ray, and less so with those on other rays. That's just the way it is. Think of it as different neighborhoods in a city or... different rooms in a house. When the lights go on, whatever is in that room is illuminated, and reveals itself to us according to... our... understanding... of... it.

There are seven colors in the VISIBLE spectrum, as they appear on a specific bandwidth. This does not mean the end... at either end... of the possibilities of color... other than those that are presently known to us. One relative truth expresses through each color and is defined according to that color, BUT... The Truth itself is not confined to any of them.

Confined is an interesting word in the context of... “and The Truth shall make you free.” The white light... devoid of qualities is Truth. The colors present relative truth... which we are meant to harmonize with those seven colors and seven tones that are integral to the manifest world.

To a carnal mind... to a mind captured in colors and sounds; how can Truth be communicated? What does it matter if one color means this, and another color means that? What does it matter if certain sounds have a specific impact on the physical form, and on the invisible forms that interactively vibrate between each other? “Oh sure... that makes sense.” Then it is quickly forgotten as the one hearing it slips back into the colors and sounds that compose The World, as... it... APPEARS... to... them.

They... are... dreaming...

Some are deeply asleep and some are closer to awakening. There is a wide range between them. This is all dependent on the veils that obscure their vision of The Real. These veils are woven of desire and mistaken perceptions that lead to what is sometimes called sin(s). Whatever attaches you to the transitory existence is a hindrance and a bind. If The Truth... in fact... sets you free, that means it is free of attachment to anything other than itself. It is lies... and your love affair with animated dust that binds you.

So... where is the practical use in all of this? What does any of it matter if The Mind cannot be controlled? “Oh sure... that makes sense.” Then it is quickly forgotten and The Mind goes back to being a monkey, and the dog-of-desire body sniffs around through the carnal rubbish to see what it might eat or hump.

People color the whole matter. They call it Romance... or Love. They give things degrees of importance because they want to make life meaningful, and... these things, as they really are, do not make life meaningful. This is where the sorrow comes from because what every heart is really seeking is not to be found in material things, BUT... this usually doesn't stop most of them from going right ahead and looking for it where it cannot be found... ever. Even though, “fer sure, it makes sense.”

Eventually... one becomes weary of the whole affair. It might take a million years in the short term, and a billion years or more otherwise. It goes on, and on, and on, and on. They routinely get weary as they age in each lifetime. Every life has the same reminders that repeat, and repeat, and repeat; disease... old age... and death. This is where all the mindless optimism of youth leads.

All the shit we attached ourselves to just weighs us down. This is one of the ways that Nature punishes the rich... the self-important... the temporarily powerful... the temporarily beautiful... the temporarily young, and believe me, no one wants to hear this. (grin) Especially if they identify with any of them. Oh no... indeed. Well... we come to see it as punishment but that is not how it is intended. It only becomes punishment when we refuse to accept the truth of the matter.

There must be a tarot card for middle-aged men hitting the clubs and dressed to kill, with all the ornaments... and unguents... and colorful dress (metaphorically speaking)... eyeing the girls who are well on their way to becoming the ones who no longer attract the eyes of suitors unless they are intoxicated. When I was quite young, I would sit in these clubs... or in the parks... or anywhere that the courting and mating dance went down and amuse myself with stories I created about the conversations taking place.

I knew so many women, and I knew at the time that the woman of my dreams was there behind their eyes... watching me with an ageless understanding, and she would remain for a time, and then she would go and I had to look elsewhere, but she wasn't in any of these women in the fashion that most people understand it. She is resident within you, and that is the whole tale of the kundalini... freed from the tower... where she is guarded by The Black Knight of ignorance... the tower being the spinal column and...

far away... over an impossible distance... it seems... is the bridal chamber of an immortal love of true and everlasting union... if you can get there. The World outside leads to conflict and sorrow. The World within leads to peace and joy.

In every generation a few of us slip away and become the object of that question; “hey! Whatever happened to so and so?” Then the conversation returns to the important things that are endlessly discussed in the interludes between birth and death.

Gaiety and laughter... the dancing nonsense of passing time, filled with the regular occurrence of the unavoidable realities of material existence. The enduring agonies of strife and war, without and within. The momentary coupling and feasting moments. The weddings and funerals that celebrate a disappearance as some kind of finality; if... only... that... were... true.

Even as the masses pick themselves up and try to go about their business again, like an ant colony disturbed by some massive foot... greater tragedies loom on the horizon for those who did not learn the lesson the last time, or the time before that... or the time before that.

Future Plandemics are even now on the drawing boards... future wars... future calamities... cities rising... cities falling. People in a dream, who imagine they are living and dying... who wander all around the gates of The Garden and cannot see it... who invest in future suffering with the actions of the present. On and on it goes.

There is a finer and more permanent world elsewhere. The gates open from within, and those who are about their Father's business hear the messages that tell them it is time to go or to stay yet for a while. They get the useful information that has nothing to do with the chaos and confusion roiling around them.

There are two worlds of being. One of them is endlessly burning with the fires of material desire. This is The Land of Suffering, filled with legions of devils who prod and poke, and... whose sole purpose is to drive you to that other land where suffering is at an end, BUT... all the things that the residents think they want are in The Land of Suffering, so... they remain.

The other world is filled with legions of angels and spiritual fires of divine yearning and the aspiration to serve all and trouble none, so... even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light... when your understanding changes... when your vision clears and that which you formerly saw in one light is now seen in another.

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0 said...

I see the Gateway Pundit shutdown disqus. I guess people are finally getting to the point where they've had enough and the clowns pushing stories in media don't want the readers discussing things between them. Its effing hilarious. Only reason I used to read that site was cuz I could comment. Now I can't comment. Getting to be no point to paying attention.

Best one can do is produce a list of the people and their locations and hang on to it for when the lights go out. Then set about the Needful.

Cheers, Game On.

M - said...

"Tthe devil's best trick was [is] to convince us he doesn't exist." - Baudelaire

0 said...

My bad, it looks like the gateway pundit is somehow able to disable disqus in the opera browser. If I use chrome I can still get at comments and comment. Tho I suspect chrome is doing reverse lookups on the commentors. Weird times.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Attachments also have a way of turning into obligations. I need more of those like I need my eyes gouged out.


Anonymous said...

greetings les ; ] greeting more -again viz!
thank you .
i suspect " yearning and the aspiration "is like the quotient of backwards math of unity" with" after a glimpse of the divine.
ah yes.... the failure of words ....boooooo [grin].
Your ability to convey the illusive intangable-
this if why I am such a fan of yours.
thanks again.

taps ReCAPTHA repeatedly this thing ON?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Why Not Get Ahead of The Curve? Why Not Catch Yourself Before The Inevitable Junction of a Rock and a Hard Place?"

TotoFromOz said...

Superb Viz...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible, excellent. Thank you, sir.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.
I like to gainquote(sic) Rocky Stalone First Blood when he says
"'aint so bad'
with "'aint so good either"
and nowadays
"won't be long now"...
take care Vis going near people, I believe in this shedding/transmission business. it is a bioweapon after all. ( listen to and his free programs with erica khan for all that).



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