Monday, April 17, 2023

"This is a- Time- of- Transition- to a New State of Consciousness. Some Will Make The Grade and Many Will Choose Not To."

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Trains derailing, dairies blowing up, mass shootings, concerted efforts to destroy the family unit, and secret documents on Ukraine that show The West and The Bankers are lying. It's like Saturday night downtown in Whistleblower City. Violent flash mobs of deranged youths are overrunning Chicago, where they (by deception) elected someone even worse than Lightfoot.

Who is doing all of this? The Global Deep State or... their agents and affiliates are doing it. The ones who inspire The Dark Side in Humanity have been working for centuries as Powers and Principalities on The Invisible Plane. With The Advent of The Avatar, they are being pushed downward into manifestation, where they are to be dealt with.

It is similar to what has been happening in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Army has been near totally destroyed, as the new documents we weren't supposed to see have been indicating. Now... more bodies... more cannon fodder, are being tossed into The Thresher, where they will be mulched into compost for The Present Sowing that leads to The Future Reaping... ad infinitum.

The UN, which is an abbreviation for The Unnatural, has just issued a report calling for the decriminalization of ALL sexual activity, including sex with children.

Bill Gates is seeking to coat all fruits and vegetables with Apeel. You can't wash it off. It keeps vegetables and fruits from appearing to go bad, for... a... really... long... time. It's for organic produce too! This should work good with the mRNA applications.

Biden wants you to lick The World while The Dali Lama wants you to suck his tongue.

Let me point out something that goes to the heart of transsexual violence against normal people. Few of these characters actually traverse the sexual border from male to altered female, which is why the drag queen phenom is being pushed so hard.

They remain genitally intact while growing breasts and taking female hormones. What happens is that a war develops in the body of such a person, where the hormones attack the natural state and which sends the individual into a flaming rage over the state of their body. That rage... first directed inward... is next directed outward. The female-to-male dynamic is more body morphing.

You might ask yourself how it is that a tiny splinter group of disturbed people has come to wield such power in the culture. The fact is that very powerful interest groups are using this issue to create schisms and fractures in the public body. They control The Media... and the governments... which gives them vehicles to Road Warrior the information highway and violate the common good... The people this is about are only incidental to the agenda itself; it is The Satanic Maxim of... divide and conquer.

The Separated Mind is like a weasel, and so it behaves... in all cases... where the struggle for control to a righteous end is not taking place, as is the case with these issues... it will just change its angle and come from another direction.

The Separated Mind believes it is God. It is not. It is a tool, like a screwdriver, but more like a Swiss Army knife. Still... it is a tool and should not be allowed to operate itself. This... unfortunately... is the case in The World these days. That is why The Devil is loose... because of The Mind being given autonomy and thence directing itself to carnal ends... and for the purpose of material gain.

The Separated Mind is the endless schemer. It takes the color and persona of the values it represents and defends. It has its own tools like Logic. Logic can be used to prove anything. It is endlessly malleable and can be twisted into any shape. That is where the term pretzel logic comes from. The Separated Mind is the advance guard for the belief system it represents. If The Mind reflects good then all its products are good. If it reflects evil, all of its products are evil.

The Mind MUST BE brought to heel or it will bring you to ruin one way or another. It is a most excellent servant. It is a most terrible master. You can fight it in life after life or you can turn it over to The Higher Self... before whose authority it instantly and completely submits.

Truth is neither Good nor Evil. Truth simply is. So long as The Mind engages in a state of contention between good and evil there is a war taking place, and this war goes on forever and ever. Sometimes good wins. Sometimes evil seems to win. Sometimes good appears to be evil and sometimes evil appears to be good. Those who operate on the playing fields of duality are in a state of constant conflict; first with themselves, and then with everyone else.

In Times of Material Darkness, The Mind... in outward focus... is obsessed with material things. Because there is no completeness or unity in material things... disappointment and frustration grow, and grow, and turn into anger, which flames into violence. You see it happening everywhere these days, but mostly where the populations are more densely concentrated, and the push-and-shove factor is intensified.

The same thing is happening with the sexual force. There is now an almost total license for every form of sexual congress across the spectrum from deeply normal to deeply perverted. First... they just wanted to love who they love; which had nothing to do with love. Then they wanted to love anyone or anything that they imagined they loved, which had nothing to do with love. Then they wanted to do it in your face... anytime... and any place; ♫ why don't we d-d-d-do it in the road ♫

However... once again... there is no completeness or unity in this because it is not and never was Love. Love, in essence... is the impetus for Unity. Why then is the end result simply more disappointment and frustration, resulting in anger, and rage?

Loving who you wanted to love, whenever you wanted to love them, and wherever you wanted to love them... hasn't worked out, when it isn't love to start with; what you thought was love turned out to be lust. Otherwise... they wouldn't be so angry about it. I know! Maybe we are the wrong sex at birth. The Cosmos made a mistake. The answer is body mutilation leading to permanent joy and satiation; uh... no... that isn't working either, so... more disappointment and frustration... more anger and rage.

Liberty is not license, and it never will be. The more that people insist their freedom means doing anything they want any time they want... as often as they want... it does not take all that long for the results of that to be revealed to them, and for them to discover that The There... that was supposed to be there... turns out not to be there. Where did it go? I don't know.

Here's a thought. Maybe it was never there in the first place.

Now... my friends in Canada, England, and Australia can no longer visit me because of The Killer Vaccine thing. This does not affect The Ruling Class and their agents and affiliates, who go wherever they please, and who got a saltwater injection and can acquire whatever documents they want whenever they want them. There is no country left to go to (that I know of) where the heavy hand of The Deep State-UN-WEF-Bankster Cabal is not present.

All the world leaders are complicit in this so is seems that the source of our oppression is invisibly resident and externally evident.

The darkness that clouds the human mind now blankets most of The World, except for those wilderness fastnesses that are the locations within and without where The Living Light is broadcasting day and night... and where sanctuary is inviolable.

Even though it seems that The Bad Guys has taken over everywhere, this is only an appearance. Even though they try to block The Sun, they cannot block The Sun. Even though they try to kill The Heart and subjugate The Mind, their reach only extends so far... and they must gain your acquiescence to maintain your subservience.

Their objective is to use the heart and mind of humanity to gain access to the soul and the spirit. They are in for a big surprise, and it has happened again and again, as it is happening now... and always with the same outcome; they lose.

This is a test. This is a time of testing. You are equipped with all you need to rise above the temporary and find sanctuary in The Eternal. This is a time of transition to a new state of consciousness. Some will make the grade and many will not. Those who do not will be given new roles that include new opportunities at some further date. Those who do make the grade will be called on to help those who did not.

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M - said...

Funny story…last Tuesday I was hanging in the Concrete Jungle with Ramses, enjoying an ice-cold adult beverage. Although the wind was blowing it wasn’t especially cold. I sat there sipping my drink and watching the plane zig-zag across the sky laying down layer upon layer of chemtrail. Minutes later the wind was blowing all that crap out of the sky. When last I saw the MOFO, Mother Nature was blowing the chemical trail away as fast as he was spitting it out. He finally gave up. LOL.

So while I was wishing for his plane to fall out of the sky, Mother Nature was taking care of the problem HER way. Goddess Bless Her.

Visible said...

I am the beneficiary of similar assistance.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, I have had a change in consciousness. I decided to go from warp 10 to impulse speed in getting things done. Starin' 61 in the face, I figure I'm too olde fer dat.

Gods, I am so sick of the insanity. Glad nothing lasts forever.

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The High and Mighty Become The Low and Downtrodden. The Beautiful People Become Ugly. Living Leaves a Mark."



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