Tuesday, April 4, 2023

"It's an All-Out... Rising-Dead Walkabout of Hungry Ghost Armies... in Full-On... Mind Parasite... Possession Mode."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The full-court press for the normalization of all Perversity... under the umbrella of living one's authentic life, and the Natural-Born Freedom to express oneself... has become the all-out juggernaut of the moment; even though there is no such natural-born freedom. Everywhere you look, the trans-humanist atheist-agenda. and war on Christianity is in full swing. Meanwhile... the turn-the-other-cheek brigade is running out of cheeks.

The force of this, 'everything goes' mani-fes-to... runs from the highest corridors of power, through the multinational corporations, and completely unfiltered along the poisoned viaducts of the entertainment industry. It's an all-out... Rising-Dead walkabout of hungry Ghost armies... in full-on, mind parasite, possession mode; grabbing every unattended mind in reach. It's a 'distract 'em and snatch 'em' operation, going full-bore across the country. Things really do, “fall apart.”

What I see, through the noise and confusion of manufactured outrage is... a war on The Divine Feminine. The trans-humanists want to end the need for human reproduction... as well as The Family Unit; going into a balls-to-the-wall, Brave New World format. They think they can get there by creating legions of mentally-ill men who pretend to be women. The natural course of normal intercourse is being replaced by the place where The Sun doesn't Shine; “Back-door Charlie is my name and back-door boogie is my game.”

They are teaching pre-pubescent children how to perform this act before it is even possible for them. This is in the hopes that it will 'take' with a significant number after puberty sets in. They even teach it as a form of birth control.

The thing is, my friends, The Deep State wants to own the ways and means of your sexual expression by perverting it... and turning it... into unrestrained animal nature that they can control with The Carrot and Stick.

There is a beast who sleeps in the human subconscious and they are seeking to invoke it by agitating it where it rests. It's a kind of rattle-the-chains effort; a poking the bear with a stick scenario. Maybe it will rise red-eyed and snarling from The Deeps.

All manner of mythical creatures are swimming in the deep zones of the human mind. The catch-and-release tactics of urban crime management are a part of this. If people think they can get away with anything they are bound to try it, cause The Devil never sleeps. As we have been at pains to indicate, The Devil is The Mind in pursuit of carnal enterprise, while in its separated state. There is no other devil. He lives inside us, the same as The Angel does. It is the intention of spiritual evolution for the one to triumph over the other.

In Times of Material Darkness, it is more likely to go one way than the other, and you can chalk it all up to Bad Parenting, which includes no parenting, which includes letting the children decide what is best for them.

Given that a child goes through all the stages of human evolution from cave-dwellers on up, this is NOT a good idea... speaking of arrested development and habitual pleasure-seeking. Ideally... they are guided to a higher level of awareness than their progenitors. In Times of Material Darkness, it tends to go sideways into the pursuit of comfort, convenience, and transitory pleasures.

Yes... humanity goes off the track and The Divine has to lead them back. This is seldom accomplished without discomfort because The Separated Mind wants what it wants, and does not like being told what to do. That's how the rebellion came about in the first place.

It is not difficult to get back to The Garden. All you got to do is set out in the right direction, which is... (drum-roll) within. You conquer the external world by conquering the internal world. There's no complex schematic to this. The Mind likes to complicate the matter so it can talk itself out of it. It has become accustomed to swilling at the trough and does not want to be awakened from its dream of filth.

The story of The Prodigal Son tells us all about it. However, it is not a journey of a matter of days; excepting for the occasional Road to Damascus event. It is a journey of lifetimes. This is what it meant by, "The Father saw him coming from a long way off."

Even with all of the blessings and joys of heavenly residence, there are some who simply prefer it here, and they live in Beverly Hills and New York City... along with a number of other Rakshasa enclaves of like kind around The World. They routinely come and go from the same locales over and over, AND... so long as they mind the rules of conduct, they can stay in nice material fixings. I should add that this is a delicate and difficult art to finesse, so... mind how you go.

In any case... ruthlessness out leads to ruthlessness in. All of the negative qualities of the self-interested entrepreneur apply and give an equal return on investments made in bad behavior.

Just because you are rich and powerful does not mean you can indefinitely get away with juicing children like oranges, for the preparation of a revitalizing axle grease... in screwdriver format, Or... at all even. Yeah... you might have your private armies and the goodwill of those who run temporal law enforcement, BUT... you get no slack from The Lords of Karma, whose courtroom you are obliged to enter every time you leave here.

So... like I said... some know the ins and outs of The Game and how to play it, BUT... human nature being what it is and is not... sooner or later... it screws up.

So... there is this final, desperate push to turn the present-day Weimar Republic into a Hell-on-Earth, to be ruled over by a group of arch-demons risen from The Pit. Right about now, I can hear someone who knows it all saying, “But I thought the only devil was The Mind?” Yeah... so? Are you stupid or what?

You can learn a great deal about all of this from Buddhism which is a science of the mind; Christianity being a science of the heart. There is no God, per se in Buddhism but... there are Buddhas who qualify as a rose by any other name. The Usual Suspects like it a lot, which is why they run nearly every Western sect. It gets them around the complications (at least in their mind) of The God Problem. This is especially helpful when it is your intention to play God.

Bottom line... you are either playing God or serving God. There is a third option but I'm not the expositor of that.

I have friends in The Buddha Realm. Anyone could... if they abide by The Code. There are benefic entities and wrathful entities, and if you've read or listened to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, you would know something about this. I see places where they are called deities; well... Mr. Smarty Pants how does that factor into there being no God? (asking for a friend) Well... surely you know; why are you asking me?

Some things, my friends are sub-rosa and ever shall be. You have to sign a kind of NDA to know these things. You see how well they work out on this plane. The same thing sometimes happens on the other planes... in Times of Material Darkness, but then... you lose your backstage pass.

Anyway, by the time you learn the really important things, there's no possibility of betraying them. Fearsome entities guard The Mysteries of Light, AND... what's more, the mysteries do not translate below the level on which they are understood.

They wind up as corruptions of The Truth. Oh... there's still some power in them; like the reversed Kundalini and the reversed Kabbalah. Enough to blow yourself up, but not enough to be any kind of threat to The Heavenly Hierarchy.

In any case, the Door wardens at The Gates of The Kingdom of The Light see certain types coming from a long way off, and... they are routed to the waiting room for The Purpose of Demonstration.

You might wonder how The Separated Mind of The Personality manages to stay stupid for what seems like forever. It is the nature of the beast and where we get that Purpose of Demonstration thing from. You see... a perpetual and ancient story plays out here... over, and over, and over. It's always new to the people it is new to; having forgotten all the salient (not to mention, salacious) details from the last excursion.

On and on it goes, and... occasionally someone finds their way back to The Garden. Otherwise... there are all the possibilities of The Imagination, and you've got forever to explore them.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

How do we stay stupid for so long? Bad programming from all directions helps. I was a complete idiot in my younger days. It's a fight to get all the misprioritised crap outta your life. Eventually I walked away from all I could walk away from, and some of the misprogramming attempts never worked with me. I was and am too pragmatic for them. I also valued what freedom I can have here too much. I have come to the best part of my life in my olde age. I have more discretionary TIME now than ever before, and for those of us with half a brain see that is quite a valuable commodity. I got over 'stuff' many years ago. I only care about tools to get me to where I'm goin'. Everything else is superfluous rubbish.

M - said...

"a war on The Divine Feminine."

You and I are so in agreement. I am especially grateful to hear a man voice this. If said by a woman, there are those who would claim it is "feminist" or "man-bashing". Even my BFF doesn't really GET it, but then again she is stuck in a Christian mind-set.

I was so offended by March 31st being christened "International Transgender Day of Visibility" and that ridiculously idiotic speech given by Bidet. So I Published a Post AND included a quote of yours at the end. (Thank you ≋;>)

At least one individual (a man!) got the message.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Quintessence of the Dog Poet/prose... is there a Snordster production on the way in the near future,,, certainly Hope so...

Thank you

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Their Orders Come from Renegade Principalities and Powers Who Get their Orders from The Dark Lord Himself."



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