Thursday, March 30, 2023

"As Soon as I Ruffled The Lake's Surface with Thought or The World with Movement; Za-Zoom! He Was Gone."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My mind is empty almost all of the time. It's a true blessing for me. It turns me into a landing zone for invisible travelers and luminous entities passing by... passing thru. This is also the case for those who live below the midpoint of The Dial. Like attracts like. That's the good news and the bad news. When The Mind is empty and my heart soars. It is often as if angels were lightning bugs on a Summer evening.

The Moon... shining on a still lake... renders my state both full and empty at the same time since The Lake is my mind. People talk about illusions as if they were a bad thing. Well... most of the time they are because The Separated Mind seeks to be attached in its pursuit of Unity. Everyone in separated-mind is hot for Unity, but that is like trying to grab The Moon through the surface of The Lake. You can't do it, can you?

You don't have to. You already have The Moon.

Illusions can actually be fun and entertaining as long as you are not attached to them. Anything can be amusing if you have no attachments. This is the biggest discovery (except for The Divine) of my entire life. If you want to be free... you must be unattached, BUT... life is constantly creating and providing vehicles for attachment. Some seekers get radical about handling this and they tear others in their efforts to be free.

These situations are easy to get into and sometimes very difficult to get out of.

You have to sit in the middle of it and let it all come and go as it wishes. If you don't try to hold on to it, it won't go anywhere, or... conversely, it won't stay around. (grin)

I'm sure people look at Ho-Ti and wonder why he is laughing all the time; the statue anyway. It's the same with those crazy Zen Buddhists, always saying incomprehensible things and laughing about it. Sure... in Times of Material Darkness there are plenty of pretenders and poseurs, BUT... The Genuine Article is laughing from not being attached. If you are not attached you can't help laughing. It appears on its own accord.

As much as people are told that Life will provide EVERYTHING you want and need, and... that you don't have to go looking for it, most people don't trust that; “But what if it doesn't? What if it doesn't?” I only wish it didn't a lot of the time but I know from my own experience that you don't have to go looking for anything. The trick is to make sure that only what you really want is looking for you, and that can only be one thing for any of us. Heh heh.

Insecurity breeds insecurity. Repeat... after... me... insecurity breeds insecurity. Like attracts like. REALLY... anything you want (making sure that you want it) you have only to go and speak to The Divine Mother about it. That IS her department. How is she going to refuse you? She's your mother!

This is how people get themselves into trouble, over... and over... and over again. STOP WANTING!!!

That's the ticket. I'm not saying anything new. This has been true for longer than Time has been around. It is one of the basic tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

I went looking for God early on. I had no choice. At first, it seemed that I was the most wretched of souls. Little did I know. Anyway... God showed up, AND... as is usually the case, unless it had already happened at a previous time, he turns everything upside down, IN... ORDER... TO... make it right side up. So... it continued to look like I was the most wretched of men for quite some time.

God also does this to see if you are serious; if you are willing to stay the course... if you are along for the whole process. Most fall away at some point... unless God really wants you to come along, so he keeps you miserable for a while longer. You know what happens when you give a child too many toys. The child starts taking it for granted real quick... and gets a permanently disappointed look on its face from being spoiled.

I'm not the only one to run into God. It happens more often than you might think, but most people don't recognize it when it happens, AND... most people have compelling, and competing pedestrian interests. You are truly fortunate if God ruins this for you, as he did me. I can't get excited about anything now... except for God.

Bad people... well, let me say, misguided souls, also run into God more often than you might think. In those cases, God is The Devil the way The Wicked see Him. God is endlessly present and incredibly elusive.

I remember the times when I was in some extremely peaceful state and he would slip into me without my notice, and the whole of my being would turn to liquid ecstasy. As long as I didn't move or didn't think, he would remain. As soon as I ruffled The Lake with thought or The World with movement; zazoom! He was gone, and there was no calling him back.

Other times... the surface of my skin and the area beneath my skin would turn to that goosebumps sensation... in rolling waves. Low thrumming sound would fill my form and it could get scary when you don't know what the Hell is going on. I haven't had either of those in a long time. These days he uses The Sun to lift my spirits high above the clouds of ominous portent that is The World of the moment.

Otherwise, he appears whenever it pleases him now, in my heart and mind, no matter what I might be doing; getting a cup of tea... making a meal... sitting here... going there. Some days there is a lot of activity and some days next to none, BUT... very seldom is there no action at all, and that is only because I can't see it.

This is all that concerns me. I don't care about anything else. Everything else is just noise and I have learned to tune that out. There's nothing there for me anyway, I've looked. I looked longer than I think I needed to. I think most of us do. It's hard to believe there's nothing there. It only looks like something, and then it disappears or turns into something else that isn't there either; chim-chim chimera!

All of our desires (save for one) are like this and that is why all satisfaction is temporary. Pleasure seekers are inevitably headed for an unpleasant end. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy pleasure, as long as The Supreme Enjoyer is around.

More and more I think Krishna and Christ are the same person, modified for each culture. Then I think, well... Christ is really Ishvara; dwelling in his own mystery. Then... as is usually what happens, I realize I don't care, and none of that matters. God is my playmate, who just likes to have fun and adventures. He doesn't care about all that formality. That's for The Priests. It gives them something to do, while they pay the penance of that lifetime for something or other they did earlier.

Most of the time, God is brimming with laughter, not taking anything seriously. He doesn't have to; he's God! I wish I could tell all these fundies to just enjoy their life, BUT... that doesn't work for them. Muslims frown on singing and dancing. (Sufism gets it).

That... I REALLY don't get. Jesus! Make a joyful noise for Christ's sake. Heh heh. Whatever happened to The Singing Planets, rubbing against one another, or... The Sons of God dancing for joy on the mountaintops of The World when it was young? Isn't The Witness forever young? Isn't The Mind constantly renewed for those who love The Divine? When you get old and bitter and filled with regret, you took a wrong turn somewhere.

Whenever you get low and the clouds of The World close in, read a little Kahlil Gibran. That should lighten your mood.

End Transmission.......

Here are some things that may provoke interest in some of you. They did in me.

Yesterday I found this audio book of Patanjali's Aphorisms. Wow!!!

I have read The Alice Bailey translations more than a dozen times for sure and... in just half an hour of listening to this version, I got more than all those other times put together. This is serious goosebump territory.

Go to the source page at Internet Archive and just scroll down to the download options on your right. I took the first selection= 128KBPS MP3. You click on the down arrow at the right where it says, "4 files," and there you go. You will need WinRAR (or similar software) to decompress the files. If you don't want to download, you can simply listen to the book online.

There are five versions available. I haven't listened to any of the others.

Oh! Do any of you readers have any facility with this sort of thing? I've been given a temporary dispensation if it is made possible.

Once... years ago, I knew these two brothers. One of them was a mycology researcher AND real doctor, and he was a cutting-edge Owsley type who used to write for High Times. He created something called Camote or Kamote... something like that. He grew it in brown rice. It was unlike anything I have experienced elsewhere... peals of laughter and all that... all through.

He was... unfortunately killed by a junkie for refusing to write a script. I lost contact with his brother, Michael, which was unfortunate because I still owed him a small amount. (grin)

Some links (very few) are at GAB=.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

On the shroomin side, I have a pal who grows a variety of mushrooms and he used to live around San Jose CA but he moved to Ecuador last year given the CA shenanigans. His name is Don Best and he has provided me lions mane, turkey tail, and a few other shroom types. I'll ping him and see what he knows about mushrooms grown on grain. He had some heart problems which he had to come back to the US for medical treatment for, but I think hes probably back in ecuador by now. I'll email and see. Do you have an email you'd want me to share so he can get in touch? not sure if I should post the details in the comments here, don't want him being hounded. :)

Thanks for the audio book on patanjalis aphorisms. I'll pull that and put on my local Plex so I can listen to it around the house.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

My email's right below this comments box.

Kazz said...

My apologies Vis. I would not disrespect a guest in another’s home and I should not have done that here. I can be defensive when it comes to people attributing that which belongs to the ego to God. My bad.

Vis ~ 'At first, it seemed that I was the most wretched of continued to look like I was the most wretched of men for quite some time.’

I wouldn’t say I was wretched, but I know I am far from perfect. I have made many blunders in life and constantly catch myself getting off track. then I have to centre myself again, again, again and again. It occurs to me walking with God is no easy feat. To be honest I really don’t get why I have been made privy to the sojourn I have, because I really do see myself, warts and all. Some times it is not pretty. Then I realise that being perfect is right out of my reach, but then it dawns on me how compassionate, loving and forgiving God must be to tolerate me, which makes me want to try harder. That it is the only way I know how to thank the Divine for the blessings God sends my way. I am way to direct and tact has never been one of my strong points, as you most probably know. It occurs to me that no matter how long I walk in this world with God there is always going to be room for improvement, which reminds me that is why none of us is fit to judge another. Then I go and get side tracked and get knocked of centre once again, only for the Divine to gently remind me of what I am doing. I never feel worthy of God, but it occurs to me that God still loves me, even though I AM who I AM. I know you think I can be a bit of a Fundie, but the truth is I have never belonged to any church or other group religiously, or new age, inclined. It has always been just the Divine, through the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit, and me. Why? I really don’t know.

The way I see it we are meant to break a few eggs while we are baking our cake, because it is the only way to get us to rise. I guess the secret ingredient is in persistence and simply not giving up the race.

I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but God seems to feel I am of some value, and I don’t question the Divine’s judgement. I guess God sees the best in us all and that is why God is God. Lucky for us!

I try, and I try, and I try, so I can be very ‘trying’ (grin). I figure if God is not willing to give up on me, and others, than neither should I.

Much love and many blessings to you, and your readers.

So sorry you had to pull me into line, again :o)

Luv kazz

Visible said...

We both suffer from trying too hard. Even now, being told that I can do nothing more on my own and that I must wait for the investiture, I find it near impossible not to strive.

I have spent most of this afternoon listening to the aphorisms of Patanjali that I mentioned in the post and gave the link for. So it is that I caught on to the intention of it; translating it into the message of Christ and the Christian perspective. This has blown my mind in a way that I was not prepared for. ANYONE whose course is in the footsteps of Christ will find this to be something they have long been searching for. I am profoundly impacted by this hearing. It has made many things clear. I have tried to understand these aphorisms for decades; not because I seek after powers, but that I might adjust myself so as to be transformed by the power of God.

I would recommend you give this a listen as it feeds right into your wheelhouse, as I understand it to be. Not only is it suffused with wisdom and the understanding of it, BUT... the person narrating it does so with a power that emphasizes its effect on the mind.

I expect to listen to this again and again for some time. Not in many years have I encountered something like this and it is very ironic given my feelings on the Christian religion.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said my Kingdom is not of this world
Biden, for whom the Evil one speaks said
Transpeople shape the soul of our Nation.
I guess that is the proof we need know
This country is gone , it is now soulless
And the good among us await another World
Where Satan is not

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"What a Joy It is To See The Citadels of Evil Begin to Crumble... as The Rays of God's Living Light Fall Upon Them!"

0 said...

Had to check to see if my pal replied. He did. He had this to share:

"I grew psybos on various substrate media, so I might be uniquely qualified to say whether grain will work. I got production up to 12lb per month of dried product.
That all went well, until the guy who hired me beat the shit out of me, and seemed to want to take my life…..I got beaten heavily. Of course I had no idea that was coming.
That was what caused my thyroid cascade, and heart failure. I exited that situation that day.
If your friend is only concerned with having a viable mycelium culture in a grain, he will be successful. I believe I was doing one part water, to 3 parts grain in weight, not volume, for my grain spawn. I used he grain as a “seed” to start a culture in alfalfa and horse dung… from the horse stables. He needs to sterilize the grain first, and get a hepa/ulpa air filtration system so no contamination. Lime is also good to keep a more alkaline disposition in the substrate/and or grain… can be used as a powder in substrate when doing alfalfa/dung preparations, or it can be dissolved in water, before adding to the grain.
There are certain varieties of psybo that can survive on only wood, like cyascens (wrong spelling). Most of that kind of mushroom prefers a bit of nitrogen. That is why they like dung……but you can add coffee grounds to grains for a nitrogen bump?
If you work with very mild organic nitrogen giving liquid fertilizers, a very diluted solution made with the water used to moisten the grains. I am speaking in terms of drops.
Mostly those type of mushrooms will not fruit on just wood pulp, they need warmth(80f) and just a bit of nitrogen to get the mushrooms to grow.
I hope this helps? If there are any other questions feel free. I might comment on his blog next week, when I get back from the Amazon. "

Evidently he just got back to Ecuador when I emailed him last friday. Hes off on an expedition into the amazon to look at setting up businesses. Hopefully he'll check out your blog and become a reader of it. Hes a good guy, names Don.

Hope that helps!

0 said...

"We both suffer from trying too hard. Even now, being told that I can do nothing more on my own and that I must wait for the investiture, I find it near impossible not to strive."

Isn't the inertia of willful habits Grand!


Visible said...

Thanks, Man;

Isn't this the fellow that got beat up by his shaman instructor in a small Amazon village? Maybe there's more than one. If so, he already knows who I am.



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