Thursday, March 9, 2023

"Soothing Their Dark and Bloody Meditations with The Anguished Cries; Like Sweet Music to Their Ears."

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To all those who idolize Reagan, please remember that he is the one who emptied out all the mental institutions in the first place. Bring them back and you will empty the streets of at least fifty percent of the homeless. Put them in treatment centers. If they won't respond to treatment, keep them until they do.

WHY!?! Why are they running loose? It's no good for them and no good for anyone else either. It's a hell of a lot more cost-effective than the present state of unmanaged, street-side, chaos for the purpose of the downfall of civilization. Oh! Right. That's what it's about, isn't it? Bringing the system down so that the people behind the chaos and disorder can implant their own even more Draconian systems of control, and cradle-to-grave the whole she bop-she bop... poor baby woo... woo.

Is it The Chinese? Is it The Usual Suspects? It's not The Russians. That's just who the people behind it want us to think it is. Whoever it is... is a collective of sexual deviants because that is their number one promotional effort.

Here's what I think... not that I would know, but... through a combination of intuitive... logical... thinking... it appears that POSSESSION has a lot to do with it. Where did all these Gender Stupid people come from? They weren't anywhere in any kind of numbers until now. Where did all these crazy people come from? There were never so many of them before. Where did all the seething racial hatred and class warfare come from?

Of course... the aforementioned... and some that I've left out, (but might include further on...) are involved at some level because, it... serves... their... self-interest... so they can make more money greasing the wheels of enterprise with the blood of their victims, and soothing their dark and bloody meditations with the anguished cries that are like sweet music to their ears. It's true... some of them do it because they like it. It makes them sexually aroused. You can take that to their banks.

Due to the mechanics of my own thought processes, I ALWAYS look behind the obvious... to the inobvious... to the invisible. I must always remind myself that NOTHING happens without the permission of the prime mover, via The Heavenly Hierarchy. If they are not initiating it... they are permitting it because they are guiding it to a conclusion other than that intended by everyone involved.

Many do not believe in the concept of The Avatar. They prefer the distorted dogmas of their own five-and-dime religions that are ALSO manipulated by The Oppressors. The Oppressors do not like the idea of an avatar unless they can shoehorn their own pretender into the post as a ceremonial figurehead. They are more interested in distorting the message for financial gain AFTER The Avatar has come and gone.

Regardless... The Avatar is a fact. The Avatar is a routine and predictable occurrence that happens every two thousand years... give or take a couple of hundred. This has been going on since time out of mind. Let me see if I can allegorize it to the satisfaction of the reader. The World is a continuing entertainment and education extravaganza. Every now and then there is a really big performance. After that... the entire atmosphere of existence is altered for the purpose of spiritually clarifying a specific quality, like Sacrifice... like Brotherhood... in The Hive Mind of Humanity.

There are 7 root races of Humanity, with intermediate sub-root genres... according to certain metaphysical perspectives. We are... allegedly in the 5th stage at the moment and moving into the next. It's all a number's game and only a small amount of us know what the numbers actually are.

ANYWAY... let's say that every performance on The World's stage that has a counterpart in the evolution of The Human Mind... begins with a construction crew coming upon the scene where The Show is going to take place... all over The World... in a different fashion... depending on who happens to be in that locale. Sometimes entire locales are wiped out. That is also part of the process.

ANYWAY... these construction workers come in and they build the stage. Upon that stage there is then demonstrated whatever the life lesson may be, and... it could go on for years and years. At a certain point... the performance ends and... another crew comes in and dismantles the stage... packs it up... and heads to the next construction zone. Simple... right? This is what you get when I start allegorizing (yes... that's an actual word).

These performances go on through the whole of the life experience at all times in any case. It is the slow... agonizing... haul... of conscious evolution en masse. Individuals are ALWAYS running ahead of the pack, but... most people huddle together in their own demographics, for safety AND companionship- or... so... they... imagine. They usually wind up being dragged... kicking and screaming into what's best for them, which terrifies them because they don't recognize it.

People... unfortunately... have a natural inclination toward a kind of stagnating entropy. It's a Tamasic-torpor stupor of which Materialism is probably the best example. HOWEVER... now and then... there comes a collective push from The Supernal Pushers that presses humanity in a group cluster-shove for their own good. We are in that stage of the game, right this moment.

You see all around you... civilization collapsing... people reverting to brutish... appetite-driven fevers, coupled with an emergent class of Stupids. This could be very disheartening if this is all you see, BUT... this is not all of what is going on.

Like we have been saying here, The Avatar is coming, and before he materially arrives, he is doing some of his most important work, pushing out the principalities and powers of wickedness in high places from the inner planes. They are being pressed forward... broomed out into manifestation for Judgment via The Purpose of Demonstration. They turn into metaphorical car-theft rings that POSSESS the minds of those who have... already... given themselves over to the appetites favored by the demonic intelligences arriving on the scene.

Why does this have to happen? It's above my pay grade and not my department. It is what is happening and you can see it, IF... you permit yourself to. IF... you have not placed the blindfold of denial over your own eyes. Most of the possessed don't even notice anything, cause they were already up to similar activities... just not in such an exhibitionist fashion... and not in such numbers. That... that is the difference.

Certain powerful infernal entities are seeking to take advantage of this... by legitimizing these behaviors, which accounts for all the powerful... sexual-deviant organizations, lobbying on their behalf. FYI... it's not going to happen. They are not going to be allowed to get away with this rampaging depravity, BUT... the powers that really are, are letting them freak freely for a bit... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Once The Avatar's influence becomes more present and pervasive, all of this nonsense will fade away, or be done away with by mysterious means... and not-so-mysterious means. He will be coming in the human heart in places presently being prepared for him, and there will be MANY more examples of righteous behavior apparent... once the mindset precipitates into the collective consciousness. In many cases it is going to make the crazy even crazier, and... accelerate their self-destruction.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, for those of you who were thinking it would just get more gender-stupid-fluid and legally permitted... and enforced... as the perversity continues to proliferate; then I realize none of them are reading this. They're probably having Tupperware and Onan parties, while binge-watching The View. Now that... that really is sick.

Take heart, my friends... and be of good cheer. Sometimes it gets really wack for periods of time, and one can forget that there is a benevolent ruler who slips about unseen, and who is constantly perfecting his creation from within. If you don't want to go down with The Ship, then don't get on The Ship in the first place.

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M - said...

This week Mr. Robin began his morning sing-song again - harkening in Spring. I love waking up to his birdsong. I don't even mind the off-and-on rain we've been having and it's going to continue into the next week. It brings with it a warming spell which I DO appreciate. I am itching to get outside into the Concrete Jungle and re-pot, re-vamp, and re-arrange. But it's not quite time for that yet. Even my cat is showing signs of cabin-fever. We're both ready for Spring. But Nature goes about her business without giving humankind a single thought, so we will be patient for a few more weeks.

"Earth's crammed with heaven." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Yes it is. I awake to it every day. It's there. All one has to do is open their eyes.

Visible said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Affirming so much. Your blogs would make a great book set. This one might be a topic of discussion betwixt me and my psychic twin.


A. Raphael said...

Also, Visible, I am sure you are aware that according to the ancient system of Vedic Astrology, until April 2025 the Earth will be under the strong influence of Saturn, finishing up the 7 1/2 years of this heavy, slow moving planet transiting through Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is known to provide particularly challenging situations for us during its strong influence. Right at the moment, in fact, there is a planetary war going on (for the next month) in Aquarius between Saturn and the Sun, which are enemies. Saturn wins in this case, because they are both temporarily transiting together in Saturn's sign. We will be even more aware of problems, particularly involving governments, during this time. Saturn's influence is well illustrated, for those who love to read, in a book by Robert Svoboda, called The Greatness of Saturn. In this story, King Vikramaditya, an honorable ruler, inadvertently offends the great planet Saturn, suffers for it, and learns valuable lessons through this process. I highly recommend the story, it makes our problems look small by comparison!

Anonymous said...

Hey, LTPTButtons,

Making books out of these posts, I thought the same thing!
I would love to have an olde fashioned hand-held book to be
a part of my collection. I've got two of Mr. Visible's books,
now i just need one or two more to round out a nice series.

keepin' the nostrils clean,


A. Raphael said...

It's good to be aware that Saturn transits Aquarius until April, 2025, the last couple years of 7 1/2 years when Saturn is especially strong. Expect challenges, particularly involving governments. Also, starting Tuesday, the Sun and Saturn are transiting Aquarius together, and will fight it out until next month, when Sun moves into Pisces. Temporary planetary war, in which Saturn wins. Better to be prepared than to expect things to suddenly go "well", as Saturn provides heavy but valuable lessons.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"It is The Fatal Attraction of All Doomed Love Affairs... Singing to The Dragons Underground; Shake The Earth!"

Strider said...

Cultural Marxism is nothing new under the sun and chaos/disorder always helps the comrades.
The banksters will be right there for any amount of freshly printed fiat for their Long March fellow travelers.
Breaking-The Sun! It just showed up after snowing and cloudy all day.
This is why we can have nice things.



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