Friday, March 17, 2023

"AND You Won't Be Sailing Long on The Ocean of Nonsense... Unless You Have a Bicycle Pump Attached to Your Nipples."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We really don't want to wind up on The Ocean of Nonsense in a tipsy rowboat. The wind and waves can be very unpredictable. Nonsense is unpredictable. You never know what sort of crazy shit dysfunctional minds are going to come up with. One day it's something about the Earth being flat. The last time that was popular, most people everywhere were uniformly stupid and there were a lot fewer people.

Anyone with any sense, meaning those who are not stupid, also knows that it is pointless to argue with stupid people. Why? Because they are stupid, which makes them intransigent and unreasonable. Recently... I heard one of them say, “I never said The Earth was flat. What I said is that the oceans are flat.” Heh heh... riddle me this; if The Earth is not flat then how can the oceans be flat?

You have to assume that these people are messing with you because... no one can be that stupid, right? Color me newly awakened because... I've been watching a lot of Clown World lately and... I've had to adjust my perspective.

Mentally ill people who are sexually confused have been saying, “trans-women are real women.” This is nonsense. I KNOW this is nonsense. What they can say is that “trans-women think they are real women.” Is that pretty much the same? No. It's not.

I'm not surprised that people believe things that are not true. Look at the millions who think Russia started a war with Ukraine. Russia did not start a war with Ukraine. Ukraine started a war with Russia. Actually, The International Bankers, who use ZATO as a private army, and Ukraine as their private porno palace, started that war because they want to bring the whole world under their submission. This won't happen. This has NEVER happened. It's not possible for ANYONE to rule the whole world.

Millions of people bought into the legerdemain where COVID was grafted over the seasonal flu and the common cold. Then these same dimwits bought into The Killer Vaccines. Despite people dropping dead all around them because of The Killer Vaccines, they still believe The Killer Vaccines are a defense against COVID, but... vaccines of any kind are not a defense against the common cold or the seasonal flu. Your immune system is your defense against these maladies and vaccines COMPROMISE your immune system.

Now we have millions of autistic children, due to ridiculous amounts of early childhood vaccinations. Now their immune systems are compromised, and even if they do continue to live for a little while, it... won't... be... pleasant. I haven't had a cold or flu in decades and I get no vaccines at all.

I grew up in a rough-and-tumble world playing contact sports without equipment. I grew up when dirt was good for you... when early exercise built strong bones and bodies. It took a lot of work on my part to break a few bones late in life by having stupid accidents that would have ABSOLUTELY killed most people. This was due to my being stupid, temporarily. I am no longer stupid. It was a phase.

When you regularly eat bad food, and you also eat it all day, and your only exercise is walking back and forth from the refrigerator, and you turn into a Pillsbury Doughboy who is 5'2 and weighs four hundred pounds, and you are screaming that you are living your own truth, and getting pissed that a regular-size actor played an obese fruitcake in a wretched film... you are mortally delusional, AND... you won't be sailing long on The Ocean of Nonsense unless you have a bicycle pump attached to your nipples.

People believe in Climate Change. Well... that is partially okay because it is true. The Climate does change now and again over protracted periods of time. Where it is not okay is believing that you can do anything about it... or that gas stoves have any connection to Climate Change whatsoever. I realize that most dingbats do not cook, but those of us who can and do, are not going to give up our gas stoves.

A certain collective of Satanic mindsets know that one of the surest ways to destroy a country is to send confusing messages to prepubescent children about sex. They want us to believe... that kids who believe pretty much anything they are told... are going to grow up into sane and balanced adults... if you program them into believing they can change their biological sex OR... that they have no stable sexual identity, to begin with.

Plandemics of global stupidity may flourish during times of revolutionary transformation. It may be that countless numbers of people can believe toxic nonsense for a little while, BUT... one thing they cannot do is convince Lady Nature to buy into it. Lady Nature doesn't play that way. Lady Nature weeds out the weak and stupid... and doesn't mind doing it. It's... her... job! Lady Nature is indifferent to whining and convoluted bullshit.

Lady Nature does not look kindly on pathological eating machines with Chronic Masturbation Syndrome. Lady Nature is not kind to alcoholics and drug addicts. I tried the waters in both of those areas, but it was a Purpose of Demonstration exercise between me and The Divine. I consumed all manner of poisonous substances in my reckless pursuit of God and... for... some... reason... it has little or no impact on my health. There's a moral here.

Whatever you do, if you dedicate it to The Divine he will work it out in your favor, BUT... and this is a very important BUT... you had better be absolutely sincere and offering your life up with no strings attached. There have been many cases of similar kind over time. Let me recommend The Aghora Trilogy by Robert Svoboda.

What a ride those books are; mostly concerned with his guru, Vimalananda, who was an Aghori.

The human body is a remarkable instrument and can LITERALLY be rebuilt... refurbished... renewed... revitalized... restored... rejuvenated and... whathaveyou. God's power is ONLY limited by the degree of your faith in him. This is ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Jesus... if people only knew. The saddest feature of contemporary existence in Times of Material Darkness is all the wasted lives. What a dreadful sorrow it is, AND... The Divine will gladly rework you this very minute starting now... if you should be so inclined.

Even if you don't have the fortitude or faith needed for the whole regeneration in this go-round... it can be arranged that you return in more fortuitous circumstances for your next round. The servants of Heaven gladly turn their gaze upon and direct their attention to the truly sincere.

Yeah... all that nonsense that people believe, AND... I might ask; what good does it do them? These are the same people who think I am talking nonsense now, well... time will tell and we shall see.

The total bullshit that the mentally ill believe in order to support their fantasies is a sad... sad thing. Here you go.

You can't tell them anything. Only a greater suffering and a deeper sorrow await them.

I have suffered in terrible spiritual fires for long reaches of time, BUT... at least my suffering paid off. All of it was a worthy investment; thank you, God!

Don't let anyone tell you that awakening Lady Kundalini is a pleasure cruise. She burns you from the inside out. She consumes everything you thought you knew... you thought you loved... you thought you wanted... you thought you were.

Ultimately, should you persist and endure... she leaves you as a clear vessel... a transparency through which the light of Heaven shines, BUT... you will be scoured with interior pumice stones. Your temporary world will be turned to ashes. You will be tormented and tested to the limits of your endurance. You will lose all sense of your separated self. You... the temporary self... will be no more.

Personally... I believe... I truly and profoundly believe that every other course... over time... hurts a great deal more, and leaves you with nothing but a sense of loss... regret... and exhaustion in the end. Even worse... it doesn't end. It just starts all over again.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"I haven't had a cold or flu in decades and I get no vaccines at all."

Right there with you, Vis. I've also never bought into mammograms. My BFF did. Regularly. A couple of years ago she was "diagnosed" with a small cancerous spot on her breast. Underwent weeks of radiation treatment plus two years of taking medication that is supposed to "prevent the cancer from returning".

Your comment on the capability of the body to repair itself is spot on. I read Dr. Christiane Northrup's book "Goddesses Never Age". She maintains (and she is a doctor of female health specifically) that a large number of breast and uterine cancers that "are caught early on when they are small", if left alone, may be erased by the body naturally. Instead they are aggressively treated - and the treatments themselves are cancer-causing. Like radiation. In what world are we told that frequent exposure to radiation is harmful - otherwise why would doctors hide behind lead aprons and such - yet we use it to treat cancer? It's insane.

But I didn't and don't have the heart to tell my BFF these things. It would be cruel. I can but hope and pray that the cancer doesn't return and that she doesn't experience any other health issues as a result of "the cure".

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Existence is so weird. On the Otherside, you can know. You come here to forget and most of what you learn is sheer garbage. Akashic Knowledge is hard to come by on this midden heap of a planet. Then you go back to the Otherside where you can know again, then you come here again and the cycle perpetuates over and over again. I'm guilty of being on this stupid wheel myself, and now I HAVE HAD IT! I WANT OFF! FOR GOOD! Gods, now I really wonder what the appeal of this place is?

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

I'll second the comments on the Robert Svoboda Books, I really enjoyed them! Vimalananda seemed pretty reasonable to me. His Gurus were also interesting beings. What a trip it would be to bump into one of them or even Babaji.

I went looking for a Guru in my 20s... went down to san bernardino and met with a Swami at a house he had been provided and was living with 2 women who claimed to be administrators for his "ashram" which was this house. He seemed a decent fellow but having sat and listened to him and bought his CD's he was pushing, I had no questions for him. He had harped all evening on Dharma. Duty is only good if you understand Why. Just doing it cuz someone said it should be done benefits the one doing it little.

At the end of the evening, after an ayurvedic meal, there was a Q&A. He kept eyeing me as I sat there silent just listening and observing. I left realizing that maybe I would be-come for myself what I had hoped to find external to myself. I had already met the All, so perhaps that bypassed the need for a formed iteration to direct me. Dunno.

That was the end of my search for a Guru. Around the same time that movie Love Guru came out. Mike Meyers cracks me up. There was a line in the film where he does like the electric company used to do on pbs with letters and words. He says Gee You Are You, for GURU -TM (trademarked) cracked me up and put the issue to bed for me.

I talk to the all, by which I'll say something to nobody while alone and if I dwell on the thing thats bothering me while watching programming, the all responds thru keying a physical response in my body at a time when I'm watching/hearing/reading words external spoken by anything. Its like a "pay attention, this is me talking to you" but its not a worded thought, its a physical sensation, perhaps like Samadhi or Nirvana seeks to induce constantly in ones form. Interesting stuff.

I sometimes wonder if I will follow the usual path of aging out and passing on, or if there will be some other thing coming similar to how the fellow in the Aghora books who went looking for Babaji and found him, then had to throw himself off the mountainside to prove how sincere he was, which was what let Babaji restore him and join his group. Dunno. Not sure I have a preference given the way the worlds gone sideways over the last couple decades. Whatever brings Greater understanding and serves the All best.

Cheers Viz!

Visible said...

Robert Svoboda passed on last August at 92 with his wife beside him. I didn't pursue the details. I coulda sworn that Babaji story was in Autobiography of a Yogi. In fact, it is. Then I realized it could well be in one of the Aghora books as well. (grin)

God is ALWAYS present and listening. When he is convinced of our interest, he will show up. Like he does all along as whatever he conceals himself in.

Gandalf Carlin said...

I knew something was wrong after leaving the gym as a lil' shaver.
But the glorious state said no vax no school.
The colostomy bags of equity society is meant to burn to the ground and generation so fake will deliver the sharp edged Ozymandias sign by any means necessary.
I am laughing like a clown over the drone getting crapped on and now they have barricaded the area and found it 3000 feet down.
Also XI is going to Russia next week and the ZATO comrades are all stompy foot.
Too chock full of arrogance and hubris to see that that hegemony cricket is mortally wounded.
Surely there was no time as stupid as this one but there is the nothing new under the sun saying.
Last summer while visiting bud in Pineland I said aloud that it is great just to be here Thank You God and the rain stopped with a rainbow popping out right across the street.

TotoFromOz said...

😊👍excellent brother!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"There is More Than a Difference in Appearance Between Processed Potato Chips... and An Actual Potato."

Gregory said...

Loved: "It was a phase."



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