Tuesday, March 14, 2023

"We are All Transmission Devices for What Passes Through Us, and That is Determined by The Point of Focus."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Maybe it was around 3 years ago. There was a Blood Moon eclipse. The astrological chart for the event in The U.S. was a mirror image of the chart for France... during their head-rolling revolution in the eighteenth century. Since that time, we have seen the shadow of the hammer of political correctness-cancel culture fall upon the country. We are experiencing a revolution here too. So far it is relatively bloodless, but that could change.

I know I've mentioned that before.

Recruits for the new thug armies are coming across the borders like waves of Brazilian army ants. They are being waved in by eraser clappers and hall monitors in the employ of The New Jacobin dream-weavers. Anything could happen, but... the possibilities of Anything do not trouble me. Things have a way of working out, even when the worst intentions are on the rise; depending on your relationship with the one who works things out. If you've got that ACTIVE, you'll be alright.

As Ageless Wisdom teaches us (should we care to learn) bad intentions usually fall back upon those who harbor them. If you take a pot of water and cause it to slosh to one side, it automatically sloshes back to the other. If you set it down, it will... soon enough... become a still surface. The only time it sloshes in any direction is when something... or someone... disturbs it.

What does that... should that... teach us? If you want water to be disturbed, you have to disturb it. What about the ocean, visible? Who's asking, and... more importantly... why? Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be at all times; sloshing... not sloshing... what's that got to do with you? Ah... yeah, that's the ticket; did you slosh it?

In recent times... courtesy of my invisible friends, I have learned some truly remarkable things, having to do with... the way things work. I wish I could share them with you, and I do... in telepathic fashion; the same way I received them. We are all transmission devices for what we permit to pass through us, which is determined by our area of focus.

We've all heard that if something is really important to you, perhaps you shouldn't share it with others if you want it to remain important to you. At least not right away. Not until you've gone some distance to manifesting it.

We have all experienced what happens when you try to tell someone about an idea or an event, and you are unable to communicate it effectively, and... the person you are sharing it with does not have the same value placed on it that you do. The telling of it diminishes it... colors it with doubt or disinterest and makes it irrelevant. Suddenly, it is no longer important to you either. You feel cheated. You... lost... something... vital.

It's like the vampire phenomenon. Although there probably are vampires of the classical variety, generally... they are more likely energy vampires who siphon away your prana... your vital life energy. This is what keeps you young and enthused. It is what keeps you healthy. It's not just human-appearing entities that can steal this force. Perverted lifestyles also steal this force.

Several times... I have run into vampire covens from another plane. Once Lord Ganesha arranged for me to wander into The Devic Realm unattended. I had a fantasy image of what was to be found there. I learned rather quickly that bad things live there too. He told me to mind where I travel unattended and that he would take me there at a later date but not to attempt it beforehand. It was an important lesson for me.

Dead-end, mind-numbing jobs steal this vital force. Oppressive religions... governments, and educational systems also steal this force. They feed on it. Possessing a bleak outlook, for whatever the reason... causes this force to leech away to... somewhere. Living with someone you do not love or... who does not love you will steal this force, BUT... many people covet stability and comfort over quality of life. It's kind of like sacrificing freedom for security, and you wind up with neither one.

By living for and submitting to a state of advancing Materialism, you are headed for a dreadful end. It doesn't have to be like that. If you are living with Fate. If you are living with Providence, well... which of those conditions you dwell in is up to you.

You CAN somewhat alter your self-constructed Destiny and that can affect the quality of your Fate (they are not the same). The fact that most people do not bother to inquire more deeply into forces like Destiny... Fate... and Providence is a matter of Karma, and a lack of interest... which is also Karma.

Much of this has to do with The Will. Most people have a divided personal will. In many cases, due to Materialism, the will can even be splintered. These are the people that bob like corks upon unruly seas until... they sink. Some people appear to have a much stronger will and that can be for more than one reason.

Let us comment on the only reason that interests me. That is because sometimes people with unusual force of will... possess it because they have aligned themselves with The Divine Will. You... can... do... this.

Why is it that more people do not align themselves with The Divine Will? It is because that can compromise their desires and appetites. It is because they are selfish, BUT... I can tell you. If you know how to facilitate this, a remarkable freedom comes with it. You might not think so, BUT... I assure you it does.

God likes to do most of the things that people do. The difference is that he knows how to do them the right way, and never... never has to or is compelled to. God is actually able to enjoy himself. He is the driver. He is never driven. AND... how does The Divine do these things? He does them through us... those of us that are willing to make the great sacrifice of self-abnegation (which is no sacrifice at all).

Some might wonder how it is that I am able to talk to members of The Devic and Angelic Realms. Some might think I am deluded in this regard. I am not concerned with what people think. I will explain how I manage this. First off, I have been seeking communion with the higher spheres through all of my life, and... no doubt before that too. Here is what you must know if you expect success. Want NOTHING but communion and the desire to be shaped to a higher purpose. Do not go in wanting anything except to be of service.

Be humble. Be respectful. Be determined; so determined that the possibility of failure never enters your mind. Be committed! Be ready to seek until the seeking pays off. Even if it means years... decades. You are in for the long term. That mindset resonates with those areas in The Blessed Spheres. Most important; want NOTHING more than to learn, to serve, and... exhibit true humility. Sooner or later; you cannot fail.

Remember that the residents of The Blessed Spheres can see right through you and know you better than you do. Those with pedestrian carnal appetites are not communicating with The Blessed Spheres. They are being worked by The Lower Regions. Eventually... this makes you insane. In these times you can see the truth of this all around you unless you... yourself... are under their spell.

If you could only see The Hungry Ghosts that haunt the fast food outlets, the public bathrooms, the porn theaters, and ALL locations of disrepute, AND... not only these, BUT... The Halls of Power and all those places where the so-called high and mighty live and work. If you could see the invisible spirits that come and go in the places where they spent so much of their time while they were alive... you would soon tremble with fear to remain there.

On the other hand... there are places where the opposite is true. They are few and far between.

Of course... we all know these things already. We simply close our minds to the implications, due... to... self-interest. We don't want to hear about it. This is called Denial. What... in the end... are they left with? Regret... resentment... and an ever-increasing fear of the relentlessly approaching unknown.

In conclusion... let me also say, with GREAT EMPHASIS... this pursuit can involve a great deal of suffering. No one gets in who is not vetted, and the degree of suffering required is different for each of us, depending on our in-place-attachments, and what it takes to release them. Sometimes... this can really hurt. Don't even think about it unless you are willing to let go of everything. Then again... that's all going to go anyway; makes you think... or it should.

End Transmission.......

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(Earth really is special, according to the science end of Gender Stupid Physics. Everything else in space is round... except (5/4 drum-roll...) Earth! My question of the moment is... why does a bead of water on a flat table have a curved surface??? Why were soap bubbles round when they came out of Lawrence Welk's bubble machine..?)


0 said...

Great post today! One suffers anyways, best put it to use. I remember 21 years ago when I was 26 telling the All I wanted the truth and to use me in whatever manner best suited the Alls ends. I do what I say and say what I do. It didn't use to be of any note. These days almost nobody seems to do such.

Bank runs over the weekend and bank antics this week I suppose. Sure pushing people to buy silver and gold. Silvers been dropping in value for the last couple years... bought at 28/oz and then at 24/oz and now its ~22/oz. Not real sure how thats a "store of wealth". They keep claiming it will go to a couple thousand per ounce, but if they figured out how to pull the ionic metals out of saltwater, we will have all the metals we need and then some making them worth even less than they are today. They knew how to pull uranium out of seawater about 10 years ago now. Looks like the membrane tech has evolved a bit since I first read about it.


Did you see Fauci was at gridiron dinner in DC and some lady hit her head on the table and he was there to "help"? Guess he needs some positive PR huh, given the way the winds have shifted.

Its curious to hope that the next iteration of form puts me where I will be of most use to the All, as it seems to infer that where I am currently is probably much the same as a future iteration may be. Maybe I should hope for a break iteration out in Nature without Man around. I suppose I'll just keep trusting the All to be looking out for what I need, when I need it.

On that note, the various series sure seem to keep harping on the Zecond American civil war eh? Z for Zecond to infer its Zionist bullshitooken at work. Fek them clowns!


robert said...

Dear Visible,

Our hearts beat with relief when we hear higher frequencies.

Grace becomes Gracias!

We are experiencing a revolution here too. So far it is relatively bloodless, but that could change.

"Bloodless" as far as overt perception is allowed by the media matrix...

But this is the insidious nature of the stealth tribulation rollout!

Death by contaminated genetic "therapy" both direct and cascade deaths from cancer and other immune-system related conditions
Death by fentanyl OD
Death by increased suicide
Slow death of all the children being led to slaughter of their sexuality
Oongoing unprecendented systematic destruction of food production infrastructure
et cetera

The quick cut editing of the media narrative distracts daily...
Pay no attention to the ongoing war on humanity!
Look at the banks being bailed out, becoming nationalized by order of a fake executive!

The "revolution" or counter-revolution to the planetary awakening is in full swing but the media matrix has been effective in suppressing awareness, so far.

How much easier it will be to cope with war time when we KNOW we are in it!
This media matrix misdirection is the only way to hide the elephant in the room.

Mass awareness follows the minute that the tipping point is passed, out of belief in the matrix and back to basic reality, sensed by physical senses directly and by the subtler senses systematically suppressed by media trance addiction!

As long as the persecution is perceived at targetting a political opposition currently out of favor of the elites, people go about their daily survival routine.

In your discourse about Materialism, a nuance has been overlooked:
For the vast majority, plain old physical survival has become so challenging world wide, it is no longer a matter of indulgence but doubling down on brute force whipping of the personality to cope or die!

The solution is NOT in further whipped effort of the personality but in re-connecting consciously with the Observer within for guidance.

Let us all be compassionate with ourselves and others in acknowledging the intensity of the short squeeze play against the Divine spirit staying in human residence!

The planetary drama show is to awaken, not drive into deadly despondence!

Just like pulling out of a nightmare:

We must detach from the drama we are engaged in
Realize there is more outside our focus
Return to our Presence
Breathe with relief
Raise our sights in joy
Welcome ourselves home!

We find our joy in the Presence
The One who loves us no matter how we thrash and crash
The Stillness which resonates our cry of bitter reproach into a sweet sound of acceptance

The "who we are" which waits for us to return to our center for another round
The only home we have ever forgotten on our way out of our minds

When we love another as ourselves, we find our purpose again
We also love enough to give ourselves a break from battle

Learn how to learn to love and we are there, where we always were together

Anonymous said...

"space" ain't real

Visible said...

Matter isn't real either. It's just energy that needs to pee and the bathroom's locked. Then there is a period of reasoning it out, and a decision is made. Then the peeing takes place and it goes quiescent... until it has to pee again. This is where Karma comes from.

So it takes countless forms... shape shifting... appearing to be and then not being; a sort of "to pee or not to pee, is that the question?" You'll understand it better once you see Schrodinger's cat in the litter box. Then... the answer to your own personal existence will be explained when the cat does or does not disappear.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Take the path of Dorian Grey, or the path of the REAL Cathar, huh? But we are programmed to take the path of Dorian Grey by all the idiots who can't even see beyond half their nose.

Nostrils to the sky.

Strider said...

Uncanny. Just thinking about most of those lately.
A sibling helps with mind medicines but they can't provide at no charge forever.
Stop all the wanting is always in the mindloop rotation.
Is is the key.
A Walden Pond hideaway is the dream and I'll have to make it so
The skeevy Marxist ways of the worldlings are karmic vampires in action.
How I love your the world is supposed to mess with you that is its job quote.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Flat Earth Movers at The Demolition Derby Were Plowed Under so God Left Them a Rose on the Grave of Their Mind."

G-Zeus said...

<< they are more likely energy vampires who siphon away your prana..>>

That is the term given in Central India.
In the North, it's Pran.
In the South, it's Pranam.



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