Monday, March 27, 2023

"You May Not Believe in God, but God Believes in You. You Are Real in His World, Even if He is Not Real in Yours."

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I am aware of the political theater. I give it cursory attention. I try not to watch too closely or care too deeply because all of the players that I have seen into... to any depth... have feet of clay and turn out to be badly drawn caricatures of what they ought to be, but once Integrity has fled, a caricature is all that remains.

There are things to like about Donald Trump, but there is also the glaring evidence of a buffoonish lack of Gravitas and petty vindictiveness; not to mention his support of The Killer Vaccines. His attack on Governor DeSantis is puerile and immature.

He seems incapable of taking The High Road. Apparently... according to him... DeSantis is part of The Rhino Herd. This may be the case in a backroom sort of a way; him being promoted by The Bush Machine, but there are other courses one might take to get the point... besides painting him with tears in his eyes while seeking support from The Donald.

The real question is... who is pulling the strings on all of these puppets?

Like I said... looking deeper... I always find feet of clay. This includes Donald Trump as well, but I am more concerned about the stupidity that comes as the offspring of his Vanity. Vanity blinds a person to what is going on around them. It's how his enemies were able to deny him a second term. Either he just wasn't paying attention OR... this is all part of a long-con where The Big Guy, who is a poster-boy for corruption, was shoehorned into the presidency.

Once Brandon got into office, already compromised up to his hair-plugs, it was no problem for him to be jerked every which way but loose... by rapacious foreign and domestic... criminal interests. This has caused the country to circle the drain throughout his entire residency. It's still uncertain whether the country will survive his serial malfeasance.

What if this was all planned earlier on? What if that was the point; to have Smokin' Joe Weasel trash the place and set the stage for Trump to return as Savior? Then... circumstances being what they are, martial law becomes a fait accompli.

Obviously... if The Perversity Train is not derailed, the country will go under in less than a decade. If The education system is not cut loose from that Satanic harridan from The Teacher's Union, all Hell will break loose... once the present generation is set free on The Streets. Unless higher education is cleansed of its present agenda, the markets and science are doomed. At every level of society, the dry rot has reached such a degree that parts of the house could collapse at any moment.

Let's talk a little about who is in charge at the moment. What do the top three officials at the State Department have in common... along with the top two members of National Security? What do the Director of National Intelligence, the Deputy Director at the CIA, and the president’s Chief of Staff all have in common with these people? What about the head of The CDC? How about the head of Homeland Security? If I ran the whole list for you... whoa!

Who runs the WEF? Who is behind all of the powerful sexual organizations that are ramming their obscenities down the throats of the American public?

I do not wish to paint a dreadful picture, BUT... I know what I am looking at. Barring Divine Intervention, the cities will burn. The Criminal Element is running wild and free. This is because The Uptown Criminal Element is in charge of the government in nearly every major city.

You can't make everyone equal (not that that is their actual intention). It is not possible. It was the same argument that fostered The Bolshevik Revolution and The Cambodian Nightmare. We are most definitely in The Weimar Republic Redux right now. How bad might it get, considering how bad it already is? Pandemic depravity ALWAYS leads to the destruction of The State. You can only push Lady Nature so far. Then she pushes back.

I don't have any heroes that work the temporal circuit. Neither can I justly criticize anyone, but walking The Forgettable Highway of The Perpetually Recycled is not for me. Fame is usually as transitory as the lifetime it appears in. I don't see the point in celebrity among The Walking Dead. The only place that temporal fame has any currency is in the minds of the people who buy into it. Maybe you can eat out on it. A lot of people do.

When you die, you are taken to a place where you are given a period of time to view your life. Mikhail Aivanhov says that every event in our life is recorded on tiny spools that are taken from us, and projected on a screen where we can view it. He says that these spools are mere atoms on which the whole of our life is recorded. He compares it to the ribbons in a cassette, which... when placed in the machine constructed to play them, shows whatever has been recorded there.

Then there are the allegorical accounts from The Egyptian and Tibetan Book of The Dead. I surmise... I assume... that the process goes through a filter that matches up with a person's religious beliefs, and I am sure there is one for those who had no beliefs at all. You may not believe in God, but God and those who work for him believe in you. You are real in their world, even if they are not real in yours.

We appear here as actors who play a role defined by our Karma. So long as we desire or aspire to anything here, there will be a Karmic Scroll that unrolls in the expression of it. That role plays out along some resonating portion of life's highway, with its exits and entrances.

There is another road. I call it The King's Highway and it leads to The Land of The Immortals. Few are the ones who find their way upon it. All along that route are the lights of the cities that glisten below in The Dark Splendor. It is the force of attraction that pulls us down.

One must attain to The Desireless State to stay on course OR... one must weave all of their desires into a single cable that ends in The Promised Land. Nothing that Trump or any other temporal ruler does will facilitate your progress beyond the borders of the land they rule across some tiny gasp of time, like a fart in a thunderstorm.

Fortune comes to everyone in their time, and it lasts for as long as there are coins in the meter. Then another kind of fortune comes into play. There is no escaping the up-and-down motion unless you stop bouncing.

Here are a few simple questions that lead to a simple point; Who is inciting black-on-white hatred and violence? It is The Media. Who owns and manipulates The Media that facilitates this? Who runs the NGOs that are driving the migrant hordes? Who controls The Global Circus and the concession stands? Who are the ringmasters of sexual depravity? Who is trying to make it against the law to say these things?

It looks pretty grim right now with orc bands roaming the streets and assaulting the residents? Believe me... it's been worse... BUT... it only applies to those it applies to. What did you sign up for? What did you invest your time and your thoughts and feelings into, so... that... they... might... become... things?

Time is heavy ONLY when it is unoccupied. Right this minute you are headed somewhere based on the direction of your thoughts and feelings. They are responsible for the weather you run into up ahead. They create the templates that precipitate into form, and into the areas of your body affected by them.

Every thought, every glance you direct at anyone or anything has power in it. It causes a reaction in the weather up ahead. You can't go wrong blessing everyone and everything. That DOES NOT MEAN you are in favor of it, or supportive of it. It means you bless with the power of transforming Love that shapes your world. Your world is built from the love you extend, and also by the love you do not extend, based on whatever is there instead.

I hope Trump turns out alright. Indications taken from his character do not indicate this in his pending weather... nor in the meteorological projections of most of the players I observe, but then... I am not a meteorologist.

Greater than the implications of ANY appearances is the invisible hand of Heaven in our lives. Those who work WITH that intelligence will get one kind of weather. Those who work against it will get another.

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0 said...

"There is no escaping the up-and-down motion unless you stop bouncing."

Great line! ...sorta makes one realize why the seeming authorities of varied groups want people to be "happy" eh... it infers they will eventually then Not be happy and thus come looking to their handpicked authority for guidance on how to restore themselves to being happy... nice method of retaining cuntrol. When they're happy the authority gets the credit, when they're not, the authority gets consulted and again gets the credit. Whats this teach the one whos self aware of their own actions? that they don't understand and can't learn to understand and should always pick someone Else to make use of for their understanding to be pretended to be ones own.

It was interesting learning trump was in Waco over the weekend, and this just after the netflix rehashed WACO miniseries was pushed out last week. Seem to be trying to link trump to Waco Davidians, even saw as much worded in that way on drudge.

What seems to be coming clear is that if ones supporting either group, ones let go of themselves and uses the group identity as their own. It makes interacting with those "groupies" of no practically effort. Nothing there but triggered responses based on phrases that get recognized and responded to, but no lights on.

How much longer do you think they'll keep dragging it all out? Fulford seems to think that in the next couple weeks Macron or NitwitYahoo will get dethroned followed by other corrupt leaders. I guess we'll see how that shakes out.

If ones not already prepared for what might show up, best finish that up. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Take care!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!

M - said...

"who is pulling the strings on all of these puppets?"
Oooh, oooh (hand raised)...I know the answer: The KM Jewelry!!!

I completely trust those I love. I don't trust any politician. ANY politician. Period. If an honorable and honest one does make it to an appointment in which he or she can do some good, they will be corrupted, blackmailed, or killed - perhaps all three.

It is the system that's beyond hope. It needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt by The People (of the World).

But first, the absolute necessity of obliterating that underpinning of EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

I must say the boat doesn't seem to rock when you have the right Captain at the helm and the waves become enjoyable as soon as it becomes realized you and "The Captain" have the same destination in mind.

Anonymous said...

“Humanity”, has it not, had plenty of time to figure things out to where it could live much more freely and experience a much finer existence without all the BS infrastructure it is so weighted down by; especially government and all of it’s “laws” and “by - laws”? Seriously, how many go - rounds is it going to take before these immature children grasp the meaning of it all? It is hard not to fantasize of a world without “government” when you live in a world with ONLY government.

I often fantasize of a world that knows true “law” and it’s inhabitants are deliberately free of the arbitrary statutes that imprison this world. If i were such
a crafter of worlds, the only government necessary would be a restrained (tightly regulated) courts system that abides basic law and fairness within its confined setting, to the best of it’s ability. No departments, no agencies, no special interest groups, no surveillance or tracing powers protecting
an over - indulged & coddled overclass, and never allowed to take upon itself to construct such an overbearing malaise of top down dictatorship, making life mostly meaningless. In it’s own way maybe it would be a dictatorship of virtual freedom as much as possible.

Utopian perhaps, but here and now, peeple don’t seem to grasp and are repeatedly fooled by the olde recycled ideologies and psychological tricks that never deliver on their “promises” of “utopia”, because of massive government infrastructure, that uses it’s weight to intimidate, extort and smash everything that gets in it’s way.

They have made “God” so complicated, a very few could provide a reasonable concept of God as an entity, except to indulge “religion”, which is itself an extension of governmental functionality, but is recognized by the fooled underclasses as mutually exclusive; i.e., “freedom of religion” and all that excess b.s. Really, it should read: Freedom FROM religion. AND goobermint.

Oh, well. I don’t know if i could have been more succinct in relating a misty fantasy to you all, but one must dream big for small things, even if it seems silly, as I haven’t heard any better ideas lately.

dream big, or go home, right?


Visible said...


When a concept is incomprehensible no explanation will suffice. Things and events move at a certain level of dysfunction on this plane because of a dysfunction on the planes that design and process things and events on this plane; as above, so below, so to speak.

People seem to get away with a lot of shit down here because the shit they pull hasn't caught up with them yet. It will... near instantaneously do so upon their exiting into a place where thoughts and feelings are things, where the thought of a rock- for all practical purposes- is a rock. People bumble around in the dark down here because it advantages them to complicate things for their own MATERIAL profit.

It is much sadder and more heartbreaking than it seems... for those at a remove from the consequences of the rough and tumble, but there is little anyone can do unless Heaven inspires them to that end, and it still takes time for the results to appear. It's all time-delayed. When you're free of attachment to the fruits of your industry it all just flows around you. You only have to play bumper cars when you think there's something in it for you. This is what we see taking place over, and over, and over, and over again.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Mr. Visible. Does it feel to you like we’re in a bad neighborhood sometimes? It often feels (seems) like there’s an unquenchable thirst for revenge and an old and ancient grievance mill is grinding meat for the Egregores, or Demiurges or what have you and is running full power here and the obsession with power and profit in this material realm is merely a bonus alongside the blind retribution carried on by those sorcerers of Tikkun Olam, or whatever other names it goes by and it is overwhelming everything. If they can swallow all of it and make as many like them as possible, which appears to be the case, then we have what we have.

Maybe i’m just reiterating what you say here all the time, which helps me on difficult days:

But that’s just the way it is, and this too shall pass, as one of my close relatives always likes to tell me.
Until the next time… i always answer.

I was just exercising my imagination a little there. Maybe someone or something will pick up on it if it sounds good, or if it is in accord with higher beings of much finer states. Whatever force of wisdom shows up to improve this slum, we sure could use some of it. I try not to get too involved, or rush heaven, but i do like ideas.
I do believe the collective patience is wearing quite thin among peeple who anticipate a finer world. This place is definitely a fixer - upper. I'd like to be somewhere better, but I’m here & basically hanging in there just like everyone else and perhaps it might help to stir the imaginations of as many as possible even just a little here, would you agree?

I dunno, could be.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Led Around On The Choke Chain of Life; A Mindless Graduate of The Obedience Training of Mr. Carrot and Mr. Stick."

G-Zeus said...

Is anyone aware of the $834 Billion Drug money laundering exposed by Mike Gill in New Hampshire?
The Banks are Capitalized by Evil.
All that evil moolah buys all the nonsense in Republicrat polly ticks!



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