Wednesday, March 22, 2023

"Divide and Conquer. Separate and Catalog. Itemize and List; Never Stop Looking for The Parts that You Missed."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Divide and conquer... separate and catalog... itemize and list; I say... never stop looking for the part that you missed. These are all actions taken by The Mind. It is why The Separated Mind is The Devil, and The Unified Mind is harmony with The One Mind, which is Heaven. This is how you only save your life by losing it, the same way that you never find yourself until you lose yourself; “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

It's like wack a mole; keep sticking your head up and it will get knocked down. It's like pop-up targets on a shooting range.

Now... about that Divide and Conquer... separate and catalog thing that the mind is always doing; sorting, measuring... identifying, and comparing. I'm not saying these are wrong. They are intrinsic to the drama of life. They are intrinsic to the historical record written by those in the pay of The Bankers. It's how they get away with murder by rearranging the facts, BUT... no one gets away with anything... EVER.

I see that I am talking at cross purposes. I'm saying one thing and meaning another. That's how it works when you try to tell the truth in a world of deception. This is why religion has little, if anything, to do with God. I'm going to add a little Mikhail Aivanhov again; see if I get that baking soda action. Baking soda is a marvel, isn't it? However... if you don't know all the ways you can employ it... it won't be a marvel for you; will it?

This is from “Truth; Fruit of Wisdom and Love.” (pg 161-62)

“The great failing of scientists is to believe that the methods they use in studying the physical world are universally valid and can be applied to every area of life, and as they have never seen God through their microscopes or telescopes, they say that he does not exist. Their studies and researches never cease to show them evidence of a sublime intelligence that governs the movements of the heavenly bodies, the passage of the seasons, the functioning of living organisms – plants, animals and human beings – but as they have never been in a position to argue the question face-to-face with their Creator, they deny that he exists and declare creation to be the work of chance. Well, let me tell these scientists that it is not in Nature that there is a lack of intelligence but in their heads. They are incapable of reasoning and drawing the right conclusions from their observations. They chop the universe into bits and then proceed to reason on the basis of the separate bits. This is why they will never find the truth.

“If you want to find the truth, you must rise to a higher conception of life. The higher point of view will not only enable you to reach a fuller intellectual understanding of reality but will set in motion a process of regeneration deep within your being simply because you will come again to be united with the whole. You will be in touch with the subtle currents of the universe, immersed in the womb of cosmic life, and as you share more fully in that life, in communion with all creatures visible and invisible, so will the scope of your consciousness be enlarged.

“The Broader conception of science is also true religion. What is the use of repeating that the word religion comes from the Latin religare, meaning to bind, if you spend your time separating things? You will say the bond of religion is a bond with God. No doubt, but what is the value of a bond with God if it is accompanied by a separation from everything else? The bond that links The Creator with his creatures must also link all living creatures with each other and all the elements of creation. True religion is the comprehension of this bond. True religion, therefore, implies true science. The divorce between science and religion, in which some people take so much pride, is senseless. Those who separate science and religion are simply too narrow-minded; they understand neither the one nor the other. Is all this clear to you now?

“Far from alienating us from God, the study of the physical world should bring us closer to him. This is why genuine initiates do not reject The World. For them, it is a laboratory, and they make use of all the elements it contains, for they know that it is these elements that will enable them one day to produce The Philosopher's Stone. Those who want to sever all ties with The World are in error. God has endowed The World with unbelievable wealth, but we need the light of Initiatic Science to teach us how to use that wealth, instead of being overwhelmed by it. The important thing is to possess this light in dealing with The World, not to cut ourselves off from The World. Those who cut themselves off from The World are signing their own death warrant.”

God lives forever. Want to live forever? Come into union with God by doing those things of which Heaven approves. Become resonant with all things divine... and you will. It's as simple as that. Yes... it is a process. It comes in stages. Sometimes they are called, 'stations'. These are all progressive states of consciousness. This is what they mean when they talk about being in the same mind as Jesus the Christ. The Christ Mind is a station. It is an awareness of perfect unity brought into being by the exercise of a higher love. It is not for wimps and weaklings.

As you ascend The Mountain, the force of the winds increase. Vayu will let you know he's around. It is by these trials that you build strengths. It is by building these strengths that you gain the ability to channel power, as you learn to work in accord with The Divine Will. It eventually brings you into harmony with all life. Who then remains to oppose you? If you are opposing no one else, there is none of the resistance that is needed to set up a conflict dynamic.

You are either resident in Accord or... Discord. These are actual places of residence. Yes, they are also the names of towns. (grin) They are also states of mind. If you are at war with yourself then you are at war with others. If you are not at war with yourself, Peace will travel with you and do her work as well. You will attract The Virtues as your companions. These are invisible companions. These are invisible friends.

There are two kinds of invisible friends and you can tell who has which by the effects of what they do. We Dial-Up these companions. Perhaps I should not call them friends because some of them are no friends of yours or anyone else. They follow in the wake of certain behaviors. Do you wish to attract angels? Behave in the manner that accomplishes this. Do you want to attract Demons? Same rule applies.

After a time, when people regularly behave in a certain way, it will begin to appear in their countenance and posture. They will begin to look like what they are. You might ask why it is that people who look beautiful can behave in such an ugly fashion. They were granted this appearance from previous lives or... by... arrangement. They can lose it the same way. People are often making bargains with invisible forces without even realizing it. So they are given certain qualities and abilities for a period of time. If they squander that investment in riotous and profane living, it will appear in their bodies.

Your body is a farm in which you sow the seeds of future conditions. This is the origin of abandoned lots filled with weeds and garbage. It is also where beautiful gardens come from. Every single day of your lives... you are working in your garden. This is how The Garden of Eden was lost, and this is how The Garden of Eden is regained.

Presently we live in a dog-eat-dog culture. This accounts for the epidemic cancers that proliferate. It is the evidence of modern life in which people consume themselves and others. This is the cause of all the stress that leads to the cancers. Yes... environmental conditions can trigger them as well. Who made those conditions? Who made all those processed foods? Who generates these urban nightmares of crime and depravity? Do these conditions have to do with you or not? If they do then you share in the harvest. If they do not then you do not share in the harvest.

Right in this moment, you are working your way to a harvest of some sort. Right in this moment you can change what you plant and the manner of cultivation. Right in this moment you can set your sights on any destination you are capable of imagining. This is inarguably true. The reality of it can be seen all around you. You can see what people persist in, and what they reap in outcome.

Yet again, the skies here have been closed off by a multitude of chemtrails I observed crisscrossing the sky PREVIOUS TO the present condition. I've yet to test out the Electroculture I intend to employ. I have all eternity to play with, and The Eternal to emulate as I play. My friend said to me this morning; “no wonder they call it Climate Change cause they are the ones who are changing it.”

There are those thoughts... and words... and actions that Heaven blesses, and there are those which do not result in a blessed state. In these times, some divide your mind against itself with convoluted arguments that lead to states of confusion... one can see these close up and at a distance. They will not prosper nor long endure. It is a passing stretch of weather, and their sorcery is limited. Sooner or later a greater sun will break upon The World, and they must flee to the dark places of The Earth.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Some links as to baking soda:

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Strider said...

LV! Gave thanks in prayer and then the Sun popped out after raining all day.
Baking soda is a treatment for cancer but no Big Pharmakeia can profit.
Locally it is intensifying and it is time for Pineland Waldgangers ahead of schedule.
You are blessed to live away from the insane hive and I tip my hat.
Thank You.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"What's Important is to Center The Mind on The Moment at Hand in The Pursuit of a Finer Moment... in a Finer Land."

Anonymous said...

Mikhail Aivanhov is so on target with this stuff, but what a shame most won’t grasp the concepts he discusses.

Kind of like how easy it is to convince ignorant peeple that tranquilized fentanyl
can rot your flesh. Well, if it’s laced with the vakkzine bio weapon, maybe it can. Or, more probably, there’s a whole lotta vakkizinated homeless individuals out there who were cajoled into taking the shot when the pogrom was heavily pushed upon our populace, but ongoing as steadily as ever within the vagrant street population.

Remember the Krispy Kreme prize for “The Greater Good”? Or, the cheezburger n’ fries shtick? I’ll never forget DeBlazio shoving fries in his lying fryhole to get peeple
to take the stab. Or that ichthyic creature from Chicago openly bribing her constituents with C notes to do said same. Was it Washington state or Colorado’s governments that offered up a bagga ganja?

Sorry, but i’m not buying the “tranquilizer” spiel. There are numerous reports of peeple who have had to have limbs amputated due to necrosis after accepting the
stab & whatever “boosters” they’ve taken, plus all the weird oozing lesions and other horrors related by many others, formerly healthy before their fateful decision
to partake in the pogrom.

Anyway, the point is, these lost semi conscious peeple who are trapped in their self created drug prisons need their fix, so how easy would it be to simply offer them what they need for a price? What’s the price? “Just go here to this clinic, it’s just a little prick & it’ll be over in a second and here’s your free fentanyl.” Or whatever the fix of choice may be. They may not even have to go to a clinic. Possibly, the clinic’ll come to them. Either way…

“…come back for your booster in 6 months.”

Love y’all,




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