Tuesday, April 25, 2023

"The Dancing Sugar Plum Fairies are All Obese. They are Like Chocolate Thunder-Tucked Lizzo's in Elephantine Distress."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My head is heavy. The dancing sugar plum... drag-queen fairies are all obese. They are like chocolate thunder-tucked Lizzo's in elephantine distress. The floorboards that shield the self-conscious mind from the terrors of the subconscious are not rated for this kind of weight.

Like sodden, vaccine-death floaters pulled from poisonous lakes; Lovecraftian monsters whose names can only be written in Cyrillic script, wink at me like zombie hookers from beneath the surface. I remember well... when Frodo... in a hypnotic stupor... fell into The Dead Marshes.

The God of Materialism looks like Jabba The Hutt except not so comely and graceful. The Sugar Plum Fatties dance before him like doves before a cobra, except it is a certainty these doves cannot fly. It is a sad thing to see a culture fall so abruptly and ignominiously.

You can lead a whore-to-culture but you can't make her think.

Materialism. It's not what's for dinner because... in the advanced states of Materialism, you... are... what's... for... dinner. It's bread and circuses... 24-7... with fast food celebrities rolling across the windshield of the car humming on the concrete blocks... going nowhere, like revolving tin ducks at a carnival shooting gallery; go ahead and confuse it with that other kind of shooting gallery.

These celebrities are the ones who keep the brainless in formation. The brainless... you could call them The Mindless... are a huge demographic of millions... hundreds of millions around The World... that allows The Deep State; Globoctopus to reach its tentacles everywhere because The Stupid... who are also the brainless... who are also The Mindless... are the fastest growing demographic on Earth.

The only collective as rapidly increasing as they are... are the people who don't know what sex they are and will sleep with anything breathing or dead, in... their... imaginations. The Grand Guignol is a reality. Hellraiser is the new Disneyland. It has its own cable television network with simulacrum shows that mimic the indigestible shit on the other channels with slight differences.

Their version of Pimp My Ride involves elementary school children with backstage mommies, and... you can guess at the content. I'm not going to tell you. It's like “Cuties” on Pornhub.

Recently... I have been trying to understand why I am feeling the tremors of having been somewhere before... like deja-vu all over again. I can hear ♫ Where or When ♫ playing in the back of my head. It's on some kind of looping playlist with ♫ You Belong to Me ♫ and a whole lot of other nostalgia tunes that should have been on the soundtrack for “Angel Heart.”

I get these strange sensations every time I go to a news site; be it to The Left... The Right... The Center or somewhere in the bleachers. This sensation tells me that everything comes from the same place where they make canned laughter. Is there no one telling the truth? I know there are some but they are all on The Slow Highway.

See... on the internet there are different highways. They move at different speeds, and... in some cases, they don't move at all. I am very familiar with these highways because I can see them going by from the concertina-wired margins where I reside. I am not unhappy here. Do not get that impression. I could either care less... or actually prefer it. I have the readers I am supposed to have and I don't need more. I used to have tens of thousands of readers per posting.

It wasn't much different than it is now. It was just noisier with a greater percentage of trolls. A few thousand visits a post now... suits me just fine. I'm not complaining. I have no ambition to be a name presence; wouldn't that conflict with my message of impersonality?

I'm finding it hard to believe that there is ANY media left that can be trusted at all. Fortunately, I get my news from within. Still... I get the eerie sense that ALL of the major sites from every point on the spectrum are state-processed vomitoriums. Yes... this is old news; “Jesus, Vis... don't you know this by now?” Yes... I do, but I mean it is even more controlled than I thought it was.

Yes, it's controlled from The Act of Creation giddy-up and there is only one thing I can do... in all the possibilities of action... there is only one thing I can do, and that... is to choose the direction the road takes me in. AND... from what I can see... at this point on the way... that means... for me... a disappearing act from The Truman Show, once my part in the affair has concluded. It's all I could ask for, so I am not disappointed.

The Tucker Carlson.... great misdirection... Deep State scam... over Dominion's election fraud antics is a marvel to behold. This is where The Stupids in their Wide-Load Jeans come in. This is what composes the crowd... the really large crowd around the Three-Card-Monte tables on the boardwalk. These are the people at the Taylor not-so-Swift concerts... at the professional sports stadiums... those watching the pay-per-view troglodytes hammer each other... and the millions jerking off to porn while eating bad pizza...

“Who ordered the 3-cheese, sliced hog-nostril combo with the blood-sausage crust?”

Apparently when you add them up with the cos-players and social media junkies... the humping Furries... the celebrity stargazers, AND... the double-latte decaf crowd; all those people with appetites seeking the impossible of a lasting satiation, well... that comes to a whole lot of people.

I guess I'm saying... in a roundabout way, that it is possible to get mesmerized by the cultural implosion taking place; all the fireworks and programmed earbuds; body parts jiggling in Spandex, and... you can forget that you are standing right there. You need to remember that when the electricity starts dancing off of the stage props and speakers, and the lead singer fries, and... the crowd panics; and... they... will... they are going to stampede in certain directions that you had best not be standing in the way of.

Now... the people who need to hear this will never hear this. They are going to go right on believing that there is some kind of a point to it all, AND... that eventually all their wishing and hoping in one hand is going to alchemically transform all the shit that built up in the other hand... into something... something... something.

All the people who think they are in control are under control, and even when conditions and events get completely out of control, they will still be under control. However; location... location... location... it's going to be very important to you; not so much where you are standing but where your heart and mind are located because that will determine where you are standing.

If the overwhelming noise of The World is all you can hear, you will not be able to see the angels indicating the exits... at a time when mixed metaphors actually mean something. You will not hear. You will not see, what is really taking place because you are in The Land of Dreams; that amusement park of The Mind, where the face over The Tunnel of Love is the face of The Thresher.

All the noise and the lights... the dancing morons on stage... the supermarket aisles... The World of convenience and accessibility is going to be no longer convenient or accessible, and it can happen... (snap!) like that.

It's not something coming out of nowhere with no warning at all. The Klaxons have been going off for years. You just can't hear them. It's like the jackhammers in the street in New York City. It's called... accommodation. You got accommodated to something, and... as the noise level rose... you accommodated to that, and to that... and to that.

I realize that I am preaching to The Choir here. Still... better that than nothing at all. Silence and Stillness will come in due time after the gates of The Sanctuary open... and close.

Love opens things
So love would hurt as much as heal
It would hurt first

Real love-
It would confuse, disarm, weaken and destroy
Everything in its way
Everything that was, in fact,
A part of you
That would conceal
Real love

Real love lasts forever
We do not last as long
UNTIL we become
real love

Real love has come to town
Six gun blazing in a town full of lies
Now is the showdown
The duel in the street
Real love is the only one left standing

Real love rides alone
Squints out of one good eye
Nails the coffin shut
Nothing got out alive but...
real love

Real love is going to make you cry
Make it worse before it gets better
Tear you up inside

Real love-
Who would want such a thing?
It takes the atmosphere away
Breaks all your toys
Burns down your house
And steals your car
But you’re not going very far

Real love has got its hands on you
Burns from the inside out
Nothing left

Nothing but wide prairie
And huge commanding stars

You’ve never been so alone
You’ve never been so complete

Outside this golden ring of sanctuary
The cities burn forever

And you can never fall asleep

Real Love

End Transmission.......

Someone told me that a writer from Taki-Mag comes around here. I wonder if that is the same thing as when I ran into a journalist from Pravda and he told me Putin read Smoking Mirrors. I never heard any more about it. Anyway... Taki-Mag is one of the most amusing and entertaining sites on the internet. Kind of like Spy Magazine was. They're not much concerned about The Higher Planes there, but... they do make me laugh.

Some links are to be found at GAB=


Anonymous said...

Sometime your brilliant word crafting goes over my head. I’m not always sure what you mean exactly.
The mention of Tucker Carlson was one such time. I think you were saying in your own imitable way was
The one voice for truth and has been ‘cancelled’ by the usual shit show. I hope I got it that right. I watched Tucker because he exposed many lies and he didn’t give a crap who it offended. I’m surprised they let him run this long. Now the internet has all kinds of lies about him. He was controlled opposition, he was deep state, he was a liar , he was this and that and all things bad; of course only on certain troll comments and false news sites did this appear. He will be missed by me and the only good thing is I can shut off the tv once and for all. What I did get loud and clear from todays post was how incredibly stupid the masses have became. The things Carlson exposed (things your readers most likely knew from the minute those events happened) were injurious to the PTB so the Queen of Hearts screamed Off with his head. I try not to get too involved in the drama that is occurring but I am still human and I do reside on Planet Earth and I feel I must pay attention as you so pointedly explained (I did get that ) we must be aware and observe so we know where the EXITs are when SHTF. Thanks for all you do I look forward to your post even if sometimes some lines go over my head. (Grin)

0 said...

"Recently... I have been trying to understand why I am feeling the tremors of having been somewhere before... like deja-vu all over again. I can hear ♫Where or When♫ playing in the back of my head. It's on some kind of looping playlist with ♫You Belong to Me♫ and a whole lot of other nostalgia tunes that should have been on the soundtrack for “Angel Heart.”"

I'd been wondering about this as well. I wondered how I came to be here now. What machinations happened to produce me at this point in time. My parents are mormon and believe hard. It was my moms focus that most likely induced me into form given her request, which was based on her hard beliefs and which might not have even crossed her mind has she not been a member and wholehearted believer. Given how I observe myself I don't think I'd show up here without being called by someone already here. Like you, I don't really have a horse in the race, tho I have kids and don't want to leave them in a world thats gonna Logan Run them into the ground. So I consider various exit strategies for when they no longer need me or want me around. No point leaving without helping on the way out.

If these cycles come and go and pete and repete then perhaps some of us come at times when what was objective has been lost to the subjective and the capacity of individuals is destroyed by other lesser individuals given more power for a time to see what they do with it. Perhaps we carry a torch even if its seen by nobody else. I myself have read lots of books from people who came and went and weren't present in our now to interact with. Those books were Useful and practical and objective for the most part. They painted contexts to let one use them to understand agendas behind the contexts.

Curious times indeed. I keep reading that something will happen between now and June, tho last month it was between then and end of April which is where we are today. Fullashitfulford claimed the ukraine war was over last week, and this week it continues. I guess his "multiple sources didn't agree".

Annas still pushing her proclamations via paul stramer and various other outlets, but nobody to whom shes addressed such has even acknowleged they've been addressed. And she keeps inducing her American state assembly folks to do what she won't do directly herself. So I dunno what the play is there. I imagine most of the people enticed to record their public paperwork did so for the mutual offset credit exchange that she claimed would let they who recorded their papers get out from under existing debts like mortgages and credit cards and such, which would remove the consequences for non-objective spending. It feels like another Israel and their tribes picking themselves over everyone else. Not looking to be a Club Member at this level of being. Higher level clubs preclude such inclusion it seems.

I guess we'll see what we shall see and what is is, for now, till it isn't.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

I like Tucker Carlson. Given the level he is at, he has True Grit. I've seen people develop clay feet before so... you never know, but given his profile, that man has stones.

I was tying his firing in with the bullshit Fox settlement which is for the cameras and TRYING to give the impression that Dominion didn't fuck with the election. They... most... certainly... did.

0 said...



Anonymous said...

Always appreciate your words Les and as I'm here for my next class I think it is "Apocalypse 401". I could be wrong since I care not how many nor even why but the time I have had peeling through the many layers of day to day life have given me more than I came with and God seems to be enjoying the company.

Just glad in life to have Creator within and without and be aware of it. Hey maybe that's why I'm here as the thick headed learner I am. In the words of Ocie Elliot "The miles are wide but we're not walking them alone"

I share your words with many Les, here there and everywhere they come up often so you probably effect a lot more than even you know.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Somewhere I read Russia wants Tucker Carlson. I'd go if I were him.

Well, the world as it is, is committing suicide. Good riddance. One of my few pleasures is to see it goin' down.

Nostrils to the sky, on the post. My LV habit has been sated for the day. No cramps or tremors or whatever else had the chance to set in. This post goes to 11.

Visible said...

That council-whatever is what we need more of. Humor is the most devastating weapon in our arsenal and needs to be more widely employed. I saw that yesterday I think it was and didn't even read the article because the intention was clear.

It has long been known that the one thing The Devil cannot abide by is scorn and ridicule. it makes him flee.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite songs when shit seems to repeat, Foreigner "Feels like the First Time"

My new favorite book collection, per Vis recommendation: Hidden Wisdom by Charles Johnston, mind bending information, appears man devolving to Apes and Monkeys in a multi-million year past from a once advanced civilization is likely a historical rhyme we are witnessing.

Like you say, keep an eye out for the exits!

M - said...

You can lead a whore-to-culture but you can't make her think.

LOL. I love it.

Bronson Zhivago said...

On fire LV! It felt like flying while reading that.
I am LMFAO myself at it all but that only works for me.
Who knows why hardly anyone can see the KGB mind virus devouring the country.
The CPUSA said 100 years ago they would use racial tension to deliver the USA to the global soviet rule by unelected council.
Many great minds far beyond my standard issue dumbazz have warned us for ages.
You are right it will end quickly when the CBDC comes down and then it is head for the forest exits.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Vis

Mike from a remote area of Oregon

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They are ONLY Unpleasant and Harsh... However... When You are Harsh and Unpleasant. Or... Have... Been."

Frog said...

Thanks Visible, glad to be part of the shrinking remnant here. Recently, I had a computer meltdown and lost an old radio post of yours, a favorite of mine, where you talked about banging on God’s front door until he comes down to see what the ruckus is all about. Good times.



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