Tuesday, June 27, 2023

"Double-Speak is The New Lingua Franca. Then Esperanto... Then Desperanto... Then... Grunts and Threatening Gestures."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Materialism brings... eventual... destruction of Community. Diversity is the sworn enemy of Unity. Enforced Communism under the control of an elite minority is the result... when Materialism sets everyone against their neighbor in the pursuit of personal gain.

We got too fat and complacent. We became dissolute. We devolved into infantile masturbatory mindsets. Our excesses had no natural enemies to keep us in line. We became the dung beetles at the top of The Shitheap. Our rooting about in matter led to shit tumbling downhill, which led to trickle-down economics everywhere else.

Everyone wanted to be on top. There is not sufficient room on top. Dog eat dog ensued.

The psychopathic termites got into the infrastructure. First... it was sexual excess replacing self-control, and... sex then became the replacement for religion. It was a more immediate gratification... though of lesser duration. Then... Perversity became a right because they only wanted to get married.

What used to be understood as a mental illness became a rite of passage to exclusivity. Then there were no more mental illnesses... other than a vanishing normality. It became hip to be gay, and children were looked at in the coming attractions... as the new after-dinner mints; screw two doctors and call me in the morning!

There were the formerly oppressed classes, who were really oppressed because they oppressed themselves, and... each other, and... had no impulse control; but we were told it was Whitey that was keeping them down. It was the other Whitey who claims not to be Whitey that blew in like locusts... in a plague of lawyers... to make the claim that intelligence and good grammar were tools of the oppressors.

Why then is everyone in The WEF white? Why are the ones who think they're running the place all white, and pointing at the other whites? Why is it that the only place the trouble is going down... happens to be on the street where common folk can't get away from it?

I've been around people of different colors and races all my life. I grew up on army bases and spent some real time in prisons and other holding zones... where it was almost all people of a different color. Most of them belonged there. I was fortunate. My karma and my invisible friends protected me from the worst possibilities of being caged. Even there... I found a great deal of humanity among the tortured souls that surrounded me.

Color and race HAVE NOTHING TO DO with Humanity. Everyone lets you know where they are at, as their works... sooner or later... show you.

I never had any money. I was poorer than the official poor most of my life. I still live on less than the official poverty line. It's not that I couldn't have had money. It just wasn't a priority for me. Yet... I live better than most rich people because I know what is worth having... and what is not worth having. I know what is worth eating and drinking... and not worth eating and drinking. I know what is worth doing... and what is not worth doing. That makes me VERY rich.

My father can definitely beat up your father. It's not even a contest.

I want you to read this article.


Via Taki's Magazine

Read it now if you can because it relates... from a level of serious research... concerning present conditions. Read it later if you don't have the time, BUT... it's a good preface to what follows here.

The main problems in Western Culture are caused by Bad Parenting... AND... psychopathic predators who feed upon what follows Bad Parenting... and the intensifying speed of decay in values... caused by Materialism... which is a form of cancer... that attacks the core of humanity's belief systems.

Fortunately... there is one parent we all share... beyond time... and space... and all mental disconnects to the contrary.

When the idea of God is associated with material form, idolatry ensues. Human sacrifice follows. First... one is sacrificed on the altar of meaningless shit. Then... in the latter stages... by rituals devised for the purpose... when Ignorance is worshiped as God.

When things go bad... and reverse course... predictable conditions follow. When the precepts are Life... Liberty... and The Pursuit of Happiness, you can be certain that Death... Tyranny... and Sorrow will follow once those principles are abandoned. Once people compromise their values. Once it's all lip service... it all becomes lip-syncing, where things are repeated over and over... until all understanding is lost. Then Freedom becomes Slavery... War becomes Peace... and Ignorance becomes Strength.

So... dumbing down is no accident. It's all about destroying common standards so that people with no standards can lead us into their more enlightened lifestyles... under the whip-hand of those other white people who are also a protected class. They brought the slaves here in the first place. Now they figure they can make slaves out of everyone else.

One tried and true method is to suck people into hedonistic pursuits so that they can no longer control their own appetites. Being fat and unhealthy becomes a beauty standard. Dressing in dog masks and getting it doggie-style in public becomes haute couture. Twerking becomes an act of benediction replacing the genuflections of priests... long gone to more material pursuits. It is a form of worship.

Cellphones are the new altars upon which meditation is fixed. The further outside of yourself you are led, the easier it is to control everything you do. Keep in mind... I am not talking about nice people here. They are the sorts to laugh at your torment, which they were glad to lead you into. They are demon-possessed. The good news is that they fear The Light; today... tomorrow... and forever.

They have to lead you willingly into the darkness where what they do to you cannot be seen. They have control of the education system. Anyone who contends with them is censured and maligned... for the moment. They have control of most of the government; certainly (except for some sheriffs) they control the legal and administrative sections... and a lot of the legislative body as well.

Now they are shutting down progress in the name of Natural Climate Change that is NOT under human control. They are legislating morality by doing away with it altogether. Genetics should tell you all you need to know about what color anyone is. Is it not a strange hypocrisy to want to exterminate a race whose blood runs in your own veins? Someone is clouding the issue; aren't they?

Now that I think about it... double-speak is the new lingua franca... isn't it? Esperanto is being replaced by Desperanto... on the way to grunts and threatening gestures. I'm not going that way, but... plenty of people are. It's just a little walk into the darkness where no one can see what happens to you anymore.

You can scream in the rain... at the passing cars... telling them that the bridge is out. You can be surprised at all the people giving you the finger as they drive by. You can well understand that helping people (in this economy???) is a mug's game, but... you can't help yourself... can you? It's the way you're made. I see your problem. I have it too.

Materialism becomes God turned upside down... with the predictable outcome. Some people are determined to throw a spanner into their own workings. It's the lifestyle that comes with self-will run riot... through the halls of painful awakening; could I have been wrong all along?

Few have any idea of what is waiting in the wings; aliens from The Mothership... warrior angels out of Shamballah... elders from Agartha...??? "Oh no! It's The Archons!" "No! Wait... it's The Annunaki!" "No... it's The Four Horsemen!" "It's The Rapture!" It's Porky Pig and... that's all folks! It's inner. It's outer. It isn't real... any of it, and... when it is? I don't think there will be any doubt.

Which road are you on? You should have some idea about that. Where is it supposed to take you? Do you have a travel agent? A native guide? Do you speak the language?

Every time it all falls apart... due to a general departure from The Divine and his tenets for survival... the fan cranks up... and it's not blowing out. It's sucking in. How could IT hit the fan otherwise?

Heaven follows a systematic process. It sends help at regular intervals that... heal AND hinder... the righteous and the reprobates. It sorts the whole matter out... in positive fashion for those in the service of Heaven, AND... it sorts it out for those who are not. We'll see who's left shouting; “Is that all you got!!! Is that all you got???”

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Whitey? I much prefer honkey-gringo-cracker. If only the schools taught the truth about slavery. Like it was more based on economics and power than race. The first slave were Celtic and didn't fare too well, white slaves were owned by blacks here and there, the hoi polloi that made up most of the South did NOT own slaves, the blacks of Africa sold black POWs from other tribes and Criminals to whoever would buy them, and the list goes on. A lot of black screwtubers mention this, but those that need to hear the message don't.

The biggest problem here is the social programming instigated by the Khazarian Mafia. The powers that think they are who have infiltrated gubments everywhere. Government policy needs the division of the races to control us better, and they're working on making it as extreme as possible, and only a small minority recognises this. Some don't even wanna hear about it. Excuse me for repeating some of what you said in different words in so many posts and kinda sorta in this one.

Ishtar. Hmmm. Perhaps my dear Ereshkigal (Hey! I AM a psychopomp slut! I hope she'll pet my nose.) shoulda told Tammuz to go where the sun don't shine when he went to rescue the temporarily dead Ishtar by offering himself in her place in myth.

Bad parenting, non-parenting. Why did the idiots who are in the category of these
poor or non-caretaker even breeding? Irresponsible neep noddles. DON'T EVER ASK FOR MY AID!

Another NOSTRILS TO THE SKY brilliant post.

0 said...

"Anyway, I’m already on record personally as saying the true ancient androgynous god behind today’s transgenderism is actually the Greek Hermes…"

At the moment of unveiling... :) Good post.


0 said...

This line cracked me up.

"Every time it all falls apart... due to a general departure from The Divine and his tenets for survival... the fan cranks up... and it's not blowing out. It's sucking in. How could IT hit the fan otherwise?"

Isn't it interesting to realize the fan is just a dividing plane, one one side it sucks, the other side blows. There where there is no motion is the freedom of All motion... it makes sense why Our Father doesn't incarnate except thru personalities it brings to fruition.

Always a matter of perspective it seems and how many one can see From.

Take care Bruddah.

Andy said...

ahhh The Truth.

The Truth, is the glint of
Sun light that rides upon the waves of masses, (styred by the moon god sin) as they make their way to shore. Only to recede into themselves to try again. forever more.

The Truth, finds its dwelling between both forms, not bound by the 5 elements, and reflecting a Light not of its own.

Its good to see, The Light.

Andy said...

Final words for a while. As i dont speak as much as most do.

These lines, were very intuitive for me

"One is fed by secret springs, and one is repaired by The Love of God, should the proper doors be open instead of closed, which is too often the case."

Thank you for them.

It has been my expriance on several occasion along my journey home, that doors apear as such as this:


Could just be, the eye in did.

Until we meet again, LV.

Much Love.

0 said...

"There’s an episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone reboot in which an alien backed by an armada of UFOs appears before the U.N. to deliver a message (yes, a retread of the “it’s a cookbook” opening, but in sci-fi, retread is the genre’s lifeblood). And the alien says, “We are a mighty race that seeds barren worlds across the universe. Millions of years ago we initiated life on your planet, and now we’ve come to end it, because you humans are obsessed with meaningless little wars over small parcels of land and ridiculous trifling feuds over your ‘holy books.’ You are small, petty bickerers. So we will be vaporizing your planet.”

And the head of the U.N. is like, “Wait, please, give us a chance. We can change! We can be better! We can be worthy of you! Just give us one day, that’s all we ask.”

And the alien’s like, “Meh, why not? See you in 24 hours.”

And that night all the nations, races, and ethnicities work together to solve every human conflict. Jew and Arab, black and white, American and Russian. And the next day the alien returns and the members of the U.N. present him with a giant binder: “Here it is! Peace forever! Peace between nations, peace between peoples, peace between all faiths, colors, and creeds!”

And the alien starts laughing. And the U.N. delegates laugh with him. But then he starts laughing a lot. Like, way harder than he should. And the U.N. people stop smiling.

“Oh, you poor idiots,” he chortles, “you totally misunderstood me. My planet breeds mighty warriors! Conscienceless supersoldiers to fight intergalactic battles. You humans, your fights are petty, small. And in the end, in your hearts—as you’ve just proved—all you actually want is peace.”

And the alien beams away as Earth is destroyed."

Quoted from:

I guess I've been laughing more in the last week than in the last decade.

Accountability or Revolution.

Let the seated authority clowns pick by their actions.

Visible said...

That's a great site, isn't it? I especially love The Week that Perished. No author is listed because it's heavy commentary.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"President Criminalstiltskin Looks to Be in A Whole Lotta Trouble These Days as His Past Returns to Haunt and Taunt Him."

Andy said...

@ 0 , which is interrsting because i used that symbol for a very very long time. And am widely known by it in some circles.

Now, Im Just Andy.

Refering to your axxount of War Children, and The Vaxxinated.

The Rolling Stones said it decades ago,

Gimme Shelter


Strider Highway said...

Best Apocalypse ever and just the right assclowns at the top to laugh at as it goes down.
Uncanny! I was just thinking that yesterday, what a shame that the FEW (WEF) are almost all white.
A more creepy hive of scum and villainy you won't find anywhere besides the district of cesspool.
Most thankful for those military base days in the library and there was no choice in the housing, you might have a person not of your color for a roommate.
Somehow it worked as we all watched NBA games on tape delay late at night and Trump's USFL team was so awesome, the wait for tickets lasted for months but you could hear the screaming stadium for miles as we walked along the river.
Speaking of who's your daddy, the new insult is your dad buys Bud Light at Target!
Bwahaha! We can have fun and learn from the purpose of demonstration.



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