Monday, June 19, 2023

"We Must Rise Above The Shuttered Mind and The Carnal Heart... to The Plane of Causes... Where Thoughts are Things. "

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is going to be a strange one, but... every now and then... I suppose... it is called for. I don't like to write too much about myself, BUT... since I am directly connected to everything I write... including the one who makes it possible to do so... often interesting and inexplicable events happen to me, and... sometimes... I am compelled to share them.

Here are only two of many strange and unusual events in recent times.

I feed birds at the house here every day. As is the case everywhere (though I don't know for sure) there are more pigeons than anything else... followed by the quail... and then all the other varieties that I wish there were more of. Last week... every single day... a pigeon began to act in strange fashion... standing transfixed on the water bowl... or the fence... or standing in a corner.

The birds are very flighty (grin) and it is unlike them not to take off... even as soon as I open the sliding door sometimes. These did not. The next day... I found them dead. This was happening every day... and every day there was a dead pigeon the next day. During the time that they were behaving strangely... there were no other pigeons around them. However... once they had passed... there was always another pigeon standing guard; sometimes right on top of the dead pigeon.

This happened six or seven times, day after day. I would relocate the pigeon outside the yard for the attention of vultures or passing coyotes. That is the efficient and natural method I use. That is where I observed the standing guard activity that went on for hours, and sometimes... most of the day. Now... this daily culling seems to have stopped, just... like... that.

On Friday, I went to the gym. In six years there, I have never exchanged a cross word with anyone. I seldom exchange any words. For the last six months, I am wearing headphones so... that works as a further barrier. Some people there are chatty. Many others are not. Mostly retired people are in attendance.

I have a routine I follow from one machine to the next machine, and then on to other areas of exercise. While I was on my first machine, I saw a fellow at the next machine. He was just standing by it. When I finished, I saw he had walked over to another nearby machine, as if that were the next one for him.

I went over and got on my next machine and... I could immediately feel some sort of stress in the atmosphere. It all felt arranged. The fellow walks up next to me and says... “I guess I'm done here.” I turned to him and said, “Are you implying that I took the machine before you were done? You had left, I thought.” Then he pointed to the metal rod that we slip into the specific weight that we wish to work with, as if to indicate that it meant something; like he wasn't done. It does not.

Most of the time those rods are left in the weights. Occasionally... someone will remove it and connect it to the metal side of the machine like a refrigerator magnet... but not usually. I said, “That doesn't indicate anything.” He replied... “well, you don't have to be an asshole about it.” I then let him know that he had engineered the entire exchange. He went on saying something or other and I told him I was not interested in discussing the matter any further.

I have to point out that I was not aggressive at all. Calling me an asshole is begging for an acceleration of the interaction. I didn't.

When I finish with the weight machines, I go to a barre that is in front of a wall-to-wall mirror. It's quite large. There I will attach a rubber strength-band and continue with specific exercises. Before I get there, I look up to see this fellow doing a particular thing that no one there does except me. It was as if he were mocking me. I just looked directly at him for a moment and went to a location further up the barre. He left that location immediately after. I should mention that he's been coming around to the gym for a while.

Then... more weirdness at the dumbbell section. Weights specific to me had been rearranged. What makes this so odd is that nothing like it has ever happened in all the years before in this gym... not once. It's not my nature to be confrontational and I am ALWAYS seeking... as often as I can remember to... to generate a positive vibration to everyone there... silent though it may be.

I don't know the meaning of these odd occurrences. What I do know is that God is in control of everything, no matter what anyone else may think or intend. God is aware... and God works it as he chooses to the completion he seeks.

Now comes the even stranger part. On my way back home I was ruminating about how The Divine seldom engages me on specific matters. It's hard to get direct answers, and I wanted some kind of answers about this event.

For the longest time, I got general commentary that does not address my particular question of the moment. I might have even been a tad complaining... because I wanted an answer about the strange goings-on.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down before The Sun for my evening meditation. I had scarcely been seated before I heard that booming... over-the-top voice of boundless optimism. “So... I hear you had a little dust-up at the gym today.”

Wow! Things have really been changing... just as I had been told they would... over the course of recent weeks. Here I make a plea to Heaven, and boom! All of a sudden... and this is new...right back at me.

He said, “Look! I'll take care of it, that's my job. You just let me handle it. Try to catch these things as soon as you can from your end... and never accelerate or amplify the situation. With nothing to push against, they will be impotent to engage further. However... if you do react then you play right into their hands. Don't do that.

“Remember... I am in everyone's head; not only yours. (grin) I can get to anyone. I'm here... my friend. This is not just another part of your mind talking to you. That is one of the arguments The Mind uses to discourage you and create doubt. You should know by now that this is real. It's all bright and glorious ahead my friend. Let's just proceed with that in mind.”

I was told that strange events would become the order of the day, but... that there would be no reason to fear because The Divine is in absolute control of everything at all times. All it takes is the recognition of this to be liberated of all concern.

I don't know if this is some kind of gaslighting. I remember my assault on Hawaii and other efforts directed at me over the years. Musing on this... I remember Heaven saying; “every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem... is a special exchange between me and your soul.” There is nothing else except me and God. It's The Mind that complicates the arrangement.

The Mind is a curious creature. Paramount for The Mind is... it's own survival. When you come close to victory over The Mind... it will pull all kinds of hocus-pocus to throw you off balance.

Beware, my friends... of the ratcheting upward tensions of the present day. Many people are wound up tight. In most cases, people hate and fear what they do not understand, and we are broadcasting all the time what it is that radiates out from us. When you are broadcasting the usual message that percolates in The Hive Mind... the hive is not disturbed.

When you are broadcasting something else... if it is not understood... it hits the survival locus across the board. There is no real threat, of course, but The Mind is well-disposed to create the appearance of one.

The whole world is receiving a call to awakening. It is the most frightening thing to come out of a dream into the real. Everything cries out for the old familiar that is death repeating... in cycles of suffering... fed by ignorant desire. You accept the call or you resist the call.

There is a matrix, and it is built of ignorance that feeds the lives of those who live in darkness. The way free is ALWAYS present, BUT the dark is comforting and familiar, and the way to freedom goes into the far country of the undiscovered self.

Fear is the barrier that closes the way into the unknown self. Doubt is the force of hesitation that keeps us confined in The Penitentiary of The Mind. The Mind itself... is the confinement... that fights against your immortality for its own survival.

We must rise above The Shuttered Mind and The Carnal Heart to the plane of causes where thoughts are things, and the speed of your travel is the speed of thought. For centuries... for millennia... we slumbered in dreams of desire and appetite that consumed us in mortal lies... again and again... until the day when we awaken.

The Times of Awakening come at very rare intervals and RECOGNITION and Memory are the portals into self-discovery... the end of limits... the end of suffering... for those who release the delusions and attachments that hold them down.

End Transmission.......

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Jody Paulson said...

"I don't know if this is some kind of gaslighting."
Yeah, I think it is. You're not the only one. :/

M - said...

I needed this this morning.

I notice similar goings on nowadays, whereas years ago I just let them pass on by. Perhaps that is what got ME by as I was growing up and (later) through my adult years. For whatever reason, these instances sometimes well-up from my psyche... I just shake my head in wonder.

♫♪People are strange when you're a stranger♫♪

Sometimes people are strange even when they know you. Or THINK they know you.

0 said...

Excellent post!

The birds one was a weird one, almost like they were reacting to RF beams around your place. Birds will be affected more rapidly than humans just based on the Size difference. Not sure if you've heard of but they have an emf meter you can use to see if you are seeing to much RF energy local to self.

The gym thing made me think they are looking for an angle to provoke you somehow. The only forum for such would be outside ones Abode where one Dwells. I have to admit over the last week or so I feel provoked by the rise in pitch in the insanity being spread around. I say as much on my too.

I am not provoked to any action other than calling things by their original names, but I have had enough of the Tolerate ME crowd while They Tolerate Nothing and Nobody. hehe, Nobody. Quite an irony to be found in associating self with Nobody. Curious to see how Nobody gets talked about. Did you see the film called Nobody? Good flick really. Its the next step for Decent Americans since Accountability is being forcibly delayed intentionally. Course its all for the purpose of demonstration huh.

Dwell, and that which radiates from self will induce actions in others likeminded to where one dwells. Perhaps the greater the restraint by the knower/observer, the greater the reach of the radiations to they who will Act as the All Calls for.

Good stuff Viz!
Take care and thanks for sharing!

Visible said...

"Nobody" was highly enjoyable. It had a great left hook that came out of nowhere after the opening deceptions.

Ixchel 2 said...

This is how it is, animal nature vs divine nature. Monitor mind, connect to the universe mind or go down, and in distortion. Always first arrives confusion. We did this all the time in atlantis. Always monitor mind each 5th minutesl, and take what comes, that way you will connect to source like said. This happens for me, too.
Ixchel 2

Early AM Strider said...

Saw squirrels and a woodpecker scavenging together on heel and toe after dinner.
A lil' shaver was learning how to ride with training wheels so I walked on the grass next to the sidewalk.
The parents said stop and he just kept right on going, reminded me of younger days.
The slow burn to WWIII that Klaus ordered has people on edge and Gab has all of the carnage in the CPUSA 51st state the Kraine in videos and links.
Lots of troop movements in the USA with Strykers rolling down the street in Philadelphia.
Now that the Long March is complete, anything could happen and comrade commissar Blinken went to CCP land for a short visit, afterwards he gave a speech saying that the former USA does not support Taiwanese independence, I'm sure they knew that already.
Equinox, Barbarossa, Bagration day, coming up, keep head on a swivel, situational awareness at all times.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty. Nostrils to the sky. I just wish time moved faster so we could get this garbage over with.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The World Wakes up Voices in Your Head. There Are Many Such Voices so... There Are Many Kinds of Crazy..."



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