Friday, June 9, 2023

"When The Conditions of Life Go South, You Get All Kinds of Poseurs Playing God. You Can Expect The Usual Results."

 God Poet Transmitting.......

If you ask your search engine; why does the smoke from Quebec blow South? You find that both the NY and LA Times have a spin on it, AND... so do all kinds of other mass media cloacas. It's called getting ahead of the story... cutting the truth off at the pass... seizing the narrative until it's in George Floyd Country.

The bottom feeders who... ironically... appear to be resident at the top of the food chain... are well aware of the changes in patterns and trends... as the new age comes into its measured sector in the endless cycle of Nature in transformation... responding to the way The Light is precipitated into form through the particular constellation it will be shining through. We can only hope you read that sentence with some degree of patient attentiveness.

So... they have latched on to certain areas of change with the idea that we can... collectively... do something about them; Climate Change, for instance. They want to be out in front of the traffic caused by humanity's latest passage through Time... and Space.

I wonder how many people think about how the story about The Tower of Babel happened to make an appearance? Who was behind all those Greek and Roman myths? How about Noah and The Ark? It's patently absurd on the face of it, but... are there deeper implications concerning God and Nature's reactions to the decay of culture at that time?

Don't you get the feeling... sometimes... that someone... several someones... or something... is behind the curtain that cuts off the view of backstage from the audience in the theater? Is life itself a Punch and Judy Show? I mean... of course... there are those bottom feeders who like to give the impression that they are in charge of conditions and events, and... you could surmise that The Dark Lord is behind them, but... surely... The Dark Lord answers to someone too. Doesn't he?

Is he responsible for turning existence into The Buggerers Banquet? Is it humanity causing it through its collective resistance to The Light, or... are these the things that happen automatically when Materialism reaches a certain level of density and intensity?

Consider The Fetal Position. Please note how... as life advances toward death... how the body seems to curl back into a similar position. I imagine if it kept going... and Nature was accommodating... then Humanity would likely disappear up its own waste canal?

It seems to me that you have either a circular awareness... if you are one who thinks that what you see is all there is... or a spiraling consciousness that... by stages... progresses to states of being beyond the bandwidth of the senses, which... only report what they are able to perceive.

The World... as we think we know it... has a circular message about rise and fall... rise and fall... disappearance and reappearance. So long as your interest and your attention are focused on what happens here, you remain a fixture in what happens here. You rise and fall. You come and go, and... you do it for longer than anyone can remember or imagine.

Who's in charge of all this? Is one entity in charge of all the things you can see, and... another entity in charge of all you can't see? Or... are they both the same entity adapting... in appearance and performance... to the variations in the locations? 

Hermes... The Thrice Greatest said... “that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing.”

He could have also said, that which is invisible is as that which is visible, and that which is visible is as that which is invisible, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing.”

That's pretty much the same... right? I just put it differently. Wouldn't that mean that the same rulership existed in both locations? I mean... wouldn't your Reason suggest that to you?

How about this, you've heard me speak of The Dial now and again. I picked it because no one has ever used that image before; no... I didn't pick it... it came to me. Anyway... let's presume... (based on the postulations presented... and by extrapolation...) (grin) that angels are the workers and attendants on The Invisible Plane... and Devils were the workers and attendants on The Visible Plane; keeping in mind that angels can work anywhere they are sent to, BUT... devils cannot; how does that make sense?

If you are looking at a devil, which is only possible through the lens of The Carnal Mind, and someone (No! I don't know who) turns The Dial up, at a certain point... that devil would transform into his counterpart angel. Interestingly... you would think that dialing it up would make it hotter. However, 'as above so below' has variations on the theme of being that make perfect sense in the place where they are present... just like angels being able to go where devils cannot.

At a certain section of The Dial, you have increasing and decreasing gradients of Fear. Then... when you dial it up, that begins to transform into Love. Dial sound up and it turns into light. Dial light down and it turns into sound... and then into material form. When you have command of The Dial, you can transform Lead into Gold. Presently... the mass of humanity has reversed this process. In Times of Material Darkness, Sattva gets turned into Tamas.

Now that I think about it... when you energize Tamas, which is ignorance, darkness, and lethargy, it transforms into Rajas, which is passion, AND... when you raise the focus of Rajas... when you direct your passion into aspiration... your consciousness to Higher Love and mental clarity... it turns into Sattva. You are your own alchemist... under the tutelage of whomever you are permitting to play with the appliances and components.

On The Material Darkness side of the equation, a good example of reverse alchemy would be Ellen Page... changing into Elliot Page... changing into Jussie Smollett; it's MAGA country all... over... again!!!

You can go in either direction. In Times of Material Darkness, which is a place of confining heat and humidity... under pressure... in desperate need of Climate Change or attitude adjustment, (if you prefer) the general tendency is to go in the wrong direction because the state of chaos and confusion screws up your GPS. This is why those who do so... reverse the Kabbalah... totally defeating its original purpose, and... getting a Purpose of Demon-stration as a result.

So... transhumanism can be compared to Sauron changing Elves into Orcs. The body modifiers of the present day are the DIY transhumanists... with varying results, due to their reliance upon the course literature, "Transhumanism for Idiots." I'm not going to link any of the horrifying examples. You can find them on your own. Never forget that Mr. Smiley; Elon Musk... is a big transhumanist entrepreneur. His folksy persona should not disarm your better judgment.

When conditions of life go South, you get all kinds of poseurs playing God. You can expect the usual results. Alas... poor Yorick; it appears he did not know himself well at all.

Okay... yes, I have been simplistic. It is my job to be simple and God's job to take care of The Details because he replaces The Devil in The Details with an angel. I would screw that up on my own because an awareness and consistency... beyond the capacity of anyone but God... is required. Ask all those famous people who failed in the effort.. and now exist as object lessons.

If you want to take care of The Details, God will let you. It's like the willful child that runs from his mother's skirts into the playground of rough and tumble and gets bruised... bloodied... and broken. Of course... if you don't run off in search of experience neither Heavenly Father nor Divine Mother will be impressed. It's part of the never-ending tale for you to go... and return.

We are about to enter a new phase in the collective insanity that passes for life and culture in these times. Well... some of us are. I'm not. I don't follow Judas Goats... or leaders... and I watch my parking meters... due to not needing a weather vane to know which way the wind blows; to paraphrase a later bard. Stupid is as Stupid does, and you most certainly... unavoidably... and without question... do reap what you sow.

End Transmission.......

Some links, such as they are, can be found at GAB=

Someone recently posted a comment seeking my perspective on the differences between the Naturalist and Materialist. This is not precisely specific to the question but it answers it all the same=

(34) “Pure spiritual life is, therefore, the inverse resolution

of the potencies of Nature, which have emptied themselves of

their value for the Spiritual man; or it is the return of the power

of pure Consciousness to its essential form.

Here we have a splendid generalization, in which our wise

philosopher finally reconciles the naturalists and the idealists,

expressing the crown and end of his teaching, first in the terms

of the naturalist, and then in the terms of the idealist.

The birth and growth of the Spiritual Man, and his entry

into his immortal heritage, may be regarded, says our philosopher,

either as the culmination of the whole process of natural

evolution and involution, where "that which flowed from out

the boundless deep, turns again home"; or it may be looked at,

as the Vedantins look at it, as the restoration of pure spiritual

Consciousness to its pristine and essential form.

There is no discrepancy or conflict between these two views, which are but

two accounts of the same thing. Therefore those who study

the wise philosopher, be they naturalist or idealist, have no

excuse to linger over dialectic subtleties or disputes. These

things are lifted from their path, lest they should be tempted

to delay over them, and they are left facing the path itself,

stretching upward and onward from their feet to the everlasting

hills, radiant with infinite Light.”

You, too, reader, who have followed the thoughts of the

wise philosopher, be persuaded to take to your heart a like

counsel and admonition. The path is for you. The Spiritual

Man waits to be revealed in you, to initiate you into immortality,

setting you amid the Children of Light. Be persuaded,

then, since the truth is before you, the holy message has come

to your ears. Heed the message, know that through it alone

is life, leave the shadows of yourself behind, enter the Light,

and hear the ringing Welcome that awaits you.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Alas poor Yorick. I knew him Horatio. A fellow of infinite jest of most excellent fancy, I said before biting into the apple I was holding in front of my English Styles teacher. Is it any wonder she threw a piece of chalk at me when she was discussing cliches, said, "It's raining cats and. . ." I yelled out "CANINES!" I love Hamlet. I oughta watch it again. My fave is Macbeth, however.

I do not like Elon Musk. He's a catalyst effecting both sides of history. WANT SOME SODIUM WITH YOUR WATER? I wouldn't wanna be in the same building with him. I think everyone who buys his cars is an idiot.

Nostrils to the sky on the post!

Anonymous said...

Les, funny you should say that;)

Look what i just discovered on the Canadian government site. Tried to copy the link but cannot for some reason. Might be of interest to you? Titled: Biodigital Today and Tomorrow. Partial link (what I could read:

All lower case btw.

The "conspiracists" were correct, it seems. Duh!
Yeah and a handful of others have been talking about this for a while now. I recall a commenter here once saying "these are the halcyon days..." some years back. I thought him/her mad or at least exaggerating. I didn't want to believe that then. Times have changed or perhaps it's me?

Here's a sample:

We are at the cusp of the biodigital convergence era. We use technology in biology today, but biology in itself is also a form of technology—it is programmable, codable, and alterable. The future of biology as technology could include programmable digital components. Digital technologies and biological systems are combining and merging in ways that could be profoundly disruptive to our assumptions about society, the economy, and our bodies.

Five sectors are set to transform with the onset of the biodigital convergence: food, health, the environment, security, and manufacturing.

!!! My senses are reeling. My stomach churning. The 2 year Olds want turns at playing god! Holy fuck, we ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Peace and music your way, am

Visible said...

Thanks! I got the site.

What is going to happen, from what I intuit from the Trends and Patterns, is that cosmic forces; Mr. Apocalypse are/is pushing everyone to expose their intentions without them being cognizant of it, so that... sooner or later... they wind up live on camera, even if the camera is someone else's eyes.

I'm seeing this every day. It's a marvelously good sign.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"What Materialism Does is... it Captures Your Attention. Then it Lies to You. It Tells You What You Want to Hear."

Keep Striding said...

Devolution is real.
Uncanny just watching some Yorrick show where he found a young Neo to slay the black hearted witch and it all if according to plan.
The Architect is a Creator and creators get busy creating while destroyers destroy for it is all they know.
The ever so progressive muh genitals is the end stage of the burlesque Tel Aviv satrapy known as the former USA.
I still get a kick out of the let's vote moar harder next time or Emmanuel Trumpstein is going to storm the Bastille with the last boy scout USMC generals.
It beats demoralization but don't start to believe it.
Fab Freddy Zarathusta or Nietzsche made the don't stare into the abyss quote but also made the do you want to out monster the monster or be devoured.
The monster is loose, unchained since spring 2020 and comrade Billy Gates the keeper of the eugenicists flame is on record stating that the roaring 2020's will be the time of plandemics.
There won't be any vote on the global soviet cargo cult apparatchik rule by unelected council and all of Humpty's men won't be able to put muh democracy back together again.



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