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Time like a Ballerina, Dancing at the Bottom of a Lake

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Once there was a mirror that was bright and clear; a bright and shining clear mirror that accurately reflected what was presented in front of it. This was in a time when material culture was secondary to spiritual culture. As we know, cultures degenerate the longer they are extant. This has proven out over time in many cultures, most of which are no longer with us for that very reason. Now we live in a time of smoking mirrors, smoke filled mirrors, that no longer accurately reflect what is on the other side of them, unless it is bent and filled with smoke that is the resonance of the ascent of material culture. Truly, virtue blooms, here and there in the wilderness, in abandoned lots, anywhere that it can ...but there is far less of it than some of us would like and too much of it for others. These are times of self interest, acrimony and payback. This is the way that those who have shoved and elbowed themselves into the leadership behave.

With insanity epidemic at the top, it should come as no surprise that madness is going nova below, attended by ignorance walking alongside of it. Not a day passes when you do not see multiple expressions of these and other things of similar kind. Some might say that these are signs of the total breakdown of the old structure and that they indicate far worse conditions and behavior to come. I read it differently.. I see it as the external manifesting of a long standing imbalance that has finally reached an untenable state and is now consuming itself, in preparation for the flowering of things held in abeyance, until the times have made right for them by the destruction of all aberrations and entities that have obstructed them.

The election period looks like it's got Mr. Apocalypse's footprints all up and down it's back and that's in more ways than one. Meanwhile, irony drips down the walls of these changing times and backtracking for a moment into the previous sentence, one can't help but be a little amused at the consternation of the megalomanical cinderblock heads. It sure does look like the ingenious sense of humor of a certain party (which has been regularly mentioned here) is at work and increasingly more so as time goes by.

There's some kind of a patchwork duality, now in operation all over the place. Bright spots of transformation are showing up all over the place, even while the same mendacious shit goes down, as if it were approved by Reader's Digest. Here at the blogs I've been seeing some pretty fierce critiques of late, couched in names that could be anyone ...but giving the appearance of being someone whose been around and has my best interests at heart. Of course, anyone who had my best interests at heart, who wished me well and wanted to get a useful idea across to me, wouldn't use the language they do the way they do and would put in in an email but... I guess the prevailing opinion among them, is that I won't get this and will simply react from undisciplined emotions, which is not my first course of response. Even when I am responding strongly, I've thought about it first and keep whatever it is within the parameters of the particular blog, according to long time standards, or lack of them (grin).

I've noted in these days of vacuity and the reflex worship of the superficial that people attribute their viewpoints and motivations to others. They just assume that people are operating on the same wavelength and prone to the same appetites and desires that run their consciousness. That would be the case, more or less, with everyone being ruled by the same entity but... definitely not the case with those wearing the sigils and symbols of another state of being. This is why embracing deception, for the purpose of self interest, eventually leads to ruin. The truly unfortunate thing about this is that you can't tell these people anything. If that were possible, they wouldn't be in the state they are in. It's not just from other people that we learn about the error of our ways, if in fact, we do learn. We learn it from the consequences of our actions, if in fact, we do learn. Quite often, the consequences don't show themselves until a long way down the road and I suspect there are reasons for this. There are other ways to learn about the error of our ways. Some of us are actively engaged in seeking out whether or not there is error in our ways but since that definitely flies in the face of self interest, only those who are willing to sacrifice self interest, in exchange for the fruits of true self interest, are likely to realize any profit from the matter.

I know it perplexes you as much as it sometimes does me, how certain people, that we know to be highly intelligent, well educated, powerful and successful, can be so blind to the terminal course they are set upon. Don't they see? Have they no moral compass? Actually, either they don't or it's broken and they broke it. It got in the way. Mark Twain wrote a wonderful short story about the murder of conscience. I don't recall the name of the story at the moment but you can surely find it with a little due diligence.

When I was in the UK, I took note of the seemingly well set up status of any number of people. I noticed the surface patina of people, on the service end of the economy, who were programmed to be helpful but whose tolerance, in respect of how far they might have to go to really be of service, was pretty limited. I often notice the surface presentation of people and also note how little it would take to enrage them, trip the fear button, for any number of reasons, or activate the survival nature. I try not to deceive myself about this. I know that most people just play along, putting up a front, behind which squirm any number of bestial possibilities. A lot of men find out what they are capable of when they get into a war zone. They find themselves doing things they never imagined, or did imagine but which they hadn't measured in terms of its effect on them. We learn things about ourselves that we never suspected and certainly never wanted to find out. This is one of the reasons some people drink so much, or lose themselves in one loop or another of distracting passions. It's pretty hard to gain forgiveness when you aren't inclined to extend it. Many doors swing both ways and the simplest and most enduring wisdoms seem mysterious and incomprehensible to those who remain a mystery to themselves.

Many people are thrust into life and telepathically invaded by all sorts of influences. They never take the time to make a serious study of themselves. They just want to get by. They seem to believe that certain very important things take care of themselves but they don't. You definitely have to be proactive because the influence of certain forces and the operations of the world are geared to hold you in thrall though the course of your life, until you suddenly find yourself at the end of it, wondering what happened.

♫There's something going on here but you don't know what it is; do you, Mr. John Doe Jones♫? I guess I say the same things over and over but I'm at a loss as to what else to say. To me these are the most critical things in the world but you don't find that to be the case in the world generally. You find parodies of this in religions, which are distorted and out of focus, just like the mirror being discussed earlier and they are like that for the same reasons. Every minute and every day of your life is very important and especially so it you measure your life in minutes and hours and days. In that case you are serving a life sentence. Children don't measure their time that way and that is why Summer lasts so very long and why their lives are filled with newness and fascinating things, or they use to be. One of the main thrusts of darkness, in these times, is to destroy childhood. Programming is the thing. Programming is good for commerce and control.

Why would the federal government be so obsessed about keeping marijuana illegal when they are protecting the opium fields of Afghanistan at the same time? They are aren't they? They engineered that war for just that purpose, along with geopolitical advantage. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from prescription drugs and alcohol. How many people die from marijuana? Now, I don't smoke marijuana but that's not the point. I've come to appreciate other comestibles over time and eventually I won't have any use for those either but... that is also not the point. Just what is the point?

There is something wrong with the thinking processes of most people and -usually- you don't suddenly become right in the process of doing things wrong. You have to unwrong yourself first. In many cases, wrong has all the appearances of right, though people know at a deeper point inside that they are wrong, even if they won't admit is and that is why they get so angry when someone points it out to them. If the majority of the world is wrong in many, many ways that puts those who aren't wrong in a bad light. Who wants to be portrayed in a bad light? Only the very committed don't care about this. We find that those who are successful in life are almost always very committed and this means any kind of success at all. There are other reasons why people might be successful but, in many of those cases. It presupposes an earlier commitment that put them where they are.

Steady as she goes my friends. Steady as she goes.

End Transmission......

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grassapelli said...

Sometimes it seems to me that things are not happening as fast as some people want them to happen or other people fear they will happen. Along with that, it occurs to me that if we could just let go of wanting and fearing the tinges to happen, they would begin to happen at just the right time and just the right way.

Could Mr Apocalypse be doing a slow soft shoe number?

Visible said...

I've been suspecting that for some time.

Robin Redbreast said...

Smoking mirrors are being shattered!
"You have to unwrong yourself first" - I so get that. The last 20 years of my life has been so hard at times because of the distorted perceptions I had carried around due to past issues and my wrongdoings. I judged it all from not just grey tinted glasses - but dirty lenses much like a mirror at a fairground - crazy mirrors - reflecting me, the past, distorting the present view and my distorted anticipation of the future. So easy to see when you have dealt with it. Must point out - I'm sure I'm not done yet - gonna keep growing and smashing!
In other news.....
Mr Apocalypse is banging his stick against the whole of the British Establishment- it's crumbling under the pressure of truth and the infighting has begun to destroy more than just the foundations - which are like the iceberg theory- long may it continue and deepen.
David Cameron tries to twist it into a witch hunt at gays - the people know this is not it
Worth a look

Rob in WI said...

I think your point about the destruction of childhood is a very strong influence in this world of confusion/delusion/devolution. The manipulators are pushing for more and more programmed indoctrination, starting at younger age, and lasting longer. Most children have little, if any, contact with nature. Their energy and spirit are being crushed right out of the box. Homework from school, organized sports and activities, and hypnotic entertainment leave them exhausted.
This is one area where parents can assert some influence, and many are, which I see as positive. A cultural breakdown of the control grid would help things along IMHO.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

just what i needed to hear (over and over!) on this california dreaming winter's day....

i stopped into a church (smoking-mirrors) well i got down on my knees and i began to pray...

thank you for writing and speaking the truth i need to are a gift.


Visible said...

Well Terence, since like so many people, you shoot first and ask questions later, all those adverts are free and I hand them out because I believe in what these people do. I don't reap a penny from it, nor any product either. I hate being the genuine article, we attract so much suspicion and there are hardly any of us. It makes you wonder. Anything else wrong about me you feel like pointing out, have at it.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Very interesting and appreciated post Sir Visible.

'Don't worry TPTB have arranged to keep you in a daze your whole lives unless you are proactive against the flow of the fog.'


Anonymous said...

Good stuff vis,,,,it's never the same,,
Robin,,have had the same sort of ideas myself,,
Cameron is trying to hide the perversion that's taking place,,,he is trying to put good honest loving gays in front of everything,to try and hide the real perversion that's in charge,,the monster Paedofile blood sucking vampires,,,
Grassapelli,,,pretty much agree,,I suppose we pressurise ourselves into this false sense of time,,and when things dont happen start thinking that there is something wrong I suppose,,,
The mother ship sails herself on her own time that is for sure,,,


Anonymous said...

You know what robin,,maybe we have to go into that distorted sense of perception to reveal clarity,,
Just the way it is Maybe,,,,
Other rob,,,the younger the better,,indoctrination best served cold and ruthless,,,conquer the child with useless trivia and make sure she/he feels lost and out of depth,,,
That's the way of all empire
Untill the people regain their true sense,,,


Anonymous said...

Thank god for mr appocalypse and the beautiful lady nature,,,,


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Was that Mark Twain story:

"The Carnival of Crime in Connecticut"?

About the dwarf who tells the protagonist all he did wrong?

Awesome post. Transferring link to my blog!

Anonymous said...

"Sheep Dreams (Are Made of This)"

[A musical parody, based on the song, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", by Dave Stewart, made famous by Eurythmics.]

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling

Some of them want to goose you
Some of them want to get goosed by you
Some of them want to reduce you
Some of them want to be reduced

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling

Hold your snout up, movin' on
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Keep your snout up

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling

Some of them want to goose you
Some of them want to get goosed by you
Some of them want to reduce you
Some of them want to be reduced

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling

Sheep dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
They swarm to the malls and the Burger King
Everybody's looking for some bling
Sheep dreams are made of this...

farmer said...

thanks les, i needed this.

Anonymous said...

What you speak are waves
From far into the shore
Through adventures that are wild
Weaving like a sword
Changes through the seasons
Generating open paths
Leading to a gateway
Of sacred shining stars
Pulsating through the oceans
Passing through the dreams
Bursting full of energy
Songs into the breeze
Beaming from the heavens
In essence of all life
Up the mountain path
Of guidance deep inside


Rob in WI said...

Visible @ 11:15,
Great response to what must have been a comment/email we don't see. You've returned from trip sharp as a tack. Most encouraging. Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(gopher a gogo)

conscience story that Dwarfs all the others put together and ne're the
Twain meet.

♫I never stole a doll from Lovecraft♫

zepheri said...

Legal hemp is the cornerstone of a better world.

Unknown said...

"Why would the federal government be so obsessed about keeping marijuana illegal when they are protecting the opium fields of Afghanistan at the same time?"

Either they're watching to see which states 'legalization' program succeeds in milking the most revenue from taxation


They're mean control freaks needing ridiculous enforcement protocols for their swine army

likely both and maybe why a state like Oregon gave em the finger


Ray B. said...

Vis: "One of the main thrusts of darkness, in these times, is to destroy childhood. Programming is the thing."

I've said this before, but it bears repeating. There's a fine author out there, Joseph Chilton Pearce, who wrote a great book, "Magical Child." In it, he provided evidence after evidence that children learn in stages that unfold from within (including psychic and spiritual gifts).

Just watch the individual child. When he/she shows certain inclinations, he/she is ready for the next unfolding. Not before. Premature or 'wrong stage' forcing can actually shut down further stages from activating. (Think of it as darkness in the classrooms...)

A slight caveat: As you read the book, you may find yourself getting angry at our situation. On the other hand, you are probably getting angry because of where 'you' were interfered with. If you choose, this can be a great door to inner knowledge...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Clarity, if you read this, this is a great book for teachers. Not just to avoid harm to the children, but also to 'foster' in the background the woo-woo side that is meant to unfold during these stages.

The man behind the curtain is enslaving you said...

"(E)very nation in the western world has a branch or tentacle formed out of the Mother plant known as B’nai Brith International which is a Jews-only Masonic order first established back in the mid 1840s in the USA and that Mother was the creation of the Rothschild dynasty that now controls global finance, the global media, global “International” organizations like the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and dozens upon dozens of other affiliated organizations whose main purpose is to maintain the House of Rothschild and the control of the world’s money supply.

Without that ill-gained ability to manifest money out of thin air and then lend it to the governments of the world at exorbitant interest rates (Usury), the whole fabric of the Zionist curtain would quickly disintegrate before the eyes of the world and like the Wizard of Oz the public would suddenly realize just who was behind all of the financial troubles, endless wars and incessant woes and miseries facing the world today."

Anonymous said...

Ray B.,

the book description ends with "Pearce's message is simple: it is never too late to play, for we are all Magical Children." so thanks, I will read this one after I finished the few remaining pages of Seymour Papert's book "Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas" which was an incredible eye-opener that I can apply in my daily work as a professional learner for life. As truth and understanding have been very dear to me the last 10 years, I was able to hold on to thoughts (not my own) that lay out in detail the solutions for the work in front of me. This happened several times now without trying during my morning meditation sessions of 30 minutes that are prolonged by over an hour due to the intermissions of these most welcomed ideas.


Zoner said...

I try not to be cruel or pass judgement on others, but after clicking on that link that show Sheldon Adelson's visage, I have to ask - what manner of creature is this?

He barely looks human. More like something out of a Jim Henson feature. He could be a human stand-in for one of the innocents in "The Dark Crystal".

I guess when you become fabulously wealthy on this plane, there is a price to be paid somewhere......

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Poetry in prose once again, thank you.

Did Cameron not realize that his 'witch hunt' comment just equated all gay people with paedophiles?
Obviously untrue.
Paedophiles come in all shapes, sizes and sexual preferences. Ihave dealt with many loving gays of both genders, even left my own children to be looked after by a gay couple, who due to their early childhood abuse, would not only not commit the atrocities but would defend them from a perpetrator to the death, of the perp, naturally.

Good to see that the 'elevator ride' with 'acidic' beer included steps for the return, no bad falls from heights reached. Not my cupcake, prefer the steps up under own force with 'friends with wings' helping when and if they choose. To each his own preference and according to ability. When the carpet under one's feet shakes, either hold on ,complain, vomit etc, or/and dare to assume that it may be a magic carpet and go for a ride.

'unwrong yourself' is a phrase that resonates inside much the same way as Socratic instruction, even though the pearl production does not involve Agrippa in your case. Thank you for the poetry.

Be well

Visible said...

Well done Zoner! That is the precise reason I put the link up, so that people might ponder the visage.

niijii said...

"If you fight back you are in as much trouble as the one that started it".

Don't defend yourself, just tell some grownup.

This is what they've been teaching the children since the 80's. It wasn't like that in the 70's when I was in school and it sounds like bullshit to me.

Teach your children well.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

con·so·nance (kns-nns)

Agreement; harmony; accord.

a. Close correspondence of sounds.
b. The repetition of consonants or of a consonant pattern, especially at the ends of words, as in blank and think or strong and string.

Music A simultaneous combination of sounds not requiring resolution to another combination of sounds for finality of effect and conventionally regarded as harmonious or pleasing.


Sim said...

Regards the to the comment from Terrence; he left the comment on an entirely different post -and it seems Vis was unaware of this as he chose to respond to Terrence here.

For anyone who is interested, the comment Terrence wrote was on the Mirrors' post "Empty suits and the Darkness that Moves Them".

Here's a link

Clarity said...

Terence, I obviously don't know what you said to Vis, but I have an idea.  If you had any concerns, maybe this will put your mind at ease.  

I once sent Vis a link to something I thought he might find interesting.  He looked around, liked what he saw, and sent an email to the owner of the website offering to let him put a link back to his site on Vis' blogs.  In his email, which he cc'd to me, he made it very clear that he did not want anything in return, and that his only motivation in making the offer was that he wanted to promote something he felt was positive and had value, and he also wanted to provide sources to his readers for things they might find useful.

I don't know if you asked Visible if he receives any compensation for displaying links on his pages.  If not, then maybe this will be food for thought for anyone else who does and has a problem with it.

What difference would it make if he did?  This is his site, and he can run it as he pleases.  He is still providing his readers with links to sites he feels have something good to offer.  Going a step further, I think Vis should consider including links that might offer him a small percentage of any purchases made by clicking through his site. Have you ever considered how Vis' sites are available at no cost to you?  Did you ever think about how much time Vis spends working here?  Between writing new blogs - often daily (that includes drafting, editing, revising, finding articles that enhance his message, adding in links to those articles, putting up his finished work, and adding messages to current blogs announcing that a new blog is up), preparing and recording radio shows, reading and approving comments, and responding to comments as well...  I haven't even mentioned emails yet, and if you think he only receive a handful of emails each day, you couldn't be more wrong.  To keep this from getting too long, I'll just briefly mention that he posts links to new pieces on Facebook, and reads and comments there as well.  And then, there is the behind-the-scenes work.  I don't know what it is, but I know it exists.

I don't know about you, but when I do the math, that adds up to, minimally, a full-time job.  This is a job for which he receives no compensation.  Yes, there is a donate button.  Have you seen it?  I wonder how many notice it's even there? Or how many use it.  I can tell you that I visit many different sites with donate buttons, and if I'm even aware of them, my tendency is to look right over them without a second thought.  

Visible does all of this for you and for me, and for anyone who wants to take advantage of all he has to offer.  He asks for nothing in return.  Because of the time commitment, that doesn't allow him to work at a "regular" job.  

The bottom line is that Vis gives up any chance to earn a living for himself so that he can give us something of value - for free.  So how, then, does he support himself?  I don't have an answer to that question.


Visible said...

Is there some cross blog relevance for this doubling comment?

Barney Holmes said...

Return to innocence lost ? (The Roots).



Latin in- (“not”) + nocēns, present participle of noceō (“to hurt”).

Another clue. The use of this word has intrigued me for some years. It seems that I have been correct. It’s use exposes the pain obsessed undercurrents of pathological society which is an expression of the Mental Illness of the abstraction from reality that divides people from themselves and each other (not to mention reality as well of course)."

Innocent simply means "not to hurt" but the word has been co-opted to mean "naive enough to think that we can live together without hurting one another". Maybe that redefinition really comes out of some people projecting their own cynicism on to others ?

Anonymous said...

The double comment was erroneously first posted here when it shoud only have been posted there. Sorry. AM

Anonymous said...

I've been stacking wood in the forest and avoiding all spirit sucking stations known as tv. You can hear yourself think out there. Try it sometime yourself.

Richie (Dana) said...

I know you are aware of the love I have for you.
Other persons can call me this nut case and it matters not.
I have now the awareness of Soul Families and you are not in mine.
This does no destract from the deepest Love and appreciation for what you have done for me.
I salute you Sir....and that is enough.


Clarity said...

Ray B. - thank you! Your post grabbed my attention right away, and that's before I got to the PS. The book sounds interesting, and I completely agree with this concept. It saddens me to think of what we are taking from our children, when one of the most simple things we can give them is a chance to discover and become themselves. The education system has gotten past the point of being frustrating. The more truth I learn, the more difficult it becomes to try to work within this system.

I appreciate that you thought of me, and will look into that book. Thank you, too, for sharing all that you do with us. I learn a lot from you.


Visible said...

Richie, I've no idea what you are talking about and since I haven't communicated with you in some time that would be understandable. I hope whatever this mystery message is that it is of positive intent.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Cave Dei Videt and Hearts of Wonder.

Anonymous said...

Please pardon my anonymousness.

Thank you for your post. Your mirror analogy is much appreciated and relevant to me. In thinking on this very thing for quite some time (years), it is my sense that I am a mirror, and that, as such, can only reflect what I am pointed or looking at. It is hard work in this world. You are a mirror, as well, and in much of what you reflect I am better able to point my own mirror. For that I truly thank you.


Anonymous said...

pierre said

the underground gopher done it.



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