Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Visible Darkness of the Unyielding Night

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I know Origami is up next but I was told to put that on hold, given the controversial nature of it and given it hasn't come to pass yet. I'll put it up shortly. For the moment you have another Smoking Mirrors (grin).

Well, as you know, the biggest thing that crosses my mind and puts the most copy and static on my head, is materialism and you can see it all right here. If you can't see this and if this doesn't make the point in your mind, then nothing is going to reach and move you. If you don't get this, then you truly are dumber than a rock. If you don't understand why things like this are happening, then there is not much I can tell you. If you don't understand why some people are absolute lying pieces of shit, then you probably don't get much of anything, especially when you have to take the trouble to defend something like this.

If you can't fight Satanic monsters like this, then you will never master or control monsters like this inside of you. That's just how it is. I can't be responsible for people not getting things. True, there are things I don't get either but some things I do get and you should get them too, or else, or else, or else what? Right.

The darkest and most deadly virus on Earth, besides Zionism (and that force, aspected from another section of it's operation, is behind that too) is materialism, manifested out of The Golden Calf initiative. Here are some examples in all of their ink black darkness. Yes, there are many examples and I mean a whole lot of them. The directed rage that is loose in The United States, is a clear preview of what is coming to the land of material excess; although this is a world wide problem that was presaged around a hundred years ago by Alice Bailey. It is interesting that one of the alternative media's, agent provocateurs, takes his usual disinfo stance; showing his true colors, which crop up here and there but which he generally masks by throwing out his pro-forma opposite persona, which is nothing but a mask, like Alex Jones and Gordon Duff. Of course, a lot of people get pissed off when you say these things. They have investments in these people, or weak excuses, like, “C'mon, Alex wakes up a lot of sleeping people in the mainstream, so he does some good”. Uh huh. Does that outweigh all the palpable bullshit he authors routinely, each day, in his bombastic, full bore paranoid, red-faced screaming, psycho rants? Dual messages like Alex's, invariably lead to things like this. Then they are intentionally stoked by vile rat-boys like this. They are also long term pushing it with mechanisms like this. They want that civil war and why? Because they have done so much bad shit that is coming home to roost, that it cannot be hidden anymore and they have no choice. Their very survival rests upon them eliminating the competition. The arrogance of these big multinational monsters, like My Satan is impressive in all the worst ways.

Keep in mind that this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse. His eyes are on everything and that means your eyes will be forced to as well. It's all coming out, day by day. The truth of what is going on, is galvanizing all sorts of efforts, because a lot of people are finally seeing that they are next. This is accented and amplified by other things coming to light. As it turns out, this nasty piece of business that I mentioned in the last posting, turns out to be true. Imagine the unmitigated evil of these people! This naturally leads to the natural, cosmic imperative of evil destroying itself.

Clear parallels are appearing all over the place. This is Mr. Apocalypse's doing. I realize that there are more links in this posting than I have ever presented before but all of this dovetails into the point we are trying to make here and we hope that point gets made, because a lot of people's survival depends on it and some of those people may be reading this. Some things are true and don't get the press needed and some of these things explain a lot about why the things that are happening are happening. For those with a degree of intelligence, there is a lot you can find out, if you are willing to look a little further and dig a little deeper.

A lot of nasty situations are continuing and indicating much worse for times to come. The outrage against the Red Cross, in this instance, is considerably muted by the massive appeals for sending money to the Red Cross. Before I even knew that the Red Cross had screwed the pooch on this one, I was seeing the ads for money and instinctively saying to myself, “What a pack of liars”. Meanwhile, FEMA and long time criminal, Michael Bloomberg, were also missing in action, while being praised by the captive Zionist press. There was no help coming from officialdom. Most of the assistance was coming from neighbors and those good souls who went out to see what they could do. At the same time, widespread looting and God knows, whatever other crimes, were rampant. Even the worst of the media was reporting on this. If you do a net search on this you will find article after article.

The odious influence of Political Correctness, plays loose and fast with the truth (only for scholarly and disciplined minds) and doesn't give a damn because the intent of Political Correctness is the destruction of both operative culture and civilization. This ties in across the board with all sorts of other things (How sick is all of this? I guess that depends on how sick you are), all being instituted by the same people that sit on the boards of all of the alternative sexual movements. This is going on at all levels and because of the relentless brainwashing of Satan's chosen children, no efforts of significance are working to counteract this demonic garbage. This all represents the tastes and interests of those at the top of the perverted pyramid of elite control. In the UK it's truly over the top and this is a multi-pronged effort in all of the Crown Colonies. In the US and UK, children are regularly taken away from heterosexual caretakers for all kinds of specious reasons, while same sex applicants simply cruise through the process and the tactics at work are truly despicable. I'm not going to link everything but if I mention something, it is because I have already seen it time and time again. Forums tell you what's going on in the minds of the public, both vested and objective, both informed and uninformed, on and on.

Insanity is breaking out all over the place. Can you imagine what is going on in The Shallow Graves Department, under the radar, in the deserts and basements of The Great American Nightmare? Consider all the forces at work, in this time of Mr. Apocalypse? Mr. Apocalypse does not just uncover things; he 'forces them' to the surface. This means that all that dark and unresolved crap, in people with undisciplined minds and unexpressed passions, birthed by polluted imaginations, under the cloud of runaway materialism, are being pressed out into expression. This is not a good thing for the people manifesting it and even worse for the people it is being manifested on. This is not just the time of summing up, this is also the time of breaking out, in relation to the weakest chain in the link. Those who have not done the necessary work on themselves, in former times, are going to find themselves in the uncharted territory of the unknown self. We have inside us, everything noble and great, as well as everything dark and dreadful. Only a doomed fool, fools his or herself. In times of unbridled materialism, the tendency to fool yourself is great.

We've been waiting a long time for the long overdue judgments on the Kissingers, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Soros' and sundry. They are not alone, the majority of Wall Street, The City in London, the movers and shakers at the corporations, the vultures in the courts and the brutal orcs in law enforcement ...and there's more. There's the muttonheaded sheep and all the Dudley Do-Rights, who do wrong and don't know the difference. There's the willing canon fodder who think going to war is romantic, until they blow away their first unarmed family, or see their comrades shot to pieces by people protecting their homelands, against vicious and better armed assailants and then getting all outraged about what they so richly deserve to have happen to them.

Everything is upside down and backwards these days. The common man and woman is being relentlessly manipulated, through appetite and ignorance by the same trolls who have been at work, breaking every law we rely on to define us as civilized. Something has to change. Many things have to change and they will. They will. One of these days some big surprises are going to render us speechless and that time is in the event horizon, as I write these words.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Anonymous said...

I saw the little vignette of the riot at Wal Mart. I am ashamed of myself for being the same species as those 28 Days Later rejects. One of the comments said that we all will soon see the face of the Devil and I believe him.

You are my favorite blogger and a exceptional literary talent. Keep up the good fight.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Hi Les Visible. Took a week of internet free living to see if my perspective on the world changed. It didn't. Find myself in an existential crisis wondering what is the meaning of life.

Your post on Tuesday last was one of your absolute best in years.

During my sabatical I watched TV. The past three years I had watched less than 6 hours total. During the past week I averaged 12 hours a day.

I suspect TV is a diversion for those not awake and that the internet is a diversion for those who are. Do we not just talk about the truth and chase our tails around in a circle? How are we really different from the TV consumers?

What is the meaning of life?

All that aside, your writings ring true with me as do many of your colleages and commenters. Please continue.

Anonymous said...

was I in the house when the house burned down...

who was that guy with the thorny crown..

somewheah there's a flaw in the system...

de demons done been let loose

zombies on the lawn stumbling around...

groping at noonday

Job Bob Says "HIGH" NOOR !!

as is so often overlooked,

all the kings horses, and all the kings men

couldn't put humpty dumpty back together again...

That Mr. A, he's a real badass

and he ain't wearin' no green beret


oh yeah...

Money : The Greatest Hoax on Earth Merrill M. Jenkins

what's in your wallet

Anonymous said...

"The Devil Went Down To Gaza"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", by Charlie Daniels and Joel "Taz" DiGregorio, made popular by the Charlie Daniels Band.)

The Devil went down to Gaza
He was lookin' for some Jews to trick
He was in a bind, 'cause he was way behind
And he was willin' to do it quick

When he came across a soldier
Firin' rockets and a-firin' 'em hot
And the Devil jumped up on a body bag
And said, "Boy, let me tell you what"

"I guess you didnt know it
But I'm a rocket shooter, too
And if you care to take a dare
I'll just make a bet with you"

"Now you shoot a pretty good rocket, boy
But give the Devil his due
I'll bet a rocket of gold against your soul
'cause I think I'm better than you"

The soldier said, "My name's Shlomo
And it might be a sin
But I'll take your bet and you're gonna regret
'cause I'm the best there's ever been"

Shlomo you bring the phosphorus
And shoot your rockets hard
'cause hell's broke loose in Gaza
And the Devil deals the cards
And if you win, you get this shiny rocket made of gold
But if you lose, the Devil still gets your soul...

The Devil brought his rockets in
And he said, "I'll start this show"
And fire flew from his fingertips -
The uranium started to glow

And then he launched his rockets
And they made an evil hiss
And a band of F-16's joined in
And it sounded something like this...

(Musical interlude.)

When the Devil finished Shlomo said
"Well you're pretty good old son
But just sit down in that chair right there
Let me show you how it's done..."

Then he fired on the mountains - "Run, goys, run!"
The Devil's in the House of the Rothschild Sons
Dead Palestinians cloggin' up the street
The bodies are left, so the rest will have meat...

The Devil bowed his head
As he pretended he'd been beat
And he laid that golden rocket
On the ground at Shlomo's feet

Shlomo said, "Devil, just come on back
If you ever wanna try again
I done told you once you son-of-a-bitch
I'm the best there's ever been"

Then he fired on the mountains - "Run, goys, run!"
The Devil's in the House of the Rothschild Sons
Dead Palestinians cloggin' up the street
The bodies are left, so the rest will have meat...

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your work for a long time. Everything you say say resonates in a big way. No where else can I find truth being spoken to the degree in which you tell it.
Hopefully the present conditions will come to an end soon because it is really getting unbearable. Reggie

Anonymous said...

Fear Not..

The Crack of Doom...

Is coming soon (-___0)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...ha!

UselessEater U.K

Anonymous said...

I suppose through our undefined nature,
Being cut off from the natural position of unconditional love for all things material and spiritual,,,
As a species we cannot help but absorb that perversion,,That deluge ,,,,
Ie mass consumerism,and the willingness to do anything for a cheap tv ,,,also,these really bad pervs paedofiles,,,The wanting to mess with the plant and animal life to somehow make it better,you know monsanto and everyone,,,
The stealing from your brother and sister,,,
So on and so on,,,,societal evil playing out at its worse,,,
When we realise what we have done individualy
Basically messed with our natural state,,and had a taste of our true state,,,we are constantly on a journey back to that original point the very tip of our self,,which plays out differently in everyone,,,

That's what's happened to me anyway,,,

Mark said...

Dawn of the Dead

You're right, no words are needed, as the Walmart videos tell you everything you need to know about what comes next.

The last time I played the markets was during the months which preceded 9/11. I had purchased some silver call options because the destroyers had once again backed themselves into a corner. The destruction of the two towers had nothing to do with pissed muslims, and everything to do with the need for a massive gold heist. Voila! The buildings went down, the markets were closed, and when they opened again, my options had expired worthless.


The link below is the new spin DJ'ed by the gatekeeper "experts" in the precious metals markets. In three or four years, they croak, the metals will be worth a lot more, so calm down, everyone, there's nothing to see here. As though we had three or four years left to follow the bouncing ball...

Anonymous said...

Why can't we sit around a hippie utopia in robes and Jersualem cruisers passing the bong? Rhetorical questions are fun eh?

Anonymous said...

Just thinking,,
Maybe karma breeds karma,,
Dharma breeds dharma....?

Anonymous said...

I just realized the symbolic significance of hordes of zombies eating peoples remaining brains-so obvious I missed it all these years.(always had a serious distaste for lynch mobs)

Visible said...

Don't come here and try that tired game of saying one thing and meaning another. It won't fly here and no one wants to hear and you're full of it besides. We're not stupid here, keep it in mind.

Robin Redbreast said...

Great post - followed some of the links - guessed what they were before they came up - just wish more of the general public were following you too
It's all happening :)

niijii said...

Thank you Visible,
I figure a deal is only a deal if you need it. That's why I come here but haven't been to town since the first part of November.

Mouser, hope that you took in The Dust Bowl on PBS during your vacuum tube adventure. :)

George, nice parody! Devil Went Down To Jamaica was my favorite but unfortunately I can now more relate to yours. :(

Been missing the gardener's astro stuff, not that I really understand it, just that I think of her as my left sinus weeps. :(

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

"Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true."

Anonymous said...

Yes… this is as graphic as it gets when addressing the “Question.” I, too, have pondered the “solution” to this question as have so many millions in the past and present. Because I am a believer in “natural law” as being “God’s Law”… I see them as a pathogen in the body of earth’s humanity… ALL humanity. No other group, whether it be a race, religion or nation… has as its creed the abolition or subjugation of the “other” races, religions or nations of the earth. Only they hold such satanic views… and the essence of their hellacious beliefs has lead them to the present moment, where we are all held captive to their fatal embrace. The “solution”… not the “final” solution.. but the “ONLY” solution… is the elimination of this pathogen from the body. When our own bodies become infected with a bacterium or virus which has no hope of “assimilating” with the host cells, it promptly sends leucocytes to evict the deadly presence forthwith. The body does not consign these cancerous entities to say, the little finger of the left hand (i.e. Madagascar) for storage. No, it ELIMINATES them.

I wish all of this were not so. But, it is they themselves, who proudly assert their vehement repulsion to the very idea of melding with the rest of humanity. They have proven themselves the eternal usurers, pornographers, liars, and corrupters of all that is righteous – throughout recorded history. They have dug their own graves. But, alas, they have had the time to enlarge that grave to engulf what will probably be 90+% of the rest of humanity.

Again, I pray that I am wrong… but because there is no hope in changing their psyche… there is logically no other solution to this unprecedented crisis than the abolition of them from this world.

Visible said...


Let me make something perfectly clear to you. You are permanently banned from here and you last comment was all the proof I need to know that I was right in doing this. You are not now and you never will be again, welcome here, ever, ever. Got it? Good.

preacher said...

A grand bargain is a grand betrayal: The forgotten, lonely world of facts

""Facts are stupid things," Ronald Reagan once said, hilariously misquoting Founding Father John Adams, your typical elitist Enlightenment intellectual, who actually said, "Facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." But in the contest between the real world of John Adams and the fantasy world bequeathed to us by Ronald Reagan, stupid and stubborn are on both on the side of the latter... and the latter is winning, hands down, as can be seen in President Obama's pursuit of a so-called "grand bargain" that would cut far more in spending than it would raise in taxes. In the Reaganite fantasy world of Washington DC, Obama represents the left. In the real world? Well, take a look for yourself."

Anonymous said...

The process of the destruction of lies hurts
But the learning of truth makes us happy,,
That's what I find amyway

Anonymous said...

" They hated Rome because Rome had a debt-free money system. They hated Hitler because he showed what could be done with a banking system that didn’t rely on having any Jews stealing the National Wealth. Within their demonic Babylonian Talmud (which they claim is the heart and soul of Judaism) the Jews have a law that if “anyone causes a Jew to lose money, he must be killed.” The god of the Jews is money. Every US President who has been assassinated, was opposed to the Jewish debt-money system. Oy! Such a coincidence! The National Debt is nothing more than what the government owes the Jew bankers for borrowing our own money from them at interest. So, abolish the FED and you pull the plug on the Jews."

preacher said...

I didn't know this about Kafka and hope you all will find this article interesting too:

Devouring Jackals

"...Kafka dreamt of emigrating to Palestine and even learnt Hebrew well enough to read an entire novel, but he would die 24 years before Israel was created. Though Kafka never lived to see the violence that hasten, accompany then follow that country’s founding, he knew full well that such a large influx of Jews onto Arab land would be problematic, to say the least. It would exacerbate “a very old quarrel,” and not just any conflict but one “that divides the world.”"

preacher said...

@UsefullEater UK

Thanx for the song!

Anonymous said...

"..... no efforts of significance are working to counteract this demonic garbage."That's what keeps depressing me.In a tussle with a local politician I've only convinced one person whose directly involved(verbally) that there is no such thing as law only rules made by our rulers.In court 4 others experienced it ,but that was weeks ago and now though they acknowledge the truth of it they don't act on it.They are "back in the matrix".It's like treading water 24/7 for years.
What you do is really important. I'm sure you know that but I can't thank you enough.Thank you so much and do please continue.
Bryan in uk

Anonymous said...

In my resting place
Consuming the universe
Absorbing everything
I become a child
So small
I fit on the tiny leaf
Of the Banyon Tree
Floating in the void
Upward roots
Branches downward

Visible said...

You liked that Useless Eater? That was from my first album. Glad you liked it.



Visible said...

Radio show should be up any time shortly. Man, I have to work like a dog around here (not that dog's work- grin). Anyway- show on at 7:30 Central and after that it will be there for streaming or download; much love.

Visible said...

Boy the liars are showing up tonight. I just had to bounce another comment. What a load of shit I have to hear sometimes. Love them? Garbage, total garbage. That's how it is- fool.

boojum said... toot toot!

Visible said...

Question at your leisure, loser. Keep questioning, it makes me feel really good about certain lacks of capacity. Keep trying. Trust me, keep trying.

David V said...

All of this nastiness is happening, for sure, and it's getting worse. But I suspect that much of it has happened throughout history. What has changed is that, possibly for the first time ever, it's being exposed virtually as fast as it happens. We no longer have to be taken for dupes and fools...although most prefer to continue in that vein. I guess that's the bit about the apocalypse and the strong delusion. God is not willing that anyone should die. No one has to be deceived, unless they choose it.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

now reading Communism a Jewish Talmudic concept

plenty of meaty bits in here (unfortunately some white supremecist content too), including a listing of child blood sacrifices (♫memories are mad eof this♫). now I know where they got the ideas for the vampire movies.
seems it ok, as the Talmud tells us, to rape a 3 year old, minor (no pun intended) conditions apply.

came across this Bill Hicks interview I hadn't seen before, seems none can say the "J" word, so we have to talk like an underground movement.

and what's the word for the millenialism that preaches a truth coming out rather than the destruction which is consequent to a great reckoning? reveleation in a narrow sense of the word? we need our labels.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

My dog worked like a dog!

His dharma was to simultaneously cater to yet still avoid the loup garou. No small feat.

Especially on those long moonlit nights..

He looked very much like the big bad wolf (scarier), and he once saved my life from a mere three inches away.
A heroic effort, which I will always remember.

He never once asked for a raise or a day off but would sometimes disappear for a week or two.

I'd act like I didn't notice..

Aunt Franny said...

Anonymous said...
"Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true."

Sunday, November 25, 2012 9:21:00 PM

Yes. Exactly. It is very important that we become DIS-illusioned.

Love and peace,
Aunt Franny

John Rambo said...

You call FOX News the "worst of the media". In regards to mainstream corporate owned media, I'd say FOX is the best out of them all, even though they are ALL just corporate shills.

For example, FOX just published this yesterday and is the ONLY mainstream media outlet to finally break the topic of how feminism has destroyed the institution of marriage in the Western world:

Now, I could care less. Men are more than happy to just stay free and unmarried. It's women who require marriage, not men.

Also note that the article was written by a woman. Interesting how women are finally waking up and realizing that if they continue their policy of misandry, of hatred towards men, it is going to ruin THEIR OWN LIVES much more than it ruins the men's lives.

Bet the big smart independent intelligent feminists never thought of that one, eh?

Anonymous said...

The ploy to shove feminism down the throats of today's "modern woman" began a long, long time ago, in a Puppet Master think tank, somewhere. Its roots are intimately intertwined with the roots of communism, and whenever I see a "modern woman" today, wearing the standard-issue blue jeans along with the tight top with spaghetti straps, I think, "Communist party uniform". (Note: You can see this uniform everywhere; watch TV, especially the commercials, and this uniform is evident over and over again.)

Taylor Caldwell (who was a celebrated author, and a female, FYI) wrote a brilliant piece on the subject, back in the early 1970's. Here a link to it -

Visible said...

You sure are an angry guy John. Nothing is going to be gained by that and it certainly won't change the conditions you get so torqued off by. In fact, it will provoke more and more examples of this flawed perspective. Meanwhile all that "Hail Satan"! "Hail Lucifer"! is just juvenile and you're smart enough to know that.

There's plenty of good women out there and 90% of seeing that is in how you treat them.

Visible said...

I think there is no question that Savile was high up in the Satanic ranks. It's a dead giveaway when a person gets away with certain things and runs into no opposition.

Visible said...

When I see a woman in blue jeans I have an entirely different reaction (grin). So, I see there's an agenda afoot here. Wouldn't you guys be more comfortable over at Henry Makow's site. He doesn't like women either and wants to put them in their place, wherever that is.

Visible said...

It really amuses me how guys get all worked up about women not being pliable and submissive to them. I never run into the negative aspects of feminism because my mindset doesn't set up those contacts. There's no cosmic necessity for me to encounter that kind of thing. Those kind of women just move on past me to those who require that kind of thing to reinforce their belief system. Just about everything works this way.

Anonymous said...

The article was written by Taylor Caldwell (a female), it has nothing to do with Henry Makow (other than the fact Makow posted it on his site). Senor Visible, you have a habit of casting stones when nobody was throwing any to begin with...but that's charming, in my eyes; it proves you are all too human, like the rest of us.

the gardener said...

dear niiji ~off the top of my head, Mercury-the planet of communications goes direct today Monday November 26 after 21 days of backpedaling through the degrees. Starting at 3 Sag it is now back into Scorpio... always interesting to see any planetary moves or changes of signs prior to a New or Full Moon-this month's full moon is on WEDNESDAY the 28th of November. Sag Sun with Moon opposite in Gemini... also an eclipse which come in energy pairs.

Coupled with the several CMEs this week-earthbound and our fragile thin magnetosphere - these astro energies have sapped my endurance yet strengthened my resolve... upsy dazy energies. Lots of heavy company in my house since Oct 1 has resulted in my finding new sleeping arrangements with discomfort just enough along with the N/S body alignment a big change from the W/S alignment my body achieves in its bed have resulted in my having some very extreme dream times for a while now.

I've had one massive miracle come down upon me on October 22... easy to get diverted away from that one by the petty tyrannical bullshit coming and going everyday in every way. I keep my focus on that miracle though. I know there will be more where that one came from.

Just know everyone that there are many who would kill you, get you dead financially or physically and/or both just to have what you've got right now. Escalating the zombie fraud, thefts and legal world nightmares.

I had a repulsive compulsion to sleuth a bit on facebook, checking out the several factions who've made hay of my sun shine. They've been headed back to the primordial black slime they crawled out of for their last chance to redeem their souls... instead all the human delights of this realm beckoned them and being possessed they took the easy way out instead of the hard way which becomes the easy way in the long run.

Interestingly enough I've had several conversations provoked by others about the '3 days of darkness' premise of the days of the big change. 'hustle yourself into the bowels of your home. Cover windows and do not look out of them. If anyone comes to your door do not open it for them-anyone"...

Had a few power outages this week which just seldom to never happens. Preparatory times? These caused many 'end times' discussions too. So many praying 'hurry up God'...

the gardener

PS-one astrologer I love to appreciate is Lynda Hill who works with Sabian Symbols... she's got an oracle site off of her main site which comes in handy for creative inspiration with problems at hand. here's her Full Moon forecast she just finished. She's on facebook and is quite the well rounded good.

She makes a nice counterweight to Vis' works in my opinion.

insiam said...

Anyone that believes or support AJ is obviously an idiot or complicit in someway. the following short (1 min) clip should seal it for even the most ignorant of brain dead moronic sheeple ...

Alex jones says iran wants to wipe israel off the map:

So Vis, something bothers me and i know you addressed my 'bother' before. But i don't understand how anyone could hold a person in esteem when they deliberately and openly promote AJ.

Hope you don't mind me speaking freely, but i have had several exchanges with a certain purveyor of silver coins and advice for money, and i personally regard him as a repulsive glutton like despicable character. Yet i see him displaying himself where i least expected him to be.

I am genuinely confused Vis

Dodgy One said...

Direct to you from WRH ladies and gentlemen of the cosmos the truth seekers have in an instant tipped the balance with this pivital blow to the whores of zionazism the anti-christ state of isreallyhell on earth is tended a mortal blow from the one and only (ta da) Pink Floyd - Song for Palestine.

Now come on all you big strong tellers of truth get this one mega viral for blow to the forces of darkness.

Anonymous said...

Isn't feminism a phantom created by the scribes and their MSM?

Who is feminist flogged? I was. I once watched a girl messing around trying to climb a shopping cart, she tipped it over, fell down and banged her head on the hard floor and the cart fell on her. All I would have had to do was put my arms out there and pull her out of that mess. But OH NO! I can't touch a girl! The look her mom gave me made me feel lower than worm shit. OK, I repented, I'll never do such a cowardly thing again, but I sure gave it all a serious think. It's feminist flogged to be scared of talking to them too.

Feminist flogged bozos presume girls to be sluts in everything they say. Illegal, legal, jailbait, 15 will get you 20, I can't talk to you you're too young (to fuck), If you're not worth a fuck you're not worth a shit either... just everything they say presumes girls to be sluts! Are these the guys who think girls are so sexy that there just has to be a girl diddler hiding behind every bush to grab one? They're afraid to ever talk to one, so their imaginations are pretty free, throw in a "wrong ... So very very WRONG" and you just have the makins for some awfully sexy little girls! When AOL came around, I made it my policy to talk to the young girls if they started the im. I was ready and willing to defend that policy to anyone who wanted to call me a pervert and that made me more popular with the young girls. You do NOT want 5 messages going on at the same time with 5 of those chatty Kathys!

I never presumed them to be sluts with words like that. Those girls are the new generation of women now, about 20, and they are none too pleased with the abuse they suffered at the hands of feminist flogged bozos. If you approach one of these women, you might just hear all about it. "Oh, I'm a legal slut now, and you want to talk to me??? Write this down: Pussies don't get this!" The bolder ones are out to diss, spurn, and humiliate and embarrass you, just like you did to them. How did presuming them to be sluts become the standard accepted treatment of them?

Women are feminist flogged too. If a wman dresses any better than something like a frumpy tomboy, she gets the stinkeye from other women. Do you ever see the women in "Alfred Hitchcock hour"? Would you throw your coat over a mud puddle for them, a young girl or Madonna wielding tits and ass like a club, jumping up and down demanding what femininity naturally COMMANDS.

It's like that spooky monkey experiment. They put 5 monkeys in a cage with a staircase going up to a banana. If a monkey went up the stairs and got the banana, the others would get sprayed with water. After a while, the monkeys wouldn't let a monkey go up those stairs. Gradually, they replaced every monkey, but that policy continued.

Sometimes it looks we're just what they say we are.

Ray Zerwitt

Dave Klausler said...

Visible said:
"It really amuses me how guys get all worked up about women not being pliable and submissive to them. I never run into the negative aspects of feminism because my mindset doesn't set up those contacts. There's no cosmic necessity for me to encounter that kind of thing. Those kind of women just move on past me to those who require that kind of thing to reinforce their belief system. Just about everything works this way."


Visible said...

It has nothing to do with Henry Makow except that it was posted on his site?

I didn't even know that cause I don't go there but ring one up for me intuitively.

Visible said...

insiam, say what you got to say. I don't have time for trying to figure you out. It appears on the surface that you are offended by my association with someone but I'm not going to bother going to look for it. Apparently I work for you and owe you jot and tittle explanations for every breath I take and should I fail in the least regard then I should probably be put to death. Given that I work for you and owe you clear and precise explanations for everything and given that I'm not even valuable to receive any leeway or regard commensurate with any service I might provide, i suggest you just kill me.

preacher said...

@Pierre 1:56 Am
Thanks for that Bill Hicks interview; great!
Letterman apologized after Bill's death and aired the banned show with his mother present:

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
yes preacher, thanks for that, Letterman (real name?) poses the questions, is empty, has no content to add. and as goebells? said , it doesnt matter if the truth gets out eventually, as long as the BS rolls on. hicks mum is a dear.

wv hemplove 222? wtf?

insiam said...

wow - heavy man. sorry if i offended you by touching a raw nerve.

my points in the simplest terms are. (as i pointed out before)

1 you have a banner for and he heavily promotes alex Jones - yet you heavily criticize and expose jones as a fraud. Call me as you will but i find that at odds.

2 your next banner is for a purveyor of pieces of silver and false financial advice. Mr drockton.

i find that also at odds with your message. so if i cant say what i think then it is time i moved along.

next ..........

PS if i somehow got it all wrong then please accept my apology.

Cassandra of Troy said...

Gardener, I'm sure you'll appreciate this post from an astrologer, but everyone here may appreciate her brave truth-telling about Israel's latest killing spree.

"Following in the long tradition of using astrology/astronomy to time acts of war, Israel initiated missile strikes against Palestine November 14, as we were coming out of the Alpha Snake New Moon total solar eclipse."

Full post at:

Anonymous said...

I have read something that, even if not true, made me understand why the world and the people are that way.
I resume: this planet is a prison planet. Souls come from all over the galaxy. Because souls are indestructible, we are trapped in a system that wipe our past lives memory, and recycles us perpetually in a body. We are here without a clue of where we come from and what we are. Immortals souls, with unlimited creative energy.
Read the Alien interview:

Anonymous said...

“My dear brahmana, what you are reading?”

Srila Prabhupada..

When Lord Caitanya was traveling in South India in a big temple, Ranganatha temple, He went to see the Deity, and He saw one brahmana was reading Bhagavad-gita. And people were joking him, “Oh, Mr. Brahmana, how you are reading Bhagavad-gita?” Because they were the neighbors, they knew that this brahmana was illiterate and he was studying Bhagavad-gita. So they were joking. But the brahmana did not care them. He was taking the book and in his own way he was reading. Caitanya Mahaprabhu saw this incident, He came to the brahmana. So He asked the brahmana, “My dear brahmana, what you are reading?” So he could understand “This persons is not joking with me; He is serious.” So he explained, “My dear sir, I am reading Bhagavad-gita. Unfortunately, I am illiterate. I do not know even the alphabets.” “Why you are reading Bhagavad-gita?” So he said that, “My spiritual master knows that I am illiterate, but still, he has asked me to read Bhagavad-gita. What can I do? Therefore I have taken this book. I am seeing simply. I do not know how to read.” “Oh, that’s all right. You cannot read. But I see that you are crying. How you are crying if you are not reading?” “Yes, I am crying. Of course, there is cause.” “What is that?” “As soon as I take this Bhagavad-gita, I remember Krsna. Krsna is sitting as driver and Arjuna is hearing. I have heard the story. I know something of the instruction but cannot read. So as soon as I take this book, this picture comes before me and I simply think, ‘Oh, how Krsna is nice that He has become a charioteer of His devotee. He is so great.
Still, He has accepted a menial service of His devotee.’ This gives me so much pleasure that I cry.” Caitanya Mahaprabhu embraced him, “Your Bhagavad-gita reading is perfect. You have taken the essence.” So this is the thing. If you simply remember Krsna is teaching Arjuna and Arjuna is hearing, if you simply remember the picture, that is sufficient. Even if you think that you cannot read. Because after all we have to become Krsna conscious. We haven’t got to become a learned man to argue with another learned man. If it is possible we can do that, but that does not make any difference if I cannot argue with others or if I cannot teach very nicely Bhagavad-gita to others. Simply if I remember this picture, that is perfection. Because we have to become Krsna conscious. We have to simply think of Krsna. You think in any way. That is your perfection. Smartavyah satatam visnuh. This is the injunction. You have to think of Visnu always. This is samadhi; this is meditation; this is yoga siddhi, perfection of yoga.

Visible said...

insiam; this may come as a surprise to you but I suspect not, I suspect this is intentional on your part. If you gave a shit about me, which apparently you do not, you would have emailed me about this and sincerely inquired. You didn't do this.

For some reason, you seem to think that I keep up with all the people I link. For some reason, you, in your vast wisdom of things, thinks that I am engrossed in this minutiae. The truth is that I haven't read anything from Jim's site in several years. He is linked on my blogs because he came to visit me in Italy 4 or 5 years ago and I had a great time with him. I found him to be an honest and truly entertaining fellow and we had a great time. Other than that, I know nothing about him.

I don't doubt you have skeletons in your closet but you would rather see the mote in someone's eye than the beam in your own.

You're a hypocrite and you are self-righteous. That's a terrible combination. Your effort was to injure and diminish me, while I am completely unaware of Jim's affection for Alex Jones.

Instead of being a friend, you chose, in your smug and self adulating way to try to make me look bad in a public way. Why you did this, I have no idea. I'll bet you can find something wrong with all kinds of people that I have linked to but the God's honest truth is that I didn't know anything about this until you brought it up.

I hope you're happy with yourself and that you feel like you did something useful here. What you have done, as far as I am concerned is to prove you are no friend of mine, not any way.

Please, pat yourself on the back for exposing me about something I knew nothing about. Please, go to Twitter and proclaim it Sherlock. In the meantime, don't trouble me again. I've lost all respect for you. Once again, someone I defended stabs me in the back. Thanks pilgrim.

Anonymous said...

insiam @ 10:33:00

Insiam, it is clear to us what you are doing. Word of advice: You ain't smart enough. Your "points" or rather, questions, are nothing of the sort at all; they are to discredit Vis by "pointing out" fake(!) inconsistencies. I'm not going into how and why; all (or most?) readers here are perfectly cognizant of your phony and fake 'pointers', but suffice to say, that one man's acceptance of (or listening to) another man's utterances, will not invalidate his writings and ideas.

You should stick to write children's books, and just go and play in the sand.

Visible said...

In Siam; I am really sorry that you are so angry that you can't see straight. Here is what I suggest. You should write Jim Corr and establish for yourself what is true. He visited me once about 5 years ago and we had a wonderful time talking for several days in Italy.

Then, a couple of years ago, he called me on the phone here and said, "I really needed to talk to you". So we talked for about 20 minutes and that is all the contact I have had with him.

He has never mentioned Alex Jones to me and before God, I had no idea what his position on Alex Jones was. I suggest you ask him and he will affirm all I have said. Then you can tell him what you think of Alex Jones too.

I can see from the nasty things you just said to me that your intention was just to hurt me. You have no interest in the truth, just in injury or you would have handled it differently. I am not responsible for everything that other people think. My position on Alex Jones is well known and that speaks for me. I don't shit can people just because they hold different views than I. I also can hardly do anything about what I had no knowledge of in the first place. Like I said, go ask him. Before you call me a liar and a fraud, go and establish the truth of it. This you cannot do.

That other fellow who sells the gold came to me and wanted to exchange links some years ago. He seemed okay and it was a long time ago so I did that. I haven't been to his site in years either. I'm not a witch-hunter or a witch burner. You are and you hold serious resentments and you're all messed up inside. I don't know what I can do for you.

You're coming or going doesn't change anything here and no one is probably even going to notice. I am truly sorry that you are all angry and pissed off but I don't even know what you want me to do. You never said. You just wanted to yell at me and insult me for someone's else's position on something that I didn't even know anything about. You're very unstable. I hope things get better for you.

I do consider Jim a friend but how he views me I have no idea. You would think if he was a really good friend that we would have more contact, wouldn't you? Go talk to him and get your mind clear, don't make wild accusations just cause your feelings got hurt. You lashed out at me and I gave you some of your own medicine, that's all.

Your little act of sarcasm about poets was a small signal of your losing it. I tried to handle that with what little finesse I possess. Now you've gone even further around the bend. You might want to think about that.

Citizen Elle said...

Visible, thanks again for your relentless efforts .. link on! (especially appreciate the glamour pdf– had missed that one by AB)

A naughty mouser & reggie – thanks, so with you in your sentiments

Goy George – LOL OMG nice choice for this musical revamp! & a weird synchronicity, too

Niijii, I was also noting the absence of the gardener lately while reading this post but notice her site seems busier than ever

Anonymous said...

I see in the AOL news today that a hugely obese woman found a nasty object in her McDonald's breakfast. To her I would ask : Did it look like ... a McDonald's breakfast?

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

How does the theory of relativity base itself on the speed of light being constant and everything else is relative and conclude that the speed of light is not constant, because it can't escape a black hole, but everything else is still relative? Even out village idiot ancestors, walking around in circles saying the world is flat, could poke holes in this.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Why is my sick disturbed speed of mind so much faster than your stinking speed of light?!



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