Monday, December 3, 2012

"Oh Brave New World that has Such People in it"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you happen to be a dog).

Consenting adults would probably want to keep that in mind, cause there could be the consideration, of a kind of “Wrong Way Riegels”. I see the lightning. I hear the thunder, given that I believe Israel is actually Palestine and all I have seen over the years on the shrinking map tells me all I need to know about what is going on. I have seen these sideways a time or 2.

So visible, what are you going to do about it? Well, I could leave the room. We will see, won't we? No, I am not in a good mood but...sooner or later, I might catch a headwind that will blow me right out of Dodge City. Is there a Dodge City?

I want to point out that the circumstances in our lives are going to be determined by righteous and real. We chose to be what we become. It's all up to us.

For too many years, a game strategy, well, an actually malignant process, has been taking us down the road, to an ever more cramped and confined extremity. No matter the color of a person's skin and sometimes because of that, this has been going down. Because of the need for high-end communication devices; which I am not discounting the value of, things like this are going on and as mentioned earlier there is a process; color of skin, may or may not be a reality in the mix but you'll get that feeling, depending on who you are and how you think anyway.

These are troubling times and you need to have an awareness. I have a ceramic, piggy bank. I don't know how I got it but there it sits at the corner of my right eye, across the room, past the window, where Tree blocks whatever is out there, in the beyond, on the wooden chest that holds my clothes. There's nothing in that bank at the moment. There was, once or twice, but I'm not the sort of person who is into piggy banks. You might ask yourself, why is it a piggy bank? Why not a badger, or a bear? Why not anything else? The truth is that bankers are pigs and that is the real reason that some people don't eat them. It is because they reincarnate as them. Another group doesn't eat it because they don't want to be like them. Another group does eat pork and even has pig toilets, because those who become pigs, feed off of them, when they go around in human form. Now, you could call all this racism and you can call it bad humor, or you can call it anything you want because I don't care. I am not talking about the whole body of the group in any case and that is the meat and the matter of the moment at any time. They hide among us and pretend to be us, in every group and that is what makes it so hard. They have to be 'rooted' out.

Calling them as I see them, since I be I, is an unavoidable thing with me. I think to finesse the presentation, in any case, because those who hate to hear the truth about themselves, are just going to hate me more and those who are oppressed by these relentless fiends, will hate me for bringing it to their attention and I have to live with that but I live in a different dimension and... Things are what they are, let the chips fall where they may. I am not a racist-pig. I don't measure anyone by their color. I only go by what people do. I only go by what people do. I only go by the results of their actions, upon their fellows and upon me; which is why I have kept changing my residence because of their impact on me and my attempts to not be part of the racket. It is what it is, or it isn't. That should be pretty clear, unless it isn't due to the web humming, miasma of the Maya factor.

I recognize that not everyone sees things the same way that I do. I also note that most people hardly see at all. There is a peculiar magic being practiced on us, because of our willingness, to be obsessed with material things and it fucks us up. People run around like crazed beasts, grabbing shrink-wrapped items from department store shelves, to show their love and appreciation for others, on that special day, that comes around every year. Shouldn't they be doing that sometime, for someone, every day but... no, it doesn't work like that.

The whole system is operating in a way, where useful and useless things, are both made more expensive and the struggle to keep after them, is the greatest cost ...because it includes the most precious things there are, in the things you lost, like your pride, your honor, your humanity, your dignity. The list is endless.

Why am I sounding so strange? This isn't like me. This isn't my normal operandi; as if I had one. It's because we are being fed things like this. It's because feeding us thing like this, is supposed to make some kind of sense. If you read the article and you look at the pictures, surely your mind must wonder if this is an actual or staged reality or, maybe... what? I don't know. Is it some kind of Hunger Games retro-virus? Is it a mystical epiphany of an end of the world doctrine? Is it only Herpes of the Mind?

I'm trying to get my head around it. I am trying to get my head around the emergence of things like this, which are increasingly being set, as something that is going to be happening with routine frequency, or... maybe you think that is not the case? Maybe you think this is also an anomaly?

It can be said a lot of different ways but it all comes out the same as to what the cause of every single one of these things is. We are very clearly in Brave New World Country. The process of incremental is what gets us. Things happen in small, linked steps. It's similar to time lapse photography, in a certain way. Well, not similar but maybe you get what I think I am trying to say. People talk about magic but they don't really understand it or see it happening around and to them every day, in both good and bad ways. Take for example when you put a seed in the ground. Try as you might, you never actually see it coming out of the ground. One day it is simply there. Every plant needs sunlight and water. These are both just permutations of Love. It used to be that when sponsors at radio shows, new store openings, or whatever, that you could win or get a free t-shirt. Then you would walk around like a human billboard; make you feel unique. Time passed and people actually began to buy t-shirts and other apparel with advertising on it, in order to appear cool and unique. It got completely out of hand with the redoubtable, Tommy Hilfiger ...and to a lesser extent, DKNY. Now you got millions of human billboards, running around being cool and unique.

That then leads to tattoos and piercings. It used to be that you only saw them on bikers, soldiers and biker sluts. Now they are ubiquitous. I believe I once referenced the epidemic of south seas islander-like tattoos across the top of the sacral plexus on ladies, so that the cat, jackhammer rocking behind her ass would have something to read, while he was engaged in what was once called 'an act of love'. When the divine animating principle, is being, funny-teasing with me, which is often the case, he'll ask me 'who wrote the Book of Love'? I would always get it wrong (or so I was told), until I got it right the other day and now I can't remember what I said.

This is one of the most difficult blog postings I have ever had to write. It's been going on for about 5 days. The problem is that so many things have happened to me that I've got some form of PTSS. I had a hard time in Frankfurt and I also had to go back there twice. That was nothing compared to Muenchen (Munich). I left off for there last Wednesday night. It was bitter cold. I stayed in my hotel and the next morning, I took off for the Indian consulate to get my visa. It was snowing and the wind was blowing it near horizontally, so if you were walking in the wrong direction, which I often had to on that day, given what happened to me, it was brutal. My used leather jacket, which I bought on Ebay got stuck halfway up, with the zipper. I had to rip it apart at that level. That was a big help. Anyway, I got to the consulate, which is not the consulate but a branch of Cox and Kings. The Indians had 'outsourced' their visa system to a German GMBH, or business firm. Do you get the irony of the Indians outsourcing? There is one in Frankfurt and one in Muenchen. The application form is exactly the same. I was originally going there, since it was closer but was told that I had to go to the one in Muenchen, if I lived in a certain district. When I got to this place, there were about twenty people waiting outside in a line. When the doors opened you had to take a number. Only one person was processing at the counter, though there were spots for about 6 persons. After half an hour one more arrived and another, 15 minutes after that. When my turn came up, I walked up and got told that I could not apply because my application form came off of the Frankfurt website. I said, well just give me an application and I'll fill it out. He said I can't do that, you have to go back downtown, find an internet cafe, fill it out and then come back. “I'm sorry” he said. “No you're not”, I replied and left there with a very hollow feeling. I was certain I would get no visa then and it cost me a great deal to come there in the first place, with my limited resources for the while gambit in the first case. I wound up going around all over the place, until I found one. Then I tried to fill out the form, with the minutes going by until the place closed. Nothing was working very well and I was sure at that point that I would not be getting a visa.

Finally I got it filled out and went to print it and it printed out nothing but gibberish. So I went to the Middle Eastern guy who owned, or ran the place and asked for help. He said that was my problem and to go away and not bother him. Munich has a surfeit of these kinds of people; is famous for it. I finally figured it out and left. The weather kept turning uglier. By some mystical grace, I found a particular bank that handles my assets (grin) and was able to get needed funds. The visa was more expensive than I had imagined. I took a cab back to the visa corporation with time remaining on the cosmic meter. Now there were about fifty people ahead of me. I sat down in a glum mood at the front by the counter. I guess the guy who had sent me on my way must have been touched by something invisible to the both of us, because minutes after I sat down, he summoned me up and told me to give my form to the lady sitting next to him. In a very short time I had surrendered my passport, paid for UPS dispatch of that and the visa to be sent to me and was out the door; no guarantee that I would get it but at least that was over. I couldn't figure out why they needed to keep my passport. They said it takes at least 3 working days for it to arrive to me.

Originally, when I went to do the trip of just mailing it in, they told me it took two weeks and I didn't have enough time. I said, “I have over 3 weeks”. The guy said, “We can't guarantee it”. Heh heh. Today my passport came in the mail with nothing else. I didn't know what to think. I opened my passport and the visa was stamped into a page of the passport. I guess I am going to India, although a lot of people don't want me to. They seem to think something permanent is involved. If I don't take the steps to change myself and look for a location, the community won't happen. At least this community won't. That's what it's all about.

I took the train home from Muenchen and my friend Michael was supposed to pick me up. I went out to where the cars were and he was not there. I waited awhile and said, “What the ...whatever”, so I set off walking to his house and walked 2 kilometers in the wrong direction and had to walk them back and then another 2 K or so to his house. Apparently he was waiting on the other side of the tracks for me. I didn't know there was another side. It was all dark at that end and no one seemed to be going that way. What a trip. Many things have been like that these days. I was sure I would not get the visa but I did. At several points, I was just going to head back to the bus station that would take me to the train leg of the trip. I didn't. I persevered. It's all been stranger than fiction.

Today I had to go to the pharmacy to get a couple of shots that I needed for India. One of them turned out to be a few tablets taken every other day. The cumulative cost was 80 some Euro. I was stunned. I had to take the shot to the doctor to have it administered. I'm actually in a good mood, just so you know. I know it's all for the purpose of demonstration and if I don't get it on the front end, I get it on the back end but hopefully not in the rear end (grin).

My friend, Imron, was waiting for me when I returned from my trip. He had flown in from LA to see me. He brought me the latest ipad, with a keyboard in a leather case. I had already bought a new Asus Infinity. I told him to please keep it for himself, as he didn't have one and was going to get one. He insisted I keep it and take that with me too, so that I could do vlogs and the rest. He and some other friends are putting together a Kickstarter program for me, to pay for a record album, to be recorded in UK at my friend Old Boy's studio and a documentary film to be made about my life, among a couple other things. I'm extremely touched and don't know what to say. I think we'll close at that point.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Comrade these are glorious times in the cargo cult utopia. An immaculate sugar daddy in the district of cesspool is going to deliver all the free goodies like a benevolent pimp! The one will smote reality so we can continue to live in an entertainment fantasy world. Elections have no consequences, reality is fantasy, failure is the new success. Forward comrades, forward to the great grand golden paradise on earth!

Anonymous said...


(A musical parody, based on the song, "Piano Man", by Billy Joel.)

It's nine o'clock on a Saturday
And the general marches in
There's a captain standin' next to me
And he's wearing a devilish grin

He says, "Son can you bring me a forklift
We've got to load all these kilos
It's worth gold on the street and it's used to defeat
The sheeple who finance our wars"

Oh -
La-la, de-de-da-da
La-la, de-de-daaaa...da-dum

Ship us some horse from Afghanistan
Ship us some horse tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for some heroin
And you've got us Jonesin' all right...

Now John in Kabul is a friend of ours
He helps us protect the poppies
And he's quick with his gun if your mouth starts to run
But there's someplace that he'd rather be

He said, "Man, I believe this is genocide"
As the smile ran away from his face
"Well I'm sure that I could be a decent man
If I could get out of this place"

Oh -
La-la, de-de-da-da
La-la, de-de-daaaa...da-dum

Now Paul is an agency specialist
His milieu is Damage Control
And he's schmoozing with Davy, who kills for the Navy
And neither of them has a soul

And the Blue Bloods are practicing pedophiles
And the sheeple? - just fucked-up and stoned
Yes, they're sharing a thing they call suicide
But it's better than dying alone

Ship us some horse from Afghanistan
Ship us some horse tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for some heroin
And you've got us Jonesin' all right...

It's a pretty good haul for a Saturday
And the general gives me a smile
'cause there's plenty of smack for the plebes in the States
To forget about life for a while

And Afghanistan sounds like a slaughterhouse
As the Afghanis tremble in fear
And they hide from the drones and sometimes they intone
"Uncle Sam, what are you doin' here?"

Oh -
La-la, de-de-da-da
La-la, de-de-daaaa...da-dum

Ship us some horse from Afghanistan
Ship us some horse tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for some heroin
And you've got us Jonesin' all right...

Visible said...

too funny!

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

I feel for you, that was a very descriptive experience.

Reading the tale of your trip to Munich, I was thinking about how that experience is the daily slog for millions of people who have no hope, no idea and no path to follow.

Reading your blogs these last months, it appears to me that things are getting better for you, albeit slowly. It is a curse of the temporal to be plagued by time as it is a constant in our lives especially for the enlightened, as time surely is not an impediment where you are heading.

I wish you well in your trip to India. I have never been there however I am lucky to have many friends and colleagues from that region and they are a beautiful people (at least a good majority are!).

The Divine has been good to me recently with certain barriers lifted and I intend to buy some of your books to send as Christmas presents and I hope many of your readers will take the opportunity to do so as well.

Bon voyage and thank you for the photos of the Dogs on Origami, it made my day!

Best wishes


kenny said...

Just heard a rumor from a good source today that horse has trotted into our rural community and already the stealing from family has begun.

Yep, the captain grins. Generals, CIA and politicians too.

No more DIY meth for the kiddies, here's the good stuff. As the old saying goes, 'the government hates competition.'

Visible said...

Thank you, Jim.

the gardener said...

Totally surreal events from pre-start to your finish Vis... like one of my anxiety dreams in play. At least you didn't feel compelled to cut through peoples occupied houses to get back hom in Twilight Time like I always do in those dreams.

"Afghanistan" is brilliant. I'm sharing them with a few musicians I know to get their parody juices flowing... time for some funny weird real coming our way musically. Record them Goy!

The mocking and scoffing is already starting about the shift of energies of 12/21/12 ... these types obviously haven't noticed anything different or funny lately I suppose... like how time is very wonky now?

here's a good energy shift validation-one that I've experienced since Chernobyl...

She had hers gushing out of her nose where mine has been but trickle but mine did start doing this after Chernobyl along with the 'metallic taste' and it has upstarted again noticeably since Fukushima. Also chemtrailing starts it up and it makes my throat sore and probably causes aspirated pneumonia too. Clear, like water, not snot. drips or streams, probably what the ads call 'post nasal drip'... please relay if anyone else is doing this brain drain.

the gardener

Rob in WI said...

Goy George,
Perfectamente, definitely among your best.
Mucho gracias, and be well, Rob

preacher said...

I'm glad to read it all worked out for you despite some difficulties.
If the Divine didn't want you to go there, it would have been a faillure.
So good times in India!

That's some horror story...
My nose has been dripping now for months; it gets worse when I'm outside for some time. In the morning my lungs are filled with fluid, but there's nothing wrong or so the doc is telling me. I don't see the sun for days here. Weird stuff.

Anonymous said...


I took the following from one of the links you posted.

"The police were so violent and so reckless that they even shot up their own cruisers with friendly fire".

Im sorry, but everytime I read this, I bust out laughing. I'm begining to figure out what "It's all under control means".

Ben G

preacher said...

Massachusetts city announces: turn in your guns, get a free flu shot!

preacher said...

And then there's all of that zombie-shit flying around. I think this article nails it:

For God so loved the zombies…

"Before atrocities are carried out, propaganda and dehumanization are utilized to condition the masses to provide moral cover for the intended crimes."

This is how @horse237 sees it:

Signs The Bankers Are Prepping You For World War Z

And then there's the news:

Zombie Tries To Eat Dog In Street, Video, Mainstream News Report

No, not a crazed man... a Zombie.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"because it includes the most precious things there are, in the things you lost, like your pride, your honor, your humanity, your dignity."

I did think of Lao Tzu as I read it.

I don't think the Templars had such a hard time getting to and fro the "Orient", and the magi carpet must just have been for the return home to sell those horses and assorted 'cult'ures

a George "holds no punches "
Carlin without the smilies that I came across yesterday at another place.

Anonymous said...

peace be upon you les,

Bon voyage:) Its good that you had to go through all this to get your visa. Cause it ain't going to be easy in India :) I mean nothing you can't handle with your visible head and invisible friends. The reason I left India for France was simple too many people who have no idea what they are doing. Although the electricity you feel in the air once you land in India will blow you away. I mostly try to avoid the big cities especially New Delhi although I was born their and lived most of my life. Bhopal is a place in the center of India where I hang out or hang on because my soul feels at peace their. I am leaving on 13th of December godwilling..Look forward to catching up with you there. I invite you to my neck of the woods in Bhopal and Delhi. Felicitations encore for your visa and future journey into the unknown.

Love and respect,

Anonymous said...

In the end; bar keeps, pimps, and hash baggers hold the ceiling from collapsing till the stairway is adjusted.

Only God knows what that means.


Anonymous said...


Involuted Mirage.

Anonymous said...

LV, your hassle at the consulates is another example of the state of things which makes me stay home. I don't want to drive more than 10 miles from my house any more. The so-called United States is really a giant hog trough, populated with masturbators and glue sniffers. When I hear people whining about "Agenda 21" and population reduction plans by "the Illuminati", or whatever eminence gris they name, I shrug. I think population reduction is a good idea. And if I happen to be in the herd marked for vaporizing, well then, let them try. We're coming down to the Jack London scenario again: survival of the competent.

Good luck in the Himalayas, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Goy George,

Another home run!
You're inspired (and inspiring).


Anonymous said...

Bacon is the most glorious tasting food on the planet. Eat the rich. Eat the bankers. If they taste like bacon I'm in.

Anonymous said...

"Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex"

Anonymous said...

Reading about ley lines or dragon lines,think the celts called them fairy lines,,,,Chinese use these in feng shui ,,,,
How a lot of those old mounds hill forts the old churches and so on all around the world are actually points where these currents split or connectted everywhere,,,,
Incas Mayans toltecs called them dream lines,,,,,
The horse to the ancients along with many other animals was sacred,myself I dont hold any animal higher than any other,,,,,each of those animals is unique and sacred,,,,maybe the issue with the horse in ancient times was the fact that it helped ease mans burden much like the oxon,,,,,Helped with farming and such,,,
In the Judaic Christian bible we have the four horseman of the appocalypse ,,,sort of heroes in one context and baddies in another,,,lord Vishnu rides a white horse when he reincarnates into the world and brings dharmic principles thus also bringing balance,,,,,,
The biblical text I can't remember what one has a horse gate leading from David's hill fort which also has something to do with the sheep gate,,,?
The use of afghani horse soldiers to fill Europe up with heroin and sticking a big statue outside the 3 towers that
Were blown up on 9.11 looks to me very very not good for the perpetrators of 9.11,Israel,,,Israel in my own opinion looks to be dead,,,,
The banking houses the same,,
The removal of the perpetrators of evil from the offices of all governmental agency's would be needed across the entire world,,,,,
In one context I can see that these four horsemen of the appocalyptius or whatever could be seen as the corporate tenticles destroying the earth,,,,they also would need to be removed and disbanded,for their utter disrespect,,,,
In another context I really like lord Vishnu and there is a place in England that has a white horse carved into the side of a hill near to Glastonbury tor,,also the stones are in the shape of a horse shoe,,,,,,
The ancient tales of of England Scotland Wales Ireland are beautiful ,completely wild and free,,.as are the tales of all the northern people's,,,,When Judaic romanised Christianity was imposed on us it tried to wipe out our history,,pretend we were all cavemen dragging our wives up the road by the hair and stuff,,,,,no no no no,,,,we were a wise brave good people who loved to our fullest,,,,
Maybe if the northern people's were to embrace that dharmic mode together,,we could all help lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu brigs balance,,the maintainer,,,
Now who wouldn't want to bring that,,,,

Just saying,,,as their is a messed up feeling knocking about,,
And this world needs to move out of this Kali yuga,,,

Anonymous said...

The people of the north have been tricked for many many years,,,tricked into comitting atrocitys around the world to hold up this corporate Judaic suppremacist slave mongering
Abominated entity,,,
From my own opinion I have watched from the sidelines and seen the truth movement fight that corporate banking Judaic slave mongering war making hell on earth evil,,,and beat it down,,,,i have no doubt that it has been helped with the help of the energy that maintains things,,,seeks balance,,,,,,

So I pay my respects to lord Vishnu
And the greatness that lives in all people

flying cossack said...

we choose our next life ... but the mathematics are damning ... for every human there are atleast a million insects

Unknown said...

Hi Vis and everyone.

These problems sound like what my work days are like. They didn't used to be that way but now they are. I paint buildings, not that hard really.

I had to write because out of the right corner of my eye sits an old and empty piggy bank. It's less than five feet from where I sit. My sister made it and that's why I still have it. On the side it says "SOY PUERCO".


Anonymous said...

HHmmm... Vis; for me this would not be a good omen, but for you it might work the opposite.

I can only say, that when I have to overcome all kinds of crazy, weird, unexpected(!) random obstacles and fight with tooth-and-nail stubbornness to make it happen, I end up regretting it. As if providence putting there those dead-ends and barricades to warn: "stop this endeavor, it's not the right path or idea". Once I have made it happen, I do get the emotional satisfaction and do the self-congratulating of overcoming all that stuff, difficulty and nonsense. However, later I realize that it is/was really a phyrric victory...

I know for some it works, and works out only this, difficult way, with a positive, happy outcome. You may be one of those, I do not know.

I'm not saying that things happen with ease for me - they do not. However, sometimes there are those cornucopia of obstacles and bad luck cropping up from everywhere for no discernible reason, and that's when I think: is this really a message to cease, stop, because all previous experience points to that direction?

I guess, we all get our messages differently...

Anonymous said...

Vizzy, in gratitude for all that you do...for those of us who might want to send you a little Christmas money bomb (er, gift) over the Holidays, do you prefer PayPal as your weapon of choice, or some other conduit?... - Goy George

Anonymous said...

via kathy

question - how do you know whether the obstacles in your path are to be overcome rather than put there by Universe/God/ stop you from veering off a more appropriate path?

gardner-I'm suffocating on clear drainage, asthma through the roof, even a trip to the hospital since I can't buy inhalers over the counter anymore, where they said there is no pathology just asthma. I've had asthma my entire life and this isn't that although it is making it worse.

Anonymous said...

If people didn't have problems there would be no reason to live.

tattoos: the old time wooden ship sailors who sailed to the south pacific used to get tattoos so they could show the ship masters they had what it takes for the long voyage, thus, getting top pay for signing on. sailors are tough so having a tattoo became a badge of machismo. then of course truck drivers, bikers and carnies got into the it's everybody and a tattoo means nothing. I don't have a tattoo and I would never get one even if Picasso were to draw it,

Visible said...

I considered whether it was a message from the cosmos but the message I got was to persevere and I can always leave at any time. We'll see. I do wonder about it all. I'll know more about the frequencies and conditions after my initial near Arunachala and my visit with my friend in Kerala.

Goy George, Paypal is fine.



Anonymous said...

Re: Chemtrail maladies...manganese and magnesium help eliminate barium and heavy metals from your system...colloidal silver will help enormously with the lung problems. Research it online; you will probably notice the paid shills slamming colloidal silver - with good reason, it kills all bacteria and most viruses. The Ancient Romans used to take it daily (silver particles in a solution of water). Drugstores used to supply silver dollars as a matter of routine; mothers would borrow silver dollars from behind the counter, and press them against their children's cuts and scrapes for disinfection and faster healing. Silver is a natural bactericide and virucide. (I've tried all three of those critters with great success, by the way, when fighting chemtrail effects: manganese, magnesium and colloidal silver.)

Interesting that werewolves allegedly "die" after being shot with silver bullets. Silver is indeed a magic bullet. Try out some colloidal silver - unless you are allergic to silver. You will know if you are. Hold a piece of silver jewelry against your skin. If the skin gets very red and itchy, you might be allergic. If you are allergic, you will feel nausea, most likely, when ingesting colloidal silver.

Beware the over-the-counter stuff sold at GNC and other chain stores. Rumor has it the stuff has been altered to mess up the sheeple. However, if you are REALLY finding it hard to breathe, and you have no alternatives, get the GNC brand. Later on, try to find a health food store close to where you live, and purchase some lesser-known brands. Or, better still, make it yourself. You can find out how to do that by doing a Bing search for - how to make colloidal silver. It's way less expensive to make it yourself (about a buck a gallon, maybe, depending on different variables).

Caffeine can help certain people (not everyone) quickly fight off the effects of chemspray on the lungs. It will help dilate your bronchial tubes. Because of that, sipping some tea (caffeinated tea) mixed with colloidal silver is a really great idea. If your lungs are really messed up, don't be afraid to triple or quadruple the "daily recommended dosage" of colloidal silver. Unless you are allergic to it, you could pretty much sip it all day with no ill-effects...

Visible said...

I'm allergic to people named Silver.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:16

I would get a tattoo only if Van Gogh were able to draw it. Maybe Manet, too.

Imagine what Warhol(whorewall?) might be doing these days with tattoo vis-a-vis his 'art'.



preacher said...

Thanks Anon 2: 17 pm!

This Lady was in Munich on friday:

Meet a Living Master and receive the gift of Darshan

preacher said...

Oops, a month ago it seems.

Visible said...

That definitely sounds like some kind of bullshit to me; one more master scam

mike m said...

Vis , My son experienced something very similar to your Munich adventure this past weekend.

He was in desperate need for a new truck as his was totaled a few weeks ago, it wasn't his fault and he is doing fine, abut needed a truck for the kind of work he does.

He finally located a Toyota Tundra that was exactly what he was looking for at a very good price. He had $3000 and needed $6000 more to buy it.

I told him "if it was meant to happen it will".

It was a Saturday and to try and find that kind of money was not going to be easy. He went to see a bankster but of course they turned him down so he called a few people he knew if they could help with a loan, no luck. Finally he remembered and old friend of ours, called him up and within an hour had a check for $6000.

Now he needed to cash it. The check cashing store wanted $300 to cash the check, no dice. So my sister stepped up and deposited his check into her account and gave him the money. So within a few hours of having not enough he was able to make it all happen and that afternoon he was happily driving away in his new "truck".

Just the way things work sometimes, keep the "faith".

Visible said...

Sometimes things just work out, after a whole lot of difficulty. I glad to hear that worked out.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

So glad Stevie Wonder canceled his performance at the Israeli Army fund raiser (Friends of IDF)- Dec.6th

The whole thing is still very superstitious..

Anonymous said...

via kathy
anon @ 2:17 thanks. I've been a colloidal silver fan for a couple of years. It usually works like a charm. Licorice tea, magnesium, apple cider vinegar blah blah. This time not so much.
Sorry to hear of your allergy Vis.
I really love a happy ending Mike M.

ChewyBees said...

Hello Mr. Visible and fellow commentators...

I'm gonna try not to get all over the top blah blah, just a few things the crossed my mind while reading here...

As far as tattoos go, there are 2 things I consider. First is what in the world would I have permanently inked into my skin that would look cool now or in the future? I can't tell you how few tattoos I have ever seen and liked, and only on someone else, not me. Second, this body is leased and must be returned in reasonable condition or I'm in violation of original cosmic agreement.

We get the nasal thing here in Central Illinois. I never really noticed it in Colorado or Texas, but then again who knows where they are spraying next. Between KC, STL, ChiTown and Indy, there's plenty of opportunity for spraying. I have noticed an easing of symptoms in the last few weeks, and I can tie it to a change in hair and armpit care. For hair, I use organic baking soda, leave, rinse, then diluted apple cider vinegar, leave in, rinse. My hair and scalp are cleaner than chemical shampoo, hands down. For armpits I just rub a pinch of organic baking soda and no smell for 48 hours or until I get them wet again. It really works.

I'm reading a book called A Short History of Nearly Everything* by Bill Bryson. In it he talks about the human body having 10x as many living bacteria than cells. Many of those live in your gut, and are the key to good health. Good bacteria don't like McD's, diet soda and fruit loops, from what they have told me. I guess all of those 'antibacterial' products should be renamed anti-organism. Let's not forget those wonderful antibiotics.

I watched the western Once Upon a Time in the West last night. I had seen parts of it, but not start to finish. The characters are quite interesting. Everyone that lives is willing to murder, whore themselves to no end, or both to get what is coming to them. The RR baron is quite a pathetic character, evil as hell but inflicted with muscular dystrophy or something. In the end he gets his bullet, as do his henchmen, all by an apocalyptic character that seeks no material reward but rather revenge for past horrors he had to endure. I haven't tied it all together, and probably wont, but it all seemed to be a genuine reflection of the world on a microcosmic scale in a period setting. The unsettling thing was those I would consider not evil were either shot dead or cowardly morons.

The "Afghanistan" piece was cool. Good thing Romney wasn't elected or you might have had to do a "He's Always a Mormon To Me" instead.

Chew Out...

Visible said...

What allergy?

Yay Stevie Wonder!!!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

From Jonestown to the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Vis- to people nameds Silver of cours

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

♫ Spiving for the city ♫
like ♫ In the Ghetto ♫
Very superstitious,Talmud's on the wall Very superstitious, empire's bout' to fall Thirteen century old Khazaria broke the spookin' ass Devil's years of good luck, the Devil things in your past.



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