Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Technical Problems in Paradise

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

My friends My Asus Transformer Infinity is no longer working and the ipad I have will not let me on the internet because I lack the original password. This has made it difficult for me to post blog entries. I hope to have a basic PC when I move into my apartment in about five days. This is going to seriously deplete my assets but the cosmos will provide. At the moment I am using the hotel internet and computer.

I should have my head examined for buying a tablet. I sometimes do dumb shit, even after much research. Being in India I probably can't return this tablet so I suppose all I can do is maybe get it fixed or just throw it away. It was a bad move but not my first mistake in this life (grin).

Meanwhile a number of nutjobs are showing up. One tells me the Indian people are monstrously evil, yet he has lived here for many years. Now he wants to come into the comments section and see how much shit he can stir up. He has never been in the comments section before though he says he has been reading for years. I don't know what to make of him so I won't make anything at all. Why someone would so brutally assault his residence country while still remaining there is beyond me.

Another fellow, one Elippser has shown up saying that the stone worshipers should burn in Hell and that Jesus is the only way. I guess he missed the part where J.C. said, "in my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so".

Christians are something else, no one beats them for intolerance and mass murder except for Israel which owns Christianity. I'll never understand either of them and I'm not sure I want to. I am amazed at all the people who are such experts on everything, know so much and are so perfect. The stifling arrogance and ignorance blows my mind. I don't know anything except The knower and do believe that without a foundation of humility you can't know anything worth knowing in the first place.

I am sorry to disappoint those of you who expect to hear from me on a regular basis. I will try to buy a cheap PC and then I can at least do this for the time I remain here. It has been very frustrating trying to use the tablet. There was no way that I found to "select all" or to copy and paste. I wrote a whole Smoking Mirrors posting today but could not get it copied. I tried and tried and then it died, at least the keyboard dock did and now I can't charge the tablet either so... well, so it goes. Otherwise it is amazing here.

The grace, goodness and helpfulness of the Indian people is blowing my mind, just as is the arrogant and elitist faux spirituality of the rich Europeans and Americans. Whoa! That I did not expect and they give me a wide berth, even though I have yet to say anything to them. I've got some kind of mark on me but I can't see it. They can though.

I should have all of my problems addressed by next week and hope to be back to my usual form (grin). In the meantime, please bear with me and it will all come right soon.

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mike m said...

Good to hear that you are okay.

As for the "shit stirrers" fuck them and the beasts they rode in on!

Peace bro.

Sim said...

Visible hasn't asked me to do this; (he doesn't ask me - or anyone else - to do much at all, does he?), but -

A few dollars, euros, pounds or rupees, whatever - from just a few people who read Vis' blogs - will help Vis keep writing (and hopefully able to eat too, while he's in India)

You can help by clicking here - and gifting a few, excess coins to

Thank you and


David V said...

I am using a 5-yr old PC that I bought 2nd-hand. My sons have iPads and iPods, but I probably never will. They consider me to be a Luddite. As far as I'm concerned, despite the flash and razzle-dazzle, most technological "improvement" is none at all. For example, you can still play vinyl LPs made 60 or 70 years ago, but modern CDs wear out after about ten years, and MP3s stored on the "cloud" can disappear in a flash.

One suggestion: Your security words are almost impossible to read. I am not a robot. I am an aging human with increasingly poor eyesight. I would comment more often, if not for this blockade.


mike m said...

For any citizen of the United States who cares to throttle back the zio led destruction of this country please sign this petition for the nomination of ex. Sen. Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense and put a stop to zio asslickers who have positioned themselves in the higher levels of our government.

Anonymous said...

Be safe, my friend!


the gardener said...

I was hoping to hear about the 'brilliance of all the colors' in India etc but am glad you are checking in and will be in an apartment too.

love and protection,

the gardener
ditto RE the prior three comments above me. "ef em, $$$ and Luddites". lol

Strum said...

Sorry to hear of your technical difficulties Vis. I am totally opposed to the touch screen point and grunt paradigm that is being pushed by the big computer corporations. I see it as just another part of the dumbing down and deliberate destruction of language skills. They want to remove the keyboard and replace all the text with symbols you point at, no more reading, but more importantly, no more writing and no more thinking, because as Orwell described in the appendices to 1984 the party ruled by reducing vocabulary and corrupting language. Without language there is no means to communicate subversive ideas, people become incapable of even clearly grasping how badly they are oppressed because they don't have the words to express those sorts of ideas. I would have though that for someone , such as yourself, with such a gift and passion for writing that a keyboard would be a necessary part of any computer system you would want to use.
Do yourself a favour and get a laptop, a little bit bigger and heavier than a tablet granted , but so much more power, functionality and flexibility and you are less likely to lose your work. Also you already know how to use it. You can probably get a small one for the same price as a decent tablet.

Anyway, take care, enjoy. Can't wait to hear what you get up to in India. Ignore the trolls.


Anonymous said...

dear sir

your words did not surprise me regarding the beautiful, loving nature of India's people -- nor did the faux crap of the spiritual tourists. so it goes.

i am sure you will come across a lot of 'seekers' with nothing to offer you but their negative energy -- stay clear. and don't worry about the technology that is connecting us -- all in good time -- all in good time -- for now be where you are and let go of the rest.

we are here wishing you well and resonating as always. we will recognize those with low intent if they come around the blogs -- nothing is easier.

everything is cracking apart so the new may rise...may all the gods of india bless you and your travels.

liz in los angeles the city of lost angels trying to find our way home

Ray B. said...

Vis, glad to see you're doing okay, even with all the 'technical problems'. You just concentrate on having a good experience there, and we will continue to send you good vibes. Enjoy...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. "The grace, goodness and helpfulness of the Indian people is blowing my mind..." That was also my experience as a whole, some thirty years ago. Some in the cities were beginning to adopt western 'values', but the 'purity' in the countryside was amazing...

P.P.S. David V, I sometimes have that problem with the robot-catcher, too. Some 'passwords' are inscrutable (grin). There is a tiny "open-circle with an arrow" to the right of the entry box. If you click it, it will give you a new 'password'. I just click until a less-inscrutable one comes up.

Anonymous said...

Sim ~ Thank you for the link! 'Need some help here:

Which COUNTRY do we select to help Vis? India? Or, do we insert the country (?) where Vis has his PayPal acct registered?
I will be sending USD.

The last thing Vis needs is one more technical fuck-up!

Sim said...

Hi anon (thanks)
- and anyone else wanting to send Vis some money to fund him getting a PC while in India:

When you visit the PayPal page, I believe the "country" option is there either for stat gathering purposes and / or to enable PP to convert your donated $ or £ whichever, into Vis' local currency (which is Euros regardless of him being in India currently).

In any event, it seems that India does not even feature on the list! - but don't let that stop you...

Selecting "Germany" will be enough to let PP know that any money donated (whether in AUD, USD or pounds or whatever) will be converted into Euros before hitting Vis' PP account.

If any of that is too hard to follow or swallow, then don't donate - just buy one of Vis' music albums, at the Visible Store instead.

Whether you choose to donate or to buy one of his albums, the money you spend will reach Vis' PP account instantly.

I know he would never ask you to do this; doing so would be utterly alien to his nature.

But when he wrote that acquiring even a basic PC would "seriously deplete" his assets, I think you can take it as read that his position is currently worse than wobbly.

Sorry to rabbit on. Remember, a Dog Poet is for life, not just for Christmas.

Steve said...

Hey Vis, I have never used a tablet, but on the Iphome if you want to copy and paste, you just "hold" your finger on the area you want to copy/paste and it should highlight, or give you options. select/select all/copy. then then just touch one of these and you can drag the blue bit around to select what you want. It should be there somewhere.

I don't expect anything of you Bro, you already give so much.


preacher said...

Hey Vis! Great to read you and that you're a-ok...

Maybe this can work for you:

IT rental India

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

@ David V
The robot filter is hard for me too sometimes. I just keep reloading the page until something pops up that is readable. If it doesn't, I think maybe it's telling me to keep quiet. (I refuse to accept the verdict of being a robot.) However, now that I know about the circle arrow thing (thanks Ray B) I'll use that instead of reloading.
@ Strum
I haven't even seen a tablet but from what you describe I would have to agree. It reminds me of Koko, the "sign talking" gorilla. Without true language and the means to express it adequately we are all Kokos. It seems there are two ways to separate the oneness of human beings -- Tower of Babel and Tablets!
@ Anyone Who Remembers
I'm missing the "New Shangri-la" forum these days. Maybe there will be a rebirth of its essence in the days to come. Hope so.
@ Vis
Enjoy the day. Enjoy the journey.

preacher said...

Some threads I stumbled on:

Anyone been super tired the past few days?

Any people seeing things in peripheral vision?

The ringing in my ears is getting more present and I sometimes see things in my peripheral vision. There's more but I leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Little Johnny Lipschitz
Dancing in the grass
A tiny little frog jumped inside his
Assess the situation
Before you jump on in
Or you will be like Johnny
And then you will not grin

- The End

Greg Bacon said...

Perhaps the FAUX Christian Evangelicals and Pentecostals--who can be a monstrous pain in the ass--will be 'Ruptured' up somewhere, at least off Mother Earth, come December 21?

Anonymous said...

Les, Not sure if you use shortcut keys often, but would hope they are carried over to tablets for usability's sake!
Select all:= ctrl+a
copy:= ctrl+c and
paste:= ctrl+v....
where "+" means simultaneously or press ctrl then the other key while still pressing ctrl. Of course with cursor in it's intended text local. Hope that can salvage your tablet! If that doesn't work, they really are trying to silence people's creative abilities.

You may already know these, so in that case disregard my naivity...I need to learn my HTML tags...thanks for your help there.
Good thing I previewed the comment since "<>", which is often used around ctrl+a, made that part disappear.

Anonymous said...

I write to you for the first time, from Oz.

Having read your wonderful articles on the Truth Seeker, today I am compelled to write to you, which is from Oz, where I was once upon a time, a long time ago, amongst a great crowd of people who were told by a deeply spiritual Christian that if we were to look at other Christians, we would be severely discouraged!

Most of us know the truth of this, and like you, I am not one to be dissuaded from my Quest.

And so I persevered with my Christian discipleship. I also lived with Muslims and Jews and Buddhists, whose words I have thought about, a lot. Taoism, Yoga....We are indeed, all One.

So that I had arrived at that awareness, when I first encountered Les VIsible. I send your articles far and wide, but sadly, I am regarded as Far Out, which is your fate as well.

The second reason for really wanting to connect with you, is this thing of a beautiful, conscientious Nurse who was buried in India this week.

My heart broke in a million pieces when I saw her sack-covered coffin arrive in India, along with the haunted, traumatised faces of her beautiful 12 year old daughter and 16 year-old son.

I imagine it may be many months before the full impact of these past events hits this bereaved family, and if I could, I would go to them and just put my arms around them, in this horrific phase of their lives.

At the same time, I am increasingly repulsed by the people with exaggerated and collective Sense of Entitlement, and the sycophants who fawn on them.

We may never know the real Truth of what happened, really. But this we know: there is more nobility in the humility I have seen in the Saldanha family, than all the ruling elite combined.

You know what I am saying, and you say it so much better than most.

I am glad that you are ok and have a strong support network, with the unbreachable link to the Divine/Eternal.

God bless you in all you do. xx

dirtykid© said...


if the tablet is an android try a replacement on-screen keyboard like the GO keyboard, I found that had some useful stuff with just a few minor annoyances as a tradeoff (maybe paying to remove the ads would have fixed those too )... If it's an iPADD (inventors cred to Roddenberry intended, screw you crapple) then I leave it to the cosmos.

Also on android: select all = hold your finger over text until a word is selected and the top of the screen changes to icons, select all is a dotted square with 4 squares inside it... On a crapple, confer again to the cosmos 'cause I got "nutting"...

As for the charging issue: 2 choices... Repair shop or voodoo, and only one of these is effective (I'm certain you already know the correct one).

I'm typing this on my nexus phone, it works, but it is not a full replacement for my clunky wind tunnel of a PC. It is always faster to type on a full keyboard. Photo, music, and video editing NEED a PC to do it well and proper... Tablet/smart phones are awesome for consuming content, not so much for creating it... I can read half of my news feeds on the bus ride home, I can write draft blog posts on the the same ride, but I still tend to finalize it all from a giant door-stop PC...

There will be a void while you get it all worked out... But I am not one who is reading your work to stay informed... Admittedly, it helps keep me inspired, but, the cosmos also does this, so I'm never truly lost .


Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up now-

Visible said...

I truly thank you kind friends for the tablet advice. For the person who did not understand why I got a tablet, this one has, or had, a fully operative chicklet keyboard; now it won't connect anymore and the extra battery won't charge now and there is no connector to go into the tablet, only the keyboard and it isn't working. Maybe it's an easy fix or not. India is cutting edge with that kind of thing. Once again, thanks all; for all kinds of things but I will get to you individually about that in a few days. Please bear with me.

bee wrangler said...

On 12-12, my bee relocation job was for a wonderful bee-man who keeps his bees naturally with ayurvedic principles in all aspects- designs houses in such a manner too. He will be hiring me often to relocate bees from old homes on galveston island and putting them in his hives.
things manifest when it is time, you have taught me that. yesterday i told a girl at the fast food drive thru about you when she asked me what i do for a living. She was amazed to hear about 911- the cabal and her human slavery, i bet she was up all nite reading your blogs. I am VERY thankful to have your links on my site...glad to hear your in friendly territory!!!-Jen

wiggins said...

Les ...... I recently bought a second hand Dell laptop after a wine accident with my old one, but have just found out that the battery is in careful.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Moses had a tablet with the God app, no secret passwords though, unlike those secret cults that promised elite information that culminate at the last degree to "mememe".

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Anonymous said...

Hello Les
I have just read your Merry Christmas greeting on The Truth Seeker, and send back to you, a greeting wishing you and your Beloveds and your fellow devotees, a happy and holy (whole) Christ mas(s).

It is all about co-mm-Unity

We are all imperfect beings in the One Love (all knowing, all seeing and all powerful), no matter if the name is Christ, Buddha, Mohammed or anything -else
Peace and Joy and Grace from me in the Land of Oz xx



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