Monday, December 31, 2012

A View from Arunachala

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It seems to have taken a long time for me to get back online but it was really only about a week. Time moves slow when you’re used to having fun (grin). Well, I’m not actually back online yet but it’s an ‘any day now’ situation. This could mean anything here in Thiruvanamalai where you are encouraged to throw your garbage out of the window, accompanied by a shrug indicative of, “What are you going to do”? You take your life into your hands, or put them in someone else’s, every time you get into a moving vehicle; be it whatever that might be and it could be anything. Vehicles whip along at the greatest possible speed, passing on any side, passing directly into oncoming traffic. On the positive side, everyone expects you to do this, except for me and anyone else who may have gotten here for the first time.

Every full moon, 1.4 million people show up here to walk the 18 kilometers around Arunachala. The next day nearly every one of them is gone again. With a couple of exceptions, I am only hanging out with locals and those who aren’t locals I don’t see very often. All my input and information comes from them. I have no way of knowing if what I am hearing is the truth in every case; just mentioning that. The people I am engaged with are highly educated and talented in various fields. It’s an eye-opener.

I was told that India is divided into five sections, each ruled by an element. Where I am it is fire and I can attest to that. Since I moved into the outskirts of the town, near the Ramana Maharshi Ashram, there are times my head was spinning like a top. The last couple of days I am asking myself what am I doing here and shouldn’t I just go back home, regardless of some of the things I have been told about my being here? So, this morning I go down to Abul’s apartment and before I say anything he launches into a dialogue about all the people who freak out here and have to leave because of the power of the mountain and how it doesn’t do them any good because if they can’t get with the mountain, the mountain will follow them; like, if Mohammad won’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to him. So, apparently, what I have been experiencing is a natural thing and it happens to most people who come here. My being just about only fire and air does not help.

Given the trouble and expense of getting here and getting all set up here, I am not about to go away just yet but I am well aware of the vibrationary integration period required. This is not like anywhere I have ever been in my life before. Life is cheap here but it is very vibrant. The power goes off for hours each day. I have ordered an inverter type battery that gives me six hours no matter what happens. Had I had any idea of what was needed for me to actually function here I would have brought a lot of things that I now have to get again; live and learn. On another note I am working on the latest novel and without any of the setbacks and hesitations I had in Europe.

The poverty you see is riveting. I was told over and over in my head, “don’t be cheap- and I won’t be either”. My local friends have cleared some of that up for me; being useful without accomplishing self injury.

I got an enormous apartment for the price of a much smaller apartment and many other things have worked out in a surreal fashion, especially since there are many things you cannot do (in the usual time frames) or acquire. I think this is a temporary affair which recedes once you have some idea of what is going on.

Here is something that will be of interest to many readers. I went over to the Ramana Maharshi Ashram and walked around with Abul. I began to get some unpleasant vibrations. That often happens when I get around shrines, churches and temples, as if they are more filled with the dead than the living. There was something more here though. A couple of days later, my friend Roy (from Cochin) showed up and I told him about it; that there was something off about the place. He said to me that that was perfectly understandable because The Jesuits had been running the place behind the scenes for years and that the various Christian churches are engaged in a variety of efforts to take over temples and religious organizations in India.

Then Abul says to me today, Maharshi only got there a little while ago and the mountain is very old, very old and the home of Shiva, who apparently has a few domiciles, this is one of the important ones. This isn’t in any way intended to take away from Ramana, whom I like and respect but they have turned the ashram into a bit of a supermarket and there is more than a little somber pretentiousness running amok through the place. I’ll scope it out a little more over time and we’ll see if I change my mind.

Across the street is the Ramana Maharshi Market (no connection to Ramana), where you have to take off your shoes to go in and shop. It’s hallmarked by high prices and the slowest service on Earth. I’m thinking you take off your shoes, out of respect for all the money that gets spent there. You can get things you can’t get anywhere else, unless you drive to Pondicherry or Madras, which aren’t that far away. Pondicherry was colonized by the French so, as you can imagine, you can get all kinds of things there (grin) or so I am told.

It’s a trip, sitting in this big empty apartment, with my little desk and the computer but I’ve got a few things that let me cook for myself. They gave me an icebox, mattresses and covers. My water gets delivered and they are putting in a phone and wifi, on Indian time. I don’t think you get these kinds of things happening without a lot of effort, so I’m getting invisible help. My landlady and her husband are good people, though she is very watchful; doesn’t seem to mind my having guests however and that’s good because I expect people will be coming here, in fact, I am sure of that for some reason.

Curiously, dogs are coming up to me. I sat down for some chai across the street from the ashram the other day. There were about a hundred people there and this dog came across the street and right over to me and spent about ten minutes with me and then he just walked off back the way he came. Here where I live two dogs have shown up and they greet me most times when I go out the gate. They hang around now. I did buy them some food, so that would account for it to some extent but not initially. I’m a little concerned about taking them into my life and then maybe not being around anymore. They are starved for affection and fearful to some extent. I don’t think people are always nice to them. But...what are you going to do; not give them food if you can just because you might not be around? You can extrapolate that into a lot of things.

A couple of days ago I was riding in a rickshaw when the driver turned around and said he was supposed to tell me that the Kali Yuga ended the day before.

The food here is out of this world, better than you ever see in Europe or the USA (Indian food I mean). It’s hot but I like that. My friend here lives with his daughter and another lady that ran away from home so she wouldn’t have to marry anyone. It’s a very platonic situation and they all are marvelous cooks. It’s a lot of energy to process here. At 4:30 in the morning, the loudspeakers go on and play music and chants calling people to the temples. It’s loud but no one seems to mind. Play your music as loud as you want, no one seems to mind. Dance on the sidewalk, sleep on the sidewalk, no one seems to mind, except maybe the people sleeping on the sidewalks ...but maybe not even then.

Well, my friends we’ve come to the end of another posting and the radio show should be happening by next week. I’ll try to pretend I’m up and running, although I am not yet but hopefully I get this up to you tonight (apparently not tonight as it is now the next day) or at some point. Thanks for all the emails wondering if I was okay. It’s been major culture shock but I’m fine. I hope you are too. Drop in if you’re in the neighborhood (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Erica said...

Hi Vis-Glad to hear all is working out well for you.Would like to wish you an early "Happy New Year" while I'm here.
Enjoy India-and maybe spare a fond thought or two for those of us stuck in grim,rain-saturated England!

Anonymous said...

...It sure hurt to have to leave my beloved Tribe of Raccoons which politely came to my Bedroom window at dusk nightly. I still get a wee snif and a tear welling up from time to time 3 years later. I'll never forget their whimpers of desperation on the few occaisions I had nothing to give them. There is evidently no Remedy for the Soul in regards to a separation of Kindred Spirits vibrating to Love of that Magnitude. My Pal thinks Raccoons are Ugly. ManTears, Sigghh

Anonymous said...

Damn! Good to hear from you again. I spent six months in an ashram in Pune and fondly remember the food, but it took me three months to come down from the culture-shock high.
I'll be eagerly awaiting more news.

Smyrna said...

Cool Vis. The woman who does lymphatic massage and healings for my wife was at Arunachula last January.

She had photos of that ashram you mention, plus photos of lots of cows and dogs. A photo taken from out the window of her car of a man, woman, child and old woman on a motorbike sans helmets etc. Crazy.

She's going back in February to study more Ayurvedic stuff for a few months, on the west coast near Mangalore. Her photos of Kerala looked great. Lots of dense palm tree tropical jungle and rivers etc. Cheers. Be well.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This household knows about the Indian food. We go to a Sikh restaurant down the hill 95% of the time. The rest is Mexican these days. I could live on palak paneer and tikka masala chicken. And who does tatties better than India?

Glad to see one of your posts again. Being somewhat addicted to them, I was cramping up and the shakes were really gettin' the better of me, ya know? (Not really, but. . .)

the gardener said...

Well... has it? (Kali Yuga ending?) *big grin* glad about your dogs finding you there.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Les, much appreciated - just past 12:00 here - Happy, safe and prosperous New Year


DaveS said...

Sounds wonderfully exotic. I wish you the best and may you have a fabulous adventure. Peace and happiness in the new year to you and all the freaks who come here.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Happy New Year Les Visible, Sim and all who read here.

Glad to hear India still has your attention.

Peace and love

Peter of Lone Tree said...

If in Pondicherry, try to have a talk with Patrizia Noriella-Bachelet; her website is Puranic Cosmology Updated.

Anonymous said...


"Puranic Cosmology Updated"

Incredible devotion to Sanatana Dharma!

Nityananda Prabhu ki jaya!

niijii said...

Glad all's well Vis.
Best to all in 2013!

Robin Redbreast said...

Ahhh... Pondicherry, Madras, And Mysore (where I had to be admitted into hospital for a few days there with bacillary dysentery - Mysore...Mysore Arse!! The irony :) this was nearly 20 years ago but the memories are fresh. Yes Visible the traffic! And the horns!!!! The smells!! So glad you are enjoying - so good to hear from you- suppose we won't be having another update until at least next year (!) so wishing one and all a very happy and best year yet in 2013
Much love

Anonymous said...

My heart is soothed to know you are well, Visible. And to hear how things are going for you. New year wishes for now and always: May Light banish your fears, And Truth lead you from darkness. May your Spirit soar with Love into the heart of Universal Oneness.
Love to All. Serena

BlackBelt Yogi said...

YAY! I too miss your frequently, posted voice:)

Thank you for sharing yet another journey with us. Looking fwd to hearing more.

Abundant Blessings!

Anonymous said...

so the dogs are more fearful of us? And there was I, concerned about being licked by them.
Happy New Year Les! So pleased to read your musings...

mayaseri said...

Happy new year.Glad to know you are well and thank you for your updates you have never let me down.
Thank you all who come here for sustenance and for the bread of life.


bholanath said...

Dear Vis,
My friend always says to tell you to just get away from the India sensory overload for a spell, like up the mountain, sitting by a rock, doing nothing - the best use of the blessing of being where you are. Yes, Arunachala/Shiva is timeless, the rest is transitory maya, well, you know that.
Friend also recommends going in am (8am?) up the mountain to Skand Ashram where a monk does exquisite chanting every morning. Ask around, everybody seems to know.
cool runnins, bro

Clarity said...

Visible, your words are important to many people. They are a source of wisdom, insight, and inspiration. Reading today's SM this morning felt like things are right again. I could finally exhale, and felt a sense of calm peace settle upon me.

I hope you continue to enjoy your experiences in India. As you take in the beauty of the majestic Arunachala, may you find what you are looking for.

Wishing you and the good souls here love, peace, and all the best in 2013.

Much love,

preacher said...

Great to read from you again Vis!

Very strange that since you have arrived in India, there are massive protests against the treatment of women following a gruesome rape and eventual murder.
I read at different sites that the masculine grip on this world is over and that it is now time for the feminine to take control; so maybe you are in the frontline of that battle now...

I wouldn't worry about feeding those dogs; they will find another benefactor should be gone.
I think they are there to make you feel at home...

My best wishes to all in this new paradigm!

John C. said...

So nice to hear that you're weathering the India/Rest of the World Transition.
Amazing vibes, eh?
I said the same thing 15 years ago when I first stepped of my plane from SFO to Delhi and never looked back.
Driving in India is definitely not for the faint of heart.
Keep breathing and always remind yourself, "It's 'Both, and' as opposed to 'Either, or'"
India is one of the locales on earth which embody the 60's description of LSD-"If you've not experienced it before, no explanation is possible. If you have, none is necessary."
I'm on my way back to Himachal in early feb and am chomping at the bit...
everything in India requires an Indian Standard Time sort of patience. It's a testimony to the miracle that is India that it's still in more or less one piece in 2013.
Buy a steel H2O filter with two filters and dump some colloidal silver or fod grade H2O2 and you'll save a ton on the bottled water fees. (I'm bringing Berkey Filter elements this time.)
If you're using bottled water, make certain the caps are shrink-wrapped....giardia is no birthday party.

Peace & Love on your adventure!

Rabbit said...

Hi Les

Good to hear from you. I am sure you have some interesting times ahead of you there. I'll be visiting Pakistan later this year with my wife, as usual and may even slip across the border and say hi. Assuming of course (and I do) that you'll still be there.

Michael said...

I spent a few weeks in arunachala a few years ago.

If you let it that place can have a profound effect on you.

I really enjoyed climbimg in the morning up the mountain from the ramana ashram to meditate in the cave.

I was told that he was buried under that lingam where they do the pujas. It can powerful.

My most profound experiences were with aum amma, if she is still there you really should go to see her for darshan. It seems very bizarre at first but if you open yourself up a bit it can be worth it.

Enjoy your stay there


Ray B. said...

Vis (and All), Happy New Year!

Reading your (and Robin Redbreast's & John C.'s) experience of India brought it all back. Wow...

On driving: I had the same reaction to all the horns blaring and the chaos. Once, when I had some time to just sit back and 'watch', I experienced it as a kind of communal trance or moving meditation. I watched a Westerner attempting to cross one street amongst the chaos. As long as he just kept walking, all the traffic saw him as part of the 'scene'. Cars would miss him by inches, but very fluidly and expertly done. The whole picture was actually one of living, flowing beauty, like a river cascading over rocks. Then, at one point, the Westerner panicked and froze. He was thus out of the group 'dance'. Yep, he then got clipped. I learned an important lesson that day...

India is a land of such great contrasts, it blows a Westerner's mind (mine). The wealth and the great poverty, literally side by side - with few caring to change it. (It's one's karma...) The spiritual vision and the cheapness of life (overpopulation). The religious fervor and the animosity between (some) Hindus and Muslims. The unending noise of the cities and the quiet of the countryside. Bicycles and nukes. Etc., etc.

Please tell us of the 'flavor' of your time in India. It is such a fascinating 'potpourri'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

It maybe Kali Yuga for some, but the rich are still eating Cali Beluga...

Anonymous said...

I saw Lord Shiva
Hanging out with a diva
They went for a walk in the park
He whispered sweet nothings
Till she said something
That made his poodle bark

They went in the bushes
And played grabby tushes
Till the morning sun came up
I love Kali Yuga
Time to find me a cougar
And make her my buttercup...

- The End :>)

est said...

we can count

every age
every millennium
every century
every decade
every year
every month
every day
every hour
every minute
every second

but really
our life is

in breaths

every breath
we breathe

might be
our last

let's not
forget that

Clarity said...

I found a lot in this:

2013 Year of Community

Much love,

preacher said...

Thanks for sharing @Clarity, I shared it too...

Clarity said...

@Preacher, you're very welcome. I'm glad you liked it. I see you've got it on your website. This is one I've gone through more than once, and I'm not done with it yet. :)

If you're interested, the text can be found here.

Much love,

katz said...

I still don't understand why you went to India, of all places.

The IDF vacations there.

The Indians have caste systems, are racially intolerant, don't do right by the women, including catching them on fire if they are tired of them....and forcing them into suicide if they don't cook rice correctly...they are poor to extreme, while they hoard gold and gems in Temples that could feed millions...they live dirty, and like it......and their religion is one of poverty and ignorance.

Not only that, but India is the corporate world's dumping ground of chemicals, nukes, etc...bc they are so corrupt that they will sell out an entire village for money.

Look what happened w Dow Chemical? They murdered a town, but India continued to have a relationship w Dow Chemical and Monsanto.

Indians who come to the USA are often racist, sexist and have trouble understanding egalitarian systems.

Of all places to go to find some spiritual something, India is a waste of time.

Not only that, wherever you go, there you are.

Anonymous said...


Where you you recommend?

Anonymous said...

I like free dogz told me.

"We thought it was kinda handy, take a trip and never leave the farm."

Anonymous said...

The Indians I have known in the past (who emigrated to the USA) pretty much fit the bill in terms of what Katz described in his post. I have found them to be less tolerant of other races and creeds than Jews - by a wide margin, in fact. They have noticeable contempt for anyone who isn't an Indian. Which is weird, because as a group, I have found that most of them couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted them the C and the A. I guess everybody swigs their own brand of elitist Kool-Aid, pretty much, when it comes to their own race or religion. From my perspective, to boil it all down, I'd rather hang out with hardcore Jewish people (or Fundie Christians) than Indians. But that's just me. Canadians are the coolest group of people I have personally ever encountered. They are polite (even though many of them don't like it when you describe them that way), open-minded, tolerant, and friendly. Which is why I'd love to move there. Another reason I would like to move there is because the country is jam-packed with Caucasians who are polite, open-minded, tolerant and friendly. OMG I hope that wasn't politically incorrect of me to say! If Blacks want to live with other Blacks, that's fine. If Asians want to live with other Asians, that's fine, too. If Jewish people want to live with other Jewish people, well, good golly, why not. But if Caucasians want to live with other Caucasians, by gosh, call the Thought Police, because we have some hate crimes going on here. Speaking of which, I noticed that the American Black Music Awards was on television the other night. I immediately wondered why there wasn't an American White Music Awards television program. But then I realized that since TPTB is busily trying to demonize, vilify and destroy all non-Jewish white people, and having a program like that on television wouldn't help their cause one bit. But seriously, you can have Black music awards, Asian music awards, Latino music awards, gay music awards etc. - but if you dared to have a White music awards show (or a heterosexual music awards show, for that matter), you'd be blasted from all sides as being a RACIST or a NEO-NAZI or a KU KLUX KLAN member, before you could utter, "Think it all the way through here, Homer - don't you see the imbalance?"

mike m said...

Vis, you are part of the "Dog Nation" , you should have expected a welcoming response from our 4 legged friends :)=

Woof Woof!

Sim said...

There's a couple of people here - or one, masquerading as two - who are here only to disrupt and cause trouble. Best ignored.

Katz, meanwhile, whose sole stock in trade doesn't extend beyond criticism of anything and everything - and who therefore cannot ever be wrong - should perhaps consider making her own spiritual journey elsewhere. Preferably somewhere remote, without web access.

mike m said...

Opps, should look like :)=

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The most obvious difference between India's horrific Kali yuga caste system and the West's horrific class (caste) system, is in the degree of denial.

Once the welfare tap runs dry, especially in America, the wholly dependent masses of people in the urban concentrations will revert to animalistic barbarism within a month.

Spirituality 101 = you are not the body, you are a spirit soul.

A common walla washer in India realizes this far more than 99% of Western Priests, Rabbis, Popes and phony gurus.

Almost everything in the West is now either illegal, or pending. Hence the proliferation of lawyers.
Caesar's busy little termites. A free (haha) citizen can hardly fart or speak (usually not much difference) until consulting and paying, one way or another.

BTW, every country on earth is free - if you have $$$.

This being Kali yuga.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we got another member of the jew-centric peanut gallery trolling.

Anonymous said...

Sim, could you tell us what we should all believe in, and what views we should espouse, please? I don't want to be a Bad Machine. I don't want to incur the wrath of the herd. I don't want to be, um, a "trouble maker". Please tell us what we can and cannot say. I realize this is a forum where people visit to discover the truth, so please tell us what the truth is. Thank you.

Sim said...

Your use of "please" and "thank you" does nothing to disguise your underlying ignorance, nor that you're a troll.

It's no more up to me to tell you or anyone what to say - and you know that. It's up to the individual to determine for themselves what may or may not form a welcome or productive comment. In your case, you decide what might be welcomed or productive, then you choose to go the other way.

It's up to you to reconsider your choice. Perhaps you might, next time, decide not to conduct yourself like a patronising, disruptive troll.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

the dogs just want you to curry their flavor. (or is that other parts of Asia).

katz said...

Sim, who died and made you pope?
Further, your hostile remark towards me is indicative of your ignorance of the world.

As for spiritual journeys? Sim, you wouldn't know what that was, if it came up and bit you in the arshe. Further, your nasty attempt to drive anyone that you disagree with away makes you a bonified troll.

Next time you offer me advice, think twice, bc you are in no position to do so. And keep your trolling to yourself, I wasn't addressing you, anyway.

katz said...

Where you you recommend?

You can find it at home. But, for the exotic journey, I would avoid any place where the IDF vacations. For me, at this point, anything Israeli makes me sick.

For me Rio is it, but Tibet might be good......

Sim said...


I was thinking that was some sort of Scottish / Gallic turn of phrase...

Google suggests: "Did you mean bona fide?

Actually, I think she did. Katz, what should we do with you?

Clarity said...

@ katz

Pope? I don't think the pope comes 'round these parts. Sim does play a pretty important role here. Appointed by who? That would be the head honcho.

I'm guessing that won't impress you, though, seeing as you come here to Vis' blogs and post a comment so thoroughly disrespectful to him. You took the words, and the feelings, of his experiences so far in India and shit all over them. It's no surprise that you would treat one the same way you'd treat the other.

It's one thing to express your opinion of something or somewhere, but to come here and trash the hosts says a lot about you. (Oh, and it's not very nice.)

Vis and Sim, thank you both for all you do to provide us with these forums where we can share and learn. It's a shame you have to put up with such crap.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

The Bhopal thing was done by Union Carbide, not Dow.

A lawyer would know how to spell 'bona fide', as well as know what it means.

Any machine worth it's salt would know that Katz is a woman who claims to be a lawyer, before jumping to conclusions.

A machine would also know Canada has no Bill of Rights in Canada, and for saying what the machine just said, the machine could be unplugged by the state.

A machine would see Indians in America working hard, believing in the Constitution and not doing crime and causing trouble. A machine wouldn't bitch about blacks intruding into their lives, and in the next sentence bitch because Indians DON'T.

Unless it's THAT KIND of machine, which is doomed to get stuck in an infinite loop of it's own logic. This sentence is not true.

Smyrna said...

Alot of young Israelis straight out of national service vacation in Nepal. My brother-in-law went trekking there 5 or so years back and said they were everywhere and were the most arrogant obnoxious arse-holes you could come across.

He also mentioned about crossing the streets in Kathmandu. As per Ray B's comment: You keep walking and they will miss you, strangely. Don't panic and stop.

Smyrna said...

I hope Vis hasn't had a dodgy Vindaloo (or Madras, more likely).
He normally comments throughout the thread. Maybe he is just kicking back and enjoying watching?

Anyway, a friend of mine from the city I used to inhabit, has an Indian neighbour from the Madras region where Vis is living. She is 70, yet looks 45-50. I have seen her. She is a retired school teacher(mathematics, which is odd for a woman). Now, my friend is very thankful for her friendship and all the housework and cooking she loves to do for him, but his massive lingham is being abused now.

Eat the trolls said...


Fuck off. Your spelling of bona fide while pretending to be a lawyer has revealed you are 100% fake.

mayaseri said...

Anon 1:13 laid it all out where katz is concerned I actually believe it is a tag team of them posting as katz as the syntax shows in the varied postings.The poster or posters katz is a long time shit stirrer Visible is aware of her and her lawyer ways.
As Visible says it's all for demonstation purposes do not piss over the railing and do not piss into the drinking well.
In Canada we have the so called Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Glenn Dormer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katz said...

so many times, several of you trolls have tried to insult me.

Well, I don't give a damn anymore. I have read your garbage and see it for the self-absorbed BS it is. Clarity, you are relatively new here, and need to mind your business, as far as I'm concerned. You obviously are weird, from what you write. Therefore, you have nothing to say to me.

As for the eater of trolls? eat that Sim, and the rest of the ones who think that by attacking someone, they can control what people say or think.

BTW, I'm always Katz. If others agree w me, that's too darn bad for the sychophants and larve.

And, another thing, I don't care if I mispell anything. Get over your own stupid comments.

Sim said...

Anyone want to hazard a guess what "larve" might be?

Even Google is strugglin with that.

On a related note, Katz has so far succeeeded in her Trolling Mission - most recent comments now being about her, rather than Vis or India or the typical stuff people expect, and want to read here.

My hope is that any further comments might be back on topic, whatever that was.

katz said...

It's one thing to express your opinion of something or somewhere, but to come here and trash the hosts says a lot about you. (Oh, and it's not very nice.)From Clarity

To Clarity or whatever her real name is, bc it certainly is not "Clarity":

I did not trash anything posted.
However, you have tried to dominate and control thoughts.

That makes you a troll.
And, that also makes you a liar, bc you are playing games when you mischaracterize anything you don't like. You and Sim are prob the same person.

BTW, your posts are boring. I just thot I'd let you know, now that we are getting personal, and since I usually ignore anything you write bc it is too ridiculously fake to bother with.

katz said...

Sim, you started it by attacking me for asking a question of someone who is NOT YOU>!

Further, your rudeness is trolling. I'm just in a mood right now, to address your habits.

If you ever add anything to any discussion, besides trolling, Hell will freeze over.

Clarity said...

Troll, eh? Anyone who calls you out on your behavior is a troll?

It doesn't matter if I've been here a week or a month - the truth is it was damn rude of you to come here posting nasty insults to the people who own and run these blogs. Manners seem to elude you.

Weird? Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.

By the way, I've been here a little over a year. I wouldn't consider that new, but it's all relative, isn't it?

Thinking and saying aren't the problem so much as the delivery. There must be a lot of ugliness in your life. I'll say a prayer for you...


Anonymous said...



Sim said...

Katz; I'm calling time on your continued disruptive manner. I won't publish any further comments you might choose to submit.

Vis can decide upon his return whether any further comments you might choose to submit are of sufficient merit to be published.

Finally, you should have taken heed of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Missing fresh articles I started reading from the 1st Origami at Visible Origami | I exercise my inner Hunter Thompson.. The old articles are still there and still good :)
Look in the right sidebar under Site Archive.


Clarity said...

@ mouser - for some reason, I've got this tune running through my head... Good one!

@ mikem - you tried! I can see it.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

another wow moment watching the box last night, Oz, a tribe production but entertaining (possibly demoralising) nonetheless. as Ive described here before, i'll have amazing coincidences where the last word of my thought (as I goof off into a tangential inner world of "thinking", and that word comes on the telly just after i thunked it - apparently unrelated to my goofwakery - also works with gestures, voice pitch etc sometimes).
last night an abusive phone call came on the anwsering machine, I ignore it as "someone is drunk" and sounding a lot like Katz, but more F's and more self love dressed up as hate, which is self hate I suppose. the bizarre thing is that as this someone reaches a crescendo of expletives, the dude on the telly (a prison drama) is doing the same in word choice (ok, its a limited vocabulary) and crescendo level (attitude and shout level).
kind of resonated, demonstrably so.
and the lesson? someone or something is in control and, given that the negative attacks are intent on making the pain go around, and that things are not so bad, that something must be there to put a lid on it.
a true adept at the meaningfullness & interconnectivity would be "stoked" all the time with such things, though a 5 year old (cue The Fifth Element) might be "so, dont you see people too?". I guess it takes a certain detachment to see the attachments.
here's a movie a little like Killer Joe, with a hard hitting truth teller as the main character (we're not pussies, just polite where appropriate). got from another forum


DaveR said...

The posts here are getting hard to stomach, but easier to skip. I.e. skip them all.

Anonymous said...

It just occurred to me that the word "troll" is used in Internet forums, in much the same way that the word "terrorist" is used by TPTB in the MSM. It's an extremely negative label, and if applied liberally enough, the object of the labeling is sure enough going to come out looking like a "troll" in the eyes of most observers. Heh. Pretty funny, when you stop to think about it. ("Oh??? And why would you think that is FUNNY, hmm? Why, you must be a TROLL - only a TROLL would find that funny!", etc.)

In the MSM, people are often called "terrorists" if they don't kowtow to the party line; in Internet forums, people are often called "trolls" if they don't kowtow to the party line. If you caught the positive correlation there, give yourself a gold star.

What it means, is, the MSM and most Internet "truth" forums are part and parcel of the same corporate-media owned conduits.

In the MSM, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth in the eyes of the sheep; on the Internet, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth in the eyes of the sheep. The more things change, the more they stay the same. ("Get out of here, TROLL! And take your free-thinking TROLL ideas WITH YA!" etc. - okay, I'm goin', I'm goin' just don't call me a TROLL anymore, I sooooo want to be liked and admired by the group, etc.)

Rob in WI said...

Good plan. I've commented to Visible that he might change the defunct "Profiles in Evil" blog, to "Vintage Visible", just reposting one of the many older blogs, to fit the current situation. It shouldn't add to the workload (much), and would be a conduit for newer readers to catch the drift of what (might be) happening here. Anyhow, Happy New Year, and be well, all, Rob

Mark said...

Are we having fun yet? Sheesh, this place is pathetic.

Clarity said...

Mark, if you don't mind, would you please email me?

*change AT to @

Many thanks...


ChewyBees said...

I don't read what people that post a 'Z' in their names write. It is the Omega letter that can only be applied to Ashkenazi infiltrators.

The levels of deceptions of the WWZ zombies holds no bounds. Yet within it all, they cannot help but reveal themselves. Don't argue with them, that gives them power and advantage. Ignore them. If no one responds then they absolutely do no exist. When no one engages, they get bored and powerless, and move on to piss in somebody else's well.

I have the fastest scroll finger in the world. It has been exercised and adapted because of deceivers and hoarders of the comment boards of the internet.

BTW, the 'k' is telling too.

Ray B. said...

Smyrna, January 03, 2013 1:37:00 PM

"...crossing the streets in Kathmandu."

You brought up an old memory about kindness and character.

At the end of an India trip around 1990, we were at an Indian airport scheduling a return trip. The connecting flight taking off from Japan to US was delayed for two days, so the airline offered us a choice: A two-day stopover in Hong Kong or a two-day stopover in Kathmandu, on the way to Japan. Hmmm. Tough choice. What to do; what to do... (grin)

When we arrived in Kathmandu, we got tourist hostel lodgings and did a whirlwind tour. (One episode was a mad, late-night dash to see the Himalayas at dawn. I still shake my head in wonder at them...)

When I was near the palace area, I visited a high-end merchant of bronze spiritual-figure castings. They triggered all kinds of emotions in me. In a kind of mini-ecstasy, I went to the proprietor, complimented his stock, explained that the work was very out of my ability to buy one, and asked if I could photograph some of them. I fully expected to be refused; how presumptuous! However, the owner kindly agreed. Because my (old) camera had no flash, I asked if I could bring each to a natural-sunlight area. Again, I expected to be refused. Kindly, the owner detailed a subordinate to help me. This young man lifted each statue to a chair in front of the doorway and even provided a black backdrop to provide perfect photographic conditions. Wow...

When I had photographed eleven, I figured that I had certainly presumed enough upon them. I wanted to reward the worker, so I pulled a small wad of local currency out of my pocket and gave it to him. His face blanched. He placed the currency back in my hand and practically ran back into the shop. I worried that I might have committed some gaffe. When he returned, he carefully pulled out one of the smaller 'bills' and thanked me. In retrospect, I figure that I must have unknowingly offered him a month's salary or so. This showed such a high sense of character, for he could have just taken the proffered money and departed.

I thank you two for a true sense of how the world should be, and aspire to live up to your 'teaching'. Namaste.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

this caught my eye
for some reason
thank you @7:55 pm

'Will some naked Godiva on a horse with a mace and a whip break through your monitor and tear through the forum page causing metal confetti to fly and sharp edges of polymer burn-on's to smoke and burst into flame? I don't think so. It would be nice but I suspect it will all happen inside your head. Have a nice day.'

l v

est said...

still can't do the hyper-link

but this is good, real tunes

JerseyCynic said...

Well said, chewy bees

Never feed the trolls - period. The. End.

Anonymous said...

As Vis's posting instructions infer:

"...If you're going to troll or get ad hominem even if you are going to whine because I stepped on one of your frogs....The Zio-Ogre has targeted this site through their gremlins..."


Robin Redbreast said...

Where is the love the love the love?
Come on people
Think we're all missing an update from Vis
But seriously - if people are coming across as a little negative or angst - remember its just where they're at at that moment - I remember times when I would 'fight' as defense? cos I didn't feel, see or sense etc the same so was ?threatened -and how we react and what we say says a lot about where we're at and what we're for.
I think I would stay away if this is what the children get up to left to their own devices! ;)
Happy New Year!!
LLPP Robin xx

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (not pierreZ)

I've got the fastest multitouchpad fingers in the world for scroll down/troll down, what I now call the two fingered salute.

from elsewhere an amazingly detailed
photo of everest & Co.

Clarity said...

Wondering... where is Neil? Goy George?

You guys okay?

And MiaBellezza? How about you?


esteban said...

did she rip my heart out ? yeah

did she make me blue ? oh yeah

do i still love her ? you know i do

niijii said...

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I was accused of trolling. Was walking with my zipper down. Very embarassing.

Best to all.

Ray B. said...

pierre, January 05, 2013 12:57:00 AM

Beautiful photo. Thanks!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

Hey niijii,
Your description of trolling might not register across the board. I've been many places in usa (let alone in the real world), where this isn't understood. Course, I only hobnob with PC "intellectuals". Maybe that's the problem.
Be well, Rob

niijii said...

Yep Rob,
But where it registered it may have caused a smile. By the way the open zipper was an accident and no fish bit.
My my, MYSATAN cukes will make ya look like a kid again down south.
Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to present Monsanto as a lesser evil to your downstairs look&feel but yesterday I stumbled across a review of a removal creme that had me in tears with laughter. Enjoy.


Rob in WI said...

Thanks, Michael,
Whooda thunk we could get such wunderful humor from amazon? The fellow should go pro...well maybe that's not a great idea. Thanks again, still laughing, don't know what it is about potty humor, but I wouldn't trust anyone who can read this without cracking up. Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

@ michael.

as I am tempted (feel obliged but refrain) from registering at Mamazon to comment on Vis books, the question "was this comment useful to you" tickles my fancy, like in Darkening Splendor when Daphne dusts down Slim.
so it's ♫ Rudie the brown nosed snowman ♫

notice of intention to post.
though i recommend you read Douglas Adam's Hitchikers Guide To The alaxy and the Vogon poetry bit first for a feel for what is about to become, I found that poem I wrote all those years ago when I was 14, so if its fill in the spaces "here", I shall do so soon. - and to exploit the tattoo'd permanency of the internet and get it down there for posterity, walnuts, farts, ice cream (you scream I scream) and all.

(yes, Ive had a glass, but Neal isnt around to complain?)

Anonymous said...

You will be walking around
Aranachula barefoot of course, won't you Vis?


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

another motive for 911, laws on debt forgiveness and finance reform announced on the eve of 911.
and much much more.


skip to the 2001 part of the chronoly to bypass a sheeple's history of the united states of hysterica.

su said...

Ah seasons greetings as we move on the 10th of February from the year of the Tiger to the year of the Snake.
From a numerological value of 5 (conflict) to a number 6 - truth and service.
May we all continue moving away from the bullshit and into the all consuming beauty.

I have had the blessing of being at Arunachala - indeed my home is called Arunachala. Circumambulated three times bare foot in summer.

One day I headed up to the second cave, where the Saddhus sit and the energy is so deep that as soon as you step into the space you become who you really are.

On the way up there was a hermit who was protecting the newly planted trees. How forested is it now Les? The goats used to come and try and eat the saplings.
Anyway this being had a space with an altar set up which was breathtakingly beautiful. He gestured for me to join him. Took out a grass mat and lay it down in the shade and rolled his shawl as a pillow.
How did he know that more than anything I love to lie in the shade and look in the sun.

I also loved how each car was constantly valued. Always a light, or a stick of scent, or millions of lights and many sticks. Everything is a celebration. Full colour. Full Volume. Full Blast.
Coming home i went into deep shock at the absence of Life and that the volume and celebration had been turned off.

Good to have stopped by Les.
May your year be blessed with much laughter, understanding and illumination.

niijii said...

Michael, thank you, enjoyed that, good tears.

Best to all.

Visible said...

Hey Su!

I haven't been up the mountain yet. I've been around it but the impact of this place on me is shaking my core. I can't seem to do much but sit and ponder. It is just still too powerful for me to take it in.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

if I may unashamably promo this video, thru on the downside of antidepressants (and serotonin issues).

and a plug for the movie
Life of Pi
, a 21st century fox production that pleasantly surprised me with it's on track (for here) messages of the spirit and nature.

tiger tiger burning bright
in the life raft through the night
what immortal hand or paddle
put me on gods chariot, in the saddle.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

On the Road, in Search of the Hidden Visible

Anonymous said...


Kumbaya my lord....Ha!

I feel/see the truth Les writes and I feel/see the truth Cats-with-a-Z writes.

If you don't, well isn't that an internal issue?

If you don't have the time or energy then don't invest in your percieved "trolls". If you do....might I suggest that you stick it out, you might find something out about yourself.

Or you can just be lazy and continue to scream "TROLL" to hasten a conclusion.



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