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The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside

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This is a very important situation and something Mr. Apocalypse is concerning himself with, as a high priority matter. From this we can see how very obvious it is that a world wide Satanic network has taken control of the governments and religions of the world the larger sense. I am not saying this is total by any means but it is wide spread to say the least. We note the connection that is made between the Dutroux affair in Belgium and the conditions in the Netherlands. It seems clear that demonic mentalities are sacrificing young people in horrible rituals. We know so little ...but we suspect a great deal. How bad is it really? It must be pretty bad and most likely even worse than we think.

Since I first read this article yesterday, it has come to mind repeatedly. It is terrifying to see how deep it runs and how high (low down) it goes. Now it is the most natural thing in the world for me to suspect just about every world leader I hear about, as being engaged in this kind of thing, at least as far as western powers go. I think of Hilarious Clinton, Leon Panneta, the military high command and these compromised and corrupt heads of the various law enforcement bureaus. I think about the overpowering ambitions that drive them and how greatly they are advantaged by entry into the Satanic Schematic. Surely they are courted by peers and superiors. Surely they weigh their options and surely with facile and convoluted consciousnesses, they easily find a way to justify all sorts of things to themselves. Its a Faustian construct and it's been a signal propensity of those in power, to be indifferent to, or unconscious of, the cost of their shit for brains decision, made to advance their interests, in total defiance of their best interests. The long term resolution of their best interests, suggests they should have never gotten into that game in the first place.

I look at the policies and actions of these well educated and intelligent men and women and I find very little that indicates intelligence or useful education. To me it makes no sense whatsoever, to be in these positions and to behave as they do. It's a given, if you serve the dark side in Kali Yuga, then your material interests will be advanced. It's simple physics. We don't even have to call it metaphysics. If you magnetize to the onyx lodestone, the attractive resonance is active in the external theater. The goodie cabinet is unlocked and you can wine and dine your ass, all the way to the front porch of Armageddon Acres.

There are a few basic tenets to Satanism. One is that sort of traveling motto, “Me first, you later, maybe, baby”. The idea is that you are like one of the large predators of the veldt, a lion or a leopard perhaps. You kill what you want, when you want and you take your fill and then maybe the carrion feeders step in, according to an established pecking order. One of the main tenets has to do with the despoiling of innocence. In a similarity to wearing upside down crosses, displaying an upside down pentagram, or reciting The Lord's Prayer backwards, it is considered an imperative to engage in all practices that offend Heaven. This creates a reversed polarity that attunes you to the infernal powers. As you engage in ever greater perversity, in the toxic atmosphere of your developing contempt for all things spiritual, you advance in the ranks. Those who rises to the highest position in this order, are not necessarily those of the highest ranks in the temporal order. It's all about ability and the head of the order could be only a shopkeeper or a TV announcer, as might be the case with Jumping Jimmy Savile, 'you go run girl'!

Once you are securely in the embrace of this process; digressing to example a little irony- The Process Church of the Final Judgment. Once you are fully in the embrace of this process, you are compelled to do the bidding of your superiors, or else some very unpleasant things might just happen to you; will happen to you.

Quite often people get into this sort of thing as a thrill; something kinky and novel. Other time people are attracted to it through extremity and appetite. You might be in some kind of deep shit and since you are not getting any help from the divine side of the equation, or haven't even bothered to ask, you go to the other side of the fence. It may be that you have an overpowering desire for certain things and you can sit down and eat your fill or order takeout. Those who recruit new meat can be very convincing in their arguments, handing out some version of, “better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. You're given the idea that The Devil takes care of his own. Proof is given to you in the lives of other members, who are examples of someone getting away with all kinds of things, for a long period of time. New aspirants will be familiar with the names and positions of members who have been around for awhile. It all looks good on the surface.

As I have pointed out- and which you don't hear anywhere else- The Devil works for God. He is an employee. The reason I mention that you don't hear it anywhere else, is not to seek to attribute any unique singularity to myself but to say that you don't have to believe me. Maybe I'm wrong (I'm not). Maybe I'm wrong, you be the judge ...until the real one comes along. The Devil's job is to suck you into things, give you ideas you might not have had on your own, set up convenient situations and then snare you into an ongoing journey into your own dark id. Meanwhile he gathers evidence against you. He is the repository for the remembrance of all that you do. Then comes the final denouement, when The Devil puts on his prosecutors outfit and walks into the courtroom; “but, but... you promised”. “I did but I am a liar. Am I not called The Father of Lies”? Then transforming into an angel of light at the given moment.

To me, this kind of dumbass tradeoff, exchanging the priceless for the worthless; getting yourself a big bowl of worthless pottage, is the kind of thing that might be attractive to a hood ornament but certainly not to anyone with any real intelligence or insight. It's both tragic and amusing how people who think themselves so hip and aware can get themselves into such a world of hurt, never seeing the simple and logical outcome of this kind of thing. Another thing that mystifies me is how they can slavishly support the Synagogue of Satan, to the detriment of their own country and other members of their national and cultural demographic and do it in public with the whole world watching. This treasonous, 'I'm your bitch' behavior is a monstrous thing, in the service of monsters and the world is waking up. All things hidden are about to become known and all of these traitors are to be marked by their words and deeds. When the public sees to what an extent they have been manipulated and abused, there will be Hell to pay.

This is the thing about giving up your independence of thought and the loss of your moral compass in the pursuit of material gain and a temporary position above your fellows You get the idea that it will never end but it has never been anything but for the purpose of demonstration; to show what happens when you carry on in this manner. In former times, whatever judgment attended these follies, often took place out of sight. That will no longer be the case where and when everything is uncovered and seen. I know this may not be apparent to a great many people, whose eyes are occupied with the glittering garbage in the landfill of a doomed culture. You can see it all falling apart. All you need is a little hindsight, by which to make comparisons ...but this gets in the way of what you hope to get out of the whole affair, as you get carrot and sticked down the highway, wishing in one hand and shitting in the other.

It is so clearly the way it is. It is so obvious but, for some reason, it doesn't get through, or it hasn't gotten through until now. Now it is starting to get through and all the suppressed rage and reaction is beginning to boil. It won't be long now. Time remains to change and get with the program. The difference in potential destinies is extreme. There's going to be a lot of regret and recrimination one of these days real soon. I surely do hope the greatest possible number of people catch on before it's too late.

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Visible said...

Here's an interesting news item.

Visible said...

You'll note the name of the author and consider who owns the news service publicizing this. These are the same people who milk the gay agenda for their own reasons. You will also note the mention of a Hassidic neighborhood to deflect awareness of what is going on.

I've no concern about who is or is not an atheist, or what that means. This isn't about that.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Lord V. Your suspicions are not only justified, they are correct.

And since we're on this theme, take a gander at some of the articles found at this link -

Or, if you really want to get a feel for how huge and interconnected this issue is, read the following article, entitled, "The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair." -

Anonymous said...

define Irony : {Y NOT}

The plans to mount and sell the barbed wire pieces were met with outrage by Synagogue of Satan Jewish organisations immediately after the planned sale was announced.,7340,L-4317742,00.html

"Barbed wire is the archetypical symbol of the concentration camp....

{but you know like F*** GAZA}...

It should not be put up for sale at all," said Esther Voet, deputy director of the Dutch Center for Documentation and Information on Israel (CIDI).

"Imagine if some of these pieces of barbed wire are ultimately bought by a neo-Nazi. That would be horrible," Voet said.

Anonymous said...

"Spaghetti's Burg Undressed"

(A lyrical parody, based on the speech, "The Gettysburg Address", by Abraham Lincoln.)

On 9/11, many years ago, our fathers brought forth with incontinence a chew nation, deceived by jibberish, and dedicated to the proposition that all wars will have a sequel.

Now we are engaged in unending wars, testing whether these sheeple, or any other sheeple, so deceived and so dedicated, can eat manure.

We are met here at a great restaurant of that war.

We have come here to dedicate a portion of that restaurant, as a final resting place, for those who gave their lives that the bankers might live.

It is altogether shitty and improper that we should do this.

For in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot concentrate, we are too callow and round.

The brave sheeple, living and dead, who ate GMO's here, have desecrated it, far above the bankers' poor powers to add and subtract.

The bankers will little note, nor long remember what we say here - but they can never forget what they did here.

It is for us, the brain-dead, rather, to be dedicated here, to the unfinished work which they who gorged here have thus far so globally advanced.

It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us - that from these bloated dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of demotion; that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that these rations, under God, shall have a new birth of feedom - and that blubberment of the sheeple, by the sheeple, for the sheeple, shall not perish from their girth.

Arthur said...

Dispatches from the bible belt buckle...
I have to agree, something big is afoot. The stench of corruption on all fronts is beginning to to reach the noses of people who can't smell shit on their lips.
If the "apocalypse" is upon us, then when this great "unveiling" happens the satanist that are exposed to the light do what, in this the physical plane?
I think they get the guy with the nuclear "football" and launch the M.I.R.V.S. and bye-bye once beautiful blue marble. I just hope I'm wrong.
Anyway another good post, people who take the innocents of children deserve physical as well as divine retribution. May their next life be of suffering and hardship.

preacher said...

Also a great read:


Terrance said...

Hello Visible...Leon Panetta is from my home town and is considered an honored local. I've only said hello to him and he seems like a good guy!....however he was educated by the Jesuits , just like governor Jerry Brown. Leon left the Clinton administration after the first term and before the shit hit the fan.....I wonder what compromises he has made with the devil and what secrets and agendas he knows about!
Head of Criminals in Action and the Department of Offence.....wondering if he has a key to one of the D.U.M.B.S?....

Hope you have a safe and sacred journey ! love

Visible said...

Anonymous 3:33 Thank you so much for that link. I'm going to hotlink it for easier access (people, hotlinking is a very easy thing to do and a lot more than twice as many people will read your link because all they have to do is click on it). Any search engine will bring up simply explained instructions on how to do this (grin). This is not meant as criticism but an encouragement because people really should read things like this .

And thank you too Kenny for being there for so long and always bringing cutting edge items to the attention of your readers.

Anonymous said...

Glad to post that link, Lord V. (Doh. I will indeed hot-link them from now on.) You might notice that at least one witness at that link, who gave an account of his interaction with these high-ranking pedos, described people wearing long robes and masks. This conjures up images from Stanley Kubrick's final movie, "Eyes Wide Shut". By taking a sidebar leap, one might think about what David Icke has claimed - that reptilians need to drink blood to maintain human form. It's possible these "Satanic rituals" are cover for something else entirely - the biophysical need for Blue Bloods (Google this - porphyria) to ingest blood on a regular basis. Think of all the vampire books, movies and myths, passed along over the years. More cover there, perhaps, for the actual reality behind the myths. - Goy George

Frog said...

I read the "interesting news item" you posted visible. The last paragraph caught my attention:

That's not what Manchin is hoping to hear. "It's a shame that we've degraded to this," he told Lauer Monday. "This is not entertainment. ... This is not who we are."

How sad and pathetic. A senator who may have some power and authority to speak to his constituents, to promote truth and honesty and ignoring the two, wakes up only after his bull gets gored. After his hometown gets picked by the creeping darkness.

And all he can bleat is: "This is not who we are." as he is confronted by video and audio to the contrary.

Somedays, I fear meeting my Maker, and having to watch a movie of my sins and failures (produced by the finest movie makers from the Synagogue of Satan no doubt)and having only those words in my defense. Yes, but that's not all I am...

Anonymous said...

Was little guy a collie , german shepard mix? Vis, hope all is well and if you made it to India I hope it is - was all you hoped for.

Visible said...

LeMat; I always look to see who is posting here and so I never read more than one sentence from you before you go where you deserve to be and that will not change, make of it what you will, I'm comfortable with my position because I know who and what you are and it ain't pretty.


Frog, the less worry about it, the less there is to worry about. This only applies when your behavior (present is all that counts) matches up with where you really want to be; speaking for the creator, "take it off your mind and dump it in your heart".

Anonymous, I knew I could say that to you without concern for offense.
You bring really good things to the attention of your fellows and that is what counts. I just want people to be able to access it more easily because people are lazy, yes they are. Sometimes it is too much to cut and paste and I wasn't even speaking principally to you. I was speaking to those who for years have not troubled themselves to learn this simple thing. It's self defeating. Don't they want people to read what they have to say? I go to the bending end to get the point across to a small segment of the population. I could cut all kind of corners but, "cave dei videt", God sees.

Not hotlinking is telling the reader, you do it. It also indicates even though it may not be true) that you didn't care enough to make sure people read it. I could flesh this out in a certain way and get to the heart of a lot of collective problems but I demure (grin).

Visible said...

D.A.D that is exactly the mix I thought it was. Interesting thing; he lives around other dogs and sees other dogs because his owner is a dog trainer. Whenever there is a potential mixup between two dogs, he pushes his way between them. He does all kinds of surprising things which I hear about. Don't forget The Little Guy. All of us, everyone, don't forget.

As for India, people, I have no expectations. That has been pummeled out of me. I hear it's going to be great according to my invisible friends but I just concentrate on the moment I'm in, that is all that will ever happen and all that is ever happening. All of the rest is either reflection or projection.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all,

The fact that all this information is out there just leaves me dumbstruck but certain, that I am going in the right direction when I am leaving it all behind. Nobody really cares abou these atrocities anymore. At least not in my immediate surrounding of family and friends. Until it happens to each and everyone of us, this will carry on. I personally believe that Mr. Apocalypse is on the road into town. I am 100% sure that I saw him in my rear view mirror when I overtook him on the way in. I should be dead at least twice but I am still around and a father now. I have in my dreams of the last couple of years both waking and sleeping seen destruction complete and utter. Tsunamis, red molten copper skies, shaking mountains, walls of dust coming in at the speed of a jet plane, the stars streaking by while I am pinned to floor, nuclear destruction and just dead bodies lying in piles, strewn half charred and as far as the eye can see under the dark dark skies. Its a coming people. I am on the run but I believe that the Lord is on my side. He can be on your side too, if you really want him too. Believe me pretty soon thats all you would want. Another great post by brother Les who I feel has really nailed the accursed devil, who must have really hated us to have taken the job when no else took. The Shaitaan knows that his time is close and hes trying to finish it up in the biggest rampage till date when his boy is back in flesh. I have a feeling with all the electric energy in the air that its possible that he somewhere near. Until then I have to say its just us doing what we do best. Do something really stupid and bad and then keep doing it again and again till were all dead.
You have backup in India Les, so dont worry, all though I will be leaving in a month. I feel that your invisible friends will be truly visible to you as soon as you get there wherever you are supposed to go.
Bon courage and bon voyage. Mon ami.

Love and respect

Anonymous said...

Things seem to have a French Revolution feel about them of late. I hope I'm wrong even though a lot of real assholes would get it in the neck.

Bryan in uk

Visible said...

Well said, Alive in the Wastelands. You are more right than you know and the future is not guaranteed, as far as being or going anywhere. Life happens according to it's own rules. This I know viscerally.

What a lot of people might not get but more and more do, especially around here, is that none of us shines without backup and I would have no abilities, without someone to appreciate them. I'm only a flute. It's God that makes the music. If you want to thank somebody, thank the generator. If you want to blame someone, that usually involves a bad mirror, where the reflection is affected by someone's inability to get their hands on some Windex and that is all about willing to go through the trouble and the ability to recognize the need for a specific remedy.

Only the divine can tell you what is actually necessary. Otherwise you rely on your own idea of how smart you are and that is under control like everything else. This is what screws up the smartest and most powerful. It looks like what they want it to look like, not what it is. Only those as humble as dirt get to see that. These words may not mean a great deal right now but they will assuredly relate to what is on the threshold.

I don't know any of these things, I just get told.

Visible said...

I've known for awhile that Brad Pitt was fucked. He was good in Kalifornia but now it seems that he is that guy. If you have seen the latest, "Killing them Softly" this Tarantino on meth abortion, then you know what I mean but after that Polish lie with Tarantino, I guess I don't have to say anything. No, I did not see that movie, I got more self respect.

I did see this one though. What a load of shit, complete with Lou Reed here and there in some embarrassing tribute to Goodfellas. It is really bad out there. I can only imagine what "Seven Psychopaths" will bring.

You want to see a fun film? Pick up an indie work called "Grabbers" The Irish seldom make a bad film. This one puts two 'r's in irony.

est said...

here is how to hot-link
and i will try it again here

first the article then the
web cam in arunachala

the full article:
and the web cam in india :

preacher said...

This article is in Dutch, but when it gets your attention, you can probably find more about on the net:

Mother of Darkness

This 'Château des Amerois' looks identical to the castle all Disney shows begin with...

Visible said...

Some of you might want to read this. Our good friend Arjan sent this in. He's on top of this from his neck of the woods. A very cool guy with a very good mind.

Sorry to be so present in the comments this evening but I have my reasons, or someone does.

Anonymous said...

One from the archives

P.S. who is Lematt?

preacher said...

Torch of Treason is Ruling Over Europe

Luke said...

Your theology is improving. God, or I should say, Jesus Christ created Satan, Isa 45:7. The knowledge of good and evil was essential in order for man, made in the image and likeness of God, to be like God, Ge 3:22, and Satan played his part in that matter. God is training the body of Christ to be priest/kings in the age to come, Col 1:12, Re 20:6. And part of the training is becoming mature in the knowledge of good and evil, Heb 5:14. I do hope you reconnect with your past and see if you are one of the chosen, Eph 1:4. Luke

est said...

i bugs me more than anything
when i can't figure something out

but these are worthy links
so here is cut and paste version

Visible said...

Oh gee thanks a lot. I've only been saying this since I started doing this.

Est; don't be so self deprecating, you're a whole lot better than you think you are. You're a poet. You know it makes no sense. As I like to say; Madness is only a seashell beyond the sea's kiss. Out of reach of both harm and favor... untouchable and nestled in the arms that brought us to the point where we could see it with clarity.

Things are not what they seem and never never have been.

Bedtime for me. See you in the next glorious morning and they are all glorious if you want that.

Anonymous said...

Many of us look forward to your presence in the comments, Vis.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr parody master "Anonymous" how about a new version of "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath or "The Fletcher Memorial Home" by Pink Floyd?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

est you are a poet, and more.. (visible prabhu, too)

Luke - Sri Hanumanji and dear Lord Ganesha are also scattered among the chosen.
So too are Prophet Muhammed, Guru Nanak, Lord Buddha, St.John, etc., etc., etc.

We're ALL the chosen.
Every last one of us.
Even the demons.

It's up to us as individuals as to when. Like kids.

Our much bragged about free will ever amounts to this and this only.

Why on heaven or on earth would the Lord make it hard allow those He loves to be struggling and hurting, even at most temporarily at ease?

He does not. You do. You, we, make this real.

Every adjective and mantra in the book cannot compare with sincerely asking our guru, the beloved of God St. Francis, for his blessing.

What more is there?

Unknown said...

Beautiful dog in that photo! i also see a shit load of chemtrails in the sky.aary

Clarity said...

est, I am confused. Your links did seem to work the first time. Didn't they? Or am I up too late again?

For those who never ventured into HTML-land, here's how to hotlink.

You can copy and paste this, replacing URL with the actual URL and TEXT with whatever text you want, whether it be the title or some other descriptor or identifier.


Let's hope I am awake enough to have done that correctly...

Much love,

Anonymous said...

6 million is the answer. 6 million is always the answer when they swing their dicks around. "OK, dollars then" Strauss-Kahn was overheard when the court would not have anything of him bringing up the Holocaust as defense for the rape of his chamber maid. All over the world chosenites are laughing their collective asses off over this inside joke. Meanwhile Mr. A slowly unzips to return the favor in broad daylight.


est said...

all i ask is
you let me
laugh again

i don't think
i can take
one more tear

Ray B. said...

Hi, All!

This is kind of a test. Having been 'guilty' of not hot-linking (formal name: hyperlink), I perused the internet and found an easy page to understand. If I have it correctly, it is Hyperlink Code

Otherwise, see:

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

The war council convenes on Syria and Mali
Paid insurgents are failing they make no progress
Corporations covet resources and influence
The war machine seeks to put humanity to death
The debts to the bankers grow ever larger
Usurious parasites need slaves for the machine
Evil seeks victims vampires and zombies
Humanity controlled by fear unredeemed
The leaders don't care the people just numbers
the pen of the book keeper can easily deny
Hell for the many this cold ruthless system
Controlled by deception lost innocence and lies
zionists seeking total dominion
Monsters and paedofiles Corruption and hate
Driven by the lust of what never could be
Crumbles in the fingers when a man awakes

Clarity said...

For the record, I checked my post in preview and it showed up as it looks now (not correct - showed up as a long instead of being able to see the code).

I changed it, previewed it again, and it was now right - that is, the code could be seen.

So what happened??


the gardener said...

Rereading the absolute derivative of the pure evil evidenced by the shocking Dutroux case I was reminded of where I was in the early 90s and this song by Prince -his '7'...

Prince got this song and album 'symbols' out in the early '90s time of the radical revolutionary change indicated by the astrological Uranus/Neptune conjunct at 19 degrees Capricorn during the late '80s through mid '90s for all born during that time.

This conjunction is responsible for the change of energies enabling entire world wide system 'revolutions' the last one being the 'Industrial Revolution' the one in the early '90s was for the intro to a "spiritual revolution"... why it had 'to get so dark even the blind could see when there was even a hint of light'...

So... Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, 19 degrees... exact with the back and forth play of the 'direct station and retrograde' took us through this for a few years.

Pluto-the great destroyer who clears the decks if it gets too messy to deal with... is right now at 8 degrees Capricorn. My figuring is with great then sight and hind sight now 20 years from then... is that it will be when Pluto gets into the area of the '19 degrees' zone of that conjunction started the gears turning, wheels rolling that the BIG event happens... around 2017...

When Prince put this out it was the time of the astrological change that has evidenced itself to the now times 20 years later-as this astro impact was for a 'societal revolution' same one that brought in the last 'revolution' of the Industrial Revolution, this cycle's being one of a 'Spiritual Revolution' as hard and hideous as what has transpired since the Neptune/Uranus conjunct at 19 Capricorn it does seem like this has been what is needed for all to get the utter deviant madness running amok in this world of ours.

This song hit me hard then... gives me strength now to keep my focus on the devils that be now.

here are the lyrics to this song of Prince's. Prince pulls his videos off of mass distribution-that this exists to post is unusual.

Know that ALL born into that time arena of the Conjunction ushering in a 'spiritual revolution' have those energies in their being... again this song '7' is very empowering for the times that are and are to come.

Well wishes on the upcoming New Moon for Vis and all other travelers of this plane and others.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Depraved sources identitys lost in reason
Habitual inducement to corrupted intent
Divided society driven by demons
Corporate entity's under false pretense
Zionists slavemongers restricted in outcome
Evil plans never seem to ever succeed
Its deeds waylaid castrated left starving
Thank goodness for the truth almighty and free
And the sense that this world could be better
Like a pathway onwards guiding us through
Where the people opened and awoke to all living
The life inside that is fearless and true
The guidance pouring in pure understanding
Clarifying rejuvenating in limitless sequence
Patterns behold and rise forthwith
And stand for the earth in total defence

Anonymous said...

paedofiles have to go to jail,,,

Anonymous said...

Clarity: HTML is complicated. If you want to link to Smoking Mirrors you have to write <a href="">Smoking Mirrors</a> into the comment box. If you want to show the HTML code of a hyperlink you must "quote" the HTML. Use this for example to quote.


Leslie said...

look at this video....

Anonymous said...

Woke up to find this on Drudge:

Sorry, I don't know how to do the fast link.

Mr. A has been very busy lately. Thank God this is being exposed. I want it ALL exposed! I want all those people who LET this happen SEE what the results of their complacency and cowardice are! How can there be a god who lets this happen.....

Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

Nietzsche said: "I accept the truth of human affairs. Everything is tragic and the Will which sought to create a world according to its own wishes could only find true satisfaction finally in the dignity of being buried under its own ruins."

Shirl E

Mr. Mcgranor said...

You obviously have Satan figured.

Anaughty Mouser said...

To Les Visible,

Safety and godspeed to you during your trip to India. May God keep you safe in every way. Thank you for all you have done over these many years. Hopefully you will be able to continue posting in some way from India. You will be sorely missed. All the very best on your travels.

Sincerely with love, Glenn Dormer

Mr. Mcgranor said...


Anonymous, put your name on your poems.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mc Granor it is I sir,, Mc Arthur Mc Arthur of the Mc Arthur clan,,,in search of the great vast expanse of never ending beauty,,,
By the love of all love for the great people of the northern kingdoms,,who never give up,,who are wise,,for that was the way they were made,,
And when those good people see a tyrant licking its lips as if it had any dominion over them,those people stand up and send that tyrant running,,never to return,,,
For they are the good people sir,,,
They never give in,,,

Yours respectably
Mc arthur

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

nice post Vis, make me worry less about you with such clearness as this. many well wishes for yoy on your sojourn, hoping you do journ (blog) here rather than adjourn.

Village People, In the Gravy.
(the economy as it is and the satanic cult). you can indulge yourself in sleaze. when you get down on your knees. satanic master to be pleased.
they want jew in a business suit.

Clarity, I fell for that one a year or so ago, would be nice for a preview facility here. I cut and paste and edit , a spreadsheet would do it easier concatenating the relevant pieces with two input cells of http and link label.

Veritas said...

The other day on the ELLEN DEGENERES show she was talking with Christina Aguilera, the former Mouseketeer now a recording "artist" Ellen said how Hillary Rodham Clinton was staring at the breasts of Christina, and Christina said that HRC has a "DARK charisma", and she was flattered and more by the desire of the Hyena. Just as the Hyena cavorted with her female staff, all female, in Colombia, dancing and so forth.
All those rumours about the Hyena are now clearly shown to be TRUE. And this society is so ILL, so vomitous, that only God can save us all here.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Just Streaming Through.

Clarity said...

@ Michael - thank you.
I don't know what went wrong, honestly. I have put hyperlinks in my comments before. I tried typing the example i the way I normally would, hoping it wouldn't turn it into a link because there was no URL in the example. I clicked on preview and saw that it did (try to) turn it into a link. (It looked exactly like my first comment...)

I went and found the extra code I needed to include to keep from making it a hyperlink. I left the original example in as well, clicked preview and saw both things - what I wanted and what I didn't want (that TEXT pseudo-link to somewhere in cyberspace...) I then deleted the one I didn't want, clicked preview again, saw it appearing just as I wanted it to, hit publish, and then.... returned in the morning to find it was all wrong.

@ pierre - Nice to know I'm not alone. ??? lol I did use the preview option here, but what's the point of having that if it doesn't show you what it will actually look like??

Well - I tried anyway.

Actually, if people read Michael's comment, they will see exactly how to do it. (hint, hint!)

More thanks to you both...


ChewyBees said...

The ultimate fear of the (self proclaimed) chosen persons of god is not a holocaust, or pain or even murder. It is without a doubt that no person will ever believe a lie they tell again. Without that deception of men, the chosen person of god is an invalid.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, as a trainee at a new job, my supervisor told me the following joke:
"A daughter asks her father, who is naked in the shower, about different bits on her mom's body and when she will get some, like boobs and hair and so fourth,and he replies everytime, in a few years, then she looks at his junk and asks him when will I get one of those, and he replies, as soon as your mom goes to the shop."
I've never repeated this joke, and I never knew at the time how to react to it, but the scariest bit for me wasn't that this was a father who was telling me this sick "joke", but more his hawk-like stare to gauge my reaction to it.
Was this a simple test to see if I was pliable and susceptible to this kind of sick shit?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@ Clarity, actually I had not, consciously, seen that preview button before, but you it asks me to log into a googlebot account, so I cant check it out, perhaps it also needs to allow scripts.

another tip, viewers, is to highlight a text web link, and right click the context many to open in new tab (Firefox). alternatively highlight and drag and drop to a new tab.

i wonder if in 40 years I will be staunchly only doing text web interactions, forbearing the even mashier voice and video miasma.

just for practice and a laugh,
a gemcartoon in the local rag on the ptb too harshly treating under 18 sexters.

Clarity said...

@ pierre, this is strange.

I never log in when I post a comment.

I sign in under Name/URL with just my name - Clarity - and I have always been able to preview.

Maybe it's a browser thing??


Peter said...

I was searching for this Henry mancini tune on you tube and sorta found it HERE
However, the dog frolicing in the snow seeemd meant for you.

Anonymous said...

They don't want to take our guns from us. They want us to have guns! Our guns will never hurt them; not ever. Our guns do not protect us from them. Ted Nugent is going to hold off trained assault troops with tanks, artillery and air power?! Give me a break! Our guns only make it easier for us to hurt each other. If you really want to hurt these fuckers give up materialism. Right to bear arms is a joke.

Pantagruel said...

Very well said, that made my day

Cassandra of Troy said...

Many op-ed pieces lately comparing Israel and US in terms of security, checkpoints, etc. and how we should emulate this. Yes, I say sarcastically, I want my country to mimic Israel's hypermilitary, paranoid and schizoid apartheid mentality. Israel can't be allowed to drag us down even further.

Needless to say, the response is predictable. My Auntie Semite sure gets around, considering she's an old gal by now.

the gardener said...

Looking for poster who left the site of the "Kay Griggs' interview.

This was two vids made from the interviewer of her and it is just absolutely horrifying.

She did spill out the 'Z' word in regards to who 'they' are behind all of this pedophilia/homosexual deeds done on each other and the innocent boys they use in their indoctrination/blackmail episodes.

Like the interviewer said " I can't look at ANY of these men without thinking they've partaken in these actions' and then proceeded with pics of the revealed by Grigg's disclosures perps in power.

It has been my experience in the civilian world of all the fiends I've come across in my determination to shine the light on the 100s of thousands of reasons my husband needed to die... that all of the officers of the courts from high to low haven't gotten their positions of great life and death power over... me... you ... our children and other innocent people due to their great minds or strength of character. They all have shown the most outrageous lack of professionalism, are downright lazy with attitudes and exude this 'protected' affect that is really noticeable.

The price they have paid is one they can never get back. And either they are totally demonically possessed which I do not rule out or else they are simple sould souls...their time is over and they cannot get away in the darkness they've created anymore. THAT'S what 12/21 is all about.

the gardener

I got out of that site as soon as second video was done... so awful, so demented what she relayed. But proof is in the puddin... called our existence on this earth right now with all the anti-life running roughshod over everyone and thing they can-killing as much as fast as they can.



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