Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr. Apocalypse is not Looking for a Little Head

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Michael Rivero had a link up yesterday for a petition that should be signed by any right thinking person. As I was signing it, a light bulb lit up over my head and I thought, “Ummmm Hummmm, let's see if I can do this. I could. It turns out that all you need is 25,000 signatures and The White House has to respond. Ergo, Starfleet Commander Visible has posted a petition at and he is asking you to sign this important document, whose time has most definitely come. I almost did when the thought entered my head. This is the kind of proactive citizen involvement that we need. I didn't realize until I had finished writing it that I only got so many characters. I might have phrased it a little differently but... it's what it is. Hopefully the readers will make this thing go viral. If you know anyone who has traffic and might post something like this, please send it to them. Maybe you know somebody who can give this thing legs; what the heck, arms too and a head up top, so it can stand by the side of the road on Route 66 and jump up and down and wave its hands. I'd like to see that. I think you would too.

I don't think there is any doubt that Mr. Apocalypse is the hardest working man in show business. He's sort of a combination between Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson and James Brown. Get down with your bad self! Better yet, get down on all the other bad, self absorbed selfs. Things keep getting revealed that were formerly concealed and the pressures are on all over the place and directly leading into certain inevitabilities. You can get a sense of where things are heading by watching the coming attractions. The future advertises itself, if you're paying attention. Otherwise, it smacks you in the back of the head, to let you know it's in town. After all, the future has to do with you, one way or another, so does the present and the past. People tend to live more in one of them than the other, which is unfortunate because only one of them is actually here. It's easy to get confused about that though because there's so much evidence of behind and ahead. There's no future in either though, without the affirming resonance of the present.

Now, one of the reasons that Mr. Apocalypse is like Michael Jackson is that he moonwalks. Even if there is no moon, as my good friend Michael attests, that doesn't stop Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse moonwalks into the past. That's how you do it. That's the only way to effectively get into the past and see exactly what happened and what didn't happen. As far as what happened, you can see that cause it's right there. As for what didn't happen you can see that because it isn't there. So Mr. Apocalypse taps the things that happened with his walking stick and he also taps the things that didn't happen with his walking stick and both of them light up with whatever the truth about them may be. Mr. Apocalypse is going to tap every one of us on the shoulder and light us up too, and reveal whatever the truth about us might be. That can be a very good thing or a very bad thing, or it could be a mixed bag, like one of those Planter's nut samplers, or maybe even one of those Walt Whitman samplers that's got all kinds of wilderness and dead leaves in among the chocolates. You can learn a lot from dead leaves. You can also learn a lot from dead people. Like it says in the pathology department, “Here the dead teach the living”.

People might tell you that all murder is bad but that's not true nor comprehensive. There are things inside of each of us that need to be killed and knowing what to kill and what to nourish, can go a long way toward putting you on friendly terms with Mr. Apocalypse. That's something you want, something highly desirable, though some of us might be unaware of it. Some people might think you can get on good terms with Mr. Apocalypse by offering him a blow job but they would be misinformed. No blow-jobs for Mr. Apocalypse. Mr Apocalypse has got a significant other for that kind of thing. If you come around talking to Mr. Apocalypse about a little head, he might well shrink yours.

Generally Mr. Apocalypse does not walk around with a smile on his face. This is because of the things Mr. Apocalypse sees every day. These things tend to put Mr. Apocalypse in a grim frame of mind. If you had to see the kinds of things he runs across every day, then you would be in a grim frame of mind as well, maybe. It depends on your sense of humor. Seen from a certain perspective many of these things can seem comical. Mr. Apocalypse is less likely to be amused because he is required to act on these things. We generally are not. This does not mean that Mr. Apocalypse has no sense of humor, quite the contrary. You will find that he has a rich sense of humor that is pregnant with irony, to which he gives birth, out of a hole in the top of his head.

Mr Apocalypse is not like us. Heck, most of us are not like us. We just play a role in the movie of life. The thing with roles is that they automatically result in specific destinies. Mr. Apocalypse has got something to do with all of that. He knows what every role is likely to result in. Many of us do not. That can be unfortunate. Mr. Apocalypse has a particular kind of awareness. He sees things as they really are. That can be dramatically different than how most people see them. This can also be unfortunate. We need to borrow Mr. Apocalypse's sunglasses cause when you have those on, the sunlight impacts on everything in the environment and lights it up as it really is. You really want a pair of those sunglasses. They're like the ones in the movie, They Live. The remake of that should be out soon and it is probably going to be well worth seeing, because Roddy Piper won't be in it, I hope. Now some of you might be fans of Roddy's acting chops. I am not. I believe he is not a Stanislavski graduate. Not that I have any interest in Stanislavski because I am not a method actor myself. I am an actor though. We all are.

This world needs to change and it is going to change. There's no two, or even three, or four ways about it. There are a lot of reasons why this world needs to change. One of the reasons is that it can't keep on going the way it is. It just can't. I'll tell you why I want it to change. I have several reasons but one of them might not occur to most people as a deep and compelling reason. For me it is. It's about the death of manners. The disappearance of courtesy and simple spacial awareness gives me a heavy heart. I miss the presence of manners in a way that impacts on my life very significantly, more so than I would ever have imagined. I see them missing on the highway. I see them gone in the supermarkets. I see them absent on the sidewalk. I miss them terribly. Manners makes life something very different from what it is these days. I try to employ manners wherever I go but I am not 100% successful because there is such an absence of manners. I was in a pub briefly on the night I returned from the UK. It had been a high wire trip and I wanted a few beers to decompress with. They were just the ticket too. There were a bunch of locals at a table behind me and the venom coming off of one of them, literally turned me around to confront him. He was glaring at me. I looked right into his eyes, searching for the meaning. I did not find it.

I am often surprised at how many people know who I am. I am connected to one of the old families around here and who, in times past, had an impact on the town because they owned a large nursery and attended to the gardening needs of the whole area. We live next door to the richest man in town because he was close friends with the former man of this house who is no longer around. He's an interesting fellow. It's not that big a house and he is worth millions. He has a roofing concern and also builds houses. He owns 20 or 30 houses in this town and rents them out. He's quite elderly now and quite a horn-dog still, which I find amusing. He has manners, with the possible exception of when the horn-dog is on the prowl. Older people have good manners much of the time, younger people do not but I certainly notice when people have manners. It makes them stand out. They are generally accompanied by a positive mien and a willingness to see the good in others, even the ability to see others and to recognize them as members of the human race.

As I said, I'm well known here by my associations but... on the other hand, I am unknown and considered strange. There is a large Christian missionary operation here. They send people off to mess with the heathens in Africa. They got a lot of money and they run a school for Americans in Europe and people send their kids there from all over. Somehow they know about me but I don't know how really. Once I was in the town square and they had opened, that very evening, a little coffee shop and they were inviting people to come in. I was standing there with Susanne. It was a warm summer night and we were out for a walk. One of the men operating this coffee-shop, slash, eatery came over to me with a smile on his face and invited me to come inside. Another man spotted him talking to me and he hurriedly came over and drew the man aside. I don't know what he said to him but that was the end of our conversation and, I suspect the end of the invitation as well. Several times I have had conversations with people from this group, in supermarkets mostly and they are quite friendly and want to know what I do. I tell them I am a writer and a recording artist, which probably is an inflation of what I actually am and they talk about getting in touch but they most definitely do not. Yes, some kind of word is out about me but I haven't done anything I know of, except play in a particular club on occasion and sometimes have a beer or two somewhere with a friend. People give me odd looks all the time. I guess I'm strange. Maybe it's the manners, or the lack of them somewhere else.

I hope Mr. Apocalypse brings manners back, along with gratitude and a certain awareness in people concerning their dignity. I surely would like to see that. I have some friends of Indian extraction, from India, directly or by ancestry and I love being around them. They have manners and it makes Love and understanding possible. A heart absent of love has no real reason for beating.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: My Sunglasses by Les Visible♫ My Sunglasses ♫

My apologies for this post being rather disjointed. I was trying to say something and never quite got there.

Radio show is trying to find the time to happen, I'm guessing sometime today.


Visible said...

So, I think it's only fair that I tell the joke about a little head. A man walks into a bar and sees a man with a tiny head about the size of an orange.

He asks the bartender what had happened to the man.

The bartender says, "Well, he was on a beach and saw a beautiful mermaid."

"The mermaid swam up to him and offered him a single wish."

Unfortunately, the man replied "How about a little head?"

Anonymous said...

we lamented the loss of manners along with Due Process...

whether it was Gordon Kahl, or Vickie and Sammie Weaver, it was a slam dunk during the seige at Mt. Carmel where the forked toungued "Media" in covinous collusion with the terrorists from the ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI tried desperately to keep the cameras on the "compound" repeating the refrain...

and ignoring the CIA cocaine compound across the road...


thank you for bringing the manners thing{y} to the attention of the congregation, knowing that you're no holier than thou notsee zionist psychophant kinda qualifies you to deliver such a much needed homily


speaking of homilies -

keep on shakin' it


bee wrangler said...

right on there about manners. Change is happening fast is truly good.-jen the beewoman

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible

If you never got there with this post, you certainly managed to communicate a whole lot.

Seems Mr. Apocalypse gave the keys to shrinking heads to the amazon and african tribes- never would have occurred to m, that knowledge came from MR.A himself! All because someone tried to give him a blow job, withot asking his partner what her position on the offer may be !!!!

My, my, that beer has your sense of humour into the sublime, after all some of the greatest truths that cannot be spoken are hinted at by humour and the belly-laughs at least makes one conscious of - having a gut, guts, whatever.

Maybe even, as one glances down, the little head, the one that was shrunk by Mr.A, reminds one to stop trying to have such big thoughts from such a little head.

No wonder the perverts try to unite their little shrunken heads with whatever people try to think with, their rear ends, in order to, obviously, reach an 'understanding' with the young ones. Explains the need to 'reach out' to the young generation from such luminaries as many receipients at the address of your petition, the City, and even the 7 hills of Sibyl ( Cibelle ) worship in pasta country. Not new, even before, Alex the 'Great?' the Macedons, not quite the same as Greeks, have had a saying about how the soul reaches heaven. Reverse K-unda-lini stuff. Times they are a-changing.

Shiva/Shakti tango

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Heard Bono made a landmark grave mark at the White(wash)house again.

Won't get fooled again.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

Twisting killing cheating lieing
Hurting leaching genociding
Biting cursing dominating
Israel I command you stop
Be gone .....

Anonymous said...


Sorry Vis, I lost my manners for a moment. Just caught the news about israhell killing more of our brothers and sisters in palastine on WRH.

Sorry People.

I have told people for at least 10 yrs. "God, (Mr. Apocalypse) come down here and give this planet a good swat upside it's ass.we deserve it and I'll take what I deserve to get."

Neil; I need a good Positive poem about now, please.?

I Love this Place.

walking hawk

p.s. maybe when isreal population hits 6 mill. Mr.A will pay back for lying these 100 plus yrs. (karma) we can only pray.

spiller23 said...

The manners thing is something that has been on my mind for a long time but very prominently since the weekend. And it has been this day holding centrepiece on my current internal monologues as I try to qualify and quantify how things are currently so horribly wrong for our "civilisation".

I was out in a bar with some friends, mildly celebrating one guy's birthday. The levels of discourtesy and selfishness we all witnessed that night were beyond anything I have experienced before. And we've gone to some rough places! Somewhere along the line, people seem to have lost the simple ability to navigate through bars with common decent courtesy. No tapping on the shoulder "excuse me, please" or "sorry to bother you". No one shoulder first snaking through the gaps in the crowds. These days’ people just barge full frontal in straight lines in the direction of their intended destination. The result is a lot of being pushed and shoved and spilling of drinks. And it’s not like these people were overwhelmingly drunk. They just appear to not give a shit about anybody else.

After about 2 hours of this, we finally saw one young lady display the sort of humble courtesy that had been so profoundly absent. We all stood back in awe as we observed this. She was a lone hero in night ....and I suppose it probably didn't hurt that she was drop dead gorgeous.

Brother, you would creep me out with your knack of opining on matters presently occupying my thoughts, if I wasn't completely and utterly in acceptance and servitude of what is going down all around us right now.

I was once one of those that you spoke of in your Origami who had to be hooked in by Smoking Mirrors. It worked on me, I am sure it has worked on countless others.

Keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Your petition is no longer searchable at the website.

Mark said...

This is the kind of stuff Mr. Apocalypse has been noting for quite some time. Enough, already.

Visible said...

It's right where it was before.

Anonymous said...

To those who would give me head:

Head is only as good as the head you get it from and I can do better, thanks.

Mr. Apocalypse

Allison said...

You already know this, but I'll say it. Those of a dissimulative nature fear exposure of their shadow, whatever that shadow may be. They also intuitively grasp when people have the ability to see throught them. Of course they would never admit this to themselves, but it is so. Sleepers dont want to be awakened. Especially when it is cold and drizzly outside ;-) Ironically manners do survive in fundie land U.S.A. , but I wouldnt say that its worth the move, due to the hideous thoughtforms which predominate here. Zombies are real and in the U.S. South they are in the ghettos as well as the churches. Oh well, Kali Yuga blows.

Anonymous said...

Germans are dealing with some ill-mannered people, again:

Zio-Ogre Federal Reserve branch Bank, located in Zio-Ogre HQ North America, New York City, refuses to allow Germany to see its 1,536,000 kilograms of gold held in the NYC branch.

yep - that gold is good as lost

maybe Adolf was on to something after all?

Respects to all souls!

Anonymous said...

Get back behind,,get down,get off,gett away
Get out,be gone,be nothing,be slayed
Be still,, be broken,be smashed be fled
Get back Israel,on your war Truth treds

Anonymous said...

Les, we have a problem here in Canada.
It's called, the gay whiners who are playing the innocent humans movement.

They want the ever discerning Harper Bilderberger off-shoot= Rahm Emanuel closet Gannon movers, shakers to think they are born poor simple minded ever wanna do gooders when in fact they are what the Bible warned at these times , play a major THXish-1138 role, I'm sure only Lucas in his amazing imagination knew we would be better off letting these self Sodomite so destruct of life even contemplate to try and help keep from destroying the world we might as well take the money and run and not look back. They've got enough idiots thinking they are the victims and the dark overlords little pawn pushers smiling all the way to the underground banks that we might as well cash-in what investments we have and pray that there is enough sanity left in this world to allow the true chosen ones to not let God down.

Billy G.

mike m said...

I tried a new cocktail the other night called "Sandy".

It tasted like a watered down Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

I think manners also represent a certain mindset. I find people who have and prize manners do not have an “entitled” mindset and are humble for the most part. I like to let people know I appreciate their time, assistance, help, etc. It didn’t slip by unnoticed by me. I don’t expect a thank you every time I do any little thing, but if I never hear it or appreciation is never expressed, I’m left to assume my actions are either not needed, unnecessary or worse, expected. Also, I don’t know who said this, but I’ve found it to be true; “the kindness of strangers is never forgotten.”
Thank you, Visible.
Love, Serena

Anonymous said...

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like End Times"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas", by Meredith Willson, made popular by various artists.)

It's beginning to look a lot like End Times
Everywhere you go
Take a look in the Parliament
Where your missing children went
They murdered them and tossed them in the snow

It's beginning to look a lot like End Times
Young girls dressed as whores
But the most shocking sight to see
Is the Brown Shirts that will be
At your own front door

A pair of thigh-high boots and a dildo that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben
Dolls dressed like sluts who can cut off your nuts
Is the hope of Janice and Jen
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for "Glee" to start again

It's beginning to look a lot like End Times
Everywhere you go
Swarms of cops inside every school
Where Tasering is the rule
They scream and stun until your children drool

It's beginning to look a lot like End Times
Soon the sheep will rise
And the thing that will do the trick
Is Mr. Apocalypse's stick
Right between their eyes

It's beginning to look a lot like End Times
Young girls dressed as whores
But the most shocking sight to see
Is the Brown Shirts that will be
At your own front door

Sure, it's End Times...once more...

Robin Redbreast said...

Great post Vis - and you say you didn't get to your point?!!

preacher said...

Israel Names Its New War After Biblical Story About God Terrorizing Egyptians

est said...

now this reminds me of another joke

i can't remember the premise exactly

but the punch-line is prescient
for these times :

'don't lose your head
over a little tail'

preacher said...

And so the wind blows...

ABC station botches Petraeus book cover:

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

you might need your own sunglasses as there might not be any in the remake

the original short story upon which is was based.

and this web search
, the first link says
that you need 150 signatories for it to be made public, which might be the whitehorse's own decleration of dependence (grin)

♫ I'm fixing the hole at the top of my head that stops my mind from laughing, where will it go ♫

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for this forum of turthseekers.
I wish to become a Budda so that I may benefit all sentient beings.
I find true happiness in seeking happiness and compassion for others,
even if they do not deserve it, just as I do not deserve it, yet I give freely because there is no price to pay for compassion and there is not a limited supply, yet it is endless.
Les and others here I consider you all a part of my Sangha(on the same path to truth), in a loose interpretation of the word.
Of course I will say
Thank you all and Best Regards from Texas
Love, Scott

Anonymous said...

Government of Israel the usa and uk are fraudulant,therefore are void and non permittable...

Anonymous said...

pity only americans can sign imagine how many you would get if the whole world could

Visible said...

Good parody and

the cocktail called Sandy (grin).

Anonymous said...

There are 2 petitions for Idaho's secession demand. I wrote one of them. Apparently, the other was posted about 5 minutes before mine. I Love the sound that synchronicity makes when it rings, don't you?
I signed both the petitions, gladly.

Did you hear about the petition asking bwak! to strip the citizenship and deport all that signed one, or more of the petitions for secession? (I have signed every one of them, so far)

I'm ready for this to completely pop, that's for sure. This dribbling along with one crisis after another, but never big enough to completely & totally reset...
Is that so bad a thought? I don't want death & destruction any more than you do. Or any sane person does.
But death & destruction, is happening now. And I won't start listing them as examples of what's going on. I would have severe writers cramp, fosho...
Anyone paying even a little bit of attention, knows the intensity of world events, i.e., many, many local events seen as a whole...
My thinking is that the sooner it's all over the sooner we can do things in new and different ways, sans the reptillian, demonic influences wreaking, said havoc...

I too am facing my own local fight, having recently had my rights as a free human, at the mercy of some deputies that believed that by my having standing on the organic, pre-1871 Constitution, means to them that I am an extremist and/or a possible domestic terrrist... Do a search on "he's a constitutionalist" and you can see vid of their assault upon my wife & I... We feel lucky to be alive...

Anyhoo... Your words, as usual have opened long shut doors in the old memory banks... So, thanks for that, my friend... ;-)

Until later...

Rabbit said...

Yes Walking Hawk and make that a double from me. There is a time for manners, which is most of the time and whenever it can reasonably be expected to be reciprocated.

There is also a time to just say FUCK ISRAEL and the cockroaches which rode in on it. I'm all for Mr Apocalypse. I don't mind being forced to go along for the ride if he'd just do what has to be done over there, and please inshallah in my lifetime.

JLOC said...

Your petition is awesome. A bit scary going to that site though. hehe

Anonymous said...

"A heart absent of love has no real reason for beating."
Vis, you´re hittin home again.
Dankeschoen, Dein Freund

Anonymous said...

Hi guys...I'm running low on ideas for song if you have any specific ones (song titles) you'd like me to take a shot at, just let me know...I have a couple percolating right now - "My Heroes Have Always Been Choirboys", "Midnight Train to FEMA", and "I Saw Condi Blowing Lucifer" (spin-off of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"). But if you have any ideas, hey, collaboration makes the world go round. Thanks for the kudos on my last parody, Lord V. - Goy George (might have to change that name, heh)

the gardener said...

Jay Weider mentioned on one of his interviews how 'psychopathy is contagious-uninfected people trying to defend their selves against them start using their techniques of: lying, threatening etc' and the lack of manners is contagious too. Probably part of the psychopathy plan.

That's one big difference between the psychopaths and the uninfected people-psychopaths always have a plan and normal people are usually just in their 'now'... one foot in front of another sort of deal.

After moving to what's described by the locals as 'clannish' region of the US I was scolded a few times for 'being too nice to people' and 'people don't like it when you say HELLO to them'.

I didn't listen because I didn't get it, confusion reigns with psychopathic 'clans'. Now I feel like Yoko Ono expressed as an elite child in Tokyo 'people on the street don't deserve your smile' ... with the confusion clusterfuck plan working here I am now suspect of anyone exhibiting what was in the old world-normal public manners. I find that when I am most inhibited in public is when I am rewarded with common manners.

the gardener

Unknown said...

Last week I am patiently waiting at the counter of a store to buy something that she had to get for me from the back. The store had just opened and she was busy with something and phone and whatever was going on.

Finally, instead of "can I help you?" she says, "What ya standin there for?".

"I wanted three of those."

"Were you gonna just keep standing there?"

"You were busy, I was waiting."

"It's called work!" (belligerent tone)

" I was being courteous."

"Yer never gonna get any thing if you don't speak up!"

" I don't think like that. Thank you."

"$24 and change."

I kept cool the whole time. I don't care if I get anywhere. At least in that world.

Hi, I'm Ron. It's a pleasure to meet all you nice people.

Thanks Vis. I signed.

mike m said...

Spreading the joy.

I know most here could care less about sports but this is just another example of how deep the tentacles have penetrated.

In Miami the owners of the Miami Marlins baseball team begged for a new stadium with the promise of fielding a competitive team.

They spent millions foolishly on players to "show" their commitment.

Of course it was all a lie because after just one year in the new stadium the team has been purged of just about any decent ballplayer but now the team is worth 4 times more then the original price the owners paid for it.

Here is my attempt at enlightening the masses at the Miami Herald as to why this happens over and over again:

You have to understand the mind of the "Tribe Member" if you want to make any sense of this.

Since Ms. Loria and Midget Samson are both "Tribe Members" this will apply to what they have done to the the Marlins and the City of Miami.

The "Tribe Member" has no moral obligation to follow through with an agreement or contract if it is with a "Goy" , the only time they even attempt to do so is with a fellow "Tribe Member".

It is in their book called the Talmud and it is the basis of their prayer called the Kol Nidre which I will provide to you so you get a better sense of what your up against and in the future and you will be better prepared to guard yourself against such trickery:

The Kol Nidre is the holiest Jewish prayer and is recited
several times on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It means "all vows" and is a
flat statement that no promise of any kind will be kept for the coming year. It
is also sung by the cantor in synagogue, accompanied on the violin and goes like

"All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all
names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day
of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in
happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved,
forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor
have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall
not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths."

Now there are crooks of other persuasions who also live by this mantra but it is at the heart and soul of any aspiring or full fledged "Tribe Member". DON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN.............

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

I would visit that page if it didn't in dot gov. Love the enthusiasm but comrade dear leader the immaculate messiah, the rockstar, the one, isn't going to let those states and their taxpaying serfs get away. So the army will move on those states? Ten plus years of war have weakened the glorious army and chairman maobama is having a Stalin like purge of the military right now. Wolverines, Red Dawn, huurr raahh!

the gardener said...

The other white meat 'church' has its own version of the Talmud...oddly enough they consider Jews, too, to be Gentiles. And it is alright to cheat, lie to, steal from any Gentile. In the questions for the almighty Temple Recommends it asks 'have you shown SYMPATHY for any apostate?" Imagine that...'showing sympathy'. Why the shunning of the excommunicated and disfellowshipped members-perhaps five generations culturally are shunned.

Don't know if anyone knows this but the Weaver family of the sordid Ruby Ridge murders were Mormon. As were many players in the OK City bombing disaster. Don't know how many alphabet players were Mormon as well but they do like to keep the covers over their worker bees and drones.

I am very grateful that self professed 'leader in his church' did not get the keys to the White House and all the other keys. Though he did refer to himself as a 'Pastor'. pffft

Wonderful to see the jackals out jackaled... and since these 'church' members do eat their own if they have something worthy to steal or just for payback there is no guarantee by committing to their routines that you would be safe from the harm they do. Jackals cheating the jackals.

I'm sure the keys to all those DUMBS all over the world have had copies made many times over the years. Keys and Buttons. Oy Vey!

Admittedly this 'constitution is hanging by a thread' but there's been a whole lot of self fulfilling of that prophecy.

mike m said...

What a beautiful world we live in :

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Mr. Apocalypse and his Elves take a Walk with Mr. Inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Live gaza live
Live with all your might
With all your soul
With everything
Live the utmost of all your light
Live gaza live
Live long and live and be
Live onwards and live strong
Live all our hearts too free

niijii said...

Hi all,
I try to have good manners but...

We were sitting in a room in the clinic with a young nurse with a fake smile. She was trying to sell us on getting our daughter a series of spendy jabs to prevent HPV. The wife and I both said "no thank you" a couple of times. She moved from the sweet sell to the guilt trip and said that she was going to have her daughter vaccinated as soon as she was old enough and that we should too. I then told her that I didn't know that they had went to the future to know what that shot really did and that I hoped her daughter wasn't fucked up by her mother's bad choices. Conversation was then over along with her fake smile.

Sometimes you've gotta be cruel to be kind it's just a matter of when and how much.

Goy George, can you do something with the song Love Hurts? Ya know, Glove Hurts, Love Yurts, Love Warts, Love Haarp, anything to turn that assbackward song from my youth programming right way around would be appreciated. Thank you! I'm one of the fools that fooled myself I guess, 33 years with the same lady so far.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

I had a thought about this whole thing. Just a thought of course, but I've learned oeer the course of the last 12 years that Israel will do anything to debase a nation.

Could it be.....COULD it be, that these secession requests are the product of the Mossad or their 'helpers' in order to stir up shit?

I understand many people are pissed, and I certainly didn't' vote for the puppet show or anyone associated with it. But being that Obamney is a hand puppet of the PTB and their agenda to destroy the US is well known, it could be that such a trend is the product forces, less than admirable.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Corporation media
The people see Straight through
All the propaganda for israel
The banking cartel and netanyahu
A systematic breakdown
Along the pull of all your crimes
The wars against the people
To dominate their lives
A simple misunderstanding
The force of greed is just deranged
Now the world is in a shambles
In chaos and constant shame
Why oh why you bother
You know where it will lead
To the wasteland of the self
Bound in all those perverted deeds

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article about the Jews in Germany and Austria-Hungary written in the 19th century (1870s)
Yah, it was "antisemitic" (ha-ha) and was not an underground, but a mainstream publication; "permissible" back then.
Anyway, he described the Jews (NOT the Zinists!) yes, the Jews(!) as brash, crass, impolite, pushy, disrespectful, arrogant ogres, members of a crude, rough, inhumane culture, treating and looking their host nation(s) with disrespect, hate and disdain, totally at odds with civilized (European) polite society.

Now that they have acquired their much coveted power in America and Europe, why would not their behavioral traits become mainstream also? Notice, that in countries where they have been unable to become powerful and influential, (South America for example) humane and polite behavior still remains.
They are a corrosive, deadly disease of civilization and humanity - that's obvious.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
(1) - these numbers I put in as versions so when the captcha fails, I know which version. it might give a clue about the spam folder. if no (1)'s get there, that might be what is happening.

ah, Mr George, I thought you'd never ask.

Racey "Boy Oh Boy" to "Goy Oh Goy".
or you could do their "Some girls" to Some Goys" (need a little shoving)

maybe not well known as a song
Mouth and McNeal "How do you Do" to "How Jew you Jew"
(ie talmidic vs abraham/torah)

The Banana Splits Tralala
"One banana two banana three banana four"
to "one osama two osama three osama four"

Perry Como For the Good times... to for the hood times.

"porn in the USA" (Cheech and song did born in east LA)

Zimmermans It aint me babe
you say your looking for the folk that was went against Abrahams laws...
it aint me babe, cause I hide under a talmadic shawl.

Ill pop them in from time to time..keep it up, they are gems, and thanks for the seat at the audition.

david bowie sorrow to sorrows
you spent all our money on your smart ass games of sorrow
(in the light of euro austerity to bail out bankers and George Sorrows)
you do us no favors so we ought not thank ya
something tells us your a devils banker) mmm how do you sleep at night.

or on the gaza thing
Elton J "Rocket Man" to rocket sham
and I think it's gonna be another wrong wrong crime.

three dog night joy to the world
"Judah was a world hog...
goy to the world....all the boys and girls..goy to the bitches that can really see that it's all the joy for me " "if I were the king of the world, Id tell you what to do. Id own all the cars an the bars and the wars and then I'd completely own you.

better stop there, it's addictive , better short these derivatives.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

ahh, ♫ pocket man ♫ Lowry/Silverstein

I faxed my gags last night pre flight Grounding zero at nine eleven. And I'm gonna be high, as a kike by then
I piss the earth so much, I piss my wife It's lonely out of grace On such a timeless fight ...Pocket man burning people's cruel but I'm not alone. and I think it's gonna be our endless crime.

(my fingers can twist but they aint got no soul.. over to you Mr George)

ChewyBees said...

Hello Mr. Visible

In my opinion (which everything that comes out of this cave is), a lack of manners stems from a top to bottom lack of self esteem and self confidence. It pervades men and women, boys and girls. You can imagine why. A public fool system hell-bent on making little doubtful corporate clones. A parenting method that makes little monsters out to be angels no matter the situation or the victim. A religious culture that makes everyone eternally damned unless they pay off Lord Satan. A media apparatus that advertises self and vanity as the highlights of culture. A government that injects fear and despair in exchange for all your wealth exponentially forever. A societal bombardment of programming that channels animalistic, reptilian behavior in response to anything. Role models that have made God's sacred creation out to be whores, pimps, rapists and thieves. Legislated morality that has made everything against the law and neighbors as spies and enemies. And to end the list (which is hardly all inclusive)

Which makes your point about what Mr. Apocalypse is grim faced about pretty simple to understand for a thinking man. Service to others supersedes service to self. This ties in with the Law of One - do no harm to life. When we piss all over each other for our own ego driven moment of glory and delusional superiority, the harm it causes is inconsequential. When we selflessly give of ourselves without need of recognition the reward is limitless, healing, and the only empowerment any of us should be seeking.

Sometimes I can swear people can read my aura, even though I don't believe they can do it consciously. At times when the spirit is coursing though me I catch people looking at me quizzically, or with interest. Other times when the batteries are lower I don't shine at all. Either way, I try to make it a habit to smile at people in spite of them, and despite the frowny, discontented scowl many wear as if having a life in the first place isn't enough.

Erica said...

Chewy Bees-thanks-loved your comment.
I too,attempt to shine my little light in this dark world.Not always easy,but I'm getting better.
Sometimes,when worldly stresses set me off on a rant,I find myself stopping and laughing at the absurdity of it all!
Citizen Elle-meant to get back to you on the last Smoking Mirrors-but Mr.Visible is so prolific I didn't get round to it! Glad I inspired your Portugal dreams-go for it! Unfortunately my state of health is such that I wouldn't be able to do the heavy physical work required to set up a community-so for myself it will remain a dream,in the absence of loads of cash!
As ever,nice one Vis!

Ray B. said...

Vis: "It's about the death of manners. The disappearance of courtesy and simple spacial awareness gives me a heavy heart."

I studied this area (of which, manners and courtesy are outwards expressions) for a long time, because it is so fundamental to the current human condition. In my experience, it is simply the result of loading up with pain (and not feeling it through). Buckle your seat belts, the rabbit hole is waiting...

The downwards 'formula':

I Am -> Loved -> Unloved -> Unlovable

The upwards 'formula':

Unlovable -> Unloved -> Loved -> I Am

As an infant first enters the world, he/she still has direct experience of 'I Am', i.e., the fundamental unity in all things. After birth, this translates into the physical as a feeling of being 'Loved'.

When the experience of 'The Other' begins, there is inevitably both pleasurable and painful things happening along life's highways and byways. Pleasure-filled occurrences translate as (I am) 'Loved'. Pain-filled occurrences translate as (I am) 'Unloved'.

If pain-filled occurrences are too intense and/or too enduring, there is build-up of pain. This results in a state of confusion, as the person begins to have an 'identity crisis'. Prior to the pain build-up, the person sees themselves as 'Lovable', ultimately due to memories of 'I Am'. At some point, if the build-up is too severe, the person has an 'epiphany' that to merit such pain they must be 'Unlovable'.

This (untrue) 'realization' produces both mental relief, in an intellectual 'understanding' of why they are being treated that way, and a (false) pain relief because of 'splitting' (or dis-associating) away from the pain. ("Ah, that is who I am...") A character change also occurs, to where the person accepts pain as 'normal' and may even seek it out as an affirmation of their 'decision'.

In my current understanding, this is the underlying 'truth' behind the death of manners and the disappearance of courtesy (and darker events).

The upwards path is harder, in some ways, because (in the absence of Higher intervention) the pain that was 'pushed behind' is still there. Moving from 'Unlovable' to 'Unloved' means feeling through each bit as it re-associates. Few are taught of the benefits resulting from doing this...

A major perk is that 'Unlovable' groks (search on Heinlein) that it was some other person having a bad day, and that they were being 'Unloved' on that day. (Many buried memories come back as this occurs...) Different 'split off' or 'submerged' aspects of ourselves are recovered along the way. Sometimes, this may even result in brief trips to past lives, if necessary.

At some point, enough of the old pain is felt through that the person rekindles 'Lovable'. This is almost indescribable, as a felt-sense of background support, nurturance, and a simple worthiness of being.

As might be expected, this is where 'deep manners' and 'deep courtesy' kick in. They result both from the 'switch' back to giving and receiving pleasure, and the knowledge of what giving and receiving pain has felt like. Call it 'deep empathy' (grin).

Sorry about the long-winded tale. I felt it might be useful...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Different psychic and spiritual 'perks' also open up as one both gets closer to remembrance of 'I Am' and gets out of their own emotional way. However, I was not concentrating on that in this synopsis. Much Love to All.

Anonymous said...

A heart of gold is a rare thing.

Anonymous said...

I have a joke for you, Viz...a guy walks into a bar and orders 5 martinis. Bartender asks him, "why so many?". The guy says, "today I had my first blow job". The bartender said, "in that case let me buy you one". The guy replied, "No. If 5 don't get the taste out of my mouth I doubt another one will help."

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
first-time commentator and long-time reader here. Great post, as ever. I love you. My visit from Mr Apocalypse/Mr Revelation came this morning and my stock is pretty low hereabouts [ Carl - Karl ? - Hiassen had something to say along the lines of sub-human sub-maggots unfit to suck the sludge off a septic tank I believe - that's kind of where I am considered to be ]. The shit's about to hit and I've got little ones to look out for so I've got to try and turn it around. Your wise counsel is going to help. Should have paid heed to you sooner.
Listen to The Man folks, listen to The Man. The death of my dear brother excepted, I'm having the worst day of my life to date, today, and Mr Apocalypse has probably not finished with me yet. Get right with your God, with yourself, with your animal friends. Your time is surely coming.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Sand Blasting the Dancing Wraiths in a Temporary Darkness.

Visible said...

I have heard that joke. I tend to keep up on that sort of thing.



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