Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk from Don't Give a Shit Central

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We've all seen the little brownnoser chipmunk that could. Some of you have seen the touching photo galleries, with the little brownnosing chipmunk, standing alertly, but not forgetting the genuflecting posture and obligatory lean-ins, while intimately chatting with Dickhead Cheney, Darth Rumsfeld, Little Georgie, Shortpants Bush and assorted vile characters. The little brownnosing chipmunk, is right at home among the nastiest collection of psychopathic Zionista tools that we have seen in many a day. He knows his job is to flash that chipmunk smile and give that perfunctory, bobbing head nod that says, “Yes sir, lie, kill, destroy, wave the flag and see if I can stick my rod into that warm American pie before the canon fodder hits the mess hall.

It was a no brainer that a Peter Principle, Mattel doll general would matriculate beyond his job description, whatever the Hell that actually is, into the soft leather, human skin, executive chair at the CIA. We know that what's desired is a rubber stamp bozo to carry out any and all actions, no matter what they are, against anyone that the Zio-Ogre, Stool Sculpture deity, Crime Family wants hammered, specially renditioned, tortured, decapitated, or generally disappeared in any number of awful ways, as a lesson and example to all those nations accused of doing what was actually accomplished by the people that The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk works for. There are a lot of departments and agencies, at Don't Give a Shit Central. Havoc has been cavorting around the globe for many a year at the whim of those who don't give a shit and what are you going to do about it?

I think a lot of what is going to come up on The Table of Tomorrow, is going to be somehow hooked in to the missing German gold and other missing gold; never underestimate the potential for greed in a banker. There comes a time when the epidemic crime game simply goes too far and something has to be done, because finally the situation has come about that no one can live with, except for a small handful of black hole entities, walking around with nothing but a toxic emptiness, where their soul might once have lived, but no trained and titled academician, no armchair metaphysician and no theoretical mathematician, can compute or show exactly when that went missing. Maybe it was never there. Maybe these creatures just climbed out of a pit on the day the world went wrong and never looked back. What do I know? I only see what I'm shown.

Dark, dreadful, disgusting and depraved, they walk among us. They are replicants that mimic the human condition but their actions show there is nothing human about them. They've lived in a fabricated zone of exceptionalism and self conferred superiority. They claim they are special. They say God said they were. One thing we know by now is that God; whoever and whatever that might be, never said that. The guy from the bad place, pretending to be God, is the one who said that. You can identify anyone by what they do. All the arguments and rationalizations, about why they had to do whatever they did, are meaningless chatter worthy of a chipmunk, sitting on a dead log in a woodland filled with weasels.

The world and all the bad cultural experiments of the moment are in terminal free fall. It's cosmic crash and burn time. The official program of the movers and shakers, is being laid out for everyone to see; not that most people want to see anything, besides a bucket of chicken wings on the coffee table, during those marathon, TV watching eatathons. Seeing comes with implicit responsibility. Therefore, not many people want to see because they might have to do something about it. What Political Correctness has given us is a deep uncertainty about what is right and wrong. No one with anything invested in this bad fairy tale, virtual reality culture, wants to be painted as intolerant, or engaged in a suppression of rights that have been officially translated, from previous wrongs, but are now a part of the whole spectrum of what's allowed and the point and purpose, is to allow pretty much anything and vigorously pursue any fool, of any age, who has some kind of personal objection to any of it. I can hear the hand on the flushing mechanism of the cosmic toilet, jingling the handle. People are having a high old time down in the bowl. They're racing around on Jetskis and laying out on plastic rafts with a cold one. Collectively they have mistaken the florescent light in the bathroom for The Sun, the same way they have mistaken false hierarchies, for real hierarchies and the endlessly revised scriptures, for the timeless and vibrating internal word. In their world, Jesus Christ wears a t-shirt with some kind advertising on it, like “don't get crucified by the competition, buy a Nokia smart phone”. Of course, a phone is only as smart as the person using it but don't get me started on what happens when technology continues to advance and the moral capacity of the user does not.

Yeah, yeah, Visible, I've heard all of this before. That's right and you'll hear again. All these entries are not specifically for the days on which they appear. If you've got all kinds of enemy submarines, cruising around in waters, where they don't belong, you need to keep dropping depth charges, until the contents begin to float on the surface and give evidence of some kind of victory because victory is imperative. Things cannot continue to go from one depravity to ever greater depravities. The time is long past when there remains any question as to what these creatures are up to. Their stale excuses and hand wringing, victim games are not playing in Dubuque anymore. The recent electoral joke in that travesty of a democratic nation (which is actually a republic), has put paid to the general enthusiasm for being relentlessly lied to.

I suppose we all know that whatever this thing is with The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk, is not what it is made out to be because none of this shit is anymore. It's like that false cover of a sexual offense, for Julian Assange, where this Warhol double brings to the intelligence community the same thing that Warhol brought to the art world. I still get people defending him and sometimes only because he is Australian, like maybe he's some kind of soccer player. What he is is a disinfo shill and anyone who hasn't tumbled to that yet just doesn't want too. It's as if celebrity now confers an automatic suspension of right and wrong, because celebrity grants a pass from the ordinary judgments that attend ordinary people. Rob a liquor store and get 20 years. Rob ten thousand people for a collective 20,000,000 dollars and don't go to jail at all. Be a TV celebrity and molest hundreds of children and they will wait until you are dead to say anything about it. Be nineteen and have sex with a 16 year old girl and get 20 years. The double standards and hypocrisy suck all the oxygen out of the room.

All over the planet there are little brownnosing chipmunks and Assanges, in all the places where the necessary lies get delivered from. As long as you are inflexibly stupid, the lies will arrive to define your condition. Over and over and over, you're rolling in shit and thinking it's clover. The boys in the back, are now planning the schedule, for the new list of outrages that will be the hallmarks of this coming period. That will be set off against the chickens of karmic feedback, returning to their roost; all those ugly actions that have led up to these ugly actions yet to be executed. The karma is now greater than any steps or strategies that can be taken or thought up to avoid it. There's not a damn thing evil can do to continue to perpetuate. It has reached that stage where it has no choice but to destroy itself and that means all of the practitioners turning on each other; at least that's what I've been told.

The main thing most of us are missing, are the positive aspects, that are rising up in the midst of of all the nasty crap we've had to wade through so long. We get fixated on the negative and forget to ♫accent the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. Inbetween♫ There really is a new world coming. That's just how it is and how it always has been at the end of any age. Most times that new age is a mixture of good and bad, sometimes it heralds great destruction and the emergence of unique conditions, not previously seen before. It's good to keep in mind that we are in a time of tremendous and revolutionary inventiveness. We are entering into new frontiers of consciousness, as well as new frontiers of all kinds, due to technological breakthroughs. Those with broken moral compasses, will not be able to find their way to whatever this is going to be. It feels like some number of parallel worlds will all emerge at the same time and your magnetic resonance will determine what world you will find yourself in. There will be portals and gateways, just like there are now for those who can see them. We think because we can't see something that it's not there. We have no idea of the power of our imagination and imagination is not simply about imagining, it's about the ability to see what is there before it arrives, as well as to be able to see what is obscured from the dim site of the mortal eye. Meanwhile, no one has to die, you only have to change. Change is the eternal constant and you die when further change is no longer possible for you. Yeah, metaphysics again but I suggest looking up the meaning of the word. How often do we take our assumed interpretations of a word as the sum total of it? Very often it is not.

None of what I am saying to you is speculative. You can find corroboration all up and down the ages. How many of us have read any amount of the biographies of exceptional people? Those can be a real eyeopener. There is so much we do not know about their lives that add tremendous significance to their accomplishments. Be confident and strive relentlessly. You only fail when you give up, with the exception of that special giving up that you get informed in advance of. Stay frosty.

Patrick recognizes an effort being made at the comments sections of these blogs and says he'll put your name in as the author, if you want to let him know who you are.

(scanning... scanning -THUD, head hits the table)

End Transmission.......

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Radio show is now up.

Anyone who has been thinking of giving me a couple of hundred thousand dollars, or even helping to make this something we have access to, should get it in gear now; speaking of a community. If you've got more money then we should look at this. And Susanne said she wanted me to put this one in too. Sooner or later the cosmos is going to open the floodgates so that we can get down to the business of living well as the best revenge. I'm sure you can all imagine what it would be like to sit down to the dinner table or kick back in the rec room doing whatever but certainly sharing laughter and where the only tears come from laughing too hard. I know you're out there and I know you have the money so, I'm putting it out there. Of course, that means you would get to live there too. Heck, if someone even had a significant deposit I'm sure we could wing it. I know all kinds of ways to make money, given the personnel and I can just imagine what the rest of you are capable of; keeping in mind that none of us are lazy and are simply thrilled to be passionately engaged in making things happen- nothing like it for those with the natural enthusiasm for whipping around in full engagement and who get the power, poetry and joy of communal efforts for all the right reasons. How fine it is to be on a working team!


Erica said...

Hi Vis-haven't abandoned the dream yet myself.Portugal would be my choice of venue-loved the climate when I visited a few years ago-sent you an email about a wonderful quinta in central Portugal-don't know if it reached you.
Ok-lets all direct our intention to the attraction of large amounts of cash!

est said...

you'd think israel was the center of the universe
i can assure you it is not and never will be

since certain people called 'dibs' on this place and
changed the name and occupied the original inhabitants

and continues to do injury to them and all of us
while we sit back and wait for what ? to happen

there needs to be a reverse emancipation
every single palestinian should leave that place

the whole world will receive you with open arms
and then we will see what those 'settlers' got [get]

Laura said...

"It feels like some number of parallel worlds will all emerge at the same time and your magnetic resonance will determine what world you will find yourself in. There will be portals and gateways, just like there are now for those who can see them."

Powerfully, deeply true and is underway via our own personal frequency through our own self work. This is what redemption ~ rising up ~ is all about. This divine co-creation lies with us, as Vis says, we only have to change.

Gracefully ~

Anonymous said...

I am quite honored that Patrick recorded "Gaydream Believer"...I was also very pleased and touched by the joint effort, and the synchronicity of it all. For the life of me, I couldn't think of a name to use that would signify someone "current" in that parody. And Patrick (or someone) changed "Gene" to "Jim" and it was perfect. I will keep plugging away as time permits and write more, and anyone who wants to record them, good gosh, go for it. I laughed out loud at Patrick's vocal rendition - ha ha! Too freakin' funny. Thanks for putting in the effort, whomever was involved in the entire production. Judging from the comments at YouTube, the collaborative effort was quite effective - got the point across, which is what it's all about. Thanks Viz, Patrick, et al. As for my name, for the song credits, hmm. Well, why don't you just call me Goy George. That would be fine with me...

Anonymous said...

Visible ...this post is beautiful. Thank you !

the gardener said...

You are the only one, of course, who has told the truth about the GI Joe doll. THE ONLY ONE-take a bow son and make it deep! {{{rippling)))

Snooping around yesterday and found this transcript of that $50 thousand a plate fundraiser MCd by the high priesthood holder... with the Light shining on him (Mr Apocalypse checkin' for peckers in those big fat pockets in the crowd) the High Heeled of Low Spark Boy motormouthed his way through that gig revealing more than he meant to. hahahaahahah

This entire thread is a good read for the intro to where we are right now-the chipmunk thing in the woods swarming with weasels is a great visual. That's where he is right now. I had reason to look up 'what is the natural predator of the weasel?" since I've been subjected to their workings for a while now.

'The Badger" is one of the few natural predators of the weasels... they and souled humans.

Keep your eyes out for badgers on the loose. Though they are nocturnal predators too. I've seen badgers waddling around at deep dark before and have seen weasels in the day... I saw a Golden weasel that slinked past me one day a long time ago. Very pretty, very unusual.

This past week 'Show Time' ( loved the way Roy Scheider said that in 'All that Jazz'-his birthdate past week) planet Mercury going retrograde on voting day has gotten lots of attention. Still in REverse gear until 11-26... but the really really big shoo is the New Moon-double Scorpionic energies along with a great big awesome ECLIPSE-the balancing one to this past June's affair.

I'll do some number diving to see how this relates to the BIG EVENT OF THIS CYCLE (ended) of the Venus transitory conjunction of the Sun with Venus in Gemini doing backstrokes across the Sun's face-BACK IN JUNE.

Packing a hefty cold GM BP dead fish collective slap to the faces of all the black magicians in the several factions who are very surprised that their protections are off of them. Their time of wholesale rape and pillage of all and anything/one alive is over.

More than a few are giggling at the potential full bore public meltdowns of the rich and famous right now. Well dressed wax mannequins make such a mess when they meltdown. There are a few even more repugnanct photos of Mitt's funder Adelson... omg! He resembles The Penguin from the old Batman tv series.

the gardener

Ray B. said...

Laura just 'beat me out' for this, but I was planning on posting it and will do so anyway for emphasis (grin):

Vis: "It feels like some number of parallel worlds will all emerge at the same time and your magnetic resonance will determine what world you will find yourself in."

Although the 'other side' will absolutely not give me details of what's to come (even though I try every sneaky scheme I can to pry out details), I tend to think in the same vein. Either some form of deep 'mass awakening' will happen where everyone will applaud each other for their roles (good or bad) and we 'move on', or the tension will become so great that there will be some form of 'splitting'. Or, of course, something that I/we can't yet imagine...

Vis: "There will be portals and gateways, just like there are now for those who can see them."

Now, you're getting into my world! (grin) There is already so much 'stuff' here that is (mostly) just disused, since the human race lost the consciousness to 'see' them. Think of a kid bursting into a playground...

If a newbie to the "portals and gateways" scene wants to get an entertaining sense of them, I recommend Andre Norton's "Witch World" series. (For the fundie Christians out there, this series is not about ties to 'old Nick'. It is about a race that used to be 'empowered' [good and bad usage of same...], currently has a remnant of such abilities, and is being persecuted by newer races that see 'reality' in only physical ways. Sound familiar?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

If you are going to go like this after having some spiced beer in Rumania, please let me know where to send you the next ticket to more of the same ( you have my email address). had all the funds of thirtyfive years robbed two years ago, had to borrow to have tacos, so for the moment, the ticket is all i can come up with......hope is present and like the effort e,verlasting. J-G.Bennett ' Needs of a New Age community', a worthwhile read as some of his other books, although Elizabeth, his second wife told some very funny stories about the travels, generally accompanied by Paul B. and his third wife. Orage was the first public figure to use 'New Age' in an article. But as usual the company of Jesus managed to pervert the intention and use, as with Steiner's works, etc.....etc.

Chickens coming to roost- the new definition by Visible - love it, but then it may be two dos xx amber in my belly and bloodstream. Like Wilde's throw them a chicken post of a couple of days ago, some kind of synchronicity !!!

Beauty-full !!

Shiva/Shakti tango.....
Be well

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

@ Goy George (formerly known as Anonymous) -- Patrick's rendition was hilarious (yet thought provoking too) and I'd love it if some good cover bands would bring your parodies to musical life. I hope you don't mind but I've been collecting your parodies ever since I realized they weren't just a one-off thing. (I only wish I'd started sooner.) Anyway, my collection is for my eyes only so I don't think I'm violating intellectual property rights ... at least I hope not. I just enjoy them and thank you for doing them.

@ Vis -- My favourite lies behind Door #1. I'm very happy that the New Shangri-La is not a bygone dream. It could after all, happen in an instant.

Rob in WI said...

Enjoyed your skewering of the "pampered prince", Betrayus, with a little left for ASSange. Almost like being back at profiles in evil. You do it so well. I needed a good laugh today, and you provided it.
Thanks, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Weasels have a bad reputation for genocide in chicken coups, but did anyone consider they might just be "liberating" them? I like animal weasels; human weasels are another matter. Their claims of liberating the oppressed are a bit hollow.
Be well, Rob

preacher said...

You reminded me of this vid.:

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Still hilarious even seen for the umpth time...
And no, not the badgers we know.

Great visualisations here @Vis. I would love to read your version of animal farm. Or have I just read it? ;)

preacher said...

Leon Redbone And Dr. John - Frosty The Snowman

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible and to all who gather here!

Some corroboration for those interested:

The location of most of Germany's gold is known - it is located in the vaults of the Zio-Ogre New York City central bank a.k.a. Federal Reserve, meaning it is not really lost but as good as lost in the hands of the chosenite Crime Family; interesting coincidence as a large amount of gold belonging to world's wealthiest man of the time circa 1917, the last Czar of pre-Zio-Ogre Russia, last known to be held, or lost, in a New York City bank - and supposedly is still there accumulating interest for the banksters

see Max Keiser with guest James Rickards - Pentagon adviser who advocated sending a special forces team into New York Federal Reserve bank - to take possession, i.e. steal in broad daylight, the German gold - in exchange for a pile of i.o.u. papers - Rickards explained that possession is something like ownership - so what the hell, might as well

Rickards also explains a likely coming global currency - SDR - special drawing rights - to be used by governments and their masters - i.e. Zio-Ogre Crime Family - which is just another fiat currency like the Federal Reserve Note a.k.a. US dollars on mega steroids; to anyone who wishes to understand the great secret of the US dollar - just read the front of a 1 dollar bill -or any other demoniation - but who has more than a dollar or two in her pockets these days; the secret is revealed, in plain sight on ever; keep in mind - the dollar is not really a dollar, nor is it money, but 99% still fall for this deception - and what religion holds deception in highest regard - the same one that controls all the so-called money

The little brownnosing chipmunk taken out by a SAYANIM? All indicators point to it; who, or better to say, what, benefits most: Israel-firster Jewish Americans of Zio-Ogre crass media immediately begin pimping Israel-firster Jewish American senator as replacement for the little brownnosing chipmunk; looks like most benefit goes to -surprise- Israel

Was the Sweden rape story a coverup of Assange's or is it Assangel's or is it Assanger's true orientation - a gay? How is it that -this descendent of a Taiwanese pirate -has fought the law and escaped so often? Is the AssAnger story nothing but disinfo, distraction, to keep the remaining zombie-brained deep into the endless rabbit hole searching for truth and just-us.

Goy George - do you have a website with all your fine works - they're all fantastic! And thanks to PatrickW for another brilliant audio-visual masterpiece!

Respects to all souls!


Unknown said...

"You can identify anyone by what they do."

Yup. You can also identify WHERE someone did something by what they DON'T say.

Another teacher of mine said "I may not know what happened, but I can know WHERE it happened."

How? By listening for the silence.

Interrogating the Silence, the silence of things that could be said but aren't, of actions that could've been pointed out, but weren't ... one draws a mental map of WHERE the stuff that happened took place.

The dog that didn't bark, when you know it's there and usually barks, is a SILENCE that locates where the "action" is.

Silence SAYS more, a lot of the time than noise. Silence draws a map of where "things" are happening.

Visible's poetry gains much of its power from the Silent things that exist "between the notes". Music to my ears!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Goygie Gorgie
Parodise their songs
ReTwist their meanings
and Demonstrate their wrongs
Goygie Gorgie
is simply the best
highlight their evils
and badger the pests

Citizen Elle said...

Bom dia, Erica! I concur - Portugal is ideal for this & I know of a GREAT piece of land! My UK friend owns 45 hectares in the gorgeous Algarve where he's yearning to put a community together & is looking for the right people. There are no buildings built yet. Jeez, where can this be discussed further? I just looked for the new shangri-la site I visited a few years ago & it seems to be gone? Or am I just missing it. Seriously... this land is Garden of Eden like and was a historical gathering place 500 years ago. I was there for 8 months (8/11-4/12) & expected I would never leave until a psychopath (former friend of ours) f'd with our ju-ju (right around the time Vis had his chaos in Mexico - so I was feeling his situation in a similar way). We (my UK friend & I) both retreated back to our respective countries and intend to meet there again late next spring. Space between that situation & moving forward seemed essential.
I'm a recovering architect who wants to do earth building & I asked the great creator while I was there to bring free energy enthusiasts & don't you know a great guy named Thomas from Germany showed up soon after, built a teepee +, sculpted the land a bit & has gone back to Germany to get his materials together for his free energy designs (t hat he’s worked on for years & was looking for the right place) to be manifested at this gorgeous valley with hills & a river & gloriousness... he also is an expert in a stamped earth construction technique which is one of my great passions, to learn & build with the earth/soil/dirt since it's everywhere we go, eh? After seeing the work of Nadar Khalili (an earth architecture expert/enthusiast who was also poetically Rumi connected somehow) , I was re-inspired to consider architecting after fleeing the monsters I realized that I worked for (affiliated with 666 5th ave NYC) doing casino construction in AC,NJ.
OMG, my oh so lately latent enthusiasm has been relit, thank you, Maestro, this post was typically just what I needed & Erica’s 1st up comment – WHOA…. synchronicity but, of course, I don’t know what it means other than I’m excited to post this to see where it goes.
~~~from the deep~~~
~~~somewhere (near Dave?) on the east toast~~~
p.s. your new “scanning, scanning” feature truly makes me LOL OMG
pps.. after I bailed on the monsters I got myself to Europe to join the new Shangri la only to be informed it was on hiatus >opp. of grin<– but, no regrets… Vis, you have been quite the provocateur in my life the last many years – thanks for your fire that has made my water steam & rise above the surface of the illusion --- obrigado!

niijii said...

Well the 30 point buck is still out there, but here is the 27 point.

Worth 20K I heard, but seems priceless.

The kids are alright.

Best to all.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Bang the Drums and Make the Speeches, You Vicious Leeches..

Zoner said...

‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Who reported this, the victims or the perps?

So the APA is a group of highly-trained, credentialed, respected tools of Satan as are most of the organizations that exist to artificially elevate themselves above the common man. How is it that we have so many avenues to promote people into positions where they feel that by simply absorbing some "education" or by jumping through any other manner of training hoops, they can then speak with "authority" on anything?

Educational systems. religious institutions - hierarchy of ANY sort - is such a crock of bullshit it makes my head hurt. And the saddest part is that so many revere these ass-clowns! You have a diploma and a nice white coat? Been published and have gotten favorable reviews from your peers? Risen to the top of your field and are adored by many? STILL no guarantee that you have a SINGLE FUCKING CLUE about what is going on here. In fact, it is showing more likely that you are a nutter who is only seeking the glory for yourself and NOT working in the best interest of your fellow man - therefore, a problem rather than solution.

Sorry for the rant and for the harsh language, all. I am just so tired of the results of being led to our troubles by a bunch of assholes with superiority complexes.

Mark said...

We all deserve to know just who we are dealing with, in order to know what to expect in the very near future...

Anonymous said...

That schloss is awesome, LV. It's got your name on it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Deep... In to the Base of the Joining.

Barney Holmes said...

I just had an experience. I got to talking to an acquaintance. He has caused me some trouble in the past but I thought it was just related to him being a tease. Turns out he is on one these damn psychiatric drugs. There is not a damn thing I can say to him about it because of the severe "spell binding" that these drugs cause (Peter Breggin). My overwhelming feeling after wards is one of claustophobia, probably due to the field warping nature of these drugs (see my research ). There's only one person who can get him off those drugs - and that is him. The claustrophobia lifted a bit after I meditated on the "Beware, God is watching" latin. I think the nature of these kind of situations - the lie to rule all the lies - is no one or nothing knows about these kind of awful abuses - those drugs are probably destroying him but he does not know this due to the spell binding. I was watching an atrocity in action in front of me. I can only take solace in the fact that God - the Divine - is watching in some way - the Brahman Universal Consciousness.

Visible said...

Barney; in this case, only prayer works. Go to God, sincerely when you have the time; not casually and indifferently but sincerely and ask the divine to effect the appropriate change. Some times it is not in our hands. If we could only learn to ask and then rely and in faith ask believing; nothing would be denied us.

Anonymous said...

Visible has written a few times -i'm attempting to paraphrase here, so apologies if memory, understandings are not accurate, about how anyone working in the upper levels of Zio-Ogre systems is likely blackmailed as routine condition for whatever position she or he might be placed in and its plain to see right now, that Zio-Ogre is in nearly full battle mode right now - taking down anyone who dares to oppose this beast,


In case anyone is interested, maybe this is what is going on with the little brownnosing chipmunk and everyone else who is not playing according to Zio-Ogre's game plan:

"According to the authoritative Foreign Policy Journal, all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the DEA, the NSA, the FBI, and others—have drafted an amazing, 82-page classified report entitled 'Preparing for a Post Israel Middle East.' "; "U.S. Intelligence Community Warns That Israel is a “Rogue State”"; etc.

full article here:

i don't know, but it seems the brownnosing chipmunk was at the top of all 16 agencies if, when this report was made?

Respects to all souls!

Visible said...

well done for that. Thanks for doting all the 'i's' and crossing all the 't's; or whatever. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:59

It goes and it goes..

Wow! Millions and millions of the vox populi are blackmailable, or its equivalent, somehow and for whatever purpose.
Common everyday life on top of the mountain or at the dump is the same in Kali yuga shameful behavior to whatever degree.
Trouble is, someone besides God is usually watching as well..

Sometimes blackmail is simply to do nothing.
After months and years it's no longer blackmail. It's agreed to conditioning,
water off a duck's back.

Not just upper management or richer or better dressed that's done (does) wrong and knows it. A whole lot of pain to subdue somehow, for a lot of people.
People do each other wrong.

Any common man with a family who really needs that job? I'd bet you could get him to tell you pretty much anything you want to hear. Uncle even.

And the shameful Kali yuga gangsterism is everywhere.
Fuggedaboutit! is the national anthem.

the gardener said...

Diversion in the air... hold your breath try not to breathe it.

Gangsters to the left of me, gangsters to the right... here I AM...stuck in the middle with you. *grins*

the gardener



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