Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Banker Nations, Thug-life Brutalization of Civilization

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The collective stink of greed, money and blood, is stupefying. I do not enjoy the smell of this toxic waste, burning in the morning. It should be clear to anyone, who deserves to live past this day, that it is of signal importance to control the information media, if mass murder and rapacious, grasping, evil needs are your agenda. That 96% control of the media comes in mighty handy. Although the artistry is lost on me, I suppose one must call it artful; the way that Israel can shamelessly present herself as a victim, while mercilessly slaughtering the poorly armed resistance to her genocidal frenzy.

The agony of the irony, that these mercenary thugs have no actual connection to the land they squat upon and which actually belongs to the people they are destroying, is matched by their ridiculous claims of Semitic heritage, which they are not in possession of but... their victims are. Their victims are.

Given that there is a paucity of sane and rational minds, let us consider what a sane and rational mind might compute, given the evidence of what Gaza IS and what Israel IS. Let us present the Cliff Notes version of what is, understanding that most other versions exist, for the purpose of their complexities concealing the truth; an international gang of bankers, along with various criminals from other persuasions of practice, along with a collection of feckless, compromised politicians, passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This initiated a slam dunk control, incrementally accomplished, over the most powerful nation on Earth (militarily speaking).

This set the stage for a World War, for banker profit and profit there was, for bankers and those so Rogered accordingly, though not so vigorously Rogered as the lump and prole. Then a period of drafting and infernal blueprinting went on, which led up to, the intended and orchestrated next World War for banker profit. Following this monstrous bloodbath, the internationally scattered, but linked, bankers put forth the proposition to Money Central, (which put Roger into penetration mode for the usual political and religious leaders, bent over before him and crying out, but not in unison (with varying levels of volume), “Do me”! “No, do me”! “Do me first”! “Please, do me, do me first”!) that this collection of Ashke-NAZI bankers, should be allowed to return to their non existent homeland, presently occupied by the original inhabitants, in order to create a Central Banker Nation, Crime Syndicate from which to rule the entire world (although, they might not have put it exactly like that).

The most powerful country in the world (militarily speaking- and at that time, economically as well) said, “Hey! Why not”? Actually, they said, “Hey! Why not”? ...as a result of the country they won their independence from- but never actually got- telling them they were, “good to go”. So, it followed that a bunch of Mongol Turks, or Turkish Mongols, as you prefer, were permitted to mislabel themselves into world culture, with a false gene marker that identified them as Semitic, which they were not. It's a lot like that HIV thing, in more ways than one. This done, they were suited up in phony personas that gave them some kind of small print rights, to claim what is, way euphemistically, called The Holy Land and then to drive all the other inhabitants off the land, except for the ones they killed and whom they continue to kill to this moment.

This international banker, crime nation has been exterminating the lawful occupants of the land they seized for some decades. They are now quite impatient because, as far as they are concerned, they have a right to everything from the Nile to the Euphrates. So they engineered an attack on the most powerful country on Earth, who is also their chief defender and financial tick-hog and then used their control of the American political system and world media, to sell the blatant lie that the act was performed by Muslims. This made it possible for them to then orchestrate wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and HOPEFULLY Iran; in order to get all this real estate, which this most miniscule number of the human(?) population so desperately needs, for reasons known only to them.

In the process of all these low jinks, this crime nation, has pretty much destroyed the western financial system; not forgetting all of the attendant corruptions, of all other systems that made doing it possible and which they are also responsible for.

While all of this dark, monster shit, has been going on, they have looted the financial resources of many nations and recognition of this has been slowly coming to the surface of public attention, into the minds of those who operate in these areas. This accounts for all of the distractions that have been going on. These are devised to take the public's attention, off of the severe Rogering that it is experiencing at the hands of the ones who have been looting and pillaging them, ♫Rape and Pillage! Rape and Pillage! Let's go out and burn a native village. You can't have one, you can't have one, you can't have one without the other♫

That was the Cliff Notes version of how it is, with the exception of a couple of truly monstrous concoctions that one is not allowed to discuss but... you know what those are AND... so does Mr. Apocalypse, as he goes about tapping things and then turning on the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry feature in his walking stick and sticking it in places where the sun don't shine but where the sun should most definitely shine ♫Let the sun shine! Let the sun shine in!♫ as provided in concert with Lady Nature; then comes sunlight as the best disinfectant. Mr. Apocalypse has got himself a LABRADOR. Good doggie!

As much as demon science has messed up the landscape, there is no denying that nothing can remain hidden, other than the ineffable, in the human pursuit of discovery. This means that time is a critical factor for banker nation. All of banker nation's, thug-life brutalization of civilization is coming up under the microscope. We are in discovery mode! Unless you have your head up your ass AND I suspect, you will discover that soon enough as well; speaking in olfactory terms, the comparative scents will, no doubt, provide an 'aromatica horribilus' to the discerning connoisseur. Yes, Virginia, something did crawl up in there and die. Lordy! I don't know what that is but I am going in the opposite direction. Can I get a sachet? The vapors! The Vapors! I swoon.

Thank God I got out of that paragraph, oh, “The horror! The horror”. Where the fuck is the white wine and cheese? “Who knows where this is going to end up” indeed (be sure and click on the video). Yes, people. Well, you got your white wines and you got your 'is it white' whines and no doubt, Mr. Symbiosis knows sumpin bout dat, says Visible.

So now, it is the outworking. This is another feature of Mr. Apocalypse's job. When Mr. Apocalypse taps on something, it outworks. That's not the same as out-sourced, though, no doubt, many will wish that they had done so. The beauty of Mr. Apocalypse is in the pressing forth, of all those so engaged in the schemes of our time, so as to let their ugly flowers blossom.

By this time, any fool should know (who, me?) that Howdy Doody, Bwak! Bwak! Obama, is backdoor compromised to a T. No one, in the position he is in; meaning, President of the United States (and all it is supposed to stand for) would permit, assist or tolerate (by this time) such heinous and vile behavior, as we presently are seeing from Banker Crime Nation. “IsraHELL has every right to defend itself against these obstreperous women and children”. Yes, our hood ornament, president, the bobbing Nodwell, who represents the late great, bloated states of a crumbling republic, says, “Yowsah! You mow dat lawn!

Brothers and sisters and those of you who have abandoned the premise that such relationships can exist, this is the outworking of the indwelling evil, being forced out into manifestation by the one who is going to kick their asses. First off, their criminality, I guess, must be demon-strated for all the world to see, so that there shall be no equivocation about what is what and who is who.

I know that you do not hear me; you talking heads, you many, many enablers, you sundry scamming for a bigger paycheck and a more insulated zone. I know you don't hear me, you muttonheads. I know you don't hear and you don't see, although I know you do hear and see but would rather not. It goes contrary to your principal motivation; 'take care of number 1'. I know you got your poses together and I know that many of you are already engaged in dissembling and reinventing yourselves, just in case it don't turn out the way your paymasters intend, well... you've been having your run for awhile. You've been watching them mow the grass. You've been having cocktails on the lawn and complimenting these diligent gardeners, on the beauty and righteousness of their endeavors; these oppressed few, who through the centuries have been so injured and tormented and are now surrounded by their enemies and like Tony Perkins, at the end of the movie, “Psycho”, you can hear them saying, “I wouldn't even hurt a fly”.

Yeah, ya'll bought that ticket to the VIP lounge. You took the front end and gave everyone else the back end and now you're high profile, your name in lights; people talking about you, going here, going there, doing this, doing that. All the recognizable actors are going through the motions, raising disingenuous to an art form. King Toad Kissinger's hanging with Robert Kraft at The New England Patriots game. I may need to find me another team but it's not the player's fault. It's just a game anyway but... this other, that ain't no game. You play you pay, sooner or later. Lie to yourself all you want. Lie to everyone else too. Shape the news and information to suit the man who pays you to do it. What? Now you won an award? Well, you get right up out of your seat son and go up on that stage and claim it. There are going to be all kinds of awards coming, let's hope you enjoy them when you get them.

End Transmission.......

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The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List

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Anonymous said...

"Hamas Told Me Not to Come"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Mama Told Me Not to Come", by Randy Newman, made popular by Three Dog Night.)

Take your armed guards from our borders
Move your tanks to Galilee -
What are these crazy edicts
They're handin' me?

This is the wildest slaughter
That there EVER could be
Oh, don't turn on that camera
I don't want the world to see...

Hamas told me not to come
Hamas told me not to come
They said - soon you'll have nowhere to run...son

Open up the gunfire
Let some air into these goons
I think I'm almost chokin'
On the smell of these baboons

And the groundswell of support I see
S'about to scare me half to death
Oh - kill the ones who knows the truth
We'll mindfuck the rest

Hamas told me not to come
Hamas told me not to come
They said - soon you'll have nowhere to run

The masses are awakening
And they're knockin' at the door
Our bullshit isn't lastin'
The world is ours no more

I've seen so many things
That I ain't never seen before
Don't know what it is
But I don't wanna see no more

Hamas told me not to come
Hamas told me not to come
They said - soon you'll have nowhere to run...son
Soon you'll have nowhere to run
Soon you'll have nowhere to run...son
Soon you'll have nowhere to run

Hamas told me
Hamas told me, told me, told me
Hamas told me
Hamas told me

Visible said...

Strike a golden spike where that cat wailed, Goy George.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Now technology has a copy of Mr.A.'s olfactory capacity to sniff out the skeletons buried in the closet !! (Although some try to dress them up in Armani and D&G).

My, my, what is the world coming to?

Tears still flow, involutarily and also willingly, spontaneously, too many pictures of innocents hurt, maimed and dead. What are the Khazars going to do now to anaesthesize the Heart, more fluoride, gmo's, more chemtrails? Demon-stration indeed.....

Thank you once again, reminders, my golden Lab, Homer, 30 years ago now, exhibited more human traits than members of my own blood relations, and greater number of muttonheads around and about.

May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom

Be well

Anonymous said...

I was compelled to comment on this excellent piece BEFORE I got to the subject that always sparks a reply... mutual love for the Pats. Disappointing to see one of Satan's spawns doing the reptile thing on the sidelines of an Institution that I actaully like, then again, Ole Bob IS a powerful Social Engineer and for as well as he pulls off the Art Rooney act, they're all more Art Model at the end of the day.

Pivoting from the NFL into matters of 'real' Reality (a frequent theme in my travels) I had opportunity to speak with a neighbor about the death throes of the current Act and potentials for those of us who want to be part of the next one. Amazing receptivity on his part; lends optimism to the appearance of dread. Tis the season for planting seeds; awaiting the other shoe to drop, from the home of the brave.

Onward friend,

Anonymous said...

We get deadly banks,
they get lethal tanks.
The drivers are the same of both.
They die faster,
we die slower.

Our elders sill had self-preservation; recognizing for what unmitigated evil they are, from yr.500 they evicted them 109 times from lands, city-states, countries and kingdoms.

I don't know what happened to us.
We seem to have finally succumbed to these deadly, humanity-destroying parasites.

Anonymous said...

Come on L.V. das Homeland is a glorious hopetopia where we are all tribal victims of the evil whitey. Comrade Dear Leader loves us and will meet every need. The future looks bright comrade!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like Tom Brady, it is hard to root against a 6th round pick from Michigan, but that kissinger sitting in the owner's booth was weak. Oh well three words for New England fans-New York Giants, ahahaha! Lo Viz have you seen these countries like Germany wanting to know where their gold is. Something in the bible about ten nations from the north and all that.

Anonymous said...

Closing down the masons world
White suppremacism shrivelled and curled
Of upright downwards the devils cup
The toil and trouble of broken love
Competing preaching claiming all
Through false pretenses stands the wall
Tricks and traitors unnurtured will
Sold to the devils captured swill
Swine and zionists false intention
Luciferian gold corrupted direction
Bound and quartered flushed and swept
Where hearts open truth directs

preacher said...

@Anon 5: 08

Well, the holocaust guilt trip they hide behind seems to work very well...

Great article at Goon Squad:

The REAL Source of the World's Problems?

(Via Vis his reading list)

Anonymous said...

A couple of song lyrics I would like to share:

"Let the sunshine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never lose and frowners never win"


"Before the breathing air is gone
Before the sun is just a bright spot in the night time

Out where the rivers like to run
I'll stand alone and take back something worth remembering"


mike m said...

This once innovative and hard-working nation has now become the United Staes of Mushrooms, kept in the dark and constantly fed shit until harvest time.

Anonymous said...

Exposed masons castrated fortune
Diversion crashed in righteous calls on
Where ancients turn and shadows fail
Where hatred dies on loves sheer wail
Falsehoods gatekeepers the devils elect
Evils days destroyed and kept
Protection shines and sunlight pierces
The open pathways of truth sincerest
Nurtured beamed formed and gracious
Open doorways in light vibrations
Where senses climb love conquers all
The heart the life the mind the call
Competition splayed and flushed through equal
The hearts compassion fears no evil

Mason zionist white suppremacists leave alone

Gene/Bellerian1 said...

Howdy Les,

Did you read the article claiming the claim of "the holy land" was put forth by Herzl as the means for getting the DEAD SEA resource rights? The dead sea and the chemicals it causes to form locally in that geographical area are of Great monetary worth evidently. This was all put forth by the zionists around 1896 where Herzl talked with Rothschild and got them to buy into the ploy. Wish I could find that article. It was one on Rense.com.

Curious the means they use to get whatever it is they want justified huh.

Take care man,

mike m said...

Goy George, can you make some magic with the Dovells The Bristol Stomp, maybe israhell stomp?

And keep up the great work, it looks like you have the makings of a recording classic!

Visible said...

Well here is a steaming load of horseshit, just like we were talking about in today's post.

Anonymous said...

Fury fury masons down
zionist eyeballs whering frowns
A captured tongue, a crooked face
The wasted bankers,own disgrace
Of cheats and liars ice made cold
White suppremacists broken hold
Crooked claims corrupted minds
The chained up feet of the devils lies
The bound up forceless dribbling mayhem
The shackled arms of evil shaken
The dusty wasteland that needs a flood
Put down those lies and seek true love

Visible said...

Yah... iz all hebbenly hir.


I like Tom Brady too. He does it the way I feel like I would do it but a big part of my attraction is the coach. I tend to associate with a particular football mind as I go. I was a bears fan in the '80's where coincidentally they hammered the Pats, prior to their later rising up. I'm a sometimes Eagles fan. I was a Raiders fan when Madden was coaching. I was a Vikings fan when Fran Tarkington was playing so, you never know. But I do tend to stick with my teams until significant personnel depart. It's just a game. Man, what the Niners did to the Bears last night. Interestingly, I do not like the niners but I much respected Joe Montana and others. Now a the guy who came in as quarterback for The Bears after the personnel I loved them for were gone, happens to be coaching that team. Life's a trip. Some of these cats are as pumped up into the arrogance stratosphere as anyone I have ever seen. I watch very closely how a man carries himself, on the field, off the field. Some things are important to me; something to do with values and qualities.

missingarib said...

Vis , much love and thanks for you work!

The new sun is rising -give thanks

when the smoke clears the horrible vision will break the shell of deniability , the cries of the children can not be muffled by lies.
Rachel shall weep no more

Wo-o-o-o! Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya! Woy-oh!
Yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Oh!
(We'll be forever loving Jah;
We'll be forever loving Jah!)

Some they say see them walking up the street;
They say we're going wrong to all the people we meet;
But-a we won't worry, we won't shed no tears:
We found a way to cast away the fears,
Forever, yeah!

(We'll be forever loving Jah) We'll be forever!
(We'll be forever loving Jah) Forever, yes, and forever!
(We'll be forever loving Jah) There'll be no end.

So, old man river, don't cry for me;
A-have got a running stream of love you see.
So, no matter what stages - oh stages -
Stages - stages they put us through,
We'll never be blue
No matter what rages, oh rages,
Changes - rages they put us through,
We'll never be blue:
We'll be forever, yeah!

(We'll be forever loving Jah) Forever, and ever, yes, and forever!
(We'll be forever loving Jah) 'Cause there is no end.

'Cause only a fool lean upon -
Lean upon his own misunderstanding, oh ho, oh, yeah!
And then what has been hidden
From the wise and the prudent
Been revealed to the babe and the suckling
In everyt'ing, in every way, I say, yeah!

(We'll be forever loving Jah) We'll be forever!
(We'll be forever loving Jah)

'Cause just like a tree planted - planted by the rivers of water
That bringeth forth fruits - bringeth forth fruits in due season;
Everything in life got its purpose,
Find its reason in every season,
Forever, yeah!

(We'll be forever loving Jah) We'll be forever!
(We'll be forever loving Jah) On and on and on!
(We'll be forever loving Jah) We'll be forever, yes, yes -
we'll be forever.
(We'll be forever loving Jah


live long

Anonymous said...

Joe Montana is my favorite (Notre Dame)and Brady reminds me of Joe. The year N.E. went 16-0 is probably the greatest season ever by an NFL QB. Some family friends took me to see Dan Marino play and it was amazing how fast he was. Favorite team is the probably the 82 strike shortened season of the Washington Redskins. John Riggins is a classic, a throwback. I agree it is just a game and unless you are betting it is nothing to get too worked up about. There isn't anything else going on a Sunday in the fall anyway.

Visible said...

What gag inducing crap. It makes my stomach heave.

Anonymous said...

Football is a load of shyte. Sports being synthetic and modern affords the MK elite much investment opportunity, and BOY do they leap to the advantage. always reifying and glorifying la cosa nostra cat-lick-ism aka judeism. Go fight win raiders? Wise up to how this "game" serves thw scum. An EX football playing moron.

Visible said...

Look, I don't want to offend you but I really don't like it when people come on all knowing and pontificate to me, especially when they are UK and we are talking about two kinds of football; as far as your kind goes, I agree it's shite (grin) but I am really tired of people who want to take all the color and light out of life.

While I am still in my jivanmukti state I will have things to go through and say good bye to in an appropriate way.

I am first of all a poet and I appreciate certain things about this existence, no matter how fucked up it may presently appear and the playing fields of competition, the sweat, the blood and the glory, however meaningless in the long range, are part and parcel of us while here. Everyone plays at something. I was very good at these things when I was young. I even played on semi pro pickup games in rural sticks with others like me. I washed out because of injuries and a change in consciousness but I still appreciate excellence, drive, teamwork, sacrifice, certain kinds of coming together for the good of all.

Yeah, I know I'm a fucking romantic. I didn't write this script but no one is going to diminish, cheapen or take away from me the genuine pleasure I get from seeing people give their all and leave it all on the field or on the court, win or lose. I watch certain games and I am right there. I can hear W.H. Auden talking about golden lads and lasses but I'm not bending over for him (grin).

You get me as you get me, no phony new age shit, no tinted sunglasses and all white outfits. You get me warts and all and you get my heart. You get it every day. This is ALL that I do. Every single fucking day, you get all of me. I don't do anything else. I don't get to do a lot of things I probably would do, except I do this.

I've hard a good run and I have had a hard run and it sure as shit has not gotten easier and I will be damned if I will let anyone take away from me one of the few pleasures I still have.

Maybe if you knew what i do without, normal human expressions that almost all of you have that I do not have, then you would not begrudge me this and I don't have these things because of you; because of the work I do and that is the god knowing truth.

Anonymous said...

Eye eye the good bob marleys,
strung along the passions of all true heart
Upon the windings of true love,,,

And those sat their in their fluster
Drunk from the floor instead of the crucible
Lick the wounds,and pine for what never was
Constrained in the crookedness of heartlessness
And deny

But of a man of where all knows
Where purpose treds and stills and makes
Where the breeze sings shining mercy
A sense of freedom where nature wakes

preacher said...

I used to play soccer from when I was 7, but had to quit. Bad knees and limping for days from attacks forced me to.
When I look at a game, I probably look at it from a different angle then others do. My sentiments always go to the better players, so I catch your drift Vis... ;)

Visible said...

For some of us, God has other plans and that means our plans will be short circuited. Like John said, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans. I do believe I have learned my lesson. Still, he did let me pitch a lot of no hitters and hit a lot o home runs, make a lot of touchdowns; who cares if the crowd was smaller. He did introduce me to the greatest game of all; "No woman no cry".

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

a sort of magic happens when a true team goes performs.

Being on an expert team is a very special thing.

Visible said...

Prometheus was definitely better but I am a Ridley Scott and Guy Pierce fan anyway. I'll watch the Bond film again, simply because I might not have been firing on all cylinders, comprehension wise and out of respect for Javier Bardem but generally Hollywood leaves me cold.

I see Indie films that tear the skin off of Hollywood in content and capacity every week. There are many diamonds in the rough. Once we have a place and are all together, we can watch and critique them, the same way we will our lives. You know, God always tells me, "You have no idea". Well, I am telling you, "You have no idea". (grin)

Anonymous said...


I was introduced to this org tonight and am passing along what appears to be a very productive, "can-do-does-kinda-place" to support. 17 million strong, growing fast.

Shirl E

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
Labaroidoderant, made from the freshly presssed blood of Gaza children, for the astute living dead professionals who are too important to be Rogered by the TSA like everybody else.
Labaroidoderant, for those with friends in high places (if ya know what I mean).
Labaroidoderent will keep those death camp sites fresh and coming up like roses, like vampire hoses up your noses, I supposes.

Rob in WI said...

I don't know about y'all, but I found the Dees photoshop at rense.com homepage to be appropriate humor, in this heartbreaking time. Seeing the villains ridiculed in such artful fashion takes the edge off the horror. Perhaps Dees is working with Mr. Apocalypse.
Be well, all, Rob
P.S. Talked with someone who thought the humor inappropriate, hence the comment.

Anonymous said...

Getting a strong feeling the masonic zionist
Royal evil masquerade is falling apart big time,,
I suppose not being what it was claiming it was,,
Just another unnessessary perversion,,,
It just all comes undone,,backfires or something
One minute things going good,the next ,,,,, gone

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis, here's a snippet from the Dresden Manifesto of 1882, Sep 11 & 12 to be exact:

"The Jews have managed, on the one hand, to gain direct control over the majority of the periodicals and, on the other, to exert an indirect influence on them in their favor, so that until recently no newspaper in Central Europe would have dared to speak the truth xis- à-vis Jewry.

Thus the Jews have become absolute masters, fabricators of public opinion. Any complaint raised against them, however justified it may be, is suppressed. Any article that addresses the subject of Jewish dominance to the slightest extent is done away with. They bestow praise and reproach on the living and the dead, on rulers, statesmen, civil servants, scholars, artists, etc.,
even on individuals’ private lives. The professional advancement of men active in public life and the recognition and rewarding of their achievements is dependent upon the favorable position of the Jewish press. Consequently, anyone wishing to reach his goals through some kind of public career is forced to curry the favor of the Jewish press and thus that of the Jewish clan.

As a result of this situation, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis-à-vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age."

The fire-bombing of Dresden explained? http://www.spingola.com/Manifesto1882.pdf

Anonymous said...

Masonic discourse
The great white impermanence
A flash through dissension
The absolving disservice
In problematic conditions
Grievances strung on disturbance
Castrating the actions
Contraction dissolving observance
Of predication denied
Sung through israels ruthless crimes
Of the collapsed mind
Of masonic lies that were undersigned
And bound and caught
Fractured and spilled
instilled and struck
The cloud in the cup that was sealed

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I know that many of you are already engaged in dissembling and reinventing yourselves, just in case it don't turn out the way your paymasters intend..."

One thing that I have watched - as it was carefully 'disappeared' in the last decades - is telepathy. Look for the anomalies; always look for the anomalies...

Telepathy is a major threat to the ones 'reinventing yourselves'. A telepath can look right through the appearances, to the 'beast' below. (Being an empath is almost as good!) Guess who benefits from the ridicule of telepathy? (The slaughter of 'wise women' and midwives by the good church may have been as much about getting rid of telepaths and empaths as about the raw power grab. Etc.)

As one goes 'up' in consciousness, telepathy is a natural state. Several of the invisible 'species' that I interact with are telepathic. Also, a few of the off-world races that I have 'met' are telepathic. Telepathy is being used as we speak in many 'engagements' on Earth.

After the 'turning' (Mr. Apocalypse, in Vis' language), I expect telepathy will be a lot more common amongst humanity.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. If you want a good 'flavor' of telepathy as used among different races, watch the "Babylon 5" television series on Netflix, etc. It gives some of the best insights on telepathy as 'embedded' in normal, working societies that I have ever seen. (You did know that it was cancelled right at the height of its popularity and influence? See "anomalies" above...)

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 11/21, 8:04:00
"The fire-bombing of Dresden explained?"
The best explanation yet.
The 2/13/45 carnage of a city with 200 thousand to 1/4 million dead; most roasted alive (Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined)is unparalleled before or after.
Historians are at loss for the reason, the city had no strategic or military value of any kind whatsoever. However, it was a cultural center for centuries, and for a nation's deliberate and willful destruction, the destruction of cultural values, places, objects are critical and paramount.
The available historical record for the decision to bomb is zilch. Apologists mumbled about this-and-that industries (mainly optical) but even those have been debunked on various grounds.

EVERYTHING they taught you (and me) in school and popular mediums is a baldfaced outrageous LIE. Absolutely everything.
I learned slowly, incrementally during the past decade and a half, that: The "bad guys" were the good guys, and the "good guys" were the bads - and they still are.
We sure were fed a crock of feces...

To Ray B. @ 9:09:00

You are likely unaware, that Leonid L. Vasiliev in the Soviet Union pursued the research on telepathy from the 1930s through the 1960s. Be mindful that his was NOT PRIVATE research, but a Soviet government paid research institution! The research stopped only during the war, but resumed after. L.L. Vasiliev published his findings in a skinny, popular book with photographs, in 1963, titled "Telepathy" (Telepatia). Many of the experiments were described in detail. I found and read the book, but it is not, nor ever has been available in English. I believe that the Soviets decided that the publication was a mistake, and never heard (or was published) anything afterwards. Obviously, Vasiliev's research was productive and fruitful, otherwise the research would have not resumed after the war, and go on into the 1960s.

It's interesting, that virtually all references to this book and the decades of Vasiliev's research have been scrubbed from the (English) Internet.

mike m said...

Vis, since you appreciate the dedication and effort put forth by athletes I am sure you would really enjoy to witness what Lebron James has been up to lately.

I am lucky enough to watch all the Heat games and to see how unselfish he is playing while creating opportunities for his teammates is something I have rarely seen in my participation and being a fan of sports.

I highly recommend watching him play if you get the chance.

John Rambo said...


Terrance said...

Fear no evil....sign Visibles petition !

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, November 21, 2012 10:42:00 AM

Thank you for the info on Russian (Soviet) telepathic research. I was unaware of L.L. Vasiliev's 1963 book, "Telepathy" (Telepatia). It's suppression certainly adds to the 'anomaly' I mentioned. I hope that someone with Russian language skills can eventually put an English language version up on the Internet...

I have wondered about the Dresden firebombing for decades. Your "...for a nation's deliberate and willful destruction, the destruction of cultural values, places, objects are critical and paramount" rings true. For me, it also brings up images of Mao's 'Red Guard' willfully destroying any Chinese historical and cultural artifacts they could find...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

Re. Dees picture on Rense. I was referring to the one with nitwityahoo and the dog, not the current one, which is totally humorless. Rob

Visible said...

I've not been drawn to B-Ball since Michael left. I'll give a looksee as I go by the by. This Petri Dish is taking an arm and a leg so... heh heh.

sing ze petition~!

gotta go

preacher said...

Another sound:

Israel Is Not Jewish

"It is time for all people of conscience, especially Jews, to stand up and put a stop to the practices of such an insane country."

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Snuggle Humpers and the Bareback Congo Warriors.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I little birdie told me that foreign Aliens can sccessfully sign the petition if they go through a US VPN or proxie, revealing a US IP address, regardless of where the email address or physcial address points to. there's probably a law against it, or they don't care. that's globalisation for ya.

Visible said...

John Riggins was something else. You probably heard about him getting blitzed at the White House and crawling under the dining table and then playing with Sandra Day O'Conners leg, saying something about, "How's going Sandy baby". heh heh.

Yeah Tom reminds me of Joe two and he's a very classy guy, why I like him. I like the way he carries himself. They are smoking right now!

Thanks for tuning in.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(quibling not quisling)

@ preacher
"Nowhere in the Talmud is it taught that when your home is destroyed it is your right to take another’s and put them out."

people should read their religious texts

what a jew steals from a goy he may keep
Sanhedrin 57a

Anonymous said...

If you won't eat processed foods that will land you in the hospital and on Big pharma's drugs. then according to Dr. Stephen RAT FACE Bratman, you have a mental disorder called "orthorexia".

Just google an image of this creature's face to tell you all that you need to know about who sent him, and his obligations to the Protocols and Ziolandia.
I'm sure the good doctors will come up with a pill for this imaginary illness! Such a deal, oy vey!

If this doesn't stop soon, then I fear the pogroms in very short order.......

Anonymous said...

dresden: a massive bombing campaign used up all the oxygen in the area and a lot of people there died of asphysixiation. I heard most of the victims there died from asphysixiation. From what I was told it was an experiment as the allies wondered how many bombs they could set off until all of the breathable air was gone.

Anonymous said...

They knew about this sick degenerate from waaaay back :

"Jimmy Savile ad axed in ‘corpse sex’ fear"

"British Rail bosses faced PR disaster in ’80s"

The reason trotted out (again) for Savile evading exposure is:
"because of the damage this could cause to Savile’s charity work."

And if you believe that you're beyond hope!

My feeling, is that Savile may well have been high up in the
Satanic/Luciferian pecking order. We know about their sacraments involving innocents. Although, he was superficially a 'humble' dj, he hobnobed in the highest circles. Including Royals and was a regular at prime minister Thatchers Christmas (Saturnalia?) dinners.He was even invited to speak to the Israeli parliament.
Within the confines of this blog open minded Host and all, I'll be open.
I sense the embodiment of something spiritually totally corrupt. Given all of the above, the life of Riley he led and the fact he was an actual a mover in the 60's revolutions. Either Savile was totally possessed caused by willful dalliances with evil (Legion) or he is the actual embodiment of fallen entities.
This sketch seems to sum up the treatment Savile recieved from the authorities:
Crazy, isn't it?

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