Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Clown Prince of Satanism and his Fellows in Arms

From the screaming loons at the Palm Beach election center to the bloodbath in Gaza, from the shores of Montezuma to David Motari’s puppy tossing, it’s been a hard Se7en years. I can honestly say that I saw it coming. I saw Mr. Executioner demagoging out of Texas and I looked at the source of the money behind him and I said to myself, “Bush... head for the mountains.” And metaphorically speaking, that is what happened.

In this world, it’s possible to put the blame where you like. Depending on who is controlling the flow of information... so goes public perception. I always blame the people in charge. They are in charge to be aware of and control conditions for the benefit of whomever they serve, or- as the case may be... themselves.

You’d have to say it’s been a drama but it’s also been a comedy; Bush and his malapropisms; Bush and the Segeway, Bush and 9/11, Bush and the economy, Bush and the war on terror and of course Bush and Cheney. Bush spent his time somewhere between Charlie Chaplin and Adolph Hitler, without the dexterity of the former or the Christian charity of the latter. He has been the ultimate killer clown, running around in a blood-stained polka-dot outfit with a seltzer bottle in his hand. He’s been John Wayne Gacy ass-raping an entire nation and probably thinking it’s all been ‘Bad Jack’ who did these things or that mind projection guy in “The Dark Half”

However, I suspect that just like David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch and Skull Olmert; just like the neo-cons and disinfo agents and the whole circus of political, economic and religious psychopaths that he knows full well what he’s done and it makes him hard thinking about it. It is probably the only thing besides James Gannon that does make him hard.

He’s not done yet. He and the people with their hands up his ass, who make him walk and talk, are not done yet. I’ve tried to imagine if there was something that he didn’t screw up; that they didn’t screw up. They went into every theater of human operation and poured treacle into the gears and Karo into the gas tanks. Why? That’s the big question. Why take the most prosperous nation on Earth and launch a terror attack on it; destroy its economy, engage in pointless wars, cause the murder of over a million people and the displacement of millions more... why?

What kind of sense does the Katrina non-response make? I always ask myself these two questions. Who benefits and what do they intend? It looks like population control to me. It looks like someone intends to severely thin the human herd and put tighter controls on those who remain. I’ve looked at it from a lot of angles and I don’t see where anything else makes any sense.

Yes... of course they want to get richer and more powerful but whoever the prevailing psychopaths have been that’s always been a part of the focus. This time it looks like something more. This time it looks like they want to destroy the qualities in humanity that make us human. I always looked a little askance at David Icke’s shape shifting reptiles but the more you think about it, it makes sense that this is just the sort of thing reptiles would do.

There isn’t any Al Qaeda in the sense we are given to understand it and everyone who keeps throwing the name around, from the ‘unnamed government sources’ to General Petraeus knows this. Neither they nor Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11 and the people who committed the attack and who are the same people always mentioning Al Qaeda know this too. Afghanistan was invaded to reactivate the opium industry and for general geo-political advantage. Iraq happened to be on the other side of Iran so they got invaded too. Basically, certain big time pirates and cut-throats don’t want the people of the region having any say about their resources. They don’t want the wrong people getting paid for the resources and using the money to improve their lot. They don’t want freedom or democracy under any circumstances; in the Middle East or in America. It’s just business, nothing personal.

The intention of Bush and Co... or BushCo... or Deathco... Globoctopus or The Beast from Revelations, whatever you want to call it... the intention is a permanent underclass and unending conflict between nations, races and religions from which they profit. Whether these men and women meet in underground tabernacles and drink the blood of a virgin kid; whether they swear an oath of allegiance to Satan or engage in wild bacchanals and mad outbursts of demonic glossolalia is immaterial, they are Satanists none the less. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “shit by any other name would smell as foul.” I submit however that Bush and the Bush family are practicing Satanists. There is just too much evidence and God help so many small children if some of the rumors about Bush Sr. are true. We know they are true of many in high places.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will those vetted by those at the top to replace them suddenly undergo a spiritual experience and usher in a new world of brotherhood and understanding? Does a bear shit in The Vatican? Can pigs fly?

It is impossible for those who are running for high office not to know what’s going on. If they don’t know then they are too stupid to hold any office. Given that they do know and cannot speak about it is something I can understand. Given that they do know and come into a position of power to do something about it... and do nothing tells us all we need to know about them. You either serve the people who are under the illusion that they elected you or you serve the money men who put you in office. How many exceptions have any of you seen in times past?

When the people lose their moral compass it doesn’t mean somebody didn’t steal it. When the people lose their basic integrity then they get a government that mirrors this. In the history of the United States there has never been a more incompetent and blood-thirsty ghoul than George W. Bush. It’s not an accident that Bill Clinton can get chummy with him on his way out of the White House. It’s not an accident that he’s hanging out with Bush Sr. Each head waves on a different tentacle connected to the same body.

This is the world and the nature of the world is that those who have too much will never be satisfied no matter how much is added to it. It the nature of a fire to eat whatever you give it forever. At no time does a fire say, “Thanks, I’ve had enough for the moment.” That’s the nature of fire. Good and evil are always around and often change places depending on who is doing the identifying. The key is balance.

The rich cannot get too rich and the poor cannot get too poor. There has to be balance. Fundamentalism cannot be allowed to rule unopposed because it will create Hell on Earth. Total license cannot be allowed to predominate because it will create Hell on Earth. The best government is a government that is aware of balance. The tax structure should reflect this. The men fighting wars should be from all classes and war should be a last resort. Higher education should be in the reach of all. Health care should be no respecter of person. There’s more but these are some of the realities that good government will address. Good government does not put the foxes in charge of security at the hen house. Good government does not let business set policy. That is the very definition of fascism.

Sometimes balance has to be restored and when the people have no leaders then the people must lead. Let us not forget March 19th and what it implies. Your leaders and those who would be your leaders are almost exclusively whores and thieves. A message must be sent and balance must be restored. The right people should be put in jail and a great many others released. You must hold these bloodthirsty entities to account or you are complicit in their actions and worse... those actions will continue, first on others and then on you.

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Anonymous said...

Powerful words well said. Now the Octopus offers a cliffhanger between Obama and Clinton, fudging the vote count one moment his way, then her way, paint by numbers where it counts.... God help Americans ...... Wise words. What an ignominy to have put up with this in-your-face clown non entity for 8 years ....... did you see Obama's grandmother emerge from her grass hut in darkest africa for a cnn interview? What do they have in store for us ...?!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant. Thank you sor saying everything I feel.

Anonymous said...

The phrase "good government" is an oxi-moron. Redistributing income by forceful means, which is what all governments do, is always wrong. It is your responsibility to pay for your housing, food, clothes, and health care, not mine or anyone else. Anyone who collects money from someone else, by forceful means, by definition is a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Yes Les, March 19 is important but it should not be left too long before the next wave.
It should happen within weeks not months or years.
Maybe a week of the same?? and in between 19th and the next wave as many people as possible could be convinced to participate.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Look! anonymous 6:36 PM just fell out of the sky.

Anonymous said...

It is "population control" that is the operative phrase, Visible, and I wish you had spent a bit more time on it. Perhaps in the future...

The seminal reason for the string of events you noted is the coming resource scarcity. Supplies of oil & gas are eventually going to crater if the current level of consumption keep rising. The solution: much less people. That way, the precious resources will last for hundreds more years and be firmly under the control of the elite (for their use only).

I'm expecting a series of designed disasters that will cull perhaps 4 - 6 billion over whatever time period the ghouls are planning on.

Anonymous said...

Ever read "The Masque Of The Red Death"? Apparently a lot of people in High Places haven't, but they should...

Anonymous said...

It's easy to blame the bastards. Now turn around and look at yourself and environment where you live. Look at the attempts to scam you in today's junk mail. Read the fine print on the back of your credit card statement. Comprehend what that pop-up banner is trying to sell you, and ask yourself if there's 1% chance that it's legitimate and truthful. Listen to the news on the radio and try to catch something that is not yet another litigation.

This government is simply a mirror of this society, funded, sponsored, elected and reelected by this society. Why would it be any different?

Anonymous said...

Earth: 6,602,224,175, July 2007 est.
4 billion over ideal. Put too many rats in a cage and they fight to the death.
So why the minion bickerings over abortion? The pill? Blocking aid to countries that legalize abortion? Why promote abstinence programs when pharmaceutical companies could be enriched?

PS: sent you a link to your essay posted on liberty forum, suspect you did not receive.

Visible said...

I did get that Nina. I thought I responded about it but I might not have. I went over there and gave a look. Someone puts my work up there now and again and so I'm familiar with the site.

I'm sorry if I didn't acknowledge the receipt. Things fly in and out of here all day and I miss things. I know there are people out there who think I've ignored them when I never even saw their missive. I've heard about it.

In this case it got through and, thank you (grin)

kikz said...

the ides are come, but not yet passed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, great writing as usual, but this time you have really hit the nail on the head so to speak; George W. Bush is the Son of Perdition so nothing he does should shock or surprise us. He is THE antichrist foretold about so many years ago taking the world stage before our very own eyes.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

None of what has happened is by accident or mistake. If it were, there would be much more infighting among the neo-conservatives. They are marching firmly in lockstep.

Katrina, for example, was partially to clear out the poor and/or black residents to make way for the rich to grab up the real estate for pennies on the dollar and have the tax payers pay to build high end condos where public housing used to be. The MAIN purpose, though, was an exercise in martial law. Weapons confiscation, dealing with looting, temporary detention centers, forced relocation -- etc. You couldn't do that to a bunch of white/affluent people in CA -- but poor and/or black people in the south? No one even batted an eye. In fact, they got blamed for their behavior even though many didn't have a way out (no car, no $ for a bus ticket) and they had to endure third world conditions and dead bodies floating around. Sure, some behaved badly -- but let's see how the rich who can't even handle low thread count sheets would have acted. On the Titanic they didn't fill the lifeboats to capacity in some instances so the elite wouldn't have to be crowded with the riff-raff.

Yes, they want to kill off at least half of us -- not just for resources but also because our numbers aren't manageable for them. They only need enough of us for slave labor -- too many of us and some might have some free time to think and plot.

There has to be a worldwide economic crash. Since the crash leaves China in a good position to take the reign as the sole superpower, the US will have to go out in a blaze of glory fighting them and Russia. Lots of nukes will finish culling the herd and leave people in such a traumatized state that they will be ripe for a "savior" -- the "compassionate" billionaires who are willing to step in and put up their own money to rebuild society. Only catch -- they rule the world. And it won't be a utopian paradise -- at least not for us.

Jackanybear said...

I believe the American Public, is in a state of confusion, and because of this confusion, they no longer have an imagination. They can't imagine a better life, they can't imagine peace on earth, they can't imagine we can learn from others and we are all connected, and they can't imagine diplomacy instead of war. They don't know what the future holds, and they are angry and afraid. Its like a bad acid trip, and I see it in there faces, when I drive in public, go to the store, and watch them walking. All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

Anonymous said...

George Bush a Satanist?
Ever seen this?
Anyone know how true it may be?

mc said...

Thanks Les- Man, what a nightmare - one we cannot wake from on this planet - would like to fight this but what to do - mainly what not to do - no vaccines - easy way to cull the population - they buy land in paraguay and today i read 1.5 million folks in paraguay are vaccinated for yellow fever - i am suspicious - how far back do the roots of the madness go - maintain your soul - i realize that for the first time, i will not be participating in the election circus - put on every four years to amuse and distract - we are immortal just not physically- neither are the satanists-

Anonymous said...

I have hated George Bush passionately for 8 years. In the lead up to the annihilation of the civilization that is Iraq I would froth at the mouth in horror at what was unfolding and continue to do so.
But what has happened in the interim is an acceptance.
Please bear with me here.
If we had another Clinton in power, the same shit would be going to down but in a more subtle manner. There would still be the same takeovers of countries such as Yugoslavia but it would be done in such a way as to create minimum outrage. Just focus on the oval office blow job instead of the massacres.
The way I see it Bush, Blair, Ohmert, the neocons are a gift to us right now, because whereas in the past only a handful of people knew about the desires of this handful of the elite, now thousands do.
As they drip feed us with gross consumerism and absence of the best of human values, we have drunk it up like Koolaid.
And as they continue with their dastardly conquests, awareness is increasing.
I see it as a huge house of cards.
Someone (awareness) has their hands on the doorknob and when it opens then this particular species of humans are finished. Nothing will be redeemable. This is the end game.
And to quote someone unknown - Now is not the time to lose courage or outrage. But at the same time to hold on to the perfection of what is.

Anonymous 6.36 - "good government is an oxi-moron" - I did actually have an outward chuckle, that even surprised the rabbit.

sockmonkey said...

Worth reading

The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom

Global Brain by Howard Bloom

Mobs Messiahs and Markets by Bonner /Rajiva

Anonymous said...

JA, Vilcome to the New World Order, #1966684, where we have tried our best to recreate the world of the Dark Ages, where life was and is now, nasty, short and brutish.

You VILL work until you die, under the lash, on the NWO's Global Plantation.

There are billions of you drones, but only a few hundred thousand of us Masters.

A fact that has been shoved into your mind and rammed up another part of your body for decades.

If you do not like the accommodations, one of our mindless thugs will beat you to death on the spot.

If we are feeling generous, we'll only have the thug taser you, then toss you into one of our many prisons, designed only for blue-collar criminals like yourself.

Now how about giving us some of those old time sprituals, you know, like the black slaves did?

As for as Bush being the son of Satan?

Don't know.

I do know he is a mean, nasty, evil and sadistic son of a bitch that lives on death and misery like a vampire lives on blood.

Or is that Dick Cheney?

P.S. Am i the only one on this blog--besides the author--to use my real name?

If there's is going to be some kind of revolution, people are going to have to start standing up and speaking their minds and not be afraid of using your real names.

After all, do you really think that you can hide from the NSA behind a pseudonym?

Anonymous said...

A courageous and accurate article on the way the world is going.

As well as crying "Wolf", we need to proclaim the only solution on offer boldly:

“Can Order Come from World Chaos?”


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through

John Balls'

I have to agree
with the opinions
on President Bush.

We need better balanced
rates of real robberies, &
some better competitions
against their current lies.

I agreed with your views
about a need for balance.

Tragically, as you know,
we are rapidly going out
and more and more out of
balance everyday, towards
??????? ... ?????? ... ?????? ...

I have published similarly.
(Web site's English forum)

Anonymous said...

Greg Bacon - G'day mate.
Tony's my real name; Les knows my last name. I live in country Queensland, Australia. No fear here cobber just that I'm a very private person. If you need to email; Les has my address and will pass your's on to me, if you (or anyone else) so desire, that we may communicate privately.

Anonymous said...

Why? Why? Why?

That really is the question. Yes, of course I know they want power, control, money, more, more, more, more. They always have. And they've always been murderous, cynical, psychotic, thieves, liars and cheats. Monsters. But what is happening now and since 911 is of a different order A terrifying escalation of planetary and species rape

Could aliens be using humans to terraform earth to their own requirements? Like we use yeast to turn sugared water into beer. You know the beer's ready when the yeast all dies from living in its own shit. Sounds like quick, cheap and easy planetary engineering to me.

But I don't think that is it. I don't know what it is.

But there is hope, great hope. I strongly urge you to look at the video Esoteric Agenda on google. It lays out a lot of what's happening. And although frightening, because it's true, it does end with a great and beautiful possibility. Here's the link to the first segment.

part 1


ps I try to post my comments with my name, but it won't accept name/URL as an identity, only anonymous

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to correct some your your comments.
1. The ONLY reason USA is/was the wealthiest nation on Earth is because it had been pillaging/raping whoever it wanted to since the end of WWII.

2. similar shit (and worse)has been going on for ears. Nixon shitted on the constitution. What happened to him? Big fat nothing. The Vietman war was started with a fake attack same way as Iraq was. It took how long for US to decide it has had enough and hightail it out of Vietnam?
And so on and on and on...
The ONLY difference between then and now is back then the Americans still thought thy were at the top of the world. Now MOST are scared because they realize they arent the top dog no more. That's why you say Bush this Bush that. Bush hasnt done anything diff than Reagan, Nixon or even Clinton did.
Wake up and smell the coffee man. USA has been a blood thirsty vampire ever since WWII. The payback time is now.

Anonymous said...

usa was the wealthiest nation on earth long before ww2.

All the West has long ago been promised great wealth, to hold "the gates of the world", international importance, and high population.

And to suffer the consequences of disobedience...

Anonymous said...

The next 9/11 may very well be Casini crashing into Saturn, they want to turn it into a sun, which it may have been in ancient times, before the flood. The mission is supposed to end July 4th, 2008, though I see them crashing it before then.



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