Monday, June 27, 2005

How can we beat them when they have all the guns?

Well, I am a little tired but I did say Monday. Dancing all night to wild drums can sometimes leave one exhausted on several planes. I’m not sure any of mine can even make it out of the airport right now (Grin)

Okay, here it is. I am going to speak as if you know these things because if you have any respect for the truth; if you are yourself truthful, then you know lies when you hear them. When you take into consideration the types of men and women telling them you can pretty much assume they lie every time they open their mouth.

Certain things were set in place prior to the 2000 election. The geo-political strategists on the right, the neo-cons and elements of market forces have focused on one priority; gaining control of the oil that allows for a continuation of all that is absurd in first world western culture. Many studies were undertaken concerning long term actions; even collateral damage; the deaths of innocent people and the ruin of other cultures to the benefit of venal interests were charted and diagrammed in the usual bean counting, numbers crunching methodology of the actuaries.

Bushligula was groomed to be an automaton empty suit and mouthpiece for global corporate interests manifesting in the philosophy of real politick. People you may have assumed to be out of the loop have been major players behind the scenes all along; Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Mellon-Sciafe and others.

In the process of moving from 2000 to the present, these people have suborned the election process, orchestrated the 9/11 attack, made war without provocation and worked to insure the protection of special interests against the needs of the people as a whole. Anyone who has the least interest can study all of these situations and see that these things did take place and that they are a part of a longer agenda that involves conditions set to cause violent transformations to reshape the world to the wishes of and profit of the few at the expense of the many. All of these things are prima facie; they don’t even require a closer look. What a closer looks reveals are more ongoing connections showing the same thing seen on the surface.

The media is the mouthpiece for global corporate interests and also conspires to present misdirection and confusion in order to set the stage for each action justified by false evidence. Phony terror alerts are used to generate tension and fear. They are also generated to justify increasing control of the populace for their own good. Boogeymen like the long deceased Bin Laden and present catchall Al Zarqawi are used as poster boys to create an atmosphere of terror conspiracy. Terms like Al Qaeda in Iraq are created to give the impression that there is a wide organized terror movement directed at the west.

Efforts are under way now to arrange for the bombing of Iran and Syria. Unfortunately for certain interests and their pressure to manipulate the puppet regime in Iraq to declare war on their own, or the outright attack by concerned forces, it so happens that Russia owns the nuclear technology and infrastructure in Iran. Russia won’t like their hardware bombed. It requires another approach to provide the imperative for doing it. Therefore an attack on American interests, possibly an American or allied ship in The Gulf or any of a number of similar scenarios must be arranged and blame placed upon Iran. There are several others activities afoot; things that concern oil in former Russian satellites but I’m not going to wade through minutiae. These people are serious and they don’t care what you think or how it affects you. Of course the opium is now flowing freely from Afghanistan and Papa Bush couldn’t be happier. This is one of his special interests. People who have investigated these things will know just what I am talking about.

What can we do? How can we as a people in any country have an impact on what is taking place? We have already seen that the ballot box is hardwired to software that is manipulated by those administering it. We know that the media is a house pet of special interest. We know that both houses of Congress are in the hands of badly intentioned peoples whose sole loyalty is to the corporations that make their place in government possible. And they have all the guns.

Thomas Jefferson had some things to say about our rights to revolution when fascist collectives have taken over the political process. We are within our rights to go to war against them but we haven’t got the arsenal or the podium if we were to war in ideas and words.

I do not believe that a majority of the people in America support anything this administration is up to. Whatever the polls say I think you can assume, given who is taking the polls that they are well off of what public opinion actually is. More than enough of us exist to take an action that will compel these people to leave office. More than enough of us exist to force impeachment and drive these criminals from office in the next election. Unfortunately a large percentage of the Democrats are just as bad because of their cowardice and inability to see honor and duty as basic impulses.

Consider what it is that has made it possible for bushjunta to come to power and remain in power. Where does the whole thing begin? It begins with corporate interests. Where does corporate interest get its power? It gets it from the profits generated by its products. How does it make its products known to you? It does this through advertising. Where does it advertise? In the media. Think.

Think, think… think. Alright then.

Now I will admit I am just another voice crying in the wilderness but there are a lot of voices out there. There are also large organizations with a large membership. Collectively you are talking about reaching millions if you can reach them. Coordinating the voices in the wilderness to embracing what I am talking about (or will be talking about) can set off in a chain reaction that will have more impact than anything else we can do. We as a people must go after the corporations. We must surely single out certain corporations in the beginning and collectively agree not to buy any product they make until they join us in calling for the ouster of this administration. If everyone stops drinking Coca Cola there will be screams of outrage.

We don’t have to have guns and we don’t have to vote. All we have to do is focus on corporations like Wal-Mart and others and hurt their bottom line. They don’t even have to be directly involved in the tragedies taking place. They just have to scream when they lose money.

This is Part One in which I am giving the basic play and general strategy. Tomorrow I will become more specific and also talk about related ideas. I am not in possession of the detailed information some of you have. I am not connected like some of you are BUT we are all connected to each other. If you will tell everyone you know about this idea and ask them to do the same. If you will send this out to any groups you may know. If you would like to link up in a banner campaign that might say something like, “Stop the Money and Stop the War.” Please do so. We as a people are not powerless. We can make a difference. We just need to know where to put our focus. If we start costing the corporations money then they will have no choice. They don’t care about Bush or Iraq except where they make money. If having bush and his collection of highwaymen in office costs them money then its goodbye guaranteed. We have an enormous power to launch an information campaign across the internet. If people like and others can get involved, the machine media will have to take notice.

When this idea gains some speed and is tailored by those with more talent and ideas than I have you will find that on every campus in America students will respond. Professionals at all levels will respond. Church groups will respond. Everyone who doesn’t like the way things are will respond except for those who are apathetic.

So please think about this core idea. It’s just an idea right now and it should be considered by wiser minds than I. No one is really inconvenienced by refusing to purchase the products of certain corporations… but they will be. Let’s hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. I’m going to sign off now and I’ll conclude tomorrow. Maybe this will get legs and that would be good. In any case, once I’ve said what I have to say we will rejoin the former program already in progress.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you really 103 years old!!

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Man that is a clear idea whose time has come. I just hope other people pick up on this. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I hope it gets legs too. We in the movement have been missing the point. You are so right. We are not hitting them where they live. Let's do it.

Anonymous said...

It's going to fall apart but when?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, this is John Leonard from progressive press. you might remember I put a link to your music on

Interesting you think the key is the corporations -
i'm working on a book to come out later this year, Nazi Hydra in America, about ratlines, Smedley Butler, prescott bush, neocons and all that -
just got the manuscript and scanning thru it, looks like the author has a proposal about restrictions on corporations. I will ask him to have a look at your blog here.
Personally I think they used the corporate form to suborn our society, but corporations wouldn't be such a problem in a small place. The real problem is more that the US is too big for the people to control under this federal system. We need to secede so we can have government locally where we can keep an eye on it. No federal military, secret service, police or direct taxation. Just post office, social security, and any minor chores the states want to delegate.
Remember, no country has ever wanted to attack the US, always the US has sought to provoke its way into war. USA=Big destabilization on the planet and barrier to peace and prosperity for all.
Yes the vicious parasitical war profiteering clique use corruption, corporations and the federal government to work their black magic. Last year i reprinted Tarpley & Chaitkin's Unauthorized Bio of G. Bush that details how that cabal works.
But i think the only way for us to get a handle on it is to dismantle the federal government. It's grown way over our heads.
probably it will take a very severe crisis before anyone listens, though. they will think we need the feds to guarantee civil rights for blacks in the south or something. i think the south is probably far enough along to handle that on its own by now. and of course slavery was promoted by the skull & bones types, too.
anyway, the federal fascists are going to take away everyone's civil rights if we let them carry on.

Akanksha Chaudhary said...

well,its so nice to be this old!! You are so lucky..god bless!!
By now , i guess, you must have experienced every emotion of this life..
Walking through the various roads of our life, heart sometimes wonder and inveighs, why's life? Did you ever felt that way? Albeit, life is but a vision of our thoughts. If we are happy, life's the most roseate and ineffable. But then if we are sad, it's the worst.Have you been able to burgeon its meaning, as to what really is life?

Anonymous said...

I have to put this at both sites because I wouldn't want the connection missed. You mentioned targeting Wal-Mart and now I see that John Walton did a John Denver redux in Wyoming. Now if something happens to Coca Cola today I am going to be thinking you got one of your siddhi's back.




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