Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Circumcising the Truth in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The million man march in Palestine is coming up this weekend and the Ass- Ke- Nazi Party that rules the faux nation, criminal banking empire of pseudo-Israel can’t be pleased. Their first comments are that the numbers don’t reflect any sense of fair play. “Hey we only drove 700,000 people off the land here. What are they doing, charging interest? That’s our job”.

People are still poking me on my Facebook page and my ribs hurt. Why would someone poke me? Is this the same kind of ‘poke’ that Robert Duval was talking about in “Lonesome Dove”? (Grin). Facebook is another Israeli construct. They sure do have a lot of money to throw around. They’re tearing at the flesh on their faces. They’re weeping at the stolen wall of tears, probably about lowered interest rates, while the diamond merchants at 47th street huddle in the doorways, asking you if you want to buy a watch. I’m not into time, man. They all look like they should be sitting on The Supreme Court, or on a dead branch over some nearby road kill, and it won’t be long before that’s true either. Lil’ Chuckie Schumer wants frottage junkies and ‘no ride lists’ at all the railroads. These guys are really coming out of the closet these days and it can only mean their time is running out; probably why they want to sell everybody a blood diamond watch.

The flotillas are gearing up and Egypt is determined to open up the Gaza Strip. Actually the Gaza Strip stands for a destined Free Monty, where half the inhabits drop their pants to show that the truth hasn’t been circumcised. Do the guys who do this, what are they called, ‘moels’, moles? Do they actually bite the extra skin off with their teeth? That’s got to leave some childhood memories. That Egypt revolution didn’t work out so well for the Little Georgie Sorrows gang. It stands to reason that nothing is going to work that well anymore, because The Apocalypse is doing some headhunting, which is another kind of circumcision, proving that truth hurts and it leaves a lasting impression of resistance to it.

There’s something about the United Nations or some front op, looking to declare a Palestinian State on the ‘67 borders and talk of Israel just annexing the entire West Bank. I get a little curious about the need for all that land. Where are they going to get the people, when they make up only .0185 percent of the population? How are they going to control all the land from the Tigris to the Euphrates, when so many of them live in New York City and LA? You got publishing, media and money in New York and music and entertainment (they are not the same) in LA. How are they going to get enough border crossing guards in all the needed locations? They’ve got too many balls in the air and not enough jugglers in order to go for the jugular. Meanwhile they got to run one Las Vegas in Nevada and another on Wall Street and The City in London. And... the Chinese got that big money bomb, which all the messing around in Pakistan is not going to be any help with.

Poor Bin Laden, he’s more famous than Elvis and he didn’t even have to die on the toilet seat, which I think also got done by the same people. Bin-liner Nitwityahoo and I were having lunch the other day, thousands of miles apart. I was having cerviche and stir fried tofu, with lots of vegetables and silky Japanese noodles and he was having consommé of Christian children, with a special kosher blood pudding and we were chatting to our empty chairs about, wassup with dat? This was in relation to all the incredible things that Israel is doing to the rest of the world and all those Mossad, Terror Chabad houses they’re got like a MacDonald’s franchise, scattered around the world from Mumbai to Wellington, NZ and I was saying, “Binnie, you’ve got to take a little personal time and kick back somewhere, like the max facilities at Marion, Illinois or The Hague.

Binnie agreed with me. He said he was seeing double Saddam’s and Bin Laden’s everywhere he goes now. I told him that maybe he needed some corrective lens. He said he already had corrective lens that did a number on what was actually to be seen and it hurt like a circumcision in the Sudan already. Then he went on about, ‘forget about all those MacDonald’s franchises. He’s got to manage all those Bugger King holocaust franchises around the world too and that Haavara Agreement, was giving him nosebleeds, along with the Zio-Ogre memo from Dr Heller. He was saying they couldn’t catch a break and it wasn’t the best of times for any psychopath in full bloom. It was like Lecter having to deal with that Dr. Bloom in Silence of the Lambs. He did promise to send me “something wet” in the mail, which would be another kind of cerviche. I’m all anticipation at this point and we’re not talking about Heinz catsup, though there is a parallel.

I asked him how it felt to be herding large Palestinians families into buildings and then dropping bombs on them. He told me that, logistically, it played hell with their white phosphorus stockpiles and that it wasn’t like Lebanon, where they could drop half a million cluster bomb party favors for the children, because they’d already turned Gaza into the most populous place on Earth and there wasn’t anywhere to drop them without hurting their own people, given what they were using for human shields at the time.

“Binnie”, I said, “you’ve got to take some time for yourself and your family. Have Uncle Satan in for some consommé or cousin Abadon over for some human skeet shooting. He said the launcher was broken and nothing seems to be working. He murmured something about that Samson option and all the nukes they’ve got stashed around the world, along with that collection of blackmail material on world leaders, but what a drag it was to have to play your hole card too early.

I asked him, “Where does it end”, Binnie. He said, “With every goy in the grave or in chains”. I responded that that was certainly what it looked like and could he pull it off. He said that where life remains, there’s still hope. I tried to cheer him up by mentioning the legacy of thousands of years of usury, slave ships and things like the Bolshevik Revolution but all he could reply to was, “Yeah, but what have I done for myself, or to you, for that matter, lately”. I thought about cutting off a few of my fingers, or someone else’s and mailing them to him for something to go with the consommé, but he just wouldn’t be cheered up.

It’s hard to know what to get a full blown psychopath as a gift. They generally like to shop for themselves, with a specialized toolbelt, some rope and other restraints and then it’s into the Range Rover and a trip into the San Bernardino Mountains for the weekend. You try to do your best. You try to be thoughtful and compassionate but sometimes you just can’t cheer someone up. I told him that with all those torture chamber, chateaus in the south of France he might want to give Europe a look, it’s not like they’re going to run out of missing children any time soon and that Interpol could always stock the larder in advance. He said he might give Dutroux a call in Belgium and see what could be had and then he went into a tirade about Putin, when I mentioned that he was reading Smoking Mirrors now and again when he had the time.

He got morose and went on a rant about Ehud Barak, screwing up their 9/11 caper with Dov Zakheim. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was talking about. I told him it went pretty well from what I could see but he was really down. It was getting to where the only thing I could do was go to the piano with some Stoli and do a medley of early Tom Waits tunes. That always leaves me a little less than fine tuned the following day and then I had to go and mention that Israel was going to be destroyed pretty soon and the guy just lost it, “I know, I know”. He sobbed. God, I wanted to give him a hug or the kiss of life but that consommé makes your breath smell awful and we were thousands of miles apart.

“We didn’t even get to destroy Christianity and Islam”. I said, “Go figure and... anything I can do...” but he was inconsolable now. I’m thinking of a ‘cheer up Binnie’ day and I’d like to get some support from the readers here; maybe you can send Binnie a dozen yellow roses or a few fingers and it might help. I’m pretty sad myself right now so I’m just going to close this down for the day and go see if I can hang myself in an auto-erotic accident, while Hava Nagila loops on the mp3 player. Ya’ll have a good day and stay frosty.

End transmission.......

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Kudos Les on your post.

Frosty muggins all around!

A 'cheer up Binnie day' might be just the thing for Nitwityahoo - not.

Zionist Rothschild and his NWO buddies must be giving serious thought to icing the whole 'israel project of 1948' right about now.

If we send anything to Binnie it should be a picture of Rachel Corrie, Furkin Dogin, Vittorio Arrigoni and of all 450 children killed in Cast Lead (one).

WE will never forget.

Yours, Mouser

Had Enough Of Their Bullsh** said...

Benjamin Netanyahu should go back to Poland where he came from and make pirogis!

They (the 13th tribe) should all get the flock outa there!

The Palestininan's apropriate send off to these false-jew squatters should be: "see ya - wouldn't wanna be ya".

Visible said...

I just got this in the mail from Mahadev Patil, my kidney cure guy in the right hand menu-


to your friends, family and contacts.

In the coming days, DO NOT open any message with an attachment called: BLACK MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE , regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus that opens an Olympics torch that burns the whole hard disk C of your computer. This virus EVEN IF IT comes from a known person who you have in your list.
Directions: You should send this message to all of your contacts. It is better to receive this e-mail 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive a message called BLACK MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE even if sent by a friend, do not open, and shut down your machine immediately. It is the worst virus announced by CNN. This new virus has been discovered recently it has been classified by Microsoft as the virus most destructive ever.
This virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by McAfee.. There is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the hard disk, where vital information function is stored

Jerry Ramos
Deputy Clerk
Los Angeles Superior Court

"In God We Trust""

kikz said...

thx for the info on the virus.
had trouble w/the first attempt posting.. second try.

i had a giggle ystrdy.

here in the north 40, dallas texASS, i got sent home a permission slip to let my 10th graders watch 'the boy in the striped pj's'.

the note did say that this film doesn't necessarily portray historic events - and that such 'fables'' use in the media would be topic of analytics/discussion in class. doodah!

coupla days ago, one of my girls asked the hist teach if he'd seen the bbc production 'the promise'.

surprise, surprise, he had! he was giddily surprised she'd seen it, and smiling, also said he enjoyed it, but couldn't offer to discuss it w/the class. :)

of course, the rest of the class had no idea what either was talking about...

as we have huge district budget cuts, and his job may well be on the line, it'll be interesting to see what 'jewels' slip thru that rendt veil these last few wks of school. >:)

Unknown said...

Maybe ya can send 'im a link to ancient torture devices, or torture techniques like lingchi (They actually had lingchi postcards made out of the last execution performed.), and scaphism, to cheer 'im up.

Or maybe not. Israel might consider bringing those dated practises back.


Visible said...

Edited the song and recording soon-

Help is on the Way.

Miriam said...

Shit, Visible, Really outdid yourself in the 'Left no stone unturned' Dept.(grin)

Visible said...

Yeah, and look what was under every single one.

G.Scholar said...

Judea decries war on Germany 1933. Many things occur. Including domestic austerity measures (check points/show your papers), and foreign hegemony where Germany is labelled as trying to take over the world. The world unites and defeats Germany who ends up with the reputation as a previous fascist state and li.ves under the thumb of judea for the next 66 years.

Analogy. Zionists decry war on Christian America in 1963 by assassinating JFK. Many things are occuring. Including domestic austerity measures (Homeland security/TSA secutity checks), and foreign hegemony where America is labelled as trying to take over the world. Is the world uniting to defeat America who will end up with the reputation as a previous fascist state and live under the thumb of judea for the coming years?

It has been documented Rothschild financed and fomented the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. Is the same family now doing the very same financing and fomenting to America?

No fly list on Amtrack? Where is all this going and why? Poker motto: if you don't know who the chump is at the table - it's you.

Be careful USA, you may be in the throes of being played like a harp by Rothschild 74 years after Germany did.

Rothschild and the oligarchs want a NWO where absolutely no cost is TOO much because they print the money.

It could be as simple as that.

Visible said...

On May 10, 1941, in the early days of World War II, a man undertook
a daring, solo flight to Scotland. He carried with him a simple message.
It was an urgent plea for an end to hostilities between his country —

Germany — and Great Britain. In an act of unprecedented heroism and
at great personal risk, he sought to bring an end to the existing state
of war between the two countries, in accordance with the wishes of the
German Leader, Adolf Hitler. Never before in history had a sitting minister

of a government at war tried so much and risked his life to negotiate peace.

For his valiant efforts, he was promptly seized and placed under arrest—

without even the courtesy of a hearing of his peace proposals! For the next

forty-six years he would remain a prisoner under the most appalling

and barbaric of conditions.

The man was — RUDOLF HESS.

Had he been successful, the world would not have been witness to the
endless pain and suffering and the senseless slaughter of tens of millions
as a result of Allied refusal to grant so much as a single hearing to the

earnest proposals for peace from someone who, along with his Leader,

had personally experienced the horrors of war.

Ironically, after the war Hess was brought before a kangaroo court at

Nuremberg and charged with—"crimes against peace"! In the show trial

of the century he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Nearly a half century later, at age 93, the sentence of this longest-serving

prisoner of conscience in modern time would be terminated on August 17,

1987. With his grisly murder inside Berlin's notorious Spandau Fortress
prison by his British captors, acting in collusion with their American

cohorts, Rudolf Hess would join those 11 other Martyrs of Nuremberg,

who were strangled to death 41 years earlier.

He paid the ultimate price.

kikz said...

BBC4's 'The Promise' 4, hr/eps...

2 short clips.. wish i could find all of it.. or.. i could just say.. 'arrrrrrgh matey!'



Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Putin already ruined Bibi's Mother's Day with a note reminding him something about a "Delilah Option."

He (Bibi) can choose either an ashtray or a pot holder.

William Freeman said...

Les, I think that piece for Madonna will be on the alltime favourite lullaby playlist in the Nitwit household for generations to come.
I had actually missed the Les who pours it out with the hand brake off. Thank you. Made my day today.


William Freeman

Like my old friend Rudy used to say, who has now sadly departed:
"Scheiß auf diese Wichser, die haben's nicht anders verdient."

Anonymous said...

Meine liebe Vis,

Thanks for writng the truth about Hess. Unfortunately the documents regarding the nature of his flight are sealed until 2048.


Bushukshi said...

Re. the chosen’s: “Their first comments are that the numbers don’t reflect any sense of fair play” really made me roll… like, uh, since when have they ever given a hoot in hell about having a sense of fair play?!?!
If history serves me correctly, and I believe it does, it shows that every major civilization throughout history has had to come to learn, in the hardest of ways, this undeniable truth:
- If You Eat Beside The Devil And From The Same Pot - You Need A Longer Spoon
Viz, next to your gifts of insight on spirituality and, well most everything else, this genre of “Conversations with Binnie” has got to be one of the best. Maybe we could just make it ongoing. Keep adding to it week by week under a separate blog. Certainly, would warrant at least as much fanfare as Morrie got on Tuesdays or whoever the hell the yarmulke strutting heeb who sold his soul to Larry Flint brought up from the underworld.
The saddest reality for us (one of them) is the harsh fact that we now reside in enemy-occupied territory. Reality bites.
I have previously heard America referred to as “Sobibor West.”
I like this grim moniker because it helps clarify what we have actually become. Until John Q. Public awakens and the 'mainstream' journalists muster the starch to write the story behind the story, we are doomed to bid for our Jewish Masters.
The good news is that Anti-Semitism is becoming a moral imperative. In each society, and in every culture, for thousands of years, Jews have made themselves so morally repulsive and dangerous to the cultural and economic well being of their neighbors, that about 80 years is their limit before mass expulsion - or worse.
They have had a good run in America. They milked their holocaust claims for advantage, positioning themselves as moral arbiters, here and in much of Europe. But as mentioned before, the Jew has been forced to turn over too many cards since 9/11.
Americans will continue to be terrorized in print to keep us agitated. We will beg for more chains to protect us from the desperate acts of enemies we didn't choose. But one by one, victims of Jews are finding ears to hear, and a voice apart from the Jewish press.
Quite similar to the method of awakening for the Eschaton, ‘eh?
I think there is something to the claim that the Jew is condemned to walk alone. Incapable of reciprocity or honest fellowship toward the non-Jew, they rack up new enemies in each succeeding generation.
I've been harping on this subject since my own awakening a few decades ago, when I realized that one Jew could be a fine and civil member of my community. Two Jews will conspire against any single gentile. And three Jews begin to plot how to expand their influence and subjugate their neighbors.
Evil - thy name is Zion.
Their control in America is almost 100 years old and counting. My money says something greater than we can even imagine is on its way to assist -even before they self-destruct, which invariably happens sooner or later anyhow.
Thanks again and please keep it comin’

Still rising from the miasma.


Visible said...

You have to remember, if they shut down your ability to comment that you should email them to me and if Zio-Google shuts down Gmail too you have to email the comment to lesvisible@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to comment all day.


Anonymous said...

Les. Les. Les. You used more than once a word which is not uttered in polite society. We don't mention circumcision, don't you know. Painful memories buried in the most primitive part of the brain, below the threshold of consciousness. The whole idea behind the ritual is to impose unreasoned fear on the victim.

Just learned the other day that in the Philippines the process is carried out on a mass basis on nine and ten year olds. They are aware. Of course it hurts like hell, but the emotional scarring is not the same. Can't fuck like you could have had, no sleeve for the piston and needful of lube to beat it, but makes for living lollipopsicality for those so inclined.

Much of the Moslem world is like the Philippenises in that they carry out the operation on boys more often than on infants. Consciousness has developed. The emotional trauma is not seated in the lizard brain.

Even with those Orthodox Jewish boys who get their first BJ from the friendly neighborhood Mohel, they are no less than 8 days old and have had opportunity to bond with their mothers. No such luck for goyboys who are nipped in the bud within 24 hours of birth even before they can develop a Woody Allen neurosis with their mothers.

It is all about the imposition of fear. Some feel that the opposite of love is hate. But hatred is merely a derivative of fear. There's an old adage about "here's to the wound that never heals..." When Wounded Weenies are in the majority in the male population you axiomatically have an emotionally wounded population. Removal of Man-Hoods has an effect on the status of manhood. Though cut males do make ferocious warriors in the mass, as George Patton emphasized, individually, circumcised males have much to overcome in developing and maintaining an inner-directed and courageous manhood.

Visible said...

Yeah!!! Immanitize the Eschaton!

neal said...

Cheer up, my dear Binnie, don't you know it's a dry heat? And that even shit has been known to float in a lake of fire, but not hope; you knew all along she wasn't in the cards you think you hold...

Miriam said...

ok~ I am really sorry for all the dehooded men and all the rage that is either pent up or nipped in the bud...I can't tell which at this point.

Men are not the only ones forced into this abuse.
I didn't say anything the first time around, but since the door is opened again.....

I just want to let folks here know who focus on the penis, that there is Female circumcision as well...also called Female Genital Mutilation.

Do a search. Just for starters- and this is tame:
There is plenty out there.

It is also about control and subjugation~ of women~ and their enjoyment of sex.
The repercussions of this heinous ritual are so far reaching...

Different culture involved(it is NOT a faith based practice) but also part of the overreaching evil monsters creating fear, pain and oppression.

So just don't think that only men have been subjected to this trauma.

Anonymous said...

to the withered mind of poverty
that murders palestinian dreams
that scatters cluster bombs
on the feids of the lebanese
strolls the corridors of washington
and the federal reserve
with genoside and starvation
war is fully conversed
sits in the palaces of britain
on the benches of parliament square
uttering profanity
of the cold of never cared
impaired and psychopathic
licking lips at disrespect
in psychosis of superior
infected with living death


est said...

million man march

as i said to our man on the ground in gaza :

[ ken o'keefe ]


i’ve figured it out
we need one million
[give or take]

we will march from
wherever we are

the whole world
must converge

on gaza and
the west bank

don’t wait for

the people
must decide
enough is enough
sad to say
the ‘mindset’

is taking over
the usa

be afraid
be very afraid

what a bunch
of bullshit

’bout time we
called ‘em on it

esteban - January 21, 2011 at 8:46 am

Anonymous said...

Why is it when some issue regarding
men is ever broached in public it ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS somehow ends up drifting towards women's isues in some fashion? Is it the need to one-up men at everything under the sun thats been so fabously drilled into today's women since day 1?

Miriam said...

We must all 'Walk Like Palestinians' this weekend!
Be Brave, Be safe.

Teresa said...

The hand of evil, or darkness, is now blatantly manifest. There is no need to fight it--evil/darkness has shown itself for what it is. Evil/darkness is so compromised at this time that it exposes itself without the need of any adversary. Evil/darkness will consume itself. Unfortunately, innocents will be consumed by it because evil/darkness needs souls. Evil/darkness feeds on us. We must recognize fellow souls. I am not kidding here.

The hand of evil: Arrogance, based on conceit, based on fear, based on ignorance. That is one easy construct to see through. That is the weakness of evil/darkness.

The way I was taught: Ego is based on ignorance which is based on fear. Well, I don't see much difference between ego and conceit.

Arrogance: audacity, chutzpah, contempt, disdain, hubris.

Conceit: immodesty, narcissism, pomposity, self-admiration.

Fear: agitation, angst, cowardice, despair, dismay.

Ignorance: blindness, crudeness, darkness.

And so on.

We have already won. Believe it. Still, learn to recognize souls.

And then, I just may be crazy.

Best to you all.


Anonymous said...

I thought Miriam's comment was suitable given she has no penis. Otherwise she is hard pressed to make valid comment about circumcision.


Kieron said...

Possibly, anon 2:43, it's because all things lead back to the original matrix. While in utero, humans are all female until the presence of a Y chromosome kicks in and directs the fetus to begin its shift from female to male. I think most, if not all, of recorded history, has been about masculinity trying to differentiate (thru war, conquest, politics, etc) from the feminine which underlies all.

This is just an observation on my part. Your mileage may vary.

wv: symedb Medb (ancient spelling of Maeve), "She who intoxicates men." A woman warrior of ancient Ireland who led the Cattle Raid of Cooley.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

It is difficult to decide what to send to the most evil of evil on the planet...so many things come to mind...but,

I believe I would send each and every one of these Zionists a "heart and soul" and this is why...

I want them to be able to feel every ounce of pain and misery and exploitation they have dealt to others in a loop de loop that will feel like an eternity to them...they will rot like the rot that they are and then...

transmuted back into primordial energy after they have understood the pain and misery they have caused to millions upon millions of True Beings over eons of time...the game is OVER all that is left is for those of the dark to live what they have created...and those of LIGHT will move on with the assistance of this new energy (part of the awakening and clearing that is happening to the planet)...along with the dimensional shift.

while those of dark will not tolerate or be able to accept this higher vibrational energy...and will be living in their created sess pool of hell until transmuted.

Very soon it will be most impossible not to see that this evil force gripping this planet is in process of self-destruction...evil is cursed by its own evilness as ALL shall see.

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

It's about getting away from the female to demonstrate creation but all must return. This is why the female principle 'must' be revered because you get born through it and all sorts of unpleasant and pleasant results may apply. Ramakrishna understood the essence of this probably better than anyone in the last two hundred years and I might add, Kundalini is a feminine power. Just try getting that to wake up in a negative persona and then route in the right direction. it explains certain terrestrial cultural mores of the time in the 'fall' on an age.

Miriam said...

I love it that someone took offense at my female mutilation comment. This further makes the point about what male genital mutilation does to men.

Men who are aware feel victimized and feel that they are the only ones that this type of mutilation has happened to. 'It couldn't be worse than what *I* went thru!!
*I* am ruined for life, and no one better say otherwise!!!'

And their anger is justified as to what happened to them w/o their consent~ most people think that circumcision is a medical 'cleanliness' issue and just do it without thought or consideration, following doctor recommendation(with a lot of even stupider reasons as well~want their sons to look like their dad and everyone else-THERE's a good reason, everyone else is doing it....)

But I bet many men out there and the Anon who has his panties in a knot that I brought up women are not at all aware of female gentilia mutilation-the cutting away of the clitoris and labia.
This is NOT usually done as a baby, but around the age of puberty. Think about that for a moment. And as with boys, there is no choice in it either.

So, Anon~ my point was not to diminish the male angst over the lose of their foreskin, which these days is mostly done under sterile conditions (if Jewish baby boys get gonorrhea from their Mohel(Mo' Hell), that is an even greater outrage), but to point out that Men are not alone in this righteous anger of subjugation and mutilation.
This info has only become even remotely know since the internet has made it available.

What do I know about male circumcision?
Well I have children and several are boys. They are not circumcised.
No way were we going to subject them to this barbarous blood ritual.

Is it worse for men or women? That is part of my point in bringing this up. Ghana is right, I have no penis(grin), nor am I part of a culture that practices female circumcision. But I do understand extreme abuse.
And I understand that extreme abuse is not gender specific, it crosses into HUMAN extreme abuse.

I repeat that I kept silent for the first round of conversation about male circumcision because guidance and sensitivity required it. The posts were a necessary outpouring of anger.
This being the second time around, I feel it is important to do some education as to the broader assault on men AND women.

That was my purpose in bringing this up:
Not to whine and say~ yeah women too~ geez~
but to bring abuse and subjugation into the HUMAN arena, by these monsters who find all ways to bring us to our knees; to try to strip us of all things human.
The title of this blog is
and it necessarily opens the door to a broader discussion.

I hope Anon can comprehend that greater picture.

Visible said...

female circumcision is abominable. male is less so but it all comes down to trying to control the God force when you are not God. We have a world of evidence and although I was treating in metaphor and analogy, it applies across the board.

Youth is attractive and innocent. The real concern should be; why do the people with the money to cover their tracks and protect themselves get to get away with it?

The entire orchestra of life is sex and that applies to planets, tools, sockets, iceboxes, heating tech; "What's this screw for"? "Look at that ball bearing". Tool and Die People are the fundament of the fundamental on all levels. Ergo, right and left brain; why I'm a dreamer and an idiot savant.

The good news is that God is watching and that's the bad news too. But the really good and bad news is that there is a God. That's self evident, or should be and (summon The Apocalypse) will be, shortly.

Miriam said...

I would like to add that there is a constant push by the evil to separate us into 'camps' so that we would tear each other apart.
Male/Female, Black/White, East/West, etc...

I agree that the Feminine Principle is being awakened and must be brought to honor.
Kwan Yin was at first considered a man who embodied compassion earlier, and was later seen as a Goddess of Compassion.
The balance and need to honor the Feminine was acknowledged.
"Entwined in the faith of Buddhism, her first real appearance in literature seems to be around 400
AD. By that time, Buddhism had been around for nearly 1000 years, spreading from its birthplace
in India to China, and subsequently to Korea, Japan and Tibet. Devotees of Avalokitesvara, or
Avalokita, Bodhisattva of Compassion of Indian Buddhism, brought the concept of Avalokita to
China. There, Avalokita, or Kwan Yin, was adopted as a god in the male form and later was
gradually changed by some to resemble a female, lending a rather androgynous element to her.
By 1200 AD she was definitely a female portrayed in flowing robes."

But every time I think of how much Women have suffered at the hands of Men, I am also brought to the Real-ization that Men have been placed in this position by those who would separate us and have that war continue.

Much healing at the deepest level needs to occur, and I will not forget that my Brothers have suffered deeply from this pathos, being forced away from the Feminine, from Balance.
It has warped them as much as it has cause me and my Sisters to suffer.

I do not turn my Love from you to blame you Brothers.
We must see this as a Human condition so that true Balance can be accomplished; so that the Male Principle and the Female Principle can be in balance with each of us as Men, as Women.

We need to work together in this or the battle will continue and we all lose.
That is not where we are headed, so let us embrace each other and heal.

Visible said...

That's succinct. You and Amarynth are on the same page and I think I am too, though I favor Amitabha, who is the patron Buddha of psychedelics and group consciousness (at least for me and a few others).

Of course, he's a Buddha and those are Bodhisattvas? I guess one becomes the other over time and all of that does have to do with kinetic and potential but it also depends on where you reside (essentially) and where you're headed (or are). Time- tick tick tick (cue The Chamber's Brothers)

It's a sad affair, ergo, Buddhas of endless compassion since this be the Kali Yuga. She was my first girlfriend right out of the Kundalini rising, was Kali... over time I motored to Tara and Saraswati. The whole package on either end is crowded with representatives. Even so, in Kali Yuga people are shopping instead of adoring. They like to talk about the workmanship that went into certain clothing and accessories, on and on, what about the effort that went into making these entities of adoration; with the plus that you get to hang out with them in real life as each other? That's how a lot of people are these days; clueless but... the veils are lifting. The veils are lifting and we're here for it.

Anonymous said...

via guru..

As Brahma realized that he was the maidservant of Krishna (God), similarly, everyone of us has to realize that Krishna (God) is the only single purusa. Purusa synonymously means male, but actually, in the spiritual dictionary, male means "enjoyer" and female means "enjoyed." So in this sense, Krishna (God) is the only male and all others being energies of Krishna (God), they are prakrti, or female. Please do not try to understand this male and female in the material sense. In other words, our perfection of life will be actually realizing that we are all females. In the material world we have got simply different dresses. Here in the material world, everyone is in the temperament of male, even the so-called females are also in the temperament. This is very prominent in the Western part of the world, and you know it very well how the females here think on the level of equality with males. This aptitude is material.

Visible said...

Yes, that is what I believe. It also parallels what Guru Bawa said about we are all female to God and every pore in our skin is a vagina.

Anonymous said...

I laugh every time I think about Lord Indra and vaginas!

For the king of heaven, Lord Indra sure ran the gauntlet!

And that speaks volumes!
(or should)

Anonymous said...

I'm a tool and die maker, have been for near forty years, I hope that doesn't mean I can't get past the basics:-)
Mo visable

WV Got to back to my chors

Visible said...

Harry, is that you? heh heh. Yes, i do know a tool and die man. They make the tools that make the tools. They are the unsung poets of the manifest even though it's a nuts and bolts kind of thing, which, if you are Harry Ballantine is probably why you play the sax. Boy did we do some damage together on the late night streets of Woodstock and in the graveyard. Remember when the two Israelis appeared out of nowhere at 2am when we were wailing and knocking back the Ballantine Ales?

Visible said...

If that is you Harry, you got a first class ticket to Shangri La, just like the Village Idiot and Ghana, for having more skills and savvy than Carter has little liver pills. If we could just get all of us together. There is pretty much nothing we couldn't pull off. I even know a rocket scientist.

George Henry said...

“Yeah, but what have I done for myself, or to you, for that matter, lately”.

Hilarious ... thank you Les for a wonderful and very educational website.

George Henry

Anonymous said...

funny post, passing (IMO) Neitches test of "who can laugh and be elevated at the same time".


Anonymous said...


debunked virus scare story. Your man got snookered. No worries, happens to the best of us.

Anonymous said...

(originally misposted, thanks Miriam)

And on the genital issue, it would seem to me be a logical and consistent viewpoint to oppose non-consensual genital surgery in all forms, excepting life/death situations, in a sort of 'first do no harm' - way.

I do believe, altough male circ is definitely not nice thing (I'm cut myself) there are worse things being done, and it needs to stop.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

yeah, right. Like snopes is reliable.

Have they debunked the '6 million Jews killed by Germans' urban myth in the interest of 'fact-checking'?

wv: Sorospes ... Aw too easy

Snake Sage

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami comes into being-

Halfway around The World before The Truth has its Pants on.

The Ghost of Christmas Past said...


I thought about cutting off a few of my fingers, or someone else’s and mailing them to him for something to go with the consommé, but he just wouldn’t be cheered up.

ahaha. I thought *I* was loony. Whether or not I'm a full blown psychopath is debatable. I've known people far more blown than I.

I only know one Hebrew song, something called "Daiyenu":

*rythmic hand clap*

Dai-yenu, dai-yenu, daiyenu!

Real catchy tune! It's something about not having everything you want but you have everything you need. That's enough, right? It's enough.

But seriously I laughed till I cried. You're definitely one hell of a storyteller.

Okay Mr. Visible, I need to confess something to you and this is not meant for publication.

First of all, I'm very sorry for all the trouble I've caused you. As you may or may not be aware, I've been struggling for some embarrassing amount of time with my feelings for you.

I don't remember exactly when it started but one day, I noticed my heart doing something curious. It was a response to something and I didn't understand so I let it go for awhile.
At some point it occurred to me that it was 'expanding' to accommodate the words you were writing and I was resisting this process as best I could. As you know, the words we speak and write carry our essence. I felt that any acquiescence to this would lead nowhere good. I pondered over what it meant, or rather WHY. Hence the 'other lifetimes' revealing itself to me and it makes sense now. It takes a very specific type of person to vibe with me just so. In my life this phenomena is indeed as dramatic and as rare as a flood in the driest of climes.

Maybe a few weeks went by after my "heart expanding/resisting" comment, I had a few dreams. It's amusing now but in that moment, I was rather angry. Angry because I didn't know who was touching me and no one touches me without my permission.

From what I remember, we were both sans clothing sitting on the edge of a big roundish bed. The walls were red or some similar color (I wish I could remember the entire milieu because it was exceptional). I was sitting facing away from you, you were sitting behind me kissing my neck and all that. At least it was all kept respectfully above the shoulders. lol
Meanwhile, I'm just sitting there with my arms across my chest with a cross countenance.
It wasn't until some days later that I realized it was YOU I saw. Only because I remembered your photo. Initially I thought, "Who the hell was that white guy?! I've never seen a man that white in all my life..."

The second dream, we were both clothed and you were on top of me - you had your hand somewhere around my nether regions. You mentioned something about it being "inflamed there", and I had that same look on my face. >x-(

Visible said...

Since no one knows who you are, there is no reason not to publish this. I don't get the part about auto-erotic fantasies or that this isn't some kind of spoof. I've got no recall about any of this; k.y.- KY Jelly? Katie Elder is Katie Younger? Sounds like a western.

Anonymous said...

Visible, I don't think k.y. is a spoof...

Lot of what she says is oddly familiar at least to me...

Take care, Sister k.y.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

visible said...

Since no one knows who you are, there is no reason not to publish this. I don't get the part about auto-erotic fantasies or that this isn't some kind of spoof. I've got no recall about any of this; k.y.- KY Jelly? Katie Elder is Katie Younger? Sounds like a western.
Thursday, May 12, 2011 1:40:00 PM

yes the jelly thing was never lost on me, and I don't much care for westerns.

No one knows who I am. I really don't see myself as anyone or anything in particular. Perhaps no one will ever know, Mr. Visible. But that was never important, to know, was it?

"the part about auto-erotic fantasies" was my attempt at meeting farce with humor. Many pardons.

I assure you that this is not, nor was it ever meant as a game, but you believe what you will. I have nothing to prove or disprove concerning the contents of my heart. I've said what I needed to say, what needed to be said... that's all that can be said.

Dearest one, may the contents of your heart and soul always be held respectfully and honored by whomever you entrust it to. I wish for you to never comprehend the inexplicable grief that resides beneath... I have rules that I didn't create that I must abide by.

I will leave you with this: Only my Creator knows who or what I really am and I don't mean this as folly or conjecture. If you're determined to know then you'll have to ask Him about it.

Evidentially, this has at last reached its conclusion.

There will always be a place for you in my heart, Dog Poet; you who could always make me laugh through my tears. Perhaps, we will cross paths in another lifetime.

Visible said...

Well, i'm missing context here obviously but since I don't know the person and have no framework of reference, I don't think I said anything bad. If you were joking with me about the other; and there was no context for that either that's fine. You can't expect me to respond as if I knew what was going on, to dream scenarios so I'll just leave things open and my heart as well which is where I was anyway.



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